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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  October 30, 2015 10:00pm-10:33pm CDT

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stacey: how they walked away with just scratches. zach: it should have been attempted murder. kevin: searching for justice, the complete stranger who shot charge. the message this victim has for the pleasant hill shooter. kevin: first off, we have 10:00. story county sheriff's officials are investigating a fatal crash near gilbert. they say this happened at the intersection of 170th and george washington carver about 8:00. a vehicle went through a stop sign and crashed into another car. the four survivors were transported to mary greeley hospital. no names have been released. stacey: new at 10:00, a close call with death. a des moines man describes how he survived a crash with a school bus. kevin: it was on tuesday when colton blackford was driving with two friends in ames when the crash happened. kcci's rose heaphy joins us live in the studio now with the terrifying moments. rose?
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rose: behind me, you can see how the car crashed underneath the back of the school bus. blackford says officials told him he was inches away from death. a car pinned under a school bus with three people trapped inside. colton: the top of the hood of the car was just a sardine can, just peeled back. rose: 19-year-old colton blackford was driving the car tuesday on highway 30, when a bus pulled out in front of him at 580th avenue. colton: i started to slow down, and i realized it wasn't stopping, so i just slammed on my brakes as hard as i could. rose: the last thing he saw sends shivers down his spine. colton: just the bus right in front of me. rose: when he came to, this is the scene he saw -- crashed glass and the roof caved in. he said he actually had to come out through the windshield, so he could get out of the car and help his friends. colton: the rearview mirror was back there, and i was like, how did that get back there? rose: police told him he was inches away from losing his head. instead, blackford and his friends walked away with just a few scrapes and scratches. but looking back at the wreckage is still painful. colton: i saw the car earlier
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today, and i just got sick. it was unreal. it felt like a dream the whole time, though. rose: a nightmare towing company workers say he's lucky to have survived. dustin: a vehicle in that condition, usually there's no good outcome. he had someone watching over him, and that's the only way he walked away from this one. rose: a close call still haunting blackford. colton: it's hard to take in at first. and it still is. rose: blackford says he's glad everyone was wearing their seatbelts. the bus driver was cited for failure to yield while entering a through highway. in studio, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: thanks, rose. that johnston school bus driver arrested for assaulting a special needs student made his initial court appearance today. 61-year-old robert scarbrough is now facing assault and child endangerment charges. more students are also coming forward right now with new videos of the incident. one of the most vocal students, shouting at the driver to stop, shot this video following the violent outburst. his mother doesn't want her
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family identified, but tells kcci she notified the school district 10 days ago about scarbrough's behavior. in an email to the johnston transportation director, she at him and told him he had to sit up front behind him." that warning came just days before that violent confrontation caught on camera. >> i was disappointed because i the bus driver. our son and other kids have been complaining for quite some time. kevin: scarbrough remains in the polk county jail on a $3000 bond. he is on administrative leave from his job with the school district. stacey: new at 10:00, shot in the neck and still recovering. a victim of a november 2014 shooting rampage in pleasant hill is still looking for justice tonight. the man responsible not convicted of attempted murder for what he did. kcci's kim st. onge live in studio with reaction from zach whitehill we're hearing for the
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kim: stacey, pete polson faced three counts of attempted murder for the three people he shot at. two of them were hit. but polson was only convicted on one of those counts and got off on lesser charges for the other two. whitehill says he wishes the punishment was harsher. it's been nearly one year since zach whitehill was shot in the back and neck by a complete stranger on a cold november morning. doctors told him the bullets missed hitting his carotid artery, spine, and esophagus by millimeters. zach: it missed so much that could have killed me. and that one went in as i was falling to the ground. so me falling a split second earlier could have made a big difference. kim: whitehill says he'll have permanent damage in his left bicep. he's still wondering why the shooter, pete polson, was convicted of an aggravated misdemeanor instead of a forcible felony. zach: yeah, they didn't believe his defense. but it still should have been, in my eyes, attempted murder. kim: during his trial, polson told jurors he was too high on
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intent to kill. zach: i think, yeah, he may have a drug problem, but that doesn't excuse what he did. kim: whitehill hasn't forgiven polson, and admits he probably never will. but that doesn't mean he's dwelling on what happened. zach: i never really looked for closure. it's done and over with. i survived it. i can move on. kim: whitehill wants to leave that dark memory behind him, but was happy to have these final words for his shooter. zach: have fun in prison. kim: whitehill still goes to physical therapy twice a week and he is is hoping he won't need anymore surgeries. polson will be sentenced december 8. he's facing more than 100 years in prison. live in studio, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: commitment 2016 news tonight, at least nine republicans in des moines tomorrow for the republican party of iowa's growth and opportunity party. that's at the varied industries building at the state fairgrounds saturday. the event starts at 10:30 a.m. and runs until 4 p.m. front runners donald trump and
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ben carson will not be there. louisiana governor bobby jindal will be there. he is already in des moines tonight. we caught up with him this afternoon at the state historical building, where he spoke as part of the caucus candidate forum series. he touched on his plans for medicaid and social security, as well as his education policy. governor bobby jindal: if your parents earn enough money, they can send you to great public schools. they can afford to disintegrate private schools. it is not honest to tell those little boys and girls they can grow up to be anything they want, if they do not get a good education. stacey: trust kcci for complete coverage of tomorrow's event. chief political reporter cynthia fodor and kim st. onge will be there. you can follow them on twitter for live updates. kevin: democrat martin o'malley is also in the metro campaigning this weekend. he has a meet and greet at inspired grounds cafe in the valley junction area in west des moines tomorrow morning at 10:15. and democratic front runner
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hillary clinton announced today she'll come back to iowa tuesday. she has a town hall meeting at grinnell college planned, starting tuesday evening at 6:45. you can rsvp on her website. parts of central and south texas are under water again, as a drenching rain and dangerous storms plowed across the state. and the number of deaths has risen. steve karlin has been tracking the storms. steve? steve: kevin, a second person has been found dead in texas, following punishing storms that dropped upwards of 16 inches of rain around austin and san antonio. texans can't seem to catch a break from nasty weather. phil: we're getting too old to deal with this. steve: phil krotzer lives in wimberley, an area devastated by flash floods memorial day weekend. he says friday's flood is enough to make him consider evacuating for good. phil: this is our fifth flood. three of them had made it to the house. steve: the same areas that got pummeled by the remnants of hurricane patricia last week got hard hit again, as a fast-moving system brought torrential downpours.
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rivers and creeks spilled over their banks from austin to san antonio. here. steve: kerry packer shot this video, while flood waters carried him away inside his car. kerry: as you can see, i'm floating down some sort of creek here. steve: the man who shot that as for the residents in this austin neighborhood, many have evacuated because this area and much of south central texas is still under a flood warning. and forecasters say more rain is on the way. emergency responders had to rescue dozens of people from swift-moving water. they expect to stay busy through the weekend. looking at radar behind you, they are still getting a. kurtis: another line of storms is going to cruise on in. it will not be as heavy as what
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rain down that way -- this is for the month. i want to use this for comparison. austan had almost 23 inches for october. here in aiowa, not as much. we do have rain tonight, picking up in the metro. carol and harlan over towards creston, there is your planner for tomorrow. should be done by 10 a.m. 46 at noon, 58 for the high tomorrow. i think we will start to see some sunshine late in the day. eight-day forecast -- a big warm up on the way. details coming up. kevin: new at 10:00, an ankeny home has become a tourist attraction because of its over-the-top halloween decorations. stacey: the couple used a generator for power and took a day off work to set everything up. they spend hundreds of dollars adding to their collection of
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creatures. but what kids seemed most afraid of was that clown handing out candy on the front porch. heather: i think the funniest thing is that parents are like, i should feel bad shoving my kids up there because they're scared. but we love it, too, so we want to push them along. i think parents love it even more than the kids do. stacey: there is love getting their kids -- parents love getting their kids scared? yeah. the couple says it will take all weekend to tear down all the decorations. kevin: plenty of u-local users sending us pictures tonight. thank you for them. like this cute little pumpkin from hamlin. stacey: and check out goose from "top gun." how cute are these? also a pair of little zombies. kevin: they are popular. so is the donald took some time for photos campaigning in ankeny tonight.
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coming up. you can upload your pictures on stacey: more halloween fun coming up. the best costumes we found in west des moines plus -- kevin: how about trick-or-treating with the president? the adorable costume that got the commander in chief's
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year, andy garman. stacey: recovery in new york city right now, after a partial building collapse in midtown manhattan. the five-story building under construction crumbled mid-morning. one construction worker died. another was trapped in the rubble for three hours. he remains in serious, but stable condition tonight. 17 workers escaped safely. nearly 70 firefighters responded. in northern virginia, five students are recovering tonight
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after a fire in a chemistry classroom. two of the students have potentially life-threatening injuries are being treated in the local hospital's burn center right now. the entire student body was evacuated to the football field. the cause of the fire is still under investigation tonight. kevin: hard to believe the holiday season is on its way. the other holiday season. retailers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season. walmart kicks off its sales starting sunday. it's set to to offer major discounts on toys and electronics in stores, and nearly 15% more deals online than last season. also this weekend, the last downtown des moines farmers' market of the season. saturday will be your last chance to shop for your favorite fall produce and products. children will be able to trick-or-treat at participating vendors. the market is open tomorrow morning from 8:00 to noon. plenty of children trick-or-treating in des moines and all across central iowa tonight. stacey: throughout the metro, like these kids along ashworth
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near 50th in west des moines, it was time to dress up and fill up on candy and goodies. of course, this is that uniquely des moines experience of beggars' night on the night before halloween. and trick-or-treat means they have to do a trick -- a joke, a riddle, a song -- to earn their treat. so here are a couple. what insect is smarter than a dog? a spelling bee. kevin why does mozart hate : chickens? cause all they say is "bach, bach, bach." stacey: how did the president propose to michelle? i don't wanna be "obama" self. kevin: and how does a pumpkin fix a broken heart? with a pumpkin patch. [laughter] we caught up with some other kids in the waterbury neighborhood. they were dressed up as paper and scissors, but said rock and ran away. stacey: several metro towns have their beggars' nights tomorrow. for a complete list of halloween activities, check out our kcci
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app or head to our website, kcci family also getting in the halloween spirit. i mean, how cute is this? this is steffani nolte's daughter colette as a gum ball machine. steve: i know these two. that's marshall, better known as thomas the tank engine, and his sister evy the pumpkin. they are so cute. twin sisters showing up. stacey: isn't she pretty? samantha garman looking beautiful as belle from "beauty and the beast." upload yours to u-local at kevin: kurtis was home for the trick-or-treaters between shows. hear any good jokes? kurtis: i heard a weather joke. why don't ghosts like rain? it dampens their spirit. kevin: he will be here all week.
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that was not my joke. not everybody is scary, look at these girls in the neighborhood. kids grow up so fast, get out and enjoy them. samantha garman is a live neighborhood, but they moved away. clouds decreased by the noon hour, rain will definitely be over by then. precipitation chances likely overnight, then tapering off very quickly. we will have late day sunshine moving on in. super doppler 8 picks up carol in creston, west of ottumwa now. the rain is heavier on the south side of town. all of this moving to the northeast, ankeny is soggy. now rain in waukee, dallas center, down into norwalk. here is the movement on this, the bigger picture extends back to nebraska, kansas, missouri.
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south of us, and that is setting us up for sunshine in a big warm-up on sunday. this frontal boundary will just cruise by to the north. here is futurecast, the rain slowly moving through. still hanging around 7 a.m. for the metro and down southeast. there will be one more little band around 10:00 east of town, and the back end moves away by 3 p.m. clear skies overnight on saturday, and as we had to sunday -- except for some morning clouds. rainfall amounts depend on anywhere you are. maybe 3/10s of an inch in the metro. down the 46 degrees, widespread rain. computer models show 2-4/10 of a
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morning showers and partly sunny, southwest winds at five miles per hour. hawkeyes forecast actinic stadium, it will be -- kinnick stadium, it will be 42 in the fifth quarter. ourhth qurth order. eight-day forecast is just getting fantastic. sunday is 70, monday is 71. saturday night at bedtime, or if you are staying out late into saving time. coming to an end. more great weather on the way, we are talking four days in a row, i have not looked at the climate yet, but i know it some rain later in the week. bars -- at a bar?
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a strong message this halloween. kevin: want to tell you about some other things this halloween. president obama and the first lady welcomed trick-or-treaters to the white house today. check out the costumes.
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a lot of attention. stacey: very cute. [laughter] kevin new at 10:00, a bar in : salt lake city has a sobering way of keeping customers safe this halloween weekend. stacey: when you go to the bathroom at sky slc, you'll be going to jail. or at least you'll feel like it. bar manager jacob torres says the tactic is meant to stop customers from getting behind the wheel when they leave the bar. jacob: you see yourself in that uniform. and behind you, it's your cell. it's like, do i want to do this? is this worth it? stacey: the bathroom makeover is part of a partnership with utah highway patrol. they say statistics show 30% higher fatalities nationwide when halloween falls on a weekend. the bar plans to keep the wraps in place for the next month. kevin: there is a connection
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life is good. no, great. i'm like, a man. only better. but even though i know everything, i still feel like you could surprise me. like that skateboard incident with the squirrel. but life is sweet now. hey, what could go wrong?
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it's you and me all the way, future. let's get going. andy: the royals look great in the first two games of the world series. but the nikon the mets have seized -- but tonight, the mets have seized home field advantage.
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9-3 in new york. royals still lead the series 2-0. same two teams tomorrow in the big apple. there are certain teams across the state that are always good. albia seems to be one of those teams. the blue demons have been a force in class 2a. and tony seeman says they're continuing that tradition this year on the back of one big tailback. tony: when carter suits up, defenses beware. carter;: let's see what he can do. >> he went through the line, couple of guys grabbed him and put them on the ground. they said carter, just because we cap will you, does not mean you have to go down. tony: and he has been running people over ever since. >> he started driving his feet, there have been six or seven guys having a hard time getting them down.
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tony: he is 250 pounds of power. how much do you eat a day? carter: quite a bit. tony: he leads with rushing touchdowns on the year. >> we can rely on him to run the ball. and when that happens, everything's just starts clicking. carter: it is pretty easy to run through the holes. tony>:: i asked a few players how you tackle carter in albia? they said hold on and hope. >> you definitely cannot arm tackle him. tony: he is a freight train. in albia, tony seeman, kcci. andy: tony, thank you very much. a couple of post season honors. urbandale offensive lineman caleb bright at the blue-grey all-star game.
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future cornhusker and valley offensive lineman john raridon at the u.s. army all-american bowl in san antonio. back to work facing a serious trap game opportunity. they play at kinnick stadium tomorrow against a struggling maryland team. kirk ferentz is saying he is doing his best to keep his team focused. kirk: my message, none of this really matters. it is october. we have not hit november. you are just trying to advance. college football is a one-game playoff for everybody. whether it is championship race or a bowl game. you only play 12 games, you better take advantage of each week. it is not like you get 162 of them. andy: game number 8 on the season is tomorrow kickoff
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live on abc, the terps come in at 2-5. the hawkeyes are ranked 10th in the country. but haven't played in front of a sold-out kinnick stadium all season long. the streak likely won't end tomorrow when maryland comes to town. but it will two weeks later, three weeks actually, when iowa plays minnesota. iowa's rivalry with minnesota is a sell-out. buoyed no doubt by increased interest in the team, as well as 30,000 plus tickets already sold to wrestling fans for the outdoor meet with oklahoma state. it's joel lanning or bust tomorrow in ames. paul rhoades says he trusts joel way. paul: the biggest piece that came out of saturday's performance was the energy level football team.
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andy: for jeb bush was a very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida. he was a young guy and i think there were some folks in the legislature that thought they might be able to run over him. that didn't happen. one tax cut wasn't enough- he had to do more. it wasn't enough to have 15,000 kids with school choice in florida, he wanted to have 100,000 kids.
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if he didn't like a project, it was going to be vetoed. it didn't matter if you were a republican. it didn't matter if you were his best friend. he said: 'this is where we're going, this is how we're going to reform state government...' every politician comes in talking about making change, and generally there's not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was gonna get whacked. he vetoed a bunch of my stuff and i was the senate president. the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...' because there will be change.
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