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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  August 2, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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results out of arizona and washington tonight. as i just said, this has to be a 50-state effort. no state, no city, no town in america should be left behind. not to this disastrous leadership from the democrat party. now, that's it for us tonight. remember here in minneapolis, it's america now and forever. gutfeld and all the breaking news next. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> greg: oh, man. wow. wow, wow, wow. happy tuesday, everyone. first, we have to acknowledge the great news. it's great news for you and me and all of america, frankly. yes, larry kudlow's back. [cheers and applause].
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>> greg: you didn't think we could do it but there you are. months of hard work and hot tubbing but he's here. i'm not proud of some of the things i had to do in that tub larry but i'll do what it takes. also side note al qaeda leader ayman al-zawahiri was killed. [cheers and applause] >> greg: you're sick. was just 51 years young, his remains will be cremated and spread over his already cream ated remains. and to think he just finished paying off his women's studies degree. we went to his family for comment. that's terrible, show the guy some respect. let's go to his real family.
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you know that's even worse. you know how those guys hate pork. it's the other white meat they despise. no wonder he became a terrorist. at least he didn't get into stripping because once the robe comes off it's just ankle socks. don't ask me how i know. so when i first heard the news i have to say i was a little confused. and, no, that's not a quote from the president. first, i had not heard that name in a while by chris wallace. but it was a name i literally heard or wrote about every day for a period of years after 9/11. but for some reason, we stopped caring about him. and also stopped talking as much about islamic terrorist especially after trump got in. remember isis and those videos? we should. so when news broke on the five my terror muscles were naby i hadn't used them in so long unlike my actual quads that won
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a blue ribbon in that wine festival. thanks larry for taking me. but the terror muscles they were rusty. i imagine it's how the view panelists feel about their brains. but i realized i needed to get back if inn shape quick. the killing is a helpful reminder that hair like smallpox and chris cuomo, never really goes away. especially when 9/11 ploters have assistance like the taliban. i had no idea he was in afghanistan hanging with the taliban, and not in a good way at the end of a rope. turns out he was staying at a house apparently belonging to interior contributor, and not a bad place to die. it's amazing what you can get from an airbnb. although i don't think the owner will be too happy about the condition the guests left the place in. that cleaning bill's going to succeed. how to get bone matter out of
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the formica? i know too soon right? take a look the place had a balcony with great views and now thanks to a missile it has an open air kitchen. [cheers and applause] >> greg: but, but with 72 virgins cooking in it. yeah, huh? you'll wish you had died and gone to heaven. let's show a picture of the dead guy. yeah, that's definitely ayman al-zawahiri, or as merrick garland calls him a white supremacist. if you'll notice his red hat is under the turban. of course it raises some questions. is afghanistan going back to being a base of operations for terrorists? seems so. which means j-lo and ben affleck al qaeda and the taliban are reyour night. i feel so bad. i'm nervous we whacked this guy and meanwhile thanks to joe's
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open border policies there have been reports of anywhere from fifty a hundred people on the terrorist watch list in our country right now. but still this is good news we killed him because it means we can pick off the people we mean to pick off without waging wars and any day a terrorist dies is a good day in my book. of course when you kill a terrorist another takes its place. you know in a way it's just like cancelled late night talk shows. [cheers and applause] >> greg: terrible. one flop and there are three worst ones waiting in the wings. you didn't think i could make that analogy but i did, and that's why i get paid the big bucks. those are some big bucks. don't be so sad, i'll be home soon fellows. the face of acorn and apples from me. some people don't want to credit biden after all he said al qaeda
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was no threat in afghanistan. >> what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point with al qaeda gone? we went to afghanistan for the express purpose of getting rid of al qaeda in afghanistan as well as, as well as getting osama bin laden, and we did. >> greg: so like my aunt, who eats plastic army men, biden's claims have not aged well. it appears al qaeda was there and were active and out in the open like a cold sore on a spring breaker's leadership. i hope it was a cold sore not monkeypox. by the way what was i doing with her. and i think we can be skeptical about how much biden knew about any of this because like a rare mushroom he's kept in the dark on everything basically living in a nonstop blackout. like son, like father. for him every day -- [cheers and applause]
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>> greg: how did that get applause? for him every day starts out as a blank slate, someone comes in and adds the daily specials. i guess what i'm saying is his brains are scream spinach and corn chowder. and this guy took a victory lap after we got bin laden after we took him out. that's like me taking credit for taylor swift's success even though i had nothing to do with it. i mean true we dated and everything and her biggest hit take it off was about my stubbing my toe on her bed post but unlike her i'll leave the dirty laundry to kat's office. still when bad things happen under a president, they get the blame, and when good things happen under a president, they get the credit. the problem with joe, however, is he won't take the responsibility for the disasters so it's hard for me to give him a slap on the back over this. but what the hell, i will anyway. nice one, joe. but really it's our american forces who get the accolades.
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it's the players who win the world series, not the manager. especially one who can't find his way out of the locker room. so job well done guys and gals. you sent a hellish monster straight to hell in tiny little packages. i wish it could have been sooner, but i say that about everything, including 2024. [cheers and applause] >> period! >> greg: let's welcome tonight's guest. he puts the fine in finance, host of kudlow on fox business, sexy larry kudlow! [cheers and applause] >> greg: she's one bad as broad, cap for, hosts of sonnie's quarter on sirius xm, patriot, sonnie johnson! [cheers and applause]. >> greg: she found her cat in a dumpster or vice versa. fox news contributor kat timpf! [cheers and applause] >> greg: and his jumping jacks require special clearance from
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the faa my massive side kick and the nwa world champion tyrus! [cheers and applause] >> greg: larry this is good news would you carry to expand on your own perspective on this? >> larry: i thought did you a very good job. >> greg: thank you. >> larry: really did a very good job and we should never forget 9/11 and how bad that was and ayman al-zawahiri was a key planner so you're dead rights on all accounts and i'm glad they got him. no hell is good enough for that son of a bitch. >> greg: right. >> larry: i will just say that >> larry: tip of the hat to joe biden, especially tip of the hat to the intelligence service whose really engineered this and having said that i'll issue a warning because you mentioned it. the fact the taliban is harboring al qaedas, the second fact is, we still have not made good on our afghanistan promises to help all those american friends and allies who are still
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there stuck in that des pot ic country and actually something mike pompeo said on my show, americans should not give one nickel to this regime they hate america and all our values so good ayman al-zawahiri is gone but we have to keep our guard up all the time because they're coming after us. >> greg: that leads me to probably an obvious follow-up question. how did mike pompeo lose all that weight? [laughter] >> greg: right?. >> larry: i hate to be his spokesperson, but i think he ate less. >> greg:. >> greg: i hear that works. i hear that works. >> larry: wasn't that good? i just came up with that. >> tyrus: you're doing good kid. >> larry: i was completely unprepared. it wasn't in the notes. >> greg: sonnie, always great to
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see you. what's your take on all of this? >> sonnie: i feel bad laughing at some of your jokes in the beginning. but i guess appropriate for greg, just want to put that out there. one of the things that i think is most dangerous about ayman al-zawahiri dying is if you listen to what everyone says, they say the main thing about him is he didn't have the consult of personality hall bin laden had. so that's what scares me more than anything is the next one that comes after him will not only have the murderous ideology but also the personality to push it and i think that might be a reason why we haven't heard that much about it in the last couple of years. but if they get the right face and the right voice out there to be in leadership of what they're doing, then i think we're really going to, you know, hear a lot more coming out of afghanistan. but if you think about it in terms of our politicians here pushed us into globalism thinking like this was going to
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be the answer to what ails us here in america. and part of that was the war on terror. and now what we're seeing is, the east isn't participating in our globalism. africa isn't participating in our globalism. south america isn't participating in our globalism. so it's not globalism. it's just westernism. >> greg: yeah. >> sonnie: shout-out to hotep jesus for saying that on my show. that's where we are now. we're to the point whereas a nation we are pushed to globalization and we're the only kid at the birthday party. >> greg: i know that feeling. >> sonnie: nobody else is showing up. yeah. and it's going to be very sad when we go to open the presents and we realize exactly what there in terms of lost treasure, in terms of lost lives, in terms of lost stature around the world. that's where we are. they want to call us isolationists for pointing that
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out no you guys did a great job making us isolationists on your own. >> greg: good point especially about the absence due to his personality. kat you're an expert at getting bombed. >> greg: apparently you'll never get tired of that. >> greg: i know. it gets worse as the show goes on kat i want to warn you. as a libertarian are you okay with it? >> kat: oh, no, i am certainly not. the terrorists should live. like what? what kind of question is that? okay, yeah, i'm glowing to blow your mind here. i think the terrorist's bad, 9/11 was also bad. >> greg: good job >> kat: you tell me you did 9/11 i'm going to say no, sir, that was not good. >> greg: good job >> kat: did you expect some kind of nuanced take on this? >> greg: i was just thinking if you had some, you know, some kind of complexity having to do with, you know, missiles and things.
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i don't know what you libertarians think. >> kat: well, we're not pro terrorist. >> greg: right. that's good >> kat: well, you learned something new about me today. >> greg: tyrus all right wrap it up for us with your thoughtful --. >> tyrus: you know what? i'm going to be the bad guy here, i'll be the kat in this situation. i'm concerned about the point of this. you spit in the face of all the allies we had in afghanistan. you left them hanging. you empowered the bad guys, china's punking us, russia's punking us and you go and kill the quiet guy that everyone forgot about who was powerless so now you just inspired everyone who need an excuse. that's the problem with this administration. nancy pelosi has to fly to taiwan, i'm going, and our administration's like i probably go, i don't know. china's bigger than us. that's our administration. our previous administration, if
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someone would have made a threat like that to pelosi he would say every plane i see will be 500 of ours. it would have been a threat. no one would talk to us that way, afghanistan wouldn't think about the things they have a' done but we continue to make these horrible mistakes but piss down your leg in afghanistan and you gave them a martyr. i'm glad he's dead but the timing was pathetic and it won't take our mind off inflation or education or what you're doing to police. no on smoke screen is going to work. you killed an uneffective guy at the top and now we have an open border. well played. >> kat: yeah. statistically speaking, a lot of the times you take someone out like that, the lower level people who replace them are even more ruthless. >> tyrus: but the timing. haven't closed one deal yet. >> greg: to sonnie's point, if
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they get a charismatic leader again all bets are off. >> greg: up next, dems think they solve our troubles once the irs doubles. ♪♪ plus an extra boost of support for your immunity, our troubles once the irs doubles. ♪♪ new one a day multi+. ["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blowfish] discover is accepted at 99% of places in the u.s. ["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blowfish]
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>> greg: they want to pull the trigger to make government bigger and dems promise a whole new mess by doubling the irs. i speak of the recently inflakes reduction act the most inappropriately labeled thing since greenland. it should be called the bend overact of 2022. anyway [cheers and applause] >> greg: yeah. one of the hidden details in this massive 700 page bill, doubling the size of the irs. that makes it twice as big kat. now that's what i call a reduction, right?
8:21 pm
first recession and now they can't define reduction either. the bill contains a massive $80 billion investment in the agency more than half of which would go towards enforcement and that means hiring an additional 86,000 irs employees over the next decade to crack down on taxpayers, which leaves out most democrats. in other words, expect more audits, especially for the average joe, because as the wall street journal, which is owned by our parent company jiffy pop, points out, the rich can afford more tax lawyers and middle and upper middle class americans will be incollide to settle irs claims however meritless less they spend even more to defend themselves. so get ready for bigger government once this gets rammed through congress like jerry nadler going through the metal detector. it's odd how they're trying to market the whole thing. check out this commercial i saw last night at 3:00 a.m. >> hey, you.
8:22 pm
tired of small government giving you too much flexibility and freedom? then get ready to build back better with the sexiest inflation reduction act ever. thought the irs couldn't get any hotter? think again because we're doubling it in size. that means more hot agents, more hot audits, and the hottest sweatyest tax collection season this side of the atlantic, giving your hard-earned cash to big government has never felt this good. [bleep] yeah! [cheers and applause] >> greg: sonnie, i know it's kind of a boring topic, but boring topics can be alarming. are you alarmed? >> sonnie: no. i just put this on my list of a hundred ways that the black democrats will never beat white supremacy. if you remember when joe biden came out and he said, one of the signs of systemic racism is that black business owners don't have access to lawyers and to tax
8:23 pm
auditers and accountants. why do you make it necessary for us to need so many of them? like if you really think that systemic racism is the problem and that is what is hurting us, why do you continue to do it? and why do you black dems and knee pads come along and tear you when you do do these things. >> tyrus: yeah. >> sonnie: it is so tiring to continuously watch black americans try to pull themselves by their boot straps, try to do everything that government says we should do in order to become, you know, successful members of society and then as soon as we start having progress, democrats come along and figure out every single way possible to throw more road blocks and barriers in front of us. and, like, to me, this is what you look at if you know that this is the cause of your systemic racism i if you know that this is a problem, why is
8:24 pm
it continuously used suggesting we have more government, we have more regulations and more road blocks. like i said on my list of a hundred reasons that black democrats will never beat white supremacy. >> greg: there you go. tyrus, care to add anything? >> tyrus: uh-huh. [bleep]. i hope the first ones they get, they go get joe and hunter and pelosi. why don't you lead by example. >> greg: yes, yes. >> tyrus: they should have it it where they all volunteer for an audit. every one of them senators. but i bet, you know what? that probably would take about 86,000 agents to figure out all that drama. but she's right. >> sonnie: single black entertainers that they put out and run all over the tabloids saying look what they did look what they did look what they did
8:25 pm
and make money off of them from the progressive tabloid side of it while government is making money off of it from the taxation side of it and it's utterly ridiculous that we continue to be used as pawns. >> tyrus: at this time i would like to identify as a scottsman. my new name is patrick o' houlihan murdoch. i like how you kept murdoch iit's scottish. >> greg: is it scottish? >> tyrus: or a australian snoop kat i know you're a fan of big government. that would be like being a fan of yawn course >> kat: that would be crazy. my husband got mad at me when i said on tv that the irs is a crime organization. so now that there's double i probably shouldn't say that now and i probably shouldn't say that taxation is armed robbery either. you don't pay people with guns show up and take you away which
8:26 pm
i'm pretty sure what armed robbery is. >> tyrus: uh-huh >> kat: but i definitely wouldn't say that now that there's so many of them. but, yeah, again, lie tyrus said multiple experts think that joe biden cheated on his taxes in 2017 and 2018 and obviously nancy pelosi's husband, really good guesser. i've never been to a psychi but if he was taking clients, i would go. >> tyrus: and i'm sure hunter, between crack hits has all of his paperwork in order >> kat: exactly. >> tyrus: drug ad iblths are so fiscally responsible. >> greg: you have to afford the drugs. >> tyrus: as a scottishman. >> greg: larry i kept you for last. >> larry: this is fun. i'm just loving it. i'm so glad that i don't have to say it you know. >> greg: what are the odds of me being audited and will it go up or down by just me saying that?
8:27 pm
everybody at fox is getting audited. >> larry: by the end of this show, i'll retire, okay, which is why i've been so quiet on this particular segment. i mean you're right, i mean, you're right. you're right. >> tyrus: i'm scottish. >> larry: terrific stuff. but look, this whole bill, right, like christmas comes early in august. everything gets a tax hike. everybody gets a tax hike. so this will be the most unpopular bill, they'll probably get it through by one vote, it will damage the economy and raise the inflation rate. people will be furious tirs will follow everybody around, individuals, small businesses. it's just a terrible bill. joe manchin gave up his, his -- everything. i mean he just broke my heart joe manchin. he really did. he broke my heart. and i told him so yesterday, he called me. i said joe you broke my heart >> kat: how did he take it? >> tyrus: did you kiss him lie
8:28 pm
fredo? you broke my heart. >> larry: it was a phone call. but he has been so good to me stopping all this crap up until now but then he calls it -- one lousy pipeline in west virginia. he should have held out for much more it's washington after all. i don't know it's very disappointing. >> greg: i'm here for you larry. >> larry: yeah, but you're in trouble. >> tyrus: as a black man, larry, i commend you. >> greg: all right. this story's great. up next why was the media so vehiclesed over special effects? we can come to you and replace your windshield. >> grandkid: here you go! >> tech: wow, thank you! >> customer and grandkids: bye! >> tech: bye! don't wait, schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ [sfx: ding] [message] hey babe, meet us at the bottom of the trail. oh, man. hey! open up! the redesigned chevy silverado. with a sophisticated, high-tech interior...
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8:33 pm
but as we speak, she's actually lobbying baskins and robbins to make a favor based on little girl's shampoo. although when joe says sprinkles, it means call the urologist. true, the cold, sweet treat is perfect for cooling down after a long, hot, sweaty day of aimlessly drifting around the white house like a tumbleweed. but now reuters which claims to be a news outlet gets mocked on line for fact checking a clearly edited video of biden getting des tracted by an ice cream truck and walking out of frame. watch the doctored video. >> you know, thank you for joining us as well. and for families across the country, you know -- >> greg: that's hilarious.
8:34 pm
i would say the footage does seem manipulated. there's no way joe can move that fast. but give him a break he's got oil cancer. the original video is from last september when the president and renowned tv actress neurosurgeon dr. jill biden spoke at a middle school about the pandemic. well, jill spoke to the students, he just sniffed them. but, no, he didn't leave because of an ice cream truck. but the edited version somehow forced reuters to take time away from hard hitting journalism to actually fact check it. altered, this video has been digitally educated to include ice cream truck music. finally though they got a fact check right. but if you're gullible enough to think that's real you might just be nicole wallace. and that's not a joke so no need to fact check it. why don't we sit back and see what the real video was like,
8:35 pm
the unedited one. >> mayor bowser and chancellor farabee, you know, thank you for joining us as well. and for families across the country, you know, the school year, gosh, it's always brings this mix of emotions. [laughter] [cheers and applause] [laughter] >> greg: tyrus, i told you this is the greatest segment ever. fact checking memes. >> tyrus: i honestly feel the ice cream edit is better. what do you want hungry grandpa or wandering grandpa as president. you literally go who's got the president? where is he? i feel like that's probably more accurate. >> greg: yeah.
8:36 pm
>> tyrus: every time i watch that i'm looking for a reason why he leaves. unless that ghost who wants to shake his hand is back. he just strolled off like -- she was at the good-bye part. unless he has no tolerance for people meting up during the speech because the good doctor of pediatric neurosurgery, she was having a hard time with the name so she just walked off. got to put a little tag on him. >> greg: kat, i think our doctored video is actually probably true. he probably had to go to the bathroom >> kat: why is he wearing a mask outside standing next to his wife? it's just weird. i mean, although i can see why they did it. after i saw the video of him shaking the hand when no one was there, like, how does it get crazier than that, i don't. but then i realized there was no way he would go get ice cream without someone telling him he's
8:37 pm
allowed to first. >> tyrus: i felt bad for the person next to him because you could see them going, is that -- is -- somebody going to get him. >> greg: is' laoed to do that? is he allowed to do that. larry. >> larry: such a terrifying story because where was he going? right? you doctored it, reuters fact checked -- what was he doing? he is our president. i mean, really. it's absolutely terrifying. >> he just walked away. >> larry: he's going after afghanistan gorillas and terrorists he can't even get through -- the other one, play the one where she's giving a speech and she puts her hand out and he starts sucking on her finger. that should have tipped us off. the scary part is he's the only president we have. honestly what are we going to do. >> greg: we might have somebody else running the show that isn't
8:38 pm
him is what i'm thinking. sonnie is this the news. they think we're morons but they're fact checking memes. >> sonnie: let me remind everyone that the president was shaking hands with absolutely nobody. i want to bring that again. we actually believe he's chasing the ice cream truck it's his own fault. it's not our fault for believing it. and on top of that, i am inclined that there will be my conspiracy moment. that video was real and he was wandering off to go get some ice cream. that is my story and i am sticking to it. >> tyrus: it's better. what do you want to tell another country? oh, he's getting ice cream or he's wandering? >> sonnie: until they fact check who he was actually shaking hands with, this is my story and i'm sticking with it, my conspiracy. >> greg: excellent. >> tyrus: go to the light, joe. >> greg: he was walking towards the light. all right, coming up, to
8:39 pm
driverless cars own the road when they're in female mode?
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>> greg: well drirls cars programmed by sex end up causing fewer wrecks, the odds of smashing your fender may depend on your gender. new castle university suggests gender cars might be gender specific. what one where a tray comes out so a woman could make a sandwich. >> a sexist would say. >> greg: that is so sexist. that tray is for laying out your makeup. >> another sexist would say. >> greg: anyway it found out women were better at taking charge of the vehicle when facing a hazard because they have better steering wheel control and reaction time. huh. reaction time? more like overreaction time, am i right? hope my wife's not watching or
8:44 pm
she'll trash my weight lifting trophies. i don't have any really. it's also said that women were left hasty in their responses, which makes sense. they've had a hundred years of making suggestions from the passenger's seat >> another sexist would say. >> greg: it makes sense women are more careful than men and my guess before responding to a hazard most ask if it makes their driver look bad. >> a woman wrote all those jokes. >> greg: yes, a woman wrote those jokes and that woman was >> kat: kat timpf [cheers and applause]. >> tyrus: traitor. >> greg: you're the lone female voice of late night comedy kat the only one left >> kat: yeah. >> greg: why are you such a terrible driver then? >> kat: i'm out of practice. it's been like nine years.
8:45 pm
i don't even know if i know how to anymore but i still have a license. >> greg: isn't that amazing >> kat: yeah. >> greg: what did you think of the study >> kat: i never do this but i had to on this story but i went and read the comments. they're great. makes you wonder where most race car drivers are males if this is true and the response was like it's not true it's falls. another was this study is false not true and the reason is their eyes and brains are not designed for speed but mans are. another this is a fake study designed to enrage mails and i was laughing so hard in my office picturing all these dudes logging on to their computers like absolutely not. this is a lie! and they got all worked up but that's because women are obviously the ones who are more emotional. >> greg: oh. sonnie, i mean, this kind of makes sense, because women are less likely to take risks, right? because they, you know, by logically, they are caring for
8:46 pm
another being, a biologist might say. >> sonnie: i think kat this is the point i'm supposed to tell him he's short right? okay. shortie -- no, i wanted to jump and be like, okay, so, is that going to be like 200 new settings on the car? because you're going to have to have one for every gender can't be just male or female because you're walking into bigotry and i can't participate in bigotry. i also have a teen-ager that's getting her license. self-drive car cannot come fast enough. i took her to take her driving test and i think that the instructor quit after she got out. so with that being said, yeah, please, please, self-driving cars. >> greg: i can't wait, larry, for them. larry, this is not really news because doesn't insurance companies pay -- women pay less than men, young men?
8:47 pm
>> larry: i think the problem here is, what if you're unsure about your gender. >> greg: right. is the car trans phobic. >> larry: the whole thing. >> greg: what if you're a man identifying as a woman but you haven't made any biological changes is your car trans phobic for wanting you to identify as a male? >> larry: i had no idea that i set this up but it is serious. what if, in fact, you change genders during the trip? >> kat: people do that. >> sonnie: they have an answer for that it's fluid, right? their gender is fluid so now you have to go and change your fluid. >> greg: you change your gender fluid. >> larry: i didn't say that. i didn't say that. >> greg: right next to the transmission fluid. do you guys remember how hard it is -- larry don't hide. how hard it is to find your transmission fluid when you were a kid when you wanted to check your transmission fluid under the thing. >> larry: figure out insurance agents you have to figure out all these biological -- very
8:48 pm
difficult in modern day america. >> greg: they don't share the info with us. insurance companies know everything but they don't tell us. they can tell us everything. tyrus, the study had 44 men and 33 women, so do you buy isn't it small study? no? why are you looking at me? what did i do. >> tyrus: i don't care how many genders you put on this thing the one gender you don't is a man. no man in his right man is ever going to let a self car drive him. i have spent my whole life driving with a self person in the side telling me how to drive and stuff. last thing i'm going to do is just let go of the steering wheel. steering wheel's all we got. it's what's keeping us from just reach -- if i would -- love you, honey. that's all we got. i will never, ever -- could you imagine that? this is what happened, you drive the self car, i would be like this. oh, we're having a curb, no, you got it dog.
8:49 pm
seat belt's on. go ahead. >> greg: and also if you run over --. >> tyrus: cup of water and i'll take it from here. >> greg: it will go into manual day. >> tyrus: be a cold day in man hell when a car's driving me around. >> greg: all right we have to move on. that was fun. i'm out of breath. up next could your next dinner plan come from a fancy feast can? research shows that people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. look what i brought! liberty mutual! they customize your home insurance... so you only pay for what you need! ♪young people having a good time with insurance.♪ ♪young people.♪ ♪good times.♪ ♪insurance!♪ only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ new astepro allergy. ... 24-hour steroid free spray.
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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>> a story in five words.>> gren restaurants. larry, the pet food company is opening a temporary restaurant in new york, serving italian dishes for people based on fancy feast cat food because you're a business person be a good idea, but i do? >> i'm not sure this one is going to work. [laughter] i have a lot of questions about this topic, but one of them is because you got so close to your pet during the pandemic, maybe this is going a little too far, and also, do you have to get on the floor and put a ball out so you can share the experience? in the restaurant. >> greg: that some serious role-playing. that remind me of that week we spent in ways. sonnie johnson, some of the dishes include salmon with cherry tomatoes, deep short ribs
8:54 pm
and red wine and lemon terracotta. these are based on actual pet food that they serve papers because they're not fooling me. i read the article in "the new york times" about cannibalism and how it all the rage, so i'm thinking about this and thinking about the world economic forum telling us that crickets and bugs are going to be the next big thing. i don't trust any of the baker does think that they're going to be a food shortage, start growing your mood and let us start it down by growing our food instead of this. >> greg: i love it. what you try it? >> no. my cats don't even eat purina. [laughter] >> exactly! >> nobody eats that you call your feet that in the wet will be like you shouldn't be owning this cat. she is right. are running ideas on the go listen, we got 16 factories of cat food. change the thing, put a person on it, they'll eat it. but some fruit toast on it and some corn syrup, a little cute, cuddly bear. they'll eat it.
8:55 pm
>> greg: it's to! because this is worse than bacon. >> all the stairs go there. you're one of the animals, there. >> greg: your name is ka, you have a beloved cat, the thing is right up your alley because we the key demographic epic what kind of a bummer because i'm not into it. i don't read purina to my cat either. he's got far to many health issues. >> greg: is purina like burger king? >> protein and we know multifunction. that covers two out three and i have chronic illnesses. i want to let him die, don't worry. [laughter] >> greg: all right, that note, will be right back. ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪
8:56 pm
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bring home that world heavyweight championship echo that will be on sunday the 28, to get your tickets because you can get them at are you can go to my link to. show me the ticket and you get a follow-up. >> greg: we are out of time. sonnie johnson, larry kudlow, kat timpf, tyrus, our awesome studio audience. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ 31 hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." shannon bream in new york city. brick internet, primary battles in multiple states, the former president trump's influence being tested as voters decide elections in arizona, kansas, michigan, missouri, and washington state. out a political anchor and a special report host bret baier is going to join us live to break it all


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