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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 16, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> it's about to become official. jerry brown set to declare a drought emergency tomorrow. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm juliette goodrich. our dry spell hit a tipping point. governor jerry brown is expected to declare a drought emergency tomorrow. this has been one of the driest winters on record. the snow pack in the sierra is not close to where it should be and reservoirs are well below normal. the governor has been under pressure to take action for weeks, but has been reluctant up until now. he said this just last week. >> but don't think that a paper from the governor's office is going to affect the rain. >> those rain chances look bleak. today the national weather service predicted at least three more dry months for
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california. >> meteorologist joins us for the weather center with more on the dry condition and the fire danger. paul. >> as long as we don't get any rain fall. below normal rain fall for february, march, and april. we just been upgrated or downgraded from a severe drought to an extreme drought. we are getting the official decloration tomorrow. all of the bay area and 63% of the state of california. 63% of our state is now under an extreme drought. this is a bad situation, which is just getting worse and with this ridge of high pressure not moving, i don't see any rain in our immediate forecast. i see more records being broken today. santa cruz shattering the daily record. oakland, an all-time january high temperature of 78 degrees. san jose 73. and san francisco 71 degrees. very warm and very dry. is there a change to either of those two? i'll have the answer coming up.
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>> developing news out of southern california. nearly 4,000 people are out of that you are homes in the san gabriel mountains tonight after a massive wild fire broke out in los angeles county. that fire still burning at this hour, 16 hours after it began. these are live pictures for you tonight. since the fire started this morning, flames have swept across 1700 acres. destroying five homes. hundreds of firefighters have been on the front lines battling this wild fire. at last check, it was 30% contained. carter evans tells us three men accused of starting it have been arrested. >> the fire began just before daybreak. within hours, it burned across more than 2 1/2 square miles of dry brush. palm trees quickly ignited. the heat was intense. >> i will have to back up because part of my camera is starting to melt. >> 18 water dropping aircraft.
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firefighters had to race between neighborhoods. >> mandatory evacuations are in effect. >> despite that order to get out, larry stood his ground with a garden hose. >> my concern is, just trying to save my house. >> he did. but not everyone was so lucky. >> how fast did this fire take off? >> very quickly, within 15 minutes. >> it was all gone? >> scott was one of ten people renting a room at this mansion built by the singer machine family. >> what did you lose? >> everything i have, except for what i have on. i don't have my wallet or driver's license, no money, no shoes, no pants. >> you had to leave that quick? >> yeah. >> police say this all started with a campfire. three men have been arrested, tim is the police chief. >> they were tossing papers into the campfire and a breeze
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reportedly, a breeze had kicked up and set this fire. >> neighbors called police when they spotted some suspicious looking men running away from the fire. the city has now declared a state of emergency and is warning residents who are still in their homes to prepare to evacuate at any time. carter evans, cbs news. >> firefighters have their hands full. three different agencies teamed up to battle a fire overnight. cal fire called in help from san jose and monterey. crews were out all day today dousing hot spots near the 4- acres that burned in the fire. typically, seasonal firefighters get layed off in the winter, but that's not the case this year. cal fire says it is looking to hire an additional 120 firefighters to staff the engines in northern california. >> to challenge a lot of our work force, they have wintertime jobs and what we're asking them to do is come back on a temporary basis.
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>> cal fire says the cost to rehire the layed off firefighters will be coming out of the state's emergency fund. people in one san jose neighborhood will sleep better tonight after police say they have their man in a series of arson fires. 48-year-old patrick brennan is under arrest, suspected of setting as many as a dozen fires around the city in recent weeks. he's responsible for a massive five-alarm warehouse fire. investigators say brennan's criminal record stood out as did where he lived. brennan calls a trailer park on east san antonio street home. at least three fires were intentionally set on that block. police feel confident they have the right person in custody. >> at this point, we are extremely certain that we have the individual responsible for all the arsons that have occurred in the city. >> the investigation is on going. police trying to time brennan to ten other fires. betty is in san jose.
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she spoke to some of the victims. betty. >> reporter: i'm standing in front of a home that was completely destroyed by the suspected serial arsonist. the couple lived here for almost 50 years and as you can see, the windows have been boarded up. this couple is thankful they are alive, but like police, they have a lot of questions. >> to me, it looks like some kind of war zone. >> there's as much heart ache as there is relief at the place they used to call home. since san jose police arrested and charged patrick william brennan for a frightening arson spree. >> i think this person needs to be put away for a long time for creating such evil and heinous acts. >> i just don't understand how anybody can cause so much destruction. >> police don't know the motive, but they are certain 48- year-old brennan was the firebug. responsible for 12 fires. evidence ties him to last week's massive warehouse fire
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near the highway. >> quite honestly, the work of one hard working midnight sergeant who took it upon himself to conduct some investigative leads using data bases that we have to come up with a person of interest that had some priors. >> brennan has a long history of starting fires and is also a registered sex offender. he lived in this trailer park where he was arrested last night. neighbors were familiar with his behavior. >> it was out of the ordinary, the stuff he was doing, you know, and do it like a snake all the time. >> neighbors say he kept to himself and they would see him walking around alone at night. police believe brennan acted alone. he has been charged with two counts of arson. more charges are expected. right now, he's at the santa clara county jail on $1 million
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bail. live in san jose, betty, kpix5. >> patrick brennan arrested for arson before. this is him in 1999. he was convicted of setting fires and he reportedly set a forest fire in the mid 90s as well. >> accidents involving drivers and pedestrians have become too common in san jose. they are determined to put a stop to them. joe vasquez with more on what is being done. >> if you're a driver or a pedestrian, it doesn't take long for you to have a story about either a crash or a near miss. the cops put together some statistics tonight in an effort to study the problem and in an effort to solve it. >> i was crossing the street and bam, right into me. >> she was talking on her cell phone. >> of the nearly 900 car pedestrian crashes in san francisco last year, police say they found most of the causes
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to be driver error. >> i have been at a point where i had to jump when a car almost hit me. i was like, wow. >> failure to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. running red lights and stop signs. and especially speeding. >> on the way over here, we almost got hit twice because people are not paying attention. >> when police looked at the 21 fatalities, they found some pedestrians made some mistakes, in some cases, jaywalking proved deadly. in other cases, pedestrians crossed at the crosswalk, but didn't wait for the light. >> the staffing bump up, so will the tickets. >> police commissioners, the police chief said enough is enough and pedestrian safety has become a major priority. >> we are committed to a new normal in san francisco. we are committed to make the city safe as we get more and more crowded. >> nobody wants to blame the
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victims, but cell phones are becoming part of the problem all around. drivers are often talking on them. we found pedestrians crossing the street either talking or texting. >> the pedestrians really have to watch out when they cross also because they might get hit. >> i mentioned all those traffic laws being broken, well get this, starting right now, his officers are going to start writing a lot more tickets. but, bottom line here, not just the police issue, put the phone down when you are crossing because as they say, we could all be a little more safe. reporting live, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> advocacy groups aimed for zero pedestrian fatalities in san francisco within a decade. >> another bomb shell. reports say the agency was able to store up to 200 million text messages a day. the revelation comes as president obama is scheduled to
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meet with the justice department and pitch an overhaul of the programs. among those changes, more oversight and approval for spying on forme heads of state. if you want to look for the best company to look for, you don't have to go far. >> four of the top ten are based in the bay area. >> just how loud is the seattle seahawks stadium. risks his eardrums to show us the 49ers deafening destiny. a man exposes himself. tonight, what angry parents are doing to protect their students. ,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ hools. new tonight, worried parents want change after people were seen lurking around their children's schools. >> kpix's kristen ayers on the series of events and the safety measures parents are demanding. >> richard and his wife, christine, are worried their daughter isn't safe after a man exposed himself to a group of cheerleaders. >> a naked man comes into a high school gym. how is that allowed? >> that's what the berella's
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and other parents came to ask the school board this evening. >> we have a right to know when our children are in danger. we have the right to know when there's an active predator in our community. >> parents worry there are several predators prowling school campuses. a naked man was seen on the playground at sprews elementary and a trespasser showed up nine days later. school board members say they are already making some changes. they built a locking fence at one of the elementary schools and here at the high school, they started locking the entrance to the locker room as soon as school is out. >> we will embark on discussion. we will put this item on our agenda. >> parents say they want changes now. starting with placing surveillance cameras throughout this school. >> cameras can tell you a lot where your eyes aren't. >> something shaken up students told us they wouldn't mind. >> measures should be taken to
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prevent something like that from happening again. >> in south san francisco, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> the board would be open to more discussions about surveillance cameras on saturday morning. >> we are learning tonight how hackers were able to break into target security system over the holiday season. a new report belie a global cyber intelligence firm says hackers used mall ware to steal credit card information. the theft helped investigators track and identify the mall ware. but investigators believe there may be more retailers under attack. >> what's unique about it is, the first time we've seen this attack at this scale and sophistication in terms of the overall operation. >> it is advanced enough to cover its tracks. cards were compromised during
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the holiday shopping season. >> half of the top ten companies on fortune magazine's list are here in the bay area. google came in first. the boston consulting group out of san francisco came in third. cracked the top ten and to see the complete list go to our website. we haven't seen a worst companies in america yet. if your job is making you miserable, there's an app for that. the new quit your job app helps you break the news to your boss by sending a text message. >> bad idea. >> you can choose one of these reasons to explain why you're leaving. it takes a few taps to get the job done. >> that's as bad as the breakup app. >> there's probably an app for that. >> it's not you, it's me, click. >> oh, it's you. >> it is now. all right. we've got a lack of rain fall.
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we need some rain fall. it would be nice if we could snap our fingers and there's an app for that, make it there's a big ridge of high pressure. it's pesky. clear skies, moonlight skies. this put things in perspective. our wettest month of the year, we get rain on 11 days. so far since july, the beginning of the water year. more than six months ago, it has rained 7 times. we could use some rain. nor will we see any during the football game. niners, seahawks, the battle in seattle will be a dry one. cloudy, yes, but mainly dry. upper 40s. your kickoff temperature coming up on sunday. we're not even chose to a chance of rain fall. sometimes i would describe it as a near miss. this is a far miss, if you
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will. this bridge of high pressure is to the north. there's a storm. it will hit this wall, go up through alaska, over, and through denver will get rain fall. that will not budge, so that rain won't get close to us. another week of warm weather, dry weather, here record highs, it's two weeks away. low pressure may get that rain fall into northern california county. it is looking dry. 30s, away from the water. it won't be as warm tomorrow and a few more records with highs around 70. redwood city 70. you mean 68 degrees for concord, brentwood 61. 68 in san francisco and oakland, 72 degrees. extended forecast, upper 60s.
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sunny over the weekend. sunshine september. mid to upper 60s for much of next week. we want to change, but wanting it isn't good. >> we'll drop this talk for a while. very good pont. >> go niners. >> when they face seattle sunday, they'll have to do it in the noisy sports cast. how crowd the crowd really is. >> forget opposing quarterbacks barking orders. in december, they broke a record. to give you a comparison. inside a bart train, the noise is between 70 and 90. this harley registers a 104.
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and some could make it up to 109. berkeley meyers sound makes speakers for rock concerts. i asked them to reaction soft football in. >> it's hard to play football in. good luck trying to hold a conversation in this. we try hand signals, he is screaming, but i can't hear a word. and besides hearing it, you can feel it, too. the crowd of 68,000 jumping up and down also moves the needle like a 2.0 quake. there's no doubt silence never sounded so good. in berkeley with ears ringing, ryan, kpix5. >> be sure to stay with kpix5 for all your niners coverage. they are headed to seattle. ken is in seattle right now.
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starts with a special 49ers preview tomorrow night at 7:00. >> okay. hollywood is buzzing over this year's buzzing nominations. the surprising snubs. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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2013 are ." well, the nominees for the 86th annual academy awards are in. >> the film selected as the best picture nominee for 2013 are. gravity and american hustle. >> lead the oscar ratings with 10 10 nominations each. the others are her, and
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nebraska. >> and perhaps more buzz worthy are the snubs. it came as a surprise to some that lee daniels, the butler, didn't receive any nominations. tom hanks and robert redford both golden globe nominees were left out. the academy awards airs sunday, march 2. >> can't believe that. >> snubbed. >> definitely the best movie out of the group. the coach explains finally, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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been speculation about t tionship bteween the finally, pete carol spoke about his relationship with jim harbaugh. >> we have not been friends over the years because we don't know each other very well. just knowing each other through
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the game. since we coached against each other. so, there's very -- it's a very confined relationship in that regard. it's, for whatever reason, you had a field day with thinking it's something other than it is. i have great respect for what jim has done. you guys have had a blast with it. but there's nothing there. >> animosity, no. erroneous. football, it's competition. it's winning. >> sharks visiting south florida to take on the panthers. game was scoreless for nearly two periods. tim thomas, his sixth goal of the year and the sharks win 3- 0. how about usf. cougars up 1 second half, matt with the steal. up ahead to tyler. he gets the dunk and the foul. 83-76. you know, pete carol says, i
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know. you'll tell him that. gong to seattle. >> all right, have a good one. we'll see you at 11:00 on kpix5. ,,,,,, good. good answer.
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