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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  November 10, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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shot and killed just feet away from oakland's occupation. police say demonstrators are not to blame in this one. why the mayor is asking them to take drastic action. >> a dog, the bay, and a man willing to risk his life for the rescue. we were there. what happened before and after fido made his big splash? >> and when millions hang on your every word, every word counts. how ashton kutcher destroyed his cyber cred in about 140 characters or less. >> the last thing you'd expect from tech big wigs. they're going old school in the heart of silicon valley. tonight we go inside the classroom to see what their kids are learning that most others don't. good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. it could well be the end of occupy oakland. a deadly shooting at the plaza and then chaos.
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robert lyles was there moments after shots were fired. robert, what happened? >> well ken, i can tell you this. oakland police have cleared their murder scene investigation here in francogowa plaza and now mourners have moved in. the investigation continues into exactly what happened. that's all outside city hall. but inside city hall, mayor quan is using this fatal shooting to demand occupy oakland's eviction tonight. city council could have their own mayoral eviction plan. it was a melee on one side of the plaza. emergency medical crews fought to pump life into the shooting victim. on the other, occupy oakland protesters fought our news cameras. arms and hands to block every effort to document this shooting. that started as a targeted
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attack. says one eyewitness. >> started punching him, bit him. >> occupy oakland protesters say they raced to the victim's aid. when they freed him. >> he got up and shot three times. >> in the back of the head. >> we do not have anyone in custody. >> some occupy protesters say the motive is a drug deal gone bad. in fact, police sources tell cbs 5 drug dealers now target the occupy encampment. selling drugs to the protesters. i asked if the shooting has -- >> any role with occupy oakland at all? >> several bystanders are believed to have recorded the shooting and shooter. but when oakland's police chief made a plea for the videos, he was drowned out by protesters. now the mayor is using the shooting for the immediate eviction of occupy oakland. >> please leave voluntarity
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tonight. >> an angry city council is voting for a no confidence of the mayor. >> some of my colleagues have been interested in doing that. >> who is that? >> i'm not going to tell you who. >> what's the mayor' response? >> i don't have time to play politics right now. >> we reiterate at this hour, oakland police made no connections between that murder and occupy oakland. however, the mayor is still offering vouchers at this hour to anyone inside the encampment that she says will take them up on housing and shelters. tonight, she says she wants them to peacefully leave. when i pressed her on what happens if the protesters do not peacefully leave, her response, we want the least amount of harm to people here. >> robert, you have been out there since the beginning. it is feeling to us here like this is a situation kind of spiraling out of control. how does it feel there on the
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street? >> ken, i think it's clear it's a situation that is spiraling out of control. we reported last night that there are confirmed sources who say that there will be some imminent action by police. now the mayor will take none of those questions. we'll address no part of what it will take to move the people out of the park and when she plans to do that. >> robert lyles live in oakland tonight, thank you robert. >> a daring rescue in the chilly waters of san francisco bay tonight. all because a man wanted to save his dog and we have it all on tape. it happened near the historic red's java house near the san francisco bay bridge and elizabeth cook is along to explain what happened. elizabeth. >> day dana, the man and his dog were taking a walk when the dog decided it was tired of walking and wanted to go for a swim. it jumped over ten feet down into the chilly water of the
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san francisco bay. proof that this dog owner would do anything for his best friend. after spending more than 15 minutes treading water, at one point, even under the pier, the man climbed up a rescue ladder with his dog in hand. >> a chill from the cold. the dog and the gentleman are okay, but doing a full medical evaluation on him. it looks like he's going to go home with his dog. >> once back on dry land, he and the dog walked into an ambulance where paramedics treated them. they are cold, but okay. >> now fire crews say they are specially trained to handle these types of rescues. it actually happens more than you might think. >> how long have those two been together? it was hard to tell what kind of dog it was. >> it's hard for us to tell. the fire crews weren't sure from the glimpse that we got of it, it looked like a mutt.
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a mix between a lab and a terrier. definitely hearty though. >> and thirsty clearly. all right, elizabeth cook, thank you. a rupture gas line closed the section of san francisco south of market tonight. pg and e construction crews working on the transbay project hit a 16-inch pipeline with a backhoe on beale between market and mission. there was a temporary shelter in place, but police say there was never a serious danger. >> there was no threat at first regarding an explosion. >> the leak has been capped, but crews will be making repairs through the niesmght all the surrounding streets are open again. >> an emotional memorial tonight for a teenager found murdered in his own backyard. investigators believe that the killing two years ago was carried out as part of a bizarre ritual. kit on the warning signs that nobody talked about and the message behind tonight's
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memorial. >> michael russell was murdered exactly two years ago under bizarre and sinister circumstances. tonight's candle light memorial was held with the hope that his death would not be in vain. >> something tragic can happen if you don't speak up. >> on november 10, 2009, family members found michael's body in their own backyard in south san jose. he had been stabbed multiple times in the back, chest, and neck area. days later, police arrested randy thompson and jay williams. 15 and 16 years old at the time. fellow students said in court the two boys were part of a small group at school who believed in say in satinism. the problem, nobody said anything. >> prosecutors are charging the boys as adults. >> we have been confident. >> on this emotional two-year
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anniversary, michael's mother, his father, and nearly 100 people all came to drill home the message to teams. if you see something, anything, speak up. >> stand up, say something. say something to your friend. say something. please. >> it turns out to be nothing, fantastic. if it turns out to be something, maybe we won't be at a vigil like this next year. >> he was a kid that didn't deserve this. this should not have happened to him. he was a good kid. >> in san jose, cbs 5. well, financial stress may have pushed an east bay homeowner over the edge today. police say that he killed three people in his pittsburgh home earlier this morning and then shot himself. investigators aren't giving many details on the motive, but they say the man left a clue online. >> he made a posting on his facebook account that we are looking into now and left a message to some family members
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and friends indicating that the financial concerns as well as losing his house. >> no names have been released tonight, but neighbors say the man lived with his wife and her parents. penn state says assistant football coach, mike mcquery will not be on the sidelines on saturday. there have been several threats made against him in the wake of the sex scandal that rocked the university. mcquery testified that he saw another former coach engage in a sex act with a ten-year-old boy and reported it to the now fired head coach, joe paterno, but never told police. manuel has the latest from university. >> reporter: penn state has a new football coach for the first time in nearly half a century. >> i take this job with very mixed emotions due to the situation. >> former defensive coordinator, tom bradley, replaces joe paterno who came under fire in a sex scandal that is rocking the university. >> this is a difficult time
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for penn state university. >> the school's president was also fired. graham and paterno are being criticized for not doing more after learning in 2002 that former assistant coach, jerry sandusky allegedly sexually assaulted a boy in a campus shower. >> i was disappointed in their actions. i support the board's decision. >> thousands of students protested last night after hearing paterno was out. tipping over a news van and a light pole and clashing with police. many students here on campus are embarrassed by the violent reaction. they say it only hurts the university more. >> i think that's dispickable. shouldn't have happened like that. it doesn't do any good. it tarnishes the name further. >> that message was echoed by the school's new president in an e-mail. sandusky is charged with sexually assaulting eight boys over the course of 15 years. he denies the charges and is
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free on bail. two former school administrators are charged with trying to cover up the sex abuse. and prosecutors say they are not ruling out charges against the school's former president. manuel, cbs news, state college, pennsylvania. several high school students who sued the morgan hill unified school district for violating their free speech rights have lost their case. they were sent home from school last year for refusing to remove t-shirts showing the american flag. administrators worry that the clothes would cause problems. a federal court says that live oak high school has the right to restrict students free speech when it is likely to cause substantial disruption. coming up, if republicans want a candidate who can laugh at himself, rick perry may be their guy. how he is using his 15 minutes of extra family from an embarrassing debate moment. and he helped make twitter
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the place to be for celebrities. now he is pushing himself away from the keyboard. why ashton kutcher is in twitter exile. >> pushing toward the coastline are clouds and rain lurking offshore. tomorrow, showers and pinpoint the area that will be hit the hardest. as eyewitness news continues. these students shuck corn, knit socks, and compost pumpkins all in the name of learning. why some of silicon valley's top executives send their kids to a school without a single computer. coming up next.
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there are many private schools in the bay area offering schools advanced classes. some go to great lengths to feature tech heavy education. but in the heart of silicon valley, one school features a back to basics approach and it has caught the eye of tech moguls. grace lee takes us inside. >> one by one, students arrive at campus just like any other school. but when class starts at the waldorf school of the peninsula, first graders shuck corn and build a garden. fourth graders explore the philosophy behind drawings. in a high school humanities class, students read their own poetry. >> transition between time and space a physicist would deem impossible. >> for math, pull out your compass and protractors. no dry erase board, just chalk and not a computer to be found.
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>> i write down my notes which helps me learn. and then you are like, i can understand this in a deeper level that i never would have gotten if i was typing. >> call it old school and it's right in the heart of silicon valley. >> most of the families here have at least one person, if not both work in the tech industry. >> in the land of apple and google, walking across this campus is like stepping back in time. here, cell phones must be tucked away. you have to pay attention. >> i mean, if you're not, they will be able to tell. you know, it's not like i can slide by on not doing my reading for the night. >> and about the whole no computer thing. >> the school isn't really antitechnology. it's more that the teachers really think about when the technology will benefit the class. >> or how parents explain it. >> you wouldn't let a young child have a power drill, but that doesn't make a power drill bad. >> there's a place for
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technology, absolutely. it just doesn't belong in a classroom with small children. i don't think it belongs in a class root at high school level. >> all digital, the mission here is personal. >> a computer can be a tool. it can be a toy. on a good day, it can be a tutor. but it's not a teacher. >> i learn happiness is a choice and misery is self- imposed. >> and you hope your students love what you teach, not just understand it. >> it's about developing creative thinking. >> it may look old fashioned because we have black boards instead of smart boards and teachers use chalk and children don't use computers. in that sense, i guess you could say it was old fashioned. but i tend to think of it as future oriented. >> they are using simple lessons from the past to
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prepare children for what's likely to be a complex future. grace lee, cbs 5. and waldorf isn't chief. about $18,000 a year for elementary age students. high school, $25,000. they do offer assistance to many students and students are admitted only after an extensive interview process. rick perry was in full damage control mode today after his embarrassing brain freeze went viral. >> commerce, education, and the, what's the third one there? let's see. commerce, and let's see. i can't. the third one, i can't, sorry. oops. >> that was mr. perry last night at the republican debate. he was searching for the department of energy. that's the third one he was trying to pull out of that memory bank. this morning, perry hit the
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daytime talk shows and tonight he'll be doing a top ten on the late show. >> hey listen, you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you. that is one handsome dude. >> texas governor says he has no intention of pulling out of the race. >> got to be able to laugh. especially at the weather when it rains. >> oh yeah, it never happens. the forecast never goes south on us. we never forget that. all right. tonight we are still trying to figure out this storm. it's quite confusing as far as the timing is concerned. this is our live radar. see the green on the screen? the rain has been in position and ready to push on shore. but it is inching its way this way. our live cbs 5 weather camera indicates we have partly to mostly cloudy skies at the time. it's out there. temperature wise, 46 in redwood city. it's in the low 40s in santa rosa. dropping down to 40 tonight. that will keep the temperatures from getting too cold as far as
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dropping into the 30s. lots of cloud cover. scattered isolated showers. look at this. it's beautiful. it is textbook perfect. there's the leading precipitation, but that is where it wants to stay. the bulk of the rain will remain offshore. is this your future cast. this is your 10:00 a.m. santa cruz mountains. then hit and miss showers through midday. the evening commute. saturday morning, that's the last band and turning partly cloudy during the day on saturday. clouds swipe through on sunday. here's how we are planning out your forecast. with the rain moving in, up to a half an inch of precipitation. temperatures are going to be coming down. 50s and 60s. about 64, 65 outside number. 64 degrees in antioch. north of the golden gate bridge, 63. the extended forecast does call for warmer temperatures over the weekend. and really a dry forecast.
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it caused for partly cloudy locations. weekend not too bad. good football weather. >> all right roberta, thanks. a different spin on companies asking employees to give a little more. >> why a successful bay area company is asking employees to give up their stock. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities
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who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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social media pioneer, ashton kutcher will now have a chaperon when he tweets. he didn't know the whole story when he posted some messages yesterday defending the legendary penn state coach. kutcher later apologized and said he is handing off his twitter account to his management team. but golden gate university marketing professor says that may not be the best pr move. >> so to me, it hurt his brand that he is admitting that he is not going to be posting all on his known from now on. that makes him seem less authentic. at least he is smart to say huge mistake. >> we are saying the huge
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thing. kutcher was one of the first celebrities to use twitter and he hit the million follower mark before cnn. he has about 8 million. online game maker is asking employees to give back stock options. according to the wall street journal, the san francisco based company wants some of its early employees to give back stock ahead of the initial public offering. tech analysts say it's not that unusual, but still it is not good for pr. >> this kind of indicates that zynga didn't get good advice in the early years. it's going to upset the employees. >> no comment from zynga. they plan to launch after thanksgiving. the silver and black usually shine in prime time. the raiders have first place in their grasp. the minute is next.
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was on the line in the a-f-c west the stakes were high tonight in san diego. first place on the line in the afc west. darren mcfadden was out, but michael busch picked up the slash. 157 yards on the ground and 87 yards receiving. most yards since beau jackson in 1987. carson palmer showed why hugh jackson thought it was worth two high draft picks. fit his scenarios more. raiders up 17-3. the chargers fought back. their rookie, vincent brown, makes the catch. san diego cuts 24-17.
10:27 pm
less than four minutes to play. rivers throws it up for grabs. this time his receiver doesn't make the same effort as brown. vincent jackson gave up on the play. so matt has the easy pick. the raiders beat the chargers 24-17 and for the moment, they're alone in first place. >> you know, hopefully we can stay there. and know what we did in the past. >> and only local tv reporter there. the first place raiders will have a report for us tonight. >> a lot of people doubted carson palmer's ability. not being a starter. he looked like a pro bowler tonight. >> heats a major league quarterback. when he walks up to the line of scrimmage. you can see the difference between him and jason campbell. >> he has to learn the system. it has only taken him three
10:28 pm
weeks. >> this is just going to get better. >> what a difference. >> all right. get your playoff tickets.
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