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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 7, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. oh oh oh oh oh the new year premium link that's professional great. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. tonight, here's a story that tells you a lot. last friday, a thirty five year old convicted felon called a austin simon walked into a neighborhood convenience store inus harlem in new york city and pushed his way behind the counter. i austin's girlfriend had just had a dispute with the clerk in the store. the clerk wasore a sixty one yer old dominican immigrant called josé alba.
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the woman wanted a bag of potato chips, but there was no money left and her governmentac issued food stampk card to the clerk tried to take back the chips. the became enraged and went and got her boyfriend. now the boyfriend, austin simon, had a long history of violent crime. someone had spent at leastlt three years in prison for assault. his most recent parole expired last may, so simon had no apparent job. he was h wearing a three designr t-shirt and a gold earring and he was extremely angry. he was furious. austin simon threw albar into a wall, then leaned down and screamed in his face. when the older. man stood up, simon grabbed him by the neck. here's a local news account describing what happened next. >> surveillance video shows thirty seven year old austin simon pushed the clerk behind counter and then stand over him. moments later, a struggle ensues. the two russell and the clerkab stabbed simon multiple times. this happened mul late friday nt in the blue moon convenience store off west one hundred and fortieth streetes police werepo called for an assault in progress and found simon
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bleeding from two stab woundsnd in hiss chest and one in his neck. he later died at the hospital and police arrested the deli clerk. fifty one year old josé alba for second degree murder. i was sixty one , by the way. he's every bit as old as he looks now. simon dies. every death is sad, but at the same time decent people cann acknowledge that some deaths are much sadderh than others in austin. simon's death is not one of those. simon was a . vicious he was a taker. he was a cruel and vicious bully. austin simon was the sort of person who beats up old mene simply because he can't function. all societies have zero p tolerance for people like austin sun because people like austin simon hurt the weak, prevent the productive from producing. they themselves contribute nothingpr c. they are in fact the mirror image of men like josé alba. josé alba came to the united states thirty years ago to work and working is exactly what he was doing at the bodega in harlem and almost midnightit on friday selling chips to people who don't bother to worke
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holding up the retail economy for minimum wage. a healthy society celebrates venerates men like josé alba, men with jobs and families, men with independence and dignity. and above all, a healthy society affirms, the right of men like this to self defense, self self-defense is the cornerstone of all liberty. if you can't defend your own life and property, you have no rights at all. that was obvious in america for centuries. this was a country whose leaders encouraged decent behavior, who held up t the common man as a hero. but that has changed. josé alba wasn't lauded for his bravery or his resourcefulness. he wasn't congratulated for defending himself in the face m of a violent felon much younger than him. thoughuc, every single normal person who watched that video on social media applauded everyg single one . and yet alba was arrested at the scene and he was sent to jail. pe
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an openly racist soros backed prosecutor called alvin bragge ,thenwi charged josé alba with felony murder. he went to rikers island as know, famous among democrats because it's so squalid and so dangerous that they have spent decades trying to shut it down . but it wasn't so bad they didn't send josé alba there and then bragg said his bail at a quarter of a million dollars. two hundred and fifty thousand in a city that very reason was considering getting rid of all bail. compare that to the bail of other violent criminals. now a judge later lowered that bond to fifty thousand dollars, but the messagege$5 that bragge sent was very clear to everyone watching. and it was this if the criminalf who assaults you is a member ofo a favorite group, you don't have the right to fight back . you may not defend yourself. you must take whatever he gives you because thugs have more rights than you do you being the person dumb enough to be working almost midnight in a bodega in harlem on a friday . that's the message. and it wasn't simply alvin bragg who is sending the tech
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companies, as always, joined with government as ay unified force to send this message,sa go fund deleted josé alborz fundraising page from the internet contrasts this with how the left's militia are treated. now go funmi.w, explain. we don't allow fundraising forwi anyone who's been charged withth a violent crime. really? well, that's just felon a lie and provably so. blm rioters were encouraged to raise money for bail and theiral legal defense. they can have lawyers but noty bodega clerks. they aremu powerless and they must remain so. so go . funmi o openly encouraged riotig in the name ofam george floyd on behalf of joe biden twofe years ago. butid josé alba, they shut his family down in ours. i >> son who made this decisionif specifically? you should knoww their namesno go funmi is a company. here's who runs it to tim cadigan is the ceo of go fund me one . benitez is the president. you're seeingee rig their pictus right there, the chiefat
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corporate affairs officer. i'd go funde at. he is called margaret richardson. these are the people who made this decision to crush josé alba and his family, but they're not the only one . virtually every power center in the united states agreeser self-defense is no longer allowed. you can nooan longer fight back. and if you don't believe it,re remember how the media covered rittenhouse trial. hea carried g a gun across state lines. hihe's a white supremacist. >> here was a man exercisinggh his lawful his fundamental right of self-defense. but he was charged with murder and corporate media backedne the prosecutors during rittenhouse his trial. one prosecutor called james crouser told the jury openly that rittenhouse should have just allowed the thugs to beat him him to death. he had no right to defend himself, quote, everyone takeses a beating sometimes, krauss s says a man who's never taken a beating in his life and thener another prosecutorial call calln thomas binger declared that if you own a gunotif, you arefe
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effectively waiving your right toct defend yourself. >> watch. they have t they have to convinceo that joseph rosenbaum was going to take that gun and use it on the defendant because they know you can't claim self-defense against an unarmed man like this. you lose the right to self-defense when you're the one who brought the gun. so there's the closing arguments in wisconsin during the rittenhousein. you lose the right to self-defense when you're the one who brought the gun. now, legally, that is nonsense.s it's insane. there's no reference pointst whatsoever in american law forat that statement. but the law is not the point i. you don't need the they now have the unilateral authority to destroy your businessitoy reputation, tw you in prison, preventfa your family from hiring a lawyer to defend you or get you out of jail. you saw that happenn inn louis when another soros backed d.a., one kim gardner, targeted the mcclosky family and mccluskey's were sitting
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having dinner outside their house bothering nobody inm st. louis when a mob out of nowhere came to the gate, broke the gate, stormed their property and threatened them. , got theret insideepert legally, retained firearms and displayed. it they didn't shoot anybody. it t was their property. they held up their guns and said, get off our land, stop threatening us . what did these suspect prosecutor charge init the classes with felonies? hi disturbed by the events that occurred over the weekend when there were peacefull b protestes who met with guns and a violen assaultt is of these events over. work with the public and the police tove investigate these tragic events.s. every and we use every state ofen missourit to hold individuals accountable. another suspect prosecuted. ucker:they have to wonder why wd a hungarian currency trader be interested in spending untold millions and millions
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and millions of dollars tomi invertll our justice system, to put the state on the side of the lawless, to put prosecutorsi on the side of the criminal against the law abiding? >> what sources interest in doing that? it's clearly working and what gives him the right towh change our entire justice system r? no one in the media ask that question. instead, they celebrated a the days that he installed. kim gardner was celebrated by the news media. cbs 60 minutes reported gleefully gardner quote, stopped locking up, nonviolentup offenders, drop low level drug cases and did cash bail right with 60 minutes didn't tell you it's under gardner's tenure, the city recorded its higher highest per capital murder rate in over half a century. many more people died, died and not just in st. louis and not just in new york and not just in baltimore, philadelphia, everywhere. arlington, virginia experiencing significant increase in violence crime this year. why so respect? prosecutor called police antigoni tosti has also
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prosecuted clear cases of self-defenseel. defend you you can't defend yourself. the people who areor favoreded by the regime can do howeverpr they want. you can dor nothing to protect your life, your family, your property. burglars broke into the arlington smoke shop in march 2020 mill the night a store employee who was sleeping in the store because there are soo many break insor shot at the robbers as is hispp right, in fact his duty. and he should be applauded for that. but no, he was prosecuted. we o spoke to the store owner about what happened, but they broken into the store three men with masks on .ighbora the neighbor upstairs said when they brokeir bro the window, it sounds like a car smashing into the store. humzare, the employee, he said t sounded like a shotgun. and when he woke up, he said he just reached for the pistol and opened the door and shot three times to scare them. >>on and one of them hit the suspect. and what happened after that?wh whenen the police we thought wee
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in the right three masked menda for thirty a.m. on a sunday morning, how can we? soso i was watching the humza across the street with boxers on would that tank top and called for the forty degrees. the cops treating us like we're the ones who caused the harm. e you know what the policet officers told him? why didn't you run out the backk door? so at this very moment, the bush administration millions, literally millions of illegal aliensli, e foreign nationals whose identity we can't actually known because they work hard. the american dream, the statue of liberty. give us your tired, huddled masses l, cetera, et cetera. >> okay, but then when those immigrants come here and work in a bodega in harlem or a smoke shop in arlington, and they're faced with violentt crime, this same party,
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the democratic party, punishes whose sr defending itself. whose side are they on exactly now in the arlington smoke shop case, that prosecution resulted ultimately in ane, acquittal, thank god . but what he about the employee who is in prison? onths >> he spent months in jail. his life was destroyed. isn't t >> getting the point of this is not just to hurt him, but to send a message to the rest of us , whether you're in arlington or kenosha, st. louis or new york city, you do not have the right to self defense in the united states. this is nationald policy and je biden has effectively articulated it. you might remember when heid delivered his big anti-gun speech shortly after he took office, when he declared the second a s amendment isn't, quote, absolute . >> decide what your rights arere but did not even mention self-defense a single time. and that's because democrats don't believe it is a right. they've said as much. here's claire mccaskill. some kind ofre washed up democratic politician, one of the dumbest senators ever
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toer serve in the bodyve from missouri. explain msnbc. but people don'tning why peo acd ammunition to shoot at home invaders. let's talk about high capacity magazines. let's talk about zeroing in on the type of weapons and these magazines that are d designed only for one thing, o joe . and you've talked about it over and over again. that's to kill people quickly, to kill people quickly. now, if you have a home't intruder, you don't need to h fire seven rounds. >> claire mccaskill will decide how you would defend yourself. y you don't need seven . how much do we need? claire mccaskill? you know anything at all about anything? give us a list of the things you that would not include anything about firearms. so high capacity magazinest don't have 70 rounds, isn't half ofdo 70 rounds.70 no one democratic party around is . anyway, here's dick durbin claiming that people are walkingcl clips with multiple pieces of ammunition. h the igna
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>> watchnc the ignoranced on display go beyond any understanding your mike lindell. so that's why in the world individuals have to have to purchase and own a gun that was made for military purposes and put a clip on this that has multiple pieces of ammunition. >> you b can shot at an individual they haven't learnedt they've been talking about guns for fifty years. they haven't learned a single thing about guns. why t don't care about guns. is not actually about guns. it's about power. power. they mak they make the society far more dangerous than it wase three years ago..s it was threes ago. they make it far they make it far more chaotic b than it has ever been in its history. >> their voters doing thishe and then they tell you there'snl nothing you can do about it. you can't even defend your own w lifehe or the life of your family. that's what they're saying. that's not a reassuring r message. it's reallyea ominous. >> dental ash has spent a lotth of time defending the second amendment, which is in
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the constitution, by the way,im she joins us tonight.,ming ken, thanks so much for coming on . so the prosecution of. this guyn who by o the use the knife, not a gun. so it tells you it's not really about the gun of jose alba. i don't think there's a single c normal person in this country. >> watch that tape wasn't rooting for alba against that useless thugs beating up an old man. sent him what does it tell you? that they sent him to rikers island with a quarter millionbi dollars bail now. >>ll and tucker, from what i've read to that bail apparently was higher than one of the illegal immigrantsha that came into the united states and was planning a july fourth terrorist attack along with another illegal entrant to virginia. and they were armed i and they were they were foundan out and they were arrested. but apparently i wrote a reporte just shortly before coming on to your program that it was something around fifteen thousand dollars. that's what their bond was setit at. it's amazing the story of josé alba and the bodega because clearly alvin bragg, the d.a. here, values criminals and the safety of criminals more so
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and he values innocent people. look, i get that democrats think that beingra a victim is a virtue, but it's not. i think that it's time in america i that everybody just kind of follow what i like toha call the faa and follow creed of self-defense.el if a criminal wantsf-de tofensep in your home in the middle of the night and try to take youco on the consequence that, tucker, is they mayma get shot and it may be with someone who has a sporting rifle and they have a 30 round magazine, if they if someoned wants to a criminal decides to bust up and beat up an old man in a bodega, he might get stabbed. that's a consequence of being a criminal and screwing around with violent behavior. and it's time that lawmakers stop shaming innocent people like josé olga for simply defending himself. you're right. it's a fundamentngng, right? but not just innocent people. the people who are c by definition the backbone of the country, the guy who's selling a lot of tickets and cigarets at midnight on aar friday and the convenienceet wih the guy who's actually working, he's the guy we punish and it's
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just so grotesque. >> i don't even know what to say now. it's it's a travesty, honestly, that this guy and i think they've just reduced his bail. t i think h that the d.a. justau reduced him becausese outcry he should even be in prison in the first place. reported thatd the girlfriend had also she hadd a knife and she tried stabbing him as well. around she's apparently walking around enjoying life. and you made mention of this. he goes in wearing a three hundred and fifty dollar designer shirtig. his girlfriend couldn't afford chips. maybe the girlfriend should have told girend her man to stop spending their money on designer t-shirts. sure, she could affordd a bag of potato chips. >> we need to get oure priorities in order. yeah, i would say we seeen joe biden's approval rating among hispanicat voters at 24% among all voters with jobs. you can see why. because they're not on the side. of people with jobs. that's the truth. to they great to see. thank you. exactly. thanks, tucker. so something really interesting is happening in europe. >> e there are massive protests government response in europe has been violent. why r?
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because the government in the netherlands is shutting down farms in the nameg of climate change. oh, the food supply is threatened by climate activist . th it'ser going to happen here. we'll see what's happening there after the break. the film. hello, i'm mike lindell and i want to give each and every one of you one last chance to get my original my slippers, go to mypillow, .com are called a number on your screen. now use your promo code and you'll get your very own. my slippers for only forty nine ninety eight . that's ninety dollars up in the biggest savings ever. what makes my slippers different is my solution for later design that you will find
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site. >> you're breathing again
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my pure honest do. pl now you may have noticed the people in charge have a tendency too use fear and panic to get whatt, they want. and what they want is to get rich and more powerful, obviously because it was covid quite effectivelyco. they they're doing it with a lot ofde things, but nothing is more effective for the left globally. left globally than climate than climate politics. it's an existential crisis. we're allwe going to die unless you obey and make us more powerfull.. is the green new deal we're all dead. that's what i'm telling you. are reshe's going to win you over or explain anything. they're trying to whip you into a panic. so you have to ask yourself, where will this go if we let them do it? well, look to europe, which is about five years ahead of where we are now in the unitedni states. look what's happening in the netherlands right now. now the netherlands have known
10:24 pm
this we didn't is the second largest exporter of agriculturalal products in the world after the united states this week in the name of fighting climate change, the government therehe ordered t farmers to slash emissions fromo their cows by 50 percent. now, keep in mind, it's happening exactly the moment when chinana and india, e the fastest growing economies in the world, are using more fossil fuelsls. butt no one ever says a word about that. just can't criticize china or india. but your cows are emitting too much. so this the water int the netherlands would have the effect of destroyin agriculture in the netherlands. >> so farmers weren't for it. and to their great credit, there's still enough testosterone among dutch farmersorh to protest it. and the police, well,du they opened fire . in one case, they opened fire on a sixteen year old boy driving a tractor. boy driving watch this a is the first realng evolution of ours.s] hey, whatever whatever it 1%.
10:25 pm
so that's western europe and one of the supposedly most civilized countries in the worldse. most this is what climate activism actually looks like. men in uniform shooting 16 yearo olds. but the protest didn't stop because of the farmers forth the country. everything is at stake. the farmers just sprayed manure on a city hall. you're seeing that footage on your screen right now. and this is we sawis in canada large groups of farmers areof taking over city centers there. >> here's what ithe looks
10:26 pm
. coverage big story. it's gotten virtually no coverage in the united states. but we can learnrnbu a lot from what's happening in the netherlands. and to learn more , we want toot speak for dinner. speak brooke, she is a dutch legalal philosopher we've spoken to many times before. we're happy to seepy her again. eva, thanks so much for coming on . summarize for us who are not familiar withil your countryia, what exactly is this about and what do y you think that it means? >> well, very simple, tucker. what this is about is the dutch government stealing our farmers this land and they're doing this under the guise of a made up nitrogen crisis and that is basically going to put most of these farmers completely out of business. ully, the and thankfully, the dutch farmers aren't having it. arso they're going out on the streets. they're blocking distribution centers. are fie blockedlog the high roa. they are fighting back and they're right a to do so. this is their life's work. they're really at lth their wits end. they're g devastated by what the government is doing and well, it's very clear thats
10:27 pm
the government is not doing this because of a nitrogen t crisis. they're doing this becauseme they want these farmers land and they wanted to house new immigrants. they also want itmm because the farmers are obviously standing in their way of a ain the great plants that they have for us . so, yeah, farmers are hard working, god fearing and especially self-sufficient people that are just standing in the way of g their globalist agenda and driving a lot of these farmers even to something like suicide. o so really there's only one term that we can use for the things that our government under from gameworks with is doing right now and that is communism. m. >> so messing with the food supply tends to cause food crises and then famines. you're seeing this in f the developing world thanks to climateam activism in the war in ukraine are normal dutch citizens who aren't farmers worried about what happens when you shut the farms down? abs absolutely they understand it. no farmers, no fooderstand.
10:28 pm
and that's why the farmers have blocked these distribution centers because within a matter of hours we saw that the supermarkets were empty and ordinary citizense understand this. the problem is that the state pe doesn't seem to understand this or what they want. and the police have responded in an incredibly violent way. t sohe you guys have seen now they have even shot at a sixteen year old boy. these are not things that you should see in free western countries, especially not targeted towards peaceful . .tests but it's happening. and not just the dutch people, everyone around the world and especially you in america should be supporting our dutch farmersorti because, well, this could be happening to you. it's actually the very reason why i'm wearing this this handkerchief right now. it's become the symbol i of thee farmers. it's resistance and they're doing it so courageouslyngow and they have the manpower to do it. so they really deserve your full support. worr we should be worried about the big things. the food supply is the biggest thing. so we appreciate thathe explanation of our general. thanks so much for joining us .. joining
10:29 pm
so as we told the outset, you already knew this democratic party was counting on the so-calledrty hispanicbu vote to stay int power forever. but no group has abandoned democratic party faster or in larger numbers than hispanic voters. why? the new york times has a reason. it's because they we're quoting far right latinos.beca all right, latinos. we wanted touse find and we did. we'll talk to you straight ahead. we vote against what we like to make our own industrial sites the unsoundness optimism that an american population by being part of something bigger than yourself to american without
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10:35 pm
told us that hispanic voters they mentone love open borders.y >> and if you don't, you're a racist. so all of a sudden there's some cognitive dissonance going on becauseive hispanic voters actually don't seem to love open borders. and that's why an overwhelmingly hispanic districts you're seeing republicans getting elected who are promising to enforce immigration law. soy therefore, i was extremely upset about this and trying to figure out what exactly . y would these voters aren't as obedient as we thought they would be . they don't have the sametu attitudes we do here in williamsburg, like what the ? >> and so we found a scapegoat.a they just publishedn an article with the headline, quote, the riseth of the far right latina ferrite latina with well, that's our kind of guest . one ofhe thosey that they referd to is garcia, who's running for congress in texas. and we are grateful that she's joining us tonight. jesse , garcia, i don't know where far right latina is , but i'm glad it's a badge of honor in the new york times. doesn't like you and we are very happy to have you. soso now they're attacking you because you don't haveha
10:36 pm
their views. >> is that what's happening? well, tucker, thank you for having me on tonight. it's just absolutely ridiculous. at the liberal media would call me a far rightin latina because i grew up inol a conservative household on the border and i went to churchy just absolutelydi ridiculous. yet they praise aoc. in the squad. let me tell you, they don'ty represent our values in south texas. and the reason why i am running for congress is to defend faith ,family and freedom. districted twenty eight has beeo in democrat controlr for one hundred and ten years. and the current incumbent henryt quiere who sayso all the right things has done absolutely nothing. nothing to secure a our southere border. in fact,ei i have received the endorsement of the national border patrol council who'snd always in your town square, but they've endorsed me inrs this race for congressional district. >> twenty eight . >> i just a little bit i mean, do you think it's weird thatte some , you know, white liberal from the upper west side went to brown and sends his kids to
10:37 pm
riverdale country school, gets to speak for g hispanic voters on the mexican border in texas, like where where did they getou the right to decide what a you'e allowed to believe? you know what? >> i'm representing the families in the community districten. twenty eight and they don't speak for me. the new york times, the democrat party leftyo the hispanic community and in the hispanic community we caret aboutty a strong and secure border. we don't't werd don't want open borders at all. and that's what a democratmo democrat party it believes in. believe that we believe in sovereign borders and so that's why we're goingra to see more democrats vote republican comisots. no, we're going to see more democrats walk away. yeah, i mean, you're obviously american, but i think even h immigrants who just got here of any backgrounds don't want opent borders. nt whyry would you want to come to a country that's not really a country? of course,rse de gazzaniga said, we're glad too meet you.nk >> so thank you for coming on . thank you. thank. >> so it turns out joe biden is selling maybe the single most valuable resourceos the americanourc people own
10:38 pm
and that's our energy taking oil from our strategic petroleum reserve and selling it to china . i that and the war in ukraine are pushing the world's food supply to near collapse. it's shocking what's happening . famine going on in africa caused by alll of this. so what's the media focus not only writing that story, no new testimony from january 6thy watch exclusive6! week forsi the january 6th committee fromvm the new allegations. shocking new details surrounding that fateful day on january 6th 5th. >> hearing, the january 6th committee, we heard shocking testimony this latestee s january six story came as a shock and shocking testimony out of the surpriseja january six hearing such disturbing tes, shocking is noto strong a word. it's shocking. wave shockwaves back the united states after yesterday's january 6th with this new january 6th evidence that reallyth is sending out
10:39 pm
shockwaves. breaking news about the january six investigation is that the shocking testimony was an insurrection. no, it wasn't your n be quiet. nobody cares. they're talking toth themselves. this at the very moment we have food shortages in the united states of america. so nobody's watching this a. during the judiciary committee hearings in mid-june, cnn recorded itsnne worst ratings wk since november of 2015. and polls confirm why nobody in america cares. we have massive problems, mostly economic problems thated are being completely ignoredia by the media. kind of weird because they're not touched by those problemsou according to rassmussen, top voter issues are gas prices, inflation, the economy and violent crime. but younger sargon is the deputy opinion editor at "newsweek" and she joins us tonight. >> but there's so much for coming on . so there should be like if you care about democracy, you're saying you do and you're in the media, you should at least try to illuminate the issues that the people of your country care about.
10:40 pm
why not look at a poll once in a while and cover that, but they don't. >> why? >> tha muchnk y for having me, tucker, and thank you so much for leading the show with josé. all thosee wit very distressing and you so important always get to the most important story of the day. ano yesterday it was another example of that. you're totally right when you ask americans in poll after poll, what are you mostc. concerned about? they say the same for things over and over and over the price ofgas, food and inflation, violent t crime and jobs.hi now, this is not surprise. wo two thirds of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. but when you askto journalists k what are t their top concerns, they say climate change,li the war on ukraine, january six , misinformation right,. hey there is zero overlap there. whys t is that?it i mean, it looks like it's a story about politics. but as you cover every night on your show, tucker, that is a story about class. there is an enormouser class divide in this country and one class has the luxury to sitnt around obsessing over
10:41 pm
misinformation and the other class is sitting at home wondering whether they should put their money towards putting meat on the table or gas inar their car because they don't have enough money for both. >>dsth historically, societies t have a divide this vast between the people running everythingg and everybody else in their attitudes and their economic position, those societiesast become very and dangerously unstable. >> are you worried about that?tr i'm not because i have a lot of faith in the american people. i mean, polarizingri is a totaly elite phenomenon and americans just don't buy it. and the sad thing is it would be bad enough if journalists were just ignoring violent crime. we're just ignoring the fact that regular v americans can't afford t but it's worse than that. they create a taboohan around talking about these issues. if you say i am not okay, withos prosecutors siding with violent criminals againstitou their victims, they call you racists. if youit say i am not okay with the fact that one in five american small businesses was decimated by these
10:42 pm
lockdowns, they call you a grandma killer. they have a misunderstoodod their economic privilege as virtue and that is unforgivable. aso they've misunderstood their economic privilege as virtue. >> if i had to choose, that would be one of the . >> great to see you tonight. thank you very much. thanks, tucker. you may have heard of the georgia dinosaur bones sometimes america's stonehenge,e suddenly they're notng there anymore. whythey is that? to finally lose 80 pounds and keep it off with gall is amazing. they've been maintaining the weight is gone and it's never comingan back . would golo i've not only kept up the weight, but i'm happierlo ,i'm healthier and i have an golo is thed only thing that will let you lose weight and keep it off. it loses one hundred and thirty eight pounds in nine months by the goal of a lifestyle change.
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just pure effective state happy sinuses breathing again mypurmist do it. o, >> so an arrangement of stones in georgia knownwn as the georga didon stones have stood in elbert county, georgia. for more than 40 years. some call t them the american stonehenge, another gone. what a were they ?ople u are peopleps upset by them and where they go? on the fox kevin corke is on that story for us tonight. kevin , interesting story indeed. >> soccer, the gbi, that'sge the georgia bureau of investigation has released a surveillance videoeoha inth the hopes of finding thoseos responsible for setting off an explosion at a georgia godson's
10:48 pm
monument, which is , as you point out, often referred to s as america's stonehenge. it's a 19to foot high granite tourist attraction in alberton, georgia. it was damaged early wednesday after unknown individualsnd detonated an explosive device that according to the agency w and for safety reasons. we are told now that the structure has beenhe completely demolished. again, according toac the gbi, which is even tonight still on the hunt for the vandals. now, you may recall the attraction actually gained a bit of attention back in may when candice taylor she's a gop gubernatorial candidate, suggested that the stones were satanic in nature, including a plot part of her platform that she wanted to get rid of these things. today she tweeted this, god is h good alle by himself. he can do anything he wants todo do" and that includes striking down satanic guides, sounds very interesting indeed. by the way, she said she wasn't supporting any idea of l vandalism. she was simply saying if the lord wants him out of it, they'll be out of there. now, a lot of people who aren
10:49 pm
into the paranormal have been wondering how the world this ended up in such a unique place. we're talking about p six granie slabs in the middle of georgiarg erected back in 1980. we still don't know exactly who erected those. but as theyct say on one of my favorite shows of all time, the x files. the truth is out there, tucker . >> well, that's a weird story.. thank heaven for thank you. but well, aren't you another weird story, the story of boris johnson. so after the twenty referendum on brexit, you'll remember johnson took over o. he became prime minister, ultimately then secured britain's departurend from the european union, which doesn't fully happen then johnson. got covid and seemed to change completely. it seemed to emasculated. he seems to lose control of his own government. he posts several lockdown'sgo as government officials party in london. then there are a bunch of scandal. and then boris johnson said things that contradicted each other and bought something very weird.
10:50 pm
anyway, today boris johnson announced he's resigning as prime minister. itns is clearly not the will of the parliamentary conservative party that there should be a new leader of thatt party and therefore a new prime minister at herd. instinct is powerful.nct, when when the herd moves, it moves and my friends in politics, no one is remotely indispensable. and ire want you to know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world. re >> but them's the breaks. a man of enormous charm and promise the clowning himself wasting att all. what is this exactly what happened here? well, a man who knowswe boris johnson well is his former f advisor, thomas corbett. dylan thomas, thanks so much for joining us tonight. first, the obvious questionio what? why did borisus johnson resignan as prime minister, which i don't fully understand? this is very well. >>t' yeah, it's chaos. it really is the shorts of
10:51 pm
the stories that we elected..we we elected boris to be the british trump. you know, he was going to shaket up the system.xit, he was going to deliver brexit. he wasli going to stick it to the eliteses. but he very quickly got in by the sort of globalist agenda he spent a lot of time up to macron and merkel that heiv forgot he's a conservative. you know, as you said, he went very lockdown, very hard on vaccines. he became woke and then he fully signed up to this grétar sumba idea of the world is ending, which is not whatve the conservative people voted for. . you know, boris was elected by a very large group ofhe working class voters, that it f was the first time they'd ever voted for conservativeha a politician. and these people want simple things, more jobs, lower tax, tough on crime, tough on the border and tough on our enemies. tobuuckebut he got into this glt agenda that just wasn't what the people wanted. sopl eventually the the epp started listening to the peoplen
10:52 pm
on the ground, realized that this was not the leader for them anymore. he's so humiliated himself and without offense to you, your country. i think that you, almost feel like there was something else going on here. do you why would he have been into the most conventional dumb kind ofal lifestyle liberalism when he's obviously a very smart guyer? >> yeah, he sort of fell inf with that elite crowd and he was traveling the world. he did a lot of time trying to save ukraine and all of these things. what seems to happen is the government just lostnt j their y . they didn't knowhe whaty they we trying to do and they didn't know what the policies were t. they tried to do this global britain thing, but the we have huge issues in the uk as america has to and the other things with, you know, fuel crisis and inflation and all these things, that i is what the people want and that's not what he was delivering anymore. so it's a shame because he had a lot of potential.. we were very excited when he you know, he had everything. thh
10:53 pm
he even hadai the hair like trup ,but it just didn't come t through in the end, hassan, the whole thing is so and also weird. i hope you get someone better. doesn't feel like you're going . thomas, i appreciate you're coming on set with that analysis. thanks so much. yes, thankur. >> so we've talked a lot about taylor lorenz. she is a journalist atal "the washington post". . check out her twitter feed if you want to know whatle she's life is very fragile personto. but today she took it to a whole new level. now, just to put it in context, leve i if you showed up at a public event dressed as napoleon, the full outfit, the bichon hat, the whole thing, talking about taking over the world. men with nets would come from the side to pull youou off. that's almost what taylor lorenz did today. sheenz showed up for an on camee interview wearing some kind of weirdkind face gear.ob was she going to rob a liquor store? we didn't know. here's what ite? lookeder like. well, there it is right there.te and the most amazing thing wasn it took place in washington. not a single person saidno anything about.
10:54 pm
>> so you can show up with this weird thing on your face and everyone acts likeasks totay normal since some time off. well, we've got something we want to get to the bottom of what it is next. really talking about something that involves every american, whether they know it or not. they literally accuse you of betraying the country. what the you've got too much debt. the only way out is there's no getting out of it in the world of thieves, you must enter into a really rough childhood. if you believe in censorship, you are definitely not the good guy. are you ever afraid of flying public service? you don't have to wait for what tucker carlson said that would you ever spoke to me exclusively on fox station? i'm the guy you're supposed to hate. i spent fifty years on wall street. i helped create the entire stock trading system. and i'm here to tell you a very strange day is something short of massive and surprising
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zero voluntary direct redefining insurance. what made america great for some of america's greatest contribution to be where where we're going and what lies ahead for them? what made america great exclusively on this is the life of a rock star is in our house tonight. john , what happens when tucker meets kid rock and gets a better understanding of the man and how he became uncontrollable? there's nobody i'm beholden to . tucker carlson. original life of a rock star. kid rock streaming now exclusively on fox station. >> so we told you a minute ago with the disappearance of the georgia gaist owens, no one knows what happened to them. there are reports tonight thatas a certain state senator from rhode island was seen in the area we just received s
11:00 pm
. 't we can't verify itsts authenticity. the news show, though, and we want to bring you the news as we get it. ha sot here's a picture we receive and the theoryth the stones were talked into pebbles and now we're just a pile of gravel again. again, we can to confirm that but we want we can't confirm that, but we want to at least raise w the possibility that that's what happened. >> we're on that story for tomorrow night. but for now, jason chaffetz sitting in for sean hannity. >> we want to the fox news alert. i'm ashleigh strohmeyer live in new york . japan's former prime minister shinzo abe is in grave condition after being shot during a campaign speech in western japan. that's according to japan's current prime minister who said, quote, i'm praying from my heart that he survives this ordeal. a local fire department official says was in cardiac and pulmonary arrest, meaning he was not breathing and his heart stopped while being airlifted to the hospital. video from the scene shows the former prime minister


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