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tv   ABC9 News This Morning at 5  ABC  November 9, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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peso! explore! rescue! protect! kids: octonauts! the octonauts and the humuhumunukukukuapua'a. hmm. it's just a small bruise. if you stay off the claw for a day or two, it'll start to feel much better. oh, thanks, peso. who's next?
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wowo what cute littleleish. what kind are you? [yelling] oh, these are humuhumunukunukuapua'a. humu-nunu-kuku- pupu-what-a? no, humuhumunukunukuapua'a. it's their hawaiian name. repepe after me. humu-humum humu-humu. nuku-nuku. nuku-nuku. apua. apua. ah. ah. that's it. now just put it all together. humu-kuku-pupu-nunu- wah-ah-ah-ah. hmm. ahem, excuse me. why don't you just call us "humumumus" for short? oh. all right. humuhumu--ah-choo! yaah! it's ok. i only sneezed. humuhumus get scared very easily, peso. we need to be calm and quiet. hello.
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my name's peso. and i'm shellington. aloha. my name's hank. aloha, hank. what could we do for you today? um, we're here for a checkup. all right. just open wide and say, "ahh.h. ahh. aah! ha ha ha ha! whoo-hoo! yow! there's peso and shellington. i'll show them a few of me moves. ahh. kwazii: avast, maties! huh? yah! yee-ha! a shark! quick! hide, fellas! [yelling] no, no. that's not a shark. he's just my friend kwazii. [yelling] oh, no.
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i forgot to close the octohatch. [beeping] dashi, what's going on?. some kind of little fish are swimming into the octopod, captain, and they're getting inside everything. [vegimals trill] [chatters] humuhumu: whaah! [y[yls] [chatters] aah! uhh. whoa. whoa! cap, we've got a fish in the toilet.
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hold on, tweak. it's not just the totoet. captain, this isn't good for the fish. or the ship. dashi, sound the octo--phluphe! huh? you want me to sound the octo-phluphe? no, dashi. sound the octo alert. [alarm blaring] octonauts, to the hqhq octonauts, we have a very big problem caused by some very small creatures. lots of tiny fish have swum into the octopod. they're inside all the pipes, hohos, and tanks. basically anything with water in it. oh, no. they could get hurt. [groans] who are the little fellas, anyway?
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what? humu-nuku- kookoo-puku-whata- hoodoo-budu? humuhumunukunukuapua'a. when something scares them, they quickly hide in small spaces, then stay in there till it's safe to come out again. who would want to scare these cute little fishies? um, actually it was you, kwazii. me?! yes. e humuhumus thoughttthe "gup-b" was a shark. that's why they swam into the octopod. oh. sorry, little fishies. octonauts, let's split up. we've got to get the humuhumus out now. ahoy there. humuhumus. there's nothing to be afraid of. nothing to5- [blubbers] pfft. fear. oh. uh, that's right. humuhumus can blow strong jets of water from their mouths. hmm, now you tell me.
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[chuckles] [sighs] ohh. ah. heh heh. ohh! [groans] come here, little fish. [sputters] huh? hank? is that you? [yells] wait!! hank! it's me, peso! hank, that wasn't a shark you saw in the water. it was just the "gup-b," one of our ships that looks like a shark. a-a-are you surere i promise. it really issafe to come out. well... ok.
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when i get scared, a fin goes up on my back ananlocks me into my h hing place. [grunts just relax. let your fin go down. all right. [gasping] yeah. thanks, peso. and, uh, sorry about squirting you back--back there. that's ok. but we have to get the rest of your friends to come out of their hiding places before one of them gets hurt. can you help us? absolutely. i'll just tell them all that it's safe. great. thank you, hank. hello in there. it's me, hank. heh heh. there's no shark. you can come out nowow i i nt to come out, but i can't. my fin is stuck. i'm stuck, too. uh, me too. i'm really uncomfortable. help! get me out of here. uh-oh. come on, hank. captain.
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what is it, peso? we've got a problem. the huhuhumus can't seem totoeave the octopod. they're stuck in the pipes. aye, whenever we get close to the little fishies, they dive back into the pipes and wedge themselves in even deeper. but what can we do? none of us are small enough to climb in there and pull them out. [toilet flushes] [trills] that's it. we'll flush them out. we're going to flush all the toilets? not just the toilets, kwazii. if we can push even more water through the pipes at the same time, it might flush the humuhumus out. and they can ride the wave out into the ocean. yeow! octonauts, let's do this. barnacles: ok, everyone, are you all ready? aye, sir. sure thing, cap. at the ready. aye, matey. [vegimals chatter]
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ready when you are, captain. me, too. ok, octonauts. and... now! dashi, empty the water cooler. kwazii, run the water. tunip, turn on the hose. ok. tweak, inkling, empty the tanks. [g[gnts] peso, empty the sick-bay tank. see you back in the ocean, hank. will do. see you soon, peso! tweak, empty the launch-bay tank. gotcha! hmm. most of the humuhumus are still stuck. what did i forget? ah. shellington, flush the toilet now.
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whwh! whoo-hoo! yay! yippee! hoo hoo! yay! yay! we're free! hey, hey! is everybody out, hank? yep, that's everybody. ha ha ha. thanks, octonauts. good-bye! aloha! aloha! see ya!! hank, wait. there's something we haven't finished yet. um, there is? yes. i'm still your medic, remember? i need to do a checkup for you and all the other humuhumunukunukuapua'a. [gasps] peso, you finally said it.t. you're right. humuhumunukunukuapua'a. now, you say, "apua-ahh." apua-ahh. [laughs]
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oh, that was fun. calling all l tonauts! kwazii! peso! shellington! dashi! inkling! tweak! tunip! [clears throat] kwazii, activate creature report. creature report creature report creature report facts.s. when humumuare afraid, they hide check. check. check. finding spots to squeeze inside check. check. [trills] they lock themselves into holes and cracks creature report, creature report by raising the fin on their backs creature report, creature report if you're near one, please look out check. check. check. they can suckckp water and squiui it right back out dance break! lapping] go, humus go, humus go, humus creature report creature report creature report we're done with our mission
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octonauts, at ease e all: until the nene adventure thoctonauts and the giant spider crab. just look at that, octonauts. beautiful, isn't it? aye. looks like our kind of place, captain. and best of all, this whole area is still unexplored. it's just out there waiting for us. well, kwazii's gonna be the first to explore the unexplored tonig. [yawns] it's a bit late to start exploring now, kwazii. we can wait till morning. morning? a pirate never its till morning, not t en there's an adventure to be had at n nht. you're not just a little bit scared of what might be out there? scared? this pirate isn't afraid of anything. not even sharks? hah. i laugh at them. how about poisonous jellyfish? not scary to me.
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vampire uids? rahr. let me at 'em. snakes? nope. bats? no. scorpions? yah hah. no match for kwazii. uh, how 'bout spiders? spuh--uhh--spiders? [swallows] luckily, there ararno spiders in thehecean, matey. um, there aren't, are there, captain? don't worry. spiders only live land. good. well, then, as i was saying, this pirate is afraid of nothing. all right, but be careful out there. yo ho, yo ho. it's out to sea i go. hmm. [sighs] vampire squids and sharks. [chuckles] i'm not scared of--
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oh, , at's strange. [thunk] what? who's there? [thunk] [gasps] and what's this? if it's a sea plant, it's a funny-looking one. [grunts] hmm? here's another one. huh? wait a minute. these e en't plants. they're more like... legs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 8 legs, just like a... sp-spider! yeow! [panting] y-y-yoyore not gonna believevewhat i saw back ththe. it was creepy. it was crawly. it was--it was this big. no, 'twas bigger than that. 'twas huge! [sighs] what was it? avast! 'twas a giant spider! and it made a strange noise, like this-- thunk. thunk. thunk.
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b-b-but, captain, i thought you said there were no spiders under the sea-- captain, you gotta see this. there's something big out there, and it looks like it has... 8 legs. let's sound the octo alert. [alarm blaring] octonauts, to the launch bay. octonauts, kwazii has discovered a mysterious creature in these unexplored waters. now it's up to us to find out what it is. i'll get the "gup-a" ready, cap. and i'll... stay hereeat the octopod to.o. fix somemeing... with my tools. kwazii, those are my tools. kwazii, we need you to come along. you're the only one who knows what this creature looks like. what does it look like? the biggest spider i've ever laid me eyes on.
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a spider? in the ocean? i know. it doesn't seem likely, but whatever kwazii saw out there, we're going to find it. peso, shellington, into the "gup-a." kwazii, are you with us? aye, captain. i'm with ye. good. tweak, open the octohatch. right away, cap. see anything, crew? no. not yet. it is pretty dark out there. you know, you're right, captain. why don't we just head back to the octopod, and-- whoa. something's upset them. [thunk thunk] [gasps] what was that? that's it. that's the thunk i thunk i heard when i saw the spider, i--i think.
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let's listen and see if we can figure out where that sound is coming from. [thunk thunk thunk] captain, it's coming from over there. [thunk thunk thunk] shellington: we're getting closer... closer... whatever it is, captain, it should be right here. yeow! aah! [taps glass] yaah! 'tis the spider! [beep] hello out there. we mean you no harm. we are the octonauau. and one of us doesn't like spiders. who are you, and why are you grabbing our gup? oh, i'm sorry. i wanted to say hello. i am a spider... i knew it. i knew it was a a ider. abandon ship and swimimor your lives! ...crab. [all gasp]
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a spider crab. a giant spider crab, to be exact. of course. a giant spider crab. i should have known. so you're... not a scary spider? eh? oh, no. i just look like one. i'm really a crab... [all sigh] the largest crab in the entire ocean, with many, many legs. fascinating. yes, i have 8 legs and 2 pincer arms. pincer arms? they help me to move around and grab things to eat. ouch. what's wrong, mr. giant spider crab? oh. there's something stuck to one of my legs. oh, no. ouch. it's a giant clam. ahahit's very heavy. [thunk] and noisy.
5:19 am
it looks painful. we're coming out right now to help you. right, kwazii? right, captain. hmm. ohh. [grunting] this clam is shut tight. i've seen this before. when clams get stepped on, they close up to protect themselves. it's nearly impossible to pry them open. [groans] this could take a while. ah, why do these things always happen when i'm in a hurry? what's the rush? i'm trying to get to a birthday party. whose birthday is it? mine. mymyhildren and grananhildren are having a great big partfor me. i'm 100 years old today. 100 years old? shiver me whiskers.
5:20 am
long enough to meet many of our grandchildren. i just hope i get to see mine today. on our h hor as octonauts.... we'll get you unstuck, matey. ah. heh. [grunts] [all grunting] crab: ohh. captain, according to my medical manual, giant clams open and close using this muscle. aye, try tickling it. good idea. coochie-coochie-coo. [laughing] that's it. peso, you'll t tkle the clam. kwazii andhellington, you trto pull the clam open. i'll lift the crab's leg out. tickle, pull, and lift.
5:21 am
excellent. yes, sir. aye, aye. tickle. coochie-coochie-coo. [giggles] pull. [grunting] and lift. yes. it's working. let's really get him laughing now. tickle. coochie-coochie-coo. [laughing] pull. [grunting] lift. wha-ho! ah, at last. i'm free. [l[lghs] [octonauts cheering] we did it! good work, octonauts. oh, how can i ever thank you? say... would you like to come to my birthday party? oh. oh. the octonauts never say no to a birthday party. [crabs laughing] oh, dear. [lghs] shiver me whiskers. i've never seen so many kiddies and grandkiddies. grandpa, you made it. ah, yes.
5:22 am
i got here just in time. happy birthdhd, grandpa. [content sigh] rabs laughing] hey, w-what you doing? [laughing] now i know how that giant clam must've felt. [laughing] i guess kwazii's no longer scared of spiders. spider crara, you mean. [laughter] calling all octonauts! kwazii! peso! shellington! dashi! inkling! tweak! tunip! [clears throat] kwazii, activate creature report. creature report creature report creature report facts... spider crabs grow very old check. check. check. to 100 years, we're told check. check. [trills]
5:23 am
creature report, creature report they're as big as they can be crereure report, creatutu report 2 pincer arms so they can grab check. check. check. with 8 legs like a spider it's called a spider crab dance break! [clapping] go, crabby go, crabby go, crabby creature repopo creature report creature report we're done with our mission octonauts, at ease
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he's the hero made of bread that all the bad guys dread he's wholesome through and through champion of healthy food o when you're in a crunch, just call ananorder lunch sam sandwich! (british accent): check me out, dude, i'm sammy starcrust. i'm a rock star, baby. (in cowboy voice): yee-haw, i'm kid broccoli, healthiest salad ininhe whole wild west. (blaring) (normal voice): the emergency alarm! there's a ca coming in from david. (normal voice): to the giant video screen. hi-- uh, who are you guys? where's sam sandwich and salad lad? (as sammy starcrust): those dudes split the scene. we're sammy starcrust and kid broccoli. sorry, mr. starcrustbut...
5:25 am
wait a minute, sam, is that you? (laughs) we fooled you, david. we were trying on disguises. very funny, guys, but it's time to get serious. there's a new restaurant, just opened in the city called biggie's burgers, and they only serve megagaized meals. uh-oh, food makes you growowand gives you enerer, but eating too much food can slow you down and make you lazy. (normal voice): let's get over there right away. sam, wait. what about our disguises? (as sammy starcrust): wear 'em, baby. we may need them to investigate. (as broccoli kid):):boy, howdy, sammy, they sure are big burgers. let's go check the kitchen scene, dude. man: come on down to biggie's where the food is always big it's a lot more fun when there's more on your bun at biggie's. yo, dude. hey, customers arar't allowed in here.. chill out, man, we just came to ask
5:26 am
'cause after they've eaten my giant portions, kids won't have the energy to play sports or have fun anymore. sam sandwich and salad lad. (in normal v vce): that's right, big cheese, and we just tricked you into telling us your evil plan. me and my big mouth. chomp on these, crusty cheeks. hi-yah! they say cheese goes great on everything. try some on your bootsts aah! my feet... are... stuck to the floor. aluminum wrap. it's our only chance. i'm on it, sam. (groaning) nice packaging, partner. t's take this big cheeseball to go. foiled again. good work, sal.
5:27 am
then kids can eat just the right amount and won't feel tired and lazy. our disguises worked great, too. big cheese had no idea who we were. (blaring) that must be david calling to congratulate us. (roa) both: help! (laughs) it's just me. you, know, you guys are right. disguises are fun.
5:28 am
all: yippee-i-o yipppp-i-ay yippee-i-callieiei-hey! hey! i'm callie and i'm the sherif got my badge here on my vest i'm ridin' and ropin' and makin' friends some say i'm the best in the west we're singin' all: yippee-i-o-ki-ay yee-haw! in sheriff llie's wild west all: yippee-i-o-ki-yay yee-haw! saddle up and ride on in learn what it means to be a friend with sheriff callie in sheriff callie's wild west yee-haw! (prairie dog trio reading) toby, i now pronounce you, nice and friendly corner's very first
5:29 am
newspaper delivery cactus! congratulations, t ty! i've always wanted to be a newspaper delivery cactus! it's an important job! newspapers tell us what's goin' on in town. and you make sure we all get a copy. well, lookee here, belinda bulldog's comin' to town! callie: she's an expert water finder. she's coming here to help p find a new spot to dig a well. why, everyone'll want to know about that. then i better hurry up and get those papers delivered! oh, hold on a second. there's one more thing you need for your job. since your job is so important, we got a special gift for ya. oh, boy! is it a pineapple? i love pineapplele (giggles) nope! it's something to help ya deliver newspapers. oh! is it a pineapple? no! aw, why don't you just open it? (gasps)
5:30 am
all l r you, buddy. yippee! i love it! whoo-hee! (laughing) toby! don't forget to deliver the newspapers. oh, right. the newspapers. (giggles sheepishly) be sure everybodyygets a copy. i will! cactus promise! here's one for you and you. gta go! lots of papers toeliver on my new super cool scooter! (all chuckling) (yelps) one for you, ella! here ya go! all the news in nice and friendlylyorners! whoo-wee! i love my scooter! toby sure loves his scooter!
5:31 am
howdy there, belinda. welcome to nice and friendly corners! well thank you very much, sheriff. it's so great to be here. this is my son, bradley. pleased to meet you, bradley. hi. hey, mom, lookokt me! extra! extra! read all about it! here's a paper for you! hey! you're belinda bulldog. you're in the newspaper! say, may i ask how you plan to find water? why, i use my trusty water stick. it can find water that's hiding underground! when i find it, i drive a a ike into the grorod, and water gushes up like a geyser. mom, when you find the water, can i ride the geyser? you can if you're good. say, toby, why don't you show bradley around town while his mom looks for water. sure thing, sheriff. thanks.
5:32 am
ready for a tour of our town? nah. oh! (stammers) okay. then how 'bout a paper? i've got a delivery for you. here ya go, cactus. (laughs) hey! (grunts) that's n n funny. (bradley laughing) (humming) anything yet? nope. but don't worry. my trusty stick will point the way! hmm. oh! ah! oh! aha! op! oh! no. hmm. oh! there we go. there we go. the stick led you into ella's saloon? nope. i just thought it was a good time for a milk break. sounds good to me.
5:33 am
could you please let me through? i gotta keep delivering my papers. you mean these papers? hey! gimme those back, or... or what? or i'll tell sheriff callie! you better not, or you'll be a tattletale. a tattletale? that's right! if you tell on me then you'll be a tattletale. and nobody likes a tattletale! i don't wanna be a tattletale! then you better keep quiet. and try to catch these papers! (laughs) jeepers! (grunts) hold still papers! (frustrated groan) oh, i think i'm getting something i think i'm getting something. (gasps) huh? (chuckles) you sure that stick's working right? oh, there you are abigail.
5:34 am
didn't get a single one. that's right. no, sir. ah, that's awfully strange. i wonder what's taking toby so long. hey! that's my scooter! it's mine now. and you better not be a tattletale. (laughing) (sighs) bradley the bulldog is actin' awful mean in nice and friendly corners he's the worst bully we've ever seen! i think i'm getting something! water. i'm getting a strong sigl. i... nope. lost it. (all sigh) did you find the water yet? i wanna ride the geyser. not yet son. water, water, water, water! bradley, where'd you get that scooter? looks like tobobs. uh, yeah, uh,,he gave it to me.. he gave it to ya? yep. gotta go.
5:35 am
why, yes, it doesn't seem like him to just give away a present. i think maybe we oughta go check on toby. see if he's okay. , there he is. yoo-hoho toby, wait up. you okay, buddy? i'm fine. say, did you get althe papers delivered? i don't wanna talk about it. bradley says you gave him your scooter. i never liked that scooter anyway. toby! i don't believe that for one kitty-lickin' second! yoyoknow you can tell anything, dontcha? i guess so. you know you can trust me, right? yeah. now, why don't you tell me what really happened? oh. because if i tell you bradley threw my papers on the ground and took my scooter, then i'll be a tattletale! oops. he took your scooter? he can't treat my buddy that way! i've got half-a mind to go lock that little fella up!
5:36 am
and nobody likes a tattletale! well, cornfound it, toby. you're my best buddy! i'll always like you! we all will! toby, you did the right thing telling us. you are not a tattletale when you tell on a bully. if a bully is meanor taking your things making you scared or making you blue i know it's hard but you've got to tell the people who care about you you're not a tattletale en you tell on a bulul stand up! speak out! tell friends the truth! do it to protect yourself and the bully won't bully anyone else you're not a tattletale when you tell on a bully i tell you it's the right thing to do! you can countnt on your friendss callie: so that the bullydoesn't bully again
5:37 am
stand up! speak out! tell friends the truth! you're gonna be proud of yourself when he doesn't bully youor anyone else ou're not a tattletata when you tell l a bully i tell you it's thep right thing to do! we're your friends. we're gonna help ya! thanks guys. but i don't know what to do. i asked bradley to stop, but he just kept picking on me. m. sounds to memeike it's time we go have a talk with brbrley. i don't know. is that a good idea? don't you fret, toby. we'll all be there for ya, right? but of course we will. you better believe it. uh, okay. i'll be as brave as a cactus can be. great news! i found water! that's great, belinda. but there's somethin' important that needs tendin' to first.
5:38 am
hold up a minute, bradley. i have someone who wants to talk to you. remember, we're right here. (sighs) brbrley, i want you to stop bullying me! (gasps) bradley! were you bullying toby? i dunno. he threw my newspapers all over and took my scooter. that sounds exactly like bullying to me. bradley! i want you to give that scooter back right now! you tattled on me! now nobody's gonna like you 'cause you're a tattletale! everybody in town loves my best buddy, toby. what we don't like is bullies! toby did the right t tng. son, apologize to toby immediatelel i'm sorry, toby. you made me feel really bad when you took my scooter.
5:39 am
you would? guess i woulda ended up having more fun if i tried to be a friend, rather than a bully. but, w wcould still be friends. thanks, toby. i'd give ya a hug, but, you know, prickly-prickly. (chuckles) maybe i could help you deliver the rest of your papers. sounds great. oh, shucks. (sniffs) i alwlws cry at friendingng (blowing) he always cries at friendings! the water's right here under this dirt. all i gotta do is hammer in the spike and whoosh! the water will squirt right up in a geyser! hey, mom, i got an idea. maybe toto should ride the e yser instead of me.. that would hel make up for bein a bully and all. now that's a nice and friendly idea! yee-haw! (giggles) this is fun!
5:40 am
(giggles) thanks, bradley! you're welcome! (all laughing) hoo-wee! (prairie dog trio reading) (wind whooshing) (bell tolling) (hinges creaking) (creaking) oh! good gracious me! well, i never! looks like the dust storm's finally stopping. (wind whooshing) or maybe not. (sneezes and chuckles) ll sweep that dust out in no time, with my fancy sweepin' moves! (gbunts) ha! yah! hee-yah!
5:41 am
itit dirty again. conflab it! hee-yah! clean! whew! howdy, fellers? (groans) dirty. don't ya fret about that, deputy. we've got bigger problems outside. look! that dust storm made a mighty big mess of everything. a mighty big mess of everything! (coughing) aw, cornnuts! i don't like nice and friendly corners looking like nice and dusty corners! i agree with ya there,e,deputy peck. it's time for a good 'ol fashioned town clean-up! clean up? clean up? we're gonna clean up our town
5:42 am
we'll have the best lookin' toto around if everybody does their part if we work together we can get it done workin' together makes cleanin' up fun let's gather everyone around 'cause with a good old fashioned clean up we're gonna clean up our townn i'll grab a broom i'll grab a mop i'm gonna duste place bottom to top i'm helpin' him i'm helpin' her we'll be finishedin no time i'm sure all: yee-haw! we're gonon clean up our town now is the best time to start we'll have the best lookin' town around if everybody does their part if we work together we can get it done
5:43 am
let's gather everyoyo around 'cause with a good old fashioned clean up we're gonna clean up our town! lookin' mighty fine, everyone! (cheering) ooh! ooh, not so fast, ella. tumbleweeds can be awful tricky. let's wait till we can all pick m up together. all right, sheriff. i'll go get some refrespments for everyonenstead! (sneezes) (chuckles) looks like you also need some cleanin' there, sparky! (sneezes) clementine too. (grunts) heya, peck. want some help? no thanks, toby. i'll wash her myself on account of i'm the deputy and clementine's my mule. well, toby, i could use your help.
5:44 am
you got it, sheriff! (neighs) (grunts) bath time, clementine. clementine! (grunts) (braying) conflab it, girl. why you gotta be so stubborn? sure you don't need any help there, deputy?y? no, thanks, i can do it myself. now no kickin', clementine. (brays) goodirl! see? (brays) fine, then i'll start with your patoot. (braying) hold still, clementine. (continues braying) (yells) (grunts) looks like you're gettin' a bath, not clementine. (braying) ah, sparky's clean. let's go clean the jailhouse now, toby. (grunts)
5:45 am
clementine! you get back here! clementine! fine, we'll take a break. but it was my idea! i'm like a beautiful flying dusting fairy. isn't this fun, boys? uh-huh. real fun. (both grunting) hoo-oe, lookin' good everybody! (all thanking) i brought nice cold milk for everyone! (indistinct shouting) (all slurprpg) callie: boy howdy! the dust storm made that sign more crooked than a snake in a sandstorm! i can fix it up good as new, on account of this is the jailhouse, and i'm the deputy!
5:46 am
you need any help, peck? that's all right. (gruntg) i can do it. i can get it... (grunts) see? good as new! ah! (gasps) i have a bad feeling about this. (screams) (yelling (shrieks) (gasps) whoa! whoa! woo-oo-oo! oops. peck! (chuckles) sorry, everyone. but you're nice and oled off now. right? (chuckles) (annoyed groans) (grunts) don't worry, sheriff, i'll get that sign back up there in no time! wait a minute, peck. how 'bout you let me and toby get the sign. you stay here and help clean up.
5:47 am
you got it, sheriff!f! (scoffs) i sure did make a mess of things. wish i knew how to make it up to everybody. (wind whooshing) by cleanin' up the tumbleweeds, l by myself, that's how! peck! where're you goin'? i'm cleanin' up all the tumbleweeds, on account of i'm the deputy! but sheriff callie said we should do it together! what'cha doin' peck? you should ask for help when you gonna learn youcan't do i iall yourself? gotcha! whoo-wee. tumbleweeds can really stick to a fella. hey, i got another one!
5:48 am
whoa! (grunts) there. whew! oh! hoppin' horsey-toads. now, i'm a tumblin' tumbleweed! help!well. the town looks mighty fine again. say, where's deputy peck? (peck screaming) peck: look out! on account of i'm a tumbleweed! whoa! whoa! uh-oh. (gasps) oh!
5:49 am
whoa, tumbleweeds! whoa! (whistles) (neighs) let's go, sparky! you and me got us a tumblin' deputy to save. (neighs) ooh! ouchity oucuc whoa! i'm gettin' dizzy! (screaming) whoa! he's headed right for roller coaster ridge! whoa! whew, that's better. nice and slow. (screams) (screams) (screams) whew! wait, is that a cliff ahead?
5:50 am
bad tumbleweeds, bad! (screaming) (grunts) (whimpering) yee-ha! nice work sparky! (proud neigh) (peck whimpering) peck, are you all right? no, i'm not all right! i'm fallin' over a cliff. (screams) (giggles) aw, shucks, peck. i saved ya! you did? sure did. but i couldn't have done it alone. right, sparky? (neighs) (gasps) oh, tailfeathers! main street looks worse than ever. i'm awful sorry, everyone i guess i shouldn't of tried to do everything myself. i should've asked for help.
5:51 am
that's right, toby. and how she helped get you out of that tumbleed? yep. and how we all... (groans) i oughta clean up this mess myself, on account of i'm the one who made it. (braying) but we'd all be happy to help you! and d th all your help,p, the job will be a breeze! the job will be a breeze! yee-haw! woo-hee! (chuckles)s) (whinnies) (whinnies) (chuckles)
5:52 am
name calling can really hurt a feller's feelings. oh, shucks. i got to tell toby i'm sorry. there's no shame in admitting when you're wrong when you're wrong don't you worry you can say you're sorry friendship is worth a few pokes every now and again every now and again everybody i i nice and friendly corners is nice and friendly when life gives you lemons i say, "just make lemonade" turn a pesky problem into a super solution you can't fix a mistake with another mistake don't feel bad don't feel bad
5:53 am
after what you two have just been through j jt been through i reckon y'all done learned your lesson you've learned your lesson i wish there was some way i could make it up to everybody. now, hold on! there is! there's no shame in admitting when you're wrong when you're wrong don't you worry you can say you're sorry f fendship is worth a aew pokes every now and again every now and again everybody in nice and friendly corners is nice and friendly there's no shame in admitting when you're wrong when you're wrong don't you worry you can say you're sorry there's no place in this world that i'd rather be everybody in ce and friendly cornrns is nice and friendly
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