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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 8, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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special edition of "hannity." unfortunately that's all the time we have left for this evening. thank you sincerely for joining us. don't forget you can listen to my podcast, "the brief." read my column. thegregg this fall i'll be out with a brand-new book titled "trial of the century." have a great weekend, everyone. sean is back on monday. laura is next. >> raymond: i am raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham. this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from new york city. tonight, vaden secretary of state tony blinken is meeting with china's foreign minister in indonesia. we'll bring you all of the details as we get them. first, the politicization of everything. the political establishment has decided their best bet to stay in power is to keep you in a perpetual state of political
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outrage. now, there is virtually no facet of american life immune from politics and partisanship. it's in a tiny example of what i mean. some friends invited my wife and i to the essence festival concert last saturday night at the superdome in new orleans. it should have been a fun time. 50,000 people there to see janet jackson patti labelle. just before the headliners took the stage, this well-known warm-up act wandered out. >> we are in the middle of a critical time. they are trying to take women's right to choose. they are trying to take voting rights. >> raymond: the reverend may have gone -- may have well is gone to a chump rally. nobody wanted to hear that political message. at that point miss jackson hit the stage. no. >> hello, essence festival, this
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november we will be electing folks who make critical decisions in our community. decisions about our health care, very personal decisions we make about our bodies. stay on with black approval of the president biden below 50% according to a new quinnipiac poll, the administration is doing all they can to engage african american motor so kamala harris also did in essence drive by. >> those that might be vulnerable that we have the rights that was settled law including issues like contraception, issues like same-sex marriage. this statement has been made of the government has a right to come in your home and tell you is a woman and as a family what you should do with your body. >> raymond: this is foolishness. isn't she part of the government? the vp's party controls all three branches so who exactly is coming into your home to tell you what to do with your body? maybe that's why hunter biden was prowling around the
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white house this week. they finally found a job he is well trained for. bedroom first responder. there are real-world consequences for political disinformation like that. stoking anger, lying to citizens about the supreme court ruling which merely returned abortion rights to the states to decide. all of this demonization has an impact. the same week that reverend al and vp harris visited new orleans at a catholic church a few miles away, this happened. the angle exclusively obtained this security footage. mask thugs toppled a pro-life statue of the virgin mary and then stole it. another statue has been stolen and to others toppled all of the same church. four churches in wisconsin chippewa county were also vandalized last week. coincidence? i don't think so. listen to the rhetoric the
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president used two describe a coequal branch of government, the supreme court, today. >> what we are witnessing wasn't a constitutional judgment. it was an exercise in raw political power. we cannot allow an out-of-control supreme court working in conjunction of extremist elements in the republican party did take away freedoms and our personal autonomy. consider it a challenge accepted, court. >> raymond: the dehumanization of the court as extremists, out-of-control group of justices taking away your rights, this conveys a clear message to fringe elements of american society. mainly it's okay to target justices. it's no wonder the justices homes have become protest magnets. justice kavanaugh was threatened with assassination edge of the other night he was driven from a d.c. restaurant by protesters. in ohio, motivated by the roe ruling, human feces was mailed
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to the members of their statehouse. thankfully it was intercepted by the post office. the hyper partisanship, incitement and acceptance of violence over displeasure is an american epidemic. this is footage from a new york city restaurant. when patrons were told there was an additional charge for dipping sauce, they rampaged. [alarm blaring] pitiable. any grievance at all is no cause for locking traffic, attackinghn museums are no longer immune from politics. at british museums this week, anti-oil protesters glued themselves to the frames of masterpieces. in the u.s., actors have taken to gluing themselves to coffee
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shop counters as a means of protest. i asked people on the street with the thought of these antics. >> we are also seeing the destruction of sacred art, religious statues as a reaction to the roe v. wade ruling. is that appropriate? >> no. i don't think destruction of property is appropriate. >> i don't think acts of vandalism, which it is, which are against the law, are the right way to go about things. there should be consequences for your actions, as there always are. >> no, i don't think so. i think there's other ways of showing their feelings than protesting. in national galleries. they shouldn't do that. >> raymond: gluing themselves to great works of art. >> leave them there. >> raymond: leave them glued to the frames. they will be hungry and then something has got to happen. >> raymond: people no matter
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their political persuasion, they don't like anarchy. they don't want to see the disruption and destruction of american life in the name of politics. next time these politicians crashed into a cultural event, a sports or entertainment venue, and pebble this kind of divisive vitriol, we need to walk out and complain. there must be spaces in american life free of political combat and division. places where we can enjoy each other as neighbors and friends and citizens. the continued partisan demonization of people will only strain our bonds of unity and destroy whatever delicate threads hold this fragile experiment in liberty together. joining me now is benjamin, the editor at large at the spectator. sean duffy, former wisconsin congressman. both are fox news contributors. thank you for being here. there are effective ways to protest you don't -- things you don't like but is this violence,
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attacking works of art, the intimidation of good people. is that proper? >> no, it's not. i think you have the nail on the head when you said one of the things this destroys is the shared space we want to enjoy as americans where we do not have the ability anymore to sit alongside each other, republicans and democrats, independents and the like, and cheer on a scene in front of us at a sporting event or at a concert or the like without having this invasion that the cultural left repeatedly forces in front of us. it's not something that's civilized. it's not something that encourages any kind of actual progress or conversation or inability to come together in the ways that we have historically as americans. yet it's essential for us, in order to have a representative government where we can have a
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fight, a quarrel, go back and forth, determine these policies and move forward together as fellow countrymen without this level of animosity and hatred that we see the left stoking every day. >> raymond: the demonization of people without a credible argument, that's got to be a no-go in american politics and in american life. sean, great news for election integrity out of wisconsin. the wisconsin supreme court barred absentee ballot drop boxes. the court's majority said that under state laws, and absentee ballot must be returned by mail or the voter must personally deliver it to the local election office. how do you anticipate this impacting not only wisconsin's future elections but maybe national elections as well? >> just to walk back, wisconsin conservatives were really concerned because in the last election, we have voter i.d. in wisconsin unless someone is indefinitely confined meaning that you are a shot and in a
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nursing home. he broke both legs and you can't get around. there's an exception to a rule for voter i.d. liberal county said everyone is indefinitely confined in wisconsin so no one has to show an i.d. so they set up drop boxes and it was right for fraud. same we should have voter integrity. people should show an i.d. or write down a driver's license number so we can verify that it's actually you. if you want to bring the country together, you have to have faith in elections. you can lose and i'll be happy but to know that you lost. people don't believe they lost an election, that's a problem not just for the loser. it's a problem for the winter as well. you want both sides to go "it was fair." if you don't feel that way, it's a problem for everybody. one last point, talking about
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elections, joe biden and his speech on abortion today was talking vote, vote, vote. it's a campaign speech. he is so concerned he can't run on the economy, inflation, the border, policy, crime. he has to run on abortion and most americans don't look to abortion as the number one issue. it's a 1% issue. the economy is a 40% issue. >> raymond: sean, you raise a great point about the integrity of the institutions and here's what a radical leftist group, they are called shut down d.c. and they tweeted this today. this is a bounty essentially on justices. d.c. service industry workers, it reads, if you cabin, alito, gorsuch, roberts, dm us with the details. we will then mow you 50 bucks for confirm siding and -- confirm siding.
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the biden department of justice doesn't seem to be concerned. >> they don't seem to be concerned. i saw this and i was disgusted by it. any american should be disgusted by it regardless of whether you think of the court. whether it's a client in this direction or the opposite. we shouldn't be treating supreme court justices or any of our government officials this way. it is declaring open season on them and their families. people ask, why don't we have better people going into government? why don't we have more people who have families and careers. why do we have these career politicians and people compromised by lobbyists and agendas. this is what you get when you have a situation like that. good people get excluded from being in these political roles because, why would they want to put their families in danger? why would they want to risk this kind of excretes for their lives in the lives of their children.
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the biden department of justice has done a poor job standing up in defense of the security of these justices and their families. don't expect it to change but i do hope republicans will start running on and advocating for the impeachment of some of these officials who are making this a reality, including merrick garland. this is something that absolutely is unacceptable and should be rejected as not just opposed to good governments but opposed to a representative form of government that we here in america have cherished for so long and has been such a wonderful human achievement for ourselves and for the world. >> raymond: before i run out of time, he saw the attacks on churches in the pro-life facilities in their home states. the fbi director christopher wray was forced to admit this today. watch. >> certainly we have seen an uptick in attacks, threats, of different sorts against establishments that are more on the pro-life side then we had
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before. >> raymond: thanks for acknowledging when everybody can see. sean, will the biden administration start taking this seriously before something deadly happens? isn't this an infringement on the free exercise of religion? >> of course it is. here you have the fbi saying there is an uptick in violence but we are not going to really do anything about it. we are the investigative teams. where are the prosecution. the prosecutions of the protesters outside the justices' homes or the prosecution of individuals threatening justices? the justice department, when they do nothing, it is a wink and a nod for violence because i think when you talk about extremism, republicans are extreme. they are domestic terrorists. you get crazies who pick up arms and do dangerous things and you look at the department of justice, absent on these issues and this violence. i think it sends a green light for bad behavior. if they would stand up and go, we are going to start prosecuting people. you would see it end but they
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are using it for political purposes. they want the pressure. they want pressure to come on churches. this is how they get things done in america which is not part of our history. we have great institutions, great debate. we don't resort to violence. don't college other domestic terrorists. when you do thing -- when you do that, things devolve. >> raymond: thank you for your insights. have a wonderful weekend. former white house counsel pat cipollone today met with the january 6th committee behind close doors for more than eight hours. here is how he was greeted at the closed-door session. look at this. >> have you corroborated or disputed any of cassidy hutchinson's testimony? >> will you answer the committee's questions? >> did you discuss pardons and the members of congress who asks for them? >> raymond: this is called intimidating the witness media.
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the press spent the majority of the day covering cipollone's testimony with no details whatsoever but it's amazing, they have a behind closed-door testimony and then they lined the halls with all of the media to put pressure on him as he comes in. cheney and company subpoenaed cipollone after testimony from former meadows '8 cassidy hutchinson about january 6th in the days leading up to it but it seems like those eight hours with cipollone might not have been as fruitful endeavor as the committee had hoped. >> i know you can't get into specifics but can you say if you learned any significant new information? >> i think a few things, yes. when we put this altogether, obviously tuesday it's going to be an important day for the committee and i think the country, connecting various
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dots. yes, i think this was worthwhile. >> raymond: my goodness. hang time on that answer, he could've had another hearing. joining me as matt whitaker, former acting attorney general under president trump. january 6, the committee member lofgren, she doesn't sound too confident about what she got from pat cipollone today. >> she doesn't. it's good to be with you tonight. what you probably would expect, this committee really wanted somebody corroborate their previous witness. they needed pat cipollone's testimony to say, did you say these things? did you hear the same thing she heard? in this case it sounds like all i really wanted was to get pat cipollone on video for their made-for-tv show trial in order to sort of get somebody that was close to the president i'm sure they asked every single question every way you can ask it. pat cipollone is a smart, sophisticated guy. i'm sure he answered their
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question and protected things like executive privilege. >> raymond: that's a great point. the committee is trying to establish that trump wanted to join protesters at the capitol on january 6th which probably proves nothing but as you mention, pat's attorneys negotiated with this committee for months over concerns about executive privilege. why is that so important? >> we have a constitutional system that has a separation of power. congress should not be able to sniff into and look into the advice that the president is getting from his most trusted advisors, especially his lawyers, white house counsel. this is a very important area that needs to be protected. remember pat was able to negotiate through his lawyers that he was not actually subpoenaed. he voluntarily.
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>> raymond: one of the big questions for pat. >> what did trump know it will today say to you about whether or not what was happening was right or wrong. as white house counsel, there's a lot he can't discuss in terms of his conversation with president but any behavior he believed was criminal behavior or potentially criminal or wrongdoing, it's not covered by those privileges. >> raymond: is there anything to suggest that trump's conversations with cipollone constitute criminal behavior? >> i've not heard anything. nor have i seen any testimony from the committee. what "the new york times" to be wanting to know was how to the security failures happen. how did the intelligence gaps happen and how can we fix it. more like the 9/11 committee instead of this completely partisan, one-sided show prop. >> raymond: thank you for
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being with us. before you go, i should plead this for you. this is ranking committee member jamie raskin. here's what he had to say leading up to tuesday's hearing. taking self-righteousness relate to another level. >> i can't wait to go back to disagreeing with her about everything. but right now we are in a constitutional emergency and we are all constitutional first responders. >> raymond: constitutional first responders. have you ever heard that terminology ever used? >> no. in fact people like jamie raskin and joey lofgren and others in liz cheney are not going to save the republicans. they are what is destroying the republic through this partisan gamesmanship. >> raymond: matt whitaker, thank you for being with us. up next, breaking details from tony blinken's meeting with his chinese counterpart and how the
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defense department is quickly eroding our military readiness. mike pompeo, gordon chang are here next.
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>> raymond: as every branch of
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the military is reportedly in the recruiting crisis, top brass is still doing everything it can to deter people from wanting to join. back in november, defense secretary lloyd austin made it mandatory for service members to get the covid vaccine. many have been fighting it and today we learned that roughly 40,000 national guardsmen and 22,000 reservists that refuse the vaccine will be barred from their duties, effectively cutting their pay and benefits. joining me, former secretary of state mike pompeo. he is a fox news contributor. what will getting rid of more than 60,000 service members do to our military readiness? >> thanks for having me on tonight. you mention the recruiting problems we are already facing. when you make military -- you don't do the right things by focusing on its wartime mission and then you add to cutting
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between 10% and 15% of all national guardsmen, this is really dangerous. xi jinping and vladimir putin aren't worried about the vaccines. they are worried about making their military's more capable. we should be focused on the same thing. there is a real risk to readiness and making sure that we have units capable of deploying should something be required of them. this is not based on science. it makes no sense and i hope this president will change his ways. and if there is a president after him he should reinstate every one of these folks. they are trying to serve voluntarily on behalf of the united states of america. >> raymond: what we are learning about herd immunity and so many people haven't been vaccinated and gotten covid and therefore they are immune at this point. i want to turn to the assassination of former japanese private mr. shinzo abe. the media was disgusting. npr tweeted and then deleted that "abe was a divisive archconservative." "cbs this morning" remembered him this way.
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>> a polarizing figure, he was a right-wing nationalist and conservative and a fierce supporter of japan's military. >> raymond: mr. secretary, who exactly was he polarizing to? he was the country's longest-serving prime minister who won by huge margins. >> this is sick. it is sick to see these left-wing media folks go after a man who was just assassinated. he was assassinated while campaigning for his party. ideas that have benefited the japanese people for an awfully long time. there's a reason he is the longest serving prime minister. the people of japan loved him and reviewed him. he was a great partner to the united states. to hear npr and cbs go after him for being a right-wing crazy. he was a great partner to the united states. it doesn't surprise me that someone who worked alongside us in the trump administration being attacked by the left, the same old tired story. i would regret that they would
7:29 pm
do that at a time when this man was assassinated. >> raymond: fbi director christopher wray yesterday title i of the greatest threats facing our country, mr. secretary. watch. >> we consistently see it's the chinese government that poses the biggest long-term threat to our economic and national security and by "our," i mean both of our nations and our allies in europe and elsewhere. >> raymond: i seem to remember president biden highlighting far greater threats. >> do you know what the joint chiefs told us the greatest threat facing america was? global warming. according to the intelligence committee, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today. not racist, not al qaeda. white supremacists. >> raymond: who is right? >> i am with ray. the chinese communist party has
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been abusing the american people. they stole millions of our jobs. they have taken away intellectual property, stolen our secrets in our university. director wray has this right. the chinese communist party, not climate change, not white supremacist him, the present real risk. still they are probably incensed, the media as well as parts of the biden administration buffy "the abe mg there is a regional balance we are losing. we may have lost and abe being assassinated. >> prime minister abe was relieved the first and most significant asian leader to confront the chinese comet's party. it's hard when you are in their neck of the woods in the pacific. he was serious about it. he partnered with australia, the south koreans, the other allies and with us. to deliver a central understanding about the chinese communist party.
7:31 pm
he was fearless in supporting that we've lost a great leader who was willing to change the trajectory of japan's willingness to affect itself in that country and the region and is a real risk. whether it's taiwan or japan or the south-central parts of the pacific. abe was a fierce defender. he's no longer there and this presents increased risk not only to them but the united states of america as well. >> raymond: mr. secretary, thank you for your insights. secretary tony blinken is meeting with the chinese foreign minister. moments ago the foreign minister spoke. listen. >> we do need to work together to ensure that this relationship will continue to move forward along the right track. it's important to stay committed to the principles put forward by president xi jinping. respect peaceful consistency and cooperation. that is the interest of the two countries, the two people.
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it is also the shared aspiration of the international community. spoon joining me, gordon chang. author of "the great u.s. china tech war." your reaction. do you think blinking was as tough as he needed to be? >> tony blinken has never been as tough as he needed to be. the reality is this week china has had a frigate in japanese territorial waters. they've also had planes buzzing through japanese airspace. in the south china sea they've had two of those large coast guard vessels blocking the resupply. the philippines outpost. that's the reality. military forces the chinese are using. talking about cooperation, he is lying through his teeth. >> raymond: talk to me about these tariffs. we've heard a lot about biden considering lifting these
7:33 pm
tariffs. first of all, why were those trump tariffs put into place? what were they designed to do? what do we lose by lifting them? >> those tariffs under section 301 of the trade act of 1974, they were there as a remedy for the threat of u.s. intellectual property and also president trump wanted to move supply chains on shore. when biden, he even talks about lifting those tariffs, it says to u.s. companies "stay in china. i'm not going to let you have to worry." we are going to do business as usual, which means business in china, not business in the u.s. >> raymond: unbelievable. no matter the trade record, human trafficking record, the crushing of religious and human rights. it is scandalous that they would even contemplate lifting those tariffs. in february, biden's doj end of the trump era china initiative. this is a group within the fbi. after civil rights groups said
7:34 pm
that it racially profiled asian americans. the whole purpose was to prosecute chinese espionage, particularly universities. director wray was asked about ending it and if it was a mistake. >> we are not going to engage in profiling by ethnicity or national origin and we haven't. we are going to work jointly with universities. in many cases that's one of the most effective ways to prevent stealing of research, which is in the hands of our universities. and when law enforcement action is the appropriate tool to be used, we are going to use that tool. >> raymond: was it a mistake to end that initiative? >> absolutely. what china does is it uses chinese americans and chinese nationals to commit espionage against the u.s. at the 2017 national intelligence law in china requires every chinese national to spy if beijing makes the
7:35 pm
demand. but biden did by ending the china initiative, caving into beijing. saying that you target us. this is terrible. it isn't terrible because we know it beijing is doing. i am a chinese american. i understand what they are doing. this is really wrong on the part of the biden administration. >> raymond: they should listen to you and stop the endless dialogue which as you pointed out as a stall tactic they've used way too long. gordon chang, thank you for being here. biden had a tough time with his teleprompter today and i hit the streets to find out how much confidence people really have in him. friday follies with a special celebrity guest is up next. stay there.
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>> raymond: it's friday and that means it's time for friday follies. we have a special guest, the legendary joe piscopo, host of the joe piscopo show. what an honor, what a pleasure.
7:41 pm
even members of his own family are questioning the other joe's, joe biden's ability to lead, his own party. there seems to be a lot of confusion. not only from the president. >> my husband and i were staying in delaware so we could be near the vice president-elect, the president-elect of the time. >> i want to thank vice president harris on the second gentleman for allowing us to join them. joining us. the basic fundamental notion. the fastest way to restore roe is to pass a national law codifying roe. 10 years old and she was forced to have to travel out of the state to indiana to seek to terminate the pregnancy and maybe save her life. >> raymond: terminate the presidency? your thoughts. >> i know that you are a jerry lewis fan. sam and sandra.
7:42 pm
we are going to do the jerry lewis movie. you remember. every time he couldn't pronounce a word. biden. every time i watch the president. [babbling] >> raymond: it's not just these confused moments. 54% of americans in an abc "washington post" poll thought biden lacked the mental sharpness to serve as president. he has with people on the streets of new york said. >> some members of his party don't want him to run. they seize not mentally or physically competent. how do you feel? do you think he is up to the task? >> i think so. >> it is tough growing old.
7:43 pm
>> he is hanging in there. he's probably not going to make it for another session. >> running is a different story. we will see. >> why the hell when i take a test? come on, man. >> you have confidence in his leadership. >> i have confidence in none of our elected leaders. we have seen him physically stumble, create some embarrassing times for him. we need leadership right now. i think the whole world, whatever side you're on, would agree with that. >> i guess it really don't matter at this point. >> if i were him, i wouldn't run. >> i know a lot of 80-year-olds that are very competent. i don't think he's confident but i know where he's pushing us is not where i want to go. >> raymond: people forget that trump is three years younger than joe. it's not a matter of age, it's about the fitness at that age.
7:44 pm
>> it's true and donald trump looks better now. he's the only president that didn't age. i am older. you are a young man. we are all going to get there. we are all not going to be president of the united states. that's the thing. did you see? they had stage markings like they are doing a play. >> raymond: look at the bottom of your screen. the tate. everybody has to stand. >> this poor guy. >> raymond: i've got to get to this. the biden administration is recruited everyone to help advance their agenda. now in the midst of a gas crisis. while she blocks gas and oil exploration, biden's energy secretary, jennifer granholm, turning to a hollywood heavyweight. >> you might have seen me at one of my many day jobs, billionaire
7:45 pm
superhero, world's greatest detective, alpaca wrangler. i have this sweet new office of the department of energy. coffey, madam secretary? >> thanks, robert. early start? >> pretty early. at $62 billion isn't going to spend itself. >> raymond: your reaction. >> how about the xl pipeline? working for the pipeline? the supply chain, how about that? i love robert downey jr. how cool is that guy? i was destroyed in and games when iron man died and now he is with this gal who said i will wave a magic wand for energy. robert, we love you. >> raymond: this is truly avengers end game. iron man couldn't lift off the ground with this group. joe piscopo, what an honor.
7:46 pm
>> leedy! >> raymond: lori lightfoot, speaking of ladies, promised the summer of joy in chicago but it's anything but. one southside pastor is enraged at how leaders are threatening, treating the bloodshed in his city. he joins us next.
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>> raymond: the week began with the horrific mass shooting in highland park, illinois, that resulted in seven deaths, tragedy that made national headlines, as it should have. miles away, residents are seeing this type of bloodshed daily. 323 people have been murdered in chicago so far this year. over the july 4th weekend, eight people were killed, 68 heard, 51 separate shootings across the city. the divergent coverage, anger of the southside chicago pastor who joins me. you say that there's no incentive for leaders to take action in chicago to combat crime. why not? >> because whenever you're in an area where economically things are disastrous in unit area where there is as much political engagement is or should be, then it's going to cause people who have power within their grasp
7:52 pm
not to pay those areas attention. so you would think people who have the power would go to the areas where crime and violence happens often so it can actually turn into a place like island where it doesn't happen as often. >> raymond: they're not going anywhere near it. your mayor, lori lightfoot, off to london and paris to promote chicago as a tourist destination while your communities continue to bleed and suffer. let's turn to philadelphia where police are looking for 17 interesting in this video beating a 73-year-old man with traffic cones and smiling as they do it. james lambert died the next day. pastor, why is it we keep seeing young kids committing these heinous acts. your city and my city of new orleans as well. >> we have to recognize that these kids that are committing violent acts and even the kids
7:53 pm
that i deal with and see on a regular basis, this is all they are exposed to. it's very difficult to expect children and young people to overcome what they are exposed to. without giving them something else to be exposed to. so we have to get to a place to where we start showing our kids and teenagers and people committing acts of violence, who has the potential to come we have to start giving them another way. that's why i love organizations like project hood because they do that effectively. >> raymond: how do we break this? it really is the cycle of murder, loss, and you are losing generation perfectly of young men in the inner-city. how do we break that cycle? >> there's a couple ways to break that cycle. one, we have to make sure that we have resources for people to have employment.
7:54 pm
the young man that i deal with on a regular basis that are susceptible to these type of acts, they tell me all the time pastor, if i had money, if i had a job that i wouldn't be doing some of the things that i'm doing. it's very important -- >> raymond: mentorship is so important for these young men. the type of mentorship you are providing. thank you for that. we'll keep our eye on this. when we return from a tribute to a great actor with a story you've probably not heard. come back for this. i'll make it short and sweet. stay there.
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>> since he ain't going to step up, guess what. it's coming out of your [bleep] >> raymond: sad to report that actor from "the sopranos" died
8:00 pm
this morning. what most people may not know is tony was 55 years old and sleeping on a cot in his mother's living room in brooklyn when he was cast. condolences to the family. my pal, tony's brother. the family is asking for donations to st. jude's, but wounded warrior project. tony, rest in peace. i am raymond arroyo. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> greg: oh, i didn't see it. it's friday. happy friday, everyone. what a great day. 175 days until new year's eve. god, i love ryan seacrest. waste not often i


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