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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 11, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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imagine merrick garland on the supreme court? we dodged a bullet there. we sure did. susan from arizona. love you, jesse. hope the irs doesn't assign you your personal agent. i'm definitely getting audited and the guy is definitely having a fun. "tucker" is up next. i'm watters. this is my world. >> brian: i'm brian kilmeade. i'm in for tucker carlson. >> there are, however, certain points i want you to know.
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first i personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. second, the department does not take such decisions lightly. where possible it is practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search and to narrowly scope any search that is undertaken. >> brian: took him long enough to say anything without taking any questions, and he was about an hour late. garland's admission was not a surprise. after all, this man is spearheading the most wide-ranging investigation in department history with a january 6th probe, i don't know if you noticed, the same merrick garland who used the department of justice and fbi to target parents as domestic terrorists, which we know they are, for exercising their right to free speech at school board meetings, which we televise a lot of it, and play back even more of it. while merrick garland has done nothing to do anything for
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skyrocketing crime in major cities, he's declared white supremacy is the greatest american threat. he's not about ensuring equal justice. we saw a man that's desperate. in the words of one senior justice department official the raid was, quote, a spectacular backfire, no joke. merrick garland and the biden administration in their arrogance thought they could raid donald trump's home, and get away with it quietly, simply because they didn't wear windbreakers that said, "fbi" on them. americans have lost trust in the fbi sadly. under merrick garland especially. the doj is destroying its reputation. in fact, if you're one of millions of americans who have thought those past few days, you have merrick garland very upset, because he has a very different view of him. he weaponized federal law enforcement, and is mad that you noticed just that. in his statement today, he
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responded to anyone who dares question the integrity 19news that falsized fisa warrants. he added that he would not standby silently when their integrity is unfairly attacked. that includes the fbi. in other words, how dare you call out this unprecedented abuse of power. you can terror supreme court justices, which they do, and attack local cops, which happens every hour almost, because the washington bureaucracy doesn't control them, but you better not besmirch merrick garland's fbi agents, agents of the uniparty. it was said, those attacking him are quote fascist, neo, and drum roll, please, white supremacists, targeting garland because, you get it, he's jewish. watch. >> as soon as president trump put out confirmation on monday that the raid had been done and
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was underway, we immediately started seeing the far right, neonazis, militia organizers calling for violence as they've always done against jews. the attorney general is jewish. >> brian: merrick garland also tried to tell us today that he has nothing to hide. that's why he announced the d. justice was moving to unseal the warrant used to raid mar-a-lago. >> just now, the justice department has filed a motion in the southern district of florida to unseal a search warrant and property receipt relating to a court approved search that the fbi conducted earlier this week. that search was a premises located in florida, belonging to the former president. >> brian: all of a sudden merrick garland wants us to believe that he's concerned about the, quote, public interest. if that is indeed true. why did he wait until after the raid to give the american people the details?
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this country has been through years of partisan polarization, witch-hunts. merrick garland didn't speak today to show transparency. it was about transparency. he would have laid out the department's case against donald trump publicly without being pushed. merrick garland spoke out today because you, the american people, caught him abusing his power. now, before we get to the chairwoman of the republican national lawyers association, quick word, i spoke to the higher reaches of the trump team, and want to share their thought pattern at this hour. they say they are not in a rush to backing the release of this affidavit. they believe that this administration is out over its keys, especially attorney general merrick garland. they say the administration only knows how to play politics. they screwed this up like they did afghanistan, and want to know where barack obama 33 million pages are, when his raid is coming. they say they're happy to give over any and all of the
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documents. the theatrics are not necessary. what would you do if you were president trump? would you support the release of this affidavit? >> first i do represent the president in various civil matters, but i'm not speaking as a part of his criminal defense team. it's important for the lawyers looking at his affidavit to look at it and make their considered judgment as to whether it tells a true story. in my opinion, as i said publicly, the warrant itself is not where the meat is. where the meat is is the affidavit that underlies the warrant, that is what the fbi told the magistrate judge in order to get this warrant. and there may have been more than one affidavit. it is unclear to me that the doj is offering to unseal those. they don't usually unseal those until there's an indictment. the warrant may not tell the entire story. it may not be to the advantage of the trump team to unseal at this time. the whole story needs to be
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told. the doj is stumbling, playing defense, trying to do this the opposite way it should be. in the southern district of florida, the normal procedure as i understand from criminal defense attorneys who practice there, this conversation is supposed to be had between the prosecution and the target of the subpoena in advance. then you go to the judge and ask the judge after that discussion is had here. they flipped that order. they went into court without having that conversation first, and the judge ordered them to have that conversation. without seeing it, i can't really say, but i do know it seems like they're not telling the whole story here. >> brian: what brought us to this moment, "newsweek" said they did it without his knowledge, that he didn't know he was going to happen. next thing we know there's a press conference, late to give a seven-minute address without taking questions. what's the delay? you and i could have ad-libbed this in our sleep? what's going on behind the scenes? >> it looked like a hostage
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video to me, brian. it was bizarre. frankly earlier today, you saw the allies of the administration, sheldon whitehouse say this would have been below the scope of merrick garland. that's nonsense. when you're raiding a former president's home, unprecedented, it had to come from the top. it did come from the top. i think that the doj is in damage control mode here, because if it -- when i first saw this news, i said it has to be something else. it can't be about presidential records, because it's frankly ludicrous to go to this type of, you know, extreme tactics over some 18-month-old steal documents that who cares. this librarian, head librarian, of the national archives is up in remembers a, upset that his documents aren't there. where is his upset about obama's 30 million pages of documents? where is his upset about how hillary clinton treated classified documents on her
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server? this is a ridiculous premise for an fbi swat team of 30 fbi agents to go through for nine hours. it just doesn't add up. i still think that's what's happening here, is that this raid was a pretext for a fishing expedition that's come up empty. now they're trying to craft a different narrative to explain their outrageous behavior and their undermining of trust of the american people. >> brian: i don't think anyone has to tell any viewer that president trump has been playing a mcgame, buy i challenge anyone to say he hasn't had a good week. on monday, this egregious activity, barring this doesn't go a different direction, which i don't think it is, after speaking to so many people on his team, hearing them worried about things in the past, but not this. then you think about the southern district of new york, and their three-year investigation that produced nothing. then they meet with the ag and his companies is going exceedingly well. this may be one of the best weeks for trump, who did perfect on the primaries this week, but
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he seems to have most of the primary lining up behind him. your final thoughts? >> well, look, it might be a good thing politically, but i think it's a bad thing for the country to see the american department of justice and fbi act in this outrageous manner. every american should be afraid they can do this to you as well. this is not a good place for this country to be. they need to stop. >> brian: true. i get worried that the irs is muscling up and they'll have the same tactic. thank you. meanwhile, one of the few things we know about the fbi's raid on mar-a-lago, it involves classified documentation. the national archives claims the documents belong to them. president trump's attorneys were reportedly already complying with the fbi on these documents earlier this year, as late as june. so why did merrick garland approve a warrant for the raid? lara trump joins us now. lara, bring us through the week, from monday's raid till today's presser? >> well, this is not the week we planned. brian, i can tell you that.
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but, you know, unfortunately a lot of us in the trump family have gotten used to this kind of treatment. umm, you know, we've been targeted. we have been harassed. i would say that donald trump is probably the most harassed investigated president in american history. you think that with all they're doing -- you just talked about the new york attorney general. you have, you know, district attorneys in manhattan. you have obviously this raid at mar-a-lago. if up until this point, for the past almost seven years that donald trump has been harassed and investigated, that there was anything to find on donald trump, you think it wouldn't have been found by now? i mean, he ran a clean company. he had a great business. he still has a great company run by my husband. but, umm, this sort of thing obviously is not easy to go through as a family, but it's not easy to go through as an american. i can tell you that i've heard from so many people, brian, across this country, people that aren't even republicans, they are horrified by what we saw happen on monday, because this was not just an attack on donald
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trump. it wasn't just a raid of mar-a-lago, a former's president home. this changed the way that the american people see our country. we cannot operate in a civilized society and not trust our department of justice. unfortunately that's where we are. merrick garland came out today and didn't clear any of that up. if anything, we have more questions now, the american people, by and large, than they did a couple hours ago before he came out and spoke. >> brian: those two attorneys, which we've seen on the air in various podcasts, television networks, including one on jesse's show, they weren't allowed inside. 80 degrees in california, and sat outside for eight, nine hours, trying to understand the predicate behind it. i happened to talk on eric on monday, and i couldn't believe how cal and calculated he was, how angry he is, but almost saying, look it, this is what i'm dealing with on a regular basis.
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but what i also found, i was watching the bbc and sky news, they can't make heads or tails of it, asking our reporters what's going on in america. i kind of worry about that beyond this administration, beyond the past administration. do you? >> i mean, i think everyone is worried about it. i think that we don't see the country that we used to know right now. this sort of political harassment and targeting, these happen in communist countries, third world dictatorships, not in the united states of america. i don't know how you come back from this. even if my father-in-law decides to run in 2024, which i believe he will win if he decides to run, how do you assure the american people that this is taken care of, that the d. justice is something they can trust again? i don't know. i can tell you people are fired up out there. in the first couple of hours after this was announced, brian, the fundraising to re-elect
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donald trump has been more than since the day he left office. people want him back and they want him back as soon as possible. >> brian: let's read this together. "the washington post" has just crossed with this story. they believe the reason why the raid took place is because they were worried that your father-in-law had documents related to nuclear weapons among the items they wanted back. the unusual search underscores deep concerns by government officials about the types of information they thought could be located at trump's mar-a-lago club. did you see any nuclear reports at the mar-a-lago club, by the pool, by the lifeguard stand? >> yeah. no, those were not disseminated freely at mar-a-lago. of course not. i mean, who knows. by the way, i think it's a mystery to a lot of people what could possibly rise to the level of not taking a bit of a different approach and instead raiding the former president's home. i mean, i -- i -- it's just
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absolutely outrageous, brian. this is not the country that we've come to know and love for so long. >> brian: lastly this, you know, they'll expand on this story, but i saw there was a report out there that melania said to the president, i've had enough, don't run again. could you tell me if that's indeed the case? is there a sense within the family that it's getting too much? >> i can tell you that every single member of our family, if we wanted him to run before, which we are all happy to support him, we want him to do it even more now, because somebody has got to take this country back. somebody has got to restore faith in america. i think the only person to do that quite frankly is donald trump. >> brian: lara trump, i'll talk to you again. thank you so much. >> you got it. >> brian: this is not going away. violent crime out of control. democrats aren't interested in doing to make our cities safer, including the one we're in. instead they want to arm irs agents to hunt down everyday americans. don't forget, by the way, this
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is great, a brand-new episode of tucker's blockbuster documentary "tucker carlson original" out right now, called "cattle mutilation." free membership only if you go to
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>> brian: even though joe biden declared we have zero inflation, less than 24 hours from now, house democrats will vote to pass the inflation reduction act. the bill gives, among other things, $80 billion to the irs. that is six times the irs's current annual budget. no joke. even in a world where joe biden can print money at will, $80 billion seems to be a lot of money. that's four times the cost of building a wall, which we paid for already, with mexico, by the way, between us and mexico. and we could certainly use that wall, don't you think? joe biden has allowed well over a million illegal immigrants into our country and counting. under joe biden crime is also skyrocketing. chicago, burglars up 30%. theft, 66%. los angeles, you been there lately? up 13%. seems worse. rapes up 10% in new york city. with $80 billion you could almost double the amount of money the u.s. spends on
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policing each year and get those numbers down, but democrats would rather vote to super size and weaponize the irs instead on a police funding bill, stalled in congress for weeks. thanks, nancy pelosi. we have a record number of illegals pouring over the border and crime in our cities is rising. joe biden has been telling us we just have no choice but to hire more irs agents. here's joe explaining himself. >> look, if you get a -- if you file a w-2 form, you know, the irs has access to your bank account. your bank tells you how much you made, what you have in there, you know, and they estimate your tax. well, if you have no income, if you have no earned income, and it's all invested income, it's hard to figure out what the hele heck you have. that's why we have to -- and i
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know some people don't like this. that's why we have to rehire some irs agents. and not to do anything -- not to try to make people pay something they don't owe, just say, step up and pay like everybody else does. >> brian: does that make sense to you? you know what really struck me? we'll have to pay over and over again on investment income, even on losses? are they going to give us a refund under the joe biden rule of law? instead of hiring nearly 90,000 new irs agents, how about hiring more border patrol agents? last year, just under 20,000 border patrol agents working for customs and border protection. these agents are overrun, most off the line, and dealing with these illegal immigrants. here's a look at the border from last weekend. >> a large number of the migrants in eagle pass, texas, where we viewed them crossing illegally over the weekend. most of them single adult men.
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the del rio sector has now seen almost 330,000 illegal crossings since october, double the previous year, and roughly the population of new orleans. in nogales, arizona, agents seized over 1 million fentanyl pills at the port of entry in a one week span in multiple busts, all he hidden in vehicles by drug smugglers, hoping to enter the united states. >> brian: fentanyl, one and done in a lot of situations. just this fiscal year, what's more pressing? answer this at home. irs agents or border patrol? seems obvious. but not to this white house. >> if you're a border official, and you can barely get your job done, and people are overrunning the border, right, and you are begging for help on that southern border, what do you say to that border official, when with you're telling me you're going to add tens of thousands
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of people at the irs, but not going to help them out? >> brian: you know, i think those are all reasonable issues on the border security. i'm not going to pretend that's my area of expertise. i have news for you, don't feel alone, because nobody has any expertise or willingness to look at the border. great question, martha. the geniuses in charge of spending taxpayer dollars. it gets worse. the so-called inflation reduction act also that $80 million budget is for, quote, increased enforcement, operational improvements, and customer service. what kind of customer service? we don't have to wonder. before the irs took it down yesterday, there was a posting -- watch this -- on their website that listed the job requirements for a special agent's position. the major duties require agents to, quote, carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force if necessary. a little like james bond, but instead of hunting down evil maniacs, these agents hunt down and kill middle class taxpayers that don't pay enough? it's joe biden's new army.
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americans are rightfully concerned about. a new poll shows 45% of the country fears the irs will increase the number of audits. according to the cnbc, financial experts will predict the bill would spark more audits for small business owners. don't bother about complaining that on social media. instagram is flagging posts that warn about new audits. dana lash is a radio host, knows about guns, hopefully not about audits, but we have to get used to that, dana, right? do you understand this line of thinking? >> no. brian, you make some great points. you know, you were talking about spending $80 billion on adding new agents. we could have established a national grant to put sros in schools. apparently they're going after middle class taxpayers over protecting children in schools. this deflects that they're not going to be going after people making $400,000 or under, well,
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that's all completely negated, brian, by the fact that the senate just nixed the amendment that was to protect middle class americans. the actual language, at least in the house draft, was that the bracket wasn't intended -- they didn't intend for this policy. didn't sound like an ironclad agreement, they were going to go after lower class americans, because that's where they'll get their money from. in 2011, a little over half of the audits were on taxpayers who made about $75,000 or under. >> brian: 51% of the audits last year, went to taxpayers with incomes less than $50,000. >> yeah. with all this money, brian, they're spending on the irs agents, now you mentioned like they're arming some of them. they have a criminal division within the irs. in fact, this is something that
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i hope that we talk more about nationally. we have too many of these bureaucratic agencies that have these criminal divisions that are incredibly well armed. i guess that's what democrats consider a well-regulated militia. like the national park service has a swat team for crying out loud. they spent lots of money on this. here's the fun fact. between 2009 and 2011, a gao report discovered that irs agents had 11 unintentional discharges of their firearms because apparently they get no training. they actually discovered this gao report released in 2018, they discovered that these criminal division irs agents actually discharged their weapons accidentally more than they intentionally fired them. now, this is the same government agency that was found to have only answered the phone 19% to 20% of the time. democrats' response is to hire more of these people and arm them more? that's insane. >> brian: if you've ever done your tax forms, done your tax forms, the most honest person in
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the world can be found to be a tax cheat. that's how complex this stuff is. look out. i'm so disappointed. >> abolish the irs. >> brian: so disappointed that joe manchin signed off on this. >> me too. >> brian: tucker carlson originals, he investigates one of the strangest mysteries you've never heard of. unexplained animal mutilations. it's called "cattle mutilations. one of the most well-known cases involves a horse. you won't believe this story. can we watch a little? >> the first really well-known mutilation case happened in september 1967. the horse has gone down in history as snippy. >> snipey was found dead with the skin removed from her face in south central colorado. the week she was found, locals
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reported bright lights in the night sky. >> it became a sensation locally. when it finally hit the papers, in the beginning of october, reporters from all over the world descended on the valley. >> we descended on the valley too. >> you're in southern colorado in the san luis valley at the ufo watch tower. i'm the crazy lady down the road. >> judy runs the ufo tower, a roadside attraction in cooper, colorado, close to the site where snippy the horse was found you mutilationed. mutilated.>> why do you feel tho put snippy on display? >> she's part of history. this is snippy the horse. no hide, hair, from the shoulders to the tip of the nose. when they opened her up, there were no organs inside. if you look here, you can see
5:31 pm
where they cut into the head to take out the brains. and there was no brain. there was no blood. there was no blood. >> very strange. >> it is strange, because animals have a lot of blood in them. there should have been a big puddle of blood around this carcass. >> it had been raining a few days earlier, and then it was found about a hundred feet from where the tracks ended. then there was these weird -- they looked like elephant tracks out there, the smell of, like, medicine incense that was hovering around the body. it was weird stuff. >> the owner nelly lewis, she blamed it on aliens, mutilating her horse. >> how credible are the law lewis' games?
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>> all the children of the settlers, they're salt of the earth people. >> any interest in making up a story? >> no. they never tried to profit off of it. they're kind of pissed off that it turned into such a big deal. buies creek that is wild. the episode is called "cattle mutilations." watch the fascinating documentary. mind blowing. it's out today on fox nation. free memberships on tuckercarlson. .com. coming up, we'll tell you the worst decision in joe biden's life. we'll tell you what it is straight ahead.
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>> brian: august 11th, two years ago, that joe biden made the worst decision of his political life. watch. >> that's all right. you ready to go to work? >> oh, my god. i'm so ready to go to work. >> is the answer yes? >> the answer is absolutely yes, joe. i'm ready to work. i'm ready to do this with you for you. i'm just deeply honored. i'm very excited. >> brian: yep. queue the piano. she was one of the most disliked presidential candidates ever to try to become president. somehow she became vice president of the united states, but for all her flaws at least kamala knew how to communicate. kind of. >> it is time for us to do what we have been doing. that time is every day. every day it is time for us to agree. >> look down at me, kamala, what do you want, what do you want?
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i looked back up her and said freedom! >> you're going to see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. >> with your own eyes, i'm telling you. >> ukraine is a country in europe. it exists next to another country called russia. russia is a bigger country. russia is a powerful country. russia decided to invade a smaller country called ukraine. so basically that's wrong. >> brian: right. we could have gone all hour. a columnist with "the federalist" joins us now. do you think the president understands what a bad decision he made? >> i think that the kamala harris question is the biggest question within the democratic party and all of washington. i genuinely mean that. i think that they're all -- all the -- all the operatives, all
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the democratic leaders are thinking to themselves, what are we going to do? they know joe biden should not and probably cannot run again in 2024. his presidency has been a disaster. so then presumably it's supposed to be the vice president will be next in line. she's supposed to be the natural fit for the next nominee. they know that can't happen. she's not after the job. she can't speak. she shirks her responsibilities. she complains that the job she's been given is too hard. so i think that really the -- at the top of their minds, the forefront of their minds, really among the democratic party in washington, how do we convince her not to run? i don't think they can do it. she'll have to look in the mirror herself and say, you know what, this isn't working out, and quietly disappear, but i don't see that happening. >> brian: i hear when you have the party machine behind you, which she will have, because she's got the white house staff, that gives her a huge leg up on the rest of the field. i mean, there's no john f.
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kennedy coming up, a wonder kid, to take the mantel. final thought? >> sure. if there's anything the democratic party should take away from this, kamala harris is about affirmative action. she was hired because of who her identity is. it's not worked out. she's the case against affirmative action. >> brian: thank you. meanwhile the ymca has changed a lot over the years, women finding themselves in locker room with men, identifying as women, but still have all their genitalia with them. if you complain to the ymca about the genitalia, it might get you banned. it happened to a woman in washington state. here to explain, but not make excuses for, is our west coast correspondent jason rants.
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jason jason, set the steen. >> here's the scene, democrats used to stand up for women, but now can't define up. 80-year-old julie was banned from a pool and locker room facility managed by the olympic peninsula ymca in port townsend, washington. she was headed into the locker room to shower, and saw something alarming she felt explained what happened at this council meeting. >> my experience while showering after my swim was hearing a man's voice in the women's dressing area, and seeing a man in a women's swimsuit watching little girls pull down their bathing suits in order to use the toilets in the dressing room. >> she was told by a ymca staffer that all the lgbt pride posters in the facility should have clued her that transpeople would there. people showed up at the meeting to support her, but the mayor was not pleased, accusing them of transphobia. >> port townsend is a welcoming
5:43 pm
community, and hate and discrimination has no place in this community. >> do you think that -- >> i listened to you quietly. i'd like you to listen to me quietly now. >> absolutely. >> given the rise in harassment and bigotry transpersons have experienced recently, it's essential that we speak out in support of our transcommunity. >> she says the staff accused her of being discriminatory. the ymca put out a statement saying we're not going to tolerate discrimination or hatred. in washington state it allows anyone to use a locker room or bathroom that aligns with their gender identity, not protecting women who don't want to see this. >> unbelievable. he should be ashamed behind the mask, that might save his
5:44 pm
identity, but sadly other people agree with him. meanwhile, china is buying acres of u.s. farmland. it's a major national security threat. think about that. that story straight ahead.
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>> brian: welcome back. did you hear about this? the chinese government and members of its wealthy elite are spending billions of dollars buying our land, farmland in many cases. national security threat? of course it is. china should be banned from buying american properties. 100% agree. do you think there's resentment to doing this? how did we get here? >> it's a great question, brian. i mean, we have the speaker of the house openly talking about china being a free democratic republic. i mean, how do we expect our leaders to take this stuff seriously? this is a host fill foreign
5:50 pm
power sweeping across the united states brazenly, purchasing billions of dollars of farm lapd. from 2010 to 2020, the amount of land they own has gone up 2500%. they're purchasing land outside our military bases. this is a country that's trying to steal our state concretes from -- state secrets from us. we can't let this happen any longer. it's ridiculous. >> brian: in texas, the chinese military official, military official, purchased thousands of acres on the southern border. a huge chunk there. to me this is obvious. senator tom cotton is moving on this as well, but what china doesn't have, they don't have farmland to feed the world like america do. what are they doing? "i think i'll buy it." it's not in the best interest of our country. >> no, you're exactly right.
5:51 pm
this is what the ccp tries to do, trying to undermine our republic in the united states of america at any point they can. look, they view they're in a war with us. we have to recognize that the ccp views thises as a long-term game. they have a 40ee plan. not only are they trying to take over taiwan, but they're trying to feed their people. >> unemployment is rising there among the next generation. this president might be increasing his power, but he's not helping his country. they are a danger. bo hines, good luck. >> thank you so much, brian. >> brian: the story ties directly into why tuckering and his team went to brazil. a brand-new tucker carlson originals investigates china's influence. it's coming out next month. the chinese takeover in brazil is going to happen here in america if we're not careful. that's why bo hines is trying to stop it. we should all care. joe biden is in obvious physical
5:52 pm
and mental decline. many have noticed that. probably you. a majority of americans are concerned about the president's mental health. it's not easy to see. here he is earlier this week shaking hands with an invisible person. [applause] >> now our great speaker, our partner who all of these bills we've mentioned, have been worked through the senate, and everyone but one has been worked through the house -- >> you know, we don't know that's a result of a medical condition, if he was serve. dr. segal might indeed know, a fox news medical contributor and joins us now. dr. segal, you've been watching joe biden for years. what do you think? >> well, brian, first of all, i'm concerned about this poll, because issues and insights, a tip poll, they're almost always right. more and more americans are concerned. not just 59%, but 60% of
5:53 pm
independent voters are concerned. 1300 people surveyed. that's concerning. you can say all of these things are gaffes, dropping your sunglasses, forgettinghow to put your jacket on, even forgetting you just shook the hand of senator schumer. maybe i want to forget that. when it starts to accumulate, selfishness of american troops, offended the military, zero percent inflation this week. anybody going to the grocery store couldn't believe he said that. you start to string this altogether. it's accelerating the cognitive problems. why? well, he has a long history that we have to look at here, including a heart rhythm problem, a stiff gait. some of that ties together with cognitive problems. brian, if it's accelerating, i don't know if it's going to go next. we as a country have a right to know, brian. >> it's not ageism. we're not saying because he's old, we're just saying because he's acting. i think bernie sanders is older, seems much more spryer or
5:54 pm
sharper, although i don't agree with anything he believes. thanks, doctor. >> brian: the judge who signed the warrant for a raid on mar-a-lago is a huge of oreos and an obama donor. you can be both. we showed you that photo yesterday. that isn't the only photo. you won't believe who he's pictured getting cozy with. that's next. and during the break, sign up for a free fox nation membership. watch "cattle mutilations." it's out now. do it.
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>> brian: 's music i like is a changed america forever, hit movie out right now this weekends one nation 8:00 p.m. on saturday night. we go through all this his home in memphis, watch. >> that's a picture of elvis at the age of five. yes, he dyed his hair black
6:00 pm
because he thought he he don't like it brought his facial features out on film better. elvis was so honored because the other people who had accepted the award he felt was make a difference. >> brian: just part of one nation 8:00 p.m. on fox news. meanwhile before we go, make sure you catch me on stage i'll be at new york go to brian this is the judge in charge of the dash of the, as you know, the warrant and we will see if he's going to release it next. sean, can you relate to that? >> sean: i think that's a picture of jeffrey epstein. >> brian: it might be his plane, who knows. >> sean: i'll let you determine that in the morning. brian, thank you. welcome to "hannity," a lot coming up today,


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