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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  December 20, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> tonight our probes into three deaths actress brittany murphy who died in os angeles this morning cincinnati bengals star severe chris henry who died on thursday and what in the world is going on in the michael jackson case? it's a homicide, remember? one that happened almost six months ago. up front tonight this is a fox news alealert. >> you are looking live and at large and on the floor of the united states senate where as the republicans say in the dead of night actually 3 hours at 1:00 monday morning eastern time there will be a vote to end debate on the historic health care legislation.
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hi everybody i am geraldo rivera. it appears virtually certain the democrats keep together their 60 vote filibuster super irma joerity they are -- super majo they will have a healthcare reform bill signed into law on christmas eve. democrats are this close to an achievement of historic proportion to republicans who say they can no doing no stop the one away train. it is an unmitigated disaster. >> we are deep in the red zone and right on the one yard line. >> i think the american people are entitled to a vote. >> what we can do is continue winning the battle of american public opinion. it is clear since we have been waging this battle on the floor of the senate and all over america that increasingly american public opinion is against this massive new addition to our debt. we will fight until the last
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vote. we owe that to our constituents. >> with the vote looming and with washington still reeling from the after effect of one of the biggest with one day snowfan record how are they feeling in the nation's capital? chad pergrum joins us from the tv and radio gallery above the senate floor. what's the mood in the nation's capital? are they really bent out of shape about everything from the weather to the fact that they are working sunday night? >> the and de williams song it's the most wonderful time of the year it is one of the most loathsome times of year for them. this is the 21st day in a row the senate has been in session nerves are frayed, temperatures are short they want to get it done. they are going to have a vote at 1:00 in the morning which will put this bill on a glide path toward passage later this week.
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60 votes is essential to get this over the procedural hurdle. they got concessions from the democratic senator from nebraska who agreed to be the 60th vote here. there's not much the republicans can do to stop this this year. tom coburn a republican senator from oklahoma said look, we needy vine intervention here. i asked that people pray one of the senators doesn't make it here tonight. that drew a sharp rebuke from dick durbin the number two democrat in the senate who said he was astonished that he hoped some miss fortune would fall on one of the senators. harry reid reed said it was repulsive, geraldo. >> it is an indication of how nasty things are getting, chad. it has been a long and bitter fight. thank you very much. ann coulter joins us. does the elimination in the senate bill of the so-called public option does that mean that you and the tea parties have won and american medicine
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won't be socialized by this new leg legislation? >> it won't be as bad as it would have been? mostly because almost no one would benefit under it now. which is why even though it would be fantastic for republicans if this healthcare bill actually became law, i still don't believe it's going to become law. >> how do you figure it's not going to become law? >> because this is only -- >> because the house doesn't go along with the senate bill? is that your last hope? >> it's not my last hope. injury pub cans w -- i think republicans will win big and it won't be as hard to repeal because it doesn't create a lot of welfare recipients as democrats had hoped. there's a lot that's -- i don't know how it gets worked out for one thing the abortion language and by the way i think we can dispense with the idea of pro-life democrats now. all of n moderate democrats who
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had great hope for the pro-life image am and senator casey from p pennsylvania this is what he gave you. >> let me ask the reverend. al, reverend al sharpton joins us. do those concessions that we talked about the public option and abortion funding which made the compromise possible, does this mean that the president's reform bill even if it passes is really an empty sham from the point of view of progressives? >> well, i think that a lot of progressives said that i certainly would have wanted a public option and the element of women's right to choose there. but i don't think this is an empty shell. i think when you have a bill that will give these 30 million americans an opportunity for health insurance where people cannot be put off because of illnesses and that you cannot be eliminated because of preconditions, i think it gives
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us more than we have had. does it give us as much as we want? no. i don't think it give sz the president as much as we want. but when you look at the fact we have gone through decades of no healthcare reform the fact that it looks like we are on the brink of a bill in and of itself is something to the republicans tried to stop. i think it's a success that they would defeat. >> let me ask you on that point, al. a lot of my liberal friends say they almost don't care what's in the bill. they assume it's relative youly reasonable. they needed to pass to save obama's political behind right now. do you think it's true, that any bill is much better than no bill? >> i don't think it's about saving the president as much as saving the fact that if his bill does not pass in some form we will not get healthcare reform on track to be entertained by the senate and the congress probably in the next years, few
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years. i think what is at stake here is healthcare. we will end up back where we were in 94. they will not want to just get some of the things out that i and others think are important. they wanted no bill. i think that the fact that there seems to be clearly indication we will have a bill is a glaring defeat for the republicans who never wanted any kind of healthcare reform bill at all. >> is it a glaring defeat for republicans that there is a bill that the democrats have to the astonishment of many including me put together their enti ent votes plus those in the united states senate they got everybody together. they paid off people. they did kind of late night shady tricks but they got the 60 votes and looks like they are going to win. >> they are going to win in the senate. they have to reconcile it with the house.
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die know how just the abortion language gets through. bart stupak in the house says he has 40 who will not vote to subsidiary dies abortion. that's what nelson did in order to pay off medicare. the one point al sharpton says could be better we will have no preexisting conditions and all of these, but 30 million will have healthcare now. if you don't have health care now you have the opportunity to buy healthcare. >> if you have no money to buy it how are you going to buy it? >> wait a second. but if due have healthcare now why don't you buy it if an insurance company can't exclude you from preexisting conditions. pay the fine. when you need your health insurance. >> you can buy it and the government helps you buy it with a subsidy if you are poor or middle class, i guess. >> no, not middle class. to the contrary. af a trillion -- half a trillion dollars will be cut out of medicare half a trillion dollars will have to be imposed -- >> people who make over a quarter of a million a year.
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my dad never made more than 10 grand a year he thought he was high on the hog. >> no, no, geraldo. you can make $20,000 a year, your insurance premiums will go through the roof. in order to subsidize everyone else or the few who will be sup diesd everyone else l to pay more for the premiupremiums. healthcare will go down premiums will go up taxes will go up. >> whether or not it's a good plan or not the american people will judge going forward. >> thank you reverend al. thank you ann. i think they have pooled off a political c coup of mistic proportiopro -- of historical proportions. coming up actress b brittany murphy's life had become a train wreck. did drugs kill her? did chris henry jump to his death because of a broken heart or was he thrown from the vehicle? back in a flash. i have asthma.
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>> a los angeles coroner official is saying brittany murphy appears to have died of natural causes. i find that hard to believe given her medical history which the lapd is now investigating. look at the troubled course the tortured course this 32-year-old actress's life has recently taken. watch. >> adorable sexy and most talents in hollywood. in the last few years she seemed almost as deeply troubled as the
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character she plays in "don't say a word." a child star who began acting in tv commercials at 13. her break through role came in 1995 when she played opposite alicia silver stone in the film "includeless." she said busy after that most notably in "sin city" with mickey rourrourke. she didn't have another star turn until "8 mile"" in which she played rap star eminem's love. ashton kutcher had playing newlyweds. >> hello and good morning to you. >> in a period that seen brittany's happiness. her life appeared to dissent great into the turmoil usually soesh i didn't telled with girls like lindsay lohan or courtney love. and brittany sooner thanned a
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reputation of being an erratic diva on the set and reportedly even seemed stoned at a premiere of a 2008 horror film "across the hall." in june of that year 2008 her career suffered a real blow when she was unceremoniously dropped by the disney company from the plum role as the voice of the title character in the new tinkerbell movie. reportedly it was because of her public antics and unpredictable behavior. a few months later there was another bizarre incident at her hollywood home. she claimed someone was shooting a gun at her. they blamed the noise on a faulty generator operating nearby. a couple weeks ago in early december, 2009 she was fired from another major film, "the caller" shooting in puerto rico after she and her husband reportedly feuded with everyone on the set before he was hospitalized under mysterious
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circumstances. the stage was set for this morning's tragedy. according to tmz brittany was found unconscious in the shower by her own mom. that is unconfirmed. we know at 8:00 pacific time there was a frantic call to 911. the police department emt's respond but despite heroic attempts the young star cannot be revived. brittany murphy is declared dead on arrival at cedar sinai. >> tmz has been breaking most of the news in the brittany murphy death. managing editor harvey lev enfeld is on the phone. thank you for being with me. >> sure. >> we have simon pictured with brittany. he's different now much heavier and unkept. he told the staff at cedar sinai that he did not want an autopsy
10:17 pm
performed. yet one will be performed anyway. why would he request an autopsy not to be performed? >> i don't know. i just know that happened. the coroner will not defer an autopsy because he wants it givin' the circumstances these 32 years old they will be doing an autopsy on her tomorrow. i can't tell you why but i can tell you there will be one tomorrow. >> is it true her mom claims that brittany suffered secretly from diabetes? >> yes. we put that up this morning and i am going to have more on that. we are going to put something on the web site shortly but she, yes, she did. i heard what you said a few minutes ago that the associated press was saying natural causes. i think that is not a keshth statement. i think that's not the position
10:18 pm
of the officials right now. they don't know. i can tell you, geraldo, again we are going to be putting something up, i don't want to talk about it until i get it up on the site but i can tell you that it is looking, and i will just caution, but it is looking like this is not a question of oding on some kind of illegal drugs. >> what about prescription pain-killers? i have read on your site and others that she had a problem according to friends with vicodin following painful plastic surgery gone awry, that friends were concerned about her. one quoted as this comes as no surprise. >> yeah, i think that's something they are looking at. they found prescription meds at the house this afternoon. i do think -- in fact i know that they have not settled on natural causes, and i believe they are leaning against illegal
10:19 pm
drugs, but there is a middle ground there. again i just need another 20-30 minutes and we will be putting something up. >> briefly, cocaine, we have heard that also. >> i don't believe that's the case here. >> you are more on the vicodin school? >> i am only saying that based on what i am told in terms of the house. it's possible. i don't think so. >> har very levin, tmz. great job. >> thanks geraldo. >> let's take a quick break. we will discuss this much more with a crack panel and then later in the program we will delve into the chris henry death and michael jackson. what in the world is going on in that probe? all after this. boss: ah! thank goodness you're back.
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>> the death the britney murphy we are joined by joel dobson bo deedle and famed forensic pathologist michael baden. michael baden brittany murphy appears to have died of natural causes. how can they know? >> that's premature. >> they are selling tales out of school and they don't know -- >> they haven't done the autopsy. it will take a week or more to do the toxicology or a couple weeks. the most common way apparently healthy people die at age 32 at home is some kind of drug overdose. >> i think the lapd also will be careful about what they release right away. this young lady just died for them to release anything and let
10:24 pm
anybody know about their investigation i don't think that's happening. >> you heard what harvey said i believe they have great resources they found prescription drugs probably vicodin. >> vicodin or what's the stuff kids use to inject themselves up to study. >> a aderol. >> aderol. >> that speeds them up pretty good. >> is it true the wife with the husband the british filmmaker has gone off the tracks and she is gotten a reputation of erratic and not showing up and she just got fired a couple times? >> we have heard the reports and the term erratic keeps coming up. we have heard she is been emaciated tlooe there's another concern physical and behavioral things people have been paying attention to and getting a lot of headlines. i spoke to someone who said they will be looking at her weight and considering that as well as as dr. baden said the toxicology
10:25 pm
reports. a lot of people in hollywood talking to about her rumors about her. radar on-line posted a comment about her about rumors of cocaine use she responded to in 2005 when she denied it and said i am way too high strung. i can't even take a sudafed my heart would explode. she is been denying drug use refuting some of the comments about her weight but earning a lot of headlines and getting rumors about her for quite some time now. >> do you think you can trace her decline with breaking up with ashton kutcher when he went to demi moore? >> they were together when they worked on the 2003 film "just married"" and seemed happy at the time. she seemed to have bounced back from that had a couple of engagements now married it seemed she had gotten over a hump following the breakup but her career never really took off. she work withed people who became big stars like ashton
10:26 pm
kutcher dakota fanning angelina jolie, the list goes on. we are keeping an eye on her career and whether that was part of her concern she never made it to the iconic status she may have been working toward and also again the reports about her weight about erratic behavior jobs she reportedly was fired from although her publicist said it was parting of ways because of creative differences lots of different things surrounding her and headlines along the way. >> what would you look at first? >> prescription drugs, narcotic drugs. the reasons we do autopsies and toxicologies the drugs in the bodies are what's important not what is in the home. >> not what's in the -- >> also parents have to understand what's in the medicine cabinet these kids get their hands on they could be legal drugs with a prescription. >> what percentage of 323-year-old actors die of heart attacks from natural causes.
10:27 pm
>> something that speeds up your heart. >> occasionally you can have a congenital anomaly and a brain hemorrhage that's rare. >>
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>> from america's news headquarters i am mary ann silver. 6 detainees were returned to yemen 4 to afghanistan and 2 to somali land region. obama administration saying it did a thorough review of each detainee's case before it transferred. they plan to have the guantanamo facility shut down by next year. james cameron's sag dau avatar raked in 70 million the opening weekend. the battle fell short of the december record set by "i am legend" two years ago
10:31 pm
$77.2 million. "the princess and the frogs," "the blind side," and "did you hear of the morgans and "twilight" sag dau new moon" rounding out the top 5. now back to geraldo at large. >> we are back live. they began the bang gals chargers game with a moment of silence in memory of chris henry who died thursday after falling out of the back of a pickup truck being driven by his fiancee the mother of his three children. when oech cho sink companies scored he fell to his knees in prayer for his friend who had been troubled but seemed on his road to recovery. that's when he died. here's craig. >> after a series of arrests and multiple suspensions from the cincinnati bin bengals wide recr chris henry was given a second chance by the team and was starting to turn his life around. he was asking for a second
10:32 pm
chance after a fight with his fiancee when he died right here a mile from her home. >> it was a brisk afternoon in the charlotte north carolina suburb where chr chris henry ans fiancee were playing with the couple's children in her parents's big backyard. this day was different. >> he was trying to have a -- the lady in the front of the truck to have a conversation with him and she was refusing. he kept requesting her to talk to have an open talk and she was refusing. >> what was he saying to her? >> he said i just want to talk. >> what happened after she pulled out of the driveway? >> he said, quote, if you pull out of the driveway onto the main road i will jump out of the truck and kill myself. she pulled out and made a left turn, went down peach tree. >> confused and startled drivers
10:33 pm
called 911 as they tried to assess the situation. >> he has his arm in a cast he has black pants on. he's beating on the back of this truck window and the truck is driving. i don't know if he's trying to break in it or something. it just looks crazy. >> witnesses say tonga continued to drive through heez winding narrowed roads and chris continued to bang and shout. when the pickup rounded a dangerous curve the troubled football player with the bum arm fell out. >> about 4 seconds later i heard the truck stop suddenly at a streeching halt and then followed by a few minutes later the police cars. >> 911 emergency. >> i am on oak hill road. i just pulled up there's a man in the road. he looks dead. there's no movement. >> police characterized the incident as a domestic disturbance. for now there have been no charges filed henry's fiancee.
10:34 pm
players and management responded to his death with tribute and dedication to the fallen 26-year-old. >> he was a young kid that was definitely on the path to doing right, and trying to do right by himself and his family. >> his teammate dedicated today's big san diego charger he is game to the player and wept openly when he scored a touchdown on the opening drive. >> neighbor who also witnessed the incident don't think henry should be characterized as a fallen hero. >> i think he was in a situation that he was out of control. he was upset, angry whatever is going on he was out of control. >> craig, in keeping with what that within was -- witness was saying how troubled had henry been? how many times had he been arrested? >> geraldo during his nfl career he was arrested five times in 28
10:35 pm
months on dui, marijuana possession. he served multiple suspension for violating the league's personal conduct policy missing 14 games even served jail time for drinking in a hotel room with under aged girls after his latest arraignment back in april of 08 the judge said to him you are a one-man crime wave. >> yet the team stood behind him, he apparently turned his life around had a great season broke his arm and then this. >> that's right, geraldo. apparently trying to speculate how that whole phyto cured. tmz has the latest information. they spoke to wedding planners who were with the couple last tuesday who were arguing over the price of the wedding photographer. >> let me note they had three children, they were not yet married. they were getting married. tmz reporting the fight was
10:36 pm
about the cost of pending nuptials. dr. baden we have to check his toxicology. he found like the behavior of a mad man. ? >> the autopsy will tell if -- the death was from head injury to figure out how it happened with witnesses. >> would you charge the wife? >> if it sounds the way it sounds if she was driving that long with him in the back swerving that truck around that's reckless endangerment. i would charge her with a crime if she had -- he had nowhere to hang on she was driving reckless. >> close call. she could have been in fear for her life. >> you have to investigate criminology. >> michael jackson's homicide happened almost 6 months ago. why has no one been charged with this infamous crime. watch? >> we reached the grand finale of our top nine men of 09
10:37 pm
numeral uno the man who made the biggest impact this year. >> when mtv named michael jackson the man of the year it showed his influence on pop care culture. it was a reminder of the fact that almost 6 months after his overdose death in a rented mansion in los angeles no one has been charged in his death. it has long been declared a homicide. >> i think it was foul play and it's still being investigated. it is still being investigated. not going to finish it until we goat to the bottom of it. >> he died 18 days before an i will add advised but sold out 50 concert tour was to begin in great britain. his shocking death led to spontaneous demonstrations of support and affection from fans the world over. >> "this is it" the film produced from the rehearsal from
10:38 pm
a tour grossed $250 million making it the most successful documentary and concert film of all times. >> in a success is shown in the sale of albums. in weeks after his death he sold 4 million albums 8 million tracks and held ality one time the top nine spots on the hit parade. father joe's only lament is that michael was not around to enjoy it. >> michael always wanted to do movies direct movies and things of that sort. too bad he didn't get a chance to do that. >> the tour promoter aeg faced criticism from fans who felt the king of pop was pressured into making a professional commitment his frail body could never manage. it was aeg who hired conrad murray the los angeles based doctor who came to live with michael in the last weeks of his life who allegedly administered
10:39 pm
the fatal dose of propofol that killed him. many friends and family including sister la toya and activist jesse jackson still insists more than sloppy doctors it was actually foul play in the death. aeg denied any long o wrongdoing and investigators seemed to be concentrating on murray to a lesser and substantial degree on the other doctors who over the years treated jackson with heavy reliance on prescription pain-killers another highly addictive drugs. it is the over due investigation in the february 2007 overdose of another icon anna nicole smith some blame the delay on the michael jackson death investigation. two of the doctors who allegedly prescribed her the drug that is killed her and howard stern who
10:40 pm
were charged. it is reasonable to assume jackson prosecutors will take their clues from the anna nic ne trial before deciding who to charge as to what and when wil be coming. >> the fbi will be releasing 300 pages of previously unseen documents related to the various investigations into michael jackson including of course the child molestation allegations, the several extortion attempts from phony claimants about child molestation and also the various stalkers who haunted the pop star during his sometimes bizarre but always interesting life. joining me two jackson family members and in london dr. seuss san etok the close friends of michael's who also joins us. susan if i may begin with you what do you think is going on?
10:41 pm
do you think think this delay is being by external force or the doctors just trying to get it right? >> i think the attorney general's office are trying to get it right. obviously they have so much evidence to go through. they are going through everything with a fine to tooth comb. they want to get it right. the meter is looking at them friends family of michael jackson they are very, very worried and anxious to secure a conviction. they want to know what happened to michael. >> is it true that you were offered the job that conrad murray got? >> i wasn't directly offered it myself but michael request that i use my family con nixs to secure medications for him. >> what medication was that? >> mainly ziprovan and propofol. that was something i could never
10:42 pm
do. michael has been a good friend for me for many years and there's no way i could do such a thing like that that's wrong on every level. >> brian oxman is the fact that there has been a flood of money into the jackson he is skate and jackson executors and jackson movie producers is the money keeping things quiet now? >> no geraldo. absolutely not. i have been in touch with attorney general jerry brown. i have been in touch with the prosecutors in logs angeles. they are being careful and sir come respect they want to do it right. you have hit the nail on the head. it's now 6 months christmas the 25th is going to be the six month anniversary. at that point i think will you see frustration set in. six months is a very important date. we would like to see some action take place. i think we are going to be seeing something soon. >> why dock? >> i think the doctor had it right they want to be very
10:43 pm
careful to see how many people should be indicted. it's always difficult when you have trials -- >> you don't believe it will stop at murray who some people think is a scapegoat. >> i am sure they are looking at a bunch of people. a lot of people acted improperly pharmacists doctors and all. doctors invariably have high priced lawyers. >> you also need specialists, you need doctors that are going to look at the evidence. you need all kinds of specialists professionals they are going to look at the evidence. this thing is why isn't los angeles county heading this up? why is jerry brown heading this up. >> why aren't the cops doing it? >> medical expertise. >> thank you, thank you. >> coming up, what ever happened to the family of the balloon boy? later why do they take the kid off the bus and hand him to his allegedly abusive dad? this tape broke my heart. >> no. no he's got my dad.
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>> remember the balloon boy? in a couple days the parents of the youngster who said they floated off in the balloon will plead guilty for staging the worldwide hoax of epic proportions. the attorney david lane joins me from denver. david, thanks. has the anger died down? do people look at them more as pathetic curiosity pieces? does any one really want them to be sent up the river for any
10:48 pm
substantial time? >> balloon who? it's getting to be old news a bit. there are people that have written to the judge and asked for jail. but i think by and large, you know, people have gotten over it. >> maome is a japanese national. were she to be convicted of a felony her immigration status could be put in peril. is that the lever the prosecutor used to get the guilty pleas? >> yeah, richard took a felony hit in exchange for maumi getting a nondeportable misdemeanor. that's going to be the story at sentencing wednesday is richard's plea to the judge is look, judge, other son wellings didn't go to jail for making everyone believe marshals were invading the earth no harm no foul basically. >> what are you predictipredict? you are a veteran. you have been around. >> i think there will be jail time. the only real drama is can she
10:49 pm
stay out of jail and richard will ask the judge not to put her in jail if anybody has to go to jail put him in jail. that's his responsibility not hers. >> he should take the fall. >> how are the kids? >> they are great. they were in my office yesterday. >> do you think they will ever get their reality show? >> i am not their press agent i am their criminal defense lawyer. are you you going to give them one? >> no buzz? no buzz they will be the real housewives of colorado. >> any one tries to buzz me i say i am their criminal defense lawyer. >> i think three months for him is fine. that's more than enough. >> that's the max he could get 90-days. >> david lane good luck if your clients want to talk on tv let them know i am here. >> up next the videotape that made me sick when i saw it the inside story of the boy taken off the bus and given to his
10:50 pm
allegedly abusive dad who has flown the coupe. all that after this.
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10:53 pm
>> that brings to mind the old saying the law is an ass. three-days after the pour child was taken off the school bus handed over to the father the kid was screaming to the official was abusive the father and mother were due to talk about permanent custody. the father is believed to have taken the child out of the country. felony arrest warrants have been issued which is no consolation
10:54 pm
for the mom. she is here along with her attorney miguel ortiz. when is the last time you saw your son. when is the last time you saw your son? >> i saw him the 17th of october. that was the last time that i saw my son. >> and why was he so frightened of your former husband? >> because he is an abusive man. he took him before when he was 5 years old. he took him to france for two years. since then my son has post traumatic symptom because he's so scared. he hits him. you saw the video. the video talks by itself. >> miguel, why did the court write the order that allowed that child to be taken off that bus and given to this father who fled the country with him once
10:55 pm
before? >> well, the biggest problem through that process is it's an ex par ta hearing where my client was not a mart -- part f it. she didn't get the chance to participate and show any documents presented to the judge. also it is believed the lawyers portrayed to the court a status that was not true was not correct. he said he had custody of the child. >> when in fact he did not. >> he doesn't. he lost any rights to the child back in june of 2005. that is after he lost those rights that's when he took the child the first time and disappeared for two years. >> where do you believe he is with your son? >> right now i really don't know where is he. i still holding his mexican
10:56 pm
passport and he's a mexican citizen as well as they both are french citizens. this man is married to this russian girl, so he could be anywhere. >> if your son is watching by some miracle or even if the kidnaper is watching, say something to them right now? speak right to them. >> okay. john paul, i love you. i am getting closer to you. be strong, okay, please bring paul back. don't do nothing to him. don't hit him, be a good man to him, and bring him back. he needs me, i need him. it is where he belongs. >> i wish you good luck.
10:57 pm
miguel, thanks. >> that's it for us. i mean you love your children. i was with my daughter today we made a snowman. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. i drove my first car from my parent's home
10:58 pm
in the north of england to my new job at the refinery in the south. i'll never forget. it used one tank of petrol and i had to refill it twice with oil. a new car today has 95% lower emissions than in 1970. exxonmobil is working to improve cars, liners of tires, plastics which are lighter and advanced hydrogen technologies that could increase fuel efficiency by up to 80%.
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