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tv   Lawrence Jones Cross Country  FOX News  August 13, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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unfiltered signs, 8-13-2022, dan bongino. on a serious note. pointing here, the other guy is pointing there. thanks so much. i will see you week. >> the secretary of state the form policy and national security had information from the most are not protected is not a crime? that is outrageous to remember
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that? many americans scared for those that were never held in the weekly precedented part from donald trump to the president's lawyer certified in june there were no classified materials former president maintains all maintained all documents but again hillary clinton's private server so why is a supplied unequally? i flew down to palm beach florida and spoke to trump supporters for what they had to say about that. watch. >> what is your view of the fbi and why they decided to raid the former president's
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property? for so long there trying to find any type of dirt. i cannot believe this is happening in the. >> is the only person here that can put the guys in jail this is going on for six years ago and they had been after him yesterday was the ultimate. >> i believe they are trying to make it to attacking to put the american david argues that medical after him to intimidate.
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>> joining me now the great sean hannity. that is better than the usual introduction considering you're the only person that can get you to work on a saturday night. not that i not that i have any other offers or anything but it's always great to be with my friend and we love your success and we are proud of you. i want to bring you on. because you have been clear that you need no introduction. >> but i really needed you on this topic because through the justice system we cannot really understand the frustration of american people the lago then you have been
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covering and i don't care if you are a liberal democrat or republican or conservative, if we don't have equal justice and application of our lives we don't the constitution which means we don't have the country we think we have. look, what bothers me a huge supporter of law enforcement you know my mom was a prison guard you know i have relatives of the nypd and my dad was the those numbers were dating growing up and we were so proud of them and the problem is that if you go back to the russian folks and the show peter struck and lisette
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page he will never win and never be president and then we had an insurance policy we think the plan that you mentioned for andrew mccabe will work as an insurance policy believe that happen to talk about the trump servers and it was hillary clinton dirty russian misinformation dossier with me to the media they ran what that was all that don't eventually would warn the top echelon of the fbi.
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between rank-and-file 95 percent better good people that protect us and that with respect and trust for those that were corrupt and abusive you look data pfizer warrant and for the bulk of information to the trip campaign important the hillary clinton was bought and paid for with the dossier that was unverifiable that was not true. people are wondering why did you discuss the fbi because i just trust people they lied to us for three years in which for three years requires the court judges and not a single person was responsible for all this and discharged should really been hard and convicted
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time in christopher wray the opportunity to restore greatness to the fbi increase wanted that opportunity. what happened this week i'm sure he knew about it and that a disgrace but i will tell you why. look at the timeline the national archive the administration appraising that truck team in terms of getting all the documents on june 2nd or 3rd they could have taken with them that day that president even stop by to say hello. they requested ipad not be put on where the information was stored and where the documents are being stored in the president said to them
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according to five different sources that i had if you need anything come back you always. so why the raid and use of the espionage act? this is now the new hoax you have the russia conspiracy hoax now here we go all over again. they don't want this man to ever run for president again. that is what this is about. it's a fishing expedition not that anonymously to the "washington post" after they got the crap beat out of them but anonymous sources they will go on the record always about nuclear weapons really? if it was then why did you wait three days you got the morning to execute? and with that dangerous you would have acted that minute and they didn't. it is unfortunate 11 this country at this time.
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with the application of our lives. there is a guy but after 2001 he went to the national archives and he showed them in his hand in his crotch and in his socks and backside. he walked out with the. they did not use the espionage act with the security classification taken for three years and is fine. that is it. hillary clinton and then james comey on tape admitting she violated the law and deleted e-mails. top-secret top clearance e-mails repeatedly destroyed them on her server.
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but then said no prosecutor would ever prosecute and with the espionage act there they did not prosecute those two why would they go after donald trump if we have equal justice under the law? and that is why the people are so angry. the great sean hannity. thank you. the only person who thinks that this late on a saturday night. [laughter] >> i have the early bird special. i am going to bed. [laughter] >> see you soon. >> in the wake of this controversy there is a surprise that america has little trust. check this out fox news poll that says 75 percent of the country is unhappy and our leaders don't seem to realize they are making it worse equipping the irs with more auditors only suffer record inflation explaining into cities across the country while the administration doesn't close the border that
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our adversaries to capitalize and we need to reclaim the trust our leaders have lost. now we are headed to hoboken new jersey. >> i have very little confidence of american leadership today. i don't think the american leaders anything to be proud of at this time. >> i'm watching on tv i'm wondering do they believe what they say as well especially with leadership they don't believe what they are saying be met we are pretty confident what we are doing but it's not necessarily on the federal level. not thrilled by leadership but i'm not exactly in despair.
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>> i was so mad at one party when i went into the building with everything that person included. >> a bigger that would make me more excited about the future for more accountability and transparency. >> we need to stop the venturing going back to the people. >> those that intentions are corrupted by the system. >> maybe it is more of a grassroots operation to be present with people. just listen to the people at the end of the day we should get back to the roots of all attention to what people really want. >> it is clear that even in liberal new jersey but will this motivate and from
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sarah, going to first companies in the school they double down and go through with that when they just forget about it? >> absolutely. there has been a big backlash against federal law enforcement as well as the doj. not just here in the united states i just returned that i was talking to senior officials who live in el salvador and guatemala. everybody is concerned and they have their eyes on the united states right now and what is happening. when i went to bring up very quickly is the fact that we are evolving but everyone sees that.
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not just the fbi that hiring of 87000 irs agent this isn't donald trump this is all of us. >> the republicans have control of the house we knew about the irs and the fisa court in the corruption of the different agencies on the federal government yet they had power to do absolutely nothing. that if you just give us one more chance we will fix it. >> that is spot on. i'm so disappointed by republicans that they just rated a home like this is normal when hillary clinton and all these other people get away with everything. one of the reasons why these institutions are in such on favorability is do you notice they never apologize or acknowledge any error ever? it doesn't matter it is covid
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are the 2008 financial crisis or the fisa warrant for the afghanistan debacle. you cannot man your life with the lack of morals we have seen with the american ruling class. where are the republicans right now? that tax cut? they have to wake up. >> they also don't acknowledge the pain 40 percent say finances are excellent or good shape 50 percent they said they are poor about one year ago it is reversed excellent 46 percent said only fair or poor so can you imagine going to the grocery store they cannot get what they need to go to the destination they are
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selling their car in selling their houses doing whatever they need to do in the federal government says will send the irs agent after? >> i agree with charlie wholeheartedly there is no oversight they can do carte blanche whatever they want we expect doj to be balance. and to be held accountable and it occurred to me when the department of justice does not do its job there is no justice in america when you go to the grocery store and you stop by a gas station and you cannot afford the gas to put in your car and you turn around to see
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washington dc trampling all over the constitution in the principles what makes this nation so great that becomes a devastating years to continue reading have as an excuse but american people make their own decision. >> i just want to reiterate the point that republicans are better with the across the pond is the refund republican it's over it's not corporate tax cuts anymore they have created an internal security state. there better be promises made and kept when it comes to oversee the security apparatus other country in the regular everyday people just because they have abstract promises real accountability for the
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way they had been acting the last couple of years. >> from the barbershops of america everyone is upset right now thank you so much for joining us. >> and iranian sympathizer has been charged with attempted murder. coming up policy be blamed for holding our enemies? next. ♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet ♪ ♪ b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-nothin' yet ♪ ♪ here's something, ♪ ♪ here's something you're never gonna fff-forget, baby ♪ get a dozen shrimp for only one dollar with any steak entrée. only at applebee's.
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every day they make each other shine a little brighter. and they make the world around them a better place. so join girls scouts... ...and be a part of the friendship and magic. just one day after a failed assassination on his life has been charged with attempted murder in the second degree and he has pleaded not guilty in court this afternoon and in 1989. ordering muslims to kill him over the satanic verses joining me now florida congressman thank you for joining me tonight i went to
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go to you first because we had this attack yesterday a potential threat and mike pompeo we negotiate a new deal with iranians help me understand? >> we have a regime here that has targeted and kidnapped journalist oliver the world that is targeting american officials bill clinton and pompeo and brian even threatening to kill former president trump coming directly from the supreme leader that are holding americans hostage right now as we speak. by the way threatening to wipe new york in israel off the face of the planet with the nuclear weapon every half-hour negotiators sitting in the and five-star hotels drinking tea competent negotiating how many
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billions we will release back into the regime. why don't we stop worrying about how they feel and make them worry about how we feel and we establish what president trump did when he took out solo money? he took all of those actions and that stopped once we put a bomb on his forehead. that is what our adversaries understand. strength. they are deterred by strength and emboldened by weakness in a small weakness in this my house. >> unbelievable. listen to the statement from the president this is what he had to say. jill and i were shocked and saddened of the attack on salman rushdie yesterday. through to the resilience to share ideas without fear these are the building blocks and we confirm our commitment for those american values and solidarity with rushdie and those who stand for freedom of
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expression. you know exactly what it feels like to be attacked. do you have any confidence in the administration? >> to be honest i was shocked because president biden was very slow and late and more important by the ayatollah khomeini and the fact that salman rushdie has been attacked many times from the supreme leader that created the foundation of islamic terror. if not actual terrorism then that is why i am shocked at the strong statement president biden and it's not the first time that i myself with the
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subject i was the subject of kidnapping. the fbi actually said the islamic republic would assassinate the former us officials. it is clear these are acts of terrorism. if you don't take strong action that means you are sending a signal to the islamic republic that they come after more americans. if they are not being punished there is not the parent monumental you. >> so what should be the response the biden administration? >> first of all let me they how much i appreciate her leadership. they are afraid of her. that they that terrorist extreme is extremist.
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the most is the girl with a book. when women are thriving society where extremism is not. we have your back with hundred percent. if biden will not make the i'm waiting to hear from the united states congress. you keep fighting the fight for going to the pressure that the regime will respond to is a threat to their existence. the israelis know that. we need. we can fascinating to assassinate americans on americans will threatening to white pages of the year that they marched toward the nuclear weapon. that is unacceptable. >> i don't care was president i don't like our enemies beating their chest. thank you so much for joining us. >> it should be a bipartisan issue. yes. >> cap next the killer scott peterson pushing through peterson pushing through desperate new trial after
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welcome back scott peterson back in the news whether or not he deserves a new trial he was convicted 2004 for the murder of his wife lisa the peterson and his unborn son. he thinks he should be granted a new trial because they say one of the original jurors was bias. we covered the original trial in single has been covering the developing story out of california. >> those who follow the highly publicized trailers peterson would remember that your question. she was one that is called the doctor is defense attorney they say is the reason he deserves a murder trial. convicted killer scott peterson back in california listening to closing arguments in a hearing to determine where he was the rest of days. >> he did not have an impartial jury. he did not have a fair trial avenue trial. >> michelle was known as
10:33 pm
temperature during the additional double trial and with the center the new one. >> the concern is that a woman was a song that might was pregnant so if she you for her unborn baby's lives assuming that history to evaluating. >> it is attorneys argue that she lied about being a victim of violence when she was pregnant. there period she did not tell the truth so she did get on the jury to peterson killing the unborn child. is two decades and will after being convicted 2000 to cover the california supreme court overturned in 2020 vulnerable to admission does the patient giving his layers to determine if he should be president so
10:34 pm
that people versus peterson the supreme court found trailing testimony by the other circumstantial and. >> last december i asked teachers about the accusation get into the verdict. >> i feel like we spent five life. there were any type of his conduct it is disappointing that one juror would jeopardize the trials people and that's people that read the questions fully. >> the judge 90 days to make a decision. >> thank you so much for joining me now turning. thank you for joining the program. i went to read a portion of this article is not leaders
10:35 pm
should get a new trial not because he is. he should his right were compromised 18 years ago so please. what do you think? >> moorings, great to be back. that's a good point. no matter how is how much the world is the constitution affords you the right. objective trial with jurors are not as michelle questionnaire that she not there, impartial and objective. sees it is without hearing the evidence. to the senate happened. the lawyers should have questioned her more. i agree with that. they should individual why do you. like an impartial but at the
10:36 pm
end of the day the judge should have taken them by the to stay with. we cannot have her on this jury because she is. so remember the judge the caption of the ship regardless of mark garrigus and his team failed question michelle and the daisies is be. she should have been removed from injury by the judge. >> so the problem is that you want to be on the jury to begin with she tried to get off of the jury. and the wanted to keep her on. obviously she is an alternate and then she became major. what is your reaction to that. >> that is a real problem. even though juror questionnaire is a problem you're in a murder case and you have at your questionnaire
10:37 pm
that is rather one of the answers is i cannot be period personal and even if you feel now it was a mistake that down the time he should really make the objection i don't understand why it was made were why they wanted so badly on the jury she was ready to walk his own attorneys that we want to keep her are going to be a monday morning quarterback because we were there at the time and what was discussed at the table between attorneys and with the strategy was. this will be in the judge will give them a child. the is when the child at that point that is a guilty verdict, i go to the jury and the answers to my questions
10:38 pm
and do a background on each one of you to tuesday night any bias in the middle of the trial where someone did not they were charged with a dui the middle of an extortion case. the judge actually to by the board and excused or replaced with she did not tell the truth in the form. that is the question the child what is coming in? >> my colleague made a great point i don't think he will get a new trial and here is why. there is evidence that
10:39 pm
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>> boxes alert being told to shelter in place as well as rages in the city what started as a prison riot has turned into a weekend of mass chaos. vehicle set on fire and at least 11 game members have died crossing the border into california elsewhere on the border texans blaming the effect of this from
10:44 pm
out-of-control migrant prices the call for accountability and deaf ears but we are listening. watch. >> 's equity the secretary of securities in the border is secure. is it? >> absolutely not. it is wide open the border is closed at all to the border will be say it is secure. >> going on i have no use to see very safe and i cannot even the street to do with that without seeing illegals that they are mexican pizza the words of janice that is as it gets more and more dangerous with and my age and even younger and that is large
10:45 pm
in the heart of those that don't even make it because the failure of this administration, to enforce repercussions for illegal immigration. so it is impacting. >> do you feel the president of the united states cares about this issue? >> i would love to hope so that i don't think so. >> joining me now national border patrol council, thank you for joining the program. these are people that have to live with the public every single day. but yet the answers are the same. >> yes. in texas it's something you know very well it's near and dear to your heart. what we see is chaos. it's unfortunate because it doesn't need to be that way. but if you look at what president trump did with the protocols or remain in mexico it was like a light switch.
10:46 pm
part there was a problem with immigration congress is not working with him so he took into his own hands and put in policies and programs to secure the border more than we have 45 years previous. he has a secure border because of the right policies in the right programs. president biden took office he took one —- he got of those policies and programs and then along with that comes the other problems associated with this. cartel violence, coming into the united states. so there should be no surprise with the amount of drugs on the street corresponds with illegal immigration because the cartel control so we are doing on the borders today. >> it's interesting because the agents are fleeing in droves they don't want to see it anyway for the same thing but i went to get your thoughts that leaves all the
10:47 pm
way to san diego with the national security. >> how quickly this escalates into deadly violence if you see burned-out violence and hear about the death that it causeway on the border is also coming into the united states. you just have to look at what we have seen from states that are far away from the border if you asked that ten -year-old girl that was raped by the illegal alien that the border was secure what was she say just that father in florida by the foster child that claim to be 17 years old that was 24, i would say they say the border is not secure just ask any law enforcement enables the wood is not secure but simply goes back to the
10:48 pm
political will to put in place the policies and programs that we don't have the violence we currently see in tijuana spill over into the united states. >> they refuse to do it that they know what to do. we will take a trip back to my hometown to give back to the community. community. blendjet's back to school sale is on now! grab these a+ deals on blendjet 2. it packs the power of a big blender on the go, and it crushes right through ice. just drop in your favorite ingredients, even frozen fruit, and make a smoothie any time, anywhere. blendjet cleans itself. just add a drop of soap, water, and blend. recharge quickly with any usb port. order now on and kick off the new year right!
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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>> conversation in collaboration to communities it takes a village to raise a child that when in doubt a little bit of help from your hometown barbershop and friends never heard. he visited the place i was raised with the true power of community. >> we are at the barbershop where everything. why did you decide to have a here the barbershop? >> we always want to give back. we started talking one day and then why not tie it all together. >> explained to the audience with the barbershop means or community. >> for kids you do not have
10:53 pm
others that have a man in my. you will learn things that are barbershop you will learn anywhere. i believe all the time i learned more in the barbershop but i did at school because school can only give you certain things. but the barbershop teaches you a way of life. you can hear about another kid messing up and he has to get on his child then you want to be a better child are you see something. were i go to the barbershop i get emotional and another man can correct me and tell me what i'm doing is a father. it is the unspoken backbone you have to look for. >> what i love about this all these young black fathers only taking care of their kids but the community as well. for changes? >> very important. talk about black kids at a young age i was one of them. a lot of them don't have no direction. we are trying to help them
10:54 pm
help the kids get in the right direction and go the right way. those are the efforts to submit the brains and the knowledge to make their own their decision but one wrong choice can mess up your life. >> school supplies, haircuts, whatever will be available. >> we have for nails and braised and food and catering. we have chicken and waffles and pasta and all of it is good. >> this school year to get a better education and the stuff and do more stuff. >> what happened the school year? what we be when you grow up? >> a soccer coach. a lawyer. >> the subject?
10:55 pm
>> math. >> math. >> math. >> math because i'm good at it. >> science. >> why do you like science because you can go home. >> at least he kept it real everybody wants to go home. it's great to be there in my hometown thank you so
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>> that was fun. before we go i have to give a shout out to my mom and dad it was their 30th wedding anniversary. they are not able to watch the show tonight because they are celebrating. look at those old folks still together after having me at 17. happy anniversary. if you want to have social media also follow the show page. you can see where our team
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doesn't think i can wear one —- marathon they have harassed me think i will injure myself and not to cross country we don't think that is true. check out the content send me a story of brian: welcome to "one nation," i'm brian kilmeade. we have commissioner bill bratton. he will talk about solving the crime crisis. dr. oses he's doing just fine, don't believe the polls. carley shimkus is going to "news duel" it out. we went to graceland, to


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