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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  August 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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0. >> reporter: police are looking for four suspects this morning. they right behind me wielding a gun. they went right in through the front door. police say the four suspects, three black males and one female -- the robbery happened yesterday afternoon. the woman was not wearing a mask but they have no identification for her at this time. a neighbor in a passenger
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police say they were driving a white four-door sedan. since this happened yesterday in the afternoon, there were people inside and two of them was an employee and one was a customer. fortunately nobody was hurt. the arapahoe county sheriff's offense continues the investigation and asks if anybody has information, call the sheriff's office. live in arapahoe county, jamie leary, cbs4 news. a man accused of punching a sentenced. this is 27-year old christopher derby charged with a biassed motivated crime and third degree assault. 23-year old jacqueline fitzpatrick needed stitches after the attack last year. she says she and her friends were waiting for a ride on south broadway when two men approached them. she told cbs4 derby called her a racial slur then attacked without warning. time now for weather and
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4's. dave aguilera is in for lauren today. a good looking monday out there. mostly clear on the satellite and 65 degrees now. here's the futurecast now. watch when we hit 3:00. we see clouds and a few isolated thunderstorms on this map it's green blobs but a couple storms popping this afternoon. temperature wise we're in the 90s. 90 in fort evergreen area mid to low 80s. the five day forecast is coming up in just a bit. hang tight. take a look at the drive this morning. we are looking at the mousetrap cam and you can see the building volume in the southbound direction as we enter the 5:00-hour. more of that and now most of the schools are back and we will have earlier volume there as well. watch out, this is the big change in traffic pattern. the sun is coming up so it will be dark on the road.
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metro area. south of 285 seeing some slowing and ongoing paving work there. we zoom in and there's overnight closures of alameda at sable and to the east of that. that should be reopened here shortly. new this morning, one person dead and two others in the hospital following a crash in clear creek canyon. a car went off of highway six last night the creek. nothing yet on the people who were injured. the state patrol thinks alcohol was a factor. in a developing story this morning, a staff sergeant based out of fort carson has died overseas. the defense department says christopher will burr died friday in a noncombat incident in afghanistan. he was 26 and from illinois. more rain is forecasted to
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of water after drenching rains. you're looking at a rescue caught on camera over the weekend. a woman and her dog were saved by passerbies on a boat. the national guard and rescuers have rescued thousands of people. president obama has declared parts of the state a major disaster area and it's not clear whenus able to return. don champion has the latest from baton rouge. >> reporter: flood waters had shown torrential rains over the weekend and entire neighborhoods underwater. coast guards plucked people from the top of their houses and picked up people stranded in high water. the governor says emergency
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>> i'm going to be taken care of. >> reporter: this morning 10,000 flood victims are waking up in shelts. films leek the twilight saga were shot here at celtic studios. flood victims were bust to sound stages here to spend the night. >> i'm taking one day at a time. >> alvin showed up pushing a cart of his mrongs after being rescued by boat home -- -- belongings. >> reporter: major highways like i-12 were also shut down and some drivers were stranded on the road for more than 24 hours. >> very crazy. never experienced anything like this. hopefully won't have to do it again. >> reporter: a federal emergency declaration was granted to help people in the hardest hit areas. the state's governor warned the danger is far from over.
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coming up how a pair of lions found close to death in the midwest are now recovering here in colorado. another major entertainment venue could be coming to the north metro. why some people are not happy with the plan to add,, ,,,, everyone complains about millennials.
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rent in the denver metro area is averaging more than a thousand dollars for even the smallest of places. the market has many scramble for a place to call home but help is maybe just a phone call away. >> i'm moving because my landlord is selling my unit.
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can't find any place to go. >> it's been xas per rating. >> reporter: she can't find a landlord that will accept her housing voucher people just want money. >> reporter: she's giving colorado housing connects a call. the hotline was set up specifically to help people like her to answer housing questions. >> this is patrick with colorado >> reporter: these navigators are trained to officer resources and information on renters' right. >> it's a place to start. sometimes people get overwhelmed they don't have a place to start. >> reporter: in an effort to keep up with colorado's quick changing market. >> we saw rising rents and
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renters populations actually shutting their doors. >> reporter: they reopened the phone lines to catch residents before they fall through the cracks. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i really don't know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: poor thing. you can call the colorado housing connects hotline at the number on your screen. we have it posted as well as other helpful housing resources on our website, wer ten minutes on the 4's. dave is with us to talk about your monday. >> great looking monday. yesterday wasn't too bad cht we made it to 90 degrees. here's a shot from yesterday. it was beautiful. 63 at the airport right now. 65 downtown and 50 in greeley and 47 in aspen and orlando in west littleton, our weather
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here's our satellite across the state. mostly sunny skies going on this morning as high pressure is involved in arizona and colorado here. on top of this high there's a sliver of moisture coming in and working its way across northern utah and wyoming and it's helping to bring moisture in for thunderstorms this afternoon on an isolated basis. nothing isolated about the storms to the south. the big storms are moving out and still have light rain today. from texas to st. louis andnc with flooding. meantime around here here's our futurecast for the afternoon. clouding up late in the day and seeing clouds build in and a few isolated thunderstorms popping across the eastern plains. won't last long but they may have some lightning and wind. 70s and 80s in the mountains if you're headed up there.
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bringing it down to the 80s tuesday and wednesday. the bigger change comes into play on friday. the weather models now are showing us dropping into the 70s and a better chance of rain towards the end of the week. almost a fall like hint there, joel, coming up on friday. >> we'll see a few more of those heading forward. this is i-70 and brighton boulevard, the elevated portion of the highway. this is nice and wide open f there. as you see more of the 5:00-hour you will have to disengage the cruise control. nothing slowing you down too bad. nine minutes out to i-70. the morning commute is not underway yet so if you get out the door soon then you should beat owl that. northbound along c-470, the problem is you get out too soon and you run into construction.
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285 and the closure of alameda near sable. here's northbound along parker road out to i-225 speeds into the 40s and seeing speeds in the 70s. it's hard to check that speed southbound along i-225 from parker road. i know a lot of folks gept on the ramp and it's downhill and off to the races but the speed limit is much lower than that. the second top golf location could be comingo area. there's already one in centennial. the company says they are one of the most successful in the country. some neighbors are worrying about noise, lights and traffic. >> they have concerts late on friday. concerts late on saturday. not to mention the traffic. how is this going to affect the area?
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entertainment option for people. the city council will hear public comments at the august 23rd meeting. construction is underway at america's largest indoor water park. the great wolf large resort in colorado springs will feature a 50,000-square foot water park and more than 300 sweets and restaurants. there will be a bowling alley and rock climbing wall and thin w towards the end of this year. teams hit the tarmac saturday at dia for the 4th annual plane pull fund raiser. this benefits special olympics colorado. they race to be the fastest to pull a plane 12 feet. the aircraft weighs 164,000 pounds. it helps special olympians train
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different sports. rtd's largest public art insulation is stretching 370 feet wide and 22 feet high. addison used more than a thousand cans of spray paint and there's more art to come. rtd has commissioned public art work at every n the united states navy member killed in pearl harbor is funlly being laid to rest in colorado. he was 20 years old, one of more than 400 crew members from oklahoma killed in the pearl harbor attack. the navy later identified his remains but never told his family. on saturday after 75 years his
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a featuring swedish fish. it can only be bought at the kroger food chain. some people are buying them and selling them on loin for four timeses the price. stocks looking up ahead of the openings and it's goodbye to
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they're closing 95 locations by september. the casual restaurant chain hasn't said which locations would be going out of business. the company plans to revamp its menu as part of its fresh start niche tiff. wall street closed the week mixed. the nasdaq gained four. major retailers announced their second quarter friday. macy's, choels and nordstrom posted losses. both khol's and macy's announced plans to close some stores. a new luxury electric hybrid vehicle is giving tesla a run for its money. karma unveiled a vehicle that comes with a solar roof top. the price tag won't be revealed until text month but it's
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for more log on cbs money those electric cars are only are getting cheaper. we lock across the nation. mild here in colorado but we could have severe weather out of thunderstorms firing up way up in the dakotas slowing you down a bit. also big rains coming into st. louis and south of chicagoow here. st. louis has had flooding problems that wreak havoc in parts of louisiana. 84 in kansas city and 91 in new york city. it will be 91 in denver as well today. joel has a look at traffic. good morning, if you're heading to the airport this morning, you have a lot of company on the drive. the sun is coming up later in the morning and i-70 nice and
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the a-line now is running on time. 5:24. the temp outside is 75. a fast moving fire is threatening a western slope town. details on the spring creek two fire. plus, wildfires continue to burn in california this morning. dozens of structures in flames and thousands have been forced to evacuate. i'm hena daniels as cbs broadcast center, latest coming up. finally a week of training camp for broncos and next week it will be called practice. 49ers are here for joint practices before a preseason game on saturday. one of the stars was cody lattimer, seven catches for 82 yards. they hope he can live up to his second round potential this year. his only touchdown came from
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admitted why this weekend for me, it's just being nervous. don't want to mess up things for him. this year is like a first start for me. i'm going to run fast and play fast and do something and focus this year more than ever. i'm determined i'm not going to lose when i get out there. >> practices today, tomorrow, and wednesday are open to fans.
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great to have you with us. live picture this morning from our new roof cam.
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there's your skies ahead of sunrise today and the heat could be back. thanks for joining us this half hour. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno and alan is right. it's a warm start to the week but we're cooling down. let's get to dave and figure out the time line for all of this. good morning. friday is the day that's going to make you happy i think. we're looking at 64 today at city park. 65 downtown and most of our areas are pretty collins shep by major is at 64 degrees with a couple clouds building in, should be a nice day. we're looking for a high temperature today of 91 degrees. isolated thunderstorms this afternoon but only a 10% chance today. most of us will stay dry. let's check traffic. joel is keeping an eye on that on this early monday morning. good morning, no big accidents on the highway this morning. that's the good news. seeing a few more cars out there
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good speeds into the 60s and 50s, 67 the average speed. right now four robbers on the run after targeting a marijuana dispensary. investigators say the thieves were armed when they held up tp pot shop on yale near monaco. howard nathan tells us there's pictures from a security camera that may them. >> reporter: the arapahoe county sheriff's office says three black men wearing masks were joined by a female who didn't have a mask. details of exactly what was stolen was not released by the sheriff's office. one gun was used in the robbery sunday afternoon. a white sedan fled the scene heading west. a neighbor in the community next to denver was not surprised to learn about the robbery. >> mostly have to deal in cash


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