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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. it is saturday it is saturday, february 13. to dangerous felons are on the run. how they escaped and their connection to a former prison chiefs murder. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are stopping to colorado today work why our democratic primary. we are waking up to plenty of fog this morning. when will it clear out? we have your full forecast coming up. live from colorado's . good morning and thank you for joining us. i am mark taylor. we will have more on those
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first, we want to start you off with the forecast. we are socked in with fog. we have a couple of cameras to show you this morning. this is the mousetrap. you don't even see anything, the fog is so thick along that stretch of the freeway. very driving out to dia. the other camera is from our denver -- you can see that bank of fog sitting over the city and talking us and. not everyone has the fog. on the south side, you are wondering what fog. here is that camera. fog is a cloud that forms at the ground. get the most cooling at the ground and it is a very thin layer. only maybe 1000 thick -- 1000 feet thick. once we get the sun up, we will start to have mix and it will begin to disperse. we think that will happen at about 9 o'clock or 10 o'clock this morning.
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socked in. most of this is in northeastern colorado on the i- 4 -- i-25 corridor. we do have places with visibility down to just about zero for a little over. westminster, dakota, dia down to just a 10th of a mile and over toward boulder, visibility comes up a little bit but dense fog as you are traveling this morning north of the city. because of the fog, the national weather service put an advisory out. buy just went away but denver is under a fog advisory for this morning until about 9 o'clock in the fog will disperse. nothing on doppler 4000 but later on, i will show you what is coming our way as we roll through the rest of the weekend. right now, to balance -- 2 felons considered armed and dangerous were out on parole this week and reportedly cut off their ankle monitors.
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they are from the denver area that could be anywhere. authorities say they are tied to a prison gang known as the 211 group. that gain is linked to the murder of a police chief nearly 3 years ago authorities believe the two men are traveling together, possibly if anyone sees them, call police. preparations are underway for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. both will attend a colorado democrats dinner tonight in denver. before that, sanders is holding a rally at the colorado convention center. the doors open at 3 pm. shaun boyd explains why our state will become a major factor in the democratic primary. >> bernie sanders, husband, father, grandfather and honest leader. >> both candidates already targeting. clinton will be tomorrow. she has also got a jumpstart on the ground game, opening 10 offices in colorado including
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neighborhood. >> i am not a single issue candidate and i do not believe we live in a single issue country. >> both of them tried to reach out to minorities, and women. clashing over healthcare wall street donations and their loyalty to the president. >> many people will actually be worse off than they are right now. >> i thought it was absolutely inaccurate. that is insulting the intelligence of the american people.>> pok -- calling the president week, calling him a disappointment. >> have you ever disagreed with the president? i suspect you have. obama. i was not that candidate.>> this debate, before the nevada caucuses and south carolina primary. >> she is covering the speeches and will be at the democratic
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very latest on cbs 4 news tonight. >> meanwhile, you can watch the republican candidates face off tonight at 7 o'clock. you can tweet your questions using the hashtag gop debate. another big win last night. they beat the red wings on the road in detroit. >> lake tacoma, who has scored in the game and scores there!>> it was tied at two in overtime 3 - 2. the puck drops at 10:30 tomorrow morning. denver animal shelter once you to find your favorite furry one this weekend. they are dropping adoption fees. 50% off your shelter is on payout avenue -- payout avenue. it could be a very busy day in the high country. a lot of people are expected in the mountains for the holiday weekend. and monday is presidents' day.
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you can see conditions in the title right now. on the right, everett parkway not looking too bad this morning. cdot says people could see up to an hour delay later today. how will the weather be mist chris has the answer. -- how will the weather be? chris has the answer. we will see this fog left and we will have mostly sunny skies in here. we will talk about your temperatures coming up. also coming up this morning, a big change with the pro cycling challenge. it will not be in colorado this year. we will tell you why and when it's going to be back. a dog get stuck inside a burning home -- gets stuck inside a burning home.
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just shy of 7:10 this saturday morning. take a look at this. the baseball stadium transformed into a winter wonderland with a 140 foot tall ramp. skiers and boarders flew down and did tricks off the rim last night. the first of its kind at the stadium. we are taking a live look outside here in denver. a lot of great, a lot of fog -- gray, fog is 2 --? >> and mousetrap. this is the mousetrap camera. a very thick bank of fog developed overnight from downtown just to the north and east of denver. so if you are traveling that
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and temperatures are hovering. those roads. temperatures this morning, 20s on the eastern plains. 30 in greeley. craig a little cool at six. the coolest his six below. all five of these weather morning. 28 at applewood. 27 four south bennett. 31 four fort collins. -- at fort collins. from the denver metro area all the way to wyoming because of this bank of fog. account think that fog is. only 2000 feet thick or so, just enough to cover the downtown buildings. through right there. air. and once the sun comes up, it will mix that dry air down to the ground. oyster from the ground up and we will see the fog slowly start to dissipate by mid to late morning. on the big picture, the other
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pacific front hanging to the northwest. it will continue its track over the course of the weekend. once this burns off, we will have mostly sunny skies. a really nice day on the way. but as the front approaches, a couple of showers will pick up in southern wyoming and north nebraska. they could try to clip northeast colorado tonight. and tomorrow, that system passes through the region. by tomorrow night, we cannot rule out a stray shower somewhere on the eastern plains but i think most of us will stay dry and mild. here are the chapters today. 50s and 60s. the coldest air in the river valley heading to nebraska near 70. the southeast, 40s and 50s for your high. here's the five day forecast for denver. originally, we thought today would be in the low 60s but because of this foggy start,
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so i back to this is -- to the upper 50s. we will be a little: tomorrow as the pacific front comes through but we bounced right back on monday. i think we will see some mid- 60s again and the beat goes on with this mile stretch of warm weather. we cannot get rid of it that i don't think too many people are complaining. it is 7:13. a lot of people are talking about this. the usa pro challenge is canceling its 2016 race. a new group is taking over the event. kelly northglenn reports, it will return. >> reporter: from the high peaks of the rockies down to the front range, the annual weeklong usa pro challenge has attracted tens of thousands of cycling fans for the last five years. >> i don't think we could start this -- stop this freight train. i've never seen the community happier. the crowds are the biggest i have seen. and the athletes are happy so i
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backpedaling, forcing the cancellation of the 2016 race. in a statement, sean huntress said 2017 is the new target to restart the race as they worked to achieve all of the goals of our important stakeholders. dan dwyer is on the race organizing committee in golden. >> this year, when you don't have all of your ducks in a row, that makes the most sense to skip that year. >> reporter: and skipping a year is not exactly a car in for -- a con for business owners. >> we get more business when the traffic is open.>> reporter: that dwyer believes the absence will only make hearts grow fonder. >> it will amp up the desire for the race in 2017 and it will be greater than it has been in the past. >> that was kelly reporting. the event generates millions of dollars for the state so it will likely have some sort of economic impact this year. cbs ditched out to the tour is in my office but we have not
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>> anyone looking for love online how scammers are trying to get your money this valentine's day.
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welcome back to cbs 4 news on this saturday, february 13. 7:18. it is great to have you with us. your waking up to some fog. you can see that in the background. collins. campus. the weather station in the lower part of your screen.
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-- socked in. fog is a cloud that has a base that the ground. when we lose our sunshine each day, the cooling process starts and we call off the fastest at the ground and if it can get near the dew point, he will get a bank of fog. sometimes, above the fog, dry air. through. shallow. now that the sun is up, we will get convection going and that will help to mix the surface. we will see the fog began to dissipate. it is locally dense from denver to fort collins. both are reporting zero visibility. half a mile in burlington. i have not seen any flight delays out at the airport but i did see a tweet saying there is tough travel out that way and very dense toward the airport where the visibility is currently zero. and kono. 3/10 of a mile in erie. there is a dense fog advisory
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collins and greeley until 9 am. once this burns off, we will get some sunshine in here and temperatures will cool. it is 7:19. a warning this morning for anyone looking for love online this valentine's day weekend. scammers are targeting dating sites and melissa garcia reports. they will just break your heart. they will break your bank. >> i believed everything he said. >> reporter: this woman who did not want her identity revealed is one of thousands who have fallen victim to internet scams . >> i really felt like i had a relationship with this guy. >> reporter: her suitor ended up calling her out of more than $50,000. >> never, ever, ever send money.>> reporter: the agent with the colorado bureau of investigation says romance scammers often prey on older adults who may be emotionally vulnerable.
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accordingly, trying to groom them for the next step which is always to send them money. >> reporter: and it adds up to a loss. over the last six months, the fbi crime center reported losses totaling more than $82 million. >> in some of the scenarios, people are giving up life savings.>> reporter: cynthia kaufman want anyone looking for love online to beware of sweetheart scammers. >> things that sound too good to be true usually are. >> melissa garcia reporting. experts say to look out for scam a grammar. usually the hackers second- language, english. leading to broken sentences. coming up, we will show you how a band is defying gravity in their new music video. >> a live look in the high country. it could be a very busy holiday weekend.
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,, 7:25. the city is socked in this morning but we will see sunshine and warmer temperatures. chris is talking about our full weekend forecast in about five minutes but first, -- but first, the fire department posted this. they realize the family's dog was still stuck in one of the bedrooms. you can see from the helmet camera that they were able to get to the dog. she was shaken up but happy to
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the band just released a new music video shot aboard a plane at zero gravity. the conditions were so challenging that at one point, the lead singer briefly blacked out on camera. we have a behind-the-scenes look at this video that has gone viral.>> reporter: okay, go ! has gone weightless. don't try this aboard your next commercial flight. the band is known for its unique videos. and it has come along way from there -- and has come along way. they are traveling at zero gravity in a plane above russia. for three weeks, they practiced and performed. climbing until he goes over the hump creating 27 seconds of weightlessness. time to open luggage. and release a zillion balls. the flight attendants did not yell.
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aerial acrobats. the whole experience was exciting and terrifying. >> is a very difficult physical sensation and causes a lot of fear and panic.>> reporter: the plane was offered in exchange for a marketing campaign. the video is made up of eight periods of way -- weightlessness. the times in between, the plane repositions. bandmembers took antinausea drugs but the production crew wanted to go natural. >> we had about 58 and scheduled vomiting events. >> reporter: that what is a little nausea when paine field bulletins are spilling their guts. >> reporter: damian did not throw up but he did passed out.
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kind of scroll up and i go back -- lip -- limp. >> reporter: after five seconds or so, he regains consciousness. cnn. ,,
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newschannel, this is cbs4 orting news. >> it is about 7:29, february 13. here's a look at today's top stories. to felons considered armed and dangerous -- 2 felons considered armed and dangerous believed to be traveling together, both are linked to a prison game -- gang. that gang is linked to the murder of the colorado prison chief, tom clements. ernie sanders and hillary clinton are stopping through colorado today. they will be at the democrats dinner tonight in denver. sanders is holding a rally at the colorado convention center on 14th street and doors open at 3 o'clock. you all, cbs news is hosting a republican debate tonight starting at 7 o'clock. you can tweet the candidates questions using the hashtag gop debate.
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in the high country today. it is expected to be an extra nice weekend. here's a live look at the tunnel and evergreen parkway. cdot excess -- cdot expects up to a one hour delay this morning. let's talk about at your forecast. plenty of fog out there this morning. a live look outside. you cannot even see downtown. that's check in with chris beers -- chris spears. when is he going to clear? >> i think a couple of more hours. it is pretty thick. you can see it behind me. we are socked in but it is a very sharp line. take a look at this picture. down at i 25 and hampton -- i- 25 and hampton your that's advance. i think i was on the wrong side. there is don specter and you can see in the middle of the screen, shallow and thick bank
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hampton your so if you're in the fog, you are in it and if you are not, it is such a contrast across metro denver. this morning, we do have some visibilitys of zero. the airport, you have come up a little bit from zero. 3/10 of a mile but that is still very dense. 1 1/2 miles in thorten. .3 in louisville and socked in totally in boulder with zero visibility but if you look on the south side, there is no fog and take a look at the temperatures in that area. we have a dense fog advisory this morning until 9 o'clock temperatures on the south side of metro denver where there is no fog, you're in the mid-40s already but where we are socked in, we are in the mid to upper 20s and lower 30s. so quite a contrast across metro denver this morning. but i have good news.
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about that in our next weather segment. new this morning, only one person remains missing from an earthquake in taiwan. crews pulled 114 people here they rescued over 400. the building's developer and architects over safety concerns. thousands of people waited to greet the pope last night adriana diaz has details on his historic visit. >> reporter: a mariachi band greeted pope francis. mexicans use cell phones and flashlights to welcome the pope to their country. outside, working to make sure everything is perfect. here in mexico city, the visit is all anyone is talking about. he is expected to address some of the biggest challenges including drugs, violence and poverty. pope francis will also be the first to visit the us/mexico
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more than 200,000 people are expected to attend mass next week. there. >> it was on his insistence that the site for the mess be close to the border. on the flight from rome, a mexican journalist gifted him a sombrero saying it would sun. before he arrived in mexico, he made a quick stop in cuba to meet the head of the orthodox church. the first such meeting in more than 1000 years. they announced extremist attacks against christians. now, the focus is all on mexico. the second largest catholic population. cbs news, mexico city.>> the pope had a little bit of fun with the reporters yesterday ditching his for that sombrero as he boarded his plane. americans could be one step
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us airlines can bid for routes. they will have 15 days to put in their applications. the us and cuba are expected to formally sign an agreement to continue flights for the first time in 50 years. we're keeping a close eye on the storm to the northeast. several houses are literally frozen this morning in pennsylvania. a water main burst in scranton yesterday with freezing cold temperatures and it did not take long for icicles to cover homes and street signs. it may be there for a while. several cities are under a wind chill warning. new york city could feel as cold as 20 below zero here>> when i say 20 below, what comes to mind? >> i can't say it on tv. >> alaska. not new york city. >> the freeze is expected to say -- stay all weekend. closer to home, how are we doing with the weather? >> luckily, nothing like what they have in the east this morning.
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28 below zero. seven in detroit and 13 below in toronto. you will notice that new york is still in the 20s but this cold air is on the move. one of our forecast models for this afternoon, just about the 12:00 our -- hour -- they are in the 20s now but we will see temperatures fall off a long and this cold air goes all the way to the gulf of mexico. atlanta at just 39 today. they had some light snow on the outer banks of north carolina your -- north carolina. coming up, a big wedding on top of lovely mountain. how to get involved on the other side of the break. it is time now for the chevy sports break your if the mavs in the playoffs, they will most certainly start on the road but that might not be a bad thing. the answer is somehow better away from the pepsi center this year. they have now bounced back with
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blake comeau made it to-1 early in the third but the red wings would tied up with a power-play just a few minutes later. the red wings more than double up the shots. 25-21 given the mavs basically a chance to steel on the road. there is, again, when her in the fourth round. the mavs when 3 - 2. >> it is every -- win 3 - 2. >> always a, it is a plus for us. we just need to continue to find a way to get those points. it was important for us to just find a way. >> reporter: the mavs are on the road again sunday morning in buffalo. have a good weekend.
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sports break you by ,, ,,
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,, ,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, about 7:40 on this saturday morning. every day. the view of a pro surfer. this is dusty filming on a surfing in maui. he said it was the perfect day
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a live look outside. talking about that fog this morning. it still hasn't burnt off. that is what we need, a little confection to get that fog out of here. it starts to mix the air. here's a view from the tech center. the south side of town, no fog. north. i do think it will burn off in the next one and a half or two hours. temperatures this morning are mostly in the 20s on the eastern plains. 30 in boulder. 18 in avon. 13 in meeker. check out our temperatures from weather watchers. 40 in east franktown.
7:41 am
watkins at 28. 27 in lyman and we do have a dense fog advisory from denver to the wyoming state line. you about 9:00. on futurecast, we will take a look at this satellite and radar. this is from the pacific so it doesn't really have cold air behind it but it does breeze through colorado. people start to be felt later tonight as you see a few showers approach. they could clip our northeastern quarter and during the overnight hours, clouds will increase and a few shoppers -- a few showers will develop. a few places may need to break snow showers continue through much of the day sunday as the mountains. eastern colorado will mainly see clouds but we could get it view -- get a few quick showers. they will be on the light side. about 57 in denver. we will have a big variety of
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warmest on the south. coulis in the north. 47 in grand junction. on the five day forecast, we will stay in those 50s and get back to the 60s next week. the beat goes on with a smiled february weather. if you want to shout your love from the top of a mountain this valentine's day weekend, you can. the annual mass mountaintop wedding is going on at loveland tomorrow. joining us in the studio is good morning. tell us more about this event. how many couples do you expect? >> about 150. it's our 25th anniversary and we are very excited. >> 25 years of the big mass wedding. how did this get started? >> sort of a pr event. it's a great way for people that are passionate about snow sports to come up on the mountain and
7:43 am
another. >> can people come out and watch and participate? >> they certainly can. everyone is welcome to come. if you have not signed up yet and still want to, you can sign up tomorrow morning. we would love to have you.>> can people where gowns and tuxedos?>> they sure can. it is cool to watch them make their way down the mountain in full wedding attire. after the ceremony, we have a best-dressed contest. particularly, the bride's skiing down in full wedding dress. we have had everything from beautiful, sunny and warm days to what you are seeing now, and also full out blizzard conditions. >> any particular favorite memory from 25 years? >> i think every year is great. it is great to see the new people come and get married for
7:44 am
great to see our old friends come back.>> thank you. we appreciate it. the big mountaintop matrimony is happening tomorrow at loveland ski area starting at noon but you need to get there early. you can still register. we have everything you need to know on cbs work it is ,,
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,, ,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, 7:47 on this saturday morning. a live look out from our mountain camera. you cannot see much of downtown but chris spears says over the next couple of hours, the fog will burn off and we will see some sunshine for your valentine's day weekend. the civil rights act of 1964 was a
7:47 am
but bring it to life was political theater of the highest order. greg moody has a review of how the president did it in the play all the way. >> we have talked long enough in this country about civil rights!>> reporter: all the way is like a live-action chess game with deals, threats and sacrifices littering the board. >> [ music ] >> reporter: set in the period between the kennedy assassination and the 1964 election, it asks the question, how far was lyndon johnson willing to go? how much was he willing to sacrifice in order to pass the bill? >> johnson knows that if he breaks his promise, there will be demonstrations all over the country! >> know, there most certainly will not be.
7:48 am
to hold [ indiscernible ]. >> reporter: by the end of the show, reputations, marriages and careers litter the stage. order. it is reality. c david johnson role center stage while an amazing cast flows into and out of the drama. archie as the reverend doctor martin luther king jr. archie as the reverend doctor martin luther king jr. pleasance as the senator giving the play weight as historical drama. greg moody, cbs 4 news . >> "all the way" runs through february 28. turning today, a website that hopes to prove the resemblance between humans and dogs called what
7:49 am
picture of your face and it gives you a description of what dog thinks you look like your the internet is loving it -- you look like. the internet is loving it. our producer decided to give it a try. here's mine. apparently, it is a golden retriever. the description gets along with just about everybody. strong, active and gentle and eager. let's check out chris spears. a little more aggressive. saying he resembles a south african mastiff. you have a protective nature. you can cause damage when jumping. >> [ laughter ] >> and our social and obedient after training. thoughts? cards -- concerns? >> all i can think of is what dog is bald! that was really good! and a pretty good description.
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this morning. a live look from lookout mountain.,,
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,, ,, ,, ,,
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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we do want to get one last look at the forecast. it is a foggy start for the forecast. all the way down the stock 25 core door to denver. our tallest buildings peeking through this low-tech of clouds -- low deck of clouds. from dia toward greeley but it will burn off. if you don't have the fog, you are in the 40s already but where the fog is the thickest, we are in the 20s and lower 30s.
7:54 am
metro area because of the fog but this is a great day forecast. the mild weather sticks around. [music] powered by finding reliable services can be like finding a needle in a haystack. the needle just got a lot now here's the host of haystack tv, chris kane. be very invasive and have a long recovery time. rthe orthopedic stem cell institute offers a potential p alternative to surgery by using your body's own stem cells to rpromote natural healing. p in spinal and joint stem cell therapies, is here to share how patients seeking possible p alternatives to orthopedic and spine surgery may benefit from r visiting the orthopedic stem cell institute. dr. pettine is a board-certified, and he's a orthopedic surgeon. he's been voted as one of the top 50 spine surgeons in the
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top 100 spine surgeons to know in america. he's also considered a leader in bio-cellular research and treatment. r dr. pettine, thanks for being here. p so this is very interesting. p you've become a real leader in stem cell therapy. p can you tell us, you know, how did you become such a leader in t this industry? pwell it's a pleasure to be here. p you know, i was born and raised in this area, and i'm a very r busy spine surgeon. p for years, i'd been searching for a way that we could treat p our patients without surgery. p four years ago, i was the first spine surgeon in the united p states to treat a patient's disc with biologics. p what really separates us is experience, research, and data. p you know, being that you're a spine surgeon, you bring a lot t of credibility. p and you are now venturing into an area that a lot of people p but they're very unclear about t so can you explain how
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r wants to heal itself. p spine is we're dealing with p supply, so it's real hard for itself in these areas. pso we're simply taking your stem cells from areas where you store p them in your body and then placing them in damaged areas p to promote natural healing. point-of-care therapy. pthis is really very fascinating. p so you're taking something out of their own body, putting it in p a place that needs help, and your body will then heal itself. rthat's exactly the idea. p you know, your body wants to heal itself, so we can treat pacute athletic injuries, chronic arthritic problems, chronic rproblems in your back and neck, all these areas. pand we've got programs specially designed to help treat tall these areas. p all right, so back and neck,
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t any joint. t that's right. tthat's fantastic. pand, again, you're a surgeon, so you operate on all these areas v also. t that's right. r and this is a fantastic alternative for people that just p don't want to go in and have surgery, or they want to find pmaybe another alternative first. v yes. rthis is really fantastic. p who would benefit from this then, really anyone that's in t pain or that's looking at surgery? p you know, through the years we've treated teenagers through r folks in their 80s. p we've treated weekend warriors, professional athletes. p and i really believe this is something to consider if you're p facing the potential of a total hip or knee replacement tor spine surgery. v wow. r how can people find out more about this then? p do they go to your website? r can they call you? p you know, a great place to go is our website, p orthopedic stem cell institute. rand we've really tried to include on this website all the p therapy you can find t p
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narrator: today on "lucky dog," a crippling fear of abandonment could push one spaniel mix even further from a forever home. brandon: most dogs will calm down for a second or two no matter how bad their anxiety is, but not maggie. narrator: and for once, brandon may not have the answers. brandon: this right here goes beyond what a dog trainer can actually teach her. i'm going to need a little help from an outside source. dr. nardi: hi! brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to


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