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tv   ABC9 News This Morning at 6  ABC  November 9, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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just off the shores of never land a hideaway at sea - yo-ho! - yo-ho! - let's go! - let's go! a pirate band outwits the plans of captain hook and smee - yo-ho! - yo-ho! - let's go! - let's go! the merry crew of never land pirates through and through they're jolly buccaneers join with jakakand the never land pirates come along we need some volunteers - jake! - mhoy! - izzy! - ahoy! - cubby! - ahoy! - skully! - ahoy! yooo, yo-ho! jake and the never land pirates climb aboard, me heartiti and be a pirate true t's go! with jakeand the never land pirates we'll set the course together, come on and join the crew yo-ho, let's go! ha-har! ahoy, mateys!
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eat! to start today's adventure, everybody say the pirate password. yo-ho-ho! [all] yo-ho-ho! one more time. [all] yo-ho-ho! [jake] bucky's anchor aweigh! [marara] there they are! - [bucky rings bell] - [all] ahoy, marina! welcome to mermaid lagoon! - [burbling] - [giggles] that's right, octopus. welcome most of all to you, bucky! - [bell rings] - bucky! - yippee! - yeah! we've got a big surprise for you! [clears throat] bucky, we, the crew of the best ship ever, bestow upon you the greatest honor a ship can receive! in recognition of your bravery at sea, loyalty to your crew... and because you're so cool...
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- [skully sings fanfare] - [all] golden anchor! [bell ringing] [hook] what are those popinjays up to now? [gasps] a golden anchor! so shiny! so new! while i, captain hook, am stuck with this miserable e cuse for an anchoho now, sir, it just needs a little polishing, is all! [wheezing] the jolly roger deserves that golden anchor! to mermaid lagoon! , mateys, it's'sime to attach the new anchor to bucky. - [gasps] - huh? - [sawing noise] - crackers! what's that noise? - [anchor clangs] - [all] what? - [cackling] - [all] captain hook?
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you are mistaken, jake. anannchor this stunning will look much more e home on the jolly ror than on that lld heap of yours. we have to get it back. - [bell rings] - bucky, wait for us! [skully] crackers! bucky's moving like he's on a mission. will you help us catch up to bucky? and get his golden anchor back frorocaptain hook? [both] yay-hey! remember to keep a lookout for gold doubloons. whenever we solve a pirate problem together, they'll appear. then we'll collect them and put 'em in our team treasure chest. is everybody ready? - i've got my sword! - i got my map! and i've got my pie dust! the fairies gave it to me so that we can use it to fly. but only in emergencies! yo-ho, let's go! but how are we gonna catch up with our ship... without a ship? [gasps] look! over there!
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that old sailboat wreck. you could catch up to bucky in that. good idea, marina. it's no bucky, but i think we can make it work. barnacles! the puny pirates are gaining on me. [both] heave-ho! heave-ho! heave-ho! good! that floating fence shouou slow down the popininys. your plan is working, cap'n! [hook laughs] - farewell, popinjays! - [bell ringing] [chittering] [bell ringing]
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whwh do you know, the old boat floats. but the sail is full of holes! and there aren't any paddles on board! - how can we get moving? - the octopus could do it. with his legs over the side, he can kick. [burbling] thanks, mr. ococpus! yay-hey, we'e' on our way. and we got three gold doubloons! let's grab them and go catch up with bucky. yo-ho, mateys, away! there'll be treasure and adventure today let's go heave ho, here we go together as a team jake and the never land pirates and me [hook] bilge water! the popinjays somehow got past my floating fence. cap'n, sir, fog bank dead ahead.
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all right. but, cap'n... we won't be able to see our nose on our faee in that fog. if we can't see anything, neither can the itty-bitty pirates! into the fog! that is an order. oh, my! i rerely can't see a ththg! [sharky] oy! which way do we go? which way do we go? which way do we go? heave-ho, oh, no which way do we go when we're lost at sea? which way do we gowhen we can't see a thing? nothing for a mate to do but sing heave-ho, oh, no which w w do we go whenene're lost at sea? [bell rings] [cackling] we're out of the fog, and we lost the sea pups. now we sail away and they say goodbye
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[skully] hook's getting away! [izzy] but bucky's nowhere in sight. maybe he's lost in that thick fog. that huge clououof fog hides the swirling whirling-pool. [all] the swirling whirling-pool?! [bell ringing] it's bucky. he's calling for help! i know my way around the swirling whirling-pool. i can lead you. [bell ringing] we're glad to see you, too, bucky. we'll tow you out. catch! - [marina straining] - [bell ringing] bucky's right, we need more power!
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- [chittering] - ahoy, dolphins. bucky is heading for the swirling whirling-pool. - can you help us save him? - [chittering] thanks, mateys! everybody, paddle hard with us. - [bucky's bell ringing] - bucky's safe! - that was close! - wa-hoo! well done! [bell ringing] - you're welcome, bucky! we'd never let you down. we saved you from goindown the swirling whirling-pool! and got five more gold doubloons. let's grab 'em and go get bucky's new anchor back from captain hook. oh, mr. smee, what an honor itits
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well, cap'n, i'm not sure it's such an honor to take something that isn't... [dolphins chittering] [exclaims] wild dolphins, cap'n! they took me hat. imagine! taking sometetng that doesn't bebeng to you. stop this at once, foul beasts of the deep! don't you know who i am? - i am the legendary... - [jake] captain hook! [bucky's bell ringing] - yay-hey!y!- whee! i thought i lost you in the fog! we're here ttake back what belongs to our friend bucky. here it is, mateys. bucky's golden anchor. let's grab it and go! [all straining] not so easy, is it, puny pirates? make way, mateys! this calls for a little pixie dust.
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quick, mateys, hop on! blast! put that down! yo-ho, bucky! - [bell ringing] - [jake] we need a lift! [all] yeah! - bye-bye, captain hook! - blast you, puny pirates! - blast you! - yo-ho, way to go! we got bucky's golden anchor back. and we got three more gold doubloons! let's grab 'em and go back to pirate island! enjoy your new anchor, bucky! now that we've helped bucky out, let's put all our gold doubloons into our team treasure chest.
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everyone knew just what to do way, hey with help from you it's time to count our gold doubloons come on, count with us! [all] ] ah! [izzy] o o, two, three... [cubby] four, five, six, seven, eight... [jake] nine, ten, 11! yo-ho! for solving pirate problems today, we got 11 gold doubloons! thanks for your help, mateys. with you on this crew, bucky willllalways be shipshape. [bell rings] [hook gasps] look! the swirling whirling-pool! - abandon ship! - aye-aye, cap'n! oh, there goes me ship.
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never mind. [jake] the never rainbow. [sharky] t tre be treasure at the end of the raininw where did all the clouds and the rain go? there be treasure at the endbefore it's gone again here we go, mateys! treasure at the end of the rainbow what is this ridiculous racket? oh, uh, sorry, cap'n. look! a rainbow. i don't care about silly raininws, i care about treasure! well, you know what they say: there be treasure at the end of every rainbow. which is why i absolutely adore these wonderful rainbowy things! men, set sail for never land,
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i've never seen a rainbow like that before. i bet i know who made it! [pirate princess] ahoy, pirate friends! [all] ahoy, pirate princess! it's not one of my rainbows. so you didn't make that rainbow? well, it is lovely, but i couldn't have made it, even if i wanted to. yesterday, i tried to make a rainbow over mermaid lagoon, but my rainbow wand ran out of colors. see? no rainbows. but i know how i can fix my wand. that is the never rainbow. at the end of the never rainbow is the dazzle diamond. if i tap my wand on the dazzle diamond, its colors will return and i'll be able to make rainbows again! can you help me find this magical stone? [all agreeing at once] say, mateys, will you go to the end of the never rainbow with us to find the dazzle diamond?
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whenever we solve a pirate problem together, they'll appear. then we'll collect them and put them in our team treasure chest. yo-ho, let's go follow the rainbow! yo-ho, mateys, away! there'll be treasure and adventure today let's go heave ho, here we go together as a team jake and the never land pirates and me e hurry, pirate friends! the never rainbow and its dazzle diamond - will fade away at sunset. - don't worry, princess. with my crew on board, we'll find that diamond! i'm on it, jake. to get to the enddof the never rainbowow we have to go past a field of giant sunflowers, down a purple path, which will get us to the end of the rainbow and the dazzle diamond.
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did you hear that, boys? the "dazazy" diamond. it mususbe the treasure at the end of the rainbow. come on, everybody. i think we go this way. shiver me petals! did i do that? we need to be careful not to touch any of these giant sunflowers. yeah, if t ty start spinning, we'll blow away. now that's an idea! if those puny pirates blew away, i could get to the end of the rainbow first! sharky, bones, sally forth and make those sunflowers spin! aye-aye, cap'n! to make sunflowers spin we rumpy bump into them we do this for the captain so he can get that diamond
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- aw, flying coconuts! - come on, crew! we've got to get through this field before we blow away! [gasps] my wand! - [exclaims] help! - hold on, pirate princess! [grunts] gotcha! [both] whoa! izzy, grab on!n! whoa! this isn't working! hang on! ah, coconuts! we need a little more help. that means me! whoo-hoo! we did it! yay-hey! we worked together to save our crew from blowing away. and we got three gold doubloons. let's grab 'em and go! look alive, me hearties! i spy the purple path.
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sunny skies! we'll soon fininthe dazzle diamond so i can fix my wand!! oh, my, cap'n, i'm afraid that didn't work out as planned. i need a new plan to get ahead of those puny pirates. [yelling] - [jake] captain h hk? - [gasps] captain hook must want the dazzle diamond, too. [all groaning] what is this purple goo? oh, my, it's the purple path. the one that leads to t t dazzle diamond! ah! i need to trick those pu pirates into taking the wrong path. if only the yellow path was purple, then they'd take the wrong path! boys, i think it's time
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we paint this yeyeow path purple. [chuckling] you were right, cap'n, this berry goo makes the perfect purple paint. your plan is genius! now let's take the real purple path to the diamond, while jake and h h crew take the fake purple path, and... [both] get hopelessly lost! uh, cap'n, slow down! are you sure this is the real purple path? captain hook is always sure! now hide the path, so those itty-bitty buccaneers don't follow us. bones, which patat are we supposed to hide? don't have a clue! [sharky] well, if we block this path, - we can't follow the captain. - good point. step lively, men, and follow...
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[all yelling] blast! awesome coconuts! the purple path. oh, no! the never rainbow's starting to fade. we've got to get to the end before it and the dazzle diamond disappear. izzy, pirate princess, slow down! - whoops! - [grunts] this purple path isn't really purple. someone painted it purple! yo-ho, way to go! the real purple path is over here. what a sneaky trick. just the kind d sneaky trick that captain hook likes.s. and we almost fell for it. - we did fall for it! - [both laughing] well, the good thing is that we found the purple path, and we got three more gold doubloons!
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- radiant rainbows! - awesome! [all exclaiming] [izzy] the dazzle diamond! i just need to tap the dazzle diamond, and my wand will be able to make rainbows again. excuse me, princess, but diamonds are a pirate's best friend! izzy, this is an emergency! pixie dust away! izzy, my wand! catch! come on, we've got to tap the dazzle diamond with the pirate princess's rainbow wand. captain hook, the pirate princess needs that dazzle diamond! - you can't take it! - that's what you think! that's what i know! - pretty colors! - oh, barnacles! whoa! we fixed the pirate princess's rainbow wand
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let's grab 'em and go! -ha! who cares about a silly wand when the treasure is all mine! not for long. [spluttering] what? is this some kind of puny pirate e ick? pe! the dazzle didiond fades away when the never rainbow fades away. [both laugh] and that's what you call the end of the rainbow! i hadn't noticed. thanks for helping the pirate princess today, mateyey now let's count our gold doubloons and put 'em in our team treasure chest. way, hey well done, crew everyone knew just what to do way, hey with help from you
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come on, count with us! [all] yeah! [jake] one, two, three... [cubby] four, five... [izzy] six, seven, eight, nine, ten! [jake] yo-ho! for sosoing pirate problbls today, we got ten gold doubloons! thanks, pirate friends, for all your help. you're welcome! izzy, would you like to try making a rainbow? thanks, pirate princess! cool! can i trtr whoa! rainbow, ahoy! [hook] ooh! i never want to see another rainbow again! [hollering] [chuckling] oh, cap'n, you're very colorful. i hadn't noticed.
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theree treasure at the end of the rainbow treasure at the end of the rainbow where did all the clouds and the rain go? the sunshine turned into a rainbow all the pretty colors so bright ananbold do they r rlly hit that buried gold? red, orange, yellow green and blue don't forget indigo and violet, too i forgot them colors so thank you that's why we're singing a rainbow tune the rain's all gone but the bow's still there the sky's full of colors hanging in midair set sail all hands where the rainbow lands before the sun sinks too low if the trade wind's fine we'll be there in time before it fades away there be treasure at the end treasure at the end treasure at the end before it's gone again
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hey, everybody, it's me, mickey mouse. say, you want to come inside my clubhouse? wellllall right. let's go. aw, m almost forgot. to make the clubhouse appear, we get to say the magic words. meeska, mooska, mickey mouse. say it with me. meeska, mooska, mickey mouse! [ they might be giants:mickey mouse clubhouse theme] m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e that's me. m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e it's the mimiey mouse clubhohoe come inside it's fun inside it's the mickey mouse clubhouse
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- daisy? - here. - goofy? - here. - pluto? - [barks] - minnie? - here. - mickey? - right here. it's the mickey mouse clubhouse come inside it's fun inside m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e mickey] t's the mickey mouse clubhouse. clarabelle's clubhouse mooo-sical. hi, everybody. how ya doing today? [pluto barks] hey. [giggles] it's the best pal any pal could ever have. pluto! - [panting] yeah, yeah, yeah. - [doorbell] ooh? [barking]g] - hi. - hello, mickey. - hiya, pal. - hot dog. everybody's here. even boo boo chicken.
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[clucking] come on, mickey. we've got to hurry. gee, what's the rush, minnie? [giggles] you didn't forget, did you? today is mother goose day. clarabelle is putting on a musical showowt mickey park. with all of her favorite nursery rhymes. ooh! and mine, too. and it's starring all ofur chicken friends. [clucking] wow, i sure don't want to miss a minute of clarabelle's musical. and i can't wait to hear those chickens cluckety cluck. oh, i'm afraid we won't be heariri any clucks today. - what? - why? - oh, no. - oh, dear. what's wrong, clarabelle? mickey, i have some bad news. our chicken friends were practicing the songs for my mooo-sical all night long. and it seems the precious darlings have lost their voices. they won't be able to sing today. [clucking weakly, coughing]
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oh, i'm sure their voices will come back. our little feathered friends just need some rest. but who's going to sing in my show now? my mooo-sical will be ruined. what ever will do? don't worry, clarabelle. you have lots of friends who can help you. - like me. - and me. - and me, me... - [both] me me, me, me, me, me [laughs] and that's not all, clarabelle. will you help us with clarabelle's musical today? you will? all right! let's pick some mouseketools to help us out. to the mousekedoer! mouseker-hey, mouseker-hi mouseker-ho mouseker-ready, mouseker-sethere we go you're a thinkin' anda solvlv', work it through-e-e mouseker-me, mouseker-you mousekedoer
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oh, toodles it's time to get to it show us the mouseketools to help us do it meeska, mooska, mousekedoer! mouseketools, mouseketoolsmouseketools here are your mouseketools [mickey] we've got suction cup shoes for climbing. a bouquet of roses. a beach blanket. and the mystery mouseketool. that's a surprise tool that can help us later. toodles has the tools the mouseketools so when we need them toodles will bring them he's s re for meedles and youdles and all we have to say is "oh, toodles!"
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now that we have our mouseketools, let's help clarabelle put on her musical. you mean: clarabelle's mooo-sical. oh, goofy, you know me well. come on, everybody, to mickey park! [clears throat] welcome to the mickey park theater. i have a few announcements to make befofo we start the show. [all cheer] this is my big story book of mother goose nursery rhymes. as i sing my favorite rhymes, each of you will act out eir little stories. oh, goody, goody. i've always wanted to be an actress. why, me too. [chuckles] oh, boy. now remember, do just what my rhymes say to do.
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all right, is everybody ready? - and how! - uh-huh! - garsh, yeah. - count me in! [clears throat] clarabelle cow produduions proudly presents: rhyme time. a musical review of some of my favorite nursery rhymes of all time. maestro, if you please? mother goose is here to sing for you with a hey diddle-diddle and a cock-a-doodle-doo i've lots of rhymes some short, some long and i welcome everybody to sing along come on and join in. with a hey diddle-diddle and a cock-a-doodle-doo [all] with a hey diddle-diddle and a cock-a-doodle-doo [pluto sings melody] and nonolet us begin with onenef my all-time fafarite nursery rhymes,
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wow! mickory, dickory, dock mickey mouse ran up the clock that's your cue, mickey. oh! wh... whoa... whoa! oh, my goodness. mickey can only make it half way up the clock. but he needs to make it all the way to the top of the clock. what can we do? well, maybe a mouseketool can help us. everybyby say, "oh, toodleses [all] oh, toodles! [mickey] let's see. we've got suction cup shoes, roses, a beach blanket, and the mystery mouseketool. which mouseketool can keep me from slippingg
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[goofy] well, suction cup shoes are sticky, they can help your footsies stick to the clock, so you could climb up. [clarabelle] go for it, mickey. [mickey] we've got ears, say cheers! one more time. mickory, dickory, dock mickey mouse ran up the clock the clock struck one i said, the clock struck one wait a minute, wait a minute.e. op the show! - did you hear anything? - huh? [clarabelle] the clock is supposed to go "bong" when the clock strikes one. that's when the little hand is on the one and the big hand is pointing straight up. hmm. the big hand is pointing straight up. and that's exactly where we want it to bebe well, that's right, goofy.
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but is the little hand on the one? no, it's not. it's on the number... hmm. what number is the little hand on? three! you got it! well, if the clock is going to strike one, the litttt hand should be on the number...! you betcha! so let's move the little hand to the number one. a little help. [speaks french] much obliged, monsieur helperer now, let's try that rhyme again. [clears throat] [music plays] mickory, dickory, dock mickey mouse ran up the clock the clock struck one mickey's job is done mickory, dickory, dock [both] hooray forrmickory, dickory, dock!
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- [clucking] - [barks] with a hey-diddle-diddle and a cock-a-doodle-doo i have another marvelous rhyme for you this one is called, the old woman in the shoe. [music begins] there was an old woman who lived in a shoe it sure is stinky. peeyew! [sniffs] oh, my goodness. this shoe is oderific! oderificiceans that the shsh smells bad. [sniffs] ahh. just the way i like it. - oh! - i don't like stinky shoes. oh, my. what ever can we do about this? well, when in doubt, a mouseke-diddle-doodle can help us out. i rhymed.
6:35 am
[all] oh, toodles! [mickey] hmm. can a beach blanket make a stinky shoe smell better? hmm. no, not really. it would just cover it. [goooo] can roses make stinky shoe smell better? [clarabelle and daisy] they sure can! [clarabelle] roses smell good. [goofy] well, let's use them roses to make the smelly shoe smelly better. [mickey] you got it, goof! and we got ears, say "cheers!" roses are red, they sure aren't blue, i got a bunch of them for this giant shoe. let's all count the roses as i toss them into the shoe. ready? one, two, three,
6:36 am
seven, eightnine, ten, 11, 12! we have 12 roses. that's a dozen flowers, you know. [sniffs] ahh. the shoe smells rosy. and it's as fresh as a d dsy, too. [giggles] now, let's get this show back on track, shall we? hit it, boys! there was an old womanwho lived in a shoe it was no longer stinky and she knew what to do she turned it into a wonderful house and invited us all to a dinner made by minnie mouse [both] hooray for the old woman in the no longer stinky shoe! [barks]
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how you feeling, chicken friends? gee, i guess you need some more rest. but don't worry about the musical. all your friends are helping out, right? right! with a hey-diddle-diddle and a cock-a-doodle-doo i have anothermarvelous rhyme for you this one is called, donald dumpty. aw, this is ridiculous. how do i always get in this mess? aw, be a good egg, donald. remember, it's for clarabelle. and the chickens, too.
6:38 am
whoa! donald dumpty sat on a wall oh, boy. donald dumpty tried not to fall uh-oh! donald dumpty slipped off the wall - hang on, donald! - [donald shouting] all right! now, where was i i oh, , s! donald dumpty sat on a wall donald dumptytried not to fall instead he slippedand it was crazy what? until he was helpedby his friend daisy [all] hooray for donald dumpty and daisy! [laughing] with a hey-diddle-diddle and a cock-a-doodle-doo i have anothermarvelous rhyme for you petey piper picked plenty of pickled peppers.
6:39 am
petey piper picked plenty of pickled peppers plenty of pickled peppers petey piper picked i'm petey piper, that's me. so petey piper picked plenty of pickled peppers how many pickled peppers did petey piper pick? good question, momoer goose clarabelle. how many pickled peppers did i pick, anyways? we'll help you figure it out, pal, won't we? all right! hmm. each of these bunches has ten peppers. so why don't we count the peppers by tens? good idea, mouse. i'm th you on that one. that way, we can figure out how many peppers there are in all. come on, everybody. let's help petey count the peppers. [both] ten, 20, 30...
6:40 am
oh, i need something to carry all these pickledy peppers in. and i got t thing that'll do the job. but then agaga, how's about ononof them mickey the mouseketooly- dealy-thingamabobs? i bet one of those could help me out. yeah, yeah, yeah. you heard petey piper. everybody say, "oh, toodles!" [both] oh, toodles! [mickey] ok. we still have a beach blanket, and the mystery mouseketool. can a beach blanket help us carry things? [petey] hmm. let me think about that. well, if we put the peppers in the middle of the blanket, we can fold it. and then, well, what do you know? we could use the blanket just like a bag.
6:41 am
let's pick the beach blanket. we got ears, say "cheers!" now where was i? oh, yeah! counting by tens. will you help me count? oh, thanks. you're a pal. let's start with ten, ok? ten, 20, 30... ...forty! ha-ha! we picked 40 peppers! thanks, everybody! so if petey piper picked plenty of pickled peppers, how many pickled peppers did petey piper pick? forty! forty pickled pepppps. [trilling] precisely. perfect-o. peachy keen. this blanket worked out fine
6:42 am
for my 40 pickled peppers. so do i get a prize for knowing the answer? uh... no. [gasps] well, it never hurts to ask. with a hey-diddle-diddle and a cock-a-doodle-doo i have another marvelous rhyme for you oh, this next one is my very, very favorite one of all. and it's called minnnn miss muffet. minnie miss muffet sat on a tuffet eating a golden pear when along came a spider - [barks] - oh!! who sat down beside her - [pantiti] and scared her from here to there! - [howling] - oh, my! oh, my!
6:43 am
i need to get away really fast from that scary spider! can you find a little old mouseketool to help out little ol' me? [gasps] you willll oh, thank you. everybody say, oh, toodles [all] oh, toodles! [minnie] oh, well, look what we found! all that's left is the mystery mouseketool. anyou know what that means. [mickey] everybody say, "mystery mouseketool." [all] mystery mouseketool. [mickey] what's today's mystery mouseketool? it's a hoppity ball. can that help minnie make a fast getaway from that scararspider? you betcha!
6:44 am
say "super cheers!" bye-bye, pluto the spider. see you later, yoyosilly old thing. [barking] [all] hooray for minnie miss muffet! and pluto the spider, too! [chuckles] oh! that was simply wonderful. everyone is doing such a great job. - [clucking] - whwh? can that be my chickens? [clucking musically] shucks, listen to those clucks. the chickens' voices are back! hooray! [crows] this is stupendous. our chicken frfrnds are just in time for the grand d nale!
6:45 am
let's all sing with gusto. if you please... [clucking introduction melody] and a-one and a-two and a-one, two, three. with a hey-diddle-diddle and a coco-a-doodle-doo [clucking musically] our chicken friends are back to sing for you - with a hey-diddle-diddle - and a cock-a-doodle-doo and with a cluck-a-diddle-diddle and a cluck-a-doodle-doo with a hey-mouseke-diddle and a mouseke-doodle-doo - [all laughing] - oh, gosh. what a hey-diddle-diddle hot dog day. thanks for making clarabelle's c cbhouse mooo-sical a big success.
6:46 am
oh, i couldn't have done this without you! you were great in the show. come on, everybody. give yourself a hand. and now, let's do the hot dog dance. [ they might be giants: hot dog!] hot dog [barking in rhythm] hot dog hot dog, hot dog hot diggity dog now, we got ears, it's time for cheers hot dog, hot dog the problem's solved hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog thanks for helping with clarabelle's mooo-sical. i sure had fun and i hope you did, too. and thanks for doing the hot dog dance. yeah! what a hot d day! hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog it's a brand new day what you waiting for?
6:47 am
get up, stretch out stomp on the floor hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog we're splitting the scene we're full of beans so long for now from mickey mouse that's me. and the mickekemouse clubhouse aw, thanks for stopping by. [mickey] say, do you remember petey piper and his peppers? [clarabelle] petey piper picked plenty of pickled peppers plenty of pickled peppers petey piper picked [goofy] so how many pickled peppers did petey piper pick? [petey] forty pickled peppers. that's right. [daisy] and we counted those 40 peppers by tens. [mickey] that was swell pepper picking, everybody.
6:48 am
hoo! ooh! that's right! ahoy, mateys! you know what? i've just found a special map that will guide us to the famous treasure of skull island! but the treasure is hidden, and ththmap tells us we s suld take 5 steps towards north. what do you think? should we go find the treasure of skull island? good, let's go! ok, mateys. which one of these objects will tell us where north is? is it "a," a telescope,
6:49 am
"b," a weathererne, or maybe "c," a compass? which one of these objects will tell us where north is-- a telescope, a weathervane, or a compass? whoo-hoo! yes! it's the compass! now, let's take 5 steps in the directionon the hand is pointing-- north! count with me! 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5! there it is! man: did you know before the compass was invented, pirates used the sun during the day and the stars at night to get their bearings? piraras be clever, says i! fair winds, mateys. i hope to see you soon for a new challenge here on "playing with skully!" hoo-hoo!
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