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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  August 3, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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alligators trying to bite me five or six times a week and they are going to try to grab you and take your head off. they aren't puppies. what i would say to the gators i'm working with. they are trained. not tamed. they try to bite me pretty often and -- >> bill: braver than most. keep it safe out there. chris gillette, the gator guy, martha. >> martha: they are not puppies, bill. >> bill: have a great day. thanks for being here. >> martha: you too, thanks guys. "the faulkner focus" is next. >> harris: the silence from president biden is noticeable. china just went from threatening a member of the u.s. congress to making its most aggressive military moves in decades. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". as part of a trip to asia house speaker nancy pelosi spent 17 hours in taiwan.
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china hated every second of it and pelosi is calling her trip a defense of democracy. beijing is calling it a provocation. china's military is poised for live fire drills in taiwan's water and airspace in the coming days. here is national security council spokesman john kirby. >> this is exactly what we would expect the chinese to do in the wake of or even during speaker pelosi's trip. this is pretty much the playbook we expected and we'll be watching to see how they develop. again, we urge beijing not to escalate the tensions. there is no reason to. nothing about speaker pelosi's trip was inconsistent with our longstanding approach to china and supporting taiwan's self-defense. >> harris: we can hear from admiral kirby but apparently not from president biden who initially pushed back on pelosi going there in the first place. he didn't want her to go. both republicans and democrats
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have agreed supporting taiwan with china always lurking is absolutely the right thing to do. former secretary of state mike pompeo says the biden administration is weak. >> president biden hasn't taken the actions that need to be taken. his rhetoric, their stated strategy has been okay, but the things that the chinese communist party really understands, power, transparency, truth. calling them out when they behave in a way that's inconsistent. biden and his team need to be serious about confronting them. if they do that the chinese communist party will begin to be reshaped. >> harris: kevin mccarthy is in "focus" on the growing threat. we begin with greg palkot live for us in london. >> nancy pelosi has gone but taiwan's troubles could be getting worse. the house speaker ended her brief and controversial visit to taiwan a short while ago. she met with the island's president and said they want taiwan to have freedom and
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security and will not back away from it. it upset china who sees the island as its own. it has conducted even while pelosi was there military drills in the area. after she left chinese war planes entered taiwan's broad air defense zone. the big stuff starts tomorrow for four days in six zones around taiwan encircling the island beijing says its armed forces will participate in live fire exercises. the action could come as close to 12 miles to the taiwan coast and will violate its nautical and air territorial space. taiwan says it will disrupt its shipping and flights and increase the chance of a dangerous run-in. the last time things got so hot in the region was back in 1995 and 1996. then u.s. naval assets were quickly deployed to the region. now in part due to the pelosi visit they are already there including the ronald reagan aircraft carrier strike group. washington continues to warn
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beijing not to turn this into a crisis. harris, speaker pelosi we now see has arrived in south korea. she goes to tokyo. both places are perilously close to and threatened by by jaing. back to you. >> harris: thank you very much. unlikely support for the house speaker, some of her republican colleagues wholeheartedly are applauding this trip. >> to use four words in a row that i haven't used in this way before and those four words are speaker pelosi was right. >> i have think it's important the speaker did go to taiwan. what it underscores i think is the mistake the president made in getting into reprimanding the speaker publicly. i think he should have said nothing about it. >> harris: want to know where more chill is coming from? those proper glesives.
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far left senators bernie senators and warren waving off questions on the trip. kevin mccarthy, house minority leader, top republican in the house from the great state of california is in "focus" now and on the mezzanine in person with me. great to see you. >> great to be here. my first time in person. >> harris: there we go. let's start with this aggression from china. whether any of this is surprising and the fact that it is so aggressive compared with where we have been with them recently. >> there are a number of reasons for that. the first one is biden administration have stayed silent. they should have had a strong statement for speakers of the house or members of congress can go anywhere they want to go. china can't dictate it. xi has his own issues domestically. he grabbed on opportunity here. how do you unite your country?
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pick a common enemy, right? taiwan and america. pelosi's timing was wrong with that. you gave xi and opening to build up. i support her going to taiwan. i would have gone with her had she asked. she didn't take one republican. when she went to ukraine she didn't take one republican. if you want to make a statement, don't take all democrats and make it partisan. if you want congress to speak with one voice take people from both sides of the aisle. it didn't have to be me. take another republican. had she done that it's a stronger voice of what she is trying to do. what you would have done at the beginning have american speak with one voice. we have a weakness in the white house where the white house wouldn't back up the speaker to go to taiwan. backpacking on china. it gave president xi of china thinking he had influence over the president because he was weak about it. america should always speak with one voice with the idea
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china can't dictate to americans where they are going to go. >> harris: when i talk with democrats about this there is a question of what would he have said. he didn't want to make it look like it was a big thing. you just gave the words a president of the united states would say. our people can go anywhere they want to go. >> yeah, period. china would never have said another word. they would have realized no, we can't do that. should we start saying now where chinese should be able to travel and whether they can come to america? it escalated. >> harris: they wouldn't care if we did. >> when you have weakness in the white house china will empower more. how they spoke to us in alaska when they had the meeting with this administration. they feel bold because they aren't being pushed back. they think they can continue to go further. >> harris: is it too far to reach, because we have talked so much about questions around the president's son, hunter
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biden, is it too far to begin to ask the questions and if you and republicans win majority in november, i know that you will look into this and investigate. but right now to be able to ask the question the press corps, what is your situation, mr. president, with china? why the silence now? i feel that's inbounds. >> especially after what has come out from the laptop and now admitting it is biden's laptop, hunters's, who is the big guy. those questions have to be answered. the press corps should be asking that. what should be watching what transpired after afghanistan. why is china more emboldened? think about we're -- it's great we're able to take out the terrorists. why is the terrorist that helped plan 9/11 sitting in a balcony in the capital of afghanistan. that's how far they're back together again and feel that
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this whole discussion of what the decisions made by biden were wrong. 13 more gold star families. he didn't listen to the military getting out. he has weakened us around the country and now the weakness standing up to china. remember what he said to putin. if you take a little bit? >> harris: minor incursion. words heard around the world. the fate of democrats massive social spending appears to be in the hands of arizona senator kyrsten sinema. joe manchin says the two had a quote nice talk yesterday. shortly after this program, i might add. sinema has yet to commit to the bill, though. her party wants to push it through before the august recess. legislation is facing new backlash now reporting from the tax foundation estimates the tax hikes would eliminate 30,000 jobs. critics are also calling out
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the provision that brings back the tax on imported oil and petroleum products. they point out americans are already struggling with paying for gas and energy prices. senator manchin defended the bill to me. >> how in the world can you be raising taxes when all we're saying is the wealthiest corporations in america, 55 of them pay zero to help this great country of ours to defend ourselves. >> harris: i'm saying americans $400,000 and below will be tax. >> that's a lie. that is a pure outright lie. >> harris: their taxes are not going to go up? >> not at all. >> harris: he stopped short saying it was lie coming from the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. he said mcconnell was wrong about that. mcconnell is not the only one saying it. kyrsten sinema, a democrat from arizona standing in the way of this potentially. the white house press secretary wants to go after republicans over the bill.
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watch. >> where the president and congressional democrats have a very good plan to fight inflation. congressional republicans are standing against this investment. they're more about protecting tax welfare for those who game the system than they do about curbing inflation. >> harris: it's in the binder minority leader. >> this is the problem. we show they will raise taxes. the democrats control the government. the american rescue plan wasn't just republicans warning about it. steve ratner said it's the original sin where inflation started. larry summers warned them about it. they passed it and now we have inflation like we haven't seen in 40 years. they brought gas prices higher. remember when they said they would end fossil fuels and stopped the pipeline, ending the leases, gas prices went up. they are the ones who created our streets not to be safe by
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defunding the police, electing prosecutors who won't uphold the law. no cash bail in new york going around. the worst part about this, they created all these problems. no plan to fix it. this bill itself killing 30,000 jobs. you know who they will hire? 87,000 new i.r.s. agents to go after you and audit you. they will raise inflation higher and spend more money that brought us into this problem. they have no plan to solve all the problems they created. that's why this november is so important. >> harris: you know, when i press on what actually is in the bill to address high inflation, the one thing that they point to, including manchin, is bringing down the deficit. penn and wharton and others said it will increase inflation and then flat line it until 2031. we aren't moving forward. >> why can we trust anything they say?
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remember what biden told us? >> harris: we don't have a choice. they're in the white house. >> why we should stand up. putin's fault. gas station's fault. inflation is only here temporarily. everything we told them beforehand they were wrong about and they want to continue down the same path. why don't they change course, cut spending, stop spending so much money, fund the police, start producing american energy instead of asking opec to produce more. all of their policies have been wrong and why we need a new direction, we need republicans to win the next election. what will we do? make america get more energy and preserve our freedoms and make streets safe again. >> harris: you have to trust because they're the only ones in the white house. trust by verify and we spend our time verifying now. you talked about enough time to turn things around. only 97 days to the mid-term
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elections. that's the first chance. >> why are they rushing it now? >> harris: that's a good question. >> two people said i'll agree. they talk about a clean new energy. they aren't producing one more barrel of oil. the clean new energy taxpayer billions of dollars who controls the market? china. china wins again. 90% of all the solar panels will be made over there. >> harris: let's talk about the potential for a red wave and what it could really look like. i understand talking to you, you will be going to in excess of 100 events with candidates, 22 states. it will be a barn storm across america. what's the singular message? why handle it that way as the minority leader? >> take back the house. it isn't about republicans winning but a new direction for america, right? we'll play out our plan to show our commitment to america what we'll do. we'll bring down the cost of
8:15 am
energy. we'll make ourselves energy independent by creating american jobs. we'll fund the police, right? we will make our streets safe again and give parents a bill of rights. you have a say in your kids' education and secure our border. stop fentanyl from coming across there. that's a national security issue. it has to be done. >> harris: before i have to let you go i'm curious with this new thing that in some democratic districts they're doing and actually paying some of the conservative candidates, right? not paying them but making donations on their behalf and making it easier for them to beat them, they think. >> they want to pick the most extreme and spending thousands of dollars. i don't believe it will work. it hasn't worked so far. i trust the voter. democrats don't. they want to play games. i don't understand why a democrat would give to the democratic party if they fund the people they think in the
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republican party. people should join us. if you are serious about getting a new direction to america. join with us. juan and his father and mother immigrated to am america was he was 10. he is economic advisor. six kids. new direction. this is what we're talking about. reaching out to every single american that you have a say to take your country back to put a new direction for america and we have a plan to do it while the democrats have the same old plan with nothing to change the course of what they've done in the past. >> harris: you are asking why they are pushing this big spending bill through now. we'll know by the weekend what is going to happen with that. so your visit was right on time. appreciate you coming in. thank you so much. bless you.
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all right. if the democrats have their way, you just heard house minority leader say it, the i.r.s. will go into beast mode. that could mean the tax man is coming hard for middle class americans as they hire 87,000 people to come get your money. it is our money. plus new controversy over paul pelosi and his d.u.i. case. a last-minute judge blocked just ahead of his arraignment happened this morning. >> we get it. paul is married to a california bigwig. he and nancy are golden state royalty. they shouldn't get a free pass. >> harris: so just how much preferential treatment is the speaker's husband getting? tammy bruce in "focus" next. veteran homeowners, need a financial boost?
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>> harris: another warning now about the schumer/manchin tax bill. the monster that they will try to pass later this week. the wall street editorial board says progressives want joe biden to unleash what they call beast mode executive power. the schumer/manchin provides it to turn the i.r.s. into a wolverine, $80 billion in new funding for the tax man. the main targets will be, by necessity, the middle and upper middle class. that's where the money is. watch. >> you have to ask yourself a few questions. one, the i.r.s. assumption you have americans cheating to the tune of $200 billion.
8:24 am
the i.r.s. is so inefficient they haven't collected the money or three they come up with a a plug number to justify the bill. with this many agents being tired they're coming after all of us. >> harris: tammy bruce is in "focus" now. i'm understanding a little bit more about maybe why senator manchin questioned my patriotism when i was talking about taxes yesterday. and i get it. as we learn more about this, the i.r.s. is already scary. now they will be wolverines according to the op-ed. >> joe manchin is playing word games. no new taxes. well, inflation is a hidden tax. this is what they do they are saying we aren't hitting you from the front. we'll hit you from the back. it's invisible. it is not a new tax. americans have been playing an inflated tax through inflation, as you pay more money for things more taxes you pay on
8:25 am
those things. the government receives more money as a result. but beyond that in this bill it's remarkable. of course they have can't raise taxes on you. so in spending $80 billion, six times more than the annual yearly budget of the entire i.r.s., they are going to be unleashed against the american people. not the upper classes. why? they can afford lawyers. they can fight taxes. now naturally this is the -- yes, the middle class i agree with the "wall street journal." generally the audits that happen that are paper audits. you get a scary letter from the i.r.s. you make under $25,000 with the gig economy. a lot of people aren't making money but making a different kind of money. you get the letter even if you should fight it and win you pay because you are scared and that's why there is more money generated by the people making less than $25,000 a year.
8:26 am
the earned income tax credit with children. if you own your own business and not making a lot of money. those people are targeted and then, of course, it's the middle class because they know you are not going to hire an attorney to say no. you are just going to believe them. it's the same i.r.s. that destroyed 30 million paper filings just earlier because they have just couldn't handle it. all this money will be for investigators, civil suits, a bunch of new cars. this is a law enforcement agency that spawned lois learner. maybe it will be the parents who go to school boards. >> harris: this is when americans are hurting and kicking them in the teeth. he challenged me, manchin. read it. now that we're reading it, look what's in it. >> the patriotism is acknowledging the truth that it's an assault on the american people during a time of high
8:27 am
inflation, during an uncertain time economically in general and you will squeeze more blood out of that rock? shame on you, how dare you. for joe manchin to pretend it isn't a new tax, he is deciding to not face the truth because he is getting something. you know, it shows you they're all the same out there in washington >> harris: kyrsten sinema, what she will do from arizona. the only one holding out at this point. hearing for house nancy pelosi's husband today over his d.u.i. arrest last may. paul pelosi is not expected at the arraignment. a criminal complaint reveals it was a major collision in fact. reading that paul pelosi had red, watery eyes, unsteady on his feet and slurring his word and that he tried to use privilege to get out of trouble by flashing a police courtesy
8:28 am
card. he wasn't charged with a felony even though the other driver suffered minor injuries. then just last night the presiding judge in the case stepped down and was replaced by a registered democrat who once worked for the napa district attorney. our own jesse watters did a deep dive. >> this is totally -- how can we expect a fair trial here when the judge and the prosecutors are all politically on the same side as the defendant? financially connected and a family connection. can you say rigged? >> i think it is why the american people don't trust the government, they don't trust law and order and the justice system at this point. a legitimacy crisis. it is out in the open. at least we're in a country where we can discuss it. the problem is he swerved into a lane in front of the chief. it is a miracle no one was
8:29 am
killed including himself and so you've got that injured driver. it is an astounding dynamic where we just now look away and think we know nothing will happen here. that's not the way this country should run. no matter who was behind that wheel should be facing the same sort of justice. nancy pelosi is connected, her husband is connected and lots of money. when we talk about justice reform it goes right back to that. who has money and who doesn't. and now the government, is working to make sure the poorer or the lower middle class have even less. that means we'll have less of a voice and less influence. this is dangerous because you want people to trust elections. you want them to trust the justice system and more and more as we look around we see things and perhaps for a very long time have been perhaps rigged against us but now we're talking about it and we know and there is a fight to keep it that way. this is a chance for us to say we all deserve better.
8:30 am
california deserves better. they know that. san francisco, that entire regime. these are things where people are supposed to inherit these offices or there is a royalty of the country. far from it. the worst among us, broken people, they do things because they can. we've heard that before and it is time that we say enough is enough. >> harris: every time i hear you talk like that it reminds me of all the reasons you gave for leaving the democratic party. >> that's right. >> harris: thank you. the white house is pushing back on claims that afghanistan is once again becoming a safe haven for terrorists. well, it's obvious. the issue rearing its ugly head after the u.s. took out al qaeda leader al-zawahiri in kabul. plus how far china will take its military aggression in retaliation for nancy pelosi's taiwan trip. >> we don't live in a risk-free world. based on my meetings in taipei with the president and others there is a lot of question
8:31 am
about what will happen, what china may do at that point in time. >> harris: general jack keane in "focus" next.
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>> harris: the u.s. state department is warning americans overseas to be on high alert after the c.i.a. killed al qaeda leader al-zawahiri over the weekend. it was a drone strike that took him out. also reigniting debate over president biden's strategy of afghanistan. it appears the taliban was once again sheltering a big time terrorist. a new op-ed titled al-zawahiri evidence a tactical win but also a broader strategic loss. here is senator chuck grassley. >> we know not only president biden was wrong a year ago, but he -- we also know the taliban
8:37 am
is not keeping their word that they won't be a safe haven for al qaeda. with his killing, we know that they are a safe haven for al qaeda. >> harris: senator grassley and others had warned us they won't keep their word, they are oef the taliban. biden believed them. john kirby trying to walk back the statement biden made last year to justify pulling the u.s. out of afghanistan. watch. >> president biden said what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point with al qaeda gone? >> in a major way al qaeda was not playing -- let me finish. they weren't playing a major role in operations or resourcing or planning in afghanistan. we talked about the fact that al qaeda had a presence in afghanistan but small and not powerful or potent. we would still assess that to
8:38 am
be the case. >> harris: jack keane, fox news senior strategic analyst and chairman for the institute for the study of war. thank you for being in "focus." your top line thoughts when you hear admiral kirby there previously a year ago and now saying well, the numbers are small of how many terrorists al qaeda are in afghanistan. >> first of all, this is a remarkable operation that we've just seen completed by the united states and we kind of get used to expecting these operations to go as remarkably well as this one has. and that shouldn't diminish whatever the credit that's deserved for our intelligence agencies and counter terrorism professionals to pull something like this off. but to your point. i mean, the reality is when the president was contemplating an unconditional withdrawal from afghanistan back in the spring
8:39 am
of last year, he was told by his military leaders in the entire chain of command all the way up to the secretary of defense and the chairman, and also by his own central intelligence agency, which is the principle author of this attack, that if we do pull out, it is likely the taliban are going to take over and sanctuaries will be alive and well inside of afghanistan for the al qaeda and also for isis-k. and that is exactly what has happened. the taliban have taken over. no surprise they are providing protection for al qaeda's number one leader. he is living in the same neighborhood where the taliban leader is. i know exactly where this neighborhood is. been to kabul many times. there are mansions in that neighborhood. the reality is they know he is there and they are protecting him. doesn't that also imply they
8:40 am
are protecting the al qaeda fighters who are out in the rural areas, that they are able to plan and prepare? and is there a reason why john kirby cannot come up with a solid estimate on how many al qaeda fighters are there? isn't that because the screen has gone blank? we've lost the 300,000 afghan security forces who were spread out around the country in cities and towns. they are gone but they were eyes and ears for us. we lost three cia bases whose duty was to track this every day. i believe the screen has gone blank somewhat and that's why we don't really know what's going on. look, it has been a year, harris. isis-k we know is in the thousands in afghanistan. we have not launched any attack to take that organization down. and yet they have aspirations to attack america and its interests. i'm not talking about just the leaders.
8:41 am
i'm talking about the organization itself. it is not enough just to kill leaders. you have to take the organization down and we've proven that time and time again. that really isn't happening. >> harris: the words that stood out. i have heard you say them before but now they have such fresh, new meaning. biden's unconditional pull-out. you hear admiral kirby and others with the administration saying the condition was we could trust the taliban. they were going to get some of our people that we left behind enemy lines. >> that's almost laughable. anybody that knows anything about the taliban and al qaeda know that would never take place. president bush offered the taliban a choice. give up the al qaeda or we will take your regime away from you. they took the latter. knowing they lost thousands of fighters and they lost power as a result of it. even though it's 20 years later there is no doubt in my mind
8:42 am
that the taliban are wedded to the al qaeda and always will be. >> harris: general. thank you for being with me today on this. good to see you. >> great talking to you. >> harris: the white house keeping us its push to blunt the u.s. supreme court's divorce decision. what president biden plans to do next and the fallout. democrats are ditching biden ahead of 2024. the list of lawmakers now getting longer saying nothing about a second run or even just plain no saying. breakthrough heartburn... means your heartburn treatment is broken. try zegerid otc. it contains the leading medicine to treat frequent heartburn, uniquely designed for absorption. get all day, all night relief with zegerid otc. ♪♪ subway's drafting 12 new subs for the all-new subway series menu the new monster has juicy steak and crispy bacon. but what about the new boss? it looks so good it makes me hangry!
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settle down there, big guy the new subway series. what's your pick?
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>> harris: breaking news from the court case who i like to call mr. nancy pelosi. the house speaker's husband now has pleaded not guilty in his arraignment hearing today. remember how they did the judge swap last night and put a democrat judge on the bench today? the district attorney is defending her decision to charge mr. pelosi with a misdemeanor rather than a felony. they reviewed the severity of the crash to make that determination. now it is not a felony, a different judge and brifsh lidge -- privilege but he is pleading not guilty.
8:48 am
[chanting and shouting] >> harris: we've seen a lot of protesting from people on the left who are not happy about what happened with the overturning of roe v. wade. president biden is about to sign a second abortion executive order today trying to blunt what the court did, the u.s. supreme court it will give abortion access across state lines. it is holding the first meeting today and biden is expected to sign. president biden's second executive order will have limited impact, though. just like the first one he signed. power panel now. the federalist editor in chief molly hemingway and fox news contributor and richard fowler also a fox news contributor. molly. >> it's interesting how upset people who support abortion are over the dobbs decision that allows states to make their own
8:49 am
decisions. people in the states to make the decisions is a very democratic decision. executive order takes away that ability of people to make their own decisions. it is also very extreme. president biden, when he ran for office, said he would be a moderate. quite recently he claimed to be a pro life catholic and now signing some very radical legislation that goes well beyond what the american people would prefer, which is the ability to make at least some restrictions on abortion. >> harris: i want to bring this up. it is more aggressive rhetoric against conservative justices and all part of the topic. part of the protesting we've seen or protestors going to the homes of conservative u.s. supreme court justices, a box editor is under fire for tweeting a pre-written obituary as it is being called. justice samuel alito saying in a now-deleted post.
8:50 am
the problem is the justice alito was one of the republican party's leading advocates but embraced the role while he was a sitting justice. conservatives on twitter fired back. one wrote men will pre-write obituaries instead of going to therapy. another, i'm so sorry your life is so sad. richard, what do you say in response to that? >> one, i think everybody should go to therapy if they can. number two, on molly's point i wonder, you know, i think it is hard to say the president's executive orders are radical when we know they are limited in nature. number one limited and number two codify what is already in federal law passed by congress. after yesterday's decision by the voters in kansas, which affirms the right for a woman to have reproductive health. i do believe that the country is moving in one direction and
8:51 am
the supreme court and others are moving in other direction. who is left in the crossfire are women who -- women and families who want to make reproductive decisions for themselves. >> harris: quickly and it has to be quick. i want to get some response to what has been happening against conservative justices molly. >> it is horrible that we have haven't seen more of an outcry from the left about actual assassination attempts on supreme court justices. we saw what happened with justice kavanaugh. instead of condemnation you have people like chuck schumer calling for that kind of violence. it is very important in response to what richard just said women are not well served by the violence of abortion. their children are not well sefrnltd it would be so wonderful to bring both parties would care more about maternal care and enabling women to raise their own children and
8:52 am
not have to end the lives of their children in the womb. this is something that would be great if both parties would emphasize adoption care. >> molly, what say you about an unviable fetus or incomplete miscarriage. that end in the same type of methodology as an abortion? >> harris: richard, you and i have talked about on this before. the question was really for the threats against justices. the president is going to try again to put his pen into action but it won't blunt the reversal of roe v. wade and that's where the dishonesty is coming through. you ought to tell people. two members of congress from minnesota now outright saying they oppose president biden seeking a second term. they join a list of democrats distancing themselves from the idea of a 2024 run. senator joe manchin even dodged the question when i asked him
8:53 am
about it yesterday. >> i am not talking about 2022, i am not talking about 2024. i am talking about the american bill we have. inflation reduction act which is a red, white and blue bill. it is a great bill. >> harris: to fight facing multiple crisis. first lady is defending her husband's administration. jill biden said i don't want to sound like a political ad. the problems are coming fast and furious, a lot is dark but i wish people could see more of what joe has accomplish and how hard he is working. >> the problem for democrats is not joe biden, although he does have horrible poll numbers. you quoted joe manchin there. he supports the biden agenda. i don't see how replacing joe biden will fix the electoral problems given there is such unifying belief in the democratic party on the policies that have been hurting the country whether at the
8:54 am
border, foreign poll syracuse energy policy, economic policy. they are all in it together and missing who they should be aiming their fire at. >> harris: richard. >> i think we have to wait to see what happens in 2024. i'm worried about the election in next 100 days. likelihood democrats will hold the senate because of the gops choices they picked in the primaries. >> harris: molly, what do you say about that? we've been watching. it looks like at least in the house republicans would prevail with 230. that far exceeds the 218 they need. what happens for the senate? >> i think republicans need to be aware they need to be different than democrats. it doesn't mean democrat-like. people are desperate for people to take on some of the massive problems. to take on what the left is doing. if they don't show an indication they will deal with two standards of justice at the f.b.i., open border and all the
8:55 am
humanitarian crisis that causes, the culture war wageed on parents and schools. this he want people to come out and do something and not be lighter versions of democrats. >> harris: that's interesting in some places like arizona we saw indications of that last night. it is good to see you both. thank you very much. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" is right after the break. ran homeowner who needs money for their family, it's a new day in america. air force, pararescue, five years. home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va loan lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's total value. and take an average of $60,000 cash. 25% more cash than they'd get at a bank. united states marine corps, aviation maintenance, five years. that's why veterans from every branch... united states army, military police, eight years. ...from every specialty... marines, infantry, four years.
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>> tensions escalating between china and taiwan on the heels of the house speaker's high-stakes visit. i'm emily compagno here with my cohost harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany and also joining us today shannon bream and joe concha. just as nancy pelosi headed out of taiwan, dozens of chinese warplanes moved in. the fighter jets, including 16 russian-made jets entering taiwan's air defenses own. type a is making it clear it will not shy away fm


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