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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 8, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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you are legal now you're in business. applebee's late night because it's just for fun. so that's good in the neighborhood. good evening. welcome .om as tucker carlson said. a look back for a moment. coronv the coronavirus pandemicir that would be the virus itself and our government's response to it turns out to have beenut v the single most destructive event to take place in in united states our lifetime. so destructive that it's going to be many yearssove t beforeha for certain whatho the last two and a half years have cost to all ofco us . but even now the outlines of itc are clear . covid crashed our economy
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econom first and foremost. gdp fell by the biggest f percentage since the greatelt depression. twenty two million americans lost their jobs in the first two months of the lockdown's. remember thatha we may not know is that at least five million of them never went back to work. they dropped out of the workforce apparently for good at the same time as fewer people were working. thanks to the profligate lunacy of our leaders, our national debt rose by nearlyy ten trillion dollars, unprecedented along with the debt dolong, our debts. china also rose. and then at the level of our society, every badd thing became more common drug lords, suicide, illiteracy, crime, all of them skyrocketed. sk their obesity, anxiety and alcohol has been virtually every other marker of socialnd decay, marriages and birth rates, meanwhile, dropped. soro the church attendance, we could go on.. yo here.know what?t? live hereecause you and none of that is even counting the deaths fromgm the virus itself. that's the topic that public p health authorities have liedow about so consistently that will likely never know whatis
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the real number is . but we can be confident the toll is in the hundreds of thousands. so inof tands every level covidd america, centuries old traditions just evaporated. it's a different country d and not a better one .oe but that doesn't mean thated everybody suffered under countless small businesses or under that devastated our middle class mid. but at the same time, thanks too the lockdown's, the tech monopolies thrived. apple, google, amazon alsoca e their market caps explode. jeffxp bezos went up much than ever before. not that he needed the money, but no group benefited more from the covid pandemic than the leaders of communist china. by april of 2020 one , that would be more thann a year into covid when we were suffering here in chinahe, gdp had reached the highest level ever recorded. china's economy. was growing faster after the pandemic than it had been beforeemth the pandc . that c and as a result of that,hina cha will soon overtake the united states as theos world's dominant economy soon. now someone predicted that to
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ten years ago you would have laughed. it would have seemed ridiculous. but that was beforeidous covid now it's real and covid made it possible. >> o in other words, the coronavirus didn't simply change the state.lance of pow the coronavirus changed the balance of power in the world. erorldforever. >> so do you think of it that way and that's the way the people who run governments think about it. trust us when you think of that way because it's pretty obvious that this was more than an overhyped public health emergency p. a in fact, it may very well have been a crime. the greatest crime in history was it? >> it's hard to think of a more important question that any of our leaders seem curiously uninteresteade in answering it. shortly after joe biden took office, he ordered the intel agencies determine where covid came from and the report. he got back stunned. it was inconclusive. caere are two theories, of course. one was that covid came from a lab leak luhan. the other was it came fromy a pangolin or some kind of animal. here's what intelligency said. the majority of elements within the intel community do noton believe there sufficient information to assess one to
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be more likely than the other. let me seem like not a big deal to you, but if you were the democratic party, if you spent a year dismissing any of a lab leak as a racist conspiracy theory, this was stunning because this suggested that actually the cia thought it was entirely possibleeit that the chinese government manufactured coronavirus. so in may of last year,ac joe biden publicly, very publicly sent that report back to the intelligences and told them to, quote, redouble their efforts to r r fd out where it came from. and he gave them a deadline of 90 days in august. re the report arrived. it was just a page and a half was, but it more conclusive quote one icy element assesses with moderaten confidence that the first human infection with the sars-cov-2 most likely was the result of laboratory associated incidentse ,probably involving experimentation, animal handling han or sampling by then wuhan institute of virologystul and quote, now that should have been running headlong for r months after it was almostt
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immediately disappeared. >> but think about what they're sayingth. a lot of people in the intel community believe this cameio pe from the lab, not on talklk radio. people who work at the cia. and there are a lot of reasons to think they're right. state department officials hadth visited that lab in wuhan back in 2018. and according toas "the washington post" quote, they sent two official warnings back to washington about inadequate safety at the lab, which was conducting riskyay studies on coronavirus. and back then, it turns out t one of the biggest funders of the one lab that was a manre called peter dazedly who received millions in grants from tony faucis , boasted about manipulating coronaviruses in a lab right before the pandemic began. bremember, this is a pretty god i mean, new . she told me you can manipulate it in the pretty easily spun protein drives a lot of whatoe happenss on the bus is not at risk. so you can get the sequence, you can go the protein and we
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work with paraka and this inserts into another virus right. >> and to do some work in the lab, that's an incredibly incriminating piece of tape. t and yethat that man,a peter datsyuk, has not been hauled before a congressionalio committee. has the cia spoken to him? there's no evidence that they have it looks to be thatha the experiments he was conducting in part with american tax dollars may have led to destruction of the u.s. economy and millions of deaths. the times of london reported that a virus 96% identical to the one coronavirus had beenn found in an abandoned copperr mine in china in 2012. that virus was collected in 2013 and then storedd w and studied at the u.s. instituteuh for virology. >> and then on this show wech spoke to a chinese virologist who says she was at the scene who said that covid originated from a lab experiment. all of this was taking place ino public or intel agencies could not deny it. but in r their report, they gave
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joe biden an out in the report that was not even two n pages long. they said that in order toth reach a definitive conclusion about where the viruse came from, we would need the help from the government of china and of course, the intel agencies. would never get that help. quote, chinese cooperation most likely would needed to reach a conclusive assessment of the origins of covid-19. so if you're the administration and you really wanted to know where covid c came from, that line would justify puttinggo immense pressure on the government of china to so wever the answers could find out what the just happened. but joe biden didn't do that a few months after the intel communityin second report came out, a reporter askedsk joe biden, why haven't you followed up on the recommendation and pressure the government of china to answer basicgo questios about where covid came from?. and you may remember this or maybe you've never seen it before. here's biden's response. he just smiled and walked away, perhaps without the virus that you have is your
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responsibility. why haven't you decided to doo more to be transparent on the origin? >> you just smiled and walkedd away and no one followed up. > it was no outrage in the united states congress. no one in the media yelled att him for that. it was clear that joe biden had zero interest in finding out where the virus came fromot and whether or not china was involved. now, why is that? well, the chinese government has made joe biden family extraordinarily rich, richer than we knew that we learned from the washington free beacon divide. administration has sent a million barrels of oil from our not belonging to him, but to us , the american people, our strategic petroleum reserve to a chinese owned energy company that hunter biden has invested in some of these to t tell you that the trump kids were so corrupt, all of them w after four years of the trump administration, but not joe biden's son . but it's not just biden and his
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administration that has ignored china's potential involvement in creating covid media are not interested either. why is that? well, keep in mind, the government of china pays american media a lot ofon moneyg in ane exchange.ul why not ignore what could be the crime of the century? rs cin recent years, china hasf spent tens of millions off inlars on advertising american newspapers. that would include the new york times and maybe that's whyt the new york times covid reporter apoorva mandele that sent out this tweet last year, quote, someday we will stope talking about the lavallee theory and maybe even admit itsl racist roots. but lastast that day is not yet here. so it was racist to ask whether the outbreak of a global pandemic in bujon might be related to the chinese government lab in wuhan that was experimenting on a version of the same virus. yeah, that was racist. but the entire media took that posture throughout the pandemic
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notes. that is a foreign virus, which it is , and you're a racist. id >> but neither should we spend or fall back on xenophobia, labeling covid-19 a foreign virus does not displace accountability. the president referred to the coronavirus as a quote, foreign virus. and i think it's going to spark it's going to t come across to a lot of americans as smacking of xenophobia. we administration's labeling of this virus as foreign is undoubtedly playing intoia the rising xenophobia about it.t trump isn't cautioning us to check our racism, but is rather stoking xenophobic sentiment. the president says it's i a foreign virus as if this was launched like an attack. we know what that's about. that's about him playing xenophobia works with base. why do you keep calling the chinese? whyythinese using that he comesm china. it's not racist no matter if it comes from china. china. these people are stupid
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and they're dishonest. but it's more than that where this talking point come from,s it's racist to point out that covid came from china. well, this talking point becamen prevalent in marcht of 2020 e and it just soxa happens that's exactly when china's state owned media tweeted that terms like hong coronavirus were racist before china's government issued that order. our media here in the unitedta states didn'tte recognize the term wu hong coronavirus as a slur. e >> in fact,sler they themselves said it constantly. >> here's. the proof of coronavirus has now surpassed the twenty three sars outbreak . the first u.s. case of chinese coronavirus was confirmed at her hospital. one of her hospitals inside>> that building is the world's firstir lab grown copy ofon the human coronavirus outside mainland china. the chinese coronavirus death toll has jumped to at least twenty six people. de tdeath toll from the human coronavirus spiked today.
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the chinese virus,ro the coronavirus that is worrying the wholeth world. >> so those clips are all from february of twenty . twenty chinese media tellsinin the term chinese coronavirus human coronavirus thosees aree racist terms. so the american media immediately declares that those are racist terms. they're taking their orders directly from chinese statepr media. so are you surprised and only t interested inorest finding out e the covid virus came from? but we're interested in the topic. . and iton i turns out there's a t of very interesting information that the intel community somehow left outs of its page and a half long report. we're going to start in may of 2020 one . that's when joe biden ordered o2 the intel1 community to assess o this. but we're going to include information that they leftere ie it is on may 5th of 2020 one . a former "new york times" science reporter called nicholas wade wrote in the bulletin of the atomicep scientists a review of something called the furring cleavage site of the virus.
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that'sth something that increasm the viral infectivity of human cells. his analysis includedincl thisnd quote from david baltimore is ae virologist and former president of the californiati institute of technology. >> quote, when i firsten saw the friend cleavage in the viral sequence with its arguin codons, i said to my wife it wasas the smoking gun for the origin of the virus. these features make a powerfulch challenge to the ideade of a natural origin for sars to. in other words, when i look carefully at the virus, i realized it was manmade. and then later on may 18 , prominent scientists published a letter in the journal science saying a new investigation was needed because, quote, theoriese of accidental release fromde b the lab and zoonotic spillover both remain viableot. l keep insc mind this is how scientists write, but the headline is actually the lab leak theory might not be a theory. >> now, among the people who signed that letter was
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ralph berek. he's a virologist in the united states who works closely with she gingerly that's the infamous bat lady from the institute of biology. if houseparents name sounds familiar to you, it's because that name was in many internal emails that we now have seenha from inside the national institutes of health. those emails came out injune jue of 2020 one . t and inha those emails we learn that in the earliest daysfa the pandemic researchers warn tony fauci that the virus appearedap to come from the lab, that it wasn't natural, it was manmade. chris anderson of the scripps institute in california wrote this quote, the unusual features of the virus makee up a really small part of the genome, lessss than point one percent. so one has to lookkon reallyce s closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features potentially look engineered. thr this is the very beginning. people are looking through microscopes at the virus themselves. wait a second. someone s made this. >> the emails also show that tony fauci demanded information
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a gain of function experiments from a subordinatete, particularly gain of function experiments in wukong fauci then sent an urgent email to a deputy, a man called hugh auchincloss of that email is in all caps and it was this importantt quote too. it is essential that we speak this and keepr your cell phonel on . el read this paper as well as the email that i will forward. you will have tasks today that must be done and quote fauci.t o then attach the documents, the email tunneled baric sheet at all nature medicine sustaining functions that pdf now keep in mind the tony fauci denied under oath that ralph research for the united statesdu had ever conducted data function research in on .re >> and yet here was tony fauci m emilian subordinate'sai. but ralph barrack's work with w wuhan's back lady who was the person conducting infamous experiments on bat coronavirustt that mayay have changed the global order that may have
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caused this pandemic and put china ahead of the united states and therefore in charge of the world. >> now around the same time, the emails show the director of the nih the now completely discredited francis collins, was trying to bury the lab theory. collins, one of his underlingss to find, quote, something nihany can do d to help put down this very destructive conspiracy, end quote. now, keep in mind, francis s collins at the very same time was running around telling everyone what a greatat christian he was and doing all these interviews with the evangelia website, some people to listen to what t tony fauci was saying. i believe the u.s. government now the lab leak theory is ridiculous. get the facts. that was francis collins. it turns out he was lying, but none of this made it into the intel agencies. one andha a half page report to. joe biden. neither did the news at the wuhan lab spent hundreds of millions of dollars on new filtration system o shortly aftr the pandemic began. really on september 16th.
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2019 nearly three months after the first reported cases of covid-19 emerge, juhan lab agreed to spend six hundred and six million dollars on a,nd quote, central air conditioning renovation project .ct six hundred and six million sawat for each vasey. >> so in the face of all thisce evidence, which at this pointd is overwhelming, the world health organization ofns o all places is demanding a new investigation into the origins of covid. keep in mind you rigged the last investigation by making peter datsyuk the sole us investigator. but officials i i in this count, for reasons we can't understanda ,are still resisting efforts to find out what was happening at the one lab whichch, by the way, the support ofpa us taxpayer. >> now, what's the level one lab up to now? well, may come as a surprise to you that at one lab they're nowo working on monkey pox viruses. in fact, they're more than working on monkey pox viruses.
10:18 pm
their assemblyse, new monkey pox viruses. according to one study underwaye at this moment, quote, since x v infection and b monkey pox has never been associated with an outbreak in chinah , the virl genomic material required for r a q pcr detection is unavailable and therefore the lab has tohere engage in, quote, viral dna recombination ,creating a fragment of the virus in the ground up, which they call a quote t, failw safe. in other words, frankenstein with monkey pox. amazing in the face of all of this, the white house is buried any real investigation into the origins of covert and soch this research is allowed to continue research that could make it look like nothing. is. no one's sayingg anything about this since then. we want to talk to someone who has not and in lock step, someone who from the very beginning has been braveg enoug
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to pointth to the most obvious origin of covid and that wouldei the lab and move on . that man's name is steven mosher. we first talked tote in february of 2020.02 >>0. well, i think i think it came from the lab because we have the chinese government basicallyas telling us that it did well hand and say only level four laboratoryhi and all of china. so that's where you would put a dangerous pathogen, whether you were a genetically engineeringg to be a weapon or not, that's where you would be experimenting on it. so it makes sense that the epicenter of the epidemic the lab there would be the source of that virus, even though was the first person we heard say that very few honest people would disagree at this point. he mosher's the author of the politically incorrect guide to pandemic influenza. thanks so much so for coming on again. i think you've been vindicated. ichetucknee vindi, but not inf the pages of the new york times , d not from the podium the white house briefing and you have to wonder how is half years later
10:20 pm
when the entire world order has been reshuffled thanks to this virus that the biden administration, the u.s. congress are trying to find out where it came fromniut w? >> well, tucker, i appreciate the vindication of much more than i would have vindication of "new york times", which i hardly read anymore. and probably won't read it all in the future. >> look, you know, if you look back at the history of pandemics, communist china is the greatat epicenter of pandemics over the last 70 years. the hong kong flu in 68 came from china. we call it the hong kong flu. that's a misnomer. the asian flu in fifty eight came from china. china hit it for months on endr before telling t the world there was a dangerous virus l l on the loose even after tens off thousands of people in china were dying. a million people died around the world because the chinese communist party covered it up and then again in 2003 with sars . one november, a snake seller in guangdong province in southern china died from a snake coronavirus. g
10:21 pm
hera was handling raw snake meat or eating raw snake meat. we don't know. re but china did the same thing. it covered it up for months. it doctored the data sayingly that it wasn't as infectious as it actually was. they silenced whistleblowers. they lied to the world healthhie organization repeatedly. and at the end off the day, it wasn't china that revealed the existence of the epidemic. it was western intelligence services that said, look, there's something dangerous going on in china and at the same time,a they said it was a foreign actor who unleashedis a bioterrorist weapon in china. this was back in 2003. familia? does that all sound familiar? that's the same playbookam thati we saw in 2019 and twentydy twenty . we should have been ready for f china again. communist china is the great it was s ground of pandemicsin. this pandemic is different, though, because it was started in the labta and it was released deliberately on the world and why more peopleeo aren't talking about it, i don't understand. >> will it tells you how beholden people feel tont the chinese government.
10:22 pm
but of course, china is the tinr winner in all of this. that's been obvious since the beginning. steven mosher, i really appreciate your cominglly apprek i hope to see you again. thank you. thank you. so we've been hearing a lot over the last year about our sacred norms respectingct our ancient forms ofin governmet here in the united states, otherwise known as democracy. and yet, weirdly, when joe biden doesn't likeis a supreme court decision, he decides to undermine the supreme to urs c or in thise on roe v. wade. he gave an announcement today in which he essentially said, i don't care what the court said. >> i was likeit annds lik attaca on democracy. we've gotot straight ahead. >> i didn't get the memo. we're still hung, but patricia back is the expert inside the brain. jeff, family treasure is only
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service and if not right from the with one tap download truebill money app that works for you. drug abuse and suicide spike birthrate craters, life . histancy drops joe biden doesn't notice any of doesn't say a word. but the idea thate people mightn not be having enoughg abortions in this country, biden goes completely insane. nothing bothers him more . we need more abortions now. and so today joe biden said an executive order on so-calledioio abortion rights. here's whatn its looked like. >> let me be clear. i wish it had not come to this. this t is the fastest route
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available.. i'm just stating a basic fundamental but fastest way to restore roe . roe is wa depassde national law codifying roe , which i will sign immediately upon its passage. i'm at my desk. people might not be having>> enough t abortions, too many babies in this country that'sou joe biden at exactly the moment when there are fewer babies than ever in this country. > but joe biden wants even fewer. so he's directing h.h. us to do whatever it can. he's establishing an interagency task force, reproductive health care access that means more abortion. merrick garlandct, of course, is supposed to be the attorney general. reallyto g malicious buffoon. he's part of why would attorney general be part of that to mandatebo abortions, arrest if you have enough abortions? ary because but biden said all of this is necessary because more abortions are, quote, the practicece o of medicine. >> this is a horrific realityif that roe sought toic end
10:29 pm
the practice of medicine shouldc not and should not be frozen in the 19th century. >> so there are legal questions here and no one's even bothering to ask them in the media is this legal and what's in it instead of celebrating joe biden, we lovebi it more and more in here. >> celan first of all,g i'm competing with president biden, so i want to make sure people know where i stand, what is right to choose right here, what makesre w. >> okay, there we go . there we go . there we go . >> tucker: yeah, that's healthy because moving in the right direction c some guy in a pink t-shirt saying i'm abetting abortion, okay, even if you're for legal abortion, the roe v wade you for that.? that's a good thing. i'm a betting abortion, not a betting salberg and helping raise my kids or marrying their mom. py i want w more abortion. are you happy about. ing to himj but according to reuters quotes, biden officials are exploring waysoe to provide abortion access for pregnant
10:30 pm
girls in u.s. immigration custodyy in states with bans.nt oho so if you sneak into this country legally, the one thingha we give you, you guessed it an abortion is this legal? well, the answer to that question, we're going to the legal authority we trust first and foremost. . that would be harmeet dhillon, ceo at the center for americann women joins us . >> i mean, thanks so much for coming on . so i thought we were supposed to respect the supreme wrt courr and its decisions. >> n that would be one of our norms that we're preserving. no pre. >> well, no, not under this administration, tucker. tias you know, these people vale their death. merchants really mer when they e when it comes to pushing abortion and it is a religiony of the left. and so they're very upset that o one of their tenets has been struck downn and they're going to vote you signal and try to tell their electorate that they're going to do something about it. but what i want too first reassure your viewers, tucker,er is that while he t got onto the stage flanked by his death merchants on either side from california, kamala harris of , the basara and promise to basically overturn the dobs
10:31 pm
decision through executive order. he doesn't have the power to dow that. and in fact, most of this executive order is putting together a task forces and exploring protecting this and directing that. but it's reallyy coloring within the lines of existing federal jurisdiction for the most part. and so not much is going to change. o prevent the president is impotent to prevent states from implementing laws that are a compliant with dobbs and thatnd may include banning abortion in most circumstances. and that's that is the value of the community in most of america. and i mightca add that polls hae been pretty consistent, showing that a vast majority of americans a over 70 sometimes 7% favor some restrictions on abortion, favor bans on third trimester abortion ban favor bans on infanticide, which democrats vote againste time and again in the united states congress. and they want limitations because even according
10:32 pm
democrats historically, according to joe biden, according to the clintonsion , abortion should be safed, legalt and rare in america. that used to be the democrats position that's completelyem f banned in thatar because the fai left flank of their party demands this. butr r pu it's not popular in at yet. some sort of weird cult p and it's given me the creeps. it's not going to go to a good place. i would say hermhs don't.>> thank you for that analysis. >> thank you so a group of antifa in washington is offering money to anyonera who finds and harasses the supreme court justice. and somewhat worse, the doj. i' but there's something you can do to stop itll and we'll tell you what it is . and what could be listed as the owner of yours stealing thousands dollars of your hard earned equity. anybody who owns property that about 90%, there's no other
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10:38 pm
he left office in 2020 for health reasons. but he remained one of the biggest political figures in the country. he believed the national economy for china's efforts to take over other countries, particularly taiwan, today he was murdered at the agege ofil sixty seven . he was shot to death for delivering a speech for eitherh candidate just a few days ahead of japan's upper house elections w take place on sunday . a forty one year old man king would appear to be a homemade gun, walked up behind him and shot him. >> watch . r: not not surprisingly, chinese states media gloated about his death. the state run global timesca called abe a quote, controversial japanesealse f fie who once contributed to china japan relations but later tore those achievements apart. lathen, not surprisingly, our media s here in the unitede states, which takes millions of dollars from the chinese government, echoed eth a chinesd view. the associated press one with this headline, shinzo abeh,
10:39 pm
the powerful former japan pm leaves divided legacy. our own p state media npr called abia ultranationalist was a cbs report that he was a , quote, polarizing figure, evenpo though once again he waspu the most popular japanese prime ministern in modern history. h >>is a polarizing figure. >> he was a right wing nationalist and conservative and a fierce supporter ofs japan's military. he fought to amend the country's pacifist constitution in the face of the rising threat from china. shinzo abebe was mostly polarizing in new york and companies that take their cues from the chinese government. >> but few people are more dependent on money from china than the biden families would say. maybe not surprisingly, joe biden used the death of abe as a justification to push his domestic agenda. >> quote, we other violent attacks are never acceptable and that gun violence always leaves a deep scarringce communities that are affected
10:40 pm
by it.. so you use the death of s a former prime minister to talk about your stupid gun control agenda. everything about biden is fake from his hair to face his teeth to his skin, to the human emotions that hee makes on tv. it's repulsive. but speaking of violence, on wednesday, a mob of anti harassed supreme court justice greg kapinos eating dinner at a steakhouseus a in washington. now, keep in mind, rukavina was just the subject of a murder attempt the other day, but they're still going after has done nothing. the group responsible for this incalled shut down dc their antifa group.. a tweetpeopt outut calling for people to report r sightings of conservative supreme court justices. doj has done nothing. >> but there is something that you can do to stop this. so p get a pen right now we'rese stealing this from a user on twitter. someone textedt text of us to ss brilliant and we're quoting flood them with reported sightings until they give up. now that's genius. and you participate right now.
10:41 pm
so if you'd like to visit, shut down dc on twitter. the account is shutdown. underscore dc and let them know the three hundred and seventy five places you think supreme court justices might be . and if enough people do that, they won't be able to do what they want to do, which is to intimidate judges into bowing to their will. this mexicana. oh, we we are very grateful to be joined now by a man who can sort this out because handsome is a fellow at the hoover institution. he joins us live u. professor, thanks so much for coming on . c so callingalli on people to hars supreme court justices, where does this go ? doceou you think? well, we know where it goes. >> it goes to nicholas roski showing s up at the home of bret kavanaugh wanting to kill him. we have the most famous attack on the supreme court since the court packing of fdr
10:42 pm
eighty five years ago. i mean, the president united states went to a foreignn country and attacked the supreme court in front of a spanish post. serves a law professor elizabeth warren said it was illegitimate. somebody committed a felonyon and leaked a confidential memo fromnf the court. it's a it's a felony to go out in front of a justice's home. le we had the senate minority leader just two years ago, chuck schumer, say that the court and he named the justices by name tucker justice gorsuch, you don't know what will hit you. and he said that they had they had sold the win and they reap the whirlwind. what does he mean by that? they're going to reapd the whirlwind and what was going to hit them.yolv and now we have this courtki packing scheme that arises as part of a larger landscape, tucker, that the left is ary revolutionary. it's like the french revolutionary jacobin movementol . they don't trust any customs. they don't honor any laws. everything is fluid and it's legal only to the extent thatse it's useful. so the one hundred and eighty f year filibuster that they usedil to treasuries u, the minorityge party, they want tot get rid of
10:43 pm
it. rethe one hundred and fifty person, the one hundreddr and fifty or nine person supreme g court get rid of it. it's no longer useful. have a r they can't have a republicanepub as flip as they did from warren to david souter easily anymore . so they're like adolescents.s a they're ang fifty state union, we'very 5unin 60 years bring ing two more states to get senators. same thingsenator same. a national voting law toti override the constitutional prerogativeon of each state to set, you know, balloting laws. and then we have the two hundred thirty two year old electoral college once a blue wall fell like little kids, they got angry and said get rida of it. it. the common denominator so the common denominator is all of this is they look at the law as what's useful for the moment, for a progressive agendapr. and when that is no longer true, then they try to destroyti the institutiontu and that's wht they're doing. and it's incumbent on everybody to call eve them out for what they are.. yeah, and to stop it ifan youd s can. the ups is dangerous and people need to stop it. steps to protect themselves,
10:44 pm
their families. i appreciate ituc as always. thank thank you.>> tha >> there's a brand new show called the terminal list. >> viewers love it. not all critics do. the main road it one the most w successfulri and best writers ii america. a novel is called jack kab, honored to haven him on after the break. allegations are still ongoing into the failure of operation source to deal with the death of 12 year old . >> hello, i'm mike lindell and i want to give each and every one of you one last chance to get my original my slippers go to mypillow .com
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10:49 pm
one victim to discuss your case now nine zero one five nine nine seven recall thatke earlier this year elon musk going to buy twitter and restore a free speech on the single mostfr important platform for political discussion in this country. >> there's been a major development in all of that and fox's kevin corke has it for us right now. >> n soccer, you know, sometimn the deals you don't end upp making well, frankly end up being the very best deals possible. and that's what the world'sossi richest man is hoping for tonight as elon musk looks to pull the plug on that deal to v
10:50 pm
buy twitter. now that had been $ actually valued at44 forty four billion dollars. but his lawyers claim twitter failed to complys lawyerswi wits obligations. for their part, twitter's board chairman brett twi taylor says i want the deal and i'll sue to enforce it. that's for musk. well, he's accusing the sociala media platform of a bit of trickery, quote, sometimes twitter has ignored mr. musk request this according to his. lawyers. sometimes it's rejected him for reasons that appear to be unjustified and sometimes its claimts to comply when well, as you see there, while giving t mr. musk incomplete or sometimes unusable information. furthermore, ir musk is accused the company of making movesch without his consent, which in his team's opinion constitutes a material breach of contract g and in case you're wondering, very next stop, you guessed it, probably court, which means bring your checkbooks, tucker workforce, thanks so much. meba. free speec
10:51 pm
all of us are still praying for our free speech rights to be returned to. well, you may have heard abouthe maybe have seen t the show the terminal and all the critics love it. the viewers definitely do. rotten tomatoes critics cause 40% the audience score is ninety 5% and that's always the best possible side, like having lower grades and sat impressive. here's a clip. chris , can you outline the details of your mission and score the audio logs you and darktownk comms roughly 45% y. so now we're down into one good first three electronic music with the navy seals. a lot of people tracking right now. so just lay off until you can stay on whatever you think ofke
10:52 pm
amazon. >> pretty cool that they madete itve the list is based, of course, on the best selling book by jack carr. fo he's onerm of the executive n producers. he's a former navy seal,av one c the best selling novelists in america. a gone of the good guys. for jack carr, thanks so much forst coming on . so it must must please. first b of all, congratulations on the book, the many books this show. but it must please you in a way no viewers hate it.t i'm not all critics hate it, but viewers like it much more than critics. >> how do you feel about that? oh, itt falls right in line with everything that i understand about the current culture and climate in america. ute right now. and it seems to have triggered quite a few of these critics. and i have a couple of examples here. dailyir beast titled the review the terminal list is an unhinged right wing revenge fantasy, which is because righto left conservative liberal are not even mentioned in the show. butt i think it may be because the protagonist is competent with weapons or tactics. you strong he holds those in power accountable and that could be unsettling for some , particularly some maybe senior members of the military who have
10:53 pm
failed upwards over the last twenty years. they go on to write theree is some serious danger to the terminal is pandering to red state viewers with routine references to bigger guns, s country music and hunting. the daily beast does not like those things. it does notthin soundgs it d ith fun over there. but the the 95% you were rating audience rating makes it allak worth it. we didn't make ite for the critics. wed tho made it for those in the arena. we made it for the soldier, sailor, airman, a marine that a went downrange to iraq and afghanistan so they could sit on the couch and say, hey, these guys put in the work. they put in the effort to makeal something special and make a show m that speaks speaks to them. and that 95% rating lets me know that we 9 at least got close. and then one more line here. it's from t tve line says the fugitive meet seal team, meet the don't tread on me truck detail. we're served up huge helpings of red meat, masculinity and lots and lots of american flags. they don't like american flagsve over their game rant even cites revolutionary war era don't tread on me flags as ae negative. so it's odd that both game
10:54 pm
brands and tv line had to go back to the seventeen hundreds to take the side oft the british in their reviews i found quite interesting but someone wrote a horrible review of one of my latestel novel in the blood and they said something alongng the lines of what you can call a book like this and you call it a number one new york times best sellingth novel. and someone wrote the same thing abo about this show. and you call that the number one series o on prime video. and i do want to thank amazon t because they took a lot of risksheit with this show and thy took those risks with us . and so my hat is is off to theme and i'm sincerely humbled and grateful. jack kahu notd too long ago is wearing government issued clothing carrying a rifle in weird countries. it is just amazing how successful you have been and wonderful, wonderful to watch for real. >> thank you for joining us . thanks so much. take we've got more news for you after the break. break really talking about something that involves every american,
10:55 pm
whether they know or not. they literally accuse you of betraying the country. what the is you must and the only way out is that there's no getting out of it. in the world of tv, you must entertain through a really rough childhood. if you believe in censorship, you are definitely not the good guy. are you ever afraid thought we should have been taught. you don't have to wait for tonight. tonight. what summer solstice would you episode for me exclusively . hi, w my name's steve. i lost one hundred ande to thirty pounds on golo and i kept it up so g with other i jut feeles like your muscle in your way through it.ha the reason why i like gologo is plain and simple. it was m i didn't have to get my teeth and the entire goal of the lifestyle change and you make the change and it stays the goes change my life in so many ways. i sleep better. it better took my shirt off in the first time in twenty five years. it's goldenthal golo. it's smarter. it's better. it will change your life forever. attention military families. camp lejeune is potentially being investigated for claims
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for us tonight. about ite line that's for us tonight. >> sorry, biden joked our friend j jarocin for sean tonight. have the best night with the ones you love.te w i'll see you monday. at. welcome everyone to this special edition of "hannity". i'm right here i show tonight.em top democrats and their friendsc in the liberal media all butid begging president biden to do something, anything on a variety of key issues in response today, the white house signed a rather useless executive order on abortion rights that does little to nothingab, just another political stunt from a w


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