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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  August 12, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm MDT

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hit the over compartment, and it was cracked. >> reporter: the flight left boston for sacramento about 5:30 pm. because of the turbulence, the crew diverted the praen to rapids city south dakota. >> it's gonna be out there about 3:20. 10 minutes now. they have numerous injuries due to turbulence. >> reporter: passenger eileen lynch is an emergency room nurse. she and a doctor on helped other passengers. >> we both went to the back of the plane. and the three stewardesses were injured. a young child was injured. several people hit their heads. >> all the passengers and the crew members who went to the hospital have been treated and released. the t.s.a. doesn't take kindly to any monkey busi that is what they got from one airline passenger in ohio. this is the news across america. video showing the man going
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monkey on his shoulder. t.s.a. cleared him to board his flight but nobody gave frontier airlines a heads up about the animal. other passengers reportedly got nervous. >> he ended up showing them the proper paperwork. widespread flooding in southern louisiana. take a look at the water inside this home. some areas have gotten 10 inches of rain. flooding roads and a 68-year-old man drowned in baton rouge trying to get out of the flood waters. two rivers are expected to kreflt over the weekend -- crest over the weekend. officer got a tip about a woman living in that vehicle in the bronx. inside they found 21
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they are getting medical care and are said to be doing fine. some of the dogs had never been outside the vehicle. the owner was taken to the hospital for evaluation. hillary clinton released her tax returns and challenging donald trump to do the same. hill sxaer bill clinton's 2015 returns revealing more than $3 million tax bills on $10 million of income. that's about a 34% tax rate. trump said he can't audit is completed. trump made a couple of campaign stops in pennsylvania saying his comment to clinton and president obama were the founders of isis was simply sarcasm. >> obviouslying sarcastic. but not that sarcastic to be honest but. >> trump was interrupted by protestors. an alarming number of people are infected with the zika virus in puerto rico.
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to get worse. why they believe 25% of puerto rico's population will get the virus. >> the sun is shining brightly on the city this evening. a great friday night out there. a big h on the weather map. high pressure will be warming us up over the weekend.
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can a piece of furniture become yes, if it's the chandelier in the phantom of the opera, >> this new production, the chandelier has changed. and it might be for the better. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> reporter: one of the big props in phantom is the chandelier. original production, it's huge! it moves all over the place. the stage, high above the crowd, back to the stage again
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of phantom, there are some changes. >> the only thing that hasn't come out from the fourth wall. we've now contained everything in the box and yet we've moved the chandelier so it becomes a more integral piece and fixture within the theater itself. >> reporter: the chandelier seems smaller, which would make it tears transport. it's also able to move faster. it's also loaded with pyrotechnics. one that in this production, the chandelier almost becomes a thrill ride. it gives the audience a thrill unlike the original. i can't show it because i don't want to give away the surprise! but it is fun. >> when this production originated in the uk, it only did a few things and it played a role in a nominal way. it was reengineered before it came to the u.s. in a few shops in holland. and it was given so
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and the ability to respond to action on stage as if it were the embodiment personality of the phantom whenever he has a reaction. >> reporter: and it helps me this production spectacular. >> phantom runs august 25th through september 11th at the denver center downtown. for tickets and infoe, visit -- info, visit our website.
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some of the worst violence to hit thigh land s thailand since the military coup two years ago. >> this is the news from around the world. attackers hit 11 popular resort cities and is beach towns using fire bombs and homemade explosives. foreign tourists are among the dead and wounded. no group has claimed responsibility for the violence. but thai police say they don't believe this was international terrorism puerto rico reporting nearly 2,000 new cases of the
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more than 10,000 cases total. zika's linked to serious birth defects. one in four people there will be infected by the end of the year. fiji erupted in cheers today with good reason. they were celebrating the country's first ever olympic medal. and it's gold. fiji's rugby t defeated britain to take home the gold. >> we're really proud. it feels so great. we are overwhelmed. [ crowd noise ] >> can you hear the party in the background! that village by the way is home to two of fiji's rugby player. the nation came to a standstill this morning! its residents dropped everything to cheer on their team! [ laughter ]
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and not a bad weekend coming at us. >> not a bad weekend. cheering like that all over town today because we cooled down so much! building in the foothills, down south. over the city it is sun e. not having a -- sunny. not having a huge effect on the temperature. 83 at the airport, 83 downtown. 52 and 55 the morning lows. earlier we had pictures of snow on pike's peak. 82 at the airport. north northeast wind at 7. humidity, 18%, fairly dry. cool, stable airfare over denver. tim rupert in centennial has 85.
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you can see denver northward, s trying to take hold in sections of jefferson county, boulder county. we may eek out a sprinkle. by and large most of the thunderstorms are down south. salida, colorado springs. some of these storms do have some small hail. like that one going into crowley right now. the big thing is winds. 40 mile per hour winds around el paso county and some of those areas there. there's a big high pressure ridge forming over thef nef into utah. and that will eek in over the course of the weekend and help things out. we'll clear out tonight, tomorrow morning mostly sunny across the state here. and then in the afternoon, a couple of thunderstorms here and there, about a 10% chance for us here. but the main thing is that as that high moves network it's
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we'll have some thunderstorms to contend with in the afternoons. 50s again for the front range here. 40s in the mountains. 59 in grand junction. 70s in the mountains. and is our helps will still be primarily in the 80s. overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the 50s. and then looking ahead tomorrow, mostly sunny. a chance for an isolated 87 in the city. 85 at airport. and looking ahead, mostly sunny and 88 on sunday, near 90 on monday. we keep the upper 80s rolling tuesday and wednesday with a few isolated afternoon thunderstorms. nice to listen to the 80s and feel the 80s. >> nice to get some rain. [ laughter ] jefferson county d.a.'s safety fair.
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there's a lot to see. a crash car, part of driving safety. boat safety. and something new. >> we're gonna have a med vac helicopter out there for the first time. >> the safety fair coming up this saturday, august 13th. 9:00 to 1:00 at the jefferson county fairgrounds. and you can find out what else is going on by visiting our website. >> wean that wireless keyboards are convenient. >> they could allow hackerso
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ssxd p and the dow off. the nasdaq was able to shake off some early losses. million was volks vehicles could easily be stolen because hackers could dwayne entry to the keyless system. a new report security expert says hackers can copy the signal that opens some remotely. volkswagen says some models use a different platform and are not at risk. hackers don't have to get into your computer to see what
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keystrokes from certain wireless keyboards can be intercepted. >> reporter: wireless keyboards may be convenient but cyber security keyboard bastille says they can also be hacked. what's being typed on this wireless keyboard is intercepted and showed up on a laptop across the room. it's called key snipping. it can be done to lower-end wireless keyboards that use radio signals to connect to the computer instead of secure bluetooth connection. >> that represents million was people. >> reporter: they use a big wide antenna to pick up the signal from across the room. it can also be done at close range with a small off the shelf usb radio antenna. >> just a couple lines. tap into it. and it'll get you up and running. >> reporter: a hack kerget everything you type, including personal messages, and credit
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vulnerable. earlier this year, bastille showed cnet how a wireless mouse can be hacked through the usb dongel that connects to the computer. >> if you have a wireless mouse, i can attach a wireless keyboard and arbitrarily send that to your computer >> reporter: experts say you can avoid the problem by getting an old fashioned wire keyboard and mouse or devices that use secure bluetooth connection. a bizarre new oreo cookie hitting the shelves. the swedish fish oreo. >> eeew. >> it tastes like the gummy treats apparently. a limited edition flavor. only bought at king soopers. some are buying the product and selling it on
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it will be a collector's item. but come on. stick to the classics. walmart is selling frozen deep-fried twinkies. they made it into select stores on thursday. a nationwide rollout will happen august 16th. they come in two flavors. >> i thought you could only get those at the state fair. [ laughter ] over a million ears of corn are picked a day and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us. i'm michael bennet and i approve this message.
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a mother arrested after her daughter drowned in a pool. the district attorney's office will not file criminal charges at this time. mother left her two young daughters alone at their apartment last night. one of the
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pool at complex. the district attorney's office says the investigation continues. >> reporter: both under arrest. the allegation, than $120,000 at his last post in sterling on the eastern plains. tonight both holt and kurt are back on the eastern plains, they're facing a long list of felony charges. an uber driver was the
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shooting. a car pulled up beside him and opened fire, blowing out his back windshield and passenger wednesday. denver police chose not to follow the car. uber driver did but gave up once speeds reached close to 130 miles per hour. denver police beev blame. >> and look at this. [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> trying to remove an angry gator from a home in texas. the man walked into his garage last night, greeded by this 300-pound alligator. the animal, not having any of it. eventually they did get the gator under control and returned it to the wild. >> hope it stays there. >> don't go back. [ laughter ] >> a few thunderstorms, all
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looking friday night. over the course of the weekend, 80s, chance of storms tomorrow. the chance of storms returns tomorrow, high of 88.
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? ? you totally committed. that barrel was sick! yeah, too bad i didn't see that closeout section in front of me. el ni?o giveth, and el ni?o taketh. (laughs)
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i'm sorry. i'm sure you have plans. what's wrong?! (grunts) whoa! whoa! hey! watch it! hey! (tires screech) (grunts) please, you got to help me. no, no, no, no. no, no, no. wait! please... (gunshot) (crowd screaming) (tires screeching)
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(excited chatter) man: give me that shot! j.j. reddick! (cheering) just a girl making it rain. treys all day! threes from overseas! you know you're down ten, right? next time we score, we win. yeah, but we play better under pressure, right, baby? yeah, right. come on, baby. ball in. your first time playing? is it your first time? kensi: i don't know. come on, baby. considering my shots! oh! two in the paint! we rollin' now. that's what we do. we shoot, we score, we win, and we take home the trophy. sam: no, no. you lose, you sulk, carry our trophy home, and you buy us lunch. ball in. you know you're supposed to say "ball in," and then you throw the ball. my bad. my bad. you gonna give-and-go on me? oh!


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