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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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sorry a jill biden joe. have the best night with the ones you love will see you on monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm in for sean tonight. top democrats and their friends in the liberal media all but begging president joe biden to do something, anything in a variety of key issues in response to the white house very useless executive order on abortion rights that does little to nothing. just another political stunt. a white house that is truly
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incompetent in every way. what else would you expect for president who struggles with basic tasks like walking, talking. even with the assistance teleprompter watch this. >> president biden: its consistently higher than the percentage of men who do so." women are not without electoral or political will be precise night and/or. or poetical power. >> julia ron burgundy moment. you're not supposed to read that out lied. believe it or not it went downhill from there on out take a look. >> president biden: that has changed. all that has changed is this court. the fastest way to restore. ten years old she was forced to
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have to travel out of the state to indiana to seek to terminate the pregnancy in her life tens of millions of winners this year they will be alone. millions, and millions of men will be taken up to fight alongside them to restore the right to choose consider it a challenge accepted court. right now in all 50 states. >> it's called terminate a pregnancy not a presidency although think about it is not a bad idea. joining us with more on joe biden's executive order on abortion utah senator mike lee, center to thank for being with us. i read it several times the sake of action signed by the president it strikes me as a charade that does almost nothing meaningful may be wrong but your what's your take? >> i think that's a fair assessment of it however badly
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he is bottled it deliberately included. the message was nonetheless clear the message was that he will stop at nothing to appease the far left base of his party. those who are intent on making sure the most defenseless and vulnerable members of our society, unborn babies. make sure they can have their lives snuffed out right under the moment of liber. it's a real problem and yes you're right the sake of order does very little and of itself a kind of strange that this is how the leader of the free world is devoting his time. to making sure that the far left proportion base gets its way with. >> one of the things that jumped out at me the decision is not decided by the constitution my lord nearly all 213 pages of
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that decision the other opinions were devoted to the constitution were they? >> the whole thing was. i'd encourage all your viewers who have not yet read the masterful opinion to do so they will be left with the unmistakable conviction that there is nothing in the constitution that separates this makes it somehow a decision that can be made only by justices and judges this is something that's reserved to the people because of something off the table by the constitution. >> the other thing that he says is wooden for congress to pass legislation to codify abortion rights. would not be contrary to the majority opinion in dobbs which said that we are returning the decision-making to the states where it belongs. not the federal government.
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>> yes it would be contrary to the decision it also be contrary to his common sense. just as important to anything else it would be the will of the united states senate. the president joe biden within the u.s. senate doesn't even have a majority. to pass the abortion legislation that he wants to enact. he doesn't have the votes to do that so he just swatting back and forth pretending that that wasn't about the constitution which he claimed it was. >> senator let's say hypothetically that there are enough votes in congress both houses of congress to pass an abortion lights red legislation it would simply just be a race when inevitably the pendulum swings control goes back to republicans as well as the presidency which create chronic whiplash sort of ping-pong back-and-forth where net so from
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a practical standpoint really doesn't work it's more destructive than constructive. >> no, that is exactly right. some of the many reasons why i think the display to their base here. a little bit like some of their other efforts they want to nuke the filibuster to make it easier to pass legislation for example to explain the supreme court attacked the supreme court. that would create a whiplash proved to be a short-term victory for the liberals is under some republicans would have control of the white house it would undo it. as we explained that also devastating effects long term. for the in a penance of federal judiciary. >> senator mike lee great to see was always thanks for joining us. >> here now with more is the new book out next week my american
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life. congresswoman great to see you they should being here. i was taking a look at a new national poll, 72% of americans oppose abortion after 15 weeks. including 60% of democrats citizen the show that most americans are not align with the liberal position of abortion at all times. >> greg that is exactly right of majority don't want full-term abortions and the distinctive thing so far we want to blame the supreme court decision on conservatives come on republicans, but this is absolutely their fault they have pushed abortions down everyone's throat and they taken away too far even owning post term abortions here in the united states. this is some event is to go back to the states and i think the
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supreme court did a great job on that decision but everything that they are doing is so radical and driving people to the republican party saying that we are tired of paying the price for bad policy we want to save country we don't want to scream our abortions from the streets. there are no longer the party of safe legal and rare. greg joe biden's compress comes today it really was all bark and no bite. repeat align joe biden's press conference today was all bark, no bite. i do like his freudian sleep to terminate the presidency rather than a presidency he announced no new legislation no groundbreaking fictive orders he just stood there and poorly read a teleprompter while secretary tried his best not to laugh at the so-called commander in chief enters the deal the supreme court ruled abortion if
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not nor was not ever a constitutional right it's up to the states and the people to decide what protections to give the preborn. left is who now make up the squad one abortion anytime, anywhere, including babies who are already born. that is not going to happen. >> the other aspect of it today that he was engaging and fear tactics, scare tactics sing other rights same-sex marriage and contraception are now at risk. no. if you read the opinion and a that joe read it if you read it he didn't comprehend it which is not a surprise. he specifically said these are the rights are not at risk. there are different rights that find the protections elsewhere in the constitution. this was just plain
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fearmongering was in it? >> absolutely i would say the only ride that's under the joe biden regime is a segment rights which is executive order and his rhetoric on stripping law-abiding citizens away from being able to have the right to protect themselves especially protect themselves against a tyrannical government look greg joe biden said that he doesn't think conservatives have a clue about the power of the american woman and he is right. we mama bears are powerful and that's exactly why democrats will lose in november. moms across america i tired of being called caring about their children's education tired of being called a bigot for one of the border close, tired of being called sexist for saying that drug shows are inappropriate for children. women across america will be showing up this november to ensure the joe biden isn't just a sleeping dog, but a lame duck.
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>> stumbling, fumbling through a teleprompter speech really does call into question not only his mental acuity, but his competency. we will leave that for another time. congresswoman thank you so much for being with us. tonight in the wake of the u.s. supreme court's decision on abortion justice brett kavanaugh continues to be stalked and harassed by deranged far left agitators given why just a few weeks ago a lunatic traveled all the way from california cavanaugh's own neighbor woody marilyn who plans to assassinate him. supreme court justice was forced to flee from a restaurant for rear door after mob of liberals showed up and rubbed his meal. going to the white house press secretary this is what democracy looks like. watch. >> peaceful protests people should be allowed to be able to
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do that. if it's outside of a restaurant and it's peaceful, for sure. >> really? >> peaceful protest. your question me was in intimidation. and violence. >> protesters do not agree with that opinion that they signed onto. they have no right to privacy is what you're saying. >> people have the right this is what democracy is. of course people have a right to privacy but people also have a right to be able to protest peacefully. peacefully etsy intimidation and the violence that we condemn. >> the restaurant they'd a slightly different take on this. once takeouts condemn the angry mob calling them unruly, selfish and devoid of decency. joining us now with the action the price of principal whites worth the consequences alone
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fox news legal contributor. on the left today there were absolutely cackling i cavanaugh been forced to flee a restaurant with rage, the glee was palpable. that's pretty stunning incivility i'm reminded about how you were treated at one point in time when you dared to defend donald trump during the second impeachment. >> i'm so treated that way people threaten to look out events or dinners invited even know it was years ago. the way that justice kavanaugh was treated was absolutely, absolutely disgraceful. whether or not there is a right to protest remember that protests can be restricted by time, manner and location. i might be constitutional to pass a statute saying that
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protests that deal with people's basic rights that the right to eat of justices might be unconstitutional. i oppose the reversal of roe v. wade i think will congresswoman said: people on my so the issue squad and saying that we are prepared for babies already born to be killed even more disgraceful than anything that happened to the justice i was condemn those remarks in the starkest terms i support a woman's right to choose, but i do not support anybody protesting justice kavanaugh eating a meal in peace being at home in his house not having a fear walking on his lawn. americans have the right to protest but they should protest in the right place in the right manner.
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leave a guy and his family alone to have a decent meal. whether you agree with them or disagree with them that's the american way. >> one activist is playing now $200 for any information about the location of adjusters. this isn't just incivility it's indecency is in it? >> it really is in addition to be an absently appalling in some cases downright illegal listen to the white house defend this kind of behavior and then get into some weird idiotic distinction between whether he's dining inside or outside whatever i think she even knew she was talking about. all of that is just gives you some sense of why these protesters feel so unbolted to
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carry on like this. there's a whole nother thing in addition the legal aspects of all of this and the intentions of having vigorous debates here on cable television that can be monitored outside people's homes restaurants are private places. at the factory of 70 people whose entire lives are consumed by politics and anybody who wants to go into a restaurant tackle adjusters with whom they disagree or anybody who cheers are the losers going into a restaurant tackle somebody read just they don't agree with this a real problem. you will need to get a life they need to find something. the purpose of our politics is not to sit here and fight and argue the purpose of our politics so that we don't have to do that sort of stuff we can settle our issues and politics and practice our lives and go about our lives i'm afraid there
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so many people there just so caught up in the frenzy they don't know where to draw the line. >> professor i want to get your reaction to the failure on the part of the attorney general to take action when after the leak the draft decision. all of the protesters were allowed to shout and scream obscenities outside the house and demanding that they change their view. that's a violation of federal, and criminal law. not to mention obstruction of an ongoing federal judicial proceeding are you disappointed that garland did absolutely nothing to enforce the law? >> i was a supporter of the supreme court i think you are a terrific person i think he was a great judge i think he should do more to protect justices i think
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they should do more to protect the process look i agree with people who devote their lives to try to undo decisions of the supreme court they could feel very strongly about a woman's right to choose just as they feel very strongly about the right of the fetus to not be aborted. vigorous debate is fine but trying to intimidate justices the leak was clearly a violation of practice tradition i do think the fbi and the justice department have jurisdiction. to look into the leak" the the marshall's office in the supreme court which doesn't have the power to investigate will never to the bottom of this the justice department should be putting some of its top people on this issue who are technical experts who got into phone records, who can see if there is probable cause. you can get to the lockbox. we have to know who sprung a leak. as it violates the integrity of
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the supreme court again this comes from a person who supports a woman's right to have abortion not the end a pregnancy, but in the get beginning a presidency i'll support the decision of this report i do support decency, legality and fairness. >> professor this you both have a great weekend, think surveying her. coming up next breaking news in the elon musk twitter saga. they join us plus a joe biden economy is gone from bad to worse. the react when he come back. ♪ ♪
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>> big breaking news out of silicon valley were elon musk is terminating his $44 billion acquisition deal citing material breaches of the purchase agreement and sec he wanted out of the deal because twitter is a material breach of multiple provisions that agreement. it appears who made full tea and misleading representations which elon musk relied when entered into the agreement. in response the board children the company will pursue legal action what a surprise. the twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on the price including agreed-upon elon musk. along with "new york post" columnist carol markowitz horseman since you have the mba
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i would start with you. the only people who are happy tonight are the lawyers as we speak they are buying porches because they know the litigation is, finance or lavish lifestyle for years to come with us that it all come down fraud? were there intentional mr. rotations and false statements that led to material breach of the contract. what say you? >> this is a $44 billion deal with the million dollar breakup fee. if there is not material reasons elon musk things that there is. he is finding out that twitter no surprise to us that our conservatives which is not being transparent about their business practices. this is one of the reasons why money for u.s. senate for the reasons with the whole big tech accountable for the reasons waived to a good look at section
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2:30 communications decency act section 2:30 i have a plan for this is some event about working on for years like to do that the u.s. senate on ted >> listen i totally agree with you giving liability protection is insane it would make sense at one point in time couple of decades ago. the outs of the internet. carol let me go to you on this i like it i think of it as the buyer car if the seller knows that it's a lemon with a history of problems but claims it's a wonderful car ever had an issue are the buyers being defrauded here? is anybody who's ever used twitter pays attention to it knows that 5% figure counts spambots is ludicrous. it's way more than that. what is you think? >> way more absolutely i'm an
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avid twitter user no doubt about it the number is far higher a few months ago some leftist activists try to buy a pillow company to compete with my pillow conservatives. pillow company is completely failed whole thing fell apart a lot of people on twitter got to laugh at them. i think the idea of elon musk buying twitter is not at all like that. this is a man who knows what's going on here. it is shallow dark and set about cement company and think it through it all. i think the fact that he's pulling back from the field right now says that he knows something i can potentially lead to negotiating a better price or someone like that for him to be hosted by the app i would be surprised if that does happen, but if it does end hot glue locket summer conservatives. >> i checked the stock prices at seven around 36. the offer was for 54.
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a share. we think congressman i think carol is onto something lower the purchase price. >> i think is finding real problems in there about the business practices about twitter. that being transparent with him there obviously not being transparent with their users with conservatives. greg how is it that the ayatollah to be on their but they been a former president given the oversight board twitter so that the former president should be permanently brandt. the early start of the internet back we were getting the cd-roms for all that for a member in the mail hoping that we would sign up for aol online. we did see in section 2:30 in 1996. his big tap platforms have their cake and eat it too. that's very unfortunate that they got the benefit of the platform but decided to act as publishers start censoring things we are for more
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free speech and that's what elon musk wants. which is better for democracy and for the republic. he wants more transparency from the leaders at twitter. he is not getting it. >> they got to be popping the champagne corks over at twitter. they can resume their unfettered censorship right? >> yeah absolutely there was some covertly taken videos recently we saw the twin employees very openly calling themselves communists and saying it's very calming organization so i imagine that there is a lot of employees are happy about this i can imagine that shareholders are very happy about this seems a good disaster for most people who own twitter stock remains to be unseen who remains at the end of this i don't know. my money is still in elon unnecessarily that he's got by that he comes out on top here.
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>> i can say that tesla investors are not happy about is devoting so much attention to twitter we'll see how this thing will actually go up. congressman you're running for the senate collect you. carol great to see was always. >> now more warning signs for the joe biden economy is a new poll finds that inflation still ranks as the top of americans minds. the joe biden agenda costing voters were everywhere from the gas prompt to the grocery aisle. despite 40 year high inflation records gas prices the president is convinced the economy is heading in the right direction really? watch. >> look i know times are tough pressure too high. but today's economic news confirms the fact that my economic plan is moving this country in a better direction. >> in a better direction really? so energy price continued to search her at home joe biden is
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compromising u.s. energy security by appeasing adversaries abroad because were continuing to learn more tonight about the joe biden demonstration actually shipping oil from our u.s. reserves to a hunter biden linked gas giant prompting increased scrutiny and demand for transparency for republicans on capitol hill. joining us for reaction former energy secretary and texas governor rick perry secretary secretary mattis he was always. you know joe biden has reversed minus touch. if he touches gold it turns stone. his spending is worn energy drove up prices of everything. the gas pumps at the grocery stores. it will only grow worse will it not unless you are versus court and he is in reverse course so
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it's only to get more dire for americans. >> is frankly very disheartening to watch an individual who is supposed to be china make america a better place to live. that he has such disregard for the average citizen out there. it's probably been decades since he pulled into a gas station and bought a gallon of gasoline. he doesn't understand with the average citizen is going through the cost of groceries going to the grocery store trying to decide what to do it fully car up or fill halfway up and try to groceries? all those things are going on with the american citizens today. he and get up and read what's on the teleprompter or attempt to remove it's on the teleprompter into over his staff says, but the fact the american people
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know that it's his policies to he said during the campaign that he headed the fossil fuel industry and in view to stop it and he's doing that. the cost the american people this fallacy that the left has put its arms around i guess will go completely off the clip fossil fuels are bad that's good we stop the american people to stand back and say you know what fossil fuels are at the core of our ability to create wealth in this country for us to have a flourishing economy for the rest the world to enjoy that at some point in time in the future. is not zero by 2050 people like john kerry they are saying to the rest the world people who don't have access to power and electricity today we don't care about you sorry. you're gonna die. what black hearted people that
6:34 pm
is. >> i have to ask about the president made a big deal that he was gonna tap the strategic petroleum reserve about americans to lower gas prices but instead we now find out that he was secretly diverting millions of barrels of oil to the communist chinese in particular to accompany that reportedly his own son hunter biden invest in. if that doesn't strike you as corruption and wrongdoing i know what does. what you think? >> tapping a petroleum reserve it's there for a natural disaster such as a plate economics with. the idea is not that much. were talking a relatively small amount in the grand scheme of things in the standpoint of
6:35 pm
refining we should be doing is sending a message to the country to oil and gas industry but when i can over regulate you and not overtax you will send a message the refining industry rated what we can to be able to use american energy. if you care about the future it's got a lead to fossil fuels. >> thank you so much. coming should ahead despite being cleared of all wrongdoing the fake migrant hoping incident the cvp still wants to punish the border agents involved the jonas to explain sara carter reacts stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> another example of the media
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mob hate, hysteria and outright hoaxes whose number last year when border agents were accused whipping haitian migrants down in del rio, texas, yet again reality gone the way of the far left narrative is joe biden's own cbp commissioner admitted today no agents were carrying webs and no migrants were attacked watch. >> investigators determined that the agents involved in the del rio activity were not carrying webs. they found no evidence for patrol agents involved in this incident struck any person with the rings intentionally or otherwise. >> get this agents being cleared of wrongdoing they reportedly still want some form of discipline for minor infractions like using strong language.
6:41 pm
ask yourself what is this a administration keep going out of its way to demonize law enforcement while continuing to make it harder and harder for border authorities to simply do their jobs. cannot answer that and much more texas attorney general. attorney general this just doesn't make any sense. >> look you'll number that joe biden nancy pelosi and chuck schumer came out and criticizing about these whips what heather and to be punished if they are almost a year later your to do this investigation actually found the opposite did not use whips and of course this joe biden and the others punish them they go investigate something else and as you said very vague charges and they were ridiculous. the pool of done protect america then joe biden or any of the senators. >> here is the president on national television immediately
6:42 pm
after this incident was he in that i whipping people is using the rains to control the horses we can fix some of the court of public opinions demanding and promising that they are going to pay for what they did. so isn't this a case or god forbid let the facts of the evidence given the way of a good story. >> there's no doubt that this was political and is wholly unfortunate given their life to securing our border and defending americans here they are being punished should be rewarded. this should be taken care of, but instead their careers will be ruined they've been humiliated in front of the entire american public i think this is really wrong. so think joe biden should come out and actually apologized these guys.
6:43 pm
>> i agree wholeheartedly. thanks for being with us. now the joe biden open border agenda is aiding and abetting lawlessness while the while emboldening drug cartels human traffickers and smugglers this is a self-inflicted crisis folks all caused by the policies of joe biden and offer reaction congressman andy biggs fox news contributor sara carter how desperate is the situation at the border congressman bigs in a period of time that joe biden has been president 3 million illegals have crossed into united states a quarter of a million just last month. >> it's really unprecedented if you really think about it how may millions will have gotten into this country illegally by the time joe biden leaves office just on the last weekend it is
6:44 pm
amazing coming across in big groups whether in rio rio grande valley other place along the border to steady flow and you know what we do know were not getting sea of terrorists were coming to this country, drug trafficking coming in your criminal gang members coming in this a administration and basically telling cvp hey you can enforce law that's was put in this country a national security risk is much as anybody else i can ever imagine. >> you've spent so much time down the border. one of the real problems is what's being brought across along with illegals. thousands of weapons hundreds of millions of lethal dosage of fennel foxes reporting today that just the other day 1200 pounds of fat and all
6:45 pm
received they are this right enough to kill 270 million people. what is going on there? >> that's right greg this part of the story is not getting out to the american people sufficiently enough that is a national security risk for all of it. it's not only a humanitarian crisis is the people coming across not only has of joe biden administration undermine the authority for border patrol agents and gratian born officers or dea and cia u.s. northern command. we are watching fennel come across a border in droves killing americans know the chinese government is also supplying the chemicals into mexico. the mexican drug cartel are creating and making them in mexico and swing ship church
6:46 pm
united states counterfeit pills. these pills look exactly like they said exactly like oxycontin i've talked about this on my podcast. you're out on the streets and they killing our young people. people as well as adults were saying that these are pills are coming from the pharmacy. i've had people tell me this is irregular warfare in the united states and yet we have a president, a president that sits back and administration mesas border chaos happen. so you have to ask yourself it's no wonder that governor greg abbott the attorney general the state of arizona that they are defending themselves and defending the american people when the federal government had failed to do it's only job. it's only real job and minister protect us. >> i wish we had more time i would say things to andy
6:47 pm
sara carter's comeback. come on max ron desantis heading back to gavin newsom. as a california governor tries to lure floridians. we want to bring you the latest is david webb and the terrel join us with the reaction. to stick around. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> gavin newsom 88 major at bind in the state of florida earlier this month to attack the florida governor firing back with these remarks watch. >> everyone wants to talk about me in florida i'm just didn't hear little me doing my job. i can just tell you this.
6:52 pm
i was born and raged in the state of the last few years i rarely if ever saw california license plate in the state of florida. you now see a lot of them i can tell you if you go to california and not seeing very many florida license plates. >> here near for reaction david webb i'm here in los angeles at the moment i can attest to the fact that people don't feel safe in crime is rampant. the grotto unabated government does nothing about it newsom wants them to come to california to use psychiatric term that is nuts. >> greg i'm in california as well and a sock happen. look this is a mismatch newsom is a flyweight. california is a disaster. besides the gas prices, the homelessness, the crime, the
6:53 pm
poor schools. the $20 billion of unemployment and fraud. this is a disaster and what governor newsom is trying to do is distract from his disaster. i give you fact. we lost a congressional seating california because he has right. people of california guess what. for the congressional seat. don't forget was recalled last year he try to distract from the disaster in this tax burden very poor economic state is not even close florida is a state that's up-and-coming california is a disaster. >> i watch the ad by again. freedom is under attack in florida. no it's not. freedom is flourishing in florida. freedom is under attack here in california by the criminals will the streets and the government
6:54 pm
doing nothing. it's backwards incident? >> it sure is and by the way guys i am in miami or the streets are nice and safe. where the weather is beautiful or look at me i'm a happy man in a beautiful state so many other americans are coming here not just from california, the outmigration is pretty covid from california growing here in florida people are literally bidding on homes sight unseen condos and apartments. alec housing market issues aside people are moving tax purposes and businesses and want to say this to gavin newsom thank you for and to the company bottom line that hundred $5,000 goes into the kitty left california like the people are doing
6:55 pm
serious point here unfortunately for so many of my friends at some good people people in california. there start with the gavin newsom's they are no longer stuck with them thank god. may be the school has a chance. more time doing his political laundry. >> i have 30 seconds left the other part of the equation is a high taxes here support the democratic agenda. during the economic life of the people no wonder they're playing. >> you're absolutely right california is a poorly run state it's a blue state poorly run texas are red states. efficiently run and thus the major difference in gavin newsom. >> all right thank you both. or on the special edition of hannity after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." unfortunately that's all the time we have left for this evening. thank you sincerely for joining us. don't forget you can listen to my podcast, "the brief." read my column. thegregg this fall i'll be out with a brand-new book titled "trial of the century." have a great weekend, everyone. sean is back on monday. laura is next. >> raymond: i am raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham. this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from new york city. tonight, vaden secretary of state tony blinken is meeting with china's foreign minister in indonesia. we'll bring you all of the details as we get them. first, the politicization of everything. the political establishment has decided their best bet to stay in power is to keep you in a perpetual state of political