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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 8, 2015 7:00am-8:00am CST

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hey, everybody. it's me, mickey mouse. say, you wanna come inside my clubhouse? well, all right! let's go. ah, i almost forgot. to make the clubhouse appear, we get to say the magic words-- meeska, mooska, mickey mouse. say it with me. meeska, mooska, mickey mouse. captioning made possible by disney--abc cable networks group m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e that's me! m-i-c-k-e-y
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it's the mickey mouse clubhouse come inside, 's fun inside t's the mickey mouse clubhouse roll call! donald! present. daisy! here. goofy! hyuck! here. pluto! [ruff ruff] minnie! oh ho! here. mickey! right here. it's the mickey mouse clubhouse come inside, it's fun inside m-i-c-k-e-y -o-u-s-e mickey: it's the "mickey mouse clubhouse." ha ha! welcome to our clubhouse, everybody. it's a very special day because-- [barking] oh, gosh. you're right, pluto. let's have minnie tell us. oh! [chuckles]
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well, today is the grand opening of our new mickey park picnic grounds. and we're going to celebrate with a picnic. [giggles] everyone's coming! [chuckles] everyone? wow! how many friends is that? well, let's see. i just finished the guest list. come on, everybody. count with us. minnie and mickey: one... 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12! mickey: 12 friends in all. [chuckles] that's a lot! great counting, everybody! oh! this is going to be the most wonderful picnic ever. [doorbell chimes] [gasps] oh, my! that must be one of our guests.
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well, hiya, mickey the mouse! minnie. hiya, pete. [giggles] hello, pete. i can't wait for the big picnic lunch today! [chuckles] [stomach growls] oh! that's my tummy talking. i don't think it could wait either. he said, "feed me! feed me!" [chuckles] so, when do we eat? well, pete, the picnic doesn't start till later. and we still have a lot to do. hmm. well, is there anything i can do to help get ready? you know, speed things up a bit? [chuckles] thank you, pete. hmm. well, here's something you can do. look in the closet and see if you can find a picnic blanket big enough for 12 friends. big enough for 12 friends, eh? oh, that ought to be easy. one, 2, 3... uh, 4... uh, don't tell-- 5, 6. [horse neighs] i need more fingers.
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i hope i can get everything ready for the picnic in time. hmm. well, i have an idea. will you help minnie get her picnic ready in time? that's swell! come on. let's go to the mousekedoor and get our mouseketools. mouseker-hey, mouseker-hi, mouseker-ho mouseker-ready, mouseker-set, here we go! you're a thinkin' and a solvin' work-it-througher mouseke-me, mouseker-you, mousekedoer mouseker-me, mouseker-you, mousekedoer [ringing] oh, toodles, it's time to get to it ha ha! show us the mouseketools to help us do it meeska, mooska, mousekedoer. mouseketools, mouseketools, mouseketools here are your mouseketools a trampoline! [boings]
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boing, boing, boing! ha ha! a wagon! ooh. a beach towel! surf's up! and the mystery mousketool. that's a surprise tool that can help us later toodles has the tools, the mouseketools so when we need 'em toodles will bring 'em he's here for meedle and youdle ha ha! and all we have to say is, "oh, toodles" all we have to say is, "oh, toodles" [ringing hot dog! we got our mouseketools. now, we're all set to help minnie get the picnic ready. [doorbell chimes] oh! hiya, donald. hello, daisy. uh, you're both a little early for the picnic, and there's still so much to do.
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donald and i wanteddto help you get ready. oh, that's wonderful! thank you! i could really use help counting the plates. well, let's start counting! ok, donald. here are all my plates. we need 12 plates for 12 friends. do you want to count the plates with us? great! thanks. donald: one... 2... 3... 4... 5... finished! donald, are you sure? are 5 plates enough for 12 friends? no. . u're right. ok. maybe 5's not enough. [chuckles] so far, we have 5 plates. so, let's add another 5 plates
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and see if that's enough. donald: 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10! that's enough! not so fast, donald. are 10 plates enough for 12 friends? no. i didn't think so. we only had 10, and 10 is less than 12. so, we still need more. let's add 3 more plates and see what happens. donald: 10... 11... 12... [barks] donald: 13 plates. now, that's enough. but donald, we need 12 plates for 12 friends.
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right. 13 is more than 12, so 13 plates are too many. if we only need 12 plates, what should we do? should we add more or take some away? uh-huh! let's take one away and see if that helps. donald: 12! just right. here you go, minnie. 12 plates for our 12 friends. thank you, daisy. thanks, donald. and thank you, too. and here are the hot dogs and buns for the picnic..oh ho! ready to gogo and i found a picnic blanket. so, let's get a move on, neighbors. i'm starving. ah, don't worry, pete. all we got to do is load the tune car for the trip to mickey park.
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hmm. maybe a mouseketool can help us. everybody, say-- oh, toodles! all: oh, toodles! [ringing] mickey: a trampoline... a wagon... a beach towel... and the mystery mouseketool. which mouseketetl can help us carry all the picnic supplies out to the tooncar? [dings] the wagon! you betcha! we got ears. say, "cheers!" come on, everybody. to the tooncar! next stop, the new mickey park picnic grorods! sing with us, everyone!$, all: hot dog!
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we're having a picnic it's sure to be lots of fun can't wait to be with all our friends and eat hot dogs on the bun yeah! hot dog! we're having a picnic it's sure to be lots of fun yeah! can't wait to be with all our friends and eat hot dogs on the bun oh, yeah! [chuckles] daisy: whoaoathe road is bouncy! tell me about it! hang on, everybody! i've got everything under control. [all laughing] whoa! whoa! oh!
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[bicycle bell rings] mickey: well, look who's here-- it's goofy and clarabelle cow! hi, everybody! why, goofy, i haven't seen you ride that bike for a long time. that's because for a long time, i didn't have a bell on it. but he does now-- a clarabelle! [both laugh] [barks] miokey: well, look who else is here-- it's bella, clarabelle's puppy. [panting] [barking] [pluto barking] stay out of trouble, you two! and don't forget to meet us at the new picnic grounds!
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daisy: oh, look! [both laugh] both: hi, mickey. hi, everybody! whoo-hoo! hello, down there! mickey: it's professor von drake! hi, professor! "high" would be correct, mickey! [laughs] i am flying high, thanks to this new von drake helium-filled blimpity blazer, patent pending. whoa! whoa! oh! the wind is really blowing up here, i've got to tell you! follow the professor to the new mickey park picnic grounds.
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first, let's lay out the picnic blanket. i got it. i got it! whoopsie! hey, what's the big idea? [indistinct muttering] [gasps] oh, no! oh, i'm sorry, minnie. i didn't mean to mess up the blanket. it's ok, pete. that's not what i'm worried about. i wonder if this blanket is big enough for all 12 of us to sit on. looks big enough to me. well, pete, there's a way we can figure out if it's big enough. you see, the blanket is made up of... one, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 squares.
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if one friend d n sit on one square, are 8 8 uares enough for 1212riends? nope. we need 12quares. then we're going to need another blanket for that. oh, but we don't have another blanket. why don't we see if there's a mouseketool we could use as a blanket? you've got it, daisy. everybody, say-- oh, toodles! all: oh, t tdles! [ringing] minnie: look! the beach towel has one, 2, 3, 4 colored squares-- squares just like the picnic blanket! mickey: could some of our friends sit on the beach towel for the picnic? why, sur we got ears. say, "cheers!"
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hmm. we already have 8 squares on the picnic blanket-- enough for 8 friends, and if we add the 4 squares on this towel, how many squares ararthere altogether? 8... 9, 10, 11,2. oh! mickey: so, 8 squares plus 4 more squares is 12 squares. will that be enough room for all 12 friends? yep. that's just right! [laughs]s]now, we can have our picnic! come on, everyone. let's set it up. ok. we got us the picnic blanket and the extra towel, and we got ourselves the plates. so let's bring on the eats. yum!
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[wind gusting] [all exclaiming] oh, dear! our blanket and towel are gone! now, there's nothing for us to sit on. hold on, minnie. we need something that will help us reach the blanket and the towel. uh, mickck, how about we check our mousedoodles-- uh--micecaboodles-- mouseketools? good idea, goof. everybody, say... oh, toodles? [ringing] mickey: hmm. can we use the trampoline to reach the blanket and the towel? you betcha! we can bounce on the trampoline and reach them both. we got ears. say, "cheers!" [rings] bounce with me! everybody, up!
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bounce! bounce! hey! why does this always happen to me? [sputters] great bouncing, everyone. oh, boy! that was spring-dingy, is what that is. now, we can get this picnic c arted... in t t brand-new mickey park picnic grounds. finally! it's about time! hey! anyone want some punch? [all talking at once] then, grab yourself a cup. the punch is coming right up. punchy-punch is perfect for lunch whoa! look out!
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[all screaming] oh! our picnic is ruined. gosh! sorry, everybody. oh, , 's not that bad, of. it's just punch. but we do need something to clean it up with. petey's right. maybe a mouseketool could help us out. that's a great idea, clarabelle. you really think so? oh, i always wanted to say that. everybody, say-- oh, toodles! all: oh,h,oodles! [ringing] mickey: gosh! only the mystery mouseketool is left. goofy: i sure hope it's something that will help clean up the mess i made. everybody, say...
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today's mystery mouseketool is... a giant sponge! gee, can a giant sponge soak up a giant punch spill? [toodles rings] let's give it a try! we picked all our mouseketools. say, "super cheers!" [ringing ok, goofy. now, work with me here. push the sponge and soak up the spill. come on, everyone. push the sponge with us. here we go! and push! push! push! and push! push! push! yippee! it worked! the giant sponge spongie-ed up all the punch! ooh! good sponging, everyone.
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hooray! our picnic is saved! whoa! whoa! oh! oh, my goodness! [all talking at once] these picnic grounds seem to be in the windiest spot in mickey park. oh, this picnic's a disaster. oh! i'm afraid donald's right. wait a minute, everybody. it's not as bad as you think. it isn't? nope. [chuckles] this is mickey park, and that means anything can happen here. oh ho! come on, everybody. follow me! and now, pull! [alarm buzzes and bell rings] [whistle blows] [all talking at once] pete: that's amazing, is what it is. ok. so, now can we get this picnic started already? i'm hungrier than ever.
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[all talking at once] [bella barks] [pluto barks] well! [laughs] those handy helpers sure do know how to move! oh, boy!y! oh! yummy-yum! hot doggie! this is wonderful! [barks] [laughs] flying hot dog. what's next? uh... dancing hot dogs? i'm working on that right now already.
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this picicc turned out great! let's all give 3 cheers for minnie! all: hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray! p, hip, hooray! oh, thank you. [giggles] i'll sure remember it! [laughs] now, let's all get up and do the hot dog dance! up! up on your feet! hot dog [barks] [computerized] hot dog hot dog hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog now we got ears, it's time for cheers hot dog, hot dog, the problem's solved hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog we've had such a great day today, so let's all celebrate by doing the hot dog dance.
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well, what a hot dog day. hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog it's a brand-new day, what ya waitin' for? get up, s setch out, stomp p the floor hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog we're splitting the scene, we're full of beans so long for now from mickey mouse that's me! and the mickey mouse club house aw, thanks for stopping by. mickey: oh, another fun day! minnie: do you remember how many plates we needed for the picnic today? right! we needed 12 plates, one plate for each of our 12 friends. mickey: flying hot dogs!
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see you real soon. captioning made possible by disney--abc cable networks group
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( cheering ) ( cheering ) ( music ) ( gong ) ( squealing ) ( gasping ) ( tribal drums, cymbals ) ( cheering in sync with movement ) ( alarmed ) ( harp )
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( amazed ) ( alarmed ) ( anticipatory beeping ) ( zooming by ) ( squealing ) ( speeding ) ( screeching to a halt ) ( boing ) ( near silence ) ( music ) ( beeping )
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i was a girl in the vililge doing all right then i became a princess overnight now i gotta figure out how to do it right so much to learn and see up in the castle with my new family in a school that's just for royalty a whole enchanted world is waiting for me - i'm so excited to be - sofia the first i'm finding out what being royal's all about sofia making my way, it's an adventure every day sofia - it's gonna be my time - sofia the first
7:28 am
- ( knock on door ) - huh? vivy dear, look who's here to help you pack. - hi, vivian. - hi, sofia. thanks for coming. of course. i can't w wt to see your new castle. it's tremendous. there's a swimmer's mo, three-carriage garage, an indoor jousting court-- and we've been told it has a very enchanting garden. that would be great, if i swam or jousted or gardened. it's never too late to start, vivy dear. we'll leleyou two get packing. what's wrong, vivian? your new castle sounds really nice. i love this castle, sofia. i love my music room. i don't want to move. well, maybe your new castle will have a music room, too. or another room that you like even better.
7:29 am
it's my favorite place in the whole world. sometimes i spend all day in here. it's big enough to hold all of my instruments, and i can play them as loud as i want. hey, i know what might cheer you up. do you want to come over for dinner? crackle and clover can play together, and you won't have to think about moving. actually, i'd really like that. sofia: clover! crackle's here. hm. i wonder where he is. clover: everybody onboard? all right. cloverer hold on. here we go. - aha. here you are. - ( sprites whooping excitedly ) higher! clover! ( laughing ) oh, hey. hey, crackle. can't breathe. what? i don't know what y y're saying, but i bet it's adorable. hey, look who's back. - hiya, sofia. - hunga bung who are they?
7:30 am
these are the wee sprites. this is my friend vivian. any friend of sofia's is a friend of ours, so, hi, new friend. i'm button. brody. and i'm bengee. shall we give her a wee sprite welcome? huhua bunga! catch us! glad to meet ya, vivian. you guys are fun. yes, when they're not causing too much trouble. we prefer to call it good, clean mischief. - what do you mean? - well, when i first met them, i let them in my castle, and they made a huge mess. knocked over the cake, spilled fruit puncnceverywhere. they almost ruined my mom's party. what can i say? we like to have fun. but sometimes, fun causes messes, and messes cause trouble, and then everyone freaks out! so now, we live out here. which is much better for everyone. ( bell ringing ) dinner is served, my ladies. we better go inside. um, sofia, why don't i round up crackck and clover,
7:31 am
and i'll meet you in there? okay. thanks, vivian. so do you guys think you could help me out with a little problem? oh, i'm sure we would only make it worse. yeah, that's what i'm hoping. uh, what do you have in mind exactly? well, my family's moving to a new castle tomorrow, and i really, really don't wanna move there. you think you could ke enough trouble in this new castle that mparents would want to turn around and go back to our old one? oh, you've comf to the right wee sprites. there are so many things we could do, like we could track mud all over the ceiling. or fill the whole place up with crickets. or there's the old classic. we could make it seem like a haunted castle. ( gasps ) haunted. that's perfect. this one's a handful. - hi, vivian. - thanks for coming, sofia i'm so glad you could help me move in today. whoo hoo! oh, yeah! clover!
7:32 am
can i show you arouou? ere's a huge gardennfull of flowers... and fruits and veggies. well, in that case, to the garden, crackle. i, uh, have to check something. go on in. i'll be there in a sec. okay. hi, guys. - nice castle. - i can't wait to get inside. - after you. - uh, hey, would you mind - carrying us in? - not at all. hop on. yoyocan put that down right here. both: yes, ma'am. ( straining ) yeah! hey, did you do that?
7:33 am
no. there's something odd about this armor, your majesties. ( organ begins playing ) what's going on? it looks to me like this castle is haunted. both: haunted?! ( laughing ) now, vivian, i'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this. maybe something happened to the organ during the move. and the armor. i'll call the royal repair man. but, mom, dad, we can't live in a castle with ghosts. we should really go back to our old castle right now. vivy dear, the castle isn't haunted.d. now let's keep unpacking, shall we?
7:34 am
okay. i'm, uh, right behind you. it didn't work, you guys. you'll have to doosomething bigger. scarier. , haunt-ier. don't worry about it. we're gonna... whooo... ghost it up. we're on it. ( sprites laughing ) and this is the new garden. ah. and this is a happy rabbit. chow time. mmm. good? oh, yeah. mmm. morning, friends. who are you? herb. hedgehog and grand poobah of this here enchanted garden.this is an enchanted garden? oh, , ah. super enchanted.
7:35 am
and that tasty little fruit your pal just ate is an enchanted likenberry. it makes you swoon. go head over heels ga-ga for the first critter you see after eating it. and that first critter was me. so that means... yoyoare my best, best, best, best friend evev. yeah, that's a swoon. it's happening. wow! it's like there's a treehouse in the middle of your room. i always wanted a treehouse. and look at this amazing staircase. whoa. do you hear the echo the room makes ovevehere? i bet it would sound really great if you played your mandolin there. hmm. it sounds like a whole orchestra. this room is amazing. it is pretty great.
7:36 am
( loud shrieks ) what could that be? you carry it. uh-uh. it's haunted. gentlemen, nothing is haunted. is it the ghosts again? both: yes. - both: no. - yes! you know, i wouldn't be surprised if all the pictures on the walls just suddenly came to life. there are some scary-looking people up there. cecily: the paininngs are not going g suddenly come to li. i don't know, mom. anything can happen in a haunted castle. i want to be small. - aha! i thought i saw you guys. - sofia! - what are you doing here? - vivian brought us in. brody: to make it seem like the castle's haunted. button: she was us to cause trouble. how cool is that? ] could stay here forever. you think we could? wait. vivian brought you into this castle?
7:37 am
- yep. - and we're just getting warmed up. we're about to bring on some serious tomfoolery. oh, no. crackle, do you know how much i like you? tell me. tell me, tell l ! i like you so mucuc it makes me wannnnhop so high that i just might never, ever drop i like you so much, i want you close to me you make me wanna write bad poetry when i close my eyes, all i see is you you're so beautifully blue-oo-ooo b be-oo-ooo i like you so much, it makes me wanna hop so high that i just might never, ever drop wherever you walk, you know i'll run playing chase with you is so much fun here i come, wanna hold you tight and be your little buck-toothed furry knight
7:38 am
furry knight that's right 'cause i like you so much he likes you so much i like you so much he likes you so much i like you so much so much can't breathe. what was that, crackle? i can't understand you, but i'm sure whatever you said, - it was adorable. - herb. what can i do ya for? is there anything in your garden that'll undo the effects of the likenberry? make him not like me so much, like a d d't likenberry? oh, yeah, there's a bey that'll make himormal again. oh, phew. what is it? - a bluesberry. - great. where is it? somewhere over there. or over there. maybe over there.
7:39 am
just look for a totally blsh bush. you can't misssst, if you can find d . oh. clover, i need some space. imagine there's a bubble around me, and you have to stay on the outside of it. pop. i think i'i'gonna need more help. i want to be big again. - vivian. - where'd you go, sofia? you brought wee sprites into this castle? yeah. they're going to get my parents to leave. this is serious, vivian. inviting them in was a big mistake. once you let wewesprites in, it's almost impossible to get them out. that's okay with me. they can stay, as long as they get my parents to go. vivian, i know how you feel, but this isn't a good way to deal with it.
7:40 am
what do you mean? when my mom and i moved to the castle, i had to leave my room, my house, my friends. i had to leave so many things that i loved. i was sad, and i was scared, too. - you were? - yes. because everything was new and different. but just because something's new doesn't mean it can't be great. i don't know, sofia. sofia, i need your help. clover ate a likenberry in the enchanted garden, and it made him go completely totally goo-goo ga-ga for me. holdlde closer, crackle. closer. - see? h hb the hedgehog said a bluesberry will turn him back to normal, so i really, really need your help to find one... as soon as possible. what's wrong with crackle? i don't know, but i think she wants to show us something. wow. this is a pretty garden.
7:41 am
let's spread out. look for a bush that's all blue. i'm comin' with you. i know you are. sofia, l lk. wow! ( both giggling ) ( musical tone plays ) watch this. ( musical tones playing ) my dad said this place had an enchanting garden, but it's actually enchanted. yeah, i'm pretty sure that's true. oh, crackle? what is it, clover?
7:42 am
( gasps ) the bluesberry bush! yeah. anything r my crackle. this is all so incredible. ( flowers singing ) and there's even a cute little hedgehog. i love this garden. you do? - uh-huh. and your bedroom was pretty great, too, wasn't it? it was. it really was. so maybe you could like living here after all? ll, it's not my old castle. i mean, it's different, that's for sure. but good different. so, yeah, i think i could like it here. ( screaming ) - uh-oh. - what now? - we'll be right back. - it's okay. we found 'em. yeah, we did. ugh! i don't know what came over me then,
7:43 am
ah, that's my clover. bubble space, crackle. bubble space. respect the bubble. ( sighs ) okay. the chandedeer. look at it. vivian! i'm so sorry we didn't believe you before. we will leave immediately. no, wait. i want to stay now. we can't stay. the castle is... haunted! no, no, it's not. it's only wee sprites. look. wee sprites? wee sprites! i asked them to makeket seem like the castle was haunted so we wouldn't have to live here. but now i want to live here. you brought wee sprites into this castle? - uh-huh. - that's even worse than the castle being haunted! what do you mean? i tried to tell you before, vivian.. onceceou let wee sprites in, it's really hard get them out.
7:44 am
we're moving back. right away, your majesty. go, go. wait! mom, dad. i can get them to leave. ( sprites laughing ) hunga bunga. mission acacmplished. oh, , d you see them run outta here? guys, guys, you did a really great job. great job. but it turns out i want to live here, so since we're friends and all, would you do me a big favor and leave... now? oh, no can do. we're havin' way too much fun. yeah. i can't wait to see what we do next. oh, i know. i know.. let's make sugar angels in the kitchen. isn't there some way to get them out? you have to make them say they want to leave, which they never want to do. well, i've got to try. sofia, clover ate the bluesberry, and now, he's back to his grumpy, wonderful self.
7:45 am
no mororfollowing my every move. vivian, i think i know how to get the wee sprites out. just get the wee sprites to eat these likenberries, and i'll take care of the rest. but how will eating berries get them out of the castle? they're enchanted berries. ho! ha ha ha! oh, whoa! watch! hi there. are you gonna try and make us leave again? no. i just wanted to thank you guys for helping me out. we love thanking. and i brought you a thank-you gift. we love gifts. eat. then these e for you. - frh from the garden. - thanks. hi, guys.
7:46 am
you're... ...the best person we've ever met. hunga bunga. thank you. you know what i want more than anything? - what? - tell us. we'll get it for you. i want to leave the castle and go for a long walk. doesn't that sound nice? it sounds tremendous. let's do it. anything for you. so you want to leave the castle with me? all: we want to leaveethe castle with yoyo there you are. now can we walk near you? i mean, with you? it worked. mom, dad, sofia and i got the wee sprites out of the castle. - you did? - look. - bengee: oh, sofia, - button: : love walking with you. brody: i hope it never ends. well, if you got the wee sprites out,
7:47 am
right, marcus? quite right, cecily, dear. everything back inside, gentlemen. - both: again? - ( exhausted sigh ) mom, dad, m so sorry i tried to ruinnthe move. it's okay, vivian. we understand how you feel. it's hard to leave someplace you love. it is, but i'm going to be okay here. more than okay. remember that garden you told me about? turns out it's enchanted. you mean enchanting, don't you, dear? no. enchanted, as in magical. you have to see it. - oh..- very well then. where's the bluesberry bush, mr. hedgehog? that is a good question. over here, sof. yeah! hunga bunga. you have to try these blues-berries. they're delicious. if you love 'em, i love 'em. save some for me.
7:48 am
hunga bunga. whoa! what happened? you tricked us somehow, didn't you? were those likenberries you gave us in there? sorry. i had to get you out of the castle. but we can still play in the garden. you are a very tricky princess, you know that? ah. ( giggles) it's like i told you, dad. it's not just enchanting. it's enchanted. i have an idea. let's have a garden party. all right! - sounds fun. - garden party! ( happy tune playing )
7:49 am
respect the bubble. respect the bubble. this garden is definitely my favorite place in the castle. in fact, it could be my new favorite place
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sorry we're late. we were at gigantic's getting a gigantic pair of scissors for the ribbon cutting ceremony. why are they covered in mustardrd we also split a giganticicot dog. now i have a gigantic stomachache. guys. the grand opening of the a&a music factory isn't until next wk. today's just a preview for some reporters to generate buzz. aw, so i don't get to cut anything? you can cut this tiny thread off my shirt,
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it's been bugging me all day.
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