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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 8, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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are you continuing your investigation? we want the dash cam of course we are. daniel from jersey happy birthday tomorrow i was nice. it's can be great. thanks. see you next week. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" a look back for moment the coronavirus pandemic itself in a government's response have turned out to a been single most destructive event to take place in the united states in our lifetime. so destructive that it's can be for many years until we'll know certain how the last two and half years have cost all of us. even the outlines of it are clear coat would crash our economy's first and foremost.
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the gdp fell by the biggest percentage since the great depression. 22 million americans also jobs in the first few months of the lockdown. remember that? you may not know that at least 5 million of them everyone back to work. they dropped out of the workforce for good. at the same time as fear people were working thanks to the lunacy the national debt rose by ten flame dollars. unprecedented ented along with , our debt to china also rose. at the level of our society every bad became more common. drug ods, suicide, suicide, illiteracy, crime it will skyrocket. every marker, marriages and birthrates dropped. you know what happened because you live here. none of that is even counting the deaths from the coronavirus itself. that's a topic that public health authorities have lied so consistently it will likely never know what the real number is. but we can be confident it was
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of thousands. every level covert crushed america. centuries-old tradition is to evaporate not a better one. but that doesn't mean that everybody suffered under covert, countless small businesses that save the middle class, but at the same time thanks to lockdowns tech monopolies thrive. apple, they all saw other market caps explode. jeff bezos wound it up much than before. no group benefited more from the code pandemic the leaders of communist china. by april of 2021 that would've been a year into covid were suffering here in china the gdp had reached the highest level ever recorded. is going faster after the pandemic that have been before the pandemic. as a result of that china will soon overtake the united states as the most dominant economy. soon. someone had predicted that to you ten years ago you would've left it would seem ridiculous
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but i was before covid. now it is real and covid made it possible. in other words the coronavirus didn't distantly change united states it change the balance of power in the world forever. so anything about covid that way none of the people who run government think about it when he think of it that way becomes pretty obvious of this was more than overhyped public health emergency. in fact he may very well be a crime, the greatest crime in history. was it? it's hard to think of a more important question leaders seem curiously uninterested in answering it. her since joe biden made them determine work over came from before he got back was inconclusive there are two theories of course the covert case in wuhan if one came from a penguin some kind of animal with the agency said. the majority of elements in the community to not believe there is sufficient information to one to be more likely than the
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other. may not seem like a big deal but for the democratic party you face years dismissing any type racist conspiracy theory this was stunning. this said that the cia thought it was entirely possible that the chinese government manufactured coronavirus. so in may of last year joe biden publicly since report back to the agency to redouble their efforts to find out where covert came from. making the deadline inc. 20 days. an august the report arrived which depict but was more conclusive. one icy element assessing with moderate confidence of the first human inception with covid to most likely was ruth result of a laboratory associated incident probably involving experimentation, animal handling resampling by the wuhan institute." that should've been running headline months after it immediately disappeared thing
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about what they're saying. a lot of people in the intel community believe it came from a lab not from talk radio people who work with the cia. there are a lot of reasons to think that they are right. they visited that lab in 2018 according to "the washington post" they sent to official warnings back to washington with inadequate safety which conducting risky stories from way back. turns out one of the biggest funders of the one on bob received millions in grants from tony fauci who boasted about manipulating coronavirus in a lab right before the pandemic began to member this? >> you can to make it in the lab pretty easily. it does a lot of what happens with the coronavirus grade to get the sequence.
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to do some work in the lab. >> tucker: that man peter has not been hauled before a congressional committee as a ci a spoken to them? it looks to be that the experiment that he was conducting a par with american tax dollars may have led to the destruction of the u.s. economy millions of death. this is a virus made 6% identical to the war coronavirus has been founded in the copper mine in china in 2012. the virus was collected and the sword and studied at the wuhan institute. then on the show we spoke to a chinese virologist says there at the scene. since i covert originated from the lower extremity. all this was taking place. until agencies cannot deny it. but in the report to give joe biden and out.
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in the report that was not even two pages long set in order to reach a definitive conclusion about where the virus came from there we need help from the government of china. of course until agencies. operation most likely began to reach a conclusive assessment at the covid-19. so if you're the joe biden administration and you really want to know where covid came from, that line would justify putting immense pressure on the government of china to hand over the answers. so we can find up what the hell just happened. but joe biden didn't do that. a few months after singapore came out the reporter asked joe biden why haven't you followed up on the recommendations and purge the government and try to answer basic questions about where covid came from.
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>> why haven't you asked china to do more than you've been having to do on the origin? >> tucker: he just smiled and walked away and nobody followed up. there is no outrage in the united states congress. no one in the media yelled at him for that. it was clear that had zero interest in finding out where the virus came from and whether or not china and why is that? chinese government has made joe biden family extraordinarily rich which we knew fact "the washington free beacon" they sent a million barrels of oil from our not belonging to him but to us to make a people are strategic petroleum reserve to the energy company that hunter biden has invested in. didn't they say that the trump kids were so corrupt they got woke up or after four years of the trump administration. not joe biden some. it's not just joe biden and his administration has ignored as potential involvement green
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covid they're not interested either. why is that? keep in mind the government of china pays american media a lot of money in exchange why not ignore what could be the crime of the century. in recent years china has spent tens of nights of dollars in advertising in american newspapers. maybe that's why "the new york times" covert reporter. sent out this tweet last year. someday we will stop talking about a lab leak theory and maybe even admit its racist roots. alas that date is not yet here. it was racist to ask whether the outbreak of a global pandemic in wuhan might be related to the chinese government lab.
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>> president biden: neither should we panic. labeling covid-19 of foreign virus does not displace accountability. >> calling it a foreign virus. i think it's gonna come across a lot of americans as in a phobia. >> the administration of this labeling as foreign as undoubtably playing into the xenophobia about it. donald trump isn't cautioning us to check our racism but the sentiment. >> the president says that it's a foreign virus as if this was launch like an attack. we know what that's about. it's about xenophobia. >> what you keep calling this the chinese virus? >> it's not racist at all no. it comes from china.
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>> tucker: these people are stupid and dishonest but it's more than that. what this talking point come from? >> it's racist to say that covert came from china. will this talking point become prevalent in march of 2020. it just so happen that's exactly when china on media tweeted terms like woe on virus were racist. before china's government issue that our media here in the united states didn't recognize the term wuhan coronavirus esler and fact they themselves set it constantly here's the proof. >> is now suppress the 23 stars outbreak. it was confirmed at her house but if hospitals. >> the first lab grown copy of the wuhan coronavirus outside china. >> the chinese coronavirus at death toll has jumped to at least 26 people. death toll from the coronavirus spike today.
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>> the chinese virus in the coronavirus that's wearing the whole world. >> tucker: those clips are all from february of 2020. chinese media tells us the term chinese coronavirus will haunt coronavirus those are racist terms. the american media immediately declares that those are racist terms. it's a can chinese state media. sorry surprised to not only interested in finding out where the coven virus came from? we are interested in the topic and there's a lot of variance in the information intel community somehow left out this page a half long report. restart in may of 2021 they have them assess this. work and include information they left out here it is. i'm a fifth of 2021 a reporter the atomic scientists overview of something called the site of
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the virus that summing that increases the viral infectivity of human cell. as analysis included this quote from david neurologist and former president of the california institute of technology. when i first saw cleavage site and the viral sequence with the arcing code on said to my wife was a smoking gun for the origin of the virus. these features make a powerful challenge to the idea of natural origin. in other words when i look carefully at the virus i realized it was man-made. later in may 18 permit scientists published summing the new investigation is needed theories of accidental releases from the lab they both remain viable. keep in mind the cell scientists right but the headline is actually the lab leak theory might not be a theory. among the people who signed that
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letter is a virologist in the united states works mostly as the infamous pat leahy from nephrology. the name seems familiar to you that name in many internal emails that we now have seen from inside the national institutes of health. emails came out in june of 2021. in those emails we learned that in the earliest of the pandemic they warned tony fauci that the virus had appeared to come. it was a natural it was nan man-made. they wrote this, the unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome less than .1%. once look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features potentially engineered. this the very beginning. people who are looking for microscopes of the virus same with a second someone made this. it also shows that tony fauci demanded information to gimmicks
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permits particularly functioning in wuhan. did say an urgent -- that emails and all caps this important to you is essential that we speak keep her cell phone on. leave this as well email i will forward. you have a test today that must be done. he then attached a document to the email titled nature medicine in function .pdf. tony fauci denied under oath had ever conducted research in wuhan. here tony fauci ill mailing subordinates with wuhan's who was the person conducting infamous coronavirus is the may have changed the global order.
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they may have caused this pandemic and put china ahead of the united states. now around the same time the director of the nih now completely discredited china berry the lab leak theory. one of his underlings summing and age could do to help put down is very destructive conspiracy." now keep in mind the very same time is running around telling of her be a christian he was. all the interviews with the evangelical websites summing to listen what tony fauci is saying. believe the u.s. government. not the lab leak theory sets ridiculous get them back. turns out he was lying. none of this made it into one half page report to joe biden. neither did the news that the wuhan labs spent hundreds of millions of dollars on their filtration systems surely after the pandemic began. really? on september 16 at 2193 months
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after the first case of cova 19 the wuhan lab agreed to spend $669 on a central air conditioning meditation project. 606 million that's a lot. in the face of all of this evidence which is overwhelming world health organizations of all places is demanding a new investigation into the origins of covid. keep in mind w.h.o. lab investigation by making peter the soul u.s. investor. officials in this country for reasons we can understand are still resisting efforts to find out what was happening at the wuhan lab which by the way the support of u.s. taxpayers. now what is the wuhan lab up to now? wuhan lab there now working on monkeypox viruses. in fact are more than working on monkeypox viruses they are
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assembling new monkeypox viruses. according to one study at this moment since mpx, it's ever been associated with outbreak in china at the viral genetic material required for acute pc detention is unavailable. and therefore the lab has to engage in viral dna recombination creating a five minute virus which they call it feel safe. in other words frankenstein with monkeypox. amazing. in the face of all of this the white houses. any real investigation to the origins of covid. and so this research is allowed to continue. research that could make kobe look like nothing. no one is saying anything about this. when i talk to someone who has not been in lockstep. someone who from the very beginning has been brave enough to point to the most obvious
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origin of covert and i will be the lab in wuhan. that man's name is stephen mosher we talked to in february of 2020. >> i think escape from the lab because we have the chinese government basically telling us that it did. it is the only level for laboratory and all of china. that's where you would put a dangerous pathogen. whether you were a genetically engineering it to be a weapon or not that's where you would be experimenting on it so it makes sense that the epicenter of the epidemic that the lab there would be the source of that virus. >> was the first person we heard say that. very few honest people would disagree at this point. >> tucker: he is the author of the pandemic and he joins us tonight thanks so much for coming on again i think you've been vindicated. not in the page of "the new york times" and often the podium living room. after wonder how two and half years later when the whole world
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is been reshuffled thanks this virus that the joe biden to administration the u.s. congress are china find out where it came from? >> i appreciate the vindication from you to hardly read anymore probably won't read it all in the future. will give you look back on the history of the pandemics communist china is a great of the pandemics of the last 70 years. the hong kong flu and 68 came from china we call it the hong kong flu that's a misnomer. the asian flu came from china. they hit it for months on end for telling the world it was a dangerous fire some loose even after tens of thousands of people and china were dying. million people died around the world because the chinese communist party covered up and again in 2003 november snakes tyler and the providence and southern china. the died from a snake coronavirus there were handling raw snake meat eating raw snake
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meat we don't know. china did the same thing it covered it up for months at doctored the data saying actually was. they silenced whistle-blower blowers they lied to the world health organization repeatedly and then at the end of the day it wasn't china that revealed the existence of the epidemic was western intelligence services that said look for some a dangerous going on in china. at the same time they said it was a foreign actor. when loosed a weapon is back in 2003. does it all sound familiar? that's the same playbook that we saw in 2019, and 2020. you should've been ready for it. china again, comet is china is the breeding ground for the pandemic. this is done it though because it was started in the lab and it was released deliberately on the world and why more people aren't talking about it on or understand. >> it tells you how beholden they are of the chinese government there is a big winner
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in all of this. >> tucker: i really appreciate you coming on thank you. so we have been hearing a lot about over the last year about our sacred norms respecting our ancient forms a government in the united states is on its democracy worldly when joe biden makes a supreme court decision he decides to undermine the supreme court in this case on roe v. wade. the given announcement today with that essentially don't care with the court said. it sounds like an attack on democracy. more bed. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: a suicide spike birthrate creators life expectancy drops so joe biden doesn't notice any of this. the idea that people might not be having enough abortions in this country? joe biden goes completely insane. nothing bothers him more. we want abortions now. and so he signed an executive order on abortion rights here's what it looked like. >> president biden: may be clear as though i wish it had not come to this this is the fastest route available.
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i'm disdaining a basic font to mental notion fastest way we can restore roe v. wade is the pass a national law codifying roe v. wade which i will sign immediately upon its passing on my desk. >> tucker: people might not be having enough abortions to many babies in this country best joe biden's sack moment when a few babies more than ever in this country. joe biden once even more. so he's directing h hf to do whatever it can the task force on the productive half the mic health acts. supposed to be the attorney general really just a malicious buffoon he is part of it. i hope they won't be a part of that. mandy moore abortions. joe biden said all of this is necessary because all abortions are the practice of medicine. >> president biden: this is the horrific authority that it
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try to stand. the practice of medicine should not be frozen in the 19th century. >> tucker: there are legal questions here in new orleans bothering to ask is this legal? and what is in it? they are celebrating you for joe biden more. >> first of all i know competing with president joe biden i want to know where i stand there we go. there we go. >> tucker: yes that's healthy. the country is moving in the right direction. some guy in a pink t-shirt t-shirt. even if you legal abortion or you for that? not trying to help to raise some kids are mary my mom. i want more abortion. are you happy with that? according to him joe biden officials are exploring ways to get abortion access to pertinent girls u.s. immigration custody
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see if it stands. so we sneak into this country legally the one thing we can give you guess what an abortion. is it legal? the answer that question going to legal authority we trust first and for the most. the center for american liberties. they do so much coming on. i thought they were supposed to respect the supreme court and the decisions though be one of our norms that were preserving no? >> not under this administration tucker as you know these people value their death merchants really it comes to pushing abortion. it is a religion with the left they are very upset when they were struck down on the going signal and try to tell their lecture to the unity song about it. on first reassure your viewers tucker that while he got onto the stage by his death merchants on either side of california and kamala harris and hobby are and promised to base to overturn the
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decision through an executive order he doesn't have the power to do that. in fact most of this executive order is putting together task forces and exploring protecting this and directing that it's really coloring within the lines of existing federal jurisdiction for the most part. not much is going to change the president is impotent to prevent states from implementing laws that are compliant and that may include banning abortions on circumstances that is the value of the community. most americans i might add avon pretty consistent showing that a vast majority of americans over 70 sometimes 75% favor some restrictions on abortion they favor bands on third trimester abortions they favor and fantasize with democrats vote against time and again in the united states congress they want limitations is even according the democrats historically
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accordion joe biden in the clintons abortion should be safe, legal and rare in america that used to be the democrats position they completely abandon that because the far left leg of their party demands us but it's not popular in america. >> tucker: it some kind of weird cult and assigned to go good play something. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: so a group of antifa in washington is offering money to anyone who finds and harasses supreme court justice. where is the doj on this? is there something you can do to stop it and we'll see what is next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: whatever you thought of him the japanese loved him. he won all three of his elections by a big majority he left office in 2020 for health
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reasons she remained one of the biggest political figures in the country believed in nationalism fought for taiwan. today he was murdered at the age of 67 he was shot to death while giving a speech which take place on sunday. the 41-year-old man homemade gun walked up behind him and shot him. watch. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: not surprisingly chinese state media gloated about the death the global times called him a controversial japanese figure who once contributed to find a japan relationships and tore them down. then not surprisingly our media here in the united states which takes millions of dollars from the chinese government echoed the chinese view. the associated press went with this power for powerful leaves
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the legacy. our own state media and p.r. all them ultranationalist cbs reported that he was a polarizing figure even a once again the most popular japanese prime minister in modern history. >> a polarizing figure. at a fierce supporter of japan's military. he fought to amend the countries constitution of the threat from china. >> tucker: he was mostly polarizing in york and media companies that think their views from the chinese government. few people are more dependent on the mana from china from the joe biden to be not surprisingly joe biden used the death as justification to push his domestic agenda. we know that the violent attacks are never acceptable in the gun violence use weaves a deep scarring community that is affected by.
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use the death of a former prime minister to talk about your stupid gun control agenda. of the about joe biden is fake. from his hair, his face, his human emotions. it's repulsive. speaking of violence on wednesday a mob of antifa harass supreme court justice eating dinner at a steak house in washington. now keep in mind brett kavanaugh was just the subject of a murder attempt the other day. the doj has done nothing. it's called shut down d.c. there antifa a group calling for people to report sightings of conservative supreme court justices they've done nothing, but there is someone that you can do to stop this. get a pen right now resealing this from user on twitter excellent text of this to us it's brilliant were quoting it. flood them with reported sightings until they give up. that is genius and you can
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participate right now. so if you'd like to visit shut down d.c. on twitter the account is shut down underscore d.c. i let them know the 375 places you think supreme court justices might be. if enough people do that they will be able to do what they want to do. which is tuned to intimidate judges into bowing to their will. if this mexico now? [laughs] we are very grateful to be joined now by someone who can sort this out the hoover institution joins us live. professor thank you so much for coming on. so calling on people to harass supreme court justices were this code you think? >> we know where it goes goes so them showing up at the homes of brett kavanaugh wanted to kill him. the most sustained attack on supreme court since of fdr 85
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years ago the president of the united states went to a foreign country supreme court for the spanish host while professor elizabeth warren serves a legitimate someone committee felony and late the confidential memo of the court it's a felony to go out for the justices home. >> the of the senate majority leader two years ago a chuck schumer saying that the name the justices by name tucker. you don't know what will hit you and they said that they had sewed it and reap the whirlwind what they mean by that? did you leave the world when wolves can hit them. and i have this court packing scheme that arises and is part of a larger landscape tucker that the left is a revolutionary cycle french revolutionary jackson movement. they don't trust any customs of in her honor any laws. everything is fluid and it is legal only to the extent that it's useful. 180 year filibuster that the use of treasure minority party they want to get rid of it.
5:43 pm
hundred and 50, hundred 50 year supreme court get rid of it. so longer useful. they can't have a republican justice flip as they did from warren. adolescents are angry 50 state unions we've had for 60 years bring into my states against senator same thing with the national voting law to override the constitutional prerogative and then we have the 232-year-old electoral college once a blue wall fell like little kids they got angry they say get rid of it. the common denominator of all of this as they look at the law is what's useful for the moment for progressive agenda and when that is no longer true then they try to destroy the institution mess with the doing. the common everybody to call out for what they are. and to stop it if they can. it's dangerous. this step to protect themselves are appreciated.
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>> tucker: thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: is a brand-new show called the terminal list. viewers love it not all critics do. where the most successful and best writers in america: check cart were honored to have him on after the break. >> filled mission 12 navy seals. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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on that deal to buy twitter they have been valued at $44 billion but as lawyers and twitter has failed to comply with its obligations twitter chairman bret taylor says that i want to deal and will sue to enforce it as for elon musk he's accusing the social media a little bit of trickery. sometimes twitter has annoyed and no ignored their request according to the lawyers. sometimes he's rejected them for reasons that have been unjustified sometimes its claim to comply as you see there giving mr. elon musk complete sometimes unusable information for the more the keys in the company of making moves without his consent which of the teams opinion constitutes the material breach of contact the very next stop you guessed it probably court which means bring your checkbook. tucker. saying so long. some of us are praying first
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free speech rights. you may of heard about or seen the show the terminal list all the critics of it the viewers definitely do. run tomato scores 40% the audio score and 95% that's what was the best possible sign high s.a.t. score it's means are impressive. there is a clip starts chris pratt. >> can you outline the details of your mission? >> you went dark on quan on comms why? >> that's not how it went down. >> blood. >> there's a bunch of people trekking you right now. >> i'm not gonna tell you again. stay off my list. >> tucker: whatever you think
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of amazon at its base of course the best-selling book by jack carr one of the executive producers he's a former navy seals one of us people in america want to go guys thanks much for coming first of all congratulations on the book the many books that show the most pleasing away now viewers hate it but not a viewers like it much more than critics how do you feel about that? >> it falls right in line with what i understand about the culture and climate america right now it seems so triggered quite a few of these critics and i have a few examples they titled their reviews the terminal list is an unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy is right, left, conservative, liberal are not even mentioned in the show that he may be because the protagonist is competent with weapons and tactics they hold those in power accountable and they can be unsettling for some particularly some senior members of the military they pulled upwards over last 20 years they go on to
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write there's some serious danger to. routine references severe guns country music and hunting. "the daily beast" is not like those things it does not sound like as much fun over there 95% of your rating on its rating makes it all worth it. we didn't make it for the critics remitted for those in the arena and the soldiers and sailors went downrange to iraq and afghanistan so he gets on the couch it's a hades put in the work in the effort to make some special make sure that speaks to them and it 95% rating we at least got close one more line here it's from tv line says a fugitive still team makes a truck decal huge helpings of red meat masculinity, and loss, loss of american flags that only american flags over there. game rant even cites revolutionary war era don't tread on me flag as a negative so it's odd that game rant it all go back to the 1700s to
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take the side with the british in the reviews. i found that quite telling. [laughs] someone wrote a horrible reviews of my latest novel in the blood summed along the lines of what you call a book like this you color one "new york times" best-selling novel someone wrote the same thing about this show and you call that number one series on prime video. i don't think amazon is they took a lot of risks with this show and they risks with us so my hat is off to them i'm sincerely humbled and gifted. >> tucker: not that long ago when government issued just amazing how successful you've been wonderful to watch for real. thanks much take care. >> tucker: we have more news for you after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: that's about it for
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us. that is about it for us tonight. sorry a jill biden joe. have the best night with the ones you love will see you on monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm in for sean tonight. top democrats and their friends in the liberal media all but begging president joe biden to do something, anything in a variety of key issues in response to the white house very useless executive order on abortion rights that does little to nothing. just another political stunt.


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