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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 9, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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(w(wstling) miles, miles from tomorrowland miles, miles from tomorrowland never could i go too far never could i fly too high it's all inside of me living out the dream with my family adventure a a the way new placac every day oh, yeah, we're gonna zip gonna take a trip in a rocket ship we're counting down the engine's on the time is now to rocket, rocket rocket, rocket whoa-oh i'm a hero to the core and i'm going to explore way out whoa-oh, nowhere ever is too far, i'm shooting through the stars way out miles, miles from tomorrowland
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(miles reading) phoebe: okay, callistos, here's the deal. that rocket's carrying a telescope with aroken lens that wneed to fix. we have twenty seconds before the rocket's auto-boosters take it out of range. this is only gonna work if we do it together. on it, mom! okay, phoebe! phoebe: readad steady, go! miles, keep lele. loretta and merc, stay right. leo, you take the middle. (both grunting) seven seconds! plenty of time! phoebe: five! four! three... two... done! phoebe: comet bump! (all cheer) what's that, 42 successful missions in a row? feels like 42 successful missions this week.
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i'll say! it's been galactic years sincecee just kicked bacacand relaxed. (agrees) callistos, i've got a new mission for us. starting right now. as captain, i'm ordering us to do something relaxing. no holo-calls, no assignments, no saving the universe. you mean a night off? thatat right. together. as a family. (chirps) i heard abt this new restaurant that opened at the tethoscape. it's called the floovox grille. can we get reservations? i know a robot, who knows an alien who knows a guy. well, this i ithe place. ah... you must be the callistos! welcome to the floovox grill, where astronomy meets gastronomy! i'm lysanderlox rosencrox tryptonox floovox, the third.
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and starting now, you are my fririds! we've heard galactic things about your cooking, lysander. oh, no, no, no. please! i'm just an everyday alien with one billion taste buds. and the best taste in the galaxy. (chuckles) now follow me. your savory safari awaits! the averere human being has about ten thousand taste buds. and tonight, i guarantee that none of those buds taste duds! i've never heard of this stuff. what's a flying frizzfrazz fritter? whoa! that! i'm going to start you off with my spspy photon peppers. voila! harvested from the scoville galaxy. wait for it...
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thth is really good. wowee! i know, right? and we're just getting started. but make sure you leave room for dessert. my interstellar ice cream is out of this world. all: ice cream? what makes your ice cream so special, lysander? ah, the secret ingredient is my flash freezer. behold, the most advanced, most powerful cryogenic freezing technology in the uverse! and, it reheats leftovers. best of all, i built it myself. so nobody else has one. ah, i can't wait for dessert! (gadfly snickering) i move like a shadow! no one can see me! because i am...
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h, that hurt. oh, uh, hi. i'm the new delivery guy. the new guy. i'm, where was i? "move like a shadow, no one can see me..." oh, yes! i am gadfly garnett... galactic space thief extraordinaire! aha!a! the flash freezer! i'll use its ray to freeze people, and starships and take whatever i want from them! i'm just gonna borrow it. (laughs) no, i'm not. i'm gonna steal it! (grunting) it's bolted down. gh! that is just rudud this is gonna take some work. so this is called singing soup. what makes it "singing?"
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i should've seen that coming. (singing off key) la la laaa! la la laaa! my soup's s little flat. maybe this button will get it loose. cool! (laughs) get it? cause you're frozen so you must be... oh, never mind. good, huh buddy? (chirping)g) look out! incoming fritter! (surprised trill) (moans) aw, your booster bites. i'll help you, merc. oooh, now let's put this party on ice! i think we got all the booster bites! loretta.
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huh? you look different. did you change your hair? mom? dad? craters. they're frozen! (chirping)g) miles: everybody is! except us. rc, i don't know what's happening, but we'd better find someone who can help. yeah. the door's frozen shut! (grunting) ooh, this is hard wowo! and i did not get into the stealing business because i like hard work! (chirps) it's gadfly! he must've done something to freeze everyone! oh, no! this is bad! who's there? hellooo... anyone order a heaping helping of gadfly garnett?
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ooh, high tech! (laughs) i'll take that! and this! ooh! and that! (gasps) the flash freezer! if gadfly used it to freeze everybody... then there has be some way to reverse the effects and unfreeze them. hmm... let's try in flipping this part around. (chirps) (all clamoring) hey! hey, you're that scrappy kid... what's your name? monroe, maurie, meesha, marvin, come on help me out here! i'm miles. and i'm pretty sure i just reversed the freeze ray. uh-oh. no! no! no, no, no, no, , , no, nooo! (sobobng) i'm feeling a little chilly.
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ah, what just happened? why is it so cold in here? what happened to my hair? goon squad, take cararof them. goons: you got it, boss! so i can take care of this! did anybody order pie? ooh! i don't like coconut! goon: hey, i can't see! nice one, merc! what else is on the menu? batter up! flying frizzfrazz fritter, anyone? oh, no. miles: yeah! got 'em! not so fast, murgatroid! (soup singing) (laughing) whoa!
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thanks, milton! ah! got it! your flash freezer is all mine! buh-bye! oh, no! my flash freezer, it's, it's gone! (l(lghing) miles? what happened? it's gadfly! he stole the flash freezer and he's getting away! oh, no, he's not, because we have a plan to stop him. and by "we," i mean your mother. phoebe? loretta, bring up a map of the tethoscape. miles, merc, take the left. loretta, right side. leo, you call the spaceguard, then take the middle. whoever runs into gadfly first, stall him. that'll give the spaceguard time to get here. not exactly the family time i hoped for, but, be careful. and good luck. on it. let's do it. (laughing) yet another cleaeagetaway for the galaxy's greatest thief...
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oooh! gadfly's going the long way! i see him. loretta! he's headed your way. not anymore! ooh! miles. he's coming in your direction! got him! this doesn't belong to you, gadfly! what does that have to do with anything? give it back! get back here! tt's mine! and we are outta here! ha-ha, we got it! hellooo! uh-oh! try to lose hihi merc. i don'n'buzz off so easily, miguel. my name is miles! ooh, that's cold. the spacegegrd are on their w w. tell 'em to take their time. gadfly's not going anywhere.
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that's my family! comet bump! (all make explosion sound) thank you, callistos! since you didn't have time to eat, i packed you doggie bags! (barking) (miles reading) leo: flash-batteries. flash-batteries! jetter-cables. jetter-cables. and now, just a little quantumatic action. hold that there, please, miles. that ought to do it! hee-hee. try 'er out,t,erc! ha! those boosters are back in business! woo-hoo! both: comet bump! (comet bump explosion sound) (beeping) hey dad, i just made some marsberry frozen yogurt. you guys wanna be taste testers? ooh you bet, loretta! miles and i could use a treat after all this hard work.
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stella, can this thing go any faster? 're traveling at maximum speed, loretta. (sighs) don't melt, don't melt! (grunts) mmm! thanks for letting me help you, dad. oh, i love having an assistant! it's a lot of work to keke this spaceship in shipshape shape.e. hey, guys. hey, there, starshine. this yogurt doesn't look very frozen. i know. the multivator was so slow, it melted on the way. i've been meaning to speed up this baby for a while. it's okay. turns out marsberries taste good melted, too! (slurping) hmm, i'll say. ththks, loretta, thisisits the sunspot. try it, merc. okay. hey, dad? do you think merc and i could try some fix-it jobs on our own? well, there's one thing you'll need first. i actually started tinkering with gadgets when i was your age, miles.
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this is for you. no way, my own quantumatic? thanks, dad! aw, you're welcome, kiddo. what should we fix first? well, it's a good idea to start out with small projects. hey, did you hear that? (chirping) kinda squeaky! merc? a little help? there, try it t w, dad. miles: no more squeaks! perfect! that's what i'm talkin' about! keep practicing on little jobs and someday you'll be ready for the big ones, just like me. (ringing) leo, we're approaching the moon namazu. could you please go out of the deck and get the lunar scanner ready? , sure thing, phoebebe thanks for the help, miles. astrolutely! stella: diagnostic complete. the holo display is malfunctioning. i see that, stella. but why? hey, mom. what's wrong?
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can i take a look? phoebe: go right ahead. ah-ha! this happens to the hololocreen in my room l the time. one of merc's booster bites was blocking the holo-lens. how do you do that, merc? (chomping) (giggles) try it now, mom! astronomical work, miles! okay, leo, we're back online and ready to scan! yes. woo-hoo! c'mon, buddy, let's find something else to fix! hey, loretta! can merc and i fix anything for you? whoa! whoa! uh, no thanks, miles. (ringing) loretta, honey, do you mind going to the bridge? sure thing, mom. what's up? we need a different angle for our photos of namazu. can you move t t ship two degreeeestarboard? onony way. race you there!
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we beat you! i can see that. this has got to be the slowest multivator in the tomorrowland fleet. that's it! that's what? our next project. we'll speed up the multivator! (chirps) we all use the multivator to get around the e ip, up, down, sidewawa... but what if weould go even faster? mom and dad will be so surprised! great idea, miles. there, all done. wait, do you even know how a multivator works? not exactly. but dad said to start with small projects, and the multivator is small... kinda. if i can just incrcrse the velocity c ctrols, it should faster! (chirping)
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there! let's test it out. race you back to your room? sure. last one there is a scaly space barnacle! it's on! not bad. it's actually moving fast! (giggles) whoa! (laughing) really fast! woo-hoooo! she beat us! we fixed the multivator! nice job, miles. whoa! huh? uh, maybe we didn't fix it... stella, can you make this thing go slower, please? we are traveling at minimum speed, loretta. miles! help! the multivator won't stop! and i'm stuck in here! aw, spaceburn! hang on, sis!
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stella! do you know what's wrong with t multivator? diagnostic complete. the "stop" function has been disabled. craters! i better un-quantumatic what i quantumatic-ed. (merc chirps) green! that's gotta be good, right merc? maybe? stella: the multivator will now eject. eject? (screaming) hot jupiter! what was that? that was not supposed to happen. loretta! can you hear r ? miles! are you okay? well, i'm not stuck to the wall anymore, but noi'm hurtling through space! i'm so sorry! i took the stairs. out of breath. what happened, miles? the good news, i know where loretta is. and the bad news?
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both: what? hi, mom. hi, dad. loretta! are you okay? i'm good. it's actually kinda fun! stella, please set a course for the multivator. affirmative, captain callisto. miles, how did this happen? i tried to fix the multivator so it would go faster. it was supposed to be a surprise. well, it sure was. looks like you crossed the speed controls with theheject button, kiddo. why does the multivator even have an eject button? i rigged it to be an escape pod. ha! it was supposed to be a surprise. stella: multivator location locked. phoebe: thank you, stella. loretta, still okay out there? a little dizzy, but fine! starshine, we're on our way. leo? let's rocket. wow. sure is a lot of space junk out here. are those star sweepers?
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leo: yeah. space cleanup vehicles. it must be junk day in this star system. don't star sweepers pick up everything in their path, and shred it? not if i talk to their captains. my bracelex says these ships are on auto-pilot! there's no one inside to talk to! loretta, you've got all the crew you need to save you right here. hang on! almost there, loretta. whoa! leo: grappling claw, activate! aw! the claw's stuck! dad, look! am i gonna be shredded like space junk? don't worry, loretta. we won't let anything happen to you. we'll get you u t of there. but i'll need some handyman help. me? your mom and i have to stay up here and steer. and miles, this is something i know you can handle.
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c'mon, c'mon! okay dad, try it now! grappling claw, activate! yes! it's workinin miles: blastastic! whoa' (both screaming) miles: we're being pulled in! whoa! (miles screaming) oh, no. miles! loretta! les! merc! (miles s seaming) follow that star sweeper! loretta: the gravity's on! that's good, right? (chirping) what's that? loretta: laser shredders! oh, no. oh, no. oh, no! i have an idea! ah! blastbuckle tether, go!
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on it! (miles grunting) nice one, miles! thanks! it can't get any worse than that, right? oh yes it can! heat rays! they burn up the space junk! erybody, run! miles: we're slipping backwards! leo: anybody need a lift? dad! leo: hold tight, the claw's coming for you! oh no, it's stuck again! meme, i need a boost! miles, hurry! fixed it! hi, dad!
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hey, starshine! loretta! honey, are you okay? yes. but from now on, i'm taking the stairs. i'm sorry i launched you into space. i bet you're mad. you know, it was actually an incredible ride. and i never want to do it again. i guess i wasn't really ready for such a big fix-it job. wewenow you meant well, , les. kiddo, it takes megatons of practice to get really good at something. you'll get there. you're right, dad. whoops!
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e on, everybody! it's time to mickey mousekersize! [chuckles] come on getetp everyone we're gonna get moving and have lots of fun so join me you'll see it's no surprise you always feel better when you mousekersize let's mousekersize! hey, mickey! hi, toodles! who needs our help today? let's see! [yells, grunts] oh, , ts! i can't do it. looks like cowboy donald is having trouble jumping onto his horsy.
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come on! let's go! [yells, grunts] howdy, donald. looks like you can't jump onto your horsy. innie] howdy there, , ys! i know a mousekersize that can help youjumping, donald. jumping with a jump rope. come on, y'all. let's show donald how jump ropin' can help him jump higher. make sure you have plenty of room to mousekersize. ready to jump with me? whoo-hoo! grab your partner swing that roro - wanna join us? - don't say nope jump ropin's easy jump ropin'sun you'll be a better jumper when you are done count your jumps. one, two, three, four
7:26 am
five, six, seven, eight look at you! you're jump ropin' [both] yahoo! [minnie] ok, donald. now it's your turn to jump rope. jump ropin's easy jump ropin's fun you'll be a a tter jumperwhen you are done count your jumps. one, two, three, four [both] keep on counting,let's do a few more five, six, seven, eight look at you! you're jump ropipi ll] yahoo! [all laughing] donald? why don't you try jumping onto that little old horsy now? ah! yahoo! i did it! glad we could help you, pal.
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thanks, partner! and thanks to o u too, little buckaroos! we did it! thanks for mousekersizing with me today it's fun to do things the healthy way mousekersize!
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hey, everybody, it's me, mickey mouse. say, you wanna come inside my clubhouse? well, all right! let's go. aw, i alalst forgot. to makakthe clubhouse appearwe get to say the magic words, "meeska, mska, mickey mouse." say it with me. "meeska, mooska, mickey mouse." m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e that's me. m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e it's the mickey mouse clubhouse come inside it's fun inside it's the mickey mouse clubhouse [man] roll call. - donald? - present. - daisy?y?- here.
7:30 am
- goofy? - here. - pluto? - [barks] - minnie? - here. - mickey? - right here. it's the mickey mouse clubhouse come inside it's fun inside m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e [mickey] it's the mickey mouse clubhouse. daisy's grasshopper. oh boy, welcome to the clubhouse. you know what? we're gonna have so much fun today. daisy has a brand d w pet. yep, and here he is. do you see him? now do you see him? it's wilbur the grasshopper. and today is grasshopper day.
7:31 am
wilbur, say "hi." [plays music] [giggle.] wilbur loves to hop-hop-hop. and so do i. gosh, everybody loves to hop. - it's fun. - [doorbell chimes] oh, boy. whoo-hoo! i am here for grasshopper day! the professor is ready to hop. oh, goody-goody. wilbur, meet the professor. let's get a closer look at this little fellow here. wow, what a cutie. oh, i gotta get a picture of you. wow. i'd love a picture of wilbur. smile nice, wilbur. and i've got just the thing i need to do it with. my brand-new von drake grasshopper camera. for taking pictures of grasshoppers.
7:32 am
[laughs] i don't even have my camera with me. i gotta go and get it out from my workshop is what i gotta do. back in a jiffy. maybe two jiffies. [chuckles] good bye, professor. oh goody, we're gonna get your picture taken, wilbur. wilbur... uh, where'd ya go? - wha... oh. - the up-slide. oh no, wilbur's hopping away. we gotta catch him. and we'd better do it before the professor gets back with his camera. uh-h-h, he really wants to get a picture of wilbur.
7:33 am
you will? hot dog! come on, let's get some mouseketools. to the mousekedoer. and don't forget: it's grasshopper day, so we gotta hop-hop-hop. mouseker-hey, mouseker-hi mouseker-ho mouseker-ready, mouseker-set here we go you're a thinkin' and a solvin' work it through-er mouseker-me, mouseker-you mousekedoer mouseker-me, mouseker-you mousekedoer oh, toodles, it's time to get to it show us the mousekekeols to help us do it meeska, mooska mousekedoer mouseketools, mouseketools mouseketools here are your mouseketools [daisy] oh, goody! bouncy shoes. [minnie] four building blocks. all different sizes.
7:34 am
[mickey] two hippos? what a pair. and the mystery mouseketool. that's a surprise tool that can help us later. toodles has the tools the mouseketools so when we need them toodles will bring t tm he's here for meedles and youdles and all we have to say is "oh, toodles" all we have to say is "oh, toodles" now that we've got our mouseketools, let's hop after wilbur. me on. do the grasshopper hop-p-p-hop like a grasshopper hop-hop-hop all day, hop-hop, hop-hop it's the grasshopper hop-hop-hop now...
7:35 am
oh, dear, i don't see wilbur the grasshopper anywhere. can you help us find him? let's look for something at's hopping. [barks] do you see something hopping? where? behind me? hey, is pluto. [chuckles] pluto is hopping, but he's not wilbur. [continues barking] oh mickey, pluto's telling us where to look. he's pointing towards mickey park. oh my, m mkey park sure is a a ng way for us to hoho well, i'll bet there's a mouseketool that will make hopping easier. everybody say, "oh, toodles."
7:36 am
[d[dsy] hmm, we have bobocy shoes, building blocks, two hippos and the mystery mouseketool. which mouseketool will help us hop-hop-hop all the way to mickey park and wilbur? [minnie giggles] i know. the bouncy shoes. with bouncy shoes, we'll be able to hop-hop-hop all over the place. [mickey] we've got ears, say, "cheers." oh, goody. we'll catch up to wilbur in no time. now you stay here, pluto, and keep an eye out for the professor. - [barks] attaboy. and now... everybody hop!
7:37 am
with your bouncy shoes hop-hop-hop come on, hop-hop, hop-hop it's the bouncy shoe hop-hop-hop [daisy gasps] there e is. [minnie] do the bouncy shoe hop-hop-hop with your bouncy shoes hop-hop-hop come on, hop-hop, hop-hop it's the bouncy shoe hop-hop-hop [all] now... stop-stop-stop wow, wilbur hopped right ucross that creek. just like a hopping frog. [croaks] but, we're way too big to hop across on those small lily-pads. we might fall in the water. hmm, well maybe we could swim across?
7:38 am
today's grasshopper day. we gotta hop. when you're right, you're right. hmm, the creek's too wide to hop across. even with the bouncy shoes. maybe we should take another look at our mouseketools. everybody say, "oh, toodles." [all] "oh, toodles." [minnie] hmm, let's see... we've got building blocks, two hippos, and the mystery mouseketool. [daisy] i've got an idea... maybe we can hop-hop-hop across the hippos, just like wilbur hop-hop-hopppp across the lily-pads. [minnie] that sounds so silly, it just might work. let's try it. [mickey] we've got ears, say, "cheers."
7:39 am
...and get ready to hop with us from hippo t thippo. ready? it's the hippo hop-hop-hop do the hippo hop-hop-hop come on now, hop-hop-hop [both] ho-ho-ho-ho ho-ho-ho [all] now... stop-stop-stop [donald] hello, everybody. [daisy] hi, donald. hello, daisy. why's everybody hoppin'? we're all hopping 'cause it's grasshopper day. and we've got to catch wilbur the grasshopper... so professor von drake can take his picture. oh boy. i wanna hop-hop-hop, too! i love to hopopop-hop come on and hop-hop-hop i love to hop-hop-hop come on and hop-hop-hop
7:40 am
now... stop-stop-stop hey, it's wilbur! there he is. and there he goes. [mickey] wow! he hop-hop-hopped, all the way to the top-top-top. wha-oh! wha-oh! wha... [grunts] aw, phooey. this is a fine predicament. oh dear, this tree is too tall, even for bouncy shoes. [goofy] ahoy, , erybody! mickey! hello down there!
7:41 am
[mickey] oh, boy! it's goofy. hiya, goof. hi, everybody. boy, i been lookin' all over for ya. i just saw the professor heading to the clubhouse. he said somethin' about taking a picture of my old pal, wiur the grasshopper. uh-oh, that means we gotta hurry and catch wilbur. only problem is, - wilbur's way up there. - whoa. you see, we need to find a way to get up there, so we can get wilbururback down here. oh, , wait, don't telle, i n figure this out. this oughta be good. hmmm... we need something we can use to go up there and come back down here. hmm... well, uh...
7:42 am
the what? how about using that? oh, even better. the glove balloon! yippee! that's it! uh... oh. , goofy! huh? whoops. now what do we do? aww, don't worry, donald. i betcha we can get wilbur down with a mouseke-thing-a-ma-bobber. [chuckle] you mean a mouseketool. everybody say, "oh, toodles." [all] "oh, toodles!" [daisy] ooh, all that's left are the building blocks, and the mystery mouseketool. [goofy] gawrsh, you think we could maybe use the blocks?
7:43 am
[minnie] look we can line up those building blocks, from smallest to largest, and make some stairs. [daisy] great idea. [mickey] we got ears, say, "cheers!" ok team, let's get these blocks lined up, from smallest to largest. let's start with e smallest block. which one is the smallest? right. now which block is the smallest? [giggles] right again.
7:44 am
now which block is the smallest? that's rightht [chuckles] and so that just leaves this one, the largest one all. goody, we made stairs. now we can hop up there and get wilbur. easy peasy, lemon squeezy. [plays music] what? aw, nuts. gee willikers, he's a tricky little hopper. quick, hop after him!
7:45 am
gosh, now where'd he hop to? i don't know, i don't see him anywhere. [horn honking] hey, everybody, it's me, fisherman pete. wanna come along to mickck pond and fish for some gooey fish? i've got everything you need, see? fishin' cap. handy fishin' rod. i've even got marshmallows. ooh! sorry, pete, but we're trying to catch my grasshopper. how about you, ducky? nope, i'm hoppin'. well alrighty then, i'll catch you all later, after i catch me some gooey-fish. oh-oh! toodle-loo. see ya. gone fishin'. [mickey gasps] pete... wait!
7:46 am
yeah, wilbur is on fisherman pete's hat. and pete doesn't know it. come on, we're going to have to hop really, really fast now. you too. stand up and hop really, really fast. oh boy, oh boy! let's go! everybody hop-hop-hop come on now, hop-hop-hop i love to hop-hop-hop with a hippity-hop-hop-hop keep goin' hop-hop-hop everybody hop-hop-hop i gotta stop-stop-stop [heavy panting] i'm exhausted. no matter how fast we hop, we're not catching up to pete and wilbur. maybe we should try usin' a mousekehopper.
7:47 am
[all] oh, toodles! [goofy] oh boy! time for the mystery mouseketool. everybody say, "mystery mouseketool." [all] "mystery mouseketool." [goofyfyaughs] today's mystery mouseketool isis mousekehopper. it's a kangaroo! uh, wait. how can a kangaroo help us? [daisy] well, a kangaroo can do all the hopping for us. and we get a free ride. [mickey] we just picked all our mouseketools. say, "super-cheers!" oh, my! she's a big kangaroo. wow! that pouch is big and roomy.
7:48 am
yeah. it's kanga-roomy. ok, mrs. kangaroo, let's get the jump on pete. huh. that's the second biggest kangaroo i ever saw. fisherman pete, we found my grasshopper. he's on your hat! what? that's impossible. i'd know if there was a grasshopper on my... well, what do ya k kw, a grasshopper. hiya, little fella. i'm pete. [plays music] hooray, we did it! we got wilbur. thanks for your help, pete. but we gotta go. the professor's gonna take wilbur's picture, and he's already on his way to the clubhouse. well, don't waste any more time talkin' to me.
7:49 am
and hop to it. you know, "hop"? [all chattering] whew, we made it just in time. here comes the professor. hello there, everyone. the professor is back. hello, professor. here it is, the grasshopper camera. patent pending. you know what makes it a grasshper camera? it hops. you see that? perfect for taking pictures of someone who's always hopping,
7:50 am
say, "cheese and raraberries." and there you go. he's cute as a little bug. and why not? that's what he is. oh, it's adorable. i love it. oth] do the grasasopper hop-hop-hop [both] like a grasshopper hop-hop-hop all day, hop-hop, hop-hop it's the grasshopper hop-hop-hop come on, everybody, and sing! [both] do the grasshopper hop-hop-hop like a grasshopperhop-hop-hop all day, hop-hop, hop-hop it's the grasshopper hop-hop-hop now... [all] stop-stop-stop
7:51 am
yeah, all your hopping really helped a lot. and d w it's time for, the hot dog dance. hot dog! hot dog! hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety-dog now we got ears it's time for cheers hot dog, hot dog, the problem's solved hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety-dog hello, everybody. i sure had fun hopping today. hop-hop-hop. it was hoppity fun-fun-fun. [laughgh whatat hot dog day! hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety-dog it's a brand new day, what you waiting for?
7:52 am
hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety-dog hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety-dog we're splitting the scene we're full of beans so long for now from mickey mouse that's me! and the mickey mouse clubhouse aw, thanks for hopping by. [mickey] do you remember when wilbur hopped to the top of the tallest tree? [minnie] what did we use to get to ththtop of the tree? [goofy] large building blocks. we lined 'em up to make some stairs. [daisy] did we line up the blocks from largest to smallest, or smallest to largest? [mickey] smallest to largest, right.
7:53 am
hearts, hooves, pawsthe royal heart of friendship a tale for every hearta smile on every friendly face welcome to whisker haven i hope dreamy likes is surprise bluebey birthday cake! and i hope treasure and pumpkin get here soon with the blueberries! (grunting) (gasping) shh!
7:54 am
treasure: she'll never find us in here. (yawning) good morning! meowzers! it's dreamy! but, you were who we were ... hi! hi, good morning. hi. i suppose i need a new catnap spot. maybe the kitchen... oh. no, no, no! umm... i know! dreamy, could you test all the cat beds and tell me which is the best? why, i'd be happy to! i love testing cat beds! psst..hurry! did she see you? don't worry, dreamy is busy testing all the cat beds in the castle. good! now it's time to decorate! one for the cake. one for me. mmm! dreamy's b bthday cake is beautiful! should we cut it before or aftete the dancing? yuck! is this a dancing party? if we want it to be fun
7:55 am
it should be a pool party! dreamy: pumpkin! treasure! (all gasp) hide the cake! hello, pumpkin! ha! i never noticed how tall you were. that is a lovely skirt! oh, umm,m,thank you! (grunting) i've finished testing the cat beds. but where's treasure? oh, i think she's... ...close by. oh... ow. did you, um, fluff the pillows? (yawning) oh yes, i should do that! this is making me so sleepy. (yelling) (all chattering) (gasps) oh dear. what's a watery ball doing at my dance? avast! i spy a gala moving in on my pool party! ladies! it's time to start the party!
7:56 am
(snoring) hmmm. maybe we've only been thinking about what we'd want. yes, what kind of party would dreamy love? bubbles and baubles! slumber party! slumber party, perfect! places ahoy! she's comingng (all exclaiming) all: surprise! happy birthday, dreamy! a slumber party! it's perfect! and a birthday cat bed, just for you! thank you! it's... purr-fect! i think she likes it!
7:57 am
7:58 am
say, you want to come inside my clubhouse? well, all right. let's go! aw, i almost forgot to make the clubhouse appear we get to say e magic words: "meeska, mooska, mickey mouse!" say it with me: "meeska, mooska, mickey mouse!" [ they might be giants:mickey mouse clubhouse theme ] m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e that's me! m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e it's the mickey mouse clubhouse come inside it's fun inside - daisy! - here! - goofy! - here!
7:59 am
- minnie! - [laughs] here! - mickey! - right here! it's the mickey mouse clubhouse m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e [mickey] it's the mickeyeyouse clubhouse! mickey and the enchanted egg. welcome to our clubhouse. [barking] aw, look who's here! it's my best pal, pluto! pluto's excited because i'm going to read him a story! great! it's about a wizard and his special egg.
8:00 am
here's our cluluouse library! oh! and look! there's toodles! today, toodles is going to bring us our mouseketools and show us some storybooks just like the ones on these shelves. story time, toodles! [chimes] [mickey] this book is s out a brave king.. and this book is about a unicorn. do you see the storybook about a wizard's special egg? you got it! oh, boy! are you ready to hear the story? well, all right! once upon a time, in a tall castle tower,
8:01 am
[vocalizing] [mickey] wizard pete had a very special egg. a big, purplelegg! nighty-night, my ltle eggsie! but when wizard pete wasn't looking... oops! you dropped your rattle! i just love shaking this! [hums] he accidentally bumped the cradle! and wizard pete's special egg rolled out of his castle... down the tree tops and far away! meanwhile, donald and goofy were on their way to the clubhouse when... whoa! oops! sorry. what are you doing? [mickey] "what's that?" asked donald.
8:02 am
let's see. [mickey] oh, that's funny. the story's not finished! [door chimes] mickey! look what we found! it bumped into us! gosh! that looks familiar. what is that? yeah. that's wizard pete's special egg! just like in our story! - [cracking] - [babbling] golly! something's in there! [groans] - gosh! - huh? wow! what hatched out of the egg?
8:03 am
a baby dragon? zowiee! well, how do you do, zooey? [goofy] pluto, say hi to zooey. wizard pete's baby dragon. [sniffs] [gasps] gosh, zooey looks sad. maybe she misses her papap and her home. - wizard pete? - uh-oh! aw! don't worry, fellas! let's pretend we're brave wizards and bring zooey home! we can be brave, right? - yes! - we sure can! will you help us bring zooey back home
8:04 am
great! but first, we need to get our mouseketools! mouseker-hey, mouseker-hi,mouseker-ho mouseker-ready, mouseker-set,here we go you're a thinkin' anda sosoin' work it through-h- mouseker-me, mouseker-you, mousekerdoer mouseker-me, mouseker-you, mousekerdoer oh, toodles! it's time to get to it. [chuckles] show us the mouseketools to help us do it. mouseketools, mouseketools, mouseketools ere are your mouseketools a music box. [laughs] tuneful! a slide. ooh, fun! a spotlight. ooh! hey, that's bright!
8:05 am
and the mystery momoeketool. that's a surprise tool that can help us later. toodles has the tools the mouseketools so when we need them toodles will bring them he's here for meedles and youdles. and all we have to say is "oh, toodles" all we have to say is "oh, t tdles" oh, boy! we got our mouseketools! now it's time to bring zooey home to wizard pete's castle! but, mickey, uh, how do we get there? let's check the storybook! oh, toodles! well, the storybook says the path to wizard pete's castle will only appear when we shine a light through a pyramid prism.
8:06 am
a pyramid prism? where are we going to get one of those? well thanks, handy helper. let's see! which one of these crystals has triangles fofosides? [laughs] we found the pyramid prism! [barks] let's go, brave wizardrd hmm. now we need some light to shinehthrough the prism to show us the way to the castle. everybody say, "oh, toodles!" oh, toodles! [mickey] we've got a ausic box, a slide, a spotlight
8:07 am
which mouseketool can we use to shine se light through the pyramid prism? yep! the spotlight! we got ears! say, "cheers!" - whoa! - look at that! wow! the path of purple stars will lead us to wizard pete's castle. ok, brave wizards! come on! let's bring zooey home! we... - we... - e... he's the greatest wizard we'll ever meet
8:08 am
here's your baby dragon back, wizard pete here's your babyy dragon back, wizard pete well, well. what do i see here? some little wizards are daring to meet the great and powerful wizard pete! [chuckles] that's me! they must be after my dragon egg. well, we'll see e out that! on the w w to my castle, today? - whoa! - hey, what's the big idea? the bridge is flying! interesting! [chuckles] or we'll be late for story time! - minnieie - daisy! get us dodo! please? [chuckles] oh, my! look, daisy! we have to help our friends!
8:09 am
[coos] don't worry, boys! we'll get you down to shore! maybe a mouseketool can help. quickly, everybody! say,y,oh, toodles!" [minnie] which one of these mouseketools will help us get our friends off the bridge and safely down to shore? [daisy] right! i think the slide could work, too! let's try it! [minnie giggles] oh! - whoa-ho! yeah! - whee! [giggling] - oh. what a sweet baby dragon! - her name is zooey.
8:10 am
and we're bringing her home to wizard pete! [laughs] you better hurry, brave wizards. we'll see you back at the clubhouse! ok, minnie! see you later! come on! let's bring zooey home! - we... - we... we're on our way to see wizard pete he's the greatest wizard we'll ever meet so let's all be brave and remember to say here's your baby dragon back, wizard pete i better try a more powerful spell to stop them! what i need is a giant toad to stop those wizards and block the road!
8:11 am
[frog croaks] come on. - [yells] - [croaks] whoa! a giant toad is blocking the road! don't worry, goofy! i'm not scared of you! right, donald! we're not scared! because we're brave wizards, right? we are! what we need is a mooseketooter! uh, i mean, a mr. bibble! um, uh... mouseketool! and who do we call for a mouseketool? oh, toodles! [g[gans, burps] [mickey] we need something to help us get that giant toad off the road!
8:12 am
everybody say, "mystery mouseketool!" [all] mymyery mouseketool! [mickey] what's today's mystery mouseketool? wow! a mirror! [goofy] i wonder how a mirror will help us get the giant toad off the road. [mickey] well, let's try it and see! we got ears! say, "cheers!" [croaks] [croaks] [goofy] he likes his reflection. [whistles] [croaking] looks like mr. giant toad found himself a friend himself! [laughs]
8:13 am
now we can bring zooey back home to wizard pete! [all three humming] well, we made it to wizard pete's castle! golly, that sure is a tall castle tower. but where is... [all] wizard pete! that would be me. so, uh, tell me, [clears throat] did d u wizards come all this way to take my dragon n g? who, us? oh, no.we've got the dragon here! you've got a dragon? [chuckles] we sure are. and we came to... [laughs] ok, little wizards.
8:14 am
i'll give you my dragon egg if you can match my magic! watch this! nothing up my sleeve. nothing in my shirt. abra-ca-zam! how about a ham? - wow! - gosh! pretty good, huh? well, let's see if you can match that, wizard mickey. your turn to do a trick. a trick? oh, gosh, what kind of trick? hmm. well, let me think now. i got it! - [giggles] - sure thing, wizard pete! uh, mickey, uh, how are we going to get zooey to dance? maybe a mouseketool will help us work some magic. everybody say, "oh, toodles!"
8:15 am
[mickey] the only mouseketool leftfts the music box. can the music box help us get zooey to dance? [goofy] well, i like to dance to music, so maybe zooey will, too! [mickey] let's give it a try! we picked all our mouseketools! say, "super cheers!" listen to that! it's playing! - [giggles] - [goofy] look at her dance! huh? the music box is playing all right, bubuzooey stopped dancin
8:16 am
[goofy] aw, she's shy. oh, i've got an idea. let's all dance to the music with zooey. then she won't be so shy. come on! stand up and do the dragon dance! [up-tempo music] oh, boy! this is fun! [goofy] shake your tail, zooey! why, look at all of you! makes me feel like moving my feet, too! [babbling] [giggling]
8:17 am
i guess this means you wizards get to have my dragon egg. actually, wizard pete, we've been trying to tell you your dragon egg rolled out of your castle all the way to us! and this baby dragon hatched out of your dragon egg! [laughs] right, everybody? it did? yep! we named her zooey and brought her home to you! home to me? but i thought my egg was here the whole time! so he can see what happened. oh, toodles! [wizard pete] oh! oopsie me! i accidentally bumped the crad and my special egg rolled away.
8:18 am
[gasps] you mean zooey... is my baby dragon? [babbles] papa! aw. here's your baby dragon back, wizard pete. here's your baby dragon backwizard pete! [giggles] papa. oh! my little baby dragon. oh, i'i'a proud papa! [chuckles] thanks for bringing her back to me, and, uh, ah, that's ok, wizard pete! because now we have a happy ending! right you are. nothing's better than ending up happy! [chuckles] we... - we... - we... we found our way to see wizard pete
8:19 am
we all were so brave and remembered to say... everybody! here's your baby dragon back,wizard pete here's your baby dragon back,wizard pete good job, brave wizards. we brought zooey home to wizard pete! aw. [laughs] and you can come back to visit us any time you want! right, pumpkin? [babbling] oh, boy! we finished the story! - aw! - goody, goody! that was wonderful! it's a happily ever after! and we were all brave wizards, too. thanks, everybody. oh, boy. oh, boy. - oh, boy! - [cheering]
8:20 am
let's all do the hot dog dance! [ they might be giants: hot dog! ] hot dog hot dog hot dog, t dog hot diggedy-dog now, we got ears it's time for cheers hot dog, hot dog the problem's solved hot dog, hot dog hot diggedy-dog thanks for helping us today at the clubhouse! oh! i sure had fun and i hope you did too! and thanks for doing the hot dog dance! yeah! what a hot dog day! hot dog, hot dog hot diggedy-dog it's a brand new day whatcha waiting for?
8:21 am
hot dog, hot dog hot diggedy-dog we're splitting t t scene we're full of beans so long for now from mickey mouse that's me! and the mickey mouse clubhouse aw, thanks for stopping by! [mickey] we sure had lots of fun playing brave wizards today.y. what shape were the sides of the prism? right! the sides were shaped like triangles. [goofy] it was a pyramid!
8:22 am
if you don't succeed try, try again uh-huh always do your best nothing less, my friends failing is a part of the road to success so get into the game stop sitting on the bench yup nototng's stopping you it's true dream bigand anything you wanna the road's clear no fears in the way now you're getting better each and every day you're ready for the next level all the way reaching for the stars the world is ours and the future starts right now it doesn't matter what let me show you how i did my best practice makes s rfect practiceceakes perfect went a hundred percent practice kes perfect practice makes perfect see you've got to keep believing
8:23 am
'cause practice makes perfect practice makes perfect each step gets a little closer we can win if you let me e ach ya but you gotta get your hustle on me, i make hits going, going, gone whether on the mic, or any other part of life it's never wrong if you learn how to make it right so go hard every single play and when you fall, you should get back up and say i did my best practice makes perfect practice makes perfect went a hundred percent practice makes perfrft practice makes perfect whoo! see you've got to keep believing every minute, every season we don't even need a reason 'cause practice makes perfect
8:24 am
the doc is in, and she'll fix you up if you're a toyoy then you're in luck it's okay, don't be afraid the doc really knows her stuff doo-doo-doo, you know it's good for you the doc is gonna help you feel better oh, oh, oh, it's the place to go if you feel a l ltle under the weweher let doc mcstuffins do her thing to get you right back in the swing doc mcstuffins, doc mcstuffins come let the visit begin the doc is in doc mcstuffins, domcstuffins come let the visit begin the doc is in.
8:25 am
hi, toys. guess what. it's national dragon day? it's national cuddle day? you're moving to an igloo. even better. baby suki is coming. all righ baby suki! do you even know who baby suki is? no idea at all. suki is a baby who lives down the street. dad's gonna baby-sit her. your dad's gonna sit on a baby? no, chilly, baby-sitting is when a grown-up takes care of a baby or kid while their parents are away. and the best part isis when dad baby-sits suki, - i get to play with her. - ( doorbell rings ) that must be suki now. go stuffed. thank you so much for baby-sitting last minute. it's a big help. of course. you know we love having baby suki in the mcstuffins house.
8:26 am
and her favorite toy. suki loves seeing her face in the mirror on waddly penguin's tummy. don't you? - ( baby cooing ) - i'll be back in a few hours. bye-bye, sweetpea. - bye. - good-bye. hi, suki. remember me? ( cooing happily ) chilly's not gonna like that. who's not gonna like it? oh, uh. no one. never mind. hi, suki. i'm waddly penguin. ( giggling ) ( humming ) ( happy squealing )) oh, she sure loves looking at herself in that mirror.
8:27 am
look at me, suki. funny face. funny face. ( crying ) suki, what's wrong? look, it's waddly penguin. oh, there, there. shh. is she okay? she probably just needs a nap. okay. bye-bye, baby suki. doc, you gotta help me. i got baby guck all over my nose. it's okay, chilly. see? all gone. thanks, doc. you're a life saver. ( waddly sniffling ) what's wrong, waddly? i love my little baby suki lots and lots, but she doesn't wanna play with me.
8:28 am
make that a double cuddle. - a triple cuddle. - a quadra-loople cuddle. i love quadruple cuddles. but i'll never, ever feel better till i make suki smile again. waddly, you love baby suki. you know what i love? fixing toys. i need fixes? i'm not sure. but i'd like to take you to my clinic and find out. the doc is in. ( saying hello ) we have an important patient. hallie, meet waddly penguin. well, hello there, waddly. welcome to doc mcstuffins' clinic for stuffed animals and toys. ooh, hiya, hiya! ( humming happily ) it's just waddly's lights. you can take your head outta the trash.
8:29 am
waddly: doc, where are we? this doesn't look like a baby's room. where's all the soft fuzzy things? this isn't a baby's nursery. it's a doctor's office. it's where i fix toys and make them feel better. doc, i'm scared. i wanna go home. nothing's gonna hurt you, promise. doc only wants to see if anything's wrong. and then, you can go back to making suki smile. just let me give you a check-up. okay. time for your check-up, time for your check-up i'm gonna check your ears, check your eyes find out how much you've grown time for your check-up i'm gonna listen to your heartbeat fix you up ready to go time for your check-up it's okay if you giggle this will only tickle a little
8:30 am
well, you seem healthy. why does little suki cry when she plays with waddly? i'm not sure. what would make a baby cry? maybe she was afraid she'd melt. i know i'm always afraid i'll melt. maybe suki was afraid waddly would melt her. babies don't melt... and neither do stuffed snowmen. oh, right. stuffed. but maybe if you're warmer than usual from being in e baby bag, suki might think you're too hot - to play with. - what's that? it's a thermometer. it'll tell me if you're warmer than usual. now just relax for a minute while it takes your temperature. is it gonna hurt? no, not a bit. and while you're waiting, i can perform a lambie ballet. - ( cheering ) - go, lambie, but go carefully.
8:31 am
you twirl great, lambie. dance-y twirls help me be really, really brave. you're not warm, so that's not what made suki cry. maybe suki just doesn't love me anymore. but i still love her. i'm sure she still loves you. there must be something else. whatcha thinkin', doc? well, this is a tough case, but i have an idea. it's a little unusual, but if we're gonna find out what's wrong with waddly, i'll need a volunteer. oh, me, me, me! i'm brave. i'll do it. thanks, stuffy. this is so embarrassing. ( sighs ) is this what being brave feels like? i think you're very brave to help waddly out like this. well, i am very brave.
8:32 am
but i need someone to play with waddly juststike a baby would. then maybe we can figure out what made suki cry. okay, okay. ga-ga, goo-goo. baby suki pushes buttons sometimes. pushing buttons. goo-goo, ga... ( humming happily ) ( giggles ) i think it's safe to say all your lights and sounds e in perfect condition. but suki pushed waddly away. is there anything else suki likes to do when she plays with you? lots of times, she likes to look at her cutie-patootie face in my tummy mirror. baby stuffy is on the case. goo-goo. ew!! i look terrible. hey, there's something on the mirror. baby's baby guck. i'd know it anywhere. there's so much guck, i can't see my face in your mirror. that's it!
8:33 am
baby suki was crying because she couldn't see herself. waddly, i have a diagnosis. upon reflection, i can see that this diagnosis belongs in the big book of boo-boos. waddly, you weren't broken. you just had a case of the e rror smear-os. mirror smear-os? can you make me better? of course i can. nurse hallie reporting for de-baby guckin' duty. ( laughing ) that tummy tickles. it's like my mama hippo always said: you can't rush a good tummy wash. cleaning your r rror is kinda like washing your face. keeping it clean helps you shine. wash your face wash your face scrub the dirt and goo let the you shine through gotta gotta wash your face clean your skin and get your cheeks and nose and chin get the grime off so your sparklin'
8:34 am
gotta gotta clean your skin a fresh, clean face starts your day off right just be careful around your eyes soap and water will do the job and bring a washcloth wash your face - everybody! - wash your face scrub the dirt and goo, let the you shine through gotta gotta wash your face am i all clean? you're so clean, you sparkly sparkly shine. what about the mirror? let baby stuffy check it out. goo-goo, ga-ga. hey, maybe this baby bonnet is a good look for me. make way for the lamb. wow, i look great! you guys check it out first. oh, yay! oh, yay! ( humming happily ) will baby suki like me now? you bet your butter brickle bon-bon she will.
8:35 am
thank you all lots and lots. doc, can i go back to baby suki now? i miss her. i wanna see her smile. i bet she misses you, too. ( crying ) sh. it's okay. it's okay, suki-suki. i think i have something that might stop her crying. i hope so. she napped a bit, but she's still fussy. look, suki. waddly's back. look at her clean mirror tummy. good job, doc. looks like you fixed another toy, and made a baby smile. just another day in the office for doc mcstuffins. let's go back to the living room. you see that, doc? you see how big little baby suki smiled? i sure did.
8:36 am
oh, thanks, doc. thank you lots and lots. you're welcome. - ( suki cries ) - oh, coming, dad. here you go, suki. waddly's back. ( all laughing ) is the science experiment ready, professor donny? almost, professor alma. almost. just a few more changes, and our laboratory is ready. ( both laughing ) now to bring the monster to life! ( making buzzing electricity noises ) we did it. yes, it's alive. both: alive! alive? did i do that? let us name him charlie. the monster... he's trying to escape.
8:37 am
hey, donny, alma. what's goin' on? i heard you say your toy's alive. yeah, donny's new creepy cuddly. we are pretending to be mad scientists. oh, you're pretending. of course. because toys can't really come to life. right? hey, monster makers, i just whipped up a mad scientist special. peanut butter brain and strawberry slime sandwiches. i could totally go for a snack. yeah, all this mad scientisting made me hungry. alive. if they only knew. false alarm, everyone. they were just pretending that donny's toy came to life. stuffy: oh, is that what happened?
8:38 am
so what are we gonna play? stuffy: uh, dragon stomp? how about hide-and-seek? yeah, we'll all hide, which means... i know. the doc is in. one, two, three... i have found the best hiding place ever. four. - oh, chilly. - five. you're hiding with me this time. - six. - i don't know. - this is a pretty good spot. - seven. - maa? - uh-oh. - doc! - save us! ( sad sigh )
8:39 am
( both screaming ) lambie, chilly, what's wrong? just saw a big, scary monster. he was gonna eat us. he's gonna eat us all. and i'm pretty sure i was gonna be first. i'm plump and ready for the plucking. well, what did it look like? it didn't look like anything i've ever seen before. yeah, it was so scary, lambie and i both turned completely pale. chilly, honey, chill. you and lambie have always been that color. oh, yeah. i was so scared, i forgot. well, i'm not afraid of any toy. me neither. i'm the bravest dragon in the world. - just let me at this monster. - ( squeakers squeaks ) ah! what was that?! monster! ( screaming ) hey, who turned off the lights? what's going on? ( squeaking ) oh, squeakers. i knew that was you.
8:40 am
maybe i should stay behind to protect the little guys. come on, hallie. let's go find this monster. back up, you toys. let a real toy hippo take care of this. no monster here. ( quiet crying ) wait. do you hear that? sounds like a steam train with a cold. ( crying and sniffling continues ) doc: it's coming from over here. ( crying ) charlie? hi. i'm doc mcstuffins. he's the fearsome monster lambie and chilly were so scared of? he looks like a real softie to me. ( speaking gibberish ) don't cry, charlie. i'm here to find out what's wrong. hey, what's goin' on, tell me what's wrong i know there's something we can do
8:41 am
tell me what's bothering you got something on your mind don't you keep it inside you're gonna be fine hey, tell me what's wrong what's going on? come on, hon, tell doc why you're cryin' a river. ( gibberish ) so lambie and chilly were scared, and ran away from you? yeah, and that hurt your feelings. i think you may have surprised chilly and lambie, but once those toys get to know you, i'm sure they'll wanna play with you. really? well, sure, sugar. just let doc introduce you. all right, come on, charlie.
8:42 am
what's taking doc and hallie so long to come back? maybe that monster ate them. maybe it's gonna come and eat us next. no, don't talk like that, chilly. i'm sure doc can handle anything... monster! ( all screaming ) run for your lives! toys! charlie! ( screaming continues ) help. somebody help. please don't eat me. ( gibberish ) i'm not gonna eat you. you're not gonna eat me? that means... you saved me.
8:43 am
but i've been... not so nice to you. ( gibberish ) that's okay. oh, i'm sorry. ( gibberish ) aw, shucks. you definitely deserve a cuddle. oh, no, you've got a... a rip. ( gasps ) what happened? doc, doc, come quick. we have a hurt friend. ( groaning ) hmm. charlie, i have a diagnosis. ( gibberish ) diagnosis? what is it? you have a torn m.t.l. monster tentacle limb. oh, my. we better enter that into the big book of boo-boos. really, doc? that's it, just a torn tentacle?
8:44 am
but, doc, look at him. he's got, like, three eyes and horns, and wings. not that there's anything wrong with having wings. can't we help him, doc? maybe give him a monster makeover, and some glitter. 'cause the way he is now, he doesn't look like a normal stuffed animal. ( gibberish ) i don't? he doesn't talk like one either. ( heavy sigh ) doc, you have to do something more for charlie. he shouldn't have to look so... monstrously terrifying? different. but that's just how charlie was made. and being different is part of what makes him special. who's that guy with three googly eyes and those sharp and crazy teeth? at first glance, you wouldn't wanna dance with a hairy, scary beast his claws are long, and he sounds weird, too
8:45 am
hey, he's a monster but he's just like you and me hey, he's a monster but he's sweet as sugar underneath hey, he's a monster and much to our surprise he might be a monster but he's the life of the party and a really good stand-up guy even though he's got three eyes i'm so sorry that we wanted to change you, charlie. you've been very sweet and kind and heroic. ( gibberish ) oh, gee, thank you. in fact, you're just right just the way you are. sorry, charlie. me, too. i think somebody needs a cuddle.
8:46 am
and things to cuddle us all. i knew i liked that toy. now let's fix that tentacle. ( all cheering ) hmm. there. now let's stitch him up. there we go. good as new. thank you. you're welcome. it was nice to get to know you, charlie. yeah, you're a really nice toy. ( gibberish ) aww, i like you too. i hope we get to play with you again soon. yeah. alma: that was a great snack. but i'm ready to get back to... my laboratory! everyone, go stuffed. ( both laughing )
8:47 am
again? er... um... no, thanks. but i think lambie and chilly would like to play. that way, charlie has other toys to play with. great idea, doc. anks. the more mad scientists, the merrier. they're gonna be so afraid of charlie. afraid? why would they be afraid of a nice toy like charlie? both: nice? yeah. he might look different, but deep down,
8:48 am
p-tempo music plays] welcome to my new "bow"-tique where each and every bow's unique if fun and fashion are what you seek come inside and take a peek if fun and fashion are what you seek you're always welcomeat minnie's "bow"-tique oh! hm! oh. [grunts] so why are we making bows out of rubber?
8:49 am
the walrus ballerinas need bows for their new underwater ballet. why is rubber so rubbery? oh. [giggles] here, let me help you, daisy. loop the ribbon, turn your wrist, make a bow with a great big twist. ta-da! loop the ribbon, turn your wrist... [yells] hey, minnie, my loofah broke! can i borrow... oh, sorry, cuckoo-loca! well, fixed your pipes, minnie! good as new! uh, don't the pipes go inside the wall? - what was that? - oh, uh, great idea, clarabelle! why those pipes will be much easier to fix next time they break. she's kidding, right? looks like my work here is done. if anything else comes up, just give me a... huh? hm. the door's stuck. i'd better go get my bigger hammer! [sighs] oh, minnie, i'll never get the hang of this.
8:50 am
- [exclaims] - [rattling] - clarabelle just fixed those pipes. - oh! oh, no! grab a bowl! get a bucket! oh! find a thirsty elephant! don't worry, daisy. all we have to do is open the door. [grunts] oh, dear, it's stuck. - stuck? - abandon ship! women and cuckoo-clock birds first! row, row, row your bow [gasps] that's it! daisy, quick! grab the rubber ribbon! this is no time to be making bows! sure it is. especially when they can do this. go on, daisy, you can do it! loop the ribbon, bend your wrist, make a bow with a great big twist! oh, goody-goody! i did it! now keep going! we did it! we fixed the leaks!
8:51 am
and best of all, the pipes look fabulous! oh, minnie, i'm back with my... whoa! [mooing] [giggles] oh, did you get wet, cuckoo-loca? just a little. but i better towel off before i rust. come on, minnie, we've got rubber bows to make. that's the spirit! it's like i always say, there's no business... oh! rubber bow business!
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