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tv   CBS4 News Special Edition  CBS  September 15, 2016 9:15pm-10:00pm MDT

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them. brian winters, nick man gold. everybody with a -- mangold. everybody with a good block. i'm looking at that buffalo defensive front, hey, they're worn out. they've been on the field a lot. they're not deep. the defensive linemen. and it shows out there on the field. jim: extra point is good. the jets are up 37-24. three rush touchdowns on the evening by forte, which ties his career high. and frustration setting in here in buffalo. oh! "boop" wings? hot wings, cooked fresh in our deli, $5.98 per pound.
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switch now and get our best deal. 20 gigs and four lines for only 160. all on america's best network. jim: "thursday night football,"
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jim: 3:57 to play. the bills have two time-outs. that's mccoy. had the first down one time, maybe he earned it a second time. they give him nine actually. no, they move the chains. they gave couldn't pull it down. charles clay. got a double-header coming your way on cbs on sunday early. how about cincinnati at pittsburgh? wow. they've been waiting for that
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national double-header game. we'll be in denver for that one. j.b. and all the crew. boomer, coach cowher, tony, bart scott. we'll be there for the nfl today to get it all started at noon eastern time. the throw is caught by sal 80's -- salas for a first down. phil: and the jets backing up a little. playing soft, playing the clock, the situation. up jim: throw mccoy and the clock stops at 2:54. and they've got the ball on the jets' side of the field. phil: got two time-outs left still and you know what happens
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that time they rushed three. they were spying tyrod taylor to make sure he doesn't run out of the pocket. and you play safe on defense. that's what you're supposed to do. you have a defensive line that we've bragged about. you're hoping one of them will win a one-on-one battle and stop the drive. jim: first down catch, salas. i'm not saying they're going to get there, but if the situation get there, but if the situation arises, if the bills get in here, the jets, it's conceivable, would rue the decision not to go for two. because at this point, you know -- 12 or 13 makes no difference. from the 42, a new set of downs and salas is tossed down by marcus williams. and that's a gain of only four
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offense that doesn't move at a fast pace so situations like this are tough and look at all the time that's run off and they're not going to get the play off before the two-minute warning. jim: that's poor management there. phil: a problem this offense has had now for a long time. stop. with that box, you'll be the first to win playstation vr. "player one." soon, it spreads like wildfire. we never see them coming. that's why i was sent back to stop you - [slrrrrrp] oh, hey, i won! right. the future of gaming starts at taco bell. grab any $5 box and you could be one of the first to win playstation vr.
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jim: two minutes remaining, the bills did not operate with any usually si on the 14 seconds before the two-minute warning. here they come with a keep by taylor, down to the 29. again, the moving. phil: good job that time. they went with the pass rush. nobody was in there to spy on tay rod taylor so good job by him. jim: he snags it, he's out of bounds is clay. the jets have lost the last five matchups against buffalo.
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22-17 in the entire league and they were both buffalo victories over the jets. sammy watkins hasn't been out there. this is the first snap in the red zone all night long for the bills. they had the two long touchdowns. to the end zone, knocked down beautifully by skrine denying salas. first snap of the night red zone comes with 1:30 to go in the game. phil: skrine, number 41 in the middle. quarterback breaks the pocket. he keeps outside leverage, he sees, turns, makes the play.
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jim: they say he's down at the one. phil: got a fight going on in back by the line of scrimmage. jim: that's a touchdown. that might be a touchdown if they review it. phil: inside of two minutes. it's up jim: now before the snap they stop it. referee: we will review the ruling on the field. watch what gillislee does here. the forearm never touches. he crosses the plane.
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hand, doesn't look like the forearm hits the ground. jim: they're going to have to put some time back on the clock. phil: yeah, they'll go back, see when he scored, put the time back on the clock. jim: they just showed the giant scre his left forearm to see if it hit the ground. it did not. well, i think if you told the buffalo bills, hey, you have to score 31 tonight, what do you think? jim: it's like if you would have told them last week you're going to hold the ravens to only 13 points what do you think? phil: good point. jim: you're going to get your
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gillislee. referee: it was a touchdown on the play. the wrist is considered part of the hand. the runner was there before knocked down by contact after the ball crossed the plane. reset the clock to 1:17. it was 1:1 on the clock when the touchdown was scored. jim: so 29 second added. taylor's third touchdown pass ties a career high. to trim to it six.
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will that loom large? kick is good. so an onside kick the coming up. let's get jay feely, who one time played for the jets and rex ryan, what are they going to do? jay: the bills are the only team in the nfl that have a kickoff specialist, gordon gay but he is unactive tonight. carpenter is going to try to hit an onside kick where he drives it into the the high hop, run underneath and get the ball at 11 yards. phil: all right, sound pretty sure about that, jay. i think you must have talked to them before the game and found out if they came to this situation. jim: coming up after the game, the mazda postgame show with interviews, analysis, and highlights.
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postgame show. one of those out there for the bills is the man who just scored the touchdown with that great effort to keep his balance, not go down. can you bring up steve tasker for one play? phil: great special teamer. he's probably in the crowd somewhere. jim: hi is here. i saw him before the game. here comes carpenter. up in the and marshall makes the catch. right into the hands of brandon marshall. still got two time-outs. but did exactly what jay feely said stherp going to do except the football went too far.
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so none of the kickoff people could get there quick enough. on a night when the jets wide receiver starred as did their quarterback. as did matt forte. forte. the quick time-out with 1:10. coming up again, "the mazda postgame show." and then we'll hear after the game all the expert analysis with the highlights of this one. there were a lot of highlights in this one. phil: a lot of big plays. buffalo, that's what kept them in the game, the big plays.
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the fumble recovery that they ran back for a touchdown. the jets, though, their offense. couldn't stop them all night. jim: one more time-out for the bills. forte. driving, driving and he go right on 100. they're going to have a 100-yard rusher who scored three times and two wideouts who went over 100 and decker caught a touchdown as well. so there's the last time-out with 1:03 to go. phil: they're going to be definitely inside of 20 seconds
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jim: ryan fitzpatrick trying to complete what i know would be one of his sweetest victories, coming back to buffalo, where he was the starter for three years. phil: chan gailey, the offensive coordinator. jim: huge for him. former head coach here. phil: ryan fitzpatrick, of course the tough loss last week. there's chan gailey right in the middle. the bills to have even the faintest of hopes have to make a stop here. forte. they say no gain. he almost lost his 100. probably be right around 17, 18
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when they snap the football and they'll take a time-out right before that. phil: they're going to let the clock run out, take the five yards -- no, he calls a time-out. as short as possible so when you punt it, in -- if it is in play, your guys can get there quicker. it's amazing, though, you look at the score, so many outstanding nights by the new york jets. now, hey, we talked up that defensive line. they did not get to the quarterback or they were not the force we thought they would be
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the first series, made some tough plays, picked up some big first downs and kept it going the whole game. jim: see if they can put any pressure on the punter here. rookie punter. gets it away. and a fair catch signaled. tate at the 14 with to go. well, they got an 4-yard touchdown in the first quarter. now all they need is 5 yards. phil: sammy watkins not out there but i want to go what we just talked about with rex ryan. hey, 0- your season is not
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oh, i can't imagine. phil: the bills host arizona then play at new england. knocked down and the jets have won it. good wib looked to be hurt on that last play. concerning for the bills fan that is watkins couldn't even finish. even finish. todd bowles and the jets now. they will be going to kansas city next week. phil: that's always a tough place to play but you know what, all they're thinking about now is we got that first victory, and the fact that, you know, you could see it. we said it.
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the edge on todd bowles and the players, the fact that they let what they think that game get away from them last week. to be in a tough situation here tonight when they're dominating physically again and they hung in there and their offense bailed them out. by just making so many plays to the wide receivers. jim: that offense added -- has a lot of good things going for it right now. meanwhile with a pair of six-point loss is. phil: that's tough t-bills undermanned, missing some key players. jim: here's a guy that's been an x factor for them. you saw enunwa for a moment. decker who led them in receiving yards with 126. phil: big thing for the bills, they have to find a way to get a pass rush to help out the
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show their attendant. -- talent. tracy: ryan, congratulations. 370 yards passing. how were you able to do it against this secondary? >> we had a lot of guys step up today. it started with enunwa making some great catches. but we have a lot of playmakers on this offense and like i said the other day it's my job to spread it around and keep them happy. tracy: how scary was it when you saw brandon marshall go >> scary. didn't look good. he's at tough as they come. seeing him on the ground isn't a good thing but it was a relief for me when he walked back into that haadle -- huddle. tracy: it's sweet for you to get this victory after last year, what happened with the bills. a big win now to be 1-1. >> a big win for our team, especially after coming out at halftime and losing the lead. the way we responded, i can we
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tracy: jim? jim: he was sensational tonight. 256 days ago he walked off this field after the flower three picks in the fourth quarter. he stood in there with all the interviews after the game and said my heart hurts so bad right now for all those guys in this locker room. on this night, he's on top of the world. one of his best games ever. one of his best games ever. 3 4, leading the jets to the postgame show." we'll be back with more after this. ? ? ?
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>> welcome to "the mazda postgame show." rich: brandon marshall coming off of a 100-yard catching performance about to join our set on the "the mazda postgame show." eric decker, 100 yards as well. matt forte, 100 yards rushing as the jets finally bea and the buffalo bills. first time in the last six tries that per able to do that. welcome to the "the mazda postgame show." i am rich eisen along with marshall faulk, steve mariucci and michael irvin. we'll get brandon marshall but in the meantime you'll have to enjoy our analysis and michael irvin's attempts to say quincy e
9:45 pm
michael: i just said it. etune in away. rich: he was almost the third 100-yard receiver for the jets tonight. michael: he got that thing started. it was almost as if brandon marshall and eric decker said oh, my god, we better out -- get out here and start doing something because our jobs get in jeopardy. steve: what's the dude's name? come on, marshall, stop that. steve: your new york jets are a talented team. not just on offense. not just on offense, they have triplets plus. but their defense in front, gang busters. marshall: etune in way and the brandon marshall addition, it frees up the other two guys. rich: the bills fall to 0- and 0-2 in conference as it was a
9:46 pm
end. brandon marshall is about to join us but let's send it back to buffalo. jim nantz, phil simms, take it away. jim: thank you, rich and we've had a chance to see the jets the first two weeks of the season. what do you say about the jets, about this team and what's possible for them this season? phil: i think when we saw them or talked about them last week i thought they had a chance to be a really good football team. i just asked you what you think about t think they can be really good, special. jim: both side. both side of the lionel. phil: they have a good system but they have stars. guys that can make plays and a lot of them on each side of the ball. that gives you a chance in this league. their defense didn't have a great night but their offense was greet great. the receiving corps, just like ryan fitzpatrick said, it's deep and it's like a basketball team, they have one of everything out
9:47 pm
defend. jim: and then reading everything leading into the week one game against cincinnati. everyone talking about matt forte. he had a little bit of a hamstring issue and people were saying over and over, he's 30 years old, going to turn 31 during the season in december. maybe he's too old. he looks pretty fresh. phil: yeah, he does. todd bowles knows how to get play t they made a great deal. chris ivy -- ivory did a great job for them last year but forte is a perfect fit for this offense. jim: the bills 0-2 now. huge disappointment, losing the home opener. had that streak against the jets. they had some plays. 84 yards, a fumble return for a touchdown in a lot of ways the
9:48 pm
times. phil: the bills have to do more on offense. they're not going to be able to droll co-control the football the way they did at times last year. tyrod taylor has to drop back and throw more to get completions. jim: we're off to denver for the broncos on sunday afternoon and don't forget, next thursday night, houston at new england. looking forward to that one. tonight on cbs, exep on the west coast then don't miss the late show with steven colbert followed by "the late late show" with james corden. tonight only cbs. 37-31, jets take it behind fitzpatrick's 374 yards passing and forte's 100 yards on the ground and three touchdowns. for more football, "the mazda postgame show" continues on nfl network. for phil, jay, and tracy, jim nantz saying so long from
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a great game between the bills and jets. and who can forget the colts come to denver this weekend! broncos certainty have their sights set on a the man for the job. michael spencer joins us now. siemian undefeated in the nfl! >> we're going for 2 and 0 this week. he did just enough to give the broncos a win in week 1. can he do it again? he has the confidence of his teammates on offense and defense. all the players we talked to say no. 13 is calm and poised and that
9:56 pm
carolina. arch his 2 interceptions, he led the broncos on two scoring drives and showed why his teammates have his back. >> another opportunity for him to prove everybody wrong. oh, he was a 1-hit wonder. no. this is what he does. >> it really hasn't been a surprise for me. so much that he's done in the game, he's done on the practice field. and like i said before, i'm totally comfortable. whatever quarterback we put out there, performance, and it was just a start! von miller still looking for his first ever sack against luck. >> thanks very much. you can watch that game right here on cbs4. kickoff sunday, 2:25. stay tuned after the game as always. we'll take you into the locker room to get reaction from the players.
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this holiday season. the package delivery giant expects to hire about 95,000 people this year to help with the surge in deliveries between november and january. that's about 2,000 more people than ups hired last holiday season. we now know what life after holiday looks like. john intairn joining the board of directors. a colorado built satellite will be launching into orbit from california. essentially a huge camera, it will be taking high-resolution photos from space. both the satellite and the rocket taking it into space tomorrow were built by lockheed martin in littleton. a widow still searching for answers three days after her
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montbello. his wife says he was living there with seven others. someone inside the home they believe saw what happened. >> gervais was a good man, working hard to get his life together. and was loved very much. and i just can't believe nobody doesn't know anything. >> anyone with information about spencer's death asked an update on a deadly shooting at a senior living facility in wyoming. that 77-year-old man who shot three people yesterday morning had been angry about poker games in the common area of the complex. one of the victims died. the gunman had a handgun and rifle and would kill himself when officers arrived. health officials say seven
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bacterial infection after undergoing a common procedure. all seven were patients of this clinic in anaheim. jeron was one of them. he had surgery to remove an abscess caused by the infection. >> you think it's gonna go well, you're gonna go in and come out, but now he has this infection. >> reporter: the clinic has agreed to stop performing that the bacteria can progress slowly. health officials are contacting procedures from as far back as may. 29 children in this country have already died this year after being left behind in a vehicle. the act would require automakers to install technology warning drivers when a passenger remains in the backseat. >> these are really senseless deaths of young people that sore
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and fix it now. >> that bill does have bipartisan support. this is the news 10:00. an unbelievable case of mistaken identity. >> you destroyed my life. >> a financial advisor beaten, arrested, and wrongly accused of robbing two banks. now he's homeless and fighting to win back his life. >> if it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone else. >> tt police department and the f.b.i. for $2 million. >> sounds like he's been living a nightmare. >> reporter: and despite having proof that he was at work when the robberies happened, he says he was violently taken into custody and spent months in the denver jail. he is out now but life since has never improved. steve's life is far different today than it was two years ago,


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