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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 1, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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>> this is kpix5 news. on kcbw. a human skull found near a popular bay area park. that skull was found on grizzly peak in the oakland hills. >> tonight, the police are being tight lipped about the case, but officers found the skull out in the open a little before 6:00 on a paper plate surrounded by beads. officers responded to a tip someone had seen some bones in the area. the discovery certainly caught the attention of visitors. >> part of me is not surprised for how many people i see. part of me is kind of shocked. i never thought i would see a bunch of cop cars. >> not much is known about the remains at the time. oakland police plan to have the
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remains in the morning. andria borba has more on the killing of a young girl in san francisco. you can see a growing memorial behind me. >> reporter: what happened that night, new year's eve, perhaps who was driveing the vehicle that hit her and who they may have been employed by are now coming into question. with the stroller, clothing, and blood spread across the corner of polk and ellis, you know the crash that took the life of six-year-old sofia lou was horrific. >> she had the glowing tennis shoes on. her mother was out. >> reporter: this information released about the crash by jane kim may be just as disturbing. before the driver of this suv
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was arrested on vehicular manslaughter charges, he said he was an uber driver. >> he said he had the right of way. i had the green light. i had the right of way. and he is approaching the kids and the kids are hurt. >> reporter: the driver was a nontaxi for pay driver. during city hall protests months ago, cab companies mourned a death like this could happen with the loosely regulated ride share in services like uber, side car, or lift. uber released several statements saying we can confirm this accident does not involve a vehicle or a provider doing a trip on our system. a policy is to immediately deactivate any uber partner involved in a serious law enforcement matter. for that reason, we urge the police to release information about the driver in question as soon as possible.
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now the traffic defective in charge of this case was off because it was new year's day. much of the information about this case has not come to light. uber has said the minute they find out if this is one of their drivers hark person will be released from the system immediately. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. a high speed place chase ended in san francisco with a crash and a suspect in custody but another on the loose. this is the second chase in three days. this one started at connecticut and 25th. police say the car matched the description from a robbery. officers tried to pull the driver over, but the car sped off. didn't get far. crashing into a pole at 22 and connecticut. one suspect had minor injuries and was arrested but the other managed to escape on foot. now on monday, a high speed police chase through san francisco ended when that suspect, a parolee crashed his car near the police station near golden gate park.
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a police officer was hurt during that chase. betty yu joins us at the memorial of a young mother who was killed crossing the street. >> reporter: this woman's injuries were so severe, she didn't have a chance to fight for her life. right now, loved ones are still coming by to write messages and reflect on this young mother's life. they say she had a lot to live for. it is not the kind of toast anthony had planned on making to his younger sister. the 19-year-old mother was killed on new year's eve this pickup truck slammed into her. she was carrying her son salvador in a car seat and crossing the street with her teen sister. >> it's an ugly feeling. >> reporter: the baby was tossed several feet and is in bad shape. the sister is expected to recover. the group got into a family argument in their car near far i avenue before the sister
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decided to get out. >> my sister would protect that baby with her life. i know she would never put that baby in danger. >> reporter: family members stay the new mom was studying to become a nurse. she was starting a life together with the baby's father in placerville. >> the last time i talked to her was before christmas, she said she was coming down. she never got the make it. >> reporter: loved ones leaned on each other for support at the memorial and looked for it from above. >> just to pay for my great grandson. >> betty yu in fremont tonight. the driver of that pickup truck stayed at the scene and cooperated with police. he is not faces any charges. several spot fires tonight. they are burning close to each other. they are burning near trabuco
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canyon. at least 100 firefighters are on scene. two unoccupied cabins have already been destroyed. dry weather does not help. there are no injuries and several homes have been evacuated in the area. jahi mcmath's mother said this afternoon that they are making progress finding a new facility for the brain dead teenager. >> we have transportation ready. as soon as our facility is ready to receive her, he will be moving her. >> it remains unclear who will insert the tube so jahi can be moved. the children's hospital of oakland says they will not do that because she is dead. a hospital dedicated to terri schiavo is going to help her. the family has until january 7 now that will take jahi. well this is not what you
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want to come home to. a home security camera captured the moment a suspected drunk driver came crashing down on top of a ford mustang. mark kelly shows us it left white a path of production. >> reporter: the suspected drunk driver made his way down grove way in a silver sedan at 5:30 this morning. the driver, according to the neighbors hit a parked car in front of one of these homes but the story doesn't end there. he continued on. let's walk on. he landed on this fence, flipped over the fence, over the silver bmw, and landed right there. on that 66 ford mustang. now the homeowner here heard the crash, came out, and called 911, but tells me this is not his car, this is his brother-in- law's who is overseas. >> my brother-in-law, he came.
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you know. some other car landed on top of that. >> reporter: the driver was sent to the hospital. we don't know the extent of the injuries but this is certainly not how you want to start the new year. live in hayward, mark kelly, kpix5. well, a new year and a new paycheck for tens of thousands of workers in the bay area. minimum wage in san jose went to 10.15 an hour. 10.74 in san francisco. high sales in colorado today where it is now legal to sell marijuana for recreational use. at least two dozen shots opened up. nathan howard showstous lines were out the door. >> reporter: by noon, there was a three-hour wait to get inside the denver store to buy marijuana. one of the first customers was an iraq war veteran who needs it for post combat stress. >> it's a huge steppingstone for other stets as well.
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>> reporter: sean bought marijuana infused chocolate truffles and bud called bubba cush. >> how long will that last you? >> i don't know. it might just go on in a frame. >> reporter: this denver resident said he looked fortoward to buying and enjoying marijuana without fear of arrest. >> i have been in a lot of trouble before, so this is a big deal for me. >> reporter: there are limits on the sale of marijuana. buyers must be 21 or other. residents can get up to an ounce, but nonresidents are limited to a quarter ounce. organizers of colorado's campaign to legalize it expect almost a million dollars in sales this year saying it will create jobs, reduce crime, and create tax revenue.
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>> all that money goes into the hands of the cartels. well that stops today. >> reporter: this one store estimates they served $250 for the first four hours on wednesday. if you are wondering how much does this marijuana cost? how about $100 for only a quarter of an ounce, or roughly the same amount you would pay if wow bought it illegal lee on the street. howard nathan, denver. >> they say they will not search passengers for pot, but if travelers get searches for something else and have pot, they could face a thousand dollar fine. thousands of snap chat users are feeling overexposed. the personal information leaked. a banker found on the run after faking his own death. you won't believe how he was caught. and the days of haggling for a car price are gone. a new trend putting you in the driver's seat. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a popular social-sharing aps been hit by hackers. account information >> here we go again. a popular social sharing site
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has been hacked. snap chat user user names and phone numbers were available for down load. the hackers say they released the information in an effort to put pressure on snap chat to beef up security. the law finally caught up to a banker on the run. he was just caught 18 months after he faked his own death. hi is accused of stealing more than $21 million from a bank. he was arrested by sheriff's deputies who were stopping random vehicles. >> i cannot believe he had the nerve to hide out so close to home number one. especially after so many people's lives where impacted. >> price was last seen boarding a ferry in florida. when he deny resurface, his wife had him declared legally dead. we know which hockey players made the olympics
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hockey teams. but what about security? >> reporter: many of them are out of the country competing. tonight, we talked to people who do plan to go to sochi to cheer them on. ann warner cribs has attends several of the games over the years. she has followed news of two deadly bombings in southern russia, but this is not stopping her from traveling from her palo alto home to the sochi olympics. >> i met lots of people different from i. we were united from our love of sports. i feel like i can't not go. we can't let the terrorists win. >> reporter: russia's government has promised the safest olympics in history, but it is not easy to secure soft targets like getting to and from the olympic venue.
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kpix5 news writer heidi allen plans to go to see her sibling compete. >> keeping your things safe and close to you. but yeah, it could be a concern that something could happen. >> reporter: she expects kate to remain focused. >> her main focus is doing her best. the security should take care of the athletes. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix5. the parents of olympic bobsledder andreu s durmont says there is so much paper work, they feel they are taking the safety seriously. another attempt to rescue people aboard a russian ship off the coast of antarctica. the research vessel has been
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searched more than a week. a rescue by helicopter will begin friday weather willing. it can be frustrating, haggling over the sticker price of the car. but a new trend is putting the customer in the drive's seat. >> reporter: it's a new era for car buyers. so says emmel of chrysler dodge. >> a customer comes in, makes it haggle free. feeling confident about the deal because they prepriced the vehicle before they walked in the door. >> reporter: nowadays instead of guessing at a car's price and arguing with the sales man. customers use their smartphones. >> you basically have technology to your advantage. >> reporter: i have spoken to several car dealerships about this and they all have the same story. that the days of haggling are
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dwindling. more customers are contacting the internet passengers directly. buyers research and find the average price for the exact same car using one of several reputable websites, go back online and lock down the sale price over e-mail or on the phone. no back and forth negotiating. dave emler says it's a game changing trend. >> it is not like that anymore if you are warm armed with the information. if you can show a print out on your trade in, which it is worth and show a print-out of what it costs and what the true market value is, you can't argue with that. you don't need to haggle. if you do your home work, because it is a big purchase, you don't need to haggle anymore. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5. you may as well buy the convertible. you will use it quite a bit in the next few weeks. >> right.
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that's true. that is one of the silver linings. >> there you go. >> we do have a nice night. high clouds thereupon, but not much in the way of rain. not any time soon. concord, 41, san francisco, 50 degrees. santa rosa, 38. spare the air day in effect today and tomorrow with unhealthful levels of particles in the atmosphere. for tomorrow, we will look at numbers coming in at 67 degrees in the bay and 66 inland. a nice warm bay this time of the year. it is snow and ice, but we could use the rain. measure that way, just 22% of average in san francisco. that is the fourth driest on record for the rainfall season. you know, we just finished the driest calendar year ever. for tomorrow, they are getting about a foot of snow in the next 48 hours in new york in that cold low. it is really lowering temperatures. it is cold east of the rock
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keys, but a deep trough out there and a very high pressure ridge out here. so as long as that high is parked over the pacific, we have unusually warm and dry weather. chilly again tonight. we have fair skies tomorrow and dry weather next week as well. that is how it is shaping up. we are looking at sunny skies and a high of 63 degrees. a low of 45 tonight. and los angeles gets 81 degrees with snow on the way for chicago and new york. 30 degrees there. 19 in chicago. overnight lows tonight. 38 in napa. 10 degrees above average. in oakland, if we hit 49 hark will be 14 above usual. 64 for the city. 66 in san jose. extended forecast, we will get clouds time to time. you will see them drifts overhead. early into next week, we will be in the 60 inside the bay area.
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the extended forecasts? just nothing. nothing. i know you are tired of hearing that. [ laughter ] >> hope you like the 60s . they are here to stay. >> that was a good decade. >> i don't remember it. [ laughter ] there was some fierce competition, but we have the winner for the first baby of 2014 thanks to a last minute change of plans. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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area in 20-14 >> a south bay family celebrated the new year with a new baby. the first to be born in the bay area in 2014. >> melinda topin gave birth to
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liliana noele, topin. >> i'm really happy to have her out and blessed that she is happy and healthy. yeah. feeling good. >> she pushed pretty hard. 20 hours of labor. >> natural birth. >> liliana's parents planned for a home birth, but when the labor stretched out that long, as you heard, 20 hours, they went to the hospital where the doctors performed a c-section. and a mother in washington dc gave birth to twins, three minutes apart, but different years. one born at 11:58, and the other at 12:01 in 2014. wow. it was supposed to be a great day for a nerd nation taking the field as the
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touchdown favorite. stanford looking to repeat the probowl champions. that's coming up next in sports. ,,,, female announcer: female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets, at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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have to somehow puncture the fense in countr >> in record tore win a second straight rose bowl, stanford had to puncture the number one defense in the country. stanford, michigan state. legendary announcer vin scully the announcer of the game. the rise of palo alto. stanford couldn't separate. the door opened for a come back. the spartans.
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17 unanswered points. taking the lead. stanford now down. kale down to this. under two minutes to go. stanford going to ryan instead of tyler daphne and that is your ball game. michigan state with the upset winning it 24-20. nerd nation bombed. uclf, baylor. fiesta bowl. bryce petty. in the end zone. 52, 42. record 105,491 at the big house. tyler bosak with the game winner in the shoot-out. that is your minute. >> out door hockey. >> six games this year. outdoors. >> that's big stuff. >> including one at dodger stadium. >> that is going to be interesting. how are they going to do that? >> that would be neat. >> all right dave. thanks. >> that is it for us. >> all right, we are back at
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11:00 on kpix5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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