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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  October 7, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

5:00 pm genius. priority ml flat rate envelopes. just $4.90. only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." tonight, i want you to grab an ice cold coca-cola or whatever you have. the most sugary corn sur -- syrup laden soda and chug it throughout the hour. it could become a collector's item. believe it or not, but to understand the corn syrup and the transfat and salt and what bloomberg wants to do in new york, you have to leave this here. then you have to go back to the collapse. to understand the collapse, you have to go to the anti-war movement, then you have to go back to the home energy aanalysis tance
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program -- assistance program in '81 and food stamps and l.b.j. and mccarthy era and communists, what happened there? what was it really all about? then you have to go back to truman. and f.d.r. and the social security act. but to really understand it, what you have to do is meet this gentleman. 1901, theodore roosevelt. a guy that every conservative should really look into, because he is probably the best guy to really learn the lessons from. but to understand him, you have to know him. george bernard shaw. george bernard shaw, the playwright. how is knowing george bernard shaw going to help us understand what bloomberg is doing with coca-cola? grab your coke and try to grab a smile and come along. ♪ ♪
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>> glenn: hello, america. last night, last night i showed you the progressives. this is more than the progressives. this is the beginning of the progressive movement. these are the fabian socialists here. they are capable. i showed you video i'm not going to show you tonight that i think is just horrifying. i have had so much mail last night. people said oh my gosh -- many people said it was the most frightening show we have done. i can relate. i remember the first day i found the fabian socialists you're like how did you not know about any of this? how do you not know about what these people have done? and what they're capable of doing. and how they relate to today. i showed you how they are seeking to mold a new world. look. here they are.
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molding a new world. hammering the world, molding it nearer to the heart's desire. the blames. fanning the flames. to set the world on fire so they can shape it. shape a new world through the destruction of the current one. they're all coming in cover of darkness. here is their logo. right here. the fabian socialist is right here. it is a wolf in sheep's clothing. that's what it is. this is their idea. this isn't mine. this is why i have had a problem and i say look, you want to have this discussion. let's just have this discussion, have it out in the open. but that's not what they do. these are the roots of modern progreggivism. fabian socialist. doctrine of inevitability of gradualism. what does that mean? it means you just take things step by step by step. before it's inevitable.
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my son -- i drink coke zero. sorry, coke. now you'll get to offensive. how can you make a product -- drinking, by monster, glenn beck. i drink coke zero. my son comes up and will say, "can i have a sip?" one. you can have a sip. he'll come back. "can i have a sip?" all right. before you know it, he has the can and he's chugging the whole thing. gradualism. it's inevitable. he is going to drink it. because i'm weak, i'm not necessarily paying attention. before you know it, he has had the whole can. then i'm getting yelled at by mom. all right. i could say this 1,000 times and it still won't be enough. progressives do not look at the world the same way you
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do. who has as their logo a wolf in sheep's clothing? when they gain control, it will turn ugly. not because they're evil, just because they look at things radically different than you do. you saw their own words last night. man is not meant to be controlled. man is meant to be free. but progressives and -- progressive, like i said, theodore roosevelt in both parties and fabian socialist believe man cannot be free. they must tell you what to do, because you're too stupid. they are doing it for the common good. they are not doing it necessarily with malice in their hearts. man cannot be told what to eat, drink, drive or say. we are endowed by our creator, with certain unalienable rights. but they don't believe this the creator. that is the problem.
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when people get a god complex, it ends poorly every time. the nudge, while often well-intended always turns into a shove. i know you get this. but i am trying my best to give you information to help you. wake your neighbors up. i don't know what else i can do. the way of life in america is about to change. that is not a good thing. our corruption needs to change. our treatment of each other. our coarseness. the things that all of us have contributed in this society, including me, our
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coarseness has to change. it has to. great things can happen in america when people believe. and when they engage. and when they work together. bad things happen when people don't believe that bad things can happen because we're america. we are entering a time when the leaves are changing. let's look at the leaves of the tree. are we going into winter? or are we looking for green shoots? is spring around the corner? remember, if you looked at that stain glass window, they had to put the globe into the fire. see the globe? see the color? it's not blue. it's hot. it's on fire. that is what you do with an anv anvil, you make it hot.
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fan the flames and make it hot. what are their goals and what are their conditions? how are they fanning the flames? look at the fans right now. have to have a struggling economy. got that. high employment. sure. high dependence on government. 41 million people now are on u.s. food stamps. 41 million people. you have to have uncertainty. you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. and fear. alan greenspan actually had the cojones to come out and say it's fear that is undermining the recovery. if we knew the truth everything would be peachy. really? they wouldn't even tell us the truth on the b.p. oil spill. why would they tell us the truth on the dollar? i don't know what alan greenspan is reading. thank him for stopping by after he helped cause the
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mess. he was on television saying i don't even know what a ceo is. i couldn't even understand it. oh, really? thank you. why don't you zip it for a while. maybe he is reading the white house blog and he's getting all this good news and all of these things. hey, everything is great. people are being scaredy cats. i think if you read the newspaper and you say we are great! you're in denial. i was reading the business i told you about this yesterday. they had a list a bump of troubling signs -- bunch of troubling signs on the economy. you just read the front page of drudge report. just read it. just read it. you can see the signs if you care to look. i told you before, what you need to look is look at what smart money is doing. my grandfather told me when he lived through the depression, the rich got richer. if you had money, you were okay. if you had a job, you were okay.
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well, that implies that there were some people in the know. that should give you a hint. what are they doing? well, they certainly know what is coming before you do. this article shows where the smart money is going, along with other troublesome signs. here are just a few of them. corporate insiders are fleeing the u.s. stock market. as is george soros. zero hedge reports that insiders are selling to buy ing 2,341 to 1. what does that mean? remember ken lay at enron. he had shareholder meeting and said you have to buy, everything is great. meanwhile he is selling everything. this isn't much different. directors of the companies are selling their stock. over 2,000 of them. for every one that they're buying. what does that tell you? i'm talking about major corporations. not one you think are unstable. uber wealthy, i'm talking
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about spooky dude george soros billionaire wealthy. they are buying tons of gold. literally. according to reuters, ubs is recommending top-tier client hold 7% of their asset in precious metal like gold. jp morgan reopened the gold vault which had been closed since 1990 amid soaring demand and prices for gold. many are predicting that gold will start to become scarce. i would like to ask. weiner, are you investigating ubs or jp morgan? you should. they recommend buying gold, too. are they in on it, too? not coincidently, gold hit a day-high record. silver is at 30-year high. platinum and copper at high. according to reuters, the u.s. mint has run out of a type of gold coin it had been
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selling amid record high prices of gold, but the mint is out. the united states minute depleted the inventory of 2010. american buffalo one-ounce gold bullion coins. i have a hunch it isn't the demand of the popularity of the buffalo this season. there is an unusually high option volume right now. which is an indicator that insiders know the leaves are changing. they choose options over buying stock. the uber wealthy are also putting down large options against betting -- betting against the s&p 500. what does that mean? the smart money is saying the market will tank this month. i'm hoping they're wrong. don't listen just to the market -- listen to your gut. i'm just telling you what is happening here. earlier in week japan cut interest to almost zero and set up a 5 trillion yen
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quantitative easing fund. what is that? you do it when you want to increase money supply. printing. the risk is hyperinflation. at home, federal reserve in new york and chicago are begging the fed to do more stimulus. the new york fed chair said the current outlook on jobs and inflation is unacceptable. that means another $1 trillion in stimulus. i heard some clown running for office this week actually come out in chicago and say, you know, this is such a myth that we're running a deficit. we can't handle this debt. are you kidding me? another trillion dollars in stimulus is being proposed now. add that to the $787 billion stimulus of barack obama and the bush tarp bail-out and the $700 billion auto bail-out. current national debt is over $13 trillion. barack obama by himself added almost $2 trillion to that.
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himself. by the way, i think it was harvard university -- or is it b.u.? harvard university said the real debt, liability, is $200 trillion. all of the money on earth is about $50 trillion. at the end of last month, feds announced $30 billion bailout of the credit union system. don't worry about it, it said. it'll all backed up by $50 billion in trouble assets inherted from failed institutions. so we're bank iing that the troubled assets that caused the other institutions to fail, are somehow or another going to save these troubled assets. does that make any sense to you? the dollar is continuing its slow decline. slow decline.
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every time i hear that i think of spooky dude george soros saying the dollar needs managed decline. really? does it? oil is currently at $84 a barrel. it held fairly steady there while gas prices are declining. why is there demand for oil when we have record reserves of gasoline that no one is buying? did you know that we have record reserves of gasoline? we are in a slowdown now. are you going on all the trips that you would like to? why would we buy oil? why? it's a commodity. oh, and one more thing. as the value of the dollar falls, it takes more of the dollars to buy that same barrel. the saudis don't care. saudis are like i don't care what you do to your dollar. you're inflating it by 2%. oh, yeah, the price of oil just went up 2%. that's the way it works. the last couple, perhaps the most disturbing. bank of america, jp morgan
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chase, gmac, all suspended foreclosures. now, this is both good and bad. if there is bad things going on, we have to find out about it. but i want you to think this one through, america. think about it. you're not paying for your house because you're in trouble. you are not making the payment and the government refused to foreclosure on it because the government says they can't. good for you, the home buyer. look at this, everybody. i've never done anything -- i was going to say in my life. i lived most of my life this way. i tried not to do anything in the last ten years of my life that isn't good for everybody involved. if i go to business, in business with somebody, if it's bad for them, it's bad for me then, too, in the end. it has to be good for all of us. let's look at all the partners. is that good for the bank? do you think the neighbors will say if they're not paying and they're going to
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foreclosure, i'm having tough times, too. i won't pay either. if i'm the bank and i can't pay the collateral, if you said you can't and now i can't take the house and resell it, why would i take the risk? if i can't get the money back or the collateral, why would i take the risk? if the government won't allow me to collect? if there is corruption in the bank it needs to be found and quickly. if it drags op, and it will, it brings the mortgage industry to a griping halt. if the -- grinding halt. if they foreclosure, the banks won't loan either. why would you loan if you can't be guaranteed you'll get something back? if banks won't loan, how do you buy a house? how do you sell a house? nancy pelosi and 30 other geniuses in congress moving to investigate foreclosure practices of the u.s. mortgage lender. gee, i wonder if the mortgage company will be painted as
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the evil corporation kicking people out in the street while the evil greedy ceo gets a bonus. look for a punishment followed by a necessary takeover of another industry that is too big to fail. it won't be a takeover, not a socialistic sense. it will just be control. let me go to the book i showed you yesterday written by stuart chase. we had a hard time finding it. we couldn't find it in new york. we had to go to a library in arkansas to find it. this isn't a well-known book. written by stuart chase "the road we're traveling." 1914-1942. this is what he said. he said something is happening to capitalism. he wrote this in the 1940s. something is happening to capitalism, it's either turning into capitalist -- he says free enterprise but we'll call it turn it into something marked "x." property, he says there is not much taking over of
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property or industries in the old socialistic sense. listen to this. the formula appears to be control without ownership. it's interesting to recall the same formula is used by the management of great corporations in depriving stockholders of power. you got it? who is this guy? we should know this, man, he is the guy who coined the phrase the "new deal." if you look at what he talks about in the '40s about what is coming, and how you just take over industries, you don't just seize them. that's socialistic. it's exactly what barack obama has done. they took over control of industries. put yourself in the progressive mindset. put yourself, put the stained glass window back up. put yourself in the progressive mind set that the free market is evil and must be stopped. they are pounding at the globe. to reshape it. nearer to their heart's desire. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. that's one line of a very famous poem that people don't know. you have to understand the
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poem. not enough people get that there are people on earth that want to remake the globe. fundamentally transform. progressives have been playing this game for a very long time. it's a vicious cycle. it only ends up in even more government control. back in a minute.  
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>> glenn: i heard a story today that blood practically shot out of my eyes. it was this one. new york city and state wants u.s. department of agriculture to ban food stamps to buy sugary soft drinks to curb obesity-related diseases among the city's poor. they say soft drinks are the largest contribution to obesity epidemic. probably true. bloomberg and paterson made a joint statement. the first reaction to the statement this morning was wrong reaction. it was good. good. take the government assistance and they have every right to tell you. it was the wrong reaction.
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but it's partially. our parents told us, at least mine did. i'm sure yours did, too. "as long as you live under my roof, you will play by my rules and eat what is put on your plate. when you get a job --" right? when we take handouts from the government, we are under their roof. we are under their roof and we have to do it their way. that's what i'm warning about. benjamin franklin i chose him for charity. he was an amazing man. charity, he understood. what did he say about it? he said the best way to help people is to make people uncomfortable in their poverty. it's the fastest way to get them out of the poverty. the government has been doing the exact opposite. they encourage people who would otherwise never dream of using food stamps to use them. watch.
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>> introducing snap. it helps you eat right when money is tight. >> wait, excuse me. did you say "snap"? >> yes. that's the new name for the federal food stamp program. lots of people low income qualify for snap but don't know it. if you qualify, get a card to buy all sort of foods, fruits and vegetables. works like a bank card when you check out. >> card. like the one you swipe and go bleep? >> that's right. snap offers help to all kind of people. >> can i be eligible if i have a job? >> yes, you can, if your income is low. >> but i have a car. >> no problem. you may qualify. >> i own my own house, can i still qualify? >> yes, you might. >> it goes to cloward and piven, get as many people on as you can. i don't know the situation and what they're creating here, but is that who you think of that needs food stamp assistance a car and your own house.
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i know things can get tight. obama changed income limitation to greatly expand the number of families qualifying for food stamp. people can urn up to 200% of the poverty level and qualify for food stamps. the campaign seems to be working. we have set a new record. 41.8 million people using food stamps. why would we try to get more people on food stamps? let's go to new york city. what are they doing? they are telling you, that you cannot purchase these with food stamps because you're homer simpson. you don't know. you'll choose wrong, the wrong kind of food. so the government will choose for you. if you're one of the 481.8 million, wake up. they are going to tell you exactly what to eat. as long as you take their gifts, they have the right to do it. think of what the guy has to say now behind the counter to you. look at how this, it's not
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only that they will tell people with food stamps they can't have this, but the person at the 7-eleven counter, you come up and you have doritos and a soda and food stamps, that guy is in a position where he has to play the food police. at the same time, places like california, they want to legalize marijuana. they want to legalize marijuana, but soda is a no-no. let me tell you something on the marijuana thing. vimar legalized everything that could help people attracted when the trouble came. this one is about getting young voters out. i digress. back to soda. soda taxes happened in washington state, philadelphia, new york and others have been trying to get a soda tax passed as well. let me ask you this. if you are trying to create jobs, how is this going to help coca-cola? this is the m.o. for progressives. control. it's exactly why we have been warning you with government
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healthcare. let me ask you this. they are doing it now, they want to do it here in new york and new york state. it will happen. because you are living under their roof. let me ask you this. with healthcare, won't you live under their roof with healthcare? you have to play by their rules. if this is the leading cause of obesity, well, are you going to be able to buy soda? i've shown you this week, the rules are cold and calculated. 1913. teddy roosevelt. just bought this today. wouldn't tell the store in new york who it was for because i don't know if they would have sold it to me. teddy roosevelt, battle flag. progressive. 1912. this is an original hank hankerchief. in 1920, without radio or television or mass media, anything masked to spread the news quickly, people had seen enough of progressives.
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they were done by them and horrified by progressives by 1912, to 1920. progressive were in shambles. the federal income tax 1913 enacted. promise to keep the rate low. 1913, 7%. 1918, keep it low. turned into 77%. during the same period, the lower rates never climbed over 6%. most people were virtually paying nothing in taxes, people were so spooked by progressives, by the way you can't drink anymore. it's bad for your health. they started slashing taxes. by 1925, the top tax rate was back down to 25%. the lowest bracket was back down to 1.5. progressives are the same now as they were then. ask can hillary clinton. they have just packaged it better this time. they've just packaged it. they learn from the mistakes. the question is will we? 
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i'm harris faulkner. security scare at one of the largest airports, philadelphia international. at this hour, passengers aboard a u.s. airways jet are back on their way to bermuda. authorities stopped the flight on the tar mac, evacuated it and searched it
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after baggage handler was spotted near the plane. congress budget office putting the deficit at $1.3 trillion. barack obama trying to fire up voters in maryland today in an effort to minimize losses to his party on election day. more on the stories at glenn beck returns in a moment. but first, here is bret with a taste of "special report". >> bret: coming up -- is the healthcare law unravelling? companies and unions demand waivers to the new law. staggering foreclosure numbers. and presidential pocket veto. we will explain all of that. please join me in 25 minutes for special report. now back to glenn. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: yesterday, i started to tell you about fabian socialism. and the influence that it has here in america.
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i had so much mail on it. i tell you this every day, or i try to. do not take my word for anything. please. please. i don't ever want to hear you in an argument with somebody saying well, glenn beck told me. don't. don't quote me. please. know it yourself. do your own homework. it's the only way that you will be strong enough to be able to stand it. if you know it. don't take my word for it. do your own homework. find out these things are true. now, here are some people that were influenced by the fabians. we have stuart chase. he coined the phrase "the new deal." we also have cecil rhodes, of rhode scholar fame. bill clinton and others were rhode scholars. walter lippmann and george soros. spooky dude. saying now i think, now, in the end, do you understand the power of the dark side?
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then you see the lightning bolt shooting from his fingertips. is it just me? anyway, i want to go back to the stained glass window from the fabian society. it explains so much. and there is a method to my madness here. you have to understand the history. i showed you at the beginning of the time board. you can't understand anything unless you look at this from a very long line. i want to show you the stain glass window. and i want to show you what is here. if you look at the stain glass window and you see mold it to nearer to the heart's desire. i was curious about that. what is that? well, this window is originally from the beatrice web house in surry, england. headquarters of the fabian society. fabian society still around. tony blair is a fabian member. i can't tell you how many members are fabian socialists all over the world. this was designed by george benard shaw who is here.
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the guy who invented the death chamber for the death camps. george bernard shaw. it depicks sydney web and shaw striking the earth, here, with hammers. but if you notice the earth is red hot. here they are. stoking the flames. to heat the earth up so they can hammer it, remold it nearer to the heart's desire. what is that line from? well, it's a line from omar kayam. it is, it's very interesting. remouled it nearer to the heart's desire. if you understand the whole poem. take this down for a second. let me show you the wolf in sheep's clothing. there it is. wolf in sheep's clothing. fabian society. this is the shield. a wolf with sheep skin cover. why would you do that if you were a happy place? above the globe is that. the window is now on display
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at the london school of economics. which was founded by four fabians, including sydney and beatrice web. i want to show you the rest of this poem. this is what the whole stanza is. the last line that is on the stained glass window. "ah, love. could thou and i with fate conspire to grasp this sorry scheme of things entire. would we not shatter it to bits and then remould it nearer to the heart's desire?" could you and i conspire with fate to grasp this sorry scheme of things entire. and then shatter it to bits and remould it nearer to the heart's desire. the problem is, gang, this sounds crazy. but they're doing it. it's not because they are
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evil. this is the root of american progressivism. i'm not telling you fabian society because it's irrelevant. your new prime minister in australia, i believe, is a fabian society member. tony blair is fabian society. england is riddled with fabian society members. these are the early 20th century american progressives. these tactics are used here now. they're doing it. we showed you last night 18 characteristics of replacing the free market system. with what they said was state capitalism or socialism or fascism. in this book, they say that could be it. but we're going to call it "x" for now. stuart chase wrote about this in this book. it's very hard to find. it is "the road we're traveling." i showed you yesterday. all 18 of them have been accomplished now. some of them are being done right now for state capitalism. so who are these people?
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well, stuart chase graduated from harvard in 1910. that was the same year that this guy did. walter lippmann. who shaped woodrow wilson's 14 points for the league of nations, which then failed then, but later came back just under a new name. the united nations. lippmann said, "i have come around to socialism as a creed. i do believe in it passionately and fearlessly. not that all men are created equal for that is a misapplication of democracy. i believe that the people must express themselves in an organized society where religion is the dynamic." those were the american pioneers of fabian socialist throughout america. lippmann carried it to the wilson administration later as an award winning journalist. writing a syndicated newspaper column every journalist in america studies walter lippmann. as he remoulds the minds of
5:42 pm
journalists. chase is the one that brought it to f.d.r. but to find the core of the insidious movement we have to travel across the pond to great britain where you will find another man you heard of 1,000 times. because his legacy lives on. cecil rhode. ever hear of the rhodes scholarship? he wrote why should we not form secret society but with one object, furtherance of the british empire, and bringing the whole world to one -- there is the racism and the eugenics again. "what a dream. yet it is probable, it is possible." he went on to run debiers consolidated mind at one point owned 90% of the world's diamonds. isn't it interesting that all
5:43 pm
the radical socialist were almost all wildly successful capitalists? it makes me think of this guy. de tocqueville. this is democracy in america. part one is how great it is. how it will change the world. part two is, by the way, they are going to become people who try to change it and slam the door shut behind them because they'll have so much wealth. now this may all seem like ancient history. i want to tie it next to the present. stand by. lp
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>> glenn: fabian socialist. until this week you may not have heard about fabian socialists how it ties to coca-cola and bloomberg. foundation of modern day socialism and progressivism. we talked about the man who coined the phrase "the new deal" with his book, stuart chase. right here. walter lippmann. walter lippmann. he was all over this area. the rhode scholarship legacy left by fabian socialist cofounder cecil rhode. in 1895, four people, four fabians started the london school of economics. it is where the fabian society stained glass window resides. a school where years later, all the way down here in 19 1949, a hungarian named
5:48 pm
george soros would enroll. he would graduate and learn a lot there of the he would move to new york and build a massive financial portfolio with what he learned. he became one of the most successful hedge fund managers and by 1992, he was the guy that was given the title the man who broke the bank of england. in 1992. this is when he, this is when he speculated and helped devalue the british currency. but we all lovingly know this spooky dude is the man who funds the center for american progress. free press. jim wallis sojourners, the tides foundation. and a ton of other left wing groups. his twisted and dangerous philosophy in my opinion was developed in britain in the late 19th century. down here.
5:49 pm
it has spread like a plague all the way through. all the way through. it has changed america. it's being shattered into bits, america is, right before our eyes to remold it nearer to their heart's desire. i believe they have a god complex. they think they can. tell you what to drink. tell you what to drive. tell you how to spend. tell you what war should be fought, what shouldn't be. what charity is. they should do all of those things. soros said, "it's sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything. but i feel comfortable about it now since i began to live it out." luckily america has a different understanding of what god is. only one god will win this battle. have you made a choice yet? i'm going with the god that has a capital "g" and only three letters in his name.
5:50 pm
you'll have to make your own choice. but remember this, do your own homework. find out if these things are true yourself. don't take my worted for it. do your open homework. remember sunlight is the best disinfectant.
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>> glenn: friends of a fabian socialist and guy who learned his lesson was robert kipling. he wrote a poem "god of copy book headings." that's what we agreed on in the beginning that said god is good and kids could write it down. god is good. practice penmanship. he learned his lesson and this is what he wrote after he saw fabian socialism. with the hopes that our world is built on we're utterly out of touch they denied that the moon was still top or dutch. denied wishes were horses, denied pigs has wings so we worship gods of the market who promised these beautiful things. they promised perpetual peace, they swore if we give them their weapons. the war of the tribes would cease. then we disarmed and they
5:55 pm
sold us and delivered. bound to our foe. and the gods of the copybook heading said stick to the devil you know. we were promised a fuller life, which started by loving our neighbor and ended by loving his wife. until our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith and the gods of the copy book headings said the wages of sin is death. we were promised abundance for all, by robbing selected peter to pay for collected paul. though we had plenty of money there was nothing our money could buy. and the gods of our copy book headings said if you do not work, you will die. then the gods of the market tumble and the smooth tongue wizards withdrew. the hearts of meanest were humbled and they began to believe it were true. all that is gold does not glitter. 2-2 make four. the gods of the copy book headings limped up to explain it once more. as it will be in the future, it was at the birth of man. there are only four things certain since social progress began. the dog will return to the
5:56 pm
vomit and the sow returns to its mire. and the bandaged finger goes back to the wobbling fire. i'm out of time. you have to read the last stanza yourself. uh-oh, was that a trick to get you to look this up? "gods of the copybook heading." kipling. read. learn it. ñ÷   
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>> tomorrow night is a special night op the program. marking 40 days and 40


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