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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  August 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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? true colors ? ? are beautiful ? live from colorado's news channel, this is cbs4 news at noon. >> hi, everyone. this is the news at noon and it includes a definite cool down for the weekend. i'm alan gionet. and we're concerned about the flooding risk coming to the high country. chris spears is in the weather center.
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they are under a flood watch. and in the metro area, tom says he just got a sprinkle about 11:30. and look at the camera. a couple of sprinkles on the side of the lens and we are starting to see moisture in the front range. take a closer look at doppler 4000. and to the left of the screen, moisture south of grand that grow. we are seeing some sprinkles develop on the south side of town if you live on the c-470 corridor. we're seeing a few light showers. just enough to run the windshield wipers. a pretty big area of moisture is coming in from the southwest. and there are heavy rates of rainfall included in this batch of moisture. all the clouds and the rain holding the temperatures back
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coming up in just a minute. i'm going to show you the future cast. and if you're making plans in denver tonight, stick around. you'll want to see this one. happening right now. a judge is hearing evidence against the man accused of killing a doctor who heroically tried to save a woman in centennial last spring. ken atkinson -- y' is to decide if lyons should stand trial. jamie leary spent the morning in court. >> reporter: the preliminary hearing is still in session right now. 46-year-old kevin lyons sat quietly next to the public defender as the prosecution began. they started with the 911 call from april 4th.
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wife. she was critically wounded and the other was dr. ken atkinson. in the recordings, you can hear him trying to relay his location to the dispatcher. he tells the dispatcher say he's been shot in the leg. followed by multiple gunshots and silence. two investigators talked about the witnesses they following the shooting. all talked about how kevin was talking crazy while firing the gun. he was acting strangely and then he snapped. that's what the defense seemed to focus on. dr.ken atkinson's wife was joined by a large group of family and friends who have been supporting her through the proceedings. she declined to talk on camera. the prosecution has a list of
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call to the stand. the judge plans to get through all of them. and he'll then determine if there's enough evidence to send the case to trial. officials say that's likely going to be the case. developing right now. police hope somebody knows where to find this woman. she's accused of stealing from a senior citizen. jeff todd explains what >> reporter: it all started here at the spiritual center in rural boulder county a few years ago. that's when the victim met julie -- >> this spring she moved in to this lafayette house with the two victims. eventually, she would be the driving force behind putting the male victim in a long-term care facility. and then she moved her husband
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victim. she was given power of attorney and began keeping friends and family away from the victim. they were concerned with what she was doing. the victim called her dr. julie and was taking homeopathic medical advice from her but she has no medical experience. adult protective services stepped in as the house was going to be put on the market. many think she was going to take all of the out young 29th. nine days later, the female victim died. an apparent marital argument led a man to jump out of a car to his death in lakewood. police found him near garrison and kent. and they found damaged power lines. his wife said he jumped out of the car. she tried to control the car
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they have not decided whether the wife will face charges but they are testing for drugs and alcohol. an update on the deaths of twin girls found in a hot car in georgia. the father faces charges of involuntary manslaughter. it's not known how long they were left in the car in 90- degree heat. police say he started screaming when neighbors tried to cool them off but it didn't help. the twins are the 25th and 26th children to die after being left in cars this year. that's twice the number of last year. now to campaign 2016, a rough week for donald trump. it's added to a jump in the polls for democrat hillary
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convention bounce. >> a tape was made. you saw that with the airplane. >> donald trump is doing something he rarely does. he admits he was wrong about a video. the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane, not the plane carrying cash going to iran. but he is not apologizing for his refusal to endorse paul ryan and other republicans. they say they support him but are skipping the rally this evening. democratic leader harry reid says republicans must back trump or risk losing majorities in the house and senate. >> they're stuck with him. >> reporter: not only is he trailing in the polls but the numbers are beginning to fall in traditional republican states. hillary clinton now holds a
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state that's voted republican since 1960. and national polls show her with an average of a seven point lead. >> we're about to head to olympics coverage and there's not a lot of opportunity to reset the race until you get to mid-september. >> clinton has spent the week making the case that trump is a bad businessman who would not be good for the nation's economy. trump's candidacy affects republican races as including the one involving mike coffman here in colorado. he's in a tough race in district 6 and he's running a commercial with an anti-trump message. >> people ask me, what do you think about trump? honestly, i don't care for him much. >> he starts to distance himself. but he refused to rule out supporting donald trump when he spoke with us.
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will not vote for trump trump. >> i would only say in a he hasn't earned my vote. well, you can get much more election coverage coming up in the 2016 section at cbs denver all the time. and that includes reality checks and a list of election the broncos are looking -- less than a week to go. and we'll meet an unusual
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>>on field in shorts and pads. a number of vets got the day off while coaches work with the newer members of the team. next thursday against the bears. the team needs more consistency and the coaches won't make a move to a starting quarterback decision until after thursday's game. >> you can head to and get updates
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from the broncos insiders all the time. you made a few promises just a few minutes ago. >> you won't be a fan after this one. if you're going out tonight, it's going to be wet. we've seen a few sprinkles land on the lens from time to time. here's a view from the tech center. downtown denver, the cloud deck is thickening and lowering. temperatures are comfortable across the state. almost a preview of fall. 60s and 70s. and 64 in burlington. and 71 in the city. if you climb up high enough, you'll run into 50s and 40s on the higher passes. our watcher in bailey is reporting 54 degrees and a tenth of an inch of rain. there's more on the way. a couple of sprinkles and light
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collins and greeley. a pretty big area on the western slope of colorado -- you can see a few lightning strikes and a few thundershowers. recently issued this flood advisory in delta, mesa, and montrose counties. and southwestern colorado in montezuma county, waterways are high here too. so we have an aerial flood ad a flash flood watch. not the city of denver. but above 9000 feet you'll find the watch in effect. the showers and storms roll on to the northeast today. and here is 7:00 tonight a pretty good area of showers. and southeastern colorado. as we roll through the night. waves of moisture from southwest to the northeast across the state. we'll see a lull in the action tomorrow morning and wake up to a lot of cloud cover. and tomorrow afternoon with the
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up. let's zoom in, here's metro denver. and there's a big batch of rain. it comes through the city and this will be moderate to heavy. you need the rain gear for sure as you're out and about. 70s on the eastern plains, and 60s and 70s up high. grand junction will struggle to get to 82 degrees. a cool one today with evening rain. 81 storms. we warm it up for sunday, 87 degrees. and we won't get rid of the thunderstorm chance but you'll notice an overall drying trend compared to today and tonight. >> i'm wondering if they'll peel back the fire restrictions. i'd like to have a little campfire. >> we're hoping. we need the rain bad. >> keep track of the rain with
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cbs4 is collecting school supplies. our partners at new balance have donation bins in the stores. they have been getting a good response. we want to make sure that the boys and girls are prepared. and making a donation comes with a little extra benefit. >> a 10% discount that they have to use that day. so it's showing that we appreciate them giving to the community. >> that's a great g help out, folks. donation bins in the new balance stores and you can drop off a donation at 10th at lincoln at the cbs4 studios. and also at how one used car dealer is
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narrator: 2010. short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six years later... reporter: the global fight
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in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue to lead the fight against zika, for colorado and america. i'm michael bennet
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this is a 10-year-old miniature poodle mix, very long who doesn't. if you'd like to make him a part of the family. visit him at the dumb friends league quebec shelter at 2080 south quebec. he's going to make a good companion animal. many of the vehicles are still for sale that had air bag problems. a used car dealer said it should be illegal to sell them.
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think really understand recalls? >> i would say one in 10. >> reporter: earl stewart believes recalls should be made obvious to shoppers. his toyota dealership -- any used cars for sale with defective air bags are labeled on the windshield. these defective air bags may seriously injure or kill the driver. >> our purpose and unmistakable, clear and conspicuous. >> that's the opposite of what we found in our undercover investigation. not only were the cars we saw not labeled but salespeople didn't tell us about recalls or didn't know about them. stewart contacted us after he saw the story. >> were you surprised by what
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>> reporter: he had his own mystery shoppers check other car dealers to see if they disclosed the takata air bag recalls. >> reporter: not one -- with no law requiring disclosure, salespeople are not inclined to do it. >> is a salesperson who feeds his family based on commission going to look a customer in the eye and say recall. it's going to cost a sale. it's got to be illegal. >> reporter: he needs the support of the florida automobile dealers association. the president told us it's under discussion. they want manufacturers to take financial responsibility. >> is there an answer? >> absolutely, but the answer doesn't have to come from the
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it should come from the automaker. >> is that passing the buck? >> no it's where it belongs. >> how can you sell a car that could potentially kill that customer? it has to be illegal. it has to be. >> one manufacturer association said automakers work with franchises to make sure the dealers are compensated. not selling the recalled cars
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a daughter is out of control, drinking and doing drugs, her temper leaves them frightened and she says her parents push her buttons. >> i said i'm not -- if i make myself look like a rear end, that's fine. but if i can get you some help.
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>> we need help. >> we tried. >> how is sending me off going to get us help? >> what does dr. phil have to say to ashley's assessment of her family. new tonight on cbs4 news at 5:00. a denver police officer seriously injured when he was run down by a car. he's sharing his story of recovery. how he's doing now and his mission to help other first responders injured and governor john hickenlooper talks about colorado's role in the november election. and chris is talking about the weekend final check of the forecast. and i don't think it's changed much. >> not really. we're seeing a few sprinkles and you may have to run the wipers. these are light sprinkles. let's show you the whole state. a good area of moisture is lifting from the southwest to the northeast. and there are lightning strikes
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if you're making plans and everything stays on time the batch of heavy rain comes through this evening. we start a little bit of a warming trend through the weekend. >> the renaissance festival could get some rain.
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? >> liam: come back to me, steffy. quinn's never gonna stop. she's never gonna change. and wyatt is guilty in this, too, by the way. how many times have you asked him,ge he failed you? come home to me. >> wyatt: i don't know what my mom was thinking. she made it sound like there was something genuine, something mutual going on.


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