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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 6, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> this friday flo rida takes the fox square for the all-american cancer is serious. we love to have you here for free tickets and complementary barbecue will. we'll see you friday. >> i already can't wait until friday. >> bill: think you guys this morning it's 9:00 in new york awaiting the first court appearance of a man accused of mass occurred during the fourth of july parade. that's with something no details on the attack, police say he was the planning for weeks. good morning to you. >> good morning theo, it's great to be with you. i'm julie banderas, this is "america's newsroom." robert crimo iii dressed as woman to escape the scene. it is disguised them cover up as
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distinctive facial tattoos. >> bill: prosecutors charging him with seven counts of first-degree murder and according to the mets the tip of this iceberg. >> the loss of life these devastating injuries on the over whelming trauma would demand we take justice. we anticipate dozens more charges centering around each of the victims. psychological victims, physical victims, attempted murder charges, aggravated discharge charges, aggravated battery charges. there will be dozens of more charges against mr. crimo. >> bill: live in highland park, good morning. >> bail, good morning teal. prosecutors will be asking a judge to deny bail to crimo and a court hearing in a couple of hours by the 22-year-old is facing seven first-degree murder charges and if convicted of
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mandatory licensing and no chance of probate as you heard the states attorney dozens of additional charges are expected to be filed as well. investigators say the suspect planned the attack for weeks and dress like a woman to blend into the crowd, wrapped his rifle and a red blanket and used a fire escape to climb up to the roof of a local business where he fired more than 70 rounds, killing seven people and injuring dozens more. after police searched the suspect's home they found a total of five guns, two rifles, a shotgun, and a pair of handguns which were all purchased legally periods first police responded to attempted suicide and a few months later he was flagged as a clear and present danger after threatening to kill his family. >> a family member reported that crimo said he was going to kill everyone and he had a collection of knives. the police responded to his residence and removed 16 knives, a dagger, and a sword from crimo's home.
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>> illinois state police no one wanted to move forward with the complaint in the states red flag clause were not triggered. three months later the suspects father allowed him to buy a gun, in the statement the suspects parents saying we are all fathers and mothers is this is a terrible tragedy. our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to everybody for the suspect will be appearing remotely for today's hearing. there will be no video of the hearing but there will be pictures and it is expected to last no more than 10 minutes. we'll be keeping a close eye on that. >> julie: we have learned tragically that the two parents of a 2-year-old boy are mung the victims in the mass shooting. marina and kevin mccarthy were
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both killed leaving behind their 2-year-old son, aiden. aiden was pulled out from underneath his father who shielded him from gunfire which -- up to nearly $2 million. >> bill: the vice president kamala harris now making a surprise appearance in the town of highland park. she spoke from the scene of the shooting and called for washington to pass stronger gun laws. >> congress needs to have the kurds to act and renew the assault weapon band. we need reasonable gun safety laws. we need to have congress that protecting those gun manufacturers with the liability deal. repeal it. to repeal it. >> bill: i was two weeks ago that congress did pass a new bipartisan cotton package. harris acknowledging that but saying the lawmakers need to go further. authorities have -- brett tolman
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it's a former federal prosecutor and former special agent, gentlemen good morning to both of you. brett to you first we've got the charges. they've got the missed opportunities in the list just grows by the day. >> bell, it's devastating. it's something we suffer through painfully as a community and as a country. the thing that strikes me though, and i know there are prosecutors like myself and the law officers we know it's impossible to stop all crime prior to it happening. it's tragic here this is one of the strictest areas in terms of gaining use of firearms, the red flag laws were not triggered. it's on the strong message that
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we cannot rely on legislation to answer all of the problems facing the gun issue in this country and the use of firearms by those who have mental issues. >> bill: chris, it's rare when you see a case with violent tendencies. the track record is clear and obvious in the public. >> red flag on top of red flag on top of red flag, his violent posts in the form that hosts photos of violence that is dedicated to those types of postings, to official police calls to his house, one for a suicide attempt. the rabbi was very suspicious, he didn't belong there. here is the issue, the police backed off and because the parents don't want to file a complaint. they don't have to wait for the parents to file a complaint. especially under the illinois.
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a law enforcement officer can take that and go to a circuit court and make a showing that there's an immediate danger to himself or others and get the restraining order. in this case people talk about him keeping firearms rd in illinois and this was a case of preventing him from ever getting one of the first place but let's look at the parents, the parents knowing these incidents happen in the day goes in and sponsors and five times to buy a weapon probably lying on the application because in that sort of thing. so if ever there was a case that was preventable, this is that. >> bill: you icing if you don't have a solid witness, in this case parents, the police back off? >> no i'm saying they should not back off. they can be a witness. this is almost like a domestic violence situation with the laws say you don't have to
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have someone, a victim signed a complaint, they can go to a magistrate, they can go to a circuit court, they can file their own complaint. if the witness doesn't serve in court that's one thing, that's with respect to criminal charges. they can still use the red flag gun law, which i fear is a law that's on the books to make people feel good but doesn't get used. >> bill: brett, when you think about this did anybody do their job? the police come of the parents the community, all of it. they come up past two weeks ago i don't think there's anything in there that would have presented this 21-year-old from doing what he wanted to do. >> bill you had the issue that so important in this country. we need to stop passing laws that make us feel good. i think chris is right on that. we do things in this country the emotional responses but
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anecdotal cases. there are red flag laws in place, communication could have been made to the database that would've liked him so that he could have couldn't purchase the firearm in the first place but they have to do their job in order for that to happen. it reminds me, bell, of when we saw prior to 9/11 we had all the information available to us to stop that, what we didn't have his proper communication. we still need that out of state and local level as well. the communication between law enforcement and between our community end up between the folks that regulate these firearms. if that communication occurs he doesn't get these guns. >> bill: more coming up today we'll see what happens in the court appearance in illinois. thank you, jim. in virginia set the speak about afforded mass shooting.
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a tip led to an arrest and seizure of firearms. justin right now, 2:00 news conference later today from police in richmond who have a lot more information about it other than that but will keep you posted as the come up shortly. >> julie: a nationwide warrant now for two men in california. they had a hundred and 50,000 for fentanyl pills on them at the time but authorities decided to release both without bond. senior national correspondent william la jeunesse in los angeles. william. >> this new warrant is a total reversal. previously not the judge, not probation even talked to these guys before they walked out of jail facing 14 years in prison. the question is how did we get here in the first place? deputies arrested jose's and they had us and would be too much or go for trafficking close to a million dollars in drugs
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get hours after their booking both had been released with zero conditions in the tracking device. now a different judge sees this same case and issues the warrant and preemptively $2 million each in vail. what went wrong and who's to blame after troopers stopped this truck and the canine sniffs out a hundred and 50,000 fentanyl pills hidden in some plastic bottles? the d.a. blamed probation for letting a computer program alone determine the pair were low risk and should be released, no mention of the crime, the drug's value, the flight risk. probation blames the court think only judges release inmates not to impair the court blames the d.a. for failing to put file charges or detainer to keep her in jail. >> it's not only here in county but across the state no pretrial risk assessment should be considered by a judge without at
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least a factual basis to some degree. like i said stop playing word games, let's call it a recommendation for the stop playing the finger at who's fault. >> you had two bad guys transporting a lot of drugs, taxpayers. >> bill: the white house task >> as their voice mail of the president talking but it sounds overseas business dealings. >> bill: once again the white house dodging and ducking on the hunter biden scandal with the president sent a voice mail message that has many asking questions today. >> major deadline and a push to recall district attorney george kass. does the campaign have enough
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>> bill: new polling numbers could spell trouble for biden in the white house as he shifts blame for high gas prices from putin, to the gas companies, to the gas station itself. martin, nice to see a good morning. >> bill, good morning tob of the present is good to be heading to cleveland, ohio, later on today to deliver a speech on the american rescue plan. it's his belief that it's
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helping keep the economy afloat. mom that's international finance at only 10% of people believe the country is heading in the right direction at a staggering 88% believe the country is heading the wrong way. the president tried to walk a fine line with the economy. he told the country monday the economy is growing but not without pain. of the white house is now having to repeatedly reject the idea that is all doom and gloom. >> consumer spending remains strong. business investment remain strong, and a household balance sheets remain strong. we don't believe we are in a recession. >> gas prices are what major expense almost all americans are dealing with. overnight the average dropping another $0.03. that is down from the record highly sought in june but still up significantly from where we were a year ago. the president has proposed temporarily suspending the federal gas tax to bring costs
6:20 am
down but even so members of his own party of rejected that idea. not blaming oil companies and gas station owners for high prices in those claims have some business owners business owners outraged. >> i was quite frustrated. i'm actually pretty annoyed that he would even make this suggestion that it's the corner gas station, the quintessential small business of america that's causing this problem. >> the president also continues to blame global turmoil for these high prices but republicans were gearing up for this message on the fall say a lot of the blame rests with the administration, sing the focus on trying to limit the domestic production of oil and gas is having repercussions. of course prices still top and bind a lot of people wondering how much more they can have to do. >> nice to see you will come on mark meredith. a long day at the white house. >> let's bring in fox business anchored david asman to talk about inflation gas prices. >> and who to blame.
6:21 am
>> or not blaming you but there is some lady to blame. >> they are running out of people to blame the beauty so that exchange of peter doocy. it was embarrassing. it was infuriating but also embarrassing because now they are getting down to the bottom of the food chain in terms of people to blame and they are blaming people at these mom-and-pop gas stations. only 5% are owned by the big oil bid to blame the gas stations selling coffee per gallon than they do selling gasoline. they have such a small profit margin. bottom line is you couldn't blame russia anymore, we found out inflation hunter biden was up 435% before the russian invasion of ukraine and just 9% since the russian invasion. 435 is a bigger number than
6:22 am
nine. you don't have to be a math genius to figure that out. most americans know the truth. that's why you see these extraordinary numbers. 88% of the people think were going in the wrong direction and they are right. >> i've not seen the wrong track number 88% in my life. >> my life is a little longer than yours, bill. i do remember during the carter years during the iranian when we had our hostages held by iran, there might've been something like that but i don't know if there was -- that would've been the only time. >> i'm surprise gas prices is entire but nonetheless inflation is consider number one in america. speak of the policies this administration has are directly responsible for the biggest problems that americans are having. and they know it. they know the policies, the biden administration policies are what is leading to this. the administration has driven
6:23 am
our up economy into the ground. first through the inflation problems, them through spending money like crazy keeping people at home much longer than they should've been. then by this horrific attack on our fossil fuels industry that has led to the core of the inflation problem which is energy. >> the white house and struggled to explain why. they have blamed russia, ukraine, the president has even come out and said he's going to blame gas stations. and also going to turn to saudi arabia which is just mind-blowing that you would go to a terrorist regime nation to help us out with our problems. pete buttigieg basically talked about justice, just watch. >> the one group of people we see that are happy about gas prices are oil company executives and owners. we seen them out there saying they're not going to increase production, but when it comes to the sky high gas prices drivers are mad about it, i'm mad about
6:24 am
it, the president is mad about it, oil executives are thrilled because it's good news for them. >> julie: what is the solution? the president doesn't seem to have one. >> it's not going to come to pete buttigieg. he doesn't know anything about transportation. he had no job qualifications for his job. it's not going to come from the energy department, granholm doesn't even know how much oil we consume is a nation every day. the one supporter, is the chinese communist party. we had a chinese communist party flag send out a tweet after the president's condemning of oil companies and even mom-and-pop gas stations, he said -- this is that the chinese communist party sing now the u.s. president finally realizes that capitalism is all about exploitation. from their mind-set he's doing right, from my mind-set in the mind-set of the most americans, they are doing absolutely wrong. >> i think than getting trolled by beijing. >> by the way the atlanta
6:25 am
federal reserve has a tracking poll of what's happening. we just finished the first half of the calendar year, they are suggesting that the second quarter -- remember the first quarter we were down 1.6%, they are suggesting now that the second quarter organ to be down 2.1%. that doesn't mean we are in the midst of a recession right now. in a moment you'll call it a crime and a surging rise of unsolved murders across the country living killers -- did joe biden really never talk about hunter biden's business dealings overseas? a newly revealed voice mails from the sun's laptop is putting that claim to the test. >> i've never spoken to my son about overseas business dealings. >> i've never discussed with my son, my brother, or anyone else anything having to do with their
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>> was there voice mail of the president talking to a son about his overseas business dealings asked the president had said he's never spoken to us son about its overseas business dealings business dealings. >> first i will say that with the president said stands. >> i think you're clear. how is that not pam talking to a son about his overseas business dealings? >> from this podium i'm not going to talk about alleged material from the laptop. i'm not going to talk about alleged materials. >> bill: peter tried and a few other people did as well pete it sounds like the equivalent of a no comment. the white house refusing to answer questions about a 2018 voice mail from joe biden recovered on this laptop. comment for "the wall street journal" will come back to the journal program.
6:32 am
here is the actual voice mail on december of 2018. >> hey, son, it's 2018 on wednesday night, give me a call, nothing urgent. just wanted -- i looked at the article if you're not online it will be approved tomorrow. i think you're clear. >> bill: where does that leave us? which direction do we go from here? >> we go in the direction of obviously there is a federal prosecutor in delaware which has convened a grand jury that has been looking into hunter biden's business dealings. at some point that grand jury has to issue a report. we would assume it's going to be if not before the midterm elections certainly before the 2024 election. and the statement by joe biden is telling his son is clear.
6:33 am
let's understand something. his son's business dealings were in ukraine, russia, and china. they were all based on the fact that he was the son of the vice president of the united states. we may assume the joe biden at least knows that and it beggars credibility he would not have discussed any of us with the sun. so that is a time bomb sitting out there beneath any possible biden campaign. >> bill: what he was referring to was "the new york times" piece that appeared the next area on my that night and imprint the next day that dealt with a chinese company, cef c, hunter biden had some business dealings apparently in florida with cef c. however there were other people on their own. this is philip wegmann trying to follow-up on peter doocy's question. it went this way. >> it's seems about peter's
6:34 am
question about his conversation with the sonic come hunter biden with regards to his business dealings. i'm wondering how is that silence consistent with the president's promise to always level with the american public. >> i cannot comment on any materials from the laptop. i would refer you to the representative of hunter biden. >> what appears to me -- that's the fall back, we are not going to talk about it from the podium as it pertains to the laptop. if you have questions about a go talk to hunter biden's team. both of those reporters they weren't looking for something from hunter biden, they were looking for something on behalf of the president. >> that's exactly right. in a way you almost have to feel for her she's obviously been told you are not allowed to talk about this out there. and wonders how much someone like the white house spokesperson actually knows about the details of what's going on. joe biden clearly is not talking
6:35 am
about it. and one doubts that anyone inside that white house, perhaps a white house lawyer is keeping track of that grand jury proceeding in delaware. but i would guess the white house people are basically in the dark and they have to trust the president not to hang them out to dry. they are in a very precarious situation because really this is -- joe biden and hunter are on thin ice with the situation and it could truly cracked beneath them at any time. >> bill: let's see what comes from the federal grand jury. when we have an answer will find out. in the meantime dan you've got this call among a lot of democratic progressive activists that they are not to act happy with what's happening in the white house. messing said she'd gotten joe biden elected and wants to know why she was being asked to do anything at all, yelling that there did not even seem to be a point in voting. another one went on to say that there was mismanaging the whole deal and they are not meeting the moment. what does that tell you when you
6:36 am
have three weeks now of articles that have been critical along a similar line? >> well what it tells us, bail, is the democrats are in a heap of trouble. it's not clear what they can do about it. i'm going to refer back to that metric you had up on the screen just a few minutes ago. 88% of the country thinks people think the country's going in the wrong direction. i'm with you. i've never in my career seen a number like that. if 88% think that then by definition a lot of democrats think the country's going in the wrong direction. if that's true then democrats are suffering a tremendous enthusiasm deficit. that's what's reflected in the story about debra messing and these other democratic celebrities. you need to win midterm elections. you need turn out. if you don't have enthusiasm among the base, if the base is
6:37 am
upset at the white house for not fighting hard enough for them about the economic situation of the country, the democrats are staring at a disaster situation in november because people are not going to come out and vote for them. >> nice to see you again, we'll see them any answers get today. >> will give it another shot, thank you. speak with the number of unresolved murders hits a record high. is there a new report which shows more only 50% of cold cases were sold last year, this is the lowest number by the way since the fbi started tracking the data. madison alworth is in the new york with the very latest. good morning. >> good morning, julie, disturbing trend we are seeing in the united states. murderers are on the rise. the amounts that are so that number is decreasing. the recent report is from the murder accountability project. they found that only 54% of
6:38 am
homicides in 2020 were clear through arrest. that is the worst percentage on record. the 2020 dropping clearance rate when a murder or assault was largest single drop since they began tracking data in 1965. during the last seven months in 2020 the majority of murders went unsolved. a decrease in funding and resources are driving this problem. >> they are overwhelmed and understaffed. and this lack of resources, more than anything else, is driving and has driven the decade-long decline at the rate in which we clear murder to the point now that it's a 50/50 coin flip. >> it's the clearest rate decreases the murder rate is increasing. in 2019 there were 15,563 murders. in 2020 there were a 50,221. while the official fbi data for 2021 has not yet been released
6:39 am
according to the murder accountability project a preliminary data out for the cdc shows that homicides are at the rates and will remain steady at this new high rate. meaning 2021 so i listed as many murderers since 2020. we are expecting the clearance rate to also remain the same, meaning very low. as shocking to murders increased but imagine in your being told is a 50/50 chance that you would be caught, it's an incredibly concerning trend and unless something changes this is the new reality in america. >> scary reality. thank you very much, appreciate it. >> invasion in the state of texas that's undermining our security, risking the health and well-being of texans come along fentanyl to tour schools and communities. >> texas congressman sounding the alarm as migrants keep floating across that southern
6:40 am
border in record numbers again. so is the clamoring and a gate invasion the right answer? we'll talk to him about that. plus the wnba star still in jail in russia sent a letter to the president to help her appear there is an urgent plea for help in her life is not staying silent, stay tuned. >> they are not moving, they are not doing anything. so my wife is struggling and we have to help her. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ sfx: submarine rising out of water ]
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speed to an about-face but the mayor of chicago peer lori lightfoot now urging supporters to be more civil, especially with those who may not share their views. listen. >> people are losing respect for the institutions of our democracy. the toxicity in our public discourse is the thing that i think we should all be concerned about. >> but it looks like she wasn't exactly following her own advice. this is from about a week ago. lightfoot now pivoting saying she understands that people are angry. you think? but we must not lose sight of our humanity.
6:46 am
>> bill: makes sense. the wife of child wnba star, brittany griner, calling up president biden for not doing enough to get a released. she's in the jail in russia and says she still has not called more than four months after that arrest. >> it kills me every time that i have to write her and she's asking you now have you met with them yet and i have to say no. we are over a hundred and 40 days of this date point i will not be quiet anymore. i've still not heard from him. honestly it's very disheartening. >> hello to you, sir. this income i think she's in for a tough time. >> yeah i mean first of all your heart breaks to hear the story but there's some realities that i've had the experience of going to russia two times. once with the wwe and once with snoop. we knew going in how hard they
6:47 am
were on things like marijuana, drugs, drinking, alcohol, stuff like that. we know not to have anything like that. so some of the responsibility has to be you shouldn't put yourself in that situation. couldn't picked a worse time to do something like that given the relationship with the united states. in this administration seems to only really focus on the first problems. they can't rename an institution after her right now, they actually have to do some work. globally were just not respected right now. it's even worse that this that this president who is supposed be this great provider in this administration was supposed to fight for people won't even respond. they gave a very blanket statement. it's very tough situation but when you go to places like russia, you follow every letter of the law and then some. we did not see -- everybody know
6:48 am
that snoop is famous for weed and all that stuff, not a flake of it was anywhere near us because we knew the how severe this -- >> you made snoop dogg? 's brittany greiner's coach brings up an excellent point about sort of a double standard here and wised up president doing anything. he said if it was lebron he be home, right? it's a statement about the value of women in the valley of a black person commits a statement about the value of a gay person. all these things we know it so that's what hurts a little bit more. i mean are we surprised that the president has an evening, acknowledge this? you think would be a different case if we were talking about a big nba player? >> that's not fair. if it was a tourist who nobody knew, they wouldn't be on the news right now. >> it's true. >> unfortunately lebron james is a megastar in a household name so i'm sure there would be a lot more attention to detail
6:49 am
according to who he is in terms of what is done with his career in his life. to make it about -- that's conflates the problem we are still talking about her and still fighting for her. everybody wants her home. >> we are but as the president? >> they can't figure out who to blame gas prices on. they are blaming it on little guys in the stores opposed to what's really going on. it's best until they actually get somebody in there was willing to make some hard choices. and she's not alone. we have american citizens all over the country being held in places they shouldn't be. but this administration you can't change the name you can't take the name of the school to help her come he actually have to get your hands dirty and do some things to negotiate, good luck. >> it's been four months, during the trump administration there
6:50 am
was too young basketball players they got in trouble. i think it was in china i got them home. >> that's because they respect to the president. i don't think anybody here is our president. there has to be a fear factor here. that's how i discipline my children, i scare the crap out of them. >> as far as they're concerned she broke the law. >> nice to see you in new york again. talk soon. >> we are learning more about the man accused of killing seven people and wounding dozens of others. we have details on that jump ahead plus our next guest says a nation way to rush towards green energy could lead to power outages this summer. his warning up next. than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there.
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>> bill: in case you missed it carlos santana collapsing while
6:56 am
performing on stage. medic seen rushing onstage and carrying santana off to the hospital. he waved as he left the stage, that's a good sign. it happened near detroit. as manager thing it was a result of heat exhaustion's. the musician said to be doing well. he has postponed an upcoming show however in pennsylvania so best of luck to him getting back to health. speed. >> julie: the nationwide rush towards green energy is a real thing and could leave you sitting in the darkness somewhere believe it or not. at issue is the potential of widespread blackouts as traditional energy sources are taken off-line. joining us now as daniel turner founder and ceo of power the future, there is a problem, where is the power? well the green energy push lead to blackouts? that's question number one. >> was heading in that direction. use your articles everyday about moving blackouts this summer and for proof of that we just need to look at countries around the world and states here in america
6:57 am
that have adopted the green agenda faster than normal. so in europe for example you look at places like germany, which is 20 years ahead of us. they have regular black out and brana problems and they are firing back their own coal power plants because they can't keep up you do a states like california and new mexico, even last summer in my home city of new york where you all are now experience brownouts particularly high-energy times. so proof of this prediction is just that we have lots of evidence of it already happening. >> julie: explained to a sub-democratic states in particular are pushing for renewable energy which in turn is it route weakening the electric grid. and does it come down to political decisions putting the power grid address? >> it does. green energy is politically popular. even a lot of republicans have begun to embrace it to try to appear balanced and moderate, et cetera, et cetera. but the technology is really
6:58 am
improving. maybe one day in the future we will get there but were not here now. what's happening as you look at states like california and states like new mexico that have raised it faster. what happens as a result is that they risk their entire electric red so strategically you have to turn off entire sectors to protect the great overall integrity. when you are in california that's a human decision commode neighborhoods do you turn off, it's never rich and powerful neighborhoods. in new york city last summer somebody had to advised that de blasio administration i'm pretty sure it was brownsville in east new york. poor areas of brooklyn, they are the ones plunged into darkness. speak of the states most at risk. much new mexico and california, what other states? what are the dangers of nationwide blackouts overall when you take a look at the power grid? >> unfortunately texas has embraced wind a lot faster than the technology allows we saw the catastrophe of that last february when texas had massive
6:59 am
storms. the green energy accolades will always measure incapacities and we have capacity for wind and solar. that capacity only makes sense when the conditions are perfect and when the wind is blowing in the sun is shining. that's a variable and that's not always guaranteed. what does work as fossil fuels. if you want proof of that is an area that's incredibly. he didn't put up wind turbines come he didn't put a solar farm on this $15 million oceanfront mansion, he puts 3,000 propane tanks because fossil feels always work. >> and you put those up on the screen i mean it's pretty alarming when you look at the rising energy prices year-over-year the percentage change in price from may 2021 to may 2022 for example, fuel oil up a hundred and 6.7% which by the way represents the largest increase in the history of the
7:00 am
series also electricity up 12%. these numbers are just incredible. gasoline over 49%, the list goes on. what are the greatest dangers you see moving forward and when do you see relief? >> until we increase our supply there isn't going to be any relief. the other thing that's can i help with price point it's when we reduce our demand. that's what's happening right now with oil markets to be like a toilet sound almost $20 per barrel. it is not coming down because of our supply increase, it's coming down because we are forecasting a huge recession. we are using less of it. that means economic depression and that's not good for america. >> thank you. chilling new details about the deadly attack and also about this 21-year-old suspect. in does festa gators digging
7:01 am
deeper into his past and search for a possible motive. i'm bill hemmer welcome to our number two. >> julie: hanging in there. please take the suspect is a clear and present danger in 2019 after being called homes not once but twice for threats of violence and threats of suicide. he was later allowed to buy guns on four separate occasions, including the rifle used in the shooting. each time clearing state required background checks. as we learned more about his actions, the motive remains a mystery. meanwhile prosecutors are just getting started as we await the suspect's first court appearance. >> the late county has charged robert cream of the third with seven counts of first-degree murder. for the killing spree he's unleashed against our community these are just the first of many charges that will be fired
7:02 am
against mr. crimo. i want to emphasize that. there will be more charges. there will be dozens more charges against mr. crimo. but these seven counts of first-degree murder will lead to a mandatory life sentence should he be convicted without the possibility of parole. >> details are dark. grady trimble live in highland park, illinois, to begin now, good morning. >> good morning, bill, the suspected shooter will be in court this morning for a bail hearing where he will face those seven first-degree murder charges for the first time while we don't know why the alleged gunman fired 70 rounds from a rooftop onto parade goers below according to police we now know more details about the fourth of july massacre. police say he had planned the shooting for weeks and dressed as a woman to blend in with the crowd and walk away from the scene. they say the alleged shooter
7:03 am
used a gun similar to an ar-15 in the attack. the late county states attorney who you just heard from in brook vice president, harris fought called for those types of weapons to be debt banned. >> congress needs to have the courage to act and review the assault weapons ban. we should have that same band in illinois and beyond. in the entire country. >> police knew robert cream other third well before monday's shooting. they were called for an attempted suicide in april of 2019. months later they were called again after they say that he threatened to kill his family. at that time police took more than a dozen knives and a sword from the house. just months later crimo the third applied for and received a state i.d. to legally buy guns in illinois. he was sponsored by his father because he was under 21 at the
7:04 am
time. each of the four times he bought guns in 2020 and 2021 he passed background checks. as for this grieving community there were several vigils in the highland park area yesterday focusing on the seven people killed in the massacre. please have named six of them among those killed irena and kevin mccarthy, their little boy two years old was found by a stranger wandering the chaos asking for his parents. i go for me has been set up to remain raise money for that little ball away. far people have donated more than $2 million. bill and julie back to you. >> julie: a huge number of migrants to make their way across the southern border despite scorching temperatures. agents say they made nearly 5,000 apprehensions over the long holiday weekend alone. in just the del rio sector.
7:05 am
live in eagle pass, texas. >> hey, julie, that's exactly right. the sector where we are a number remains the epicenter of this border crisis in the summer heat is not flowing anything down. just over the holiday weekend at over 4,900 illegal that includes more than 1,800 just on the fourth of july alone. those are remarkable numbers for a single sector. take a look at this video we shot here in eagle pass lake yesterday afternoon as soon as we got to town and been driving around for more than 10 minutes we came across this group of about 70 that had just crossed over illegally. mostly cubans, nicaraguans, and venezuelans. a mix of family units and single adults mostly turning themselves and for the most part there was one migraine deal say she brought her pet dog over with her as she crossed illegally. we've seen this many times in the past before. border patrol does not let migrants keep their pets. unfortunately for the little dog it will likely end up abandoned
7:06 am
door one of the many stories we see done here at the southern border. then take a look at this wild video out of the rio grande valley sector, texas dps showing this vehicle dispute. everybody starts bailing out, more than 20 people crammed into that pickup truck, remarkable numbers. you see a huge amount of people just spilling out of that vehicle. what they're doing as they pulled up to the side of the video at river, they are jumping into the river in an effort to swim back to mexico to get away from troopers and border patrol. ultimately texas dps and border patrol were only able to catch two of the people in the truck for the rest of them successfully swim back to mexico. also in the rio grande valley if we police photos up, they're getting hammered with these large groups of migrants as well. border patrols reporting the income to three large groups totaling more than 400 people just in stark county pair that
7:07 am
includes more than 50 unaccompanied minors. back at your life bringing it back here to the del rio sector, border patrol here also reporting just over the holiday weekend alone there were more than 1,000 confirmed getaways. people they see had cameras, are never able to catch. sending it back to you. >> julie: thank you very much. ♪ ♪ >> people of texas are experiencing innovation. >> i'm here to let you know that the administration's real. >> by the administration want to a thing about. >> we are asking you to step up and do more than you have. >> several texas border counties invoking the constitution declaring the migrant surge as an invasion. that leaves 6,000 counties are declared in a considering it. good morning to you. so you and the clip there, make a case about this invasion. >> good morning, bill, great to
7:08 am
hear from allusion down there but the facts on the border i was in eagle pass yesterday morning. and when jeh johnson in 2014 under the obama administration said that we'd a crisis with a thousand people that were now at seven or 8,000 a day. when i was down there i met with people coming from cuba, from venezuela, nicaragua all explaining how they pay cartels to come here talking about having to deal with rampant problems we've got down of the border, they are dealing with the heat, their kids, they're having all sorts of dehydration issues, and border patrol has to step in and help them. border patrol is processing human beings. i went to a brand-new facility in eagle pass designed to process people and release them. not a silent claims, they are releasing them. texas bears the brunt of that. we are dealing with an invasion. we are dealing with texans dying from sentinel pouring into our communities. our ranchers are getting overwhelmed. our communities are dealing with that.
7:09 am
all of these leaders in the counties in south texas are asking for is that texas step up and we go do what the federal government refuses to do. people are going to say this is somehow a slap at governor abbott, they are stepping into the breach in texas is a leaving us tinkling. >> i know you're up against it and were the only network that seems to cover the story. i hear you loud and clear. jonathan turley was with us yesterday cities can invoke the constitution on this, i mean legally can you even push this forward? >> absolutely. look what the actual law says is in the constitution that if the federal government is not upholding its end of the bargain meant to secure the border it falls back to the states. the only judicial ruling on the sow's. texas has an obligation as a sovereign entity itself to defend its people if you have a
7:10 am
constitution recognizes that specifically. the history bears that out. what i'm asking for is for all of the leaders of the state, local, county state leaders to recognize that and for us to declare an invasion and act accordingly. make a court strike that down. let's have the fight. let's elevate the fact that texas is taking it on the chin and go use our constitutional authority in a republic, go do with the federal government it's purposely refusing to do and that's what they're doing. the federal government is failing. spew and i've got another topic for you. at least a dozen house republicans are pushing for answers as to why some trump era administration judges have been dismissed from their jobs. here's one of them, matthew o'brien is his name. >> the biden administration is trying to turn the immigration court into essentially free candy store so that anybody who appears in front of the immigration court winds of getting some kind of benefit or
7:11 am
being allowed to stay in the united states. that's not what the courts were designed to do. >> true they are frustrated this front as well. your department is reportedly ousted at least without legitimate justification for the determination. it appears to us the department's motives are nefarious. care to comment on that? >> me just say this when alejandro mayorkas appeared before me in the house judiciary committee and i asked him to have operational control of the border he looked at me straight in the eye and said yes, we've got 800 something thousand known cutaways over the last year and half. i believe the administration is undermining for the great people of dhs are trying to do their job for political purpose? i believe that. they're purposely blowing up our border, purposely refusing to execute the laws of the united states and the laws require that they detain people at the border. i don't begrudge the immigrants want a better way of life.
7:12 am
i begrudge the bureaucrats and the politicians or endangering americans, endangering migrants, and texas has to step up because they want. and that's the reality. >> may not change until november and maybe not even then. >> the one group of people that we see who are actually happy about what's happening with gas prices are little company executives and the voters, they're not going to increase production and why would they when they are this profitable? >> so the blame game for gas prices, critics say it's not helping the uncertainty that could lead to a worldwide recession, how the markets are reacting coming up here. >> mounting evidence making it harder to deny the president's involvement in his son's business dealings, which has so far denied. as the store becoming too big for the white house to simply ignore? >> also the fourth of july shooting is people running for their lives in philadelphia.
7:13 am
looking forward to leaving office and more. >> the laid-back chilled day, the weather is beautiful, counter is beautiful, but we live in america we have the second amendment and we have the supreme court of the united states that want everyone to carry a gun wherever they want. tic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet. psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx.
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>> julie: oil prices looking to recover today after fear of a global recession. u.s. crude fell just below hundred dollars a barrel for the first time since may 11th. lydia, is in new york newsroom live with the latest. >> we could see that tumble in prices continual. our forecasting crude oil could
7:19 am
fall to $65 a barrel by the end of this year and just $45 a barrel by the end of next year. that may sound like a good thing, oil goes down, gas prices fall. but the reason for the plunge is a problem. wall street is worried that if a recession hits it's going to cripple demand. yesterday west texas intermediate sod's largest $1 decline falling just as the average gas prices today are still high at $4.77. >> based on how things are looking we could see some $4 prices by the end of the summer. we could drop another 25-$0.50 over the next month or two. >> underscoring the theory of uncertainty other analysts are concerned over $380 per barrel. a pressure retaliates against
7:20 am
the western decision to cap russia's oil prices. meanwhile if the administration continues casting blame, transportation secretary pete buttigieg telling neil cavuto yesterday oil companies are responsible for gas prices. >> the one group of people that we see who are actually happy about what is happening with gas prices are oil company executives and owners. we've seen them out there saying you know they're not going to increase production. and why would they when they are this profitable? >> so, julie weir's seeing gas prices fall but probably for the wrong reasons. critics point out it's not right to demand oil companies increase production when the administration's policies have not supported investment in their production. >> or is there a voice mail of the president talking to a son about his overseas business
7:21 am
dealings? >> who says i think you are clear. how is that i am not talking to a son about his overseas business dealings? >> from this podium i'm not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop. >> that from the white house of internal questions. questions about a 2018 voice mail recovered from hunter biden's laptop. it appears to strongly contradict the president claimed that he had no discussions with his business over with his son over business. sean levine, u.s. post reporter good to see you, john, good morning to you. the tail end of her answer is probably where the white house is going to stay in the spirit that is from this podium were not gonna talk about anything with regard to the laptop. >> good to see you again, bill. when i watch that video i kind of feel bad for her. i feel bad for the press secretary. she has to go out there and kind of say that one plus one is seven in the sky is not below. we now have an answering machine
7:22 am
recording of joe biden talking about an article which discussed his work with the chinese oligarch. he said on the voice mail he know you are in the clear. this is as close to confirmation or a smoking gun that there clearly was discussion between joann hunter about the business. i think the question now is how much was there? was this a one-off or was it expensive? were they making money? these are clearly not questions to white houses can no answer now. >> who records a voice mail on a laptop? >> it is bizarre. i certainly do not. >> unless your phone is directly linked to it and they cross pollinate. and a wacom a story for another day. here's the voice mail itself that is the question. >> when you get a chance give me a call. just want to talk to you.
7:23 am
what is referencing is what you just talked about. a chinese energy company, hunter biden was doing business with them or at least had meetings with them round 2017. however, in 2019 on the campaign trail yes this question. >> mr. vice president, how many times have you ever spoken to her son about his overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about overseas business dealings. >> you could stick with that answer as long as you are not under oath. >> right commits becoming increasingly untenable. i kind of almost had deja vu to widen sean spicer in very early days of the last administration. it is untenable, that is clearly an incorrect answer. how incorrect it is and the details of what involvement was has to be something under oath.
7:24 am
probably in a house investigation it will come. we don't know what is being uncovered there, do we? >> that is correct. charges could come from there at any time. we don't know. >> john, thanks. stay on it. one of your beads here at "the new york post." >> good seeing you again. >> all right one of the nations lowering its standards for recruitments amid surging crime and sending ranks. plus the effort to is one step closer to the ballot box. will the second attempt succeed? pay for a bit here with take next. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm william devane. did you know there's only been two times in american history - two
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>> bill: we have two more booking photos of this 21-year-old alleged killer. in illinois the 21-year-old will be in court in about 30 minutes we believe. he might appear by way of video link but there is another report out of illinois that suggests the attorney has said that he will plead not guilty. stay tuned, there's much more in the story. meanwhile a blood a holiday weekend here in new york city, violent crime spiking more than 50 people shot. "the new york post" putting it simply carnage. the timing could not be worse. >> over a four-day period this holiday weekend 51 people in new york city were shot including seven who died. that's a significant increase
7:31 am
over the 32 shooting victims during the same time. last year. monday independence day was especially bloody. 21 people were shot, a gunfight inside a brooklyn delhi claimed the lives of two men committed 21-year-old man was killed by a gunshot wound to the head, 23-year-old man died after being shot in the neck. a third man was wounded in the now in critical condition. among the youngest to be killed was a 17-year-old boy who was shot to death late friday afternoon in upper manhattan. he was struck several times in the back after someone fired a barrage of bullets. according to nypd pension fund data by the name of "the new york post" a record number of cops or other retaliating or resigning for the paper says 2,119 officers in the first half of this year left the force compared with 1,507 over the same period a year ago. retired detective with nearly four decades on the job says morale is low. >> they feel like the community doesn't appreciate them and doesn't want them there. and i can't do the job.
7:32 am
>> the nypd has made it easier to pass the fitness test required for groups to attend the cat applicants in 2019 had to be able to climb over a 6-foot wall. bill had been replaced by a chain-link fence. the nypd when asked about the changes said that fitness requirements have been reviewed and approved by new york state. >> david lee thanks david lee miller here. >> this a group trying recall l.a. county district attorney george kass: signature acquired more than the sick -- organizers are turning in those petitions today to be counted and verified. dave rubin is the host of the rubin report. he joins us now. let's go through it. they have for almost 567,000
7:33 am
signatures, much of the opposition against the l.a. liberal d.a. they say that no longer they fear harsh consequences from the d.a.'s office, essentially he brought this onto himself. >> yes he absolutely did. there's no doubt about it. let's not forget that george has gone, before he was a d.a. of los angeles was the d.a. of san francisco. certainly everyone on fox knows what has happened to the dystopian nightmare of a city that san francisco now is. so he destroyed san francisco and now he has spent the last couple of years destroying -- by the way he replaced a woman by the name of jackie lacey who was the first black female d.a. that los angeles had ever had. i don't really care about somebody's gender or skin care related to well of this, but the progressives decided to get rid
7:34 am
of the black female d.a. who is doing a pretty decent job and was a moderate in 2012 to 22020 and replaced her with an older white guy pair those are there rules not our rules. but yes crime is up, drug use is up, it's one of the many reasons that me and about 3,000 other people fled california in los angeles pacifically and specifically 9/11 the great state of florida. this is what happens in progressive politics. if you destroy things, which progressives always do, you fail appear does not forget gavin newsom was the mayor of san francisco and now he has the governor of california and he's brought those same policies across the state. >> julie: perfect example of failing up. and he's basically in basically emboldened criminals by ways such as not seeking cash bail and sentencing enhancements. if you look at l.a. crime stuff, you just touched on it a bit, everything is up. everything from murder, robbery, aggravated assault, reveals a
7:35 am
suspect who reveals two police officers last month was actually out on probation at the time after getting a plea from his office. these are two men in blue who would be alive today if it not be for gascon. >> it's incredible coat because not only are these people but defunding the police but there also but constantly demonizing the police. then what happens if you're going to get less qualified people willing to become police officers. it's a cascading effect that completely decimate the city's ability to police itself properly. and then you get this affecting people don't want to live around crime. i can tell you that for the last two years that i worked in los angeles during the pandemic in the summer of. no one had any faith that if somebody broke in to your house
7:36 am
or if you were mugged on the street or whatever it might be, that anyone would help you. that there was any chance that the system would allow for someone to come in, a police officer and do the right thing. this is what progressives want and it's just going to continue. i hope the recall goes through. i campaigned heavily for gavin newsom to get recalled, that did not work out as i would've wanted, but i hope the recall would've gone through. he just got recalled, can you get somebody better to do it? i'm not sure rules for the not for. california governor gavin newsom ignoring his own travel ban. race gone on vacation after ordering anyone who works for him to stay away. plus the declaration of independence getting canceled on
7:37 am
the fourth of july. (torstein vo) when you really philosophize about it, there's only one thing you don't have enough of. time is the only truly scarce commodity. when you come to that realization, i think it's very important that you spend your time wisely. and what better way of spending time than traveling, continuing to educate ourselves and broaden our minds? (woman vo) viking. exploring the world in comfort. fishing helps ease my mind. kinda like having liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. woah! look out! [sfx: submarine rising out of water ] [ sfx: minion spits bobber ]
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>> julie:
7:42 am
governor gavin newsom escaping california going on vacation in montana after imposing a travel ban to the states. how convenient? chief correspondent jonathan hudson is live in los angeles to explain. >> hey, julie, that specifically determine confirming or denying the gavin newsom is in montana, his office said today that is on a personal trip to visit family who live outside the state of california. therefore in their view that this is much to do about nothing. in the statement to us this morning the governor's communication director, aaron mellon, described the reporting thus far on this personal trip as reflecting a lack of understanding of state policy. and she thanked us for our efforts to be accurate. the statement went on the travel ban applies to expending state funds. the governor's travel is not being paid for by the state. connecting the two is irresponsible and falsely implies that there is something untoward. montana is 1 of 22 states to
7:43 am
which california bands state-funded travel. as a result of those state policies on lgbtq+ issues. officials with the governor's office point out the state does not regulate where people are allowed to have family or persecute those same people for visiting their family. the parents of governor gavin newsom's wife own a branch in montana and gavin newsom and siebel were married there in 2008. the bottom line, julie, this does appear to be a personal vacation which would have nothing to do with the ban on state-funded travel, but we just followed up with the governor's office asking them well does that mean there isn't a single state-funded employee with the governor? security details for instance. we just got a reply from aaron mellon, the communications director, she tells us i can't comment on his detail due to security. we don't know if security is there because of security. >> love that no comment.
7:44 am
jonathan hunt, thank you. faith in the very pillars of our company are sliding. a new gallup poll finding that americans trust and confidence in overall institutions hit a record low of 27%, which is three points lower than the previous bottom hit in 2014. 2014. fox news contributor are a slice, former white house press secretary with this now. you're down with the president can you're down with supreme court commute donna media. and on and on the list goes. tele is the way we look at ourselves. it's not unusual for the part of its out of power to advise a democratic donald trump a republican was president. to put under president biden everybody seems to be sour about our nation. this is democrats, republicans and independents, may be the one thing that joe biden has brought us together on.
7:45 am
you know just takes leadership, takes optimism, leadership, strength, love of country, these are the things that typically bully presidents when the economy is go to. >> so wait for the numbers to rebound or not. they could go lower, maybe we haven't hit bottom just yet. another topic here, he saw this with npr on july 4th, they opted not to recite the declaration of independence, instead they wanted to talk about equality in america, wanted to talk about voting rights. an example. >> and many of our debates on this july 4th turn on what equality means. what voting rules really give equal access to the ballot? two abortion laws give a woman equal control over her body? at what point is a fetus entitled to equal rights. >> bill: in addition to that,
7:46 am
"the new york times" printed the declaration of independence printed for 99 years, this would be the 100th year they did this. only they didn't do it. in "the new york times" apparently forgot. they blamed it on human error and went back on the 5th of july and put it back in print. it could be an oversight or give them the benefit of the doubt in a case like this. what he saying here from some of these more liberal institutions? >> this just fills me with sadness. i talked earlier about the importance of patriotism. patriotism find its roots in our founding documents and declaration, the constitution and the honor those caught documents have been given throughout time. i'm reminded of martin luther king and some of the greatest civil rights leaders. what do they do, they went back
7:47 am
to our founding documents, all men are created equal and said were not living up to that creed. they always held those documents in the highest regard. to forget those documents, to make this about something else as opposed to the founding statements that gave rise to liberty in the freest nation on earth, the nation that start of the trying to away from slavery and towards equality for all, that's what those documents dead. that's what the nation was birthed in. and it's just as you know i worry so much because the 250th anniversary of our country is coming up in three years, i just worry that working of half the nation that does want to celebrate it. and this is a terrible turn for our country. it's >> bill: it could be an oversight but it's a pretty big oversight. it's not like you're missing a word commits the entire document. finally got a brand-new book out. i know you've been working on this for several years. what are you trying to tell us?
7:48 am
>> the book comes out on tuesday and it's just about how awful the mainstream media is doing its job. one of the reasons were such a polarized and divided people is because of the mainstream media. they're constantly getting stories wrong. all designed to benefit democrats, they suppress stories that might benefit republicans. the media is off the rails. my book tells that story, names names and it gets into it in great depth and shows just how bad the press is doing its job. >> bill: is a man that used to run the press from the white house. thank you, good luck in the book and we'll talk about it again very soon. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, bill. >> julie: as violent crime sores in philadelphia mayor jim kenney appears to be as sick of it as anyone else but isn't c's supposed to be in charge? now is facing major backlash over some comments.
7:49 am
>> there is not a day when i don't lie on my back and look at the ceiling and worry about stuff. i'll be happy when i'm not mayor.
7:50 am
7:51 am
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7:55 am
over his wallet and cell phone. it happened in brooklyn where he was looking for a location for an upcoming visit by the mayor. they told him, "you don't want to do this. i work for the mayor." both suspects fled the scene. ♪ ♪ >> everything we have in the city over the last seven years, i worry about. i don't enjoy the fourth of july, i don't enjoy the democratic national convention, i didn't enjoy the nfl draft. i'm waiting for something bad to happen all the time. i'll be happy when i'm not here, when i'm not mayor. >> julie: you know who should be worried? the people of philadelphia because that's your mayor. philadelphia married suggesting he is over being in charge. he made the comments at a press conference after two officers had been shot near the city art museum on july 4th. critics were quick to call him out, of course. let's bring in chris, radio and podcast host of his show base in
7:56 am
the philly area. can you help me make sure that i didn't miss pronounce her last name? i'm pretty sure i did. >> it's okay, you can call me whatever you want. just don't call me mary kenny. >> julie: i don't think anyone wants to go by that name these days. what kind of message does this send that he lays in bed at night looking up at the ceiling basically saying, "i can't wait the heck to get out of here as mayor." if he is so fed up that he's going to abandon his own people, why not replace him now and he should resign, no? >> it's remarkable. he's done something of never seen a democrat in the modern era deal, unify all parties. republicans, democrats, and moderates in one call for his resignation. he doesn't have one friend in politics in this town. i just had a democrat on my radio show this morning calling for his resignation as well as maybe half a dozen other democrat council members in philadelphia. they want to mount. they say they want him gone, and
7:57 am
as parker said, none of our the stress is heavier than the people in every community, every neighborhood. they don't want to say we've thrown up our hands and we can't do anything. we don't have the luxury to do that. this is an abject failure of administration, there is no doubt. >> julie: talk about failure, do failure, do you see a theme here? we just talked about the liberal ta out in l.a., and we talked at mayor lightfoot in chicago who a joyful summer when murders are up trifold in her city. she takes terribly whatsoever. she's blamed the judges. and i've got mayor kenney, who, by the way, put out a statement to walk back on this. here's what he said. "in a late-night overwhelming moment of frustration i said i was looking forward to no longer being mayor. let me be clear, i'm incredibly grateful to be mayor of this great city and for the people who elected me to lead." so he's grateful but he also
7:58 am
doesn't give a crap about the people of philadelphia. >> that's abundantly clear. julie, let me remind you that this is the same guy who shut down the city during covid and was caught mask for he and his buddy's restaurant down in maryland. this is the same guy that, when they handed over a multimillion dollar vaccine distribution contract to a 22-year-old with no experience, he said, "well, you know, accidents happen." even the "philadelphia inquirer" last year said, where is he? why is he hiding? the city needs to feel like their leadership has things under control, and the vaccine mess gave people a reason to distrust government even further. even brought back masks, unlike every other city leader in the country, only to resend it a week later just a few weeks ago. he's a disaster, julie. he should go. >> julie: what i'm really worried about are the police. the problem in chicago and philadelphia and new york city, l.a., the list goes on, they are
7:59 am
all democratic led cities. the police don't have the backing of these democratic led politicians. so what about the police? as if crime isn't bad enough, he doesn't take his job so seriously, so what about the job police have to do with such a lack of leadership? >> there in an untenable spot. he comes from the old car democrat tried to cater to the new progressive democrat, and the district attorney, much in the vein of the gentlemen out in california, these are progressive democrats and he's trying to thread the needle. he does know how to do it seaso. not the old guard or the new guard. he's caught between. the cops know he doesn't have their back. >> julie: the video we are showing right now is a perfect example. broad daylight, these guys jump out of a car with guns at a gas station in may in philadelphia because they know no one is coming after them to get them. they'll get it right the next
8:00 am
day. thank you very much, i appreciate you coming on. >> thank you, julie. >> bill: i don't think that's going to work out very well. we've got to go, nice to be with you. see you later in the week. i'm back with smitty later this afternoon, so i'll see you then, and we'll have a moment here at highland park, illinois. so i'm on that. good to be with you, julie. here is harris faulkner. we'll see you a bit later. bye-bye. >> harris: and we are all over the breaking news. the highland park mass shooting suspect is making his first court appearance right now, and police have released the booking photos and just the past hour. you see those on the right-hand side and we are keeping our eye on the courthouse in illinois. the charges against him are lengthy. seven counts of first-degree murder. prosecutors are promising many more criminal charges are coming. i'm harris faulkner. here in "the faulkner focus." police say the suspect legally bought five weapons,


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