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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 11, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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it's life-changing itch relief that brings back the fun in life, day after day. now's the time to ask your veterinarian for cytopoint. what a great job. thanks. our studio audience. fox news at night. i love you, america. >> shannon: hello and welcome to fox news at night. shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, the left appears to be turning, at least some of them are president biden. a new poll picked up nearly two-thirds of democratic voters say they want someone else to be the party's nominee in 2024. a panel of standing by live to break down those numbers for us. we have exclusive new video from
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south texas tonight as state authorities empowered by the governor said migrants flocking illegally into the country back to the body by the busload in what critics say is itself a little. plus, new viral video capturing just about the homelessness problem is in san francisco, showing schoolchildren get enough off a bus going to a field trip. forced to walk by a large group of homeless people living in unsanitary filth. we begin tonight with biden. white house correspondent is that your tonight ip driven, kevin. >> good evening, shannon. if a vote of confidence is, say, the best christmas present you've ever received, then the opposite of that would be a vote of no confidence. sort of a lump of coal. if that is the case for president biden, while the stocking is absolutely chock-full of cool, but a strong majority of democrats looking for somebody, anybody else to lead the party's charge in 2024.
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>> it was a headline most foul, the kind that no politician wants to see, let alone one barely a year and a half into the job. most democrats don't want biden in 2024, says "the new york times" citing a new poll complete with gems like an alarming level of doubt, callously low point and only 26% of democratic voters said the party should be nominated him in 2024. worse yet, the fact that more than six in ten democrats, 64%, but that they'd prefer a new standard bearer in the next election is more or less a shrieking warning, like something out of the end of that movie, "invasion of the body snatchers." while some are pushing back, calling him intellectually engaged, the images sometimes at the narrative, following up stairs toward air force one, a halting shuffle toward marine one, falling off a bike
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and frequent short-circuiting while speaking in public. >> president biden: long said, america is a nation that can be defined in a single word. the customer and a dash of high gas and food prices, a calamitous exit from afghanistan and soaring inflation and it's easy to see why some i'd be queasy. still, the upcoming trip to the middle east is an opportunity for a reset, especially on energy when the president visits saudi arabia, there is not expected to directly at the kingdom for an increase in oil production. as he ventures about, the president will leave behind ongoing unrest over the supreme court's decision to overturn roe and casey, thus empowering states to set their own law. a separate incident in which brett kavanaugh was harassed out of a d.c. steakhouse, and yet, mr. biden is still encouraging
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what the white house called peaceful protests. even as an online group offers bounties for anyone providing real-time locations for conservative justices so that they might be targeted by protesters, which, in some instances, is a violation of federal law. >> and speaking of that, texas senator ted cruz today called a senate judiciary committee to bring in the attorney general. merrick garland to explain to the nation, not just congressional lawmakers, why the doj has failed to enforce federal statutes banning the intimidation of supreme court justices. meanwhile, a separate bill that would actually strengthen efforts to shield judges' personal information online remained pending in part because senator rand paul of kentucky says it should also cover members of congress. a lot of support for that here in washington. >> shannon: i would imagine the period cavan, were going to talk in just a few minutes about something folks are going to weigh in on. thank you. between president biden's
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continuing crises on multiple fronts and the intrigue surrounding whom it appears the house committee is not inviting to testify, at least not yet, a debate with our panel tonight. laura fink and jack kalavritinos, great to see both again. >> good to be. >> thanks for mentioning. >> shannon: jack, the vice president the study is the president is running on the rise, liars will support and run right alongside him. some of the left saying we like another name, another option. >> yeah, it's not surprising, but i may just say that. that's the thing is that you can really say. it is -- the drum beats are getting louder, whether it is "the new york times" and political, whether it is the bernie sanders group that is -- they're planning on doing this all ad campaign, dontrunjoe after the election. the democratic party is in a bind because they know that he can't run, they have someone who
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is one of the most unpopular vice president in history, so they've got a challenge on their hands. >> shannon: of the polling shows two-thirds of his own party does not want him to run again. don't ever nominee. here's what "the new york times" citing that, it's an opinion based at the side that and say this under the headline "joe biden's goal to be president again, i hope it doesn't run again because he's too old." those democrats cite pride in the eight more than any other factor, though job performance is close behind. laura. because the other thing that those democrats say, 97% of them in fact is that in a head-to-head with donald trump, they would support joe biden, and you would think with 33% approval rating, he is in the doldrums, the donald trump would beat him in an overall poor, not just democrats but republicans and independents. biden bests him by four points in the latest polling, i just wonder how low do democrats poll numbers have to go before that
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of the republican party can win back. don't compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative joe biden is doing just fine. gas prices at the biggest single day drop just recently, unemployment numbers beat expectations, and he's looking ahead to try and beat the odds in the midterm. >> shannon: you get it, democrats are going to continually invoke the name of donald trump, the former president because they feel like that's a winning strategy for them, given everything they're up against. "the wall street journal" editorial staff has denied the donald trump in the midterm -- they say a man and his presidential candidacy before the midterms. that would travel democrats who are eager to change the subject from inflation and the biden record. the time the general ethics committee hearings of the 2022 to remind everyone about his behavior and wrap around g.o.p. candidates. i'm hearing these that people are trying to persuade the former president from nothing before the midterms because of the referendum on him and not all these other issues that
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basically the president is upside down on in the polling. >> i saw that peace and when i hear whispers, i don't know whether that's true. maybe plans are being made for december announcement or late november announcement, and people are sort of defining that as prenovember. i did a quick poll of family and friends before this show. all 14 said they thought it would be a bad idea, mainly because they want the focus, as republicans, to be on where we are right now, the biden economy and energy and all that's going wrong that has led to the historically low poll ratings. we don't want the topic to be whether donald trump is running in 2024. >> shannon: sabine meyer, we talked about and that is, the generative theory, there is another want more, were not exactly sure what you're going to get the testimony that will see. david spunt is talking about what's happening in with a not calling. he says as of today, tony on auto and bobby engel and the driver who drove them president trump on january 6
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have still not been invited to testify. this is in response to cassidy hutchinson's testimony because it's not accurate. they are "ready to testify" and "waiting by the phone." not clear if the testimony will be in public behind the scenes and then released to the public. laura, if cassidy hutchinson said something that these men they does not square with reality, why not have them and they say we will voluntarily come? why not have the testimony publicly? >> i don't think there's any debate about that. i think the debate is about timing. we have to hear tomorrow from the extremist groups in the analysis of the extremist groups that took up arms and invaded the capital. evidence of the priority list, they have the calendar and they will certainly do it, that's fine. there are bigger fish to fry. i think we all need to know about those right-wing extremist groups, we need to prevent another attack on the capital and what are the truly shameful day. i think there's going to talk about president rob and his dereliction of duty. the thing is not only that he
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did, but that he did not do in response to this vicious and violent attack on a democracy. even the questions we need answered, people on both sides of the early to come up and think about what happened that day. why not call in the secret service agents in the driver or at least give them a call and say we are going to plan to talk to and hear from you if what their star witness as saying is in conflict with what these people claim? >> shannon, exactly. january 6 was a dark day. republicans and democrats can agree to that. what is being done now with this committee hearing in order to ensure that democracy was under assault in and of itself in a way is an assault on your process and democracy. why are witnesses allowed to be called? why is on the cross examination? on the other hand, there are some other examples. for one it's not a trial. >> republican field -- it is in a way to is like a trial. period, there is a historically bad situation where you do not have in any way the minority party
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being represented by representatives that they wish to be represented by. several years in and of itself an assault on democracy. for one part of that is because republicans chose to check out on the corner of the members are wanted on the committee, there's a lot of conversation about who is missing when it comes to cross-examination, even as or not, it isn't a trial, it is very much a public opinion trial. i'm glad that we can all agree on the one thing that we don't ever want a repeat of the day we leave it there. think about. >> thank you, shannon. >> thanks so much and in. >> shannon: video tonight of the implementation of texas governor greg abbott's it is executive orders to dps officers take custody of illegal immigrants and put them on busses for a return to the port of entry and critics of the left blast that move as illegal. bill melugin is taking a closer look at what else is happening honors southern border tonight. >> shannon, good evening to you. some of the hottest weeks at the
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southern border, 109 degrees here in eagle pass today. you'd think that would slow down some of the illegal crossings, but it's not. case in point, take a look at this video chat over the week and your eagle pass. this was a single, massive group of approximately 300 migrants crossing over to the other in the blistering heat, 108 degrees when we shot this video. it's not in the migrants, totem the border agents have to respond with limited resources. there are also coming at a time. take a look at this video we shot as we embedded with texas dps site. troopers should now make certain for illegal immigrants, sneaking through branches in kandy county. the follow footsteps to the sand, they find backpacks under trees. we are on a group of six illegal immigrants were hiding in the brush, trying to evade law enforcement. this is 15 miles inland from the board repair with texas troopers, the last line of defense in this area. we caught up with the right owner who had a human smuggler drive right through her fans in a stone and dropped last night.
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we asked her how did she respond to the biden administration saying the border is closed? here's what she said. >> that's a joke. i think they ought to come down here and fear for their lives. they're not staying here. they're coming through my branch because they are headed somewhere else. they're not staying in kandy county. the border is not closed, they're pouring across every day and they are destroying our property. >> take a look at this photo. cbp at the dallas port of entry making this major fentanyl burst, finding pills hidden and modified batteries. there are 23 different packages in the battery. take a look at the second photo in a second fentanyl incident. more than 10,000 for fentanyl pills found in a body shaping garment worn by women, also at the port of entry. shannon, right there you have two back-to-back separate major
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for fentanyl burst totaling more than 50,000 fentanyl pills is the deadly opioid continues flowing across our borders. we'll send it back to your. >> shannon: thank you very much. now, an update of the story told about last week, a pair of brothers in philadelphia just ten at 14 years old have turned themselves in to police for involvement in last month beating death of the 73-year-old man. the surveillance footage from 2:30 a.m. that morning shows a group of young people pursuing james lambert on a northwest philly street before hitting him multiple times with traffic cones. the victim was taken to hospital and died from his injuries the next day. new videos tonight of the now infamous fatal stabbing incident at a new york city bodega earlier this month. a different angle of the altercation shedding new light. molly line has those new details and more in tonight's crime report. good evening, molly. >> good evening, shannon. small-business advocates are not on a culture of the murder
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charge, speaking out on behalf of the convenience store clerk after a deadly confrontation inside a manhattan bodega. this is new security video obtained by "the new york post" appears to show stalker because they are bought trying to calm tensions before the violent struggle with 35-year-old austin simon. he was accused of repeatedly stabbing and what his supporters argue is a clear case of self-defence. in this brief snippet of video, you can hear the four who calls him papa, seemingly trying to deescalate. a previous video, also obtained by "the new york post" appeared to show simon go behind the counter and shove the clock into a wall before the fatal stabbing. allegedly angry about his girlfriend's unsuccessful attempt to buy a bag of chips. in another portion of it, the government appears to take action, pulling a weapon from a bag and stabbing the clock. video from the scene has inspired a groundswell of questions, increasing the pressure on progressive
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manhattan district attorney to drop the chart. new york's democratic mayor has signaled support for alba. today, a group representing takers stepped up. >> we saw the footage, the footage doesn't lie and we are asking, we are asking the d.a., alvin brags to please take into consideration this footage and make sure that he provides mr. alba the justice that he deserved. >> in bethesda, maryland, arson investigators are looking into to church fires with a 38 was vandalized over the weekend. montgomery county firefighters responded to flames on saturday morning. headstones damage at a baptist church. concerns have been raised that the churches are being intentionally targeted in the wake of the supreme court's roe v. wade decision. shannon. >> shannon: molly, thank you very much.
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twitter and tesla about taking a beating in one treatment money with shares falling 11% and 6.5% respectively. the tech giant getting ready for what would be an expensive lawsuit against elon musk is the ceo of the electric vehicle manufacturer says the deal is off, he says because to interpret the agreement. taking a rather tricky position tonight. dave breaking news corresponded trace gallagher is on the case tonight. because some legal analysts say backing away from the great deal could put elon musk in legal jeopardy, possibly even lead to jail time, but musk doesn't appear very concerned as evidenced by a.m.p. orthodontic twitter and using his 100 million twitter followers by posting a series of pictures with captions that we'd caught and year, they said i couldn't buy twitter, then they wouldn't disclose what info, now they want to force me to buy twitter in court. now they have to disclose what info in court. musk is referring to spam bots or automated twitter account that he wants to do to prove
9:18 pm
that less than 5% of accounts are fake. twitter says the number is well below 5%, but an attorney for elon musk said the social media company a letter that reads in part, quoting, twitter has failed or refused to provide this information, sometimes twitter has ignored mr. musk's requests, sometimes it has rejected them for reasons that appear to be unjustified, and sometimes, it has claimed to comply while giving mr. musk incomplete or unusable information. the twitter is a punching bag, threatening to sue elon musk, and having the big-time law firm of dr. lipton rosen and cats. some analysts believe twitter is now compromised, and that musk is angling for a better deal. watch this. >> i think there is a small percent chance that there could be some sort of renegotiation that happened there, but let's be clear. this is a nightmare situation for twitter, and this is going to be a long, protracted battle
9:19 pm
in court. >> it's to go to court, because something twitter would lose in a courtroom battle and lose a big chunk of value. watch. >> very little ability to make money, they have a very abysmal future. i think the stock is going to be driven down into the low 20s and that maybe in the low 20s, he may re-emerge and decide you know what? the price is better. speak up maybe that's why elon musk also tweeted a meme featuring chuck norris playing chess with the caption, chuck meat. musk is clearly willing to fight, but twitter is also indicating a two two to do batte might be at hand. >> shannon: we are standing by. thank you very much. internet roundup, the army suspending retired three star general who not as contractual mentoring work for the military.
9:20 pm
that which reportedly impaired, "glad to see you finally know what a woman is." after dr. jill biden tweeted about the supreme court striking down roe v. wade. the army says it is now investigating him over the tweet. we reported last week about brett kavanaugh leaving his dinner at stake is here and easy by the backdoor on thursday after protesters targeted him at his meal. well, now that restaurant chain locations across the country is facing a lot of fake reservations and social media flak for speaking out in defense of cavanaugh's right to eat dinner. the company is urging its employees to give no comments in the wake of all the backlash. >> the first of these of this community as unique as the breakfast tacos here in san antonio. is your strength. the one that comment from the first lady has ruffled some
9:21 pm
feathers with the national association of hispanic journalists encouraging, "floaters and communications team to take time to better understand the complexities of our people and communities. we are not tacos, do not reduce us to stereotypes." they said. a pregnant woman tax is contesting a $250 ticket for driving solo in the hov lane. she did have a second passenger, unborn baby girl, arguing that he now counts now that roe v. wade has been struck down. the state recognizes as a person. not buying it, reportedly said that meet hov requirements they had to be two people outside of the body. coming up, sea lions in san diego and a look at images captured by nasa's newest space telescope. today's best viral videos are
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you want a night viral videos, one of two epic plans we have to try to make. some days sundays matchup, kansas city royals fans. what is this about building the cleveland guardian? it was with -- mascots advice. mustard started out strong but quickly lost speed as a spent force fell to his ankles and then he ended up in standing on the baseline shortly after that. he's having a little trouble getting up there. but you had to have it catch up ended up with bragging rights and well in up a close second. here's part two. take a look at this kid, thinking that the brilliant idea to rest on the sandy during a
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beach day. he landed face first in the sand. i've done that before, it hurts. something i don't think many people have seen before, look at this good with years of nearly . he is so cute. this little guy named simba is only a month old. his owner even made him a little custom pouches to pull back his tears so we wouldn't trip over them. he's a super. nasa unveiling the first image from the new james webb space telescope. the image shows where ms. collins is shining around other galaxies whose lives have been then. beautiful picture. for more images are expected to come out on tuesday. can't wait to see those we have had to sea lions in san diego deciding to start quite a reaction, barrelling towards beachgoers. see how the tiktok video just taking up where we had an expert tells the associated press this is normal behavior at breeding
9:29 pm
time of the year. it is likely one of the sea lions were just writing of another male, likely have nothing to do with these humans who are running for it. the summer heat can be unbearable for them. not these pups, though. check out this little guy jumping into a kiddie pool full of ice to cool off. getting pretty, truly, jumping, zooming. even turn the ball into a snack bar. start shopping on the ice cubes. our family is going to be doing this later this week in washington. hit us up at shannon bream at fox news night on social media. a pair of disturbing viral videos providing a clear picture to night of just how out of control the homelessness crisis is getting on the west coast evidence chief correspondent, jonathan hunt shows that voters in california are taking notice. >> a lot of mentally ill people on these three try to. >> that the olympic volleyball
9:30 pm
medallist, ken glass telling her instagram followers about how she says she suffered some frightening facial injuries in a random attack as she left a large end up in angeles on saturday. >> had something in his hand, before i knew it, a big metal boned pipe hit me right here, here. it happened so fast there but because the los angeles homeless services authority says it is still working on this year's count of the number of homeless people in l.a., but it seems inevitable that the number will far surpass the last official count, which was done by pandemic in 2020. then, in los angeles county, officials counted more than 66,000 homeless people, and that was a 13% increase over 2019. >> blip because >> homelessness is also a major issue in
9:31 pm
san francisco, where the incidents and recovering addict which even recently posted this video of school-aged children getting off a city bus following a camp field trip and having to walk past a large group of homeless people. he has posted several other videos of what he says are drug addicts on the streets of san francisco and has called on authorities to do far more to clean up the city's street. >> here in l.a., will be electing a new mayor later this year, according to a recent "l.a. times," berkeley institute of government poll, homelessness is by far the number one issue for voters. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox news. everyone all right, apparently feeling angry, 20 are hungry and cranky. i could have told you that. >> [laughs] it's a nice one. you got to worry about should i
9:32 pm
get a food? there you go. i got to tell you this. let say you are like that and you get angry, well the truth is, you my friend are not alone. the first clinical study to investigate how hunger affects people's emotions found that feeling hungry is actually associated with, you guessed it, greater levels of anger and irritability. that's according to a recent report published by a journal, plus one, it's from the public library last night. that research found that hunger was associated with 37% of kenyans of irritability and 34% in anger. now, the office also suggests that experience of anger to be translated into negative emotions to a variety of everyday situations that are perceived a negative manner. that's basically we should speak for, i have a thesis, i can't understand anything in this way. the basically tried to tell you that we haven't met conclusive evidence apparent to everybody that this is for sure thing, but
9:33 pm
the preponderance of the evidence is if you are wrong way, you're going to get a bit of attitude. steve and i love that they bite of irritability versus anger. not really going to get angry and hurt anybody with, but might be a little bit irritable. because of the better question for you. how fast is a ticket to go from there want to make five and a question mark build up gradually and then eventually am hungry enough to lead a horse, they say. how about you? the one i feel like i have a lot of stores that my body can take stacks and i can hang on for a while. it takes a while when i get on with and i'm like oh, no. a commie, i'm good until i'm not good, so -- >> shannon: were going to get you to back nine. >> after five, it goes for my 5 to 10 pretty quickly. >> shannon: there is always good in the newsroom. because i know. even if you need stacks, come to my office. giving away all your secrets. okay.
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because you see in. >> shannon: coming up committing that the newest corporate 19 variant is getting around boston vaccine and mask their word is that true and say for you and your family? want to separate fact from fiction here next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the new gmc sierra. premium and capable. that's professional grade.
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stephen corbett cases are certain once again, a majority variant in the u.s. let separate fact from fiction to write about what it actually means for you and me, your families and your loved ones with dr. marty makary. good to see back in person, doctor. let's start here. this is what the atlantic said. many studies have consistently shown antibodies for triple vaccinated people or people who had breakthrough infection with only underwear with our 3 to 4 times less potent. it means most people around is protected against infections than they were two months ago. some people have got covered very recently getting infected now. but the tom price. what should we, shouldn't we be worried about? clearly, there is another way.
9:40 pm
he can certainly, p.a. 5 is causing a pub in cases where it was in a railway. it is muslim and people were infected over a long time ago. if you are infected with the early comic-con variant, that is when you had covered in january, february, matt, you are at risk. it is causing common cold like illness. some people have are symptomatic of the people are sick for one day. sometimes they have, select the thought not. we are watching the preview of d.a. 5 in europe and it does appear to be passing, and it also is not resulting in hospitalizations that are meaningful. given that katrina. in the meantime, "the wall street journal" has a stop but people still getting kicked out of the military. some people in washington, certain jobs that nothing you have to get vaxxed and boosted even if you are exempt at some point. this continues. "wall street journal" says military regulations guarantee religious freedom but the pentagon is to find that more than 24,000 members of the various branches have submitted
9:41 pm
religious accommodation request form of defense secretary's august 2021 vaccination or almost all of them have been rejected. if the argument is that the vaccination prevents serious illness and death and prevent the spread, with the military of course would have an interest in doing, with people living in close quarters, what you make of what we now know about the vaccine's ability on those fronts and people potentially be kicked out of the military? because we know that the protection you get from acquiring the infection is transient, because the number of months. the argument that they should be vaccinated to increase readiness is an argument that you would have to carry through with getting them vaccinated every three months for the entire military career. that is not reasonable. what we've seen now are 200 solid studies showing that actually mean it is better than vaccinated immunity. the vast majority of these people threaten to be fired have natural immunity, people have atop the comments of its really tragic because people in the
9:42 pm
hospital with covid are not people who want to military basic training camp that we've never accepted as a country the massive difference in risk between a young, healthy person and an older person with comorbidity. 31200 studies where to go over 200. >> shannon: better efficacy for natural immunity. that's not what mainstream parties. do you take a lot of backlash from people from people they know you're respected doctor but they're not buying that. >> another study in "the new england journal of medicine" just weeks ago, it is overwhelming. any scientist who is not love their objectivity for political allegiance is to recognize it. to be on the stock about this, "wall street journal" talking about what they call the never-ending covered emergency. but his news says the biden administration will extend the public health emergency for another 90 days. they continue to watch a perpetual emergency. why keep the emergency powers? speak of the rest of the world has begun, the u.s. and international outlier in the south-west of chasing down every
9:43 pm
case, were doing mass testing, testing people multiple times, were giving thanks to low-risk people, that is an off use. there was actually a proposal in the cdc that i learned about where scientists said let's move to an influencer model where we sample cases, but not good it is ever gets done in the u.s. and the proposal was rejected by the white house. people are ready to move on up there, and so keeping a public health emergency means we can still do these rapid scientific reviews and we don't go through the normal process would be approved drugs. >> shannon: quickly, what is this coming out? >> barry weiss and common sense, it's about the low morale at the cdc, fda, and a ton of very smart scientist to take issues with the big recommendation that are driven not by politics. for one okay, we look forward to that you have a doctor, good to say. coming up, a retired couple
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>> shannon: a retired couple says, they're in texas, they're being forced to sell their home after being sought by the homeowners association. violation? feeding the neighborhood talks. kathleen rose said she's been feeding the ducklings were more than ten years but was recently told to stop after the hoa got complaints from the new neighbors wherewith she is now facing a legal challenge of possible $250,000 fine. as they fight the lawsuit, they decided to put them on the market in the neighborhood for good, but are they said they wanted was going to care for the little ducky is the living that? that i will pick welcome back to both of you. >> great to be here. we were starting with exhibit speeone, this is from the "houston chronicle." the lawsuit accuses the couple of making neighborhood rules that make mcdonald's get restrictions. activities that create untidy conditions. the neighbors annoyance with wildlife, "the valley to the detriment of subdivision causing
9:50 pm
imminent harm and irreparable injury." exhibit a ghost to you, andrew. >> gave me a break their weight, janet. these are people that are 64 and 65 grams or. they have lived there for a long time. the age of escaping that these dogs are somehow ruining people's properties and causing a mess? there is a very good reason why this woman is feeding the talks. it is because a child died and for some reason it's therapeutic to her. it's an h or gone wild, to ludicrous as mike tyson would say, it's preposterous. >> shannon: that exist to exhibit b and you will hear from kathleen rose, the homeowner herself. here's what she said. >> there's just a lot of hateful thai people that do not like dark. i just love them. there is nothing in their bylaws that says you cannot feed the ducks. even so kelly, there might be nothing in the exact phrasing that says you can feed the dog, so she says that means she can
9:51 pm
feed the ducks. >> right, janet, that i've very good point you bring up. the key to this case is going to be the hoa documents. what exactly are the restrictions in the hoa document. we have to think about this type of case and think about what exactly is happening. she is feeding the ducks, right? but our neighbors think that it's having the property because the talks are going to the bottom of the property, going into the garden and we also have to remember that the department of agriculture has come out and said that you should not feed talks. it is actually harms the talks to feed them human food. it actually hurts the benefits of waterways as well because it is going to the bathroom in the waterways, which is harming the public as well. ultimately, it will be up to the court to make a determination on whether it's part of the hoa to feed the ducks are not with the ducks. >> comics to what you consider doing it right there. she says she's been doing it for ten years. exhibiting is from the "people" magazine. the say they are habitually
9:52 pm
feeding wildlife. specifically, the defendant, kathleen a row repeatedly feedstocks on the common area despite being informed that the activity is prohibited and despite a great to see such activity. she knows she's not supposed to be doing it and she said she wouldn't and yet she has. isn't that a mark in the column for hoa? >> i don't think so, sharon. we've all had annoying neighbors over the years, it seems like it's a whole bunch of neighbors, or maybe just one or two who are getting up on this individual, and i think it's wrong. it's a duck. we have ducks, we have cats, sometimes they go to the bathroom outside. i don't see any harm to it, i think it is simply a way to harass and are ranked this elderly couple, and i think it's really unfortunate. >> shannon: final word to you, kelly. >> ultimately, it would be a pretty the court to make a determination, but as i stated before, the hoa documents again will have to see what happens
9:53 pm
with this situation. >> shannon: kathleen, i tried and went three whole days of trying not to feed them, but they started coming across the street from the water and into the yard. they were basically crying parities and do not have these dogs are ones that people have part is that checks for easter is on the kind of things and they don't know to survive in the world and then she thought it was a top to. we'll see what the lawsuit goes that will check back in. kelly and andrew, think about very much. >> thank you. even some good news before was a good night. arizona being called a hero for rescuing another man from a burning trailer. it was a man was driving by, in autism is more, i then heard a woman screaming that a man was trapped inside an army that was only on fire. no, not defied an officer's orders, was that you have to stay back, is that i got this, job to war, found its way inside the truck a maple is not bad hurts just in time. he is still recovering in hospital. doctors say the long road if he had been the five more minutes,
9:54 pm
i would not have made it. garcia says he is not a hero, i was just at the right place at the right time. he certainly jumped into action and went above and beyond to try to her. >> he might not think of himself as, body and spirit even the family certainly does. >> big time. i want to take it a shot for this. we found the cat fish catch heard around the world. last week, 15 year old got a wire blue catfish in the tennessee river near downtown chattanooga. in case you didn't know this, it's a very rare recessive genes similar to albinism. almost a total lack of color pigmentation except in this case, no pink eye. edwards was with a fishing tight money made the catch and yes, he released it right back into the water. that is a catch of a lifetime. well done. that's cool. >> shannon: he should go buy
9:55 pm
some lottery tickets. that's actually a beautiful looking at which. >> when you see the video and you want it will close, it almost translucent. it's amazing. everyone i bet it would be just as delicious. >> [laughs] i'm glad you put it back. >> shannon: all right, kevin. thank you very much. that is it for us from washington. we'll be back here tomorrow. i'm shannon bream. ♪ ♪ pack at your pace. store your things until you're ready. then we deliver to your new home - across town or across the country. pods, your personal moving and storage team. hepatitis c? don't just treat it. crush it with mavyret. conquer it with mavyret. cure it. with mavyret. mavyret cures all types of hep c. in only 8 weeks. the virus multiplies daily and can damage the liver over time. mavyret stops hep c and cures it. if you've had hepatitis b, it may flare up... ...and cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. tell your doctor if you've had hep b, a liver or kidney transplant, other liver problems...
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