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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 5, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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remember, catch me on "get tammy bruce" on faxnation. or at "ingraham angle" up next. have a wonderful weekend. sean is back on monday. see you later. everyone. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "ingraham angle" from washington tonight. americans coil as dems sell perversions. that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> trans youth are vulnerable. we really want to deface our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these youth not to limit their participation in activities in sports and even limit their ability to get gender affirmation treatment in their state. >> laura: no, it's not
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halloween. it's the biden administration's version of "normal." as inflation continues to tear through household budgets and weaken america, they trot out rachel lavine from hhs to promote dangerous hormone blockers and life-altering trans surgery for minors. this is sick! adults preying on our children under the guise of providing healthcare claiming anyone who criticizes their tactics and their goals is bigoted or intolerant and their twisted forces that are backing them, yeah, they're well funded and fanning out across america. in new york, the homeless actual deviants, drag story hour dhs nyc, taxpayer nonprofit, puts on shows for children as young as three. one of its more prominent performers as social media accounts filled with nudity and other sexually-explicit content. oliver, who also goes by angel, is one of the talents
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listed on the dsh web site. the organization sanitized bio of her face describes him as a drag king and a former daycare teacher who has a passion for working with children especially what it means to be queer and trans. the education of that. her face pretending to stab his breast while wearing a chest binder on social media. don't worry. he warns his followers to not bind longer than 6-8 hours and urges them to be safe. of course, lefty lawmakers, they defend this garbage claiming this drag queen group dsh is an opportunity for children as young as three to engage in play of gender fluidity in childhood. it also helps them learn about love in a safe space. and just down i-95 in
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harrisburg, pennsylvania, a pride event last week included drag queens encouraging kids to pole dance, even allowing them to take a twirl. here is the woman behind posting and defending it. >> pole fitness is appropriate for all ages. can you imagine asking a social worker if it was appropriate for a child to do pole fitness when every playground in this country has a [bleep] fireman pole on it? you probably will get laughed at. >> laura: yeah, while most were horrified by this, not pennsylvania's democrat governor, tom wolff. in fact, he sent a letter that said how honored he was to support the event. he's the one that gave us rachel levine. across the country in washington state, we found the most maddening story of the week, an 80-year-old grandmother was banned there from her ymca after demanding a biological male leave the
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women's locker room where little girls were undressing. addressing the port townsend city council monday, here is how julie, the banned senior citizen, described what happened. >> in an effort by the city and the ymca to apply the neo-cultural gender rules at mount view pool, dressing shower room facilities, women and children are being put at risk. my experience while showering after my swim was hearing a man's voice in the women's dressing area and seeing a man in a women's swimsuit watching little girls pull down their bathing suits in order to use the toilets in the dressing room. i reacted by telling him to leave, and the consequences that i have been banned from the pool. the y has not provided any dressing shower room options for women who do not want to be exposed to men who identify as women. it is unconscionable that the
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ymca would instigate these new policies without clearly informing pool patrons and parents. >> laura: of course, first of all, that granny rocks. when pressed, port townsend washington police said that she had an emotional response to a strange male being in the bathroom and helping a young girl take off her bathing suit. i should hope the response to that should be emotional! so much for liberals wanting her feelings respected. only type of women, certain liberal women get respect. once again, the left is encouraging this insanity! biden's expansion of the categories of people protected under title ix requires now that men who identify as women be allowed full access to the women and girls' restroom and locker rooms including the locker rooms of k-12 facilities and other higher ed facilities. what's that mean for the
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80-year-old grandmother you just saw who is obviously in good faith acting in the best interest of that little girl? well, at best, she's going to be persona nongrata among the elites. at worst, she'll probably be sued civilly and could even be subject to a federal civil rights investigation. i don't put anything past merritt garland these days. looking at all of this, what's amazing, though, is that democrats actually think this plays beyond the coast, that this helps them electorally, just because, i don't know, their leaders are happy to promote this freakish, dangerous behavior. it certainly doesn't mean the rest of the voters are. smart governors like ron desantis in florida, they're fighting back at every turn, for our kids, their innocence and the tradition that has made america great -- traditions that made america great. that's "the angle." switching gears to another travesty, the gutting of our
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domestic energy production. take the case of the gas-fired power plant that was planned to open in superior, wisconsin. the $700 million project was approved by the regulators and the courts in both minnesota and in wisconsin. that wasn't good enough for biden's epa. after a letter-writing campaign from the enviro crazies including the sierra club, they decided to block the proposal in the 11th hour claiming it didn't adequately evaluate carbon dioxide emissions. of course, they were evaluated. no doubt, other projects around the country are going to soon find themselves in this same crosshairs. if we thought there was some sanity in the senate, think again. as we told you last night, krysten sinema caved and was out last night with a statement praising the democrats' tax bill as one that is going to boost our clean energy economy. biden popped out of his quarantine today looking very
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top gunnish to tell us what that might look like. >> make historic investments in clean energy. clean energy. security -- the security of the country is at stake! we're going to save american families hundreds of dollars a year on paying their energy bills by allowing them to have money to invest by getting -- allowing them to put in new windows and doors and solar panels. >> laura: joining me now is ari fleisher, former white house secretary, author of "suppression, deception, snob brie and bias," why the press gets so much wrong. along with sean duffey, former wisconsin congressman. all are fox news contributors. mr. duffey, want to start with you.
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democrats, republicans looking at this whole plan for this plant. the federal government comes in and just says, no, this isn't working. your reaction to this? >> this is not a rich area. this period of wisconsin was in my old district in an area for 40 or 50 years northern wisconsin was all blue. northern minnesota was all blue. all democrats. it's now hard-core red because of crazy policies like this that come from democrats. laura, it gets cold in northern wisconsin. it gets to be 30-below. we need reliable and cheap energy to make sure we can heat our homes. what's outrageous about what the epa is doing is the fact that this power plant is going to help moth ball coal-burning power plants for the natural gas-burning power plant which means there'll be less co2 in the at atmosphere. the liberals are fighting to moth ball it. moth ball this plan. this is the problem in government. you can elect donald trump, george bush or jason chafe fitz but unless you get rid of
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the federal unions, the deep states, in the epa, you could never change policy. donald trump couldn't get rid of the radicals in the epa. do what scott walker did in wisconsin, eradicate the union, fire all of these 40-year employees at the epa and bring in fresh blood, and you won't have these problems. as long as you keep these radicals employed, you could never change course. listen, they'll take out existing nuclear plants, coal plants, gas plants, they'll take out wells. they want to get rid of everything so we're all reliant on the federal government. we can't afford food, gas, oil, and so woe to the government to subsidize the costs for us which means we're not independent and free. we rely on them. it's insane. >> laura: ari, they had jumped through all of these hoops for this. i'm using this just an example of what they're capable of. this would have reduced strain to the grid. this would have reduced carbon dioxide emissions the way the plant is set up. it's brilliant. i was in minnesota for eight days. i read the whole thing.
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it's stunning. then the activists come in and they roll right through. if the republican gets elected, to sean's point, there has to be a full reform of the civil service. this is craziness! >> yeah, i don't want to object to that at all on the civil service. people thought donald trump, oh my god. schedule f the way you do this. and people are having vapors. it's actually true. it is meaningful civil service reform if you get out the partisans but a couple points here, laura. let's start with joe biden's tape you just rolled. one, he has a hard time putting in one sentence next to another sentence. i mean, the man is gets worse. two, he said that energy prices are going to go down? as a result of this, energy prices are going to go up because we're driving fossil fuels which are the cheaper fuels out of business -- that's if the democrats get their way -- through massive subsidies through corporations that make green energy. that always drives the price up. and then final point, none of
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this is going to work. if you think the federal government can spend money and make us green or fix our energy issues, it is totally the wrong approach for the federal government to take. but there's a final point here. democrats have party unity. that's why they'll be able to pass this. senator krysten sinema of arizona is on board. that's a lesson to republicans. party unity is important. the democrats figured out, at least here, how to stop arguing and get something done. republicans could learn that lesson, too. >> laura: i'll say. jason, despite everything we've laid out here, wonder boy pete buttigieg, they think he's a hopeful for 2024, he still is blaming everyone but the administration. check it out. >> we continue to see shock waves disrupting every part of our economy from the pandemic and from the other geo political and economic things that are taking place. we're just keeping our heads down and doing the work. in my department, that makes it easier to afford e.d.'s and
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other things to protect americans from the effects of the ups and downs from the oil market. >> laura: jason, this is purposeful sabotage. >> yeah, he was keeping his head down taking a nap while office maternity leave. that's where he was. this isn't putin's fault. this was absolutely self-inflicted pain to the american people. the democrats have unified as ari said and said we're going to get rid of fossil fuels. every bit of energy is going to increase. even if it's going to be cleaner for the environment like this plant in wisconsin which was going to save i think reduce the emissions by a million tons over a significant period of time. they don't want nuclear. they don't want anything. i'm all-of-the-above energy guy. that's the way to do this, but this administration, they're going to do exactly what they said. get rid of every bit of petroleum. everyone is going to pay the price. we can't afford it. >> laura: panel, great to see all of you. thank you. and the good news is many
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republicans in states across the country aren't taking this lying down. now, as we've documented on "the angle" attorneys general and state treasurers are ending or curbing state contracts with financial institutions who engage in what we described, you know, a couple months ago as the esg scam. now, of course, the "new york times" sees this activism by the governors and the attorneys general as, you know, wrong-headed. it's dangerous writing a piece today titled "how republicans are weaponizing public office against climate action." atimes investigation revealed a coordinated effort to use government muscle and public funds to punish companies trying to reduce greenhouse gases. joining me now is eric schmitt, missouri attorney general and congratulations, eric, you just won the big senate primary for the g.o.p. in missouri. so you have a busy fall ahead, um, but you've taken on so many of these companies, including just this week this probe you announced against
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morning star, the rating agency. why are these moves so important for the folks out there watching who don't know what esg even means? >> well, because it's all about power and control, laura. i mean, this kind of radical climate alarmism that has been weaponized whether by agencies or these companies that are pushing esg really hurts, you know, middle-class american families. on your previous segment, you were talking about how expensive it is now for people at the pump or at the grocery store. this is directly because of joe biden's administration, their war on american energy. meanwhile, you've got him going to saudi arabia and begging for oil, sending strategic petroleum reserves to china. this administration is nuts. people in this country want to be naturally independent. it's a security issue. "new york times" could explain all they want but this is federalism. this is the system their founders set up to make sure we could push back against these agencies and these branches of government that are trying to seize more and more power and control. we've got to push back.
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i think that's what is on the line here. you look and see what is happening in washington, laura. the democrats are two votes away from fundamentally changing this country forever, federalizing our elections and adding states to the union, you know, packing the united states supreme court. they're playing for keeps. we have to push back with everything we've got to save this country. >> laura: yeah, republicans play along the edges and democrats go for the jugular. now, reuters is reporting that morning star chief executive caper said in a statement, sustainability introduces new choices for investors. morning star provides the data and the insights to help investors of all types weigh those choices in their decision-making. mr. attorney general, what are the objective metrics? isn't it the case that corporations are supposed to return the most value for shareholders? so isn't that what their job is supposed to be? not this phony baloney stuff they're doing on the environment and equity? >> absolutely! because that is -- you know, you look at state pensions,
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for example, they're supposed to -- you know, the fid door areas are supposed to get the -- fid dish areas are supposed to get the best return, not supply the woke ideologies and make themselves feel good by virtue signaling. we've got to get to the bottom of it. that's why we've launched our investigation and why so many straights active in this. this is the kind of aggressive actions that the left has taken now because they want their way and they don't care what the american people think. it's up to us to put a stop to it. i think this plays out on a whole number of fronts. esg, it's why, you know, missouri was the first state to sue osha for the vaccine mandate. this was an agency created to make sure forklifts beep when they back up. they were going to force a medical procedure on 80 million americans. if the left, if the democrats could weaponize the agencies, the administrationtive state -- administrative state to do things congress would never do, it's up to us to push back. we have to make sure we have re-enforcements in washington come 2023. i think that's why -- you know, i'm very excited to be in the senate to help lead
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that charge there as well. >> laura: well, your opponent on the democrat side in the senate race, trudie bush-valentine, has something on her website saying we have to transition from fossil fuels to renewables. sources like the solar power. in her own ranch in missouri, it's easy for her to say because she's got all of that anheuser-busch money. that's a lot of dough, i guess - >> look, i said in my acceptance speech i grew up in a working-class neighborhood, actually at grant's farm in the summer when i was in college giving tours and taking out the trash which is where she grew up. we need more of that from washington. i don't come from billions. i come from bridgeton which is my hometown. we're going to fight for working-class families. you'll see that as a stark contrast in this race, someone who is completely out of touch with missourians as opposed to someone who led the fight on their behalf versus the powerful interests. i won't stop when i get to the
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senate. >> mr. attorney general, blue collar power and i love it. congratulations. good luck. why are nanci pelosi and chuck schumer hiring a special prosecutor for the capitol police? it is it constitutional? i'll give the answers coming up. where are the marines wasting time -- lieutenant colonel lieu sheller is here on the true motivations behind that push. stay there.
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.>> laura: while she's gotten positive reviews from the taiwan trip, back home, nanci pelosi is getting -- in a posting first identified by my next guest, pelosi and schumer looking to hire an attorney for the u.s. capitol police to work hand in hand with the dcda. now, the posting notes that the position is primarily prosecuting individuals and/or groups who have engaged in threats and/or acts of violence against members of congress, their staff, capitol police, employees, etc. mike davis, president of the article iii project joins us now.
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mike, what's going on here? is this even constitutional? >> yeah, this is not constitutional. what we have here are federal prosecutors, special assistant united states attorneys reporting to the united states capitol police, the united states capitol police. they're controlled by appointees of speaker nanci pelosi and chuck schumer, so we have a clear separation of powers problem here where these prosecutors are working for the legislative branch when they can't do that under our constitution. >> laura: now, the capitol police said, mike, in a statement that this idea did not come from any member of congress to include any congressional leaders, hiring a special assistant u.s. attorney will give the department a prosecutor who will work for the department of justice, but will also be an expert in the way we work and the types of unique threat cases we have. so what's wrong with that? >> that's just not believable
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that the leadership in congress is unaware of this. the house sergeant-in-arms and senate sergeant-in-arms or appointees of pelosi or schumer appoints the chief of police. it's not credible they're unaware of this. this is so unprecedented what they're doing here. it's actually dangerous because we've seen with the january 6th commission working hand in glove with the biden justice department they have no problem politicizing the justice department to further the political. [indiscernible] they'll go after every grandma and goofball that trespassed and took selfies on the senate floor january 6th but they wouldn't prosecute anyone under 18us1507 for harassing and intimidating supreme court justices and their families in their homes. this is a dangerous precedent. it's unconstitutional. it needs to be shut down.
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>> speaking of supreme court justices, we have some interesting comments made by the white house secretary this week about the dobbs decision. >> from day one when the supreme court made this extreme decision to take away a constitutional right, it was an unconstitutional action by them, a right that was around for almost 50 years, a right women had to make a decision their bodies and how they want to start their families. >> laura: now, mike, what -- understand what unconstitutional actually means here or what? >> well, you know, i mean, it's good she's -- in addition to being a white house press secretary who is totally not up to the job -- she's also a constitutional scholar on tv. that's good to hear she thinks this is unconstitutional even though the supreme court said it isn't but it's just part of a pattern by the biden
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administration including attorney general merrick garland to have the political assaults on a separate branch of government. they want to do the january 6th commission about the protest and riots at the capitol but at the same time they're encouraging the deadly assaults on the supreme court of the united states including protests, illegal intimidation campaigns that led to an assassination attempt against justice kavanaugh, his wife ashley and their two daughters. >> laura: mike, thank you for being here tonight. the rot extends to the military now. in a little noticed piece, the military times writes inside the marine corps' newest publication is a new initiative that will attempt to combat disinformation. that's what they call it, through media literacy. the phrase media literacy appears in this in the times. lieutenant january matthew said -- -- lieutenant general
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-- exercise for other major training. this looks like the latest in a move away from the military's mission toward a political indoctrination. here now is lieutenant colonel stewart sheller who was discharged after criticizing military leaders. he's the author of "crisis of command." stu, how could this possibly be a new focus for the military when we have actual real problems like recruitment declining, china, obviously the situation in ukraine seems to be deteriorating and now this is where we're going? >> laura, thank you for having me back on. it's a weird time in american history. americans are out there speaking truths. we have elites hiding in antiquated structures trying to centralize a message. the military is a perfect example of it. you just eluded to all the things we could talk about, inclusion, extremism, media
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literacy, everything but war fighting. general berger, also not in that article, also just revoked the authority of o5 battalion commanders to manage their own social media page. if we can't trust an o5 battalion commander, literacy training on the squad level is not going to do much to help us. here i am not having done the literacy training and i'm able to do a media interview. if i can speak directly to general berger, i would say general berger, sir, what people need is the truth, honest assessment and focus of war fighting. maybe we should write that down and make a publication on that. >> stu, the publication also says that marines need to safeguard their morale and unit cohesion as they navigate today's complex technology and media landscape. it must be able to recognize the various sources of misinformation and disinformation aimed at them. now, what falls under the category of disinformation, stu, of course is the real
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question, right? i mean, they're worried about the military after january 6th, because they think there are too many conservatives in the military so they needed to change that dynamic or scare people away from expressing themselves. that's where this is going. >> yeah, i would ask the question, does the disinformation -- can we say that applies to the afghanistan evacuation? there was no better example of military failure. still, our senior leaders are entrenched in the success of the noncombatant evacuation. right now, there is a struggle, and the elites haven't figured out in this technology era, a battalion commander like myself could watch realtime the mistakes being made. the old adage of we know more than you, trust us, it doesn't apply anymore. they haven't figured it out. we don't need media literacy training. we need them to get back to the basics. we need them to focus on war fighting and we need leaders with courage. >> laura: how's this going to affect recruiting which is way down as we documented last week on "the angle."
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they're down tens of thousands of recruits for the coming year. 60,000, i think, total. >> fix the leaders. fix the culture. all the problems will solve themselves. this is not a complicated problem. we have weak leaders that lack moral courage. we need a strong secretary of defense. we need to clean house of our cowardly leader. bottom line. >> laura: lieutenant colonel sheller, great to see you, as always. thank you. how sad! a super hero meets an untimely end. travelers are caught in a very small world, and the celebs' summer pushing for president. raymond arroyo has it all. he's here. friday follies is next.
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>> ashley: welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmeyer in new york. airlines were forced to cancel 1,400 flights today due to severe weather. that's on top of another 1,200 cancellations yesterday.
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metro new york and washington saw the highest number of canceled flights. there are also long delays at many other airports from boston to denver. now to this, flash flooding stranding 1,000 people in death valley national park. the heavy rainfall buried cars and forced rangers to close all roads in and out of the park. the area near the california/nevada state line received at least 1.7" rain today. that's nearly an entire year's worth of rain in just a couple of hours. more than 60 vehicles are covered in debris. so far, there are no reported injuries. i'm ashley strohmeyer. now back to "the ingraham angle." >> laura: it's friday! it means it's time for "friday follies!" for that, we turn to raymond arroyo. all right, raymond, it's hard to. [indiscernible] super heroes. i understand. >> it's a bird. it's a plane. it's a cancellation, laura. that girl, this $100 million
7:39 pm
film epic, it was scrapped by warner brothers this week. the film had michael keaton returning as a creepy caped crusader. the movie was canned following test screenings. it was something, i can imagine. >> laura: who needs test screenings? the trailer has, what? you looked at it, it had bat bomb written all over it. >> well, matthew, who hosts spotify's "the town podcast" spoke to someone who attended this bat girl screening. it wasn't received well. >> he said that after the screening, the executives, walter of d.c. and some of the others there, asked the audience, you know, did this feel big? and the consensus was absolutely not. he said it played like a tv pilot. >> they threw millions and
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millions of dollars, warner brothers did, at this. it was originally kind of a small movie. they threw $100 million, and when they screened it, it was so flat, they decided to take the tax writeoff. it's not even being shown on hbo max. nothing! no coverage. they're burying it. >> laura: i don't know anything about this. if i were to guess, i would guess that the lead was flat. >> well, maybe. who knows? we never get to see it. but here is the interesting thing -- >> laura: she's not even in the promo there. >> you barely see her there 32% of a new poll, 32% of marvel comic fans think they're getting a little tired of so many super hero movies. >> laura: oh! the cash cow! >> and things are so unstable at d.c. for the super heroes, jason ma moa, aquaman, apparently started a side hustle as a flight attendant. he's no longer plunging into water. he's giving it out.
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>> he's doing such a great job. >> laura: not a big fan of man buns but i'll make an exception for him. he's cute! so does sam, by the way, she just said. he's cute. >> extra water in aisle -- >> laura: didn't you just have a water? i'd like another one! >> super heroes aren't the only one under water, laura. we've been reporting for weeks the dangerous side of theme parks from riots to brawls, family come-aparts. this week at disney world, it's not only a small world but a torturous one. not only did the ride known as the happiest cruise that ever sailed trapped visitors in their boats for over an hour but one of them started to sink! you know, laura, this attraction was built in the 1964 world's fair. it was probably built when the bmi was a little bit lower than it is today. >> laura: oh, that's why
7:42 pm
they have to make the extra wide coffins now for people, right? apparently -- no one was hurt, right? >> no one was hurt. >> laura: as it was slowly submerging itself, apparently the music kept going, so that's a nice touch. >> but that's the most torturous part of all to have to sit there and listen to that song for over an hour. just imagine that. these people should get free passes, laura. >> laura: remember when i got stuck on "it's a small world" and i didn't get off for 1 1/2 hours? that music, i couldn't get it out of my head. and all the puppets. it was a micro and macroregression. democrats have so desperate for someone to rescue them from biden that bill crystal are pushing john legend to run for president. oh, this is good. >> even old political hands like david axlerod seem drawn to this possibility of legend as political messiah.
7:43 pm
he appeared on axlerod's podcast and was asked about his friendship with kanye west. >> oh, you know, we are not friends as much as we used to be. honestly i think because we publicly disagreed on his running for office and supporting trump. i think it became too much for us to sustain our friendship honestly. >> laura: so he's the most -- i mean, intolerant person out there. this is the typical liberal. they claim to be so tolerant and open. aren't we woke? aren't we -- in the end, they're snobs. if you don't agree with them, they want no part of you. >> i don't like the idea you end friendships over political differences. that's not the way america works, and certainly not a leader, but you know, the greatest object stackle to legend ever being -- obstacle to legend ever being president or pursuing politics could be described in two words, cristie teagan. can you imagine this woman as first lady? >> i think it's possible to be really angry all the time.
7:44 pm
>> if there was one word you would help particularly women use more frequently, what would that one word be? >> [bleep] you. >> laura: first of all, she's having a baby, which is awesome, and she had some struggles with that, so that's fantastic. the desperation on the part of democrats is so palpable in going there. >> well, and they've been trying to rehabilitate cristie teagan for a number of years since she told that teenager "go kill yourself." again, when you disagree with somebody, wishing them death or ending friendships -- >> laura: she apologized for that. >> probably not the right way to go. she did apologize but i just don't know if this has political legs. i think it's got as much float to it as one of the small world boats. >> laura: a legend in their own mind. >> legends in their own minds. >> laura: raymond arroyo. it's fun to be in the studio
7:45 pm
exuding positively as always. raymond, thank you. congresswoman elon omar is losing support and fast. but are many ready to ditch her? that's next.
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>> laura: earlier this week, we brought you reporting from minneapolis that the city is still reeling from the george floyd riots of two years ago. businesses in many cases still haven't reopened, and the city is experiencing a massive crime wave. 39% rise in murders compared to 2019. residents there, they have no idea if their city is ever going to be rebuilt in certain neighborhoods. heck, people don't even feel safe shopping anymore. yesterday at the mall of america just nine miles outside of minneapolis, random gunfire had panicked families scrambling. minneapolis is ground zero for minnesota's decline. the district is represented
7:51 pm
none other than ilhan omar. instead of fighting for the citizens to be safer, she's fighting to defund the already-depleted police force. now, finally, it turns out the community is sick of her antics. the star tribune and even uber lefty mayor jacob frey have now endorsed her primary opponent, a guy named don samuels. is another democrat really the answer? joining me now is jim schultz who is running to unseat another radical in the state, attorney general keith ellison. now, jim, you call ellison the political godfather of ilhan omar. why and when did this state go so radical? >> pretty recently, laura. great to be on with you. ellison was elected in 2006. she succeeded him. he's her political godfather. they embraced the radical deep on the police policies that
7:52 pm
led to the extraordinary violence you're talking about. >> laura: well, i was so saddened, because as you may know, i spent quite a bit of time in minnesota. every year, i've been going there for 15 years for the summer, and it's just so beautiful! it's such a wonderful state! the twin cities, minneapolis, it's just such a -- it's a vibrant community. never felt unsafe there. and then... the lawlessness came in after floyd, and then -- >> yep. yep. >> laura: people wonder if there's any way to turn it around now. >> you're right! i mean, it's been a painful few years in the state. you know, i grew up in the state. i'm a fifth-generation minnesotan and i think i feel it and minnesotans feel it generally we're losing the state we have known and loved. it's because of the radical policies embraced by people like keith ellison and ilhan omar and our terrible governor tim walz that have led to this current point. i mean, i call it a man-made disaster. man-made disaster that descended upon our state. we have to turn it around
7:53 pm
immediately. >> laura: now, in endorsing omar's opponent -- obviously you're running for attorney general -- but her seat is where -- her district is where all the violence took place. they said omar often appears disconnected from her district and unwilling to work with frey. omar didn't recognize the name and had no upon even though his nomination to the high-profile public safety role was prominently reported by local news outlets. um, so, jim, basically saying she doesn't really care about the district. it's more about her own public profile and burnishing that. >> absolutely. she seems to spend all of her time in washington these days. she's completely disconnected from the community, and frankly keith ellison is completely disconnected from the community. if they were connected to the community, they would know there's areas of north minneapolis that have become a shooting gallery. there's areas in minneapolis and st. paul where you on any
7:54 pm
given day might be carjacked or otherwise. so they end up embracing these policies that have led to such, you know, extraordinary crime and violence in our state and so these are, you know, two kind of limousine liberals that embraced policies that led to incredible violence and destruction in our state. >> laura: good for the criminals. bad for the people. thank you so much, jim. good luck in your race. wouldn't you know it? old joe forgot who the heck is president again? can't be! well, the last bite, we'll try to explain. so we need something super disctintive. dad's work, meet daughter's playtime. wait 'till you hear this— thankfully, meta portal helps reduce background noise. zero lace model. adjusts to low light. and pans and zooms to keep you in frame. take a look at this. so the whole team stays on track. okay, let's get you some feedback. i'm impressed. great, loving your work.
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♪ >> he might want to keep joe quarantined just a little longer . >> i know most families are focused on putting three meals on the table in taking care of their kids and paying their bills. helping you do that is my job.
8:00 pm
that's the president presidents job as well. >> is he a pilot, what is going on? what an adventure it would be t spend a day in that brain that is it for us tonight for eight remember, it's america now and forever. gutfeld is next. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> delicious. delicious. happy friday, my friday friends. china's president is matt, and not because lebron james is a lousy kisser. because nancy pelosi,


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