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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 15, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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any plans over it. good evening i'm brian ha we're seeing some sprinkles around the bay area tonight. but don't cancel any plans over it! >> it is back, much-needed rain returning to the bay area just in time for the weekend. and this is what it looked like in mill valley just about an hour ago. the winds picking up as the raindrops start to fall. not the soak we saw tweekend. >> nor is it the soaking the rest of the bay area is seeing. much of the cold front is pressing south and falling apart. a pretty good band of cells offshore. but it's just affecting the fish at the moment! we'll have the entire forecast for you. area that didn't want rain tonight. our brian webb wast the annual chinese new year parade as it wound through n the one spot in the bay area that didn't want rain tonight! brian was at the annual chinese new year's parade
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as it wound through san francisco. >> reporter: one of the top-10 parades in the world makes it a must-see for this mom and daughter new to the bay area. >> you like the dragons? [ laughter ] >> reporter: 100,000 people-plus lined the streets of san francisco to celebrate the year of the horse in a parade. >> we don't know much about it. but the parade is just something to do. >> reporter: a parade that takes more than two hours to take in. from marching bands, floats, and dragons. apparently be a dragon tail can be a drag! >> i like it, but it's tiring at the same time. >> reporter: the lunar new year tradition traces back to china 5,000 years ago. it's been part of san francisco since the mid-1800s and is now a family tradition for before. >> i was born in china, and i was adopted. and every year, we
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like to come here to explore and celebrate chinese new year. it's kind of a tradition in our family. >> reporter: on a cold and cloudy day, mother nature did not rain on this parade. of asia. a man was hit and killed by >> san francisco's parade is billed as the largest of its kind outside of asia. a man hit and killed by a muni train. it happened just after 2:30 this afternoon in the tunnel near the powell street station. we don't know how the man ended up on the tracks. muni said it's not unusual for homeless people to retrieve belongings they've hidden along the rails. >> people in the winter time spend more time in the station. they bring belongings with them and leave them in place,
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including sometimes under the trackway. >> normal service resumed at about 6:30. workers in one area are hieg for the highest min -- fighting for the highest minimum wage in the country. >> every business, every worker, and everyone in our city will be lifted up because of the work we're starting here! >> reporter: the goal? gather enough signatures to get a minimum wage hike on the ballot in oakland. the current is $8, the goal? $12.25, plus cost of living increases every year. >> reporter: for steven -- >> living paycheck to paycheck. and if i get fired, i'm not going to be out in the street. >> reporter: many here experience similar struggles. >> i work very hard every day,
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40 hours plus a week, and i still can't make it. i don't want a handout. >> i'm not a victim. i just want to make enough money to provide for my little ones. >> reporter: it also called for a minimum number of sick days for all workers. >> if they become sicking they'll be able to take care of their children and not worry about paying the rent. >> reporter: the state minimum wage was bumped to $10 an hour by 2016. this crowd says a higher wage will be good for all of oakland. more money for the workers means more business for the stores. >> organizers need 35,000 signatures by the end of may. another 41 californians died from the flu this week. that brings the total to 243 for the season. bay area chances account for more than 20% of
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those deaths. athletes are still waiting to light an explosive-laden house near redding on fire! the entire neighborhood has been evacuated. the home is filled with 60 pounds of unstable explosives. they're worried if they try to move them, they'll set off a potentially deadly blast. instead they'll light it on fire and brunr burn it to the -- burn it to the ground. cops swarmed the florida peninsula today after a man refused to leave and locked himself inside. he told the ownership of a bar that if she wanted him out accident she'd have to call the -- out, she'd have to call the s.w.a.t. team. officers forced their way in and arrested him. and police are looking for the killer responsible for a deadly stack outside a hayward bar. when officers got there, they found a man good in the
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parking hot -- dead in the parking lot. martin case. a florida jury reached a verdict today in a murder trial that's drawing comparisons to the trayvon martin case. in the end, the jurors weren't able to decide on the most serious charge. >> reporter: a florida judge declared a mistrial on the most serious charge. >> based on the jury's inability to reach a verdict as to count 1, i will declare that mistried. >> reporter: the jury convicted michael dunn of four lesser charges, including three counts of attempted murder. but jurors could not reach a consensus on the murder charge. dunn claimed he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot jordan davis in jacksonville in 2012. the gun fire was captured by a convenience store camera. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: the 47-year-old software engineer said davis became angry after he asked the
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georgia teen and his friends to turn down the loud rap music in their suv. dunn testified as that as the situation escalated, he thought he saw the barrel of a shotgun and heard davis threaten to kill him. >> i'm not going to forfeit my life to somebody. >> reporter: he grabbed his gun he said to protect him and fired at the suv. he then fled the scene. authorities never found a weapon in the teen's vehicle. davis's parents were pleased with the verdict. >> we're so deprave that the jurors were able to -- grateful that the jurors were able to understand the common sense of it all. >> reporter: dunn faces a minimum of 20 years in prison for each of the attempted murder charges. prosecutors plan to retry the murder charge. >> tomorrow would have been jordan davis's 19th birthday. another storm is slamming the northeast, and they haven't even finished digging out from the last one. this was the scene in harvard square this afternoon. frachters predict more than -- forecasters predict
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more than a foot of snow will blanket new england by furthermore morning. plows are out everywhere. but it's still dangerous driving with old ice under the new snow. >> roads are not doing too well. >> the weather has forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights across the u.s. some passengers have been stranded for days. thousands in the south are still without power as a result of the previous storm. >> and the storms slamming the east coast aren't just causing problems there. they're having a major impact all the way across the atlantic. >> reporter: 30-foot ways battered britain's coast. along with downpours, this one brought hurricane-force winds. >> reporter: last night, rooftop concrete plunged down onto this car, killing a
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49-year-old woman right in the heart of london. britain has become a battlefield with thousands of soldiers deployed to fight rising flood waters. the princes even pitched in, delivering sandbags to residents. the community spirit may have to hold up better than flood barriers. britain will continue to be pounded by relentless rain, not just for day, but for weeks to come! meteorologist joanna robinson says the severe weather in the u.s. is to blame for wreaking havoc over here. >> this is like a storm factory! >> it is. creating storms across the atlantic and hitting the uk. >> reporter: we found homes in west london, and a man fighting back the tide with his own pump. >> the level was within half an inch of coming in the house. we managed to hire two more pumps. we're doing about seventy
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gallons a minute each. >> reporter: it could be months before the floods subside, and that once it ever stops raining. they are pouring a concrete foundation in los angeles tonight. that may sound about as exciting as watching cement dry, but it could actually set a world record! the foundation is for a new skyscraper in downtown l.a.. at 1100 feet, it will be the tallest building west of mississippi. the marathon concrete pour began this evening and is expected to last 20 hours, are the longest ever continuous pour. plus: so many girl scout cookies.. so little time. t story behind this massive northern california deliver and a couple of college make and the story behind this massive northern california delivery. >> and a couple of college kids make a giant mess of their dorm!
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it... but there's not much dropping out of the skies fm tonight's storm...the forect is coming up. >> doppler showing showers, and what's going to happen tonight. ,,,,,,,,
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the tibetan spiritual leader will talk about how to achie happiness. don knapp on how the lo preparing dalai lama's tour will break into the bay area next weekend. >> he will talk about how to achieve happiness. how the local tibetan community is preparing. >> reporter: at the tebettan community center in richmond, they mix up some cement to fix the road for the arrival of the dalai lama. >> he's been our guiding force, he's everything to us. >> reporter: in a prayer room, members prepare holy offerings of medicine and precious medals and incense. stacks of tibetan holy scriptures will be read. everywhere on the property, volunteers work to clean up, fix up, and paint up the center. >> preparations for the dalai lama's visit seem a little like
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an oldfashioned barn-raising. [ cheering and ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: they rehearse a traditional tibetan dance they'll perform. >> excited and nervous at the same time. >> he's like our heart. without our heart, we won't live. he's like the heart of tibetan people. >> reporter: it's not only the tibetan community that's excited. last month, 3,000 people stood in line for tickets to this talk on achieving happiness. the llama's arrival here is more personal for these recent immigrants. >> we don't have our own country. we can still have our hope. and the dalai lama gives us speeches and hope that one day we'll get our country back. >> and there are approximately 2,000 tibetans in the region.
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it is girl scout cookie time. if you ever said you could eat a million of them, here's what that look like! it was nirvana for girl scout cookie lovers today. the shipment can make more than a million packages. more than 600 volunteers and staff helped load up the cases for delivery. tonight's 330- million doll dr good news if you didn't buy a powerball ticket, there were no jackpot winners in tonight's $330 million drawing! but it wasn't for lack of trying! sales put the jackpot up by $44 million since wednesday! with no winner tonight, the jackpot is expected to swell to about $400 million next week. but you still might have won $2! the winning numbers are 2, 9, 14, 21, 23, and the powerball thee.
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now. they're off the hook -- for this. they had the bright idea to two college students in oregon are feeling lucky right now. they're off the hook for this. very imp and as you can >> they had this bright idea to build a giant snowball at the top of a hill. and as you can see, it didn't turn out so well! it put a $3,000 dent in this dorm. of the students say it was an accident, and the school believes them. so they won't have to pay for the repairs. >> i hope they weren't physics majors. [ laughter ] >> force? acceleration? yeah. we've got some robustness happening off the coast tonight. all being pushed along by low pressure. it died out in the east bay, but there's a few cells on the way. and just touching the area around the shoreline of the peninsula, we've got some pretty good bands of showers going in. but there's nothing left of them by
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the time they hit the east bay shoreline. we're going to get some showers tonight. in the peninsula, drying up after midnight. but there's some pretty good cells coming in into the santa cruz mountains. livermore and concord, not much. and perpetually usual. for tonight, the east bay, 0.05 of an inch. the peninsula, a quarter inch. and half an inch in the santa cruz mountains. we're not getting more out of this for the rest of the month. the present status of the drought shows extreme drought in southern california. it's an classified as an exceptional drought. right now, the numbers are mostly in the 50s in the bay areas.
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58 degrees for san francisco. 58 for san jose. and the winds right now gusting out of the south. nothing dramatic. out the door tomorrow morning. all of this should dispensed with. sunny skies coming up for much of the bay area tomorrow. you can see that the low pressure is too far north of this to really squeeze out the moisture. it's pressing through the bay area right now. as the showers head south, moving out, clearing up, and getting increasing sunshine for tomorrow. everything just pops, and we have clear skies through 10:00 tomorrow morning. rain totals so far tonight, not bad. about a quarter of an inch. mountain view, just 100th of an
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inch of rain. so the rain trends south tonight, sunshine returns tomorrow, and more rain possibly due by wednesday. if your heading out of the bay area on monday, winds out of the the west at 15, mostly sunny skies. for the rest of the country, los angeles 75 degrees. for new york, 30 degrees! for tomorrow, the numbers here will be mostly in the low to mid-60s. cooler close to the shoreline. president's day looks dry. and here's the seasonal averages. sunshine for sunday and monday. next chance of rain coming in on wednesday. and we're going to be looking for things to clear out after that chance of showers wednesday. mostly dry this week. except for midweek when we might get just a little bit. >> a longstanding track and
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field fell today. a french pole vaulter cleared 6-poin meters at an indoor meet in 's roughly 20 feet, one of the oldest world records in track and field today. about 20 feet, 2.5 inches. the old record had stood for 20 years. and another amazing feat, a spectacular shot at a college basketball game today. >> this is a 95-foot putt to win a car. greens are fast here
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in auburn. and yes, sir! [ laughter ] >> that opening was just 3 inches wide! patrick birch won his chance at the impossible shot through a random upon selection. and he doesn't even golf! >> that's amazing. [ laughter ] >> pulled right out of the crowd, doesn't even practice, and hits a shot! amazing. big day for a couple of warriors! ong for ,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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game... ...the young nba all-star weekend! some of us just long for the old days, bring on the game, and that's that! the young demographic? that's what the league is after! steph curry looking to raise his all-star status. completed the challenge in 1.5. finished in 3rd place. pluck wasn't much better -- luck wasn't much better in the 3-point shootout! he couldn't hit anything! never got into a rhythm. even his boss couldn't watch. curry couldn't get out of the 1st round! and then there was harrison barnes in the dunk contest. this would have been good in 2004, but not 2014! john wall, look at this.
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that's the 6th dunk that won it. he was cam errando, running it down. winning his 9th derby in his career. the derby season now is officially kicked in. >> all right. thanks very much much. thanks for watching. join us fairly strong showers getting ready to move into the santa cruz mountains and around the peninsula, the rest of the bay area, just a few sprinkles. -- on kpix 5. remember -- the news is alws on kpix dot com. good night.
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>> michael, since it is your 15th anniversary at the company, i thought it might be appropriate to begin the festivities with a 15-minute round of applause. >> i like it. >> followed by a 15-minute moment of silence. >> i don't know. is it classy enough? >> jim, enough with the classy, okay? >> i just feel like after 15 years at this company-- and bravo, by the way-- that we should celebrate with a very classy event, a night to remember. >> i think you're right. this party has to have all the excitement,


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