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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 10, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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tulsa , november 13th inmb newark, new jersey, december 2nd. we'rek taking back america's story. a thousand people at a timeehous go , brian . have a tell me, .com and we'll have a great time. i'll get to meet you in person o and don't forget brand new episode of one nation that saturday at eight o'clock right here. among our great features will be a visit to graceland.d forty five years sinces the death of elvis in f that great movieis. noww it's my privilege to see if sean hannity is ready to take over the take the reins and i'll be in every location. i'llf be there. and with brian todd, i'm only kidding anyway. i knowow youat are great to seeu in the evening and morning as always, brian . thankat t. they'll h get them. welcome . welcome to "hannity" tonight. and we're going to take youfb inside the fbi's egregious raid at mar a lago and president trump's attorney who was physically blocked by the fbick from observing the whole search will join us from florida. we'll get the inside scoop. also, former trump adviser peter navarro will also be here tonight. remember, hes was ambushed by the fbi at an airport
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dragged away and in handcuffs and shackles a because of a misdemeanor charge surrounding his refusal to cooperate with the sham january six committee. also tonight,h a full report on the no compromise low level o trumpeting judge magistratedg who signed off on the warrant and by the way, john solomon has some late breaking newsth on this and the very latest from new york's attorney general letitia james . leticia james nowetitia james . leticia who is now fulfilling a campaign promise to persecute donaldg trump. promised fulfilled, promise ma anyway later also show you how the former president is fighting back . this video's de very powerful. take a look. we're a nation that in many we're a nation that in many but soon we will have great once again every hard workingou americans like you who builts this country and his hardworking patrons like you who are me to stay. we'll have more of the 44th 4
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president straight ahead. but first,, many of you tonight are very angry, rightfully so. the fbi is blatantly targeting our fellow americans for their political beliefs. the the bureau's reputation has been shattered. my faith in an organization, i'll be honest, i had two family members. they were dating my family because they worked for thison organization. i revered this organization for decades f o of my life. if you listen to my radio show, watch this show. you know, my love of lawn enforcement, it is now pretty much been utterly destroyed. and more specifically, i just do not trust nor i think should anybody be able to trust high ranking people that have now perpetuatede those people at the top of the fbi, the trump russiaus conspiracy theory hoax. it was all a lie for years they knew it was a lie. they kept perpetuating the lie t . those that purposely lied to fisa court judges to spyge on a presidential candidate. the president again and again and againhe and they have hurt s institution. we needed institutionalwe refors
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. we didn't get that. they protected the corruption. they protected the deep state. the raid on the former president's private home is shocking. it is cross it is a clear and gross abuse of power and corruption. the wall street journal and their editorial board called it dangerous i and warned that ag merrick garland is now taking the u.s. down a perilous path. he's there rightwn. and according to t my sources tonight, on monday morning, up to 40 fbi agents rolled up tomorrow largo unannounced gunsg blaze and in about a dozen vehicles, including a large moving truck. over the course of the nexts several hours, the agents wentoo room by room scouring the property, boxing up every document they had in sight. they even rifled through malani, his wardrobe agents also demanded that the marta a lago staff turn offff allni security cameras. well, wegh can tell you tonight those security cameras kept rolling. they were not shuttan off and nw we can report exclusively t
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tonight that the fbi and thehe bureau is desperately trying to obtain all of the footage. hmm. i wonder why trump's attorney t who was there thathe that mornig will join us and tell us what went on from their vantage pointhe and they were blocked from viewing the warrant at alle . they were forced to g stand outside the gates of mar a lago this was e gates of mar a lago happening. and here's a shocker. according to "newsweek",we the fbi utilized a , quote,, confidential informant inside of marla who assisted the agents with their search. and also tonight,th the media is feigning indignation and outrage that some peoplee are saying that donald trump should be concerned about the possibility of planted, evidence or bugs.ea now, let me be very, very clear . i'm not a conspiracy theorist. do i have any knowledge about? any of this? i do not. none whatsoever.bu but think of it this way. had the fbi upper echelon not lied to the people in this
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country for years about donald trump and russia and collusion that never happened.ed and had. they not lied f repeatedly to fisa court judgesj so that they could spy on carter page and backdoor and spy on a trump campaign transition team and presidency ,i kind of tend to doubt anyone would have any suspicion director . they should have held all of those bad actors accountable. they said so at the time and i was right or would get worse. he f failedai to do so. he should have cleaned up the most prestigious at the time federal lawt enforcement agency in the world. he didn't do it and that causes people to be suspicious.suspici. director wray could have uspici. restored the faith and trust in director he could have restored the faith and trust in the fbi and he has failed to do so. and meanwhile, the judge magistrate who signed offma on this warrant was a big obama donor with big ties to get who ? jeffrey epstein. you can't make this up. who posted also about his hatred for president trump on facebook. hecebook. even promoted thise
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statement, quote, donald trump doesn't have the moral stature to kiss john lewis. hiset feet, moral stature, getting lectured by a judge that defended jeffrey epstein's accomplishments. you can't make this up seriously. and get this. the judge formally recusedlf himself during a suit betweento donald trump and hillary clinton. we have full detailsn. on that and much more with john solomonh tonight. now, by the way, why wouldou the fbild go to a low level jude magistrate who is not appointede by a president, not confirmed a by the senate for such a high level case? and why would the fbi send 40 agents to stormare largo forl a national archives request a when they were already invited in? we'll give you m more details on this. on this. already been working to get these documents in the right place. in fact, we have the document r in february, the national archives, they released a statement. website, if you want to look at it, noting
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that the former president's cooperation, 15 boxes were already transferred toco the archives monthsop to go . other o boxes of interest was stored in a room at mar a lago secured with a specific padlock installed at the request of those federal officials ng in following a meeting in june. they had been invited in. they got to see everything. they asked the president to put a padlock on it and they did. and in august, before any kind of subpoena or formal request, the fbi goes ahead and conductss a full on raid guns blazing. that was months in the making. and we're supposed to believe that this is totally normal, that the fbisu is this is how they behave in every circumstance. this is the sad tragedy of this. the fbi that i revered growing up, the two relatives in my family that i revered growing up that were part of this agency, they have now shattered their reputation inw,
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all things, especially with donald trump. even cnn's top security analystw said the raid was dangerous. it was not warranted and it was only about documents from the national archives. if it wasif remember in 201701 former president obama, you might have forgotten thist. the new york post remembereded they shipped 30 million pages of sensitive and possibly classified materials to chicago . and by the way, he has yet to return any of it to the national archives, not one page. so is his housese about to get raided? right here to answer. and who could forget bill clinton and sandy burglar? remember, the guy goes into the national archives where it's already archived and steals classified documents from the national archives shoving them down hisis pantsna and underwear and into his socks and his house was never raided. instead,d, of everyone just said he was sloppy, he was sloppy. f dollars, slap on the wrist, it's find a few thousand dollars, slap on the wrist. that's all over.cour and of course, is hillarye
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clinton, who could forget she ss stored classified material on multiple private servers that were hacked by foreign governments. itri put our country's national security at risk. no raid on her home in chappaqua, no charges, according to comey, despiteco evidence of law breaking his words, not mine, no reasonableld prosecutor would ever bringga charges against hillary right before an election. what about joe and hunter who are now enjoying apparently long vacation is the fbibi is ah raid ofom biden's vacation home now imminent? when will hunter's phone and laptop be seized? christopher,ed. the fbiha director has had that laptop for nearly two years. we know that there's evidence of crimes on the laptop. we know that there's evidence that joe biden was up to his eyeballs in foreign business dealings with countries like ukraine and russia. and china. and what would have to ask the next logical question is that why joe biden gaveen a nord stream two pipeline
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waiver of vladimir putin? waiver of vladimir putin? tariffss in china? is that why he gave a million barrels of our strategic t petroleum reserves to china? you know, we don't now live inla a country with equal justice or application of our lawsat. that is sad. thaty means we don't live in a country that's living up to its constitution. if your last name is clinton, obama, biden, if your name is hunter, you can do anything you want and get away with it.ti butf yo if you are a republicanf you support president trump, if you voice frustration with your local school board or god forbid, run for office as ae conservative or republican , good luck because the fbi is watching your every move and know this is sad. but it's true. christopher wray appears to care if he couldn't careri less. take a look from president trump and make a evidence in the area of 100%, his organization for research. dd
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can you address that, particularly as many voters on this issue call in the presidential and me research? well, as i'm sureeib you cank appreciate, that's not something that i can talk about. so i'd refer you to the department as to the issue of threats. i will say that i'm alwaysay concerned about violence and threats of violence against law enforcement. all right. let me be clear and let theree be no ambiguity, no member, no member at all in law enforcement should ever be threatened with violence that can never be tolerated. now t by the way, i wish in the summer of 2020,ed f the democrats, the mediabi and the fbi director would have spoken out and defended cops like we t did on this program. we had thousands of police that were pelted with bricks and rocks and frozen water bottles and molotov cocktails. they injured thousands of cops over the summer of 2020.
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and yes, we do know that there are bad apples in law enforcement, but they are the small minority, including badlu apples in the fbi. and then we have high ranking officials that refuse to clean up this organization. the vast majority, though, ofmao law enforcement do risk their lives daily to protect all of us and we should honor them and protect them. we defend those who serve to protect. we deplore any call for violence. and unfortunately, that's nothe true in the democratic party. don't b the democratic party. here's a quick reminderelie. >> so i know that there's an outrage right now, i guess, about protests that have been peaceful to date. and we certainly continue to encourage that outside of judges homes. and that's the president's . d that's the president's and i i want to tell you i wantt you, you know, youseyou i wantt don't really go away and you
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get up in the face of some congress people. >> they're not going toct stopio before election day in november and they're not going to stop after election day. after election day. should take note of that on both level. that they're not going to let up and they should notp go astray. i know the department of justice wants to look atsnt the parents that speak out a school board meetings. ever speak out against. those high ranking democratsra who were encouraging rioting, encouraging violence, the rioters to burn our citieser tos the ground?oi they're not going to stop. they won't stop. youop better, take note or tweeting out a fund that gets the rioters out of jail. t where werehe you in the summer f 2020? where were any of the democratsk ? where were you when chuck schumer was threatening supreme court justices on the steps ofth the supreme court? where were you whenet. a supreme court justices were being docked, when their kids schools with a churchenir kids schools as they attend were beingd dock's or you only focused a
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on donald trump and trump supporters and parentsnd at m school board meetings. those mean old parents that believe in age appropriateeahane material being taught herey with more trump attorney who was blocked from viewing a search at mar a lago. lindsey halligan is with us . lindsey , thank you for being lindsey , thank you for being let'ss talk about that day. let's talk about the fbi driving, what happened behind hannity. so i arrived around 11:00 a.m. and there were about 30 to 40 fbi agents that i saw, five of which were wearing suits. the rest were in cargo pants, masks and gloves. and they basically hadadgl unfettered access to t the property. they refused to talk to me, refused to let me in. all i knew is that they were searching areas one , twod and three, which i understood to be the former president'sdr bedroom. his office and a storage room.d
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and other than that, we were not allowed to talk to them oro go inside at all. did you ever get a chance toer read the war? did g you ever get a copy of it? did you ever get any otherkn information? information? what they took outut mar a lago? that's the thing that unfettered access to the property they looked at god knows what in there and did. god knows what in i there. h we have no idea. what the fbi did was an appalling display of abuse of power. documents requested were previously handed over president trump and his team painstakingly reviewed every single document at mar a lago and gave the government what they requested. ifif he needed any other documents, they could have just asked and the warrant was secured under seal. so they tried to get away with concealing this overreach by obtaining a warrant under seal and nobody knew about it. they knew that president trump was in bedminster and hasn't been at mar a lagondnd for
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some time. they thought they could sneak in and snoop around withoutne attorneysop present and in case they walked out with nothing. so nobody would know that overreach to this degree. d and it's unprecedented inen the united states history. the government seems to be out of control. h it's plagued with manipulation, corruption, greed, deceit, and fraud. and yet the national archives praisedre the workingon relationship that you hadsh back in february. and my understanding is theyss were there as recently as juneha and they were the ones that requested the padlock on onhe one particular door where there was some documents that they could have taken h with thm that day, correct? was that was when they came to the property and they went through documents. to my understanding, they requested that a padlock be put on the door and then they broke through that padlocky just the other day. you know, we have a sitting u.s. president whose son has committed a myriad of felonies,
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the speaker of the house whose t husband drove a car under the influence of alcohol, drugse with concealed undisclosed passengernf in the car, a secret list of undisclosed powerful people that visited epstein's island. and in god knows what underagesl women, none of whose liberties have been infringed upon like president trumpn, and hisn families. simply put, it seems that under simply put, it seems that under the government conceals what it wants. do the government does gnmen wht wants to and american citizens need to protect their countryro from this government. is there anything else you'd want the american people to know? you were there that day. what should they know?hu anythingd elsehi? ut wow. iffu we're thinking about the future, i'd like to just say that the biden administration has against thisn has administration and it has this incident has ironically created bipartisan bipartisanship on this issue because no american, whether democrat or republican , wants an overreaching department of justice. we even see andrew cuomo,
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e even see andrew cuomo, this, the silence of the bidens administration and the fbi is deafening. americans are listening and watching. all right. ll really appreciate your time. once again. thank you. n thank you.ort a breaking news report from john solomon, justws the we're now learning that the judge, bruce rhinehart, the florida magistrate who happily signed off on the mar a lagonhararma raid, previously recused himself from a case involving president r. keep in mind this low levelre judge also openly posted anti trump material on social media like facebook, questioning the former questioning the former once himself representing jeffrey epstein's alleged d, trafficking associates. and by the way, rinehart wasth also a bigig obama donor with ta very latest is the editor in chief of just the, john solomon. you have other breaking news john, what do you have? news >> yeah, let's start with myelogram. we'll go back to ourh judgeed
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here. i have confirmed that in late t may the federalhe government, the justice department delivered a grand jury subpoena to president trumpuryde. president trump. this is in connection with the rhetoric case. president trump didn'te contest the subpoena. herily voluntarily cooperated with allowed three agents and af senior doj official to come to his property on june 3rd and to pick up a set of documents they thought were what the government was looking for. the last remaining documentsocun left there, the president actually came down and surprised everybodyerer dred up in a suit, came down, greeted the fbi agent, said, i appreciate what you're doing. and he told them if there's anything you needan, let us know we will cooperate fully. when the president left the fbi agents, according to governmentp officials and private sources, i talked asked for permission to go see the storage locker,ke the one they just broke into the one they just broke into they were voluntarily allowedlyd to go in and take a look at the locker, see what things were done, ask questions. or they left in a very cordial p manner because the presidentre
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was cooperating without any resistance and he had made a promise. you need something co, come bac. i'm going to deliver it. five days later, the government asked that a good s padlock be put in that room, secureet that room, which the secret service did, and nothing occurred for twour months until they showed up and raided. they showed up and raided. complying with the grand jury subpoena and then he gets raided anyways. these are going to raise some very serious questions about the timeline of what has now happened. rl that's pretty amazing. and this judge fairly obviously haddt a conflict of interest. but here he is even recused himself from one case. why would he not have recused himself here? well, that's a great thing. let's understand. yeah, why magistrate rhinehart recused himself. he said he couldf. not be impartial as a judge presiding over a lawsuit by donald trump against hillaryn . that was six weeks before he then turned around and signed a search warrant for president trump, a man who before he wasea a judger the year before he was
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a judge, openly criticized the president on social median. tonight, i talked to mike davis, the lawyer that used to vet all the judges for senator in the judiciary committee. he said his group is considering preparing judicial ethics complaint against this magistrate john solomon hi, editor in chief justice, thank you. here with more ofws.cte the unprecedented and dangerous nature of this raid, fox news contributor jonathand jonathan, in o light of what a john is reporting and what we now heard from the president's own attorney, as as recently as june, they they were communicating. they actually went to mar a lago. they saw the documents inn the box. padlock be put on that particular room. that request was granted that request was granted complete access any time they wanted. the why thisy then? well, that's the question. the more we learn, the more confusing this gets. what could they possibly tell rhinehart? did?
11:22 pm
they relate this history to the magistrate that accordingad to these sources thati the president had cooperated? i mean, the idea that he wasid subject to a subpoena, complied with the subpoena, didn'tn' challenge it voluntarily, showed the storage room tothe the agents, followed their advice, secured it to to meet their demands. all of h that is hardly a basisd for saying now we need to send in 40 fbi agents on on a nighttime raid. i mean, ifthe the subpoena work the first time, then presumably a second subpoena would work. the second time if there were remaining documents that were not gatheredd up in the first collection. what we have to find out is thee details. gg there'ses a suggestion of this confidential source. what was alleged in these papers. do they really suggest thereis was a risk of destruction or act of concealment? wt of concealment? have to be looking at and ask r for the recusal report that youp just heard.
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obviously, that's really quite odd. i mean, if he recused himself the first time, it's rather odd to see himself executing such an important search warrant. i just a little while later, unless there wasas something about the first case or circumstance that had an added conflict of interest, we'll have to find that out as well. so what does this all mean? it means it means that we'res, not learning facts that the attorney general could easily share with us without compromising this investigation. you know, my gut tells me that this never had h anything to do with the presidential records act or the national archives. jonathan turley, it has all the markings to me of a fishing expedition. that's my gut instinct. my gut instinct. > well, you know, this has been a theory of many people that this was a pretext for gathering january six material . if that's the case, it's trulyg breathtaking because this is the same agency that has
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a documented history of misrepresenting facts and judges, falsifying material being given to secure search warrants. t is a repeat of that conduct, then there will be to pay if there is an oversight investigation. ee great analysis as always. you've been on your game, week. turleyn your game, i've been watching. jonathan turley, thank you for coming out today. new attorney general's office o deposed president trump as part ofmp the state. a.g. letitia james political promise of a witch hunt against president trump. she ran on thate platform. 't we're going to show you the tape of the ag that she probably doesn't want you to see itd reminds you. also, peter navarro weighs in on our two tiered justice system. he's experienced that firsthand. that's straight ahead. xpwhen your small business needs finance, you need a fast, secure way to get the right loan at the right time. we're smart is once rated the number one online marketplace for sba loan.
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winning helpless and blind in diseases, eye fighting blindness, big.
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earlier today, donald trump invoked the fifth amendment while he sat for a deposition in the new york attorney general's sham civil probe. it's not a criminal probe into the president and his family'ser businesses. and remember, it was, the new l york a.g. letitiaet james hersef who actually campaign on prosecuting trump. she said it often ask yourselfhi as you watch this, doess this seem like somebody concerned with equal justice under the law, especially for anybody named trump? take look for attorney general because i will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimatell president when our fundamental rights. i believe that the president of the united states can be indictedd can for criminal offenses over who going to be a real pain under my name personally, that man in the white house who can't go a day without threatening
11:30 pm
our fundamental rights. yes,s, we need to focus on donat trump and his abuses. we need to follow his money. we need to find out where he's laundered money. we need to find out whether or not he's engaged in conspiracy herere with reaction, donald trump's new york attorney, alina harbor is with us . so you you have a candidate so you you have a candidate destroy one man inn the stateal that she was going to be the attorney general with all that power. this is a i civil case. wouldn't this be ? and i don't think the president had any choice but to invokee the fifth because if one comma ,if one period, if we didn't if he didn't every i crossou every t , wouldn'tld he be facig a perjury trap in that circumstance? based on the based on the fact that she ran a whole campaign to take down. yes.dr 100% on you now thatt the reality of the situation is , although we hear that the d.a. has dropped effectively the criminal case, there were also reports thate
11:31 pm
the d.a. was waiting to see if he would testify. and if a you as he said, if t i said it was sunny outside, but there was an overcast, s they would have come at a me with guns blazing like they did on monday. with the nra investigation, which he was cooperate. and unfortunately, givenel monday's incident in tandem f with everything else that this man has endured and his family has endured, there'sam just absolutely no choice in the matter. had tell him that this was in his best interest. and i quite honestly couldn't trust the process. is there is there is there ever been a time that i can't think of one where somebody running for very powerful position, attorney general of a state? i mean, there's a lot of powerpo in that position where they have run on a platform to take one individual down. i can't think of another example know ethically, you know, the attorney general is the highest law enforcement a agent in the state. they are supposed tond be impartial and there is not
11:32 pm
supposed to be any sort of influencee individually that t would go into this and remember everything that she said waso prior to her getting any testimony. i have to be honest with you, shawn, and this will shock viewers. but sheut wasui quite pleasant o be with today. e y.i did get to actually meet and engage with her, as did former president trump. and it was sad because in reality, posturing and politicking has becomeas so much of this country's dynamic that people forgot to justn be human beings. and today i saw a little bit of human being in everybody inn that room t. e it was quite pleasant. but what we saw in the videos that you played, thatha is unfortunately what our country has become, which will lead h us to become much like a third country. third, you know, we'reou going n cuba if t we continue down thisp road, people need to remember to respect other t people'ss differences and to remember that democracy, the constitution, these are aun the bedrock of our country. we are to respect it and work of the legal ect it and work system. the legal system is there.
11:33 pm
itbu should work. but you cannot exceed it. sit you cannot sit in her position file ynot sit in her position a complaint because after three years you must becauseo you have spent so many taxpayer dollars. what you're do saying is pretty amazing actually . you remove politics from the equation and wow, they actually got along today. yeah, we all did an amazing we all did quite honestly. yeah. all right, alina, thank you for that report.alina thank you f we appreciate it.ep also tonight,or rememberig peter navarro? he was arrested back in june while getting on an airplane, put in handcuffs, taken strip-searched, put in leg irons at a federal building and handcuffs only 50 yards from his 50 own house and throwr in a jail cell all a over a misdemeanor charge. k here with reaction, author of taking back trump's america, ng peter navarro is with us . peter , you're being charged with the misdemeanor for first question i have for you. you knew you're a smart guy. i'veve known you a long time. youou knew darn well that you could have gone intoo
11:34 pm
the january 6th committee, plead the fifth, walked out p and your obligations were over. you. wouldn't have to say a word, but you decided not to do that. why? sean, there are very keyco constitutional issues at stakens and the issue here is that president trump invoked executive privilegege, which isa principle that goes back to the days of george washington toec ensure effective presidential decision-making. tideni told that select committe from the outset as well as the department of justice, it's not my privilege to waive and that i had a duty to do what i have h done. and john, there's there's been been hundreds of thousands of americans, young men and womend killed in action in war. t they had the courage to stand up for this country. the least i could do, sir,o is to be willing to risk a two year prison sentence for something so importantan. and i can't emphasize this more .
11:35 pm
this is about executive privilege and the integrity ofcu washington, the oval office decision making. i know whating. i did. and you know, peter , i honestly i admire anybodys that will stand on their principles in this case. you're putting yourself inou harm's way becauseld you're right. you could get a two year jail sentence. let's go the day you'ree arrested, usually on a misdemeanor charge, it wouldrg be in touch with your lawyer and they would call i your lawyr and say we're going to book. your client is going tont be arrested tomorrow. a be arrested tomorrow. a this location andnd that will happen for a misdemeanor. it's notis like you'rerd a terrorist. it's not like. you are a murderer. it's not like you're a member of a drug cartel. this is a misdemeanor. thatat didn't happen. they decided to embarrass you in public in an airport instead of doing o whathey they would normally do. even the judge in your case has has spoken out and asked why why they didn't need to go this
11:36 pm
way. ha why dot you think that was? well,, there's a parallel here that excellent p john soman report. ironically, june 3rd was t the day i got arrested. they had those fbi agents down in mar a lago, very cordial with the president. everything seemed to be going fine. and thenerme and they hit him with with this brutal, unprecedented raid. the same thing happened to me, sean. i mean, two days earliereo i talked to walter giordano, the fbi agent. i told him, hey, walter, soou whatever you need, just come on down. you're right across the street from me. there should be no problem no to be clear, sean, this was a bread and circusd political arrest that was leaked to the press. in solitarye press. confinement in leg irons, unable to ask for legal advice they were making and look, i went out after i got past the judge there. i went outside and i said thisar so and ige said, i'm not the target here. the realal target is donald trump. by and by the way, if they come for navarro and trump, they can come for everybody. hannity they can come fromy
11:37 pm
waters, they can come from every deplorable that voted for trump. and what happened to president trump this last weekk, which should never happen to anybody, is confirmation of the concernan . look, i think what we need to do now, sean, is takingng back trump's america is important. we need tose take back the house of representatives, put put an d to the weaponization of the investigatory powers of congress and it appears to be the department of justice. and fbi is working in concertd with them. with them. the questions that i think i hope t to come up with . and again, in o my own issues, we'll get to the bottom of a this. john , i appreciate the timepp tonight becausehe this issue h is really at the heart, the heart's of what's going on n this country right now. if don junior, debbie unabiding did, he'd be in guantanamo bay probably worse. he'd be at rikers and likely even worse than that. s i admire your stand on principle. . principle. what you're describing can't happen anymore in this country.
11:38 pm
this weekmore in this country. can't happen anymore. peter navarro, sorry you had to go through that.r than this country is better than that. straight aheadatat, after weaponizes in the doj by thedo administration is now about to use the irs to come after you. they're lying and saying they're not. we've got the evidence to prove that they're wrongro you. j and where do you see, by the way, we have joe biden. we got pretty disturbing tape straight ahead. here we are at one world observatory, what i call the freedom tower. we all remember where we were on 9/11. i got a call from my iowa army national guard captain. we need to know where everyone is . just remember the principal announcing what was going on was two thousand nine hundred seventy seven . i think, rob , you gave your body for our country for the combat engineer in the marine corps. i lost the game of cat and mouse that i was playing
11:39 pm
with ieds and the ied found me and glad i still have the opportunity to honor those that gave that ultimate sacrifice. my husband was killed in the line of duty not knowing what to do and how i was going to raise these children was so heavy on my heart until frank siller, who made a promise to me over the phone that i no longer i was no longer alone. you have given your legs to a country, your eyesight. so your country. i'm at peace. i love where i'm at. it's a beautiful area. i didn't have the house. i would be in a different state of mind. what these houses do is it brings us closer to that starting point where everybody else starts from for doing so. stay like what's going to be going through your mind. these are heroes. they were able to come out and honor. you have to live to honor their life. when you guys say let us do good, you actually mean it. you're not doing this to make money for yourselves or your family.
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11:43 pm
of dollars and trillions of of dollars, drastically expanding now the size of the irsor more than doubling it by adding eighty seven thousand new agents. that includes around forty seven billion in so-called enforcement related funds e. remember that right now we only have a little less than eighty thousand agents currentlytl. soak that's more than double the size of the agency. makes it biggergger in our own state and justice department and homeland security department combined. and just like clockwork, the biden administration continues toden lie, continuesa claim that this expansion won't meann more audits on lower income americans. well, we actually have the numbers and they tell a very different story. look at thiss tonight. er according to findings from researchers at syracuse universityus, lower income a americans making under twenty five thousand dollars a year,. e they are audited at a rate of five times more than any body else. additionally, other irs data shows 75% of all audits inri
11:44 pm
twenty . twenty one were of americansca making under two hundred thousand dollars a year. they're saying it's only going to be for people i b making four hundred thousand dollars a yeare is nearly eight hundred page trainwreckar of a bill. we'll have working americans now paying a whole new host of taxes. they're going to be taxing corporations. they're going to be taxing small business. they're going to be taxing gas, coal, oil, and it will all be paid for by you.h here with reaction is former arkansas governor mike huckabee, along with ohio congressman jim jordan. jim , jordan, who is taking up 9:00 a.m. on friday inhi the house of representatives. i think we need what for democrats and every republican and we can stop this monstrosity. any chance? yeah, i do think there's a slim chance. i mean, i think it's unlikely they got it through the senate. thisis is the democrat's big package. but but let's hope we can stopau it because you're right. se,000eighty seven thousand ages are going to use your tax money to come after you. the taxpayerand peo, and undersd who these people are going to
11:45 pm
be . we know they're going to be left wing bureaucrats. they're probably not going to have to pay five dollars to drive into work like everyone drive into work like everyone work remote and go after the very people who do bust their tail and do have to go to work who can't zoom it inlk and work. ea ifch we're talking about the teacher who's got the side business in t t the summer pain houses, that's who they're coming after or the mom dad who got the hardware store, that's who they're coming after and everyonene k knows it. and when you couple that with what we saw a couple of nights ago against tru presidene trump and what we saw yesterday against a colleague of mine, that's why americans are so stinking sick of this and fired up and they're going to t and ik say this, i believee that they're going to make a change on november, governor . i mean, you look at the statistics and that studyt and you think about it, wealthyt people, they can affordud tax lawyers, they can afford expensive accountants. those accountants and lawyers will fight the irs on their behalf. the people making under twenty five thousand or two
11:46 pm
hundred thousand a year. they're not going to be able to afford those lawyersrs and accountants, are they know. of course, they're not sure on what's going to happen is the low hanging fruitha is what gets picked firstt and that's the people who file their own tax returns, people who if they do i get audited, ao basically going to throw up their hands and say how much do i have to payay to get this to go away? you're exactly right. joe biden canct say all day long that he's going after billionaires and the rich people, butaire as you pointed , the really wealthy people of america have rooms filled l with lawyers and accountants and their jobaw is , first of al to file tax returnste appropriately to begin with . these are not people who try to cheat. the tax is just not worth it. itthe second thing, if they do get audited, they know how to fight, , but the guy down at the bottom doesn't. so this is going to be just a nightmare. and i'll tell you, one of the groups that needs to be careful, all these nonprofit who are pro-life, christian and conservative, it'll be lois lerner all over again targeting
11:47 pm
these people because they don't have rooms filled with lawyersou and accountants. well, when you're'r therein on friday, morning, jim jordann ,just remind people these are the same people that saideo they wouldn't tax people that they wouldn't tax people that thousand dollars a year and the same people that saidd p keep t your doctor plan and save money. those are the same peopleam you can wave goodbye to every moderate democrat and every moderate districtry because this is the end of their career, this vote . do you>> agree? on i do.act the inflation reduction act will increase inflation. the inflation reduction act will raise taxes and inflation reduction act will unleash eighty seven thousand leftwing bureaucrats to attack and harass the american. taxpayer. i mean, and governor huckabee is exactlylyan right. li 50 pro-life crisis pregnancy centers have been attacked over4 the last 14 weeks. they are they're going to t be attacked now. i mean, they'vehe been assaulte, graffiti, all kinds of things.
11:48 pm
they're now going to be ,ho as you pointed out, the ones who are going toin be by these these tax bureaucrats at the irs. the increasehe of inflation axe, what i call it, it's going to elect more republicans for you in the house. going and i think we're going to have a new governor in arkansas a new governor in arkansas governor they've ever had. all right.ha thank you both. probably will . all right. coming up, donaldld trump just released a powerful video inf the wake of the raid on mar a lago. we'll play it for you next.t and poll numbers to show you that. tell the american people tell you how the american people arei reacting to that raid supervision. frustrated by the number one selling brand of and health. and for the third year in a row, it's the number one urologist, the recommended brand in time you'll notice less urgency,, improve, empty and you won't be getting up at night for so many baths and urologist recommended superbad for .
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my little girl. and i'm so grateful for that. for more information on pedialyte organ donation, go to layne thomas, doug and donald trump posted a campaign style video to a truth social following the raid at mar a lago. let's take a look at this. we are a nation in decline.
11:53 pm
we are a failing nation. we are a nation that in many ways has become a joke. but soon we will have greatness again. grit is hard work in factories grit is hard work in factories and it is hard working patriots like you who are going to say what you know about we cannot find there is no summit.t. we cannot reach, there is no challenge. we cannot n be thereo. there is no victory. we cannot have we will not and we will not break. we will that will ever, ever,iv ever. wee will never give in.ack we will never give up and we will never, ever back down, never let you down as longnt as we are confident tyrants, we are fighting because we are americans. americans kneel to god andod god alone and it is time about
11:54 pm
. >> all right. also new poll tonight from trafalgar finding that over 70% of likely voters say the trump raid increased their motivation to vote in the midterms, re including 83% of republicans overke 70% of independents. and when asked who do you believe is behind the fbi raid on president trump's homebe, nearly 50% said trump's political enemies, robert haley . tell us about this poll. what w we found in this poll is that people are reacting in the most you would expect republicans and democrats to maintain in rep their in their corner. but what we see is just a massive move of the independents. i mean, when the independents are much more along the side of of significant. it's significant that they're much more willing to vote andy that they look at this as being
11:55 pm
blamed on political enemies.hat so, you know, that group everybody recruiting, everybody is trying to get to this entire raid has e nothing but motivateu that group to turn out the voteu . and ,esut you know, they have their questions about whether trumpp. is being targeted. so i think it's really significant and there's more poll numbers coming out tomorrow from this poll and you'll see the same trend as the independents is what you need to be looking at. and it'spe significant. all right. what about the 80 percent of americans now in your poll that have whatve they believe? we have a two tiered justice system. absolutely. and thekn thing is ,ow you knowf that could happen to a president, it can happen to anybody and they're very w nervous about this. that's the feedback we're getting. and we saw manifested in the election yesterday, there was a much bigger win because of the race.y they probably got three extra points. i'll tell you,ca america is becoming a banana republic. the american people see it.
11:56 pm
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it helps you understand from within keeping you one step ahead. get not. and that means long lasting l clearerses. fancifully for adults just six . you can show more skin with less than five months not serious allergic reactions can occur. pa they canin be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems suchic as eye pain or vision changes including blurred vision, joint aches and pains or a parasiticur infection. don't change course. stop s talking to your doctor when you feel your skinup is change how your skin looks and feels like the kind of things you know, touch your eczema. you take a break through dmitriev in our nation's two hundred and forty six year history, there has never been an individual is a greater threat to our republic and donald trump. he tried to steal the last election using lies
11:58 pm
and violence to keep himself in power after the voters had rejected it. he's a coward. a real man wouldn't lie to his supporters. he lost his election and he lost. but i know he knows that. and deep down, i think most republicans, lynn and i are so proud, liz , for standing up for the troops doing what's right, honoring their oath to the constitution. so many in our party are too scared to do so. liz is fearless. she never backs down from the fight. there is nothing more important you will ever do than lead the effort to make sure donald trump is never again in the oval office. and you will see i am dick cheney. i proudly voted for my daughter . i hope you will too.'s i'm liz cheney and i approveon i'm liz cheney and i approveon this message n up on rasmusson. however, there's only going forn
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teacher death mystery on nancy grace investigation streaming now on fox station. and unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for beingss with us and making this show possible. please set your dvret. never miss an episode of hannity. i've got great newsity.. let not your heart be troubledin because laura ingraham and the angle are right now and she'sho got a great show tonight. i , i know because every night's a great show. night's a great show. you've documented with your guests tonight. it's so pretty terrifying.: oh - my gosh. now from novarro on down, we'll try to pick it up and stay where you left off. fantastic y. t. >> all right. i'm laura ingram .e i'm laura ingram .e washington tonight. the post americansns . >> that's the focus of tonight's angle, the nine hourt raid at mar a lago, the perpetual expansion of the surveillance state on bogus grounds. the longog


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