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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 23, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> did anybody in there supported mr. clark? >> no one. >> mr. rosen, it was you he was going to replace. what was your view about the president's plan to appoint mr. clark? >> well, as i lewded to earlier, the issue wasn't about me. it was -- it would have been fine, as i said, to have rich donoghue replace me. >> welcome to "the five." the january 6th hearings continuing on capitol. we'll monitor it for breaking news. you can watch it on the supreme court with a ruling that will rock blue states from coast to coast. the nation's highest court tossing out new york state's restrictive regulations on conceal permits, and saying
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american have a legal right to carry firearms in public. the bombshell ruling could spread to other blue states like california. the white house said new york leaders furious and lashing out. >> today the supreme court is sending us backwards in our efforts to protect families and prevent gun violence. shocking. absolutely shocking. i'm sorry this dark day has. >> this decision has made every single one of us less safe from gun violence. we cannot allow new york to become the wild, wild west. >> we, the president, myself, many of us are deeply concerned and troubled by the supreme court's ruling today. it defies common sense. and the constitution. >> the fact that the court is coming down with this decision feels tone-deaf. i worry that it undermines the
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legitimacy of the court. >> i'm disappointed in the supreme court gun decision. i think it's a bad decision. i think it's not reasoned accurately. i'm disappointed. >> and the ladies of "the view" are taking their outrage to a whole new level. >> i don't have the words. it seems stupid. >> no. it's worse than that. it's worse than that. >> it's a death wish. >> no. it's such a middle finger to new york. >> oh, jeez. >> judge, what do you think the chances are that whoopi goldberg read any of the opinion? >> you know what, i'd probably wager my house on that one. i really would. i got to tell you, this decision by the united states supreme court is a full-throated defense of the second amendment. the supreme court is basically saying this is a constitutional second amendment that is explicit for all of those concerned about roe, trying to
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work it in, implicit, and it's drawn in and interpreted, this is explicit, where they basically say you, new york state, you cannot add additional requirements. if someone wants a handgun or revolver, they come and get permission for that, you give them that permission, you cannot then say to them, by the way, if you want to carry this gun, then you have to show a special need. the special need to them is some circumstance were you in particular are subjected to some kind of -- of -- of -- of crime or offense. the supreme court said no, there's no second test. there's only the first state. 46 states require you to get a license to carry a gun. they said that's fine. but you don't go to level two, and say, now, if you want to carry it, you have to prove xy and z. the two guys who brought up thie
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guys experienced in carrying guns, using guns. one lived in a neighborhood where there were a lot of robberies. justice thomas said there's nothing in the second amendment that draws a home public distinction with respect to the right to bear in terms. what's incredible, in terms of new york -- this is a quote from the decision -- the respondent's attempt to characterize new york's proper cause requirement -- that means you have to show more reason to have a gun -- as a sensitive place lacks total merit, because there's no historical basis for new york to effectively declare the island of manhattan a sensitive place simply because it's crowded and protected generally by the new york city police department. so that's the answer to mayor eric adams, who is so outraged. why are the liberals so outraged
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by the criminals carrying the illegal guns? they're letting them out of jail to hit the streets again and victimize the rest of us. one more quote from this decision, they say that there is in the united states an enduring american tradition that permits a public carry. so don't even question it. >> judge makes the point that you don't hear kamala harris or other democrats talk about inner city shootings. they don't talk about it. until today. now they're extremely concerned about it, dana. >> and she says it doesn't pass the common-sense test, and then added or the constitution. justices say that it does. the other thing that's happening is that people who didn't read the opinion, and gave hot takes, and there were so many hot takes, it was like 150 degrees outside today there were so many, they weren't looking at what the narrow question was of this. it didn't say that everybody now all of a sudden you're going to
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be handed -- getting a handgun like you were a covid test. that's not happening. it was very specific. it was very narrow. i'll tell you the gun control advocates should never have pursued this. from years ago, remember, i remember learning that, they could lose in this case. it takes a long time to get to the supreme court. now you have this. i couldn't believe mayor adams said we won't have any sleep. why are they so afraid of law-abiding people? the judge laid out, you passed the background check, passed a test in order to have your own weapon. are you allowed to take it with you? that's the only question. they are law-abiding people. there will be more to say on this. there's great commentary. you want to read something that will help you understand it, national review has a great piece. >> a lot of people don't understand how difficult it is to get a handgun here in new york city. >> i have to say, i'm going through the process. it was a pain in the neck.
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it still is. a lot of it had to do with the covid stuff. everything shut down. it's not entirely the red tape. i had to jump through a lot of hoops. you know, when mayor adams says it's going to be a wild, wild west, i can't imagine it getting worse than it is now, right? i mean, it's like we got -- you know, would you said, they're not that upset about the lawbreakers, they're more worried about the law-abiding people. i think about mass shooters. i don't believe -- someone can correct me later. i won't listen. but i don't believe anybody with a concealed carry permit ever committed a mass shooting. and so i think the ban itself had no role in, like, preventing these things, right? but you could argue that a conceal carry -- or that could help stop a mass shooting because it creates uncertainty among the suspects. that's why the aurora shooters skipped a few movie theaters
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because he knew there were guns there. also the science of it, the number of people dying in a mass shooting is wholly dependent on the time it takes for a gun to get there. >> right. >> and given the fact that at the last shooting in texas that the police had the guns and didn't do it, and, boy, does that argue for this, because if there had been a person -- and this is not to condemn the police, because there's the fog of war aspect going on, but in this fog of war there might be somebody within that war, that room, that might have stopped it, as opposed to the people out there. last word, hochul has done nothing to curb the epidemic of crime in this state. she has no right to complain when the public embraces self-protection as a right. the fact is, you let out repeat defenders, you defund, reduce
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penalties for gun crime. forgive if i'm going to turn my house into an armed fortress. >> i differ slightly. i think the court, a 6-3 decision -- row wade is a 7-2 decision. the numbers around the majority are relevant. if we're going to talk about it we should talk about all of it. i ask myself a fundamental question, judge, and you presided and prosecuted people, you feel safer today knowing that people will be able to take their guns outside their homes, who we hope are sane. i hope everyone who is out just trying to protect him or herself. i'm not sure i feel safer. i would pose the question to the table, too. i wonder where police officers and law enforcement are going to come down on this. when i was in college, law enforcement organizations didn't mind common-sense restrictions,
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because they were concerned about criminals and others. and understand, someone who's not a criminal today who takes a gun and uses it for criminal purposes becomes a criminal right after that. so i hear all the excitement. again, i'm not here to pour water on it, but i'm here to offer a couple questions. whatever we think about adams, whatever we think about the police chief, and whatever we believe about hochul, i believe they're trying to make the city safer. there are more things they should be doing, but just because we don't like what they're doing elsewhere should mean we should say it's right for the city. i'm just not convinced that's where we're going to end up. again, i hope i'm wrong. >> the answer to your first question is, the question being do i feel safer, that's not the test.
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>> we talk about issues, issues that impact. one of the plaintiffs said, like, i want to carry this gun, i live in a neighborhood, i have a neighborhood where there's crime. this guy wanted to protect himself. the question i ask based on that, because that's an important element to this case, do we feel safer? again, i don't know the answer. right now i don't. i hope i'm proven wrong. if i'm proven wrong, i'll be back around this table, and say you guys are exactly right. >> it's not a popularity contest, when something is guaranteed by the constitution. you see, it's not whether or not we agree. >> even the concurring opinion -- >> they support heller and mcdonald. i don't want to get into the -- >> can i point out one thing. >> yeah. >> something happened in this show for the first time in the
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history of all of cable television, a panel says "i don't know the answer." you never hear a panelist say that on any show. >> i want to ask this, the argument that you're reading today, from people upset about this decision, just watch until the dobbs decision is announced, and they will be making the opposite case to try to make their case there, and that won't make sense. >> ooh. touche. >> that's not explicit right. >> precisely. coming up next, if you're upset about soaring inflation and astronomical gas prices, the media says shut up and stop complaining.
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>> democrats not buying what president biden is selling a fix for soaring inflation. don't worry, the media has him covered. a "washington post" columnist says concerned americans need to shut up and stop whining. >> you've got to stop complaining when there's so many people who literally, the inflation rate, they may only have two meals instead of three. there are americans who did extremely well in the last two years in the market. you still have your jo. yeah, it's costing you more for gas. guess what. you're still going to take that holiday, that fourth of july vacation. you can still eat out. i'm going to need you to calm down and back off. >> dana, that's a financial
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reporter. >> do you remember after the 2016 election how the mainstream media assigned reporters to go out into america and find out how in the world did trump win, what was going on out there in the country? they do that. three months later they go back to their cities and they totally forget about those conversations. really should be mandatory watching fox news. i think we should mandate. i think the supreme court will vote 6-3 to make that happen and all of you will have to watch. like biden says, defund the police. no, we're not for that. she thinks this is helping? this is not mr. empathy. >> harold, i'm trying to do -- what was her best intention? that people complaining should shut up, because there are people having a worse situation, but the people -- >> i can't even do it. >> it's saying like -- you know, i'm trying to figure it out.
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go ahead. >> i try to bring out the most favorable light. i wouldn't have made those comments, but i interpret it as saying there are people that are well-to-do, well off, will still enjoy their lives, and there are people not on television -- i'll let you ask the question. at the end of the day there's three drivers of this. it would be best if people on television were talking about these things. we have enormous supply chain constraints still to this day. we've got to figure out how we address that long term. i think investing and making cities better, manufacturing cities better, is a big part of that, coordinating with the private sector. the president is trying. i agree with you, judge, yesterday, as you chuckled with me, this gas tax holiday won't solve our challenges here. and three, we have to remember,
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we shoved this economy down, flooded trillions of dollars into the economy. had we not done that, we would have gone into a massive recession even earlier. it was a tough decision. joe manchin, some democrats who blocked the second round of funding, they were right to do that. we need to put it into context. i wouldn't have framed it like ms. singletary did in the opening. >> it used to be let them eat cake. now it's don't let them eat, period. >> i have a rule in television, greg. >> what? >> i don't talk to the american people in ways i wouldn't talk to my wife. i wouldn't tell may wife, calm down and back off. that's what they just did to the person people. biden has run out of runway with policy to solve this problem. he's tried the gas tax thing. he's tried to tell people to buy electric cars. he can't beg the saudis anymore already. he's going to expanding inner production in america. he has to rely on a recession to
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bring prices down. the media is beginning to prespin the recession. this is basically saying, at least you're not homeless. you're not hungry. >> right. >> it's kind of like saying the recession is peaceful. for a liberal on television to tell the american people not to complain when that's all liberals on television do is complain is rich. >> last word, judge. >> >> remember the summer of 2020, when everything was burning down, and they were saying, you know, these are peaceful protests, don't believe your lying eyes. that's michelle singletary. whatever her name is. that's her job. don't believe your lying eyes, your hungry stomach. things aren't as bad as you think they are. everybody is going on vacation anyway. i can't figure out what's going on. nothing is working, so now they're just telling us, you know, don't believe your lying credit card bill. don't believe that you don't have money, because you do. >> can you imagine if w during
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katrina told everybody to calm down and back off? >> she makes jim cramer looks like socrates. >> how did we not talk about keith olbermann in the a-block? >> so irrelevant. if he said, i'm going to abolish the supreme court 10 years ago, it would be something. now he's in a padded room in an an undisclosed fortress underneath the sea. >> worst person in the world. remember that segment? >> maybe they feed him herring. up next, as americans move on from covid, president biden is learning about a second pandemic.
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>> while the rest of america has moved on from the pandemic, and life returns to normal, president biden is alarming people with talk of yet another one. >> we do need more money. we just don't need more money for vaccines for children eventually. we need more money to plan for the second pandemic. there's going to be another pandemic. we have to think ahead. >> yeah. but earth to biden, we aren't going back. even liberals are ready to let go. "washington post" reportedly, the latest company to crack down on staff who were refusing a return to the office. okay. i remember, greg, who was it? i think it was fauci in 2016 predicted a pandemic. now biden is predicting yet another macadam. then he talks about money.
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is this also about putting money in big pharma? what is this about? >> i think you hit the nail on the head. he's actually talking about the future, which i get, but it's really about the past. like how do you prevent something from happening? you look at how it started in the first place. bring up fauci. maybe biden should -- like he doesn't tell us his actual plans. why not launch a real practical investigation into the origins of the root causes of covid. how vital would that be as opposed to this monstrosity of a hearing that we see every day that is just political theatre built -- it's pure political theatre. it's for political gain. it's not for anything. in this case it's for people to find out why their loved ones die. no one has been arrested. millions. we've done nothing to discovery -- read matt wrigley's book, which is amazing on covid. it will blow your mind.
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this is just like 2019, 2020, covid was spreading, and we were doing impeachment theatre. >> yeah, exactly. jesse, we had a role to play with gain of function, funding it. do you think that has something to do with not investigating the root causes of covid? >> i do. fauci still supports gain of function. fauci is still sending our money to sloppy chinese labs. even the chinese can't believe they're sending them money. can you believe fauci is still sending us money? okay, pass the bat. >> pass the bat? >> greg, to your point, when the republicans take the house, i'm not going to say red wave, but they'll launch investigations boo this, subpoena fauci, he'll probably be retired by then, but they'll try to get to the bottom of this. i expect the pandemic to rise up probably before each election going forward. i think biden is saying this because he's so shell-shocked
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that he missed omicron and attempt, every time he hears somebody knock he thinks it's another variant. the democrats aren't giving him money? first time i've heard that. >> the amazing thing about china, isn't it biden talking about, if he hasn't already, taking off the tariffs off chinese goods? >> he's considering it. >> some people make an economic argument that that's caused inflation to go up. the tool kit of possibilities, that's one of the things. >> it's a schizophrenic response, though, don't you think? >> i don't know. i didn't prepare for chinese tariffs today. >> let me handle this, dana. that joe biden ran on getting rid of covid, getting covid under control. it's true, there will be another pandemic, potentially in our
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lifetime. possibly not. if you look back at history. what did we do that worked and didn't work? the lockdowns didn't work. that's one of the things to put into the code book, when you have a new pandemic, look up in 50 years, what happened? they shut down the economy, that did not work, kids did not learn, and that's an effective use of government funds now to put it together. solve the like after katrina, fema is much more prepared to deal with natural disasters. >> final word? >> warp speed, what president trump did, appears to have worked from the standpoint that these vaccines were safe. we should think about that as a platform going forward. i think every great leader, whether you're a coach, a ceo, whether you're a politician, or you're a producer, head of a network, think about what works and what doesn't work, then you try to prepare for challenges going forward. you have to innovate always.
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so things we didn't have, vaccines, therapeutics, semi conductor chips, potato chips, toilet paper. they should never face that kind of challenge again. that's where i hope some of the focus is as well. >> indeed. ahead, the biden administration wading into the huge battle over women sports.
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>> a huge battle growing over women's sports, coming on the 50th anniversary of title 9, prohibiting sex-based discrimination in schools, allowing millions of girls to compete in sports. some female athletes say their rights are under attack by
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having to face against transgender athletes who are biologically male. the biden administration will release new regulation on transgender students participating in sports very soon, after a big controversy over transgender swimmer leah thomas, a female athlete, who lost to thomas is sounding off on the issue. >> until accountability is taken and roles are in place to protect biological females, the integrity of women's sports is lost, allowing male athletes to switch teams when they feel necessary is not only an infringement on female athletes but also a mockery of title ix. >> judge, as you were listening to this young woman, young athlete, you expressed support for her comments. do you want to share that? >> yes. look, you're going to lose women in sports, and women who spend their young lives, whether they're in middle school or high school, competing, getting up in the morning, whether it's ice skating, whether it's swimming, whatever it is, and all of a
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sudden they get to do their dance on stage -- you know, i'm saying that figuratively -- and then some guy, who's stronger -- and everybody knows, men are stronger than women. that's a biological fact. okay? they're going to come in and say, "i'm a woman today." the law covers not just trans, but people who identify as the other sex. even though i'm a guy, i identify as a girl today, i'm going to beat that young woman that we just saw, because i -- you know, i want to compete in her sport. i think it is the essence of unfairness. >> dana, someone who beat jesse on national television in a basketball shooting contest -- >> i really didn't, but i should have. i was robbed. >> you share the same view? >> i've been baffled by why the women who fought for title ix have been silent. they benefited tremendously. they gave a lot of women and young girls opportunities for scholarships and opportunities to compete. athletes are often better students.
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they make you better at all the things that you do when you're going to go into the corporate america, start your own business, you learn about teamwork and loss and winning and being gracious. you learn so many things from it. i've been baffled. where is everybody that to succeeded in this? now i find -- i'm no longer baffled. i think it's shameful. now you have somebody like riley gaines, who has to get up her courage, find her strong voice, and say, "but what about us?" these rules, basically the administration is rewriting these title ix rules around on the anniversary, and basically saying that the issue of -- they're erasing gender and women from the statue. you don't even need a statue anymore. they're basically saying on the 50th anniversary of title ix, let's do away with it because you don't need women's sports. the other thing i would point out, this will apply to all public schools and universities, if the biden rules go through, that using the wrong gender pronouns will now be considered sexual harassment.
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>> yuck. >> wokism will be mandatory, if you want to compete or don't want to be expelled. that's why women who valiantly fought, now are silent, it's shameful. >> greg, i mean this is -- i didn't realize that last point about the language, the accusations that can be leveled there. >> yeah. >> there's so many young women able to compete in sports. how do you think they justify this? how would you counter this if you're a democrat, wanting your party to change? >> right now, i'm going to tell you for this segment i'm identifying as a young woman. >> all right. >> you're going to lose women in sports. megan rapinoe's sports was, who cares. if you don't want to compete against transfemales as a female, get out. she ignores the points you bring, someone whose entire life is based on sport. so it's cool for her to compete, because she never had to deal head-to-head with a man. she was in a team sport.
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some call it soccer. she was never competing head-to-head against a dude. so she should not have any opinion. i'm saying that as a young female, i'm about 25, fashion model. >> however, she also wanted equal pay as a man. >> and to your idea about the title ix, people being silent, this is another example of the political flip. who's destroying women's sports? feminist men, strident females. it seems to be the right, or people at this table, defending the female athlete. if you told me somebody was going after title ix and females, i'd think it's the hard right. no. it's the hard left. it's brought to you by the mainstreaming of this postmodern deconstructionism of truth. there's no such thing as biological truth anymore. now this idea, which came to the campus, is destroying women in sports. like i'm not -- i'm not -- you
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know, as a female, i don't feel safe. being a woman is dead. if i can identify as a woman, it's dead. >> jesse, with that lead-in? >> you killed it. let me my daughter sophia wants to be a lacrosse player, d-i, shooting for a scholarship, and makes sacrifices that you mentioned, and all of a sudden brad comes along in high school. brad has a hairy chest. he's got calves like watermelons. he's just physically more dominant than sophia. >> tell me more about brad. >> he scores the scholarship, which are limited and very competitive, so then i have to pay full tuition for sophia. anyway, she gets on the squad, but brad is a goal-scoring machine. and my daughter rides the pine the whole year, and it's terrible. that's unfair. it's anti-women. it sends women backwards. it's antiscience. makes a mockery of all these
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trail blazing women who gave us this opportunity. i don't see why joe biden would do this. young women vote for biden almost as much as -- it's the young woke staffers. he has no clue what's going on. >> how can kamala harris standby? i don't understand it. >> did you see her throw a basketball? >> i did. >> she identifies as uncoordinated. >> coming up next, a huge night for fox news media and one of our own here at the table and one behind the scenes, our first-ever spotlight awards center. like many families, the auburns value time spent together. to share wisdom... i got some of my gold before i came to this country. i got some of my gold before you passed the bread. encourage one another... i can buy gold for this?! you can buy gold for this. and talk about life's wins and misses. responsibly sourced like my gold but not responsibly cooked.
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because at the end of the day, nothing keeps it all together quite like - gold. visit to see how gold is everyone's asset.
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>> an amazing night for everyone who works at fox news media. during our first-ever spotlights awards dinner. the event honoring the incredible work done by employees at the network. suzanne scott highlighting the role everyone plays. >> our success at fox news media is a reflection of all your achievements, dedication, collaboration, and hard work. we do have the best team in the business. it's important we celebrate our
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success. tonight we also celebrate individual achievements. the name comes from the idea of shining a light on colleagues that do amazing work, make incredible contributions. >> "the five's" very own producer honored as one of our own unsung heroes. >> nina has tackled immense personal challenges and never wavered. she's always optimistic, encouraging a rock star on full of them. >> nina is such a joyful person, taught me everything about inews, booking guests. you are a ray of sunshine for all of us who get the privilege of working with you. i'm so thankful for you. >> she's been a part of "the five" since the beginning, when we started 11 years ago. it was a big night for greg and the entire gutfeld team who took home the impact award for their hit late-night show, exclamation point. >> a reason to laugh or have more fun has never been more
2:49 pm
needed. the 2021 spotlight impact award goes to "the gutfeld show" and the team. >> suzanne said when this show started was to make people laugh, make people feel good. they didn't tell me what not to say, a political direction. they never could have done this show without the support of suzanne scott, fox letting us do what we do. >> the awards recognized employees across 4 other categories, including community service. we also five rising stars. an inclusion ambassador of the year. and innovator of the year. and then in a very emotional moment fox news paying tribute to photojournalist killed reporting in ukraine. our london bureau chief accepted the award on pierre's behalf. it was a beautiful night, a wonderful celebration, and the spotlight awards are super fun,
2:50 pm
exciting. judge, you enjoyed your experience there last night? >> what was great about it, suzanne scott, the president of the company obviously, and the ability for so many people to have the chance to talk with her, to be with her, her recognizing and touching everyone. it shows what kind of company this is. greg, what you said about never being told what to say, what not to say. i mean, that's what fox is about. they really give us a lot of ability to say what we want. there's no direction. and it's just -- >> your whole team was there. >> it's a shame that jesse wasn't there so i could rub his face in it. in your face, jesse. i got on award. people know that that i have no emotion. i like to do good work. i don't care about feel it work. >> did you get the award or the staff? i just wanted to clear it up. >> i'm like a proud father.
2:51 pm
my pointing about, this company is a rare thing, when you actually do good work, and also feel good while you're doing it. that's not always the case in people's jobs. you know, but in this case, it's like anybody that is in this situation is incredibly lucky. i consider myself very lucky. >> it was very much like a family. everyone was close. everyone as happy to be there. >> everyone was making fun of everyone, right, harold? >> the entire night. i was also moved by all the people we honored. all the people that were recognized for their tireless work to help make the work a success, even highlighting the rising stars in a sense. i got to tell you, greg, i thought you gave a great speech. >> thank you. >> it was humane, fitting and -- >> jesse, you were missed. >> i had a great time last night. it was a great event. i thought you spoke really eloquently. i can't wait for next year when
2:52 pm
primetime staff gets the award. >> and bret's piece on pierre was outstanding. >> a special night. thank you, employees, for making it possible for us to do our jobs. "one more thing" is up next.
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>> jesse: time now for one more thing. greg? >> greg: tonight on gutfeld show that just won an award that you will never win. kat timpf and tyrus tonight at 11:00. greg's itchy goat news. everybody gets they scant they come there and in some cases it will be on their butt, which, when you were an itchy butt, here comes another one.
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they line all up. car wash for your butt; are you sure you won an award? frankfurt, germany, this is in frankfurt, germany: you could say this is the greatest of all time: sure is. >> judge jeanine: stop taking my time. all right. it's time for judge jeanine sweet tooth. today. everybody you have in front of you. reese's peanut butter and now reese's is are. because reiss access.
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going out and buying regular peanut butter. this is my segment. okay. now, also have reese's with dark chocolate. which is what i only chocolate i eat. so i'm going to move on from this. >> dana: i like the peanut butter peanut butter. >> judge jeanine: jesse, which one do you like? jesus jesus peanut butter peanut butter. >> judge jeanine: which one. >> peanut butter. >> judge jeanine: go ahead, jesse. >> jesse: people get married, they try to act crazy. they go to bali and stand by the water for a nice shoot. doesn't always go well. the women always fall. what do the men do? the men do nothing. they just watch their wives fall. never -- i have never seen a man actually grab his wife. >> dana: trying so hard not to laugh right now. trying to stay night for the photo shoot we have a at 7:00. paul pelosi breaks his silence.
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>> new information about -- you have to tune in at 7:00 to find out. dana? >> dana: okay. so all hail trumpet the blood hound, did you catch this, winner best in show at the 146th annual westminster kennel club dog show. he earned top honors beat out over 3500 dogs to be best in show. i think he is absolutely gorgeous. first blood hound ever to win best in show in the nearly 150 year history. i still feel like the bistro got robbed. >> greg: another trump wins. >> jesse: this time he really won. harold? >> harold: looking at retirement celebration for a beloved new jersey crossing guard. 94-year-old ms. claire bowman 57 years in her role retiring from elementary school. dozen of school faculty, students, police officers, other members of the community gathered to honor. the part includes the classic car insurance, flowers,
3:00 pm
speeches. detailing her service and endless applause for great service. >> judge jeanine: she is 97? she looks great. >> harold: 94. >> harold: retired after 57 years. they got 94 here. >> jesse: figure it out after the show how old she is. that's it for us. "special report" is up next with the bret baier. >> bret: jesse great booking with paul pelosi. [laughter] >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, a major ruling from the u.s. supreme court for gun rights advocates, clearing the way to possibly make it easier for americans to carry guns in public across the board. justices have struck down new york state's restrictions for obtaining concealed wednesday permits. it's a decision that could have national implications. it's up to the states, obviously. it comes amid a flurry of rulings over the coming days. and that includes the challenge to the roe v. wade abortion


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