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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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the orpheum theatre and the convention center have been popular venues this year for caucus events. "we have about six visits from presidential candidates, and um so that would include, you know everything that they've paid from the rent to labor to equipment rentals to catetering that they've requested." close to 38- thousand dollars has been spent-- just between the orpheum and conventiton center alone. those two buildings will be packed this weekend-- with republican candidate donald trump visiting the orpheum-- and hillary clinton at the convention center. when hosting events like these for big names-- it is essential that each venue is well prepared. "we have to make sure that everything is exactly the way that the secret service is requesting, and that the candidates and everyone inside the buildings are safe and um you know there are always even more so in other cases or the case in a different event, there's even more of a chance for somethign to potnetially go wrong. so we have to make sure that everything is being done exaclty the way their asking for it to be done." this year in particular has been a little more hectic for events on the republican side-- considering open feuds amongst the candidates and the strong competition for votes. but all in all-- the events are looked at as a good thing. "we have a pretty good situation her in iowa to have these candidates right her in our backyard, coming to all these different venues and we get to hear them first hand, so i think from that perspective, we get to have a bit of a benefit...but um it's also great for the
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christina hillary clinton's rally at the convention center is set for 5:15p-m this saturday-- and donald trump's event at the orpheum is sunday at 6:00 p.m. trump did request to hold his rally at the tyson event center, initially-- but due to scheduling conflicts at the tyson-- he went with the oriuphium reportg live in studio-- christina grijalva-- abc 9 news. jenna: and make sure to tune into abc9 on monday, we will be bringing you caucus coverage from 6:30-10:30 in addition to our news casts at 5,6 and 10. that will include live coverage from des moines with tim, and team coverage here in sioux city.
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and with the caucuses just days away now, candidates are making their last minute campagin stops. jeb bush hasn't spend as much time in sioux city as some other candidates. but, he's making one last push in siouxland tonight. bria bell joins us live with more. bria jenna im here at bev's on the river where jeb bush is the few campaign in north west second time he's visited sioux city since july of last year...his campaign has been focusing more on new hampshire. in last night's final g-o-p debate before caucuses begin, jeb bush highlighted his support on citizenship for illegal immigrants who pay taxes and follow the laws. he also made it a point to say that although his father and brother once held office, he knows he can be the bush to be president because he has a proven track record and can get things done. in an updated poll, bush is currently sitting at 4%, front runner
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32 percent and ted cruz with 25. bria for now im going to toss it back to you in studio reporting live in sioux city, bria bell abc9 news. jenna: thank you for that report bria. jenna: donald trump got two of his rivals for the republican presidential nomination to join him at a counter- event to last night's fox news debate in iowa. he invited mike huckabee and rick santorum to join him on stage to speak about veterans' issues. and the two candidates, who had been relegated to an earlier undercard debate, took him up on it. santorum defended his move on c-n-n's legal view with ashleigh banfield. " " i was in an earlier debate, so i was going to come and support our veterans, and i said it, you didn't continue on, but if you would have listened to my speech, i talked about what we have to do to reform the va, and the fact that we're losing 22 vets a day who commit suicide, this is a serious problem, and if i could bring attention to that, i was going to do that, and that's why i went. during the event, trump announced he had raised more than six million dollars for veterans in one day, a million of it from his own checkbook.
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dozen veterans organizations. jenna: a local organization will be benefitting from the benefit for soldiers donald trump held last night in des moines. support siouxland soldiers says they're included on teh list of veteran-serving charities that will be supported by the fundraiser. the group was nominated by a local supporter and support siouxland soldiers says, while they're a non-partisan organization, they're grateful to be included. the non-profit helps siouxland veterans with food assistance, care-packages, housing assistance and more. jenna: president obama will make his latest push to advance equal pay for women today. the white house announced he's proposing a new rule that will require companies to report pay data by gender, race and ethnicity. the rule would apply to companies that have 100 or more employees. it would require employers to include salary information on a form already submitteto the equal employment opportunity commission that currently includes sex and age of workers. the administration
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investigations on employers that are "unlawfully shortchanging workers" based on gender, race and ethnicity. jenna: now with the iowa caucuses so close to us, des moines is becoming the hub of all media. here's an inside look at what it takes to set up for something so massive as the iowa caucuses. at how staying positive through a tough diagnosis can help you warm saturday, sunday morning mix... and we're eyeing tuesday's storm... details next. " " jenna: and with the republican debate
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folks thought that trump was going to take a hit because he didn't and with the republican debate last night, most folks thought that trump was going to take a hit because he didn't take part in the debate. however its being said that cruz was the one who took the hit last night, by not performing well. and thats where tim joins us, tim what have you heard about the debate out there in des moines? tim: jenna im out here.... tim: for now im going to toss it back to you in studio. reporting live in des moines tim seaman abc9 jenna: thank you for
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tim/jenna/fred gorgeous today! fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c jenna: thank you for
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jenna: thank you for that report tim. tim/jenna/fred gorgeous today! fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om gorgeous today.. how beautiful outside the sky cam! 43 our high today.. a warm morning at 27. temperatures in the 40s, cool 30s.. but 50s on the map in nebraska! winds are calm and shifting... we'll see the last bit
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southerly again tomorrow. partly cloudy and nice tonight.. a few clouds and mild morning in the upper 20s. system passing us to the north, just some clouds in our area. stormcast has tonight, and nice. tomorrow a south we'll be warm again... in the mid 40s. more clouds though ahead of a disturbance that will bring us a wintry mix. stormcast i think is a little fast, i think we'll see more of it after midnight.. accumulating too much with above freezing temperatures. again.. too fast, i think we'll see some of it linger into sunday morning. then clouds takeover until tuesday. it looks likely that we'll see snow, and even more likely that we'll see blustery winds. but the storm could take one of two tracks, more northwesterly through sioux city and we'll get more
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happens...or southeasterly and we'll get less snow, areas like omaha and des moines could get more. we are working on pinning this down, once we know this.,.. we can draw you guys snowfall totals. timing tuesday morning through wednesday morning... caucus night should be for the most part ok, looking at an after midnight start. high winds a threat.. blowing snow. tonight. 26 nice night, few clouds and mild. tomorrow, 45, warmth continues with stubborn clouds. 7-day has am caucus day is looking good. snow blustery winds stay through wednesday. looking forward to more pleasant weather tomorrow! thanks elisa! jenna:
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diagnosis, staying positive can be beneficial. more to come next jenna: lupus is a common disease that can
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disease that can be life changing for people who are diagnosed with it. women are 10 times more likely to have lupus than men, according to the american college of rheumatology. in today's health minute, you'll meet one woman who's determined to have a positive outlook on life despite having the disease. here's jennifer whalen. " " (angela williams/living with lupus) "focus on solutions not problems. seven years ago, angela williams was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease lupus. (dr. javeria bhawal/rheumatolog ist, piedmont atlanta) "it's a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the skin and the joints of our body mainly.... it can affect any part of our body unfortunately from head to toe. it can affect our brain." the disease affected angela's muscles, kidneys and cognitive ability. it became so debilitating, that she could not walk. but she fought back with medication and a positive attitude. (angela williams/living with lupus) "literally my goal before my birthday was to learn how to swim and i did it and it was amazing." that includes staying active, and in fact, angela hasn't had a major flare up since she was diagnosed. (angela williams/living with lupus) "i look back on my life and in 2009 i was lying in a bed, i couldn't walk, i didn't know the word apple. i mean that was how impaired my cognitive
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to go from there to where i am now, i mean in my opinion it's a miracle." for today's health minute, i'm jennifer whalen. coming up in sports...the sioux city explorers have re-signed one of their key members from their 2015 team. find out who that is when we come back. plus...the iowa wrestling team is set to host 23rd- ranked minnesota tonight..... hear from the perfect hawkeyes
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wrestling team is 6-0 against ranked opponents this season.....three wins on the road....three wins at home... tonight, the hawkeyes host 23-rd ranked minnesota with hopes of knocking off another top- 25 team. this evening's big ten clash is the 101st meeting between the hawks and gophers....a series dating back to 1921. in confernce action, iowa is 7- of 19 straight big ten
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check this out....19 straight wins is iowa's longest streak since they won 39 straight from 2007-2012. tom brands and company....excited for tonight's matchup. company....excited for tonight's matchup. "we are fired up. it's home this year and its one of the ones that we pointed to and it looks like there is going to be a great response from the hawkeye faithful. i dont know if its any different from an urgency point of view and its the next time out." "they might not be the best team this year, but they will come out tough and try to beat us. there coaching staff gave them proponde so they will be excited and ready to go." tonight's big ten battle is set for 8:00 at carver- hawkeye arena. king of the cage: cold war is less than 24 hours away.... the fighters weighed in earlier today at winnavegas casino and resort....setting the stage for fight night.... john devall and kyle angerman...a pair of siouxlanders....wil
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belts and we will have the highlights tomorrow right here on abc9. alex believe it or not, the iowa girls state basketball tournament is just one month away..... regional pairings were released earlier this week.....and with that, another set of rankings...... starting in 1a.......three siouxland teams make the top 15...... kingsley-pierson leads the way at number five.....newell- fonda stays pat at six..... the w-v-c co- champs over at westwood jump one spot to number ten. up to 2a......northwest iowa dominates the top five....western christian at the top.....unity christian and okoboji hold steady at four and five....all three of those teams in different regionals.... lawton-bronson rounds it out at 13..... in 3a....15-0 pocahontas at number one....cherokee at four...sioux center and spirit lake check in at six and nine respectively. up to 4a..........spencer the lone siouxland team in the rankings at area teams ranked in 5a. to the diamond....the sioux city explorers have re-signed all-star infielder ryan court. the illinois native batted an impressive .331 in 2015...racking up 122 hits and 52 rbis.... with the news
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explorers have now re-signed three key position players from their 2015 squad that broke an american association record with 75 wins. the sioux city musketeers return to the ice tonight for a clash with dubuque..... for head coach jay varady....this evening's road trip is a connection to his past..... the muskie head man played two seasons for the fighting saints from 1995- 1997....serving as team captain during the 96'97 season. varady.... excited to re-connect with his old community...and his former host family. "for me it's special....because i get to talk to mike billings. people that put me up when i was playing junior hockey few years ago...couple years ago. but its good to get back, good to were part of the organization back ten that are still are a few and for me, thats special. time in hockey and i think a lot of our players have those same relationships." sioux city's dubuque is set for a 7:35 puck
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dubuque is set for a 7:35 puck drop....tune in at 10 for a final score from the mystique community ice center. jenna/tim/chris/fred: tonight. 26 nice
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45, warmth continues with stubborn clouds. 7-day has am mix on sunday.. caucus day is looking good. snow likely tuesday, blustery winds stay through wednesday. " " there's a one-in- 10-million special discovery at a des moines hy-vee store that's gaining some
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let's address thelephant not in the room tonight. >> did megyn kelly really compare trump to the harry
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