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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  August 13, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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friday got to see the new animals. that's how fox reports on this saturday the 13th of august, 2022. i am jon scott, thanks for spending your evening with us. we'll see you again tomorrow. gutfeld is up next. ♪♪ over to go gutfeld. >> look at that. yeah. happy friday everyone here what a week, hung? let's look back at this mess first lacks assess the raid.
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>> first, i personally approve approval to seek a search warrant in this matter. second the matter is not to suc decision lightly. standard practice less intrusiv means into nearly scope any search that is undertaken. third, i will not stand by silently when their integrity i unfairly attacked. they are dedicated, patriotic public servant. >> he doesn't look guilty at all . i haven't seen a more cheapest cheapest phase way up next to that rampart he said he had to do it this way -- never did say
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why he said they had to do it this way because they had to do it that way. you need a circular saw to get through it. yes honey i slept with that stripper, because i could not not sleep without stripper. is a former stripper that makes no sense. then he play the victim saying the fbi agents are patriotic servants they will lay off or kidnap gretchen wittner. j edgar hoover will be proud. let's face it, i am joking for he is right 99.99 percent are patriotic but if you were takin the servant part too literary there is a fine line between servant and yes-man. like the covid vaccine they are supposed to be better.
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when you put nametags on angry parents -- suddenly parents became a terrorist group when the only harmful thing they do is ask you to friend them on facebook. just say no. then they will want more. just like that democrats are solely against -- f ei agent. don't call them wolves work tha are going to devour the people. >> this is banana republic kind of nonsense. >> republicans who complained about the weaponization of the doj and the fbi are in a way weaponization that rhetoric. >> it was incredible.
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we were there the whole time an we still are. but then they went charlie chaplin when writers short cities and supreme court justices were getting dock, som not try to murder brett cavanaugh for where was garland. ruth bader ginsburg did more than garland and she is dead. the press were quiet. it's so cute around feeding time . he can catch a sardine in his mouth or we criticize the fbi because we criticize everyone. it's the one thing i have to credit the irs for, we have been -- on them since the 18 hundreds back when pelosi was just a high school cheerleader.
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terrible. and biden had just received his aarp card. but they never complain. the irs just assumed that was part of the deal, the same thin with lawyers, chiropractors, field-goal kickers and guys nam chad. complain to a fox news only about heart disease and do you see what we go through? i get more death threats than anyone and only half of them i deserve. this is just a ruse to sal and she. like i told jesse waters -- fac is if you didn't criticize anything for fear you would trigger some net back because you will, then we would all be silent. we would have to shut down will
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real housewives. the only people you shouldn't criticize our cooks at diners. people who send back their meal hoping is going to come back better, the. never does. it never does. unless you appreciate a secret sauce. i will leave it to your imagination. is weird how the rate is called an unprecedented action but the is called a search that is no big deal how can that be? joe scarborough said channels must be used to go after angry people on news. does he forget that he is on cable news products at least biden has dementia, what is his excuse?
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say hello to bonnie and -- clyd. why is that -- by his own reasoning he and his wife shoul serve life sentences although that would be cruel and unusual punishment for the guards. there's ever. a pattern. the facts are never trooper trump said you should drink bleach, drum said you should find people born. and then the freaks come out an say the walls are closing in. this looks worse than watergate. this could be the thing that really takes him down here. this could be the thing that really takes him down.
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left mac. >> i just look at him and i think, turn. i'm not going to say it. >> he does not look like one. >> he does not look like one no even close then the truth comes out and it isn't within media wants so they turn their angry gaze to you you become the threat. that's when the people with the phones tuneup and now the crime that started it all isn't that important anymore. is the backlash. they did this with russian collusion, if you're skeptical, you were a traitor. if you talked about it you are guilty of this information not the people who pretended it was fake to rig an election for whe
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the real story divides manipulation -- it is still eary . i have no idea what is going on here what if it turns out to be nothing? what if it is not really about nukes but something bland like something dana's diary then i fed the dog and put on my prett pony pajamas i wrote a fan letter to garth brooks and then i went to bed. how bad would gardner looked and ? seriously, if they don't undercover a homemade movie of
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garland banging every member of menudo -- let's welcome tonight guest. more electrifying then a cattle prod in your bathtub. carley shimkus, actor and comedian -- fox news contributo kat timpf. my sidekick, tyrus.
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carly i want to break the illusion a little bit, there wa some breaking news, they released the warrant. >> and the list. >> tyrus explained to me is lik the album cover but not the album does that make sense to you? >> all of us are in this together what everybody is interested in is the affidavit. that will tells why this judge finally approved the rate. if you don't know that that we are still all speculating why this happened. i think it's a rare thing to sa that if sonny's house is rated by the fbi and it turns out to be a good week for them. we don't know a lot legally her politically donations are
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pouring it in record numbers i think this is something that could possibly motivate trump t announce his presidency even before the 2022 midterm elections. this is something that the left and some on the right never understood about him. you can't beat him at his political game. he thrives during controversy. he also represents people who have been -- by the administration. >> he gobbles up industry if yo start to flip out than that makes him even stronger. >> i want the fbi, joe biden, nancy losey to know that i am voting for president donald j trump in 2024. >> what does that have to do --
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crimes congratulations on the applause. >> does not list about document this is about stopping donald trump are running in 20 twentyfour they have nothing on trumpet was next are they going to raid his house because he di not return a book to the library ? the russia hoax didn't work the phony impeachments didn't work. rating is on going through malani is closet did work. >> it is ridiculous. they took all these boxes so that they don't find what they said they were finding what the might find something. >> are they just now looking fo these classified documents. he has been out of the office for over a year. why are they just now looking?
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>> greg and you know i am reall tight with brett there. >> i had the actual article on the affidavit of things they were looking for that they actually found. they gave it to you and not the. >> was like abraham lincoln's hats. >> eclectic. >> they got him. >> what if trump actually did break the law but he didn't kno he did? when trump became president, he had no clue.
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he said can we go into mexico and from drug dealers? it was a great idea, but you can't do that. >> when you stay in a hotel roo and it is a really nice robe. it was kennedy's robe but it is my road now. >> they didn't take bill clinton's robe because it was stiff. disgusting. disgusting that you would applaud that joke. i expected more on our audit audiences. >> it is true. >> what part x? >> i have been to the white house when trump was there. is not that impressive.
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it is kind of. >> it is old. >> it is very old and. not like you kat. >> i feel like there's so much that we don't know at this point . i'm not going to pretend that i know things that i really don't. the more that comes out, the more questions i have. watch our nuclear documents? i googled it and it said it was documents relating to nuclear weapons. what are we talking about? like how to do a bomb? i did not know there were nuclear documents. are there really papers out there floating around about how
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to do a bomb box? obviously, this is not the firs time people have said we got him . people tell me they would love to see him go to prison but the aren't sure even they are questioning because it is happened so many times. >> even when he was in power it wasn't about him being president . i have never seen such an emotional investment in somebod eric i find it funny, i find trump funny i understand why he drives people. you can step out of it and say see why he offends you. he is at the same time it disarms a psychology epic. they can't do it. they are doing again right now on television and are not even
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to society become unstable when there is no one at the table? a new study loans the social cost of being alone. wall street journal owned by parent company, elmers glue, points out how we are spending
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less time being social and more time being alone. i read it over the kitchen sink spending time talking to people has been in the decline for years and we are falling furthe away from one another. the main reason is that humans are exhausted, which leads me t reply, it's not just me. think of the effort it takes to meet new people there's the stocking, the crouching behind bushes, carried that bag of zip ties and duct tape. the downside lost innovation an creativity and people less likely to see other points of view the can result in substanc abuse and watching seth meyers. a survey found that the average person just spent three meals a
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week with loved ones rest of th time with their family. thank you. it is funny. i have said having dinner with others is important way to connect that was what my dad used to say every time we went to the burger king drive through . i just wish we would have been in a car. it's like my uncle used to say, loneliness can be released everything about life i wish i could have hugged him but he wouldn't loosen the restraint. parents, do you buy this sentiment that we are spending less time with other people and we are retreating to our own caves? i spend less time with my liberal cousins and siblings very they drive me. but you know what, i think
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people are needed less time at the dinner table. i think everybody is mourning the loss of and jemima. and jemima. >> they can have those now. don't you have your own pancakes ? >> i do. >> you know, tyrus, i think tha it's weird how people are less social with their families than they are with people outside their families. >> the dinner table nine had to compete with everybody on their founders i don't tolerate. no phone. then they put the phones away and then he does here the sound of silverware and a plate and then i just say take your found
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an lead. just go for i'm home or two day for i don't want to talk to you for your facebook form, you might miss one of your fake carrots morning and then they come back like, dad, i'm sorry. >> at least you get that back. >> they have no choice. they live in my house. they have nowhere to go. >> it could be because there's more people on the planet a lon alone time becomes more precious ? @. >> not to me i don't like being by myself and but i don't have family or a kitchen table. >> is not like real time with m family. that can be a real i don't why this a lease for myself i love to be around other people if i' ever finding myself alone i'm immediately like was going to hang out with me otherwise is just you and your thoughts work.
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>> your thoughts are your enemies. >> they are so mean to me. >> your thoughts are always trying to get you to think abou the stuff that happened before in the stuff that's about to happen, and it never is right here. >> and it never is this great stuff that happened to as a staff that happened that was awful and what can go wrong. >> i just want to eat. i don't care. >> i agree. >> i am amazed at how you can get applause from just the simplest thing. >> its when short goes right.
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>> that was a jab at me. so carley would you you with your family? >> when growing up? yesterday now i essentially wor overnights and i live by myself. >> i literally do sometimes eat dinner over the kitchen sink. >> you are really tall. the food just takes forever to hit the sink. i do have to say i like the ide of plans. i think you are making less plans to but then when it comes up you just think i don't want to go. >> i usually make plans and the when i wake up the next day, i' like i don't want to do this. >> that was the good thing abou the pandemic. all those things on your calendar that you didn't want t do, cancel.
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>> that is a goat. all he does is stares at me lik that while i am writing to is like night and day. i get hypnotized by that little fellow. and he can't be with other people pick he does looks at me all day. you just need a little -- parro fish? >> it's like the most economica applause meter. this is john. he hasn't worked this hard
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does raising your prices keep out brats with terrible vices? six flags tried to keep out rowdy teenagers. the plan back iron and the ende up losing customers. that's twice as many as disney world has varied under space mountain. there really great after offering too many discount had made the park cheap enough for teenagers bent on causing mischief and mayhem. it was a cheap daycare center o teenagers during the summer. what's with these teenagers today? when i was their age is 70 aske me into a van, i would. such a struggle now. not everyone was happy with a
4:35 pm
plan to reduce the number of teenagers. i can't blame -- i forgot. i forgot. but i can't blame that teenager were acting out for having seen six flags rides recently? is a new one they rolled out fo 2022. all right kat a semi serious question if you want to create division you raise prices per you price out the people don't want to be around that you have first class in plain. you get the people that -- . >> i like amusement part but i
4:36 pm
like the rides but i hate the lines. >> i love the lines and i hate the rides. >> you think you are joking but actually the teenagers don't care about the rides, they like the lines that way they can all touch each other without their parents very heavy ever been to an amusement park is 85 and sunny and the guys are just draped over each other. they don't care about the rise they want to touch each other. so if that is pretty good point. i never thought of that. carley, were you a rowdy teenager? >> is doing this because they were getting into fights for bu
4:37 pm
if you raise prices then people are going to be mad. people get into fights at disney . also what has happened to disney ? you walk in watching fox news and you walk out being a socialist. i support six flags. >> do you go to amusement parks? >> i kind of out through it. outgrew it. i did it to her mom i had to do it to you. i kinda feel like they're being in here. it is an amusement park, who do they think they are going to ge rex i can see if there working at dell's crystal emporium by you literally are a breeding town ground for teenagers.
4:38 pm
it's a teenagers dream. and the parents escape because at least there are fences. you can put them in the zoo for a while this make sure they are standing outside at a certain spot here. have to know where to. them up. you mother will give you explicit instructions. you get the ticket signed and you can come back again and again. your entire summer is spent jus watching other people dating bu not you. because you are a foot tall the other kids. >> terrence, is there a middle ground on this rex.
4:39 pm
>> i have a problem with ex-lax. six flags. now that i have grown i am stil too short. identify as a 6-foot seven football linebacker but they still won't let me ride the rides. i really hate that ceo. he is a horrible guy. >> i think we have learned nothing. still more informative then outnumbered. that was a grow a joke. >> influencers are walking away from posting allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long.
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story in by words
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many tick-tock influencers badl burned out there experiencing burnout from the constant hustl of creating new content for its frustrating to betray their lif and battle the trolls. >> they have no talent. they dance for ten seconds per please stop making videos. they are worse than former politicians. they don't want to work they don't want to get real jobs so now they have a job making 102 nd videos and they don't want to do that. their lady. >> they are lazy. we talked about this all the time about how influencers are
4:45 pm
both never and all at work. when they are hiking the ancien mayan ruins they can appreciate that they have to look at the rows the sense of where am i going to get the best lighting to take a picture. they always have to be thinking about how there but look. >> don't i know that feeling your the seat cushion camera will be going live next week. if i were a young person and this were around. i would have been canceled here. you are making a lot of money. >> this is right up there with artist talk about their throat hurts. i'm so tired of talking about
4:46 pm
myself. waiting for people to talk abou myself. >> it like name that tune. >> i can do it with one word. constitution. >> how about with no word? >> that's a great name because want your. >> that was a great game becaus i one. >> are we being a little hard o them. we have an outlet. i never talk about myself but you know what, i mean,. is easy for us to say because w
4:47 pm
don't need it. >> i see social influencers all around new york city. you going to make money off of that when you are young we don' do a interview with a voluntary post about how your job is exhausting and ruined your meta health because that loses everybody. >> imagine not being able to look ugly on vacation. >> they dance for ten seconds. >> i did not think about that. up next time to
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the first time reading these, s here we go pray president biden arrived in south carolina on wednesday where he looks forwar to a relaxing visit with his family and his covid. although his department was delayed several hours after he took off his jacket at security. >> biden was also joined by his two-year-old grandson who just like the president president wore a blue blazer and leap his pants. >> a girls only school in nashville changed its admission policy to accept males who identify as girls, the school has always been known for academic excellence, but next year there expecting a great season for the swim team.
4:53 pm
friends a pete davison is takin his breakup with kim kardashian hard for they worry he hasn't eaten, slipped, or bathed in days in than they remembered he's always looked like that. a new bill seeks to double the sides of the irs. my first fit i assume they hire terry nadler.
4:54 pm
but at least now the irs can focus on the real tax cheats in this country, little kids with lemonade stands. they wash them before they sell them, but i wish they did and said andrew cuomo. >> this is good. a new study from cornell university claims the on her social skills, which is why it' best to simply pat them on the said andrew cuomo. as for me, i hate this study. first i couldn't complement women's looks, and now i can't complement their personalities? i can't tell them i how i feel. time tired of living like that.
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capcom i want you to know personally and professionally how much i value emily compagno. cnn brain stelter admitted that under biden's laptop is not jus a right-wing media story anymore . but hey, let's catch him some slack he stepped a lot on his plate right now. >> that's funny. finally former seattle seahawks running back was arrested this week on suspicion of a dui in preparation for his trial his attorneys had advised him to marry nancy pelosi. [cheers and applause] >> that was good. don't go away, will be right back.
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>> i'm great good belt and i love you, america. brian: welcome to "one nation," i'm brian kilmeade. we have commissioner bill bratton. he will talk about solving the crime crisis. dr. oses he's doing just fine, don't believe the polls. carley shimkus is going to "news duel" it out. we went to graceland, to memphis, tenneee


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