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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 29, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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is causing projects to slip. driving up backlogs and driving down construction spends. so it is on a macrobasis. >> so all of this means, sandra, that taxpayers are getting less bank for our buck. projects will cost more. >> sandra: thanks. we'll be watching it. great to be with you all. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks. we're going straight to texas where for abbott is speaking about the tragic loss of life. 53 people packed in a sweltering truck lost their lives. let's listen to the governor. >> one is record number of people coming across the border illegally. another is a greater sense of lawlessness that comes from not enforcing the law. when -- whether it be migrants
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or smugglers see laws unenforced, they'll abuse the laws. we've seen increase brazenness by cartels that feel empowered because we don't have a federal government pushing back against those cartels and their illegal activity. of course, the worst thing of all is the catastrophic death that we have witnessed. now, we saw this horrendous death occur in a track in san antonio earlier this week. and it is heart breaking. the numbers have increased. it's now reported that 53 people in that truck lost their lives. it is the deadliest migrant smuggling incident on u.s. soil, and it's on president biden's watch. the thing about it is that it's not the only way in which people who are trying to migrate here
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lose their lives. in the harsh high temperature of texas in the summertime and the texas heat, it will prove even more deadly. every year there's many reports about migrants that lose their lives in the heat. i was visiting with the sheriff moments ago. he was telling me reports about how there's been multiple people in just the past week that lost their lives, mostly from heat exhaustion. may have been one or two that lost their lives in the river. this is harsh terrain and harsh weather. because of the way the biden administration is not enforcing the immigration laws, it's attracting people and enticing people to make this very dangerous trek, causing them to lose their lives. i urge the president, stop the loss of lives. you have the ability to stop
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people from losing the lives if you make it clear that no one can come across illegally. there's a perfectly legal way that people can immigrate to the united states of america. the legal pathway, mr. president, that you must insist upon. if you do that you'll have a role in reducing the loss of life. now, going back, many of these deaths could be prevented if biden simply fully funded the border patrol operation of the united states of america and implemented the policies that the border patrol needs in order to do their real job. the real job is not the paper processing work that they've been assigned to do. the real job is to secure the border as well as do things like inspect the vehicle that was carrying the people that lost their lives. as you know the truck passed
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through a border point checkpoint. it was uninspected because the border patrol does not have the resources to be able to inspect all of the trucks. as a result, the border patrol did not have the capability of saving those lives. mr. president, you can fix that. if you provide what is categorized as a minimum number hoff border patrol officers that are needed to do the job of the united states of america and adequately fund their operations to make sure that they are going to be able to inspect those vehicles. well, in texas, we once again are going to try to step up and play a role by the state to address this catastrophe that president biden is responsible for. today i'm announcing that texas is going to add additional truck checkpoints.
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dps will create and implement a checkpoint strategy beginning immediately where they will begin targeting trucks like the one that was used where these people perished to make sure that we will have a better capability of perhaps stopping future trucks like that as well as stopping the smugglers and the cartel members that are trying to profiteer off of it. we're in eagle pass today for a reason. eagle pass is part of the del rio sector. the del rio sector has seen the largest number of illegal crossings in the past week. there was a time when most of the illegal crossings would take place in the rio grande valley. that's no longer true. right now we're at ground see accessory here in to del rio where we have the largest number of border crossings and we have information indicating that there could be a meaningful rise in the number of border
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crossings in this region. so we want to step up and make sure that we will do more to better secure this area. as the mayor told me earlier, he said the situation in eagle pass has gone from bad to worse with the increased number of people coming through this area. bottom line is this: despite the increasing numbers, despite these caravans on the mexico side of the border right now, the biden administration still is doing nothing whatsoever to stop it. texas is going to take action to do our part to try to reduce the illegal immigration coming into our country. we're doing to be adding more resources and stronger strategies to control all of the border land that is owned or controlled by states or local governments. let me make clear what i just
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said. the property along the border is owner-controlled typically by three different groups. there's some property that is owner controlled by state or local governments. this property we're on right now is controlled by the local government. there's other property that is owned or controlled by the state. however, there's some property own the border that is owner controlled by the federal government. if its owner controlled by the federal government, texas does not have the authority or the capability to stop illegal immigrants from going to that land. there's another area we're working on. that is private property. there are people, whether in this community or people up and down the border, that own property on the border. we're getting authorization from as many of them as we can for the state of texas to be able to put up barriers where there will be wire or fences or other
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barriers to prevent people from entering the united states. >> martha: governor abbott with a lot on his happened. when you listen to the breakdown of who controls the border there, some areas are local jurisdiction. some are texas state jurisdiction, some are federal jurisdiction and absolutely no cohesive policy by the federal government to control the border of the country in terms of who is coming in and out. we have record numbers this year, record numbers of people crossing that border and interactions with the border patrol that has become increasingly under pressure and less and less supported in the ability to do their job. let's bring in chad wolf, former department of homeland security acting secretary and katie pavlich, fox news contributor. welcome to you both. what a horrific situation. 53 people lost their lives trying to get into this country in the back of a truck that they were abandoned by someone that
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according to reports when they found him was very high on meth. they believe the people that were involved in this truck, the people on this side of the border and the other side of the border all illegal here in this country. obviously i don't think it's too much of a stretch to assume that they're dealing with cartels that are basically controlling the border now from everything that we understand. chad, when that is the situation and you have these people left to die, who is in charge and why are we not hearing some sense of responsibility and outrage and urgency? >> i think that's a great question. obviously it's a devastating incident what is going on in texas. look, this stems from not having any deterrence in the immigration and border security system in place today. individuals feel emboldened and cartels feel emboldened. the biden administration is giving them predictability.
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nothing is changing along the barredner the last 15 months. there's no new policies or procedures or announcements to stop the criminal activity that we're seeing. you have the migrants that are being advertised from the cartel saying look, if we get you in the u.s., the vast percentage of you high likelihood that you will remain in the u.s. because they're not deporting individuals and not removing individuals. so in some sense of the world, it's a perfect storm that is occurring. record number of folks wanting to come to the u.s. and an administration that is putting forth a set of policies that are doing nothing, absolutely nothing to deter this illegal behavior. you'll see more and more incidents like we've seen in texas. >> martha: take your life in your hands, make this dangerous trek, try to get across and people die just in the heat every day crossing that border, katie. i couldn't help but think, the president has never been to the border to check out this ongoing
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situation. vice president harris was put in charge of the root causes. i wonder what she thinks are the root causes of what happened in this truck, katie? >> this administration through their policies on border security and lack of enforcement have completely emboldened the cartels. they have control of the southern border with mexico. the biden administration has done little to pressure the mexican government, go after these cartel entities. i was there in april and learned that the cartels are making $100 million per week, per week on smuggling people across the border. a year ago in june of 2021, congressman tony gonzalez, represents a border district, said the local authorities were asking them for body bags ranchers kept finding so many migrants on their bodies that were dying. the administration has rolled back a number of policies that were in place that prevented this kind of behavior, that prevented the cartels from
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profiting the way they are today, making more money on humans than on drug smuggling. as a result of the policy to take back all of those things, regardless of whether they were working, they implemented an inhumane policies at the border. you see this with the 51 people locked into a tractor trailer like animals and abandoned. that happens all of the time in the desert. they do it to kids as well. >> martha: it's hard to imagine a worse death. some were teens and likely an immense sex trafficking problem run by these cartels which gets little to no attention. we heard so much about women's lives. i'm thinking about these girls that were likely part of this. i don't know whether or not they comprised part of this group that died. based on everything that we're learning, it's highly likely that that was what some of what we're seeing. a lot of them don't have
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identification. they can't find a family they're connected to. this is hitting home. i wonder when this makes a difference. take a look at this model. biden approval among hispanics went from 55% to 26%. that's half. more than half of a drop in one year. listen to willie gueist on msnbc. >> we talked about this with progressive pollsters that say this idea that latino voters in america are all in and they have this open mind and go with democrats wherever they go on immigration is just wrong. it's just folly. it's not true. it's patronizing. so yes, democrats will have to reassess. some may not want to use the word crisis. that's what it is down along the border. >> martha: chad, is there more widespread understanding of what's going on now? >> there is. at the end of the day,
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hispanics, other populations across the country, they want a secure border. they believe in the rule of law. when they see this type of lawlessness and the ability of the federal government to enforce the law along the border, the vast majority of americans are sick of it. the vast majority of americans have said this administration's border security policy is widely unpopular. they don't believe in it. they think it needs to have a change in course. i think you saw that with an election in the rio grande valley. a republican congresswoman was elected for the first time in 100 years. a lot of people come here legally and don't like to see the illegal behavior at the border. >> martha: they're open and they're not compassionate. we have breaking news. thanks, katie and chad. thank you. so we just got this in.
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singer r. kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex trafficking after the court heard emotional statements from his victims. this is the second verdict of this type that we -- sentencing this week with ghislaine maxwell being the other one. robert lee miller with more. >> you're right, this was a very emotional day in brooklyn federal court. r. kelly now sentenced to 30 years behind bars for sexually abusing children and young women. he faced a possible life sentence. seven victims smoke before the court. one talked about deplorable acts on male and female victims. she says he used his fame and power for his sexual gratification. another describe thoughts of suicide. she said i only want r. kelly in prison is he cannot cause harm to others. kelly avoided eye contact either
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looking down or at his lawyer's computer screen. kelly claims he was sexually abused as a child. kelly's lawyer spoke briefly to reporters. >> we believe that the offenses for which he's been convicted do not justify a sentence greater than ten years. we believe that is appropriate. >> in a 31-page sentencing memo, prosecutors sought more than 25 years in prison for kelly. a portion of the memo says "through his actions, the defendant exhibited a callous disregard for the real effects that his crimes had on the victims and show no remorse." in september, kelly was convicted of nine criminal charges including violation of the mann act for the
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transportation of girls for forced labor. kelly says the case was overcharged and optimistic about winning an appeal. even if successful, kelly's legal problems are not over. he faces federal trial pornography charges in chicago and state charges in illinois and minnesota. the headline today, martha, r. kelly sentenced in federal court in brooklyn to 30 years behind bars. >> martha: thanks, david lee. the new poll that is just out moments ago shows president biden is under water with his own party on the economy. we investigate how decades high inflation is cutting into his own plan to spend $550 billion on things like bridges and roads.
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ugh-stipated... feeling weighed down by a backedup gut" miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow. >> martha: tough numbers here. soaring inflation cause as political headache for the president, a new poll out an hour ago. it says that 67% of democrats find the economy, they view it as poor. that is a 30-point increase over last year. obviously an enormous jump. we've seen what happened to inflation over that period of time. the economy is dragging down national optimism on the hole with 78% of democrats say the country is headed in the wrong
12:22 pm
direction. that is a huge number, 78% from the president's own party that thinks things are not going the right way. an increase of 12 points among democrats over the course of the last month. these are very consequential numbers that we' seeing. with that, we brings in reince priebus, the former chief of staff for president trump and leslie marshall, democratic commentator and fox news contributor. welcome to you both. leslie, start with you. what is your reaction to these numbers among democrats? >> i'm not surprised, martha. i think this is why the party is going to lose seats. it's is the economy, stupid like james carville said. the president said he and the party in power would be blamed. that is typical whether it's a democrat or republican. whether they have all of the house, the senate and the white house. and also the way it's presented. if people feel that inflation,
12:23 pm
people feel that gas prices are all the president's doing, the party in power's doing, they'll feel that way rather than if they look at factually this is a global economic issue with pleases like norway at $10 a gallon, that joe biden and democrats are not in charge of. i'm not surprised with the numbers and the mid-terms. >> martha: i don't know that the international comparisons work with most americans. we expect to handle things better here, to be more efficient, to have more efficient markets that handle these. reince, when you look at the numbers and the fact that they have gone south a lot in the past month and that's during a time -- leslie talked about the messaging, which is a good point. the messaging this is putin's war. sounds like that's not working. >> yeah, it's not going to work, martha. i think you're right. people don't say we're going to give president biden a pass
12:24 pm
because these are bad everywhere. the reality is that you cannot hang on to power if people are not happy. people are not happy. they're not feeling good about their future. doesn't matter if you saved $10,000 in the bank in savings or $10 million. you're not feeling better today than two or three years ago. that is just a fact. i think one of the bigger issues here for democrats going in to the mid-terms is that when you peel back all of these numbers, what you see in that democrat number is that only 20% of all democrats strongly support joe biden. that is a huge problem. if you're running an operation in wisconsin or pennsylvania for a democrat and 20% of all of your available workers, people putting up the yard signs, only 20% feel good about their own president, you're going to have
12:25 pm
a hard time filling a phone bank if you're a democrat. >> martha: we have to leave it there. thanks very much. good to see you both. >> you bet. >> martha: so inflation is taking a bite out of the president's -- one of his biggest achievements, a trillion dollar package to fix up men roads and bridges. this infrastructure ball was the crowning achievement of this administration. now what is happening is, the dollar is worth less. it doesn't go far. so now you have these enormous projects across the country and the states are saying, we can't afford the supplies. we have to cut back on this to do the construction. lydia hu joins us on set. good to have you here, lydia. >> good to be here. you're right. this means we'll be able to buy fewer bridges, fewer tunnels and roads with the federal dollars now than just seven months ago. it's a sign that the $1 trillion law. the sky rocketing costs of labor is a particular problem here.
12:26 pm
construction companies are suffering high turnover as they're competing with other industries for workers. that's happening even as the average hourly wage for construction jobs is pretty high, over $32 an hour. 6% from last year and higher than the average hourly wage across the entire private sector coming in at around $27 an hour. hiring is happening but it's not what is needed. contractors hired around 455,000 people last month. that is not nearly the amount that is open on the table. still around half a million jobs needed. the prices of material are soaring. a trade group called associated builders and contractors says construction input prices are up 21% from a year ago. that is forcing governments to delay or adjust their construction projects. watch here. >> the final cost of a project is causing projects to slip.
12:27 pm
driving up backlogs and driving down the construction spends. so it is on a macrobasis. >> there's examples coast to coast where projects are being delayed or scaled back. what this means, the taxpayer dollar that was allocated won't go as far now, martha. >> martha: very interesting story, lydia. thank you very much. good to have you here today. stacey abrams, the democrat candidate for georgia says that brian kemp is misrepresenting where she stands on funding the police. >> brian kemp is lying taking my words out of context and he's denying the meaning of what i have said and what i have done. >> so we give the governor a chance to respond exclusively here after this.
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>> the president reached up to the front of the vehicle to grab
12:32 pm
at the steering wheel. mr. angle grabbed his arm, said sir, you need to take your hand off of the steering wheel. we're going back to the west wing. we're not going to the capitol. mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby angle. when he recounted the story to me, he motioned to his clavicles. >> martha: so obviously that riveting testimony got a lot of attention yesterday. but today people who were in the s.u.v. with the former president say it's not accurately represented. the secret service telling fox that the january 6 committee never reached out to the agency before former white house aide cassidy hutchison's testimony. now the account is being disputed. hutchison's lawyer said she recounted what she was told. those with knowledge of the episode should also testify under oath. so now that actually may happen
12:33 pm
wore hearing. aishah hasnie with the very latest on this on capitol hill. hi, aishah. >> hi, martha. that's right. so fox has been told that the secret service agents that were named and said to be involved in this incident do want to testify. they want to tell their side of the story. apparently discussions are underway between the secret service and this committee to try to make that happen. let's go back to this dramatic telling from yesterday. cassidy hutchison testifying that she heard about the former president's physical altercation with secret service agents from former trump deputy chief of staff tony ornado. but ornado wasn't even inside the vehicle and is shocked by her testimony because he says he never briefed her. we're also told the agents inside including lead agent bobby angle as she mentioned say that trump never assaulted them and they want to be able to
12:34 pm
refute this. apparently the former president also wants his side known. >> i discussed yesterday's testimony with president trump. he called me a couple times. i feel like i got his first-person account. he wanted to -- he would like for that to be known also. this is a one-sided committee hearing. >> now, there are also questions about this handwritten statement. hutchison said she wrote it for trump during the attack on the capitol. abc news is reporting former trump lawyer eric hershman claims he wrote the note. listen jamie raskin. >> as a journalist and as an american, i would like more corr robber raise for the story. now it's hearsay. somebody saying this is what i heard. >> we're not in a court of law and we're not charging anybody with any particular offense. >> so we'll have to wait and see if the secret service agents do
12:35 pm
get to testify. we're not expecting another hearing until the house reconvenes july 11th. martha? >> martha: they should be given the opportunity to say what their side of the story is. they have testified in the past. now there's this discrepancy, it would behoove them to have an opportunity to clear it up. thank you. thanks very much. so georgia governor brian kemp accusing stacey abrams of putting families at risk by advancing the defund the police movement. more than 100 georgia sheriffs have joined kemp in condemning abrams for being on the board of a group that they call anti-police. accusing the governor -- abrams accusing the governor of lying. >> i do not believe in defunding the police. i said that. brian kemp is lying. he's taking my words out of context and denying the meaning of what i said and what i have done. he can look at my record, you can look at my record. i spent 11 years with the
12:36 pm
legislature working with law enforcement. i believe in accountability. >> brian kemp joins us now. governor, good to have you with us. thanks for being here. so what is your evidence? what do you use to substantiate that she's in favor of defunding the police? i know you have a clip that i played sunday of her talking to cnn and saying yes to an element of deup theed the police. now she says she wants to reallocate money to different areas. what is your evidence that she truly wants to defund the police? >> she said she wants to defund the police. she want to reallocate. that is code word for defunding the police and sending the money elsewhere. if she wants to to something like that, if it's a priority, you can find the money elsewhere besides defunding the police. she said that in her own words. she's also serving on this board that's been paying her that supports the defunding the police movement. the good thing for georgians is, despite her telling people i'm
12:37 pm
lying, they know i have been a truthful governor. people may disagree with certain policies or things that they would rather have me do but i've been truthful. and i have stood with men and women of law enforcement. i talked this issue four years ago, warning of this problem. for 3 1/2 years they've been in office, we've been working with state law enforcement, with our prosecutors and local law enforcement to go after street gangs and street racers and violent criminals even when a lot of the local politicians that support the defund the police movement would not do so. >> martha: i want to put new polls up that just came out this afternoon. they really have the two of you in a neck and neck race here. 48 to 48 is the top line number here. and then you go into the independent number in this poll that came out an hour ago and it has stacey abrams with
12:38 pm
independents at 52% and you're at 48%. what is your reaction and what do you need to do? >> i'm not worried about polling right now. i'm looking at the internals. >> martha: what do you see? >> we're focused on what georgians care about right now. the policies of the biden abrams policies. they have driven $4 a gallon plus nationwide close to being 5 now. 40-year high inflation. everybody's barbecue for july fourth will be 39% higher than last year. we continue to see the disaster at the border. everything stacey abrams is doing, they're trying to distract from the real world problems that georgians and americans are dealing with every day. they know we're doing something about it. i cut the gas tax.
12:39 pm
we're sending a billion dollars back to taxpayers. a guy said i got my $500. it's helping him fight through the biden and abrams inflation. that's what we're going to continue to do. cut taxes and the programs and the policies and spending that she's proposing, she can't do all that without raising taxes. so the person that is being dishonest is stacey abrams. >> martha: how much you think the roe v. wade decision will play into the election in georgia? i asked stacey abrams. she thinks it's a medical decision despite the fact that she was pro life. now she's pro choice. she kept saying it's a medical decision. when i asked her if she would be in favor of abortion up to nine months, she dodged that question. >> well, she took an extreme view this weekend, martha. i saw that clip. i know that she did the same thing on another network and today evidently she's clarified where she is.
12:40 pm
look, that's her m.o. she moves whichever way the wind is blowing, which way the polls are going. we saw that when she criticized me over our elections bill, said it was jim crow 2.0 and coerced major league baseball to cancel us. when she figured out that truth was on our side and georgians support the voter i.d., then she's for it. georgians will see lu that. i ran as a pro life governor. i know people disagree on these issues, but the thing is you never hear her talk about adoption reform. our fight to end human trafficking. not only that, support the victims and help them become a contributing member to society and give them the support that they need to do that. we've done those things. it shows our total value for
12:41 pm
life regardless where you stand on the abortion issue. >> martha: governor kemp, hope to have you back. we hope to get more questions next time. thank you, sir. >> martha: have a great day. coming up, dr. ben carson on the lost history of vitreal districted at clarence thomas. coming up, a special tribute to an american hero. woody williams, world war ii veteran, who was the last surviving world war ii medal of honor recipient whom we lost today. >> i've been asked many, many times why did i selected the marine corps. i knew nothing about the armed forces whatsoever. i did know the difference between a marine and army guy. when i finally got to the recruiter and he gave me my paper, he didn't look at it. he looked at me. he said i can't take you.
12:42 pm
he said you're too short. so they lowered the height requirement to 5'2" or better. the recruiter came and asked me if i still wanted to go. i said yes.
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12:47 pm
expression. it's not the role of the university to shield individuals for ideas that are disagreeable or offensive. not everybody has the same reaction. >> when you pull clarence thomas out of the supreme court -- >> he's so extreme. he's talking about banning rights that i didn't realize could be banned. >> you better hope they don't come for you, clarence and say you shouldn't be married to your wife who happens to be whites. >> i went to law school with him. he's been a person of grievance for as long as i've known him. resentment, grievance, anger. >> martha: that's from hillary clinton. let's bring in dr. ben carson, former housing and urban secretary under president trump. dr. carson, thanks for joining us today. what is your reaction to the sort of cultural response to
12:48 pm
clarence thomas that you just heard there? >> well, certainly nothing particularly surprising. you know, for many on the left, the only thing worse than satan as a black conservative. they feel that clarence thomas is right for particular scorn because he's black and he's supposed to think a certain way. in terms of him being a bitter person like hillary clinton said, i've known clarence thomas for decades. i don't find him to be that way at all. he was one of the members of the heracio society. they admire him because of his personality. he's a perfect example of what my mother used to tell me. benjamin, if you walk into an auditorium of racist bigoted
12:49 pm
people, you don't have a problem. they have a problem. you can sit anywhere you want. that's the philosophy that he takes. he won't allow other people's grievances and prejudices and hatred to the affect his life. >> martha: what about the part of his opinion where he talked about the court re-visiting whether or not the contraception decision or the same sex marriage decision were rightly decided by the supreme court given the broader due process clause in the contusion and what it does and doesn't apply to? >> yeah, i think he is simply saying that, you know, we have a court now that will perhaps listen without hysterics to some of the arguments that may they didn't listen to before. if a compelling case presents itself, i don't think he's advocating let's look for such a case but if it comes up, they're willing to consider it.
12:50 pm
that's a good thing. one of the things that is so bothersome right now is that we have a court system in which we have certain justices that we always know how they vote. they vote idealogically rather than based on the constitution. that is disturbing. we have people that want more of those types of justices on the supreme court. that's something that we should all be very concerned about. >> martha: just very quickly. speaking out about loving versus virginia. the ruling about interracial marriage. what did you think of that comment given that his wife is a white woman? >> it's an absurd comment. interracial marriage is something that we've seen a lot of recently because people are getting to know each other. they recognize the thing that makes a person who they are is their brain, not their skin. that is a wonderful kudo for
12:51 pm
america. >> martha: dr. ben carson, thank you, sir. good to hear from you today. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: so today we lost the last living world war ii medal of honor recipient in this country. a man that i was honored to know. woody williams, a marine, a hero, recognized for his astonishingly brave acts of valor at iwo jima. >> my life has been so full of miracles. that gave me some realization that what it meant to survive. the question still comes why me? “i say, “not yet”.
12:52 pm
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>> martha: herschel woody williams like so many men signed up after the attack on pearl harbor. but he was turned away. height restrictions were changed after the war went on and woody became a marine. he made his way to the pacific to an eight-mile island called iwo jima and there he became a hero. when woody got home, president truman awarded that young man the medal of honor. when the nation lost him today, we lost our last living world war ii medal of honor recipient. he had traveled the country talking to young people all over. there we are together. i was honored to call him a friend and serve on his foundation. here's woody whose story is in my book, "unknown valor." watch. >> we shipped out in february for iwo. we could not figure out why we
12:57 pm
were taking to that little place and why we needed so many marines to do it. we lost the biggest number of marines in our unit. my commanding officer and four or five of them that had either been wounded or killed. now we only had two left. my commanding officer called for a meeting of those that were left. he asked me as the only flame thrower operator left, could i do something about these boxes. two of those marines that day sacrificed their lives for mine. i didn't find that out until after the campaign was over and we were back home.
12:58 pm
i never knew who they were. i keep saying over and over, why me? why me? i don't have the answer to that. i was just a regular marine doing a regular job for what the marine corps trained me. not realizing this medal has a significance that i never dreamed of. but it was still a long time, years before i finally came to the full realization that it doesn't represent me. it represents all of them men. my life has been so full of miracles. that gave me some realization what it meant to survive and be
12:59 pm
the recipient of the country's highest honor. yep. the question still comes, why me. >> martha: woody williams single handedly took out seven japanese enemy positions in a pivotal battle. woody spent his later life through the foundation erecting monuments to gold star family whose he revered. in nearly every state in this country. he died today surrounded by family and friends at the veterans affairs medical center in west virginia that bears his name. he was 98. we thank him for his service and his never-ending devotion to he country and his inspiration to everyone that met him. defense secretary lloyd austin saying this a short time ago. i hope every american will pause to reflect on his service and that of an entire generation
1:00 pm
sacrificed so much to fend the cause of freedom and democracy. we will miss you, woody. you can learn more about him and about other american heros in a series that i'm honored to be a part of called the secret history of world war ii. it's available on fox nation and an unknown valor as well. thanks for being here. that's "the story" for today. >> neil: if your plane is grounded, should you get a refund? at the rate we're going, that would be a lot of refunds. senator bernie sanders says yes, you should get a refund. he sent a letter to the transportation secretary pete buttigieg saying we bailed out the airlines now the airlines need to bail out stranded passengers. he wants refunds for flights delayed more than an hour. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." more like your bumpy delayed world because for ten ds


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