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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  July 10, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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but it is july, it's hot but this is fairly typical. alicia:s is summer. meteorologist adam klotz, thank you so much. adam: you got it. eric: that's it for us for this hour but we will be back at 4:0. 3 hours from now, right alicia? alicia: exactly, rich edison is next with more news from washington, have a good one. ♪ ♪ ♪ rich: as gas prices dig deep into american wallets, president biden heads to the middle east this week including a stop in oil rich saudi arabia, there he must balance desire for more oil production with his own tough words against the kingdom's human rights records. welcome to fox news live i'm rich edison in washington and kevin corke is here and joining us with more. hey, kevin. kitchen kitchen great to see you, my friend. let's be honest about this, the president's visit to saudi kingdom comes with fairly cost both domestically and
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internationally understand this abroad he will do what he can to smooth over hard feeling withs the saudis and encourage them to loosen the spigot when it comes to oil production at the same time. domestically, though, there's a heavy price to be paid. the price of criticism from both the political left and the right that what he's doing is essentially shuffling over to the saudis hat in hand while tamping down domestic oil production here at home. not exactly a real picnic when you consider he's been critical as rich pointed out as saudis human rights records. quote from the start my aim was to reorient but not rupture relations with a country that's been strategic partner for 80 years. today saudi arabia has help today restore unity among the six counties of the gulf cooperation council. has fully supported the truce in yemen and now working with my experts to help stabilize oil markets with other opec producers, end quote.
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understandably on capitol hill, you guessed it, gop lawmakers are skeptical accusing the president of it knowing obvious answers right here at home like our own ability to produce significantly more oil which in turn could reduce inflation. >> you want enough money to be able to fill your tank with gas. you want enough money that you can buy a week's worth of groceries and you want to have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month. but joe biden is not going there. kevin: biden is not going there and, yet there is this as well. the white house despite the heavy criticism from both ends of the political spectrum say, yes, we are slowly but steadily reducing the pain at the pump, listen. >> it's our number 1 priority to get a handle on these prices and we will. you know, the fed is taking strong action, our president's administration, we are doing everything that we know how to do. you're starting to see gas prices come down, wholesale gas
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prices are coming down but until we do get a handle on inflation, i think it's natural for a family to -- to be feeling that pinch. kevin: when they say feeling that pinch, that's a real messaging problem because for millions of american it is idea of doubling your gas prices and significantly increasing food prices, that's not a pinch, that's a real crisis. by the way americans are frustrated in part because the average for gallon of gasoline nationally is at 4.68, up from 3.14 a year ago. i should point this out the price has been coming down steadily over the past couple of weeks but still incredibly high compared to a year ago and rich i should tell you this in the op-ed that the president pinned in the washington post overnight, over 1300 words, 1,386 words, guess how many times he mentioned the word oil? >> i already did the searching so i kind of cheated so go ahead. kevin: once. i knew that you did your homework, really striking and they are trying to couch the visit in a way that doesn't seem
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hat in hand. >> when you look at the history of where the administration has been on this, calling saudi arabia a periah state, how does he walk that line in the middle east? is it something -- when you look at how gradually gas prices have been coming down, this isn't something that will will turn on the spigot in saudi arabia and prices will go down next week, right? kevin: you got it. no matter what is said on the ground, even if you come up with soft-shell agreement, the bottom line they are not going to make an impact on oil prices immediately. what they can do is make a pledge to increase production if that helps but that should be coupled and critics have argued this with increased production domestically because failing that, the pain at the pump will remain and the parrel for the, his party and democrats more broadly in midterms and in 2024 rises. rich: kevin corke, always great talking to you, buddy.
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let's turn to the panel today, with us jose muñoz and jeff, louisiana talk radio show and gop strategist. gentlemen, thank you for joining us this afternoon. jeff, i want to start with you. the criticism on the administration on this, look, the oil companies they've got the leases, they should be drilling more and extracting more and they are not doing it. what do you say to that? >> well, here in louisiana we lost all kinds of jobs because of the moratorium on drilling in federal territory, rich, in waters and lands. the federal government has really gone in the opposite direction from when donald trump was president. remember, we were energy independent and now we are going hat in hand with saudi arabia a country with human rights abuses, they hacked to death an personal journalist and we are asking them for more production. louisiana needs the jobs.
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we need to do something about inflation. i know the price has gone down a little bit, rich, but we are still double where it was when donald trump was president and american families are getting hit hard. the polls show that this is the number 1 issue among americans, inflation, gas prices and joe biden, rich, has been a total disaster and this is just another embarrassment. he's going into a country hat in hand, wasn't that we should not be taking that kind of a stance with, we need to be doing educate right here. we need the jobs here, rich. rich: jeff, you mentioned the washington post, that's the paper that jamal khashoggi was writing for when he was assassinated. this is what the president wrote in the washington post recently. a more secured integrated middle east benefits americans in many ways, waterways are essential to global trade and supply chains we rely on. its energy resources are vital for mitigating the impact on global supplies of russia's war in ukraine. jose, this op-ed was pretty
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light on references to oil, how important is it that the administration downplay that piece of this as the president heads to the middle east? >> well, i don't think we should dump it. we should talk about this. there's no question that we need to increase oil production at the global level. we have to recognize that gas prices are not dictated by the united states alone. they are dictated by the world, by opec. so he's doing the right thing talking to the saudis, talking to venezuela, producing more oil here at home than donald trump do in his first year in office, so we are doing the job, we are getting things done. you know, you look at that, you look at inflation, most economists say that inflation -- i'm hoping that inflation will start to come down. gas prices are starting to come down and the economy continues to go up. we saw last month. over 372,000 jobs were created alone, over 8 million jobs created in this administration altogether. so that is what leadership looks like. i understand that polls go up
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and down. it is a concern but we are not four days away from the midterm election, we are four months away. rich: we have four months to the midterm elections. but there's still major problems with inflation, there are still other challenge that is the white house faces when it comes to the economy. would it be a disappoint rent or beyond a disappointment, failure for republicans if they don't take control of both houses of congress in november? >> well, i think it would be a big failure, rich, considering that the fact that this has been the worst president in u.s. history, you know, talking about inflation, it was 1.4% when donald trump left office, now it's 8.6%. people vote with pocketbook and people vote on economic issues even if it comes down a little, it's still way higher than when donald trump was president. i think that's going to motivate a lot of republicans to get out and vote in big numbers. i think you are going to see a
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republican wave, big red wave, tsunami and one poll shows that 88% of americans are on the wrong track and joe biden's approval numbers are in the low 30's, we have only four months. he's not going to turn it around. he doesn't have the capability, he doesn't have the leadership skills, he doesn't have the right ideas, he doesn't have the right team. the republicans unless they blow it, and they could blow it but if they don't blow it, they are going to win big in november. rich: jose, how do democrats try to make sure that republicans do blow it and how do you look at the abortion issue or how does it or would it galvanize the left as it did the right when roe v. wade was in play? >> they did blow it in 2020. they lost the house and they lost the senate and the white house. they are good at losing. historically come in the midterms, biden, democrats being
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the case, they lose seatses. seats. are they going to lose seats, the question is how much? the american people are not going to give credit for joe biden to anything he's done until he brings inflation down and gas prices down. i get it, it's a constant reminder. gas prices have star started to come down and republicans already with how they face and talk about abortion is concerning. i think the women really have the decision, really have a big power come november. most americans, they are pro-choice, i mean, most americans want women to have some sort of choice when it comes to their own body. abortion, not the most important issue, i recognize inflation and the economy are number 1 but abortion is going to be one of the top five issues i'm certain and woman will come out and vote. rich: thanks for joining me this afternoon. appreciated.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. rich: left-wing activist group shut down dc is offering bounties to people who provide locations of conservative supreme court justices in the wake of the court's controversial decision on roe versus wade, alexandria hoff live with the latest on this one, alex. alex: the group is trying to incentivize to report the justices withabouts in realtime. on friday they put out the call writing, we will venmo you $50 for confirmed sighting and $200 if they are still there 30 minutes after the message. this post remains active despite twitter's policy that prohibits encouraging harassment of specific individuals or groups, quote, this includes but not limited to calls to target people with abuse or harassment online and behaviors that urges action such as harassment. now bounty offering came exactly after a month a man showed up to
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brett kavanaugh's home intend to go kill him and two days justice kavanaugh to escape out of back door of steakhouse after protestors learned about whereabouts. alexandria ocasio-cortez mocked the moment writing, poor, guy, he left before his sufflet because half of the country should risk death if they have atopic pregnancy. but thousands who marched to the gates of the white house yesterday feel that the supreme court's ruling threatens women's health and privacy and those protestors called on the president to declare an abortion-related public health emergency. rich. rich: alexandria hoff, thank you for joining us. crime still on the rise as 14-year-old stabbed and killed
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in subway in new york and police in california are looking for teenagers caught on camera beating an elderly man to death with a traffic cone. lauren green has more on the surging crime, lauren. lauren: rich, well, you know, the stabbing adds more fear to already cautious city. it happened in the middle of the day when most new yorkers believe that the subways are relatively safe but instead a teen is dead. no one yet has been arrested for the crime. yellow police tape blocked the entrance to subway station in harlem where the 14-year-old boy was found stabbed in the abdomen on the train platform after cops say they respond today a crime in progress. police reportedly say the boy and his attacker knew each other. >> a preliminary investigation indicates that a fight or dispute began on the street and continued into the train station where an altercation occurred. lauren: philadelphia police are looking for a pack of teens who
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beat 72 james lambert. video shows them laughing and smiling as they murder their prey. fox news family mourns with analyst gianno caldwell as he layed to rest his younger brother christian, the 18-year-old was fatally shot in chicago. >> for those who may want justice, keep fighting. keep fighting, keep precertify veering and keep working towards that because there is hope and i'm here knowing that there's hope and that there will be justice for my baby brother. lauren: there has to be hope because across the country in several large cities, crime is posting double digit increases from a year ago, rich. rich: lauren green in new york, thanks so much. migrants at the southern border still arriving in record numbers, we will have a live report from eagle pass, texas, that's after the break.
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rich: california democrat, member of committee sixth committee told cnn james tapper this morning that former white house chief strategist under trump is willing to testify
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before the committee. >> we got the letter around midnight from his lawyers saying that he would testify and we have wanted him to testify so the committee, of course, has not had a chance to discuss it but i expect that we will be hearing from them and many questions that we have for him. rich: that breaking over the past few hours, bannon is set to go on trial for criminal contempt charges later this month. congresswoman also noted that the testimony will likely not be public next hearing is set for this upcoming tuesday. rich: live pictures from eagle pass, texas, showing one of the most popular spots for migrants to spot the rio grande, texas governor greg abbott has given state law enforcement the go-ahead to arrest migrants who are here illegally and return them to the border this is following a border patrol investigation that found no evidence the horse unit whipping
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haitian migrant in del rio last year, bill melgun tracking this at the border, bill. bill: rich, good afternoon to you, there have been more than 1.5 illegal crossings here at the southern border since fiscal year 2022 and the numbers do not include the month of june. we are still waiting for the numbers to be released. take a look at this video. you referenced how busy eagle pass is, we shot video yesterday afternoon, this was part of another single massive group of approximately 200 migrants that crossed over all at the same time, this is a private ranch and every single day since we got here last week we have seen a huge group like this cross on the ranch, the biggest thing last week on wednesday, group of 540, and this puts a huge strain on border patrol resources when they have to deal with the single massive groups because it pulls agents elsewhere.
10:21 am
this is happening in the blistering hot temperatures, 10y day this week. you will see the migrants struggling with the heat, many of them want to go gather underneath the tree and some of them struggling, looking for water. it is not a seasonal border crisis. it's not slowing down in the summer. the numbers continue going up and that is why the governor of texas says on fox news earlier today he considers this an invasion. >> we have an invasion driven by the cartels coming across the border that are pouring people into the country at unprecedented levels. bill: and take a look at these photos put out by el paso sector border patrol of numerous human stash house bust that is they had, totaling 93 migrants in total over recent days. what carlosels do once they smuggle people across the border, they put them in stash houses until they can move them
10:22 am
deeper into the country. since october, el paso sector they busted 156 totaling 1700 illegal immigrants and lastly take a look at the mammoth size meth bust, 5,000 pounds of meth seized in two different trucks after they crossed through the ote mesa port of entry. law enforcement had eyes on them. they ended up arresting four men from mexico and the 5 pounds of meth, that's one of the biggest bust in history of san diego county and back out here live over in arizona, the nothingals port of entry, cbp reports they made two separate busts of more than 50,000 fentanyl pills, just goes to show all along the southern border, cartels and drug syndicates are trying to move deadly drugs across the border. rich: bill, thank you. look at headlines, voters in japan are casting ballots in the
10:23 am
nation's upper house election while the country is still reeling from the shocking assassination of former prime minister shinzo abe. abe was shot and killed on friday while campaigning in support of a local candidate. japanese police have arrested a man in connection to the assassination, they are still investigating as polls close abe's governing party appears to be cruising to a major victory. sri lanka's opposition, political parties are meeting to agree on new government after prime minister and president offered to step down. this came after months of demonstrations started by a lack of food, fuel and other basic items before the resignation protestors stormed the prime minister's official residence and set it on fire. at least 19 people are dead and many others are hurt after two shootings in two separate bars in south africa with gunmen targeting car killing at least
10:24 am
15 and injuring unknown number of others. in a second shooting, officials say two men entered at another bar into city and killed at least 4 and injuring 8. police are investigating both incidents. well, elon musk is now backing away from his 44 billion-dollar deal to buy twitter. lawyers are going the make money on this one, that's coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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rich: former president trump donald trump ripping into elon musk in the wake of billionaire mogul moving to terminate his deal to buy twitter. christina coleman with the latest on this one, christina. christina: hi, rich, yeah, former president donald trump did not hold words for elon musk last night at campaign rally for republican midterm candidates in anchorage, alaska. he also called the billionaire's contract with twitter a rotten
10:29 am
one. >> i tell you what, elon, elon is not going to buy twitterment he's not going to be buying it. he's not going to be buying it. although he might later, who the hell knows what's going to happen. he's got a pretty rotten contract. i looked at his contract, not a good contract. sign up for truth, we love the truth. doing good. christina: in addition to telling the crowd that he didn't expect musk to go through with the deal, mask claimed that the tesla ceo lied about voting record. >> he's got himself a mess. you know he said the other day, i've never voted for a republican, i said i didn't know that, he told me he voted for me. christina: twitter has maintained that spam and fake accounts are 5% of active user base for quarter but musk claims it's four times higher, he claims that fake accounts make up 20% of the platform's users
10:30 am
and attorneys cited a lack of transparency on the matter for the termination of deal with twitter, here is musk voicing his concern about fake accounts just a few weeks ago. >> the question as to whether the number of fake and spam users on the system is less than 5% as twitter claims which i think is probably not most people's experience when using twitter. christina: meantime the chair of twitter is committed to closing deal with musk and he's confident that they will prevail. rich. rich: christina coleman live for us, thanks very much. so for more on all of this with elon musk walking away from his deal, at least trying to as well as the growing economic pressures weighing heavy on the biden administration, joining me now macro adviser founding partner and university of san diego school of visiting research fellow mitch roschelle,
10:31 am
mitch, thank you very much for joining us this amp. does elon musk have an argument here or is a court going to try to make him drop $44 billion on a massive asset that he no longer wants? mitch: well, first of all, rich, i don't know that he doesn't want it. i don't like it at the price that it's currently trading at and it's not uncommon in deals for participants to walk away. it's interesting to see president trump talk about the deal. i mean, that was a tactic that he used when he was in the real estate industry, if you don't like it, you walk away and try to get a better deal. that could be what's in play here. yes, whether or not a court is going to force him to do it, certainly the lawyers, i think, you said it in the tease before, the lawyers are going to have a hay day with this one and something will ultimately will get negotiated. the bigger issue, though, is the value of twitter less because he's uncovered something because the number of fake accounts is
10:32 am
greater than 5% meaning that the advertising revenue will not be what they thought it would be because, you know, fake accounts don't buy stuff, so the fact of the matter is, it's a negotiation and it's going to play out over time. rich: i want to turn to some of the job's numbers that we got on friday. this is the june job's report, snapshot of what the economy was doing when it came to hiring, 372,000 jobs created in june. beats expectations that were at 268,000 and the unemployment rate remains steady at 3.6%. this is a great snapshot of the economy. the economies call this a lagging indicator because it's not a really a realtime thing. what do you think the economy is doing as far as employment now, do you think that the strong jobs reports are going to pull back a little bit or will they remain heavy and strong going into the fall? mitch: the problem with the job's number is the headline, the two headlines look really
10:33 am
good, 370,000 plus jobs, 3.6 unemployment rate but if you dig in deeper you see things that are troubling. one is that we-about 350,000 people in the workforce. so one of the reasons why the unemployment rate is holding at allow number is because the denominator is falling, there's less people in the workforce. the other thing is wage gains which you would think in an inflationary period you would see more wage gains especially with the amount of disruption in the labor market, more job openings than unemployed folks but the reality the pace of wage gains is slowing month over month. i think it's a lagging indicator but i tend to look at what the leading indicators are and it looks like there's still troubles ahead. rich: do you think businesses are making do with fewer employees? they are to be. the airline, they cannot go in place in payment where they would keep up with inflation?
10:34 am
>> yeah, you'd have to -- if you look at what happened 40 years ago, wages were indexed to inflation and companies had to layoff workers because they can't afford to pay them. now we have the complete opposite where we can't find workers almost at any price and we have to dig in and find out the real incentives that are preventing people from working because this is something that we thought would have disappeared last labor day when the unemployment benefit expiredded. what we have to do is create incentives for businesses especially small ones to hire people and jump-start the economy from the supply side as opposed to continuing to jump-start from the demand side. rich: how does that happen? mitch: that's a great question, rich. everything that we do incentivized tends to be through tax policy. create a tax credit if you hire employees and recreate tax
10:35 am
credit if you hire employees. things like the minimum wage, we don't have to talk about because the minimum wage is becoming irrelevant because are having to pay up for workers. ic if you create other types of incentives to get people to -- incentives to get investment plant in equipment, investment full expensing of machinery and equipment. those kinds of things which create jobs and create incentive for job creation as opposed to creating industry for people to not work. rich: s&p dropped 20%, first opening of a year when it came to stock prices since 1970. you think the markets found a bottom here or are they still searching for one? >> i think we are at for praecipes whether we found
10:36 am
bottom. companies will start reporting earnings starting with the banks and that's going to be the tell-tale signs if the expectations of investors match up with the actual earnings that get reported if companies have done a good job being transparent and manage expectations, there may be surprises to the upside which could be good for the market but if companies start signaling that there's more troubled waters ahead, you could see another leg down in the market. rich: mitch roschelle, a lot coming u. thank you very much for joining us. mitch: good to see you. rich: rescue efforts in eastern ukraine after russian rocket attack hit an apartment building, live report from on the ground in lviv, that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> stay seated, stay seated. please remain seated. rich: passengers aboard a spirit airlines flight from tampa to atlanta this morning they are safe while plane caught fire while landing and ended at jackson international airport in atlanta. a brake overheated and that caused the fire. first responders managed to extinguish the flames. ♪ ♪ ♪ rich: well, at least 15 people have been killed and dozens are feared trapped after russian
10:42 am
attack destroys a five-story apartment building in donetsk lucas tomlinson with the latest from lviv. luke luck russian forces are slowly advancing across eastern ukraine and now control over 20% of the country, an area of the size of mississippi. we spoke to some ukrainians who have fled the onslaught. >> they will shooting heavily, last night my neighbor's house was burnt and they hit the city center. people had their legs and hands torn off. weeks ago my son's school was bombed and nowhere to go to school. stores, central markets and we had victims and happened in different places. >> in recent days russian forces have taken over luhansk region.
10:43 am
yesterday reporting an russian missile hitting kharkiv, russia's longing from own territory which is off limits to any u.s. supplied weapons by strict rules of engagement set by the white house. ukraine now launching counterstrikes using new gps-guided rockets sent from the united states. in the past week ukrainian officials say that he destroyed 14 russian ammunition basis in eastern ukraine. here in lviv once a former city in austrian and polish countries, once formed the head of ukraine independence movement in 1991. we spoke to a number of soldiers here for funerals and you still feel the war here and we have also seen baptisms.
10:44 am
rich: this war has been going on for several months now, the russians have been as they were when they started targeting civilian buildings, what are people saying in regards to how long this can go on? lucas: the feel in this country this will have an ending like the korean war, one day have a partition, you can have a western ukraine, you can have an eastern ukraine just like north and south korea at the end of the war. of course, korean people want to kick russian forces out of this entire country. we heard similar language from boris johnson. the ukrainian want russian forces out what is making challenges is russian forces have been in crimea since 2014 and part of the east since 2014 and have expanded presence since invasion since january 24th, luke. rich: for more on ukraine's plea
10:45 am
for more modern weapons joining us from kyiv the member of the ukrainian parliament of chairman of foreign affairs alexander, thank you very much, sir, for joining us this amp. i want to talk about what lucas mentioned there and i asked him about the resolve of the ukraine people he has spoken to. what is your resolve given the targeting of several months of citizens and civilians in your country? >> so we have necessary to resolve our country, our home, we don't have any other choice. if we stop fighting we will be exterminated. don't forget that russia is committing genocide of ukraine and people of ukraine and nation. so we have no other choice but to continue to fight as long as it takes. rich: sir, if you talk about the advances in eastern ukraine of the russian army as it begins to
10:46 am
advance there, can ukraine realistically push russian forces from eastern ukraine where they have been since 2014 and if so, what is it going to take to do that? >> i'm sure that we can do it but we need right now serious supply of all necessary heavy weaponry especially long-range artillery mls and so on. we get enough heavy weaponry we can start counteroffensive and liberate our whole territory including the eastern part of ukraine and crimea. but we need desperately heavy weaponry right now. rich: do you believe that the united states and the biden administration have been sufficient in providing that type of weaponry and doing so in a timely basis? >> the united states is our closest partner and our closest friend and i'm sure that your government, president biden, is
10:47 am
doing everything they can and we are grateful for these support. it means a lot. without your support, we would not be able to survive. but at the same time, we are asking for more heavy weaponry. rich: how about from european nations? this is right in your backyard. this is europe. do you get a sense that european countries are also providing to a level that is sufficient? >> the problem is that we have friends who are interested in support of ukraine and who wholeheartedly help us with heavy weaponry, for example, poland, estonia, lithuania, latvia and, of course, the united kingdom. there are big countries which can do more and, unfortunately, they are lagging behind and we would like to address these big countries and to double, triple the support of ukraine.
10:48 am
rich: prime minister boris johnson is resigning, what does that mean for the uk relationship with ukraine? >> we are grateful to boris johnson. he's a true friend of ukraine and to many ukrainians he's like winston churchill. we are grateful to him. at the same time, we are a little bit concerned about the period especially in august because august might be a dangerous month and putin might use this period and it might be dangerous. so we want when another prime minister comes to power, we wanted it to be in the same way supporting ukraine, in the same way and we wanted this prime minister to put ukraine an issue on the top of the agenda. rich: member of parliament, alexander, thank you very much for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. rich: road rage incident in
10:49 am
georgia. >> oh, my god. what is it? rich: that sent one man to the hospital and another to jail. we will have the story coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. meltin', breadin', bakin', shreddin'. slicin', dicin', spicin', ricin'. if you're swissing it, then you're missing it. fryin', flyin', savorin', favorin'. over rotini. inside a panini. egging, maining, siding, plain-ing. debunk the inglorious. one shape's victorious. kraft singles. square it.
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rich: in georgia a man is in serious condition following road rage incident in which 14 rounds were shot. charles: we are seeing rise in disturbing road wage incidents across the country and a lot of the disputes are turning into -- escalating to deadly violence, take a look at this. >> oh, my god. what is it? charles: this playing out in woodstock, georgia, man identified as 61-year-old firing 14 shots into the blue bmw sedan wounding the driver twice. police say the victim tried to pass several times before the 61-year-old started shooting. mind you, mike, this was in the view of a police officer who quickly caught up with the
10:54 am
shooter and arrested him. now facing a number of charges including aggravated assault. this is one example of rise in road rage incidents ending in gun violence according to analysis from every town researching. the latest numbers showing road rage incidents that ended with a person being shot or killed doubled last year averaging 44 people a day considering pre-pandemic average. philly suburb, this man, 22-year-old washington facing first-degree murder after police say he got out of a car driven by his mother and fired two shots at a white toyota camry killing 54-year-old king ho, both washington and his mother, amanda, are behind bars facing serious charges for what authorities say was a senseless act. >> it happens all over america
10:55 am
these days. i think it probably has to do with easy access to firearms for people who probably shouldn't have them. charles: rich, what's interesting is that the total number of road rage incidents are not exploding but a lot turning a lot more violent and experts believe that maybe induced by stressors brought on during the covid-19 pandemic coincidently a time where we saw a lot of americans going out and buying guns, rich. rich: charles watson live from atlanta. now dangerous heat stretching from texas to upper midwest soon to reach the desert southwest and northern california, meteorologist adam klotz has more on fox weather forecast. adam. adam: hey, mike, as you said a lot of heat piling up across the country and we are seeing it this afternoon, mid 90's, 80's, it is going to continue to climb and really hottest portion of the country in populated area from houston, san
10:56 am
antonio, austin running up towards dallas. 110 degrees. some of these going to get severe, a lot of heat and a lot of humidity particularly in the southeast but currently we are tracking a line of thunderstorms every one of those yellow boxes is a severe warn storm. we could see flooding, very summer-like weather as we continue to move through july. rich: thanks adam. that will do it for this hour of fox news live, fox news sunday with mike emanuel is next. i'm rich edison, thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals.
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>> i am mike emmanuel. present buying takes action to provide access to abortion. women march on washington urging the white house to do more. >> it is my hope and strong belief women will in fact turn out in record numbers to reclaim the rights that obtain contempt by the corporate. >> calls for the president to declare public health emergency over abortion rights. and vowing a summer rage in response to the supreme court's action. we will have a live report


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