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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ cytopoint is a long-lasting treatment for allergic dermatitis. just one injection given by your veterinarian can control allergic itch for 4-8 weeks. it's life-changing itch relief that brings back the fun in life, day after day. now's the time to ask your veterinarian for cytopoint. i'm jesse watters, and this is my >> secretary jean-pierre: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we told you this friday night, and over the weekend, we give you some context. last center, a group of american intelligence -- report on covid. they concluded that the current virus may very well have been
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manufactured in a lab by the chinese military. according to this top radio conspiracy theory -- they could be a possibility. if it's true, and people believe that's what happens -- i would believe that the chinese government is responsible for killing millions of people around the world. >> would also raise questions about motive, why would china unleash this on the world? two americans, that's unimaginable that the chinese government thinks very differently from the way we have. america has been the dominant power in the world for more than 100 years. empires destroying themselves always paves way for new empires. american attitudes but everything are shaped by generations of affluence. we will always be in charge, but the chinese government does not assume that it's us or them.
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there are still millions of people whose family members -- starved to death. china is very aggressive and ambitious in ways that others can't begin to comprehend. when a government like that used covid as a bio weapon -- the coronavirus reshuffled covid, it crushed the american economy. if china takes over the world -- covid will be one of the main reasons it was able to. by definition, you would think we would want to know where covid came from as a meaningful question, but joe biden ignored the reports, the findings of his own intelligence agency. that's bizarre, when you think about it. this february, biden canceled --
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espionage -- the china initiative. that was to stop leaking national security secrets by the government of china, but they decided that the program was racist and therefore had to end. that means the chinese government can now spy with immunity. not since franklin roosevelt -- with joseph stalin has american president of anything like that they kept doing things like this. now, bided -- president biden last month, peter navarro was dragged to jail
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in november of last year, steve mann was also arrested under absurd pretexts. so -- the government -- before jail. if you are watching this from beijing, as chinese leaders have been, would be applauding. joe biden just directed -- how gratifying is that >> they are doing what we -- to see joe biden destroy america's energy. it is entirely dependent
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technology and solar. if you are the chinese government, this is a master stroke. once you control a country's energy grid control that country. you would know that because you didn't go to gail law school and you would know something about this as a result. if you are watching this from beijing, you can find it especially -- that the president of the united states sell the country's strategic petroleum reserve. if you can pull it off, he would know that you are entirely in charge of the u.s. government. but of course coming seen them in action, joe biden of pianist.
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also the proposed -- and tiktok. then, biden approved this, which is approved by the chinese government, for auto chips, giving the chinese government even deeper control of the supply chain in this country. then, as a humiliating splurge, a deep and gravel and count how joe biden signed a so-called claimant pledge. they are already ignoring this pledge. we take it seriously, and that will further cripple our energy production. amazing when you put in context that whatever helps china
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america has done, but why? how do you -- over joe biden's behavior? that's why since october 2020, we have been over joe biden, because it seems like the key to this question of how the chinese government got so control over him they are trying to censor that story at every turn, and again tonight, and it's not surprising why. we continue to have that threat. it was reported that a whistle-blower was in possession of -- deleted material from hunter biden's laptop. he wanted to know more, so they agreed to meet them. so, you have taken a pond it
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that you have found and because there were 120,000 of them on the original were also did that on an arc. we did that relatively quickly see if the local sheriff -- and-one about day five of this process, one of my guys said "i feel like there's more on here. do you mind if i try some little tricks? i said go ahead. within 15 minutes he was like "i've got ten gigabytes of this, five gigabytes of this, this,
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that, and the other thing. ultimately, we end up with 100,000 more emails, 80,000 images and videos. >> so, you can say what you want about jack bech speak and dismiss him by calling him names, but the story he was telling was interesting. for some reason, no one in law enforcement appears to be listening or cares, but the daily mail kept going on this recently, they said that they gained access to a backup of hunter biden's laptop, and it's a good thing they did. this included a voice mail from joe biden to his son talking about the story in "the new york times" about hunter biden's business dealings from china. >> it is 815, when you get a
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chance, give me a call. just wanted to talk to you, whatever time is good. anyway, when you get a chance, give me a call. >> so, the context is complicated. here's what's not complicated. joe biden has said repeatedly that he has no knowledge of -- with china. we have more on this coming up but just know that that voice mail is apparently real and proves that joe biden know about his son's business dealings with china. that ought to be enough to spur a wave, so the white house, why did you like to us? >> now this piece that you just heard joe biden reference --
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2018? he led the cfc china energy company. at that point, he was arrested on charges of corruption by the chinese government, which is never a good thing. in china, the most of their -- one of the top deputies, also convicted in new york of bribing african officials -- >> what group of hunter biden's business friends, so i would joe biden have any interest in this. well, this could be for the obvious reason. joe biden himself was making money from this. according to emails obtained from "the new york post" from his laptop one of hunter biden's business partners explained to joe biden that receiving that 10% stake -- well, the equity
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will be distributed as follows, 20 to hunter, 20 to walker, 20 2 him, 20 to 20, ten to jim which is the president's brother, and 10% for "the big guy." he had a 20% stake of the steel, no question that it would be so obvious, that would be joe biden. millions of chinese dollars for hunter and joe biden. a company controlled by them nicholls state energy, sent $6 million in wire transfers -- robert walker llc was controlled by rob walker, one of his business partners. in june of 2017, hunter biden emailed them -- $10 million more
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in money from this new company. we can pause here for a moment. in there, these stories bear detail operating on this -- it's kind of striking that the truth about biden, it's the same of accusing them of what the trumps were doing.
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it's not russia, which is globally almost irrelevant. so, they have continued. 1.54 million to them, that was a consultant firm run by this former nightclub owner of the president's brother, and his wife. emails by "the new york post" found that someone called the chairman promised to pay hunter biden $10 million a year productions alone. in other words, leveraging his father's position government to get rich. the relation of -- which the biden administration has been enforcing hunter biden wrote to fishel that he had amended the deal to provide for a "much more
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lasting --" and these continued even after leaders were arrested on corruption charges. there was another $1 million for the deputy, even though he had no criminal defense experience. he was a lawyer. one your kids can't get into because they aren't as smart as hunter biden. if that's not enough, hunter once referred to patrick holloman -- here, you have the president's son talking to someone -- admitting that the guy he is dealing with is the chinese government spy chief. it's almost unbelievable. joe biden his response "i don't know anything." >> mr. vice president, how many times have you spoken to your son about illegal dealings? >> president biden: i have
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never discussed with my son, my brother, or anyone else any of their businesses, period. >> you lied, and now you have been caught lying. what would played a minute to go proves that he lied to the white house was asked about this. the glass ceiling breaking publicist. watch the response. >> lies the president talking to -- the president said that he has never spoken to his son about his business dealings? >> first, i will say that what the president said stands, so if that's what he said it stands, and secondly -- >> but concerning business dealings, i think -- how is that not and talking to his son about
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his business dealings? >> at this point, i'm not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop. i will not talk about alleged materials on the laptop. peter, i referred to as the sun's representative. >> alleged material, so they can get away with that because no major news organization states picked it up. we tried to, we are a talk show. maybe, there is something that can come up with pig newspapers ignore this, even though it's been out there for a year and a half. it's obvious that it's just about hunter biden -- it's about the biden family, including the president of the united states' business dealings with the government of china. because those news organizations but pick this up and law enforcement agencies seems to be interested, they had a copy of the laptop for years
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now. i'll up to it -- to find out what this is about. on sunday, this program -- live stream video outlining his -- of dropping hunter biden's entire hard drive, clues for users to break into the iphone and ipad background posted on 4, a website that is not moderated, and -- for people who want to get information out there and can't because everything is censored. moderators quickly took this -- internet users are receiving the content of the backups on torrent sites. the bottom line is this will live online forever. believe any of these data are fabricated. putting this stuff on the air -- it is salacious. but, it's pretty obvious that the materials we looked at are real.
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it's becoming clear that they are the only two people with progress investigating his activities. the fbi -- nothing for the hard drive years ago. meanwhile, -- supporting trump in the last election? tech companies are on board, but -- discussion of hunter biden's activity. if you don't believe it, type in "hunter biden weighing crack on a scale." you will get obscure results from youtube channels. nothing from an american media publication appears. they are censoring information, as they have from the very beginning. it's not about whether he was a druggie. he was. that's not what it is about. and protecting hunter biden. they're protecting this
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administration -- among the latest findings of the "washington examiner" are "joe biden wired $100,000 to one hunter biden, which -- may have been linked to a eastern european human trafficking. >> the thing is not that hunter biden is a crackhead who spends time with underage girls, though that is true, but the real story is that the biden family was getting rich -- they were selling access to china so the u.s. government. that's a crime. as recently as 2020 -- watch this. >> there have been questions about the work your son has done in china, and for ukrainian
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energy company. was anything about those relationships inappropriate or unethical? >> president biden: nothing was unethical, and my son has not made money in terms of investing when talking about china. the only person that made money from china is this guy, nobody else happens. >> so, you spent so much time noting joe biden's -- that you can overlook the fact that in lucid moments, he is a liar. it is so obvious, even "the washington post" -- from the beginning how to correct him. according to them and quotes over the course of 14 months, the chinese energy -- paid $4.8 million to entities controlled by joe biden and his uncle." are they experts on energy? what are the experts on? nothing. it leveraging the u.s. government for personal profits,
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that's it. hunter biden made more than $30 million from -- affiliated with the chinese government. hunter biden -- involved with chinese investments of this ohio -- in december of 2013, hunter biden and joe biden flew to beijing. it was a government trip on a government plane. that is when hunter introduced his father 28vhr executive. you cannot take airports to to china -- you cannot take air force 2 to china. hunter had 10% in that company,, and in this chinese company had another $5 million to another company. more than your average mafia don. hunter biden "reach out directly and said that the investments would be important to the biden
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family" so, what is in it for harvest global? biden put together this financial proposal for him to pitch to harness that washington, d.c., access for investments. they are selling influence to the u.s. government. again, not to belgium, to china, the country that has the united states in its sites -- as the leader of the world, and stash wherever they are able to do that. hunter biden also cofounded this -- rosemont realty owns commercial buildings over the united states. they later snapped up -- jim was controlled by this at the time, chaired by the head of this china shipping corporation.
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as peter schweizer recorded, japanese government agencies -- and chinese intelligence -- closely linked -- of course they are, as are all chinese companies. unlike the united states, there are no independent, big businesses in china. date -- the dragon's head for china -- now we know of most of this because of reporting from hunter biden's laptop that it's authentic, but for more than a year, you want a lot to talk about the story, and now can understand why. m&ms stacked over that's china. that is why at the time commend the media portrayed it as a conspiracy theory conspiracy theory. speak up when you look at this computer store owner in delaware who allegedly received
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joe biden's laptop, you think about someone who is a useful idiot, that is the that is, again, a classic indicator of potential disinformation. >> the media has been focused on hunter biden and intelligence officials have warned that this laptop is -- likely russian disinformation law enforcement is actively investigating that the alleged hunter biden emails are linked -- >> so we are supposed to believe that hunter biden in a drunken stupor dropped off his laptop and apparently he went on -- because so again, having been a rich country for over 100 years, americans aren't trained to think in geopolitical terms, in terms of which country i am which of the company. who the decisions? who is in charge?
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this story intersects with the single biggest story generally generally -- biggest story generationally in the world, which is biden -- states china -- in 100 years, this will all be very, very obvious, but in the meantime, must be distracted two -- hunter biden arguing with a about how much crack they thought. this is not just about done selling america, including its most precious asset to the chinese government. well, kind of interesting what's happened in sri lanka. seen an entire country collapse in the last couple of days on tv were dumb enough to implement the green energy policy that our
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the green energy policy that our leaders suggested a
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>> what a great week for american institutions -- the south a stream
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down like the self-esteem trend of american institutions -- is the latest fad on wall street, esg. it has a real definition, requires companies and countries to shut down their most productive sectors. because of esg, german's rationing electricity, farmers are in revolt in the netherlands, but the saddest sri lanka. office of an coast india, sri lanka collapsed. prices up more than 80%, and this week, the president and prime minister for lead the country, for visitors storm their residences. it was just a few years ago world economic forum published this article: "this is how we will make sri lanka rich by 2025." it has since been deleted.
10:33 pm
not covering their tracks well -- april 2221, leaders band and -- 90% of the country's farms used chemical fertilizer, so what happened next? one-third of sri lankan farms shut down completely. what happens when farms shut down? this is the largest city looked like this week.
10:34 pm
that is what the green new deal looks like in sri lanka. you're thinking "they destroyed something else, they did to --" that is the downside. people's lives were destroyed. it happened a lot. here is the good news. sri lanka had a perfectly -- a virtually perfect esg score, they score 98, which is more than double our score in the united states, and -- peter earle is an economist who follows this stuff. thank you for coming on. things like bsg, it's the kind of idea that winds up -- >> definitely, thank you for having me. what you see is what is
10:35 pm
happening a lot of places where you have these ideologies. you get these classic misallocation of resources. what is so interesting is that ideas come from woke, western liberals who so painfully -- completely destroyed the country. will they ever admit that and learn something from it, and stop doing it for -- or will they -- >> i think we have a pretty good template for that. say -- wasn't a real esg -- that is the playbook. >> so sri lanka had a 90% esg score. why aren't people happy? are there other reasons for them to feel virtuous and good about
10:36 pm
themselves? >> i have a feeling you need a minimum of 1500 calories a day -- this atrocity that's going on over there >> text for the videos and "there is a green new deal." i appreciate you, thank you. we know this story last week, they were working midnight, friday, trying to get tickets and beer, and stacked like defending himself and the staff them to death, was charged with murder, but then, his criminal foul conference -- she stepped someone, not even in self-defense
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>> they came here from the
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dominican republic, and 30 years later -- 61 years old, friday night but we could go at midnight went to this store in harlem when a violent criminal walked in and dispute over a bag of potato chips -- captured. he was stabbed to gut, it was clearly self-defense. it's very upsetting. then, the thug's girlfriend shows up and starts stabbing him, not in self-defense, out of rage but the d.a. charged him with murder but not the girlfriend who stabbed him. after public outcry, his bail was lowered, but he is still facing murder charges. the video we just got makes it clear that he did everything he could to avoid confrontation.
10:43 pm
watch this. >> what's up? >> i don't want a problem. >> "i don't want a problem with you." he then got thrown down and wrapped by the neck controversy -- president of staten island, the best baroque, spoke in defense of them. thank you for coming on. this seems like an incredibly straightforward example of self-defense. >> you are absolutely right. this is wrong on so many levels. those that know the trend in new york city -- bodegas, which worked at -- robbed almost once a day. they are in very confined spaces, vulnerable, often in very low income areas. we also know that violent criminals have been let go, they get arrested, back on the
10:44 pm
street, and along comes this poor guy just earning a living, frightened, assaulted, trying to defend himself. if there is anything -- it's the right to defend yourself and your property. rather than arrest a woman who stabbed him, he's facing 15-25 years in jail. some folks may not know, new york city is comprised of five different boroughs. if you get a tax, if you are assaulted, you have the right to defend yourself. instead long island -- for some for some reason, we have this idea where the victim becomes the criminal and the criminal becomes the victim. >> it's pretty obvious that members of politically-favored groups -- and was not a member
10:45 pm
of that, so he is being punished, but if you are the d.a. cannot terrence crawford -- who also stop somebody in self-defense -- >> it seems to be this absurd -- it's insane. anyone with a half an ounce of common sense looking at this video has to feel for this guy and like you said, rather than charge the people who initiated this threat, they are now looking to put him behind bars for 25 years. something's got to give they will release images of city to foreign land it's a great city, but too we have seen -- >> it would not be hard to fix this. reward good behavior, punish bad behavior, it's not hard. i appreciate you and what you
10:46 pm
do. >> thank you. >> california -- it is run by tics. one video, and you may have seen this, but if you have not, prepare yourself -- children looking like junkies as they get looking like junkies as they get off the school bus.
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anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile. >> the saddest humiliation -- the state of california continues -- hope >> truly alarming video was posted to twitter depicting san francisco students getting off the bus up appears to be the end of a school day walking through a maze of drugged up, filthy homeless people, who took this side block -- take a look at this video. >> get home safe.
10:52 pm
[bleep] >> come on, man. kids have to walk through this [bleep]. crazy. >> tucker, it's shocking, but not necessarily surprising that we have seen this homeless policy put children at risk across the west coast. parents are complaining that their kids are picking up -- here in seattle, two encampments were set up on school property, one housing a sex offender, and the other -- tonight, video surfacing on twitter days after san francisco announced that they had a $3 million pilot program replacing police with social workers, and local 911 calls. it's always getting more and more aggressive and does not seem particularly safe. in los angeles -- the dangers of all of this. this volleyballer said she was attacked by homeless men, post these images on instagram, blaming this crime -- but
10:53 pm
obviously, i think people need to be paying attention to this. >> gavin newsom made it possible -- the mayor of san francisco, who thinks he is running for president in 2020 floor. i appreciate your reports. thank you so much. couple of years ago, is working here, and then decided to make videos on youtube, turns out he is hilarious and brave. he will show up at school board meetings, council meetings in seattle, shows for kids, makes these amazing and revealing videos we spoke to him about how he started doing this and why. is it zach mard ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: tomorrow night hunter biden calls is stepmother a big think of more on.


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