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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 20, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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monkeypox. with a full! we can use that phrase again because in their apparently how deadly it may be. we'll be back or tomorrow night to see the sworn enemy of great evening. ladies and showman book your seat belt and raise your dukes [laughs] here is sean hannity. >> hannity: are ready to roll but i'm worried about monkeypox no doubt about it. and welcome to "hannity" the joe biden a administration is in a free fall and i mean literally as it turns out even long weekends at the beach are a struggle for port joey on saturday as you probably know by now the president fell yet again this time he was unable to maintain his balance after a leisurely taking a bike ride in delaware with the first lady thankfully with some help at some nice people around him he was able to get back on his feet now he is okay. this comes amid growing concerns
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from the democrats on the left that even "the new york times" about the president's mental and physical fitness now even some democrats are questioning joe biden's abilities and casting doubt on a second term which he says he is gonna run for of course the white house as well aware of these concerns and this weekend in order to reassure you the american people that they had the president from a variety of frankly embarrassing political physical acts in other words they put on a show. ultimately they do more harm than good. on friday joe biden did his very best scripting all way back good job joe. he set it up a competitive cyclist fell off his bicycle when he came to a stop on sunday he pretended to jump rope for the cameras i was kind of sad and deeply concerned there is jump and rub good job joe 79-year-old president has been
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pretty much unable to stay upright and remember this particular incident the white house they blame the first major fall or fruit three false it was very windy day i know what's worse the fact that he felt three times or the fight for lying to us and said it was windy day that's probably why he fell the same week that the wind is blowing them over it's not exactly hurricane over there anyway but as of this hour we have not heard if they are claiming wind up loom on his bicycle but they suggested for the reason that he tripped going up the stairs and air force one. take a look. >> did the president to guffaw on the stairs is he okay? >> as you know it's pretty windy outside very windy i will spell coming up the stairs myself. he is doing a hundred percent fine. >> hannity: it's 20 i could barely keep up the new white house press secretary says. okay this time they're changing their tune up a little bit the white house is blaming the bike and naturally the media mob is
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totally of concern and more than happy to look the other way and that barely reporting on joe biden's fall at all. remember two years ago when then-president donald trump carefully walked down a wet ramp that didn't have any guardrails all in slick dress shoes you know kind of dangerous ever tried it not good. anyway he went down slowly the media mob went ballistic. albert accused him of having neurological disorder of some kind. take a look. >> the president himself as having momentary stumbles material lapses straightforward whatever it might be. spending time is we can get away their likes get out sometimes toggle people perhaps this is not the interaction he was planning hoping for today. he took a little bit of a tumble while biking but i was doing really? >> maybe he just has a hard time going out a gently sloping ramp
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but do you see something possibly neurologically they could be turned off his balance? >> president joe biden fell off of his bike in front of a crowd and the press delaware the president said that the cages on his bike got caught and that made him fall sideways. he is a okay is no physical scripture bruises from the fall. >> joe biden is fighting back at a west point commencement earlier this year. >> look how he stepped in how i stepped. [laughs] look he stumbles down right there. come on. >> hannity: they mobbed joe biden and their title administration but not just his mental and physical stamina there also and denial of the crisis on the southern border there and denial about violent crime in american cities during denial about inflation your high.
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the highest gas prices we covered experience six bucks a gallon and denial about the looming recession as a result of his economic and energy policies take a look. >> it seems more likely than ever. >> president biden: come on don't make this up. they are sounding like a republican politician, i'm joking. no i don't think it is. >> hannity: according to the economic models and the economist and former obama advised larry summers this country is all but certain to fall into a recession by 2024, joe biden and the entire administration are in denial through its same thing with gas prices take a look. >> president biden: the idea that were to be able to flick a switch and break down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term. >> the president said and made very clear that is not much left that he can do. >> unfortunately that is a
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brutal reality the reality is that there isn't very much more to be done. >> with respect to energy in the administration of thing that they can to bring down energy costs. >> hannity: this is where i get really angry we have done everything campus not much else we can do it artificially reduce the world supply you don't go to harvard business school or mit or an ivy league school to figure out supply and demand they crisscross and they dictate the price and that kinder screen reduce the world supply of oil and gas and the price is gone up dramatically and now he's about to kiss the of the crown prince of that nation called saudi arabia the nation is you call it the guy that he accused of killing journalists jamal khashoggi about the suck up to him like they're sucking up to venezuela like they're sucking up to a ran because of this climate of the largest
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religious cult will none of this is gonna happen all of this could've been preventable and it's all fixable. if you said we just restart the keystone xl pipeline will get 900,000 barrels of canadian oil a day start there. they can lift the drilling ban we pretty much unlimited supplies there and other federal lands license permits to the oil companies they can lift restrictions off fracking and refineries but instead of taking those productive steps to ramp up domestic production of oil and gas act like will they throw up their hands like we've done everything we can. a small town turn transportation secretary in over his head pete buttigieg trusts press secretary out to lunch you're talking about some switch to renewables. once we are energy independent with her nobles will be able to get lower prices on energy. what renewables? exactly explain what technology there talk about where are they? when will they come online?
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what is the plan here and can anyone in the administration answer any of these questions? if it's renewable so great why is joe biden heading to saudi arabia the pariah nation as he calls it to kiss the of crown prince who he accused of murder they came to pump more oil? when i just go to midland, texas, go to north dakota, get the natural gas in pennsylvania and create high-paying career jobs and not have to put the lifeblood of our economy in the hands of people many of whom do not like us i don't like that guy and i don't trust that guy. nor should we. saudi arabia, opec nations, venezuela, a ran they all pretty much hate us. sadly we are now being led by complete total fools and in our transportation secretary former mayor of indiana does nobody's doing the energy secretary is a self-proclaimed environmentalists who hates the oil and gas industry a year ago the treasury secretary told them
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that inflation was transitory in this country spiraling into a horrible record high inflation record high gas prices and get ready for the rolling that's on the way along with the president was unable and unwilling to work hard or answer questions or sit down for interviews give pretty much anything of values take a look. >> to stomach i can't talk to you on my vacation. >> hannity: i will not talk to you i'm on vacation up falling bicycle. to be on us our country will probably be be better off if he stayed on vacation anyway let's find someone else more capable although coppola giggling vice president doesn't inspire confidence nancy pelosi has her own kindnesses struggle on take a look.
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it's clear that the true problems of our nation a much deeper deeper than gasoline lines are energy shortages. deeper than an inflation or recession. after listening to the american people i've been reminded again that all the legislation of the world can't fix what's wrong with america. author of the soon to be released to get a first print copy addition is called suppression and deception and snobbery right now as we speak. soon to be in bookstores fox news contributor all with former arkansas governor mike huckabee governor look at all of this all these problems were preventable are curves the border high gas prices or inflation. write down the line string would joe biden a jennifer granholm and pete buttigieg the katanas the same thing is nothing left
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to do. as one big thing to do. go back to the policies that were working that they got. >> there's an old rule and politics when you're in public service and office sometimes you're doing something great but it is a look like you're doing anything. and then there are other times when you really aren't doing anything but it looks like doing something great. joe biden has managed to do nothing and to make it look like he is doing nothing. i'm glad that he didn't get hurt falling off the bike because that really was a metaphor for his entire administration and tenure he just can't keep the bicycle on the road. he crashes it and it's a good thing that he is not heard of the american hurting. that's what we've seen day after day and his policies there are failing the worst thing is it is obvious that there are failing.
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>> hannity: one simple thing they can do i don't know if most americans know this but for every gallon of gasoline we purchase the federal government gets $0.18.3 a gallon. one of the get rid of the gas tax to give americans especially poor americans, middle-class americans people with fixed incomes want to give them some kind of instant relief so the temporary band-aid packet into the strategic petroleum reserves the do that for a month to act doing something. >> it's kind of amazing sean that the democrats have never liked hikes and gas prices. there she tied about federal gas tax holiday problem with it is that prices are rising so much if you knock $0.18 off a gas people wouldn't notice that would make a difference when gasoline is $5 a gallon in kleiman's $0.18 is not to make any difference in people's pockets. you want to reduce the price of
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energy you nailed it sean. priest more energy in america. bruce energy in new york santa border pennsylvania. new york one even allow fracking in the state we have so much resources in this country that we could develop what is the politicians and a sweet democrats standing in the way of doing it so they are the reason prices are high they need them to be high and they want them to be high. >> hannity: if you look at most big banks governor most financial situations look at the give these guys credit smart people that grade educations, great pedigree, they have been to the finest institutions in the country. the north weather talk about. also saying recession why is janet yellen and joe biden basically the two loudest voices saying not necessarily we might not have one the same people that said it was transitory? >> she will he is a great
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impersonation seeing everything is coming up roses. it's not coming up roses it's coming up horns. the american people are feeling the stick of it. you think that they have filled up the tank any time recently? do you think joe biden has gone to the pump and looked at how much it costs pull this credit card out of his wallet and had to pay for the gas is suv? the limo that he squared around in? is it affecting him not one bit. not at all. it is affecting single moms it's affecting working class people it's affecting every truck driver, it's affecting every shipper. it's affecting everything that we buy it from the shelf because it's costing more to get it there, it's costing more to produce it and consumers got punched by inflation, higher prices and runaway energy costs that never had to happen what they said was so very true.
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we could've avoided this altogether by simply looking at the fact that we have several hundred years of energy we could be using in its right under our own feet how dare we go to venezuela and saudi arabia and bake them for anything. >> hannity: i'll ask you why don't they go right to the obvious? we have enough energy resources we don't need to be begging these two bit dictators and leaders of countries that don't like the united states while we begging them? >> because joe biden wants to have it both ways. he must be able to say that he is fighting the lower gas prices for working americans, but he doesn't want to produce gas at home because somehow that will offend the great new deal people. it's okay to ask for help from venice we let let them roam venezuela let them drill in saudi arabia. as if that economically and ecologically in the different impacts on global warming and it would to barrel out of the united states.
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but he doesn't want to offend the left in the united states spent important were his whole presidency don't be a moderate don't govern on the middle, don't upset the left that's how joe biden governs he won't produce energy in america is such an obvious solution such a healthy solution is the right thing for our country. the democrats need prices to be high on oil. they need prices to be high on gas. this is their secret sauce, the only way to get the green new deal to be economically competitive that is why the one high gas prices even if they can't get them. >> hannity: looking forward to your book sarah huckabee great to see you. here with more fox news contributor lara trump good to see you both. laura i'll start with you the interesting is there was a debate and i played it too many times will play again for your father-in-law said wait a minute come here to get rid of oil? wow that's really big what he just said did everyone hear him say that? he predicted another occasion.
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repaying five, six, 8 gallons for gasoline. i will eliminate fossil fuels he said not once, we have on record saying four times. so he's actually following through on what he said he would do and i don't think most people recognize that part. >> will they ought to it's unfortunate that this is something that joe biden has followed through on and it's hurting americans across the country. president donald trump talked about what would happen if joe biden ever became present in the united states and when he said that about the gas prices tied about six, seven, $8 gasoline per gallon people said that will never happen it is happening right now across our country and it's only 18 months into the joe biden presidency. what else can
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president donald trump predict? he predicted a recession on the rise if joe biden became president of the united states. i think most people in this country look at happening with our economy dug up a high prices delegate the inflation the look of the fact that people don't have the discretionary money they used to have two go on vacations to go to a movie, go to a restaurant. that hurts the economy across the board and it's a bit of a waterfall effect was that lead to? likely a recession. every expert has agreed on that. you also play some of this comes a moment ago of the hysteria for the media over my father-in-law walking down a ramp but don't forget it wasn't just that it was the time and time again getting the white house doctor out for the media to ask about two scoops of ice cream. and look i certified anything with joe biden on it's true. he is the representation of america around the world and to have a guy can even write a
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bicycle quite frankly it is sad to see that our allies see that come our enemy see that it's just another way that americans look weaker and is weaker under present joe biden. >> hannity: i thought about you as a new white house press secretary when joe biden tripped but three times going of air force one on air force one she was asked about it she said it was very windy outside so i to know what's worse? the fact that she fell over three full four times or that the wind knocked him over? then she said last week this president has so much energy i could barely keep up with him. he must be in really bad shape because it looks like anyone keep up with them. >> yes, it is absolutely pathetic. every time i come to the podium will not every time, but many of times i would be asked about the
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secret thing that donald trump had. did he have a stroke? all of these things are just totally out of line totally false it was a standard routine visit but the press will speculate an over and over again about it. the saga in the near times their headlines they were requesting his health and then the subject line right underneath it said that they struggled to lift a glass of water sean this is the man who i had a hard time following around the five rallies in a day, five rallies they go after midnight. then when i think that he's not capable of five rallies in a day? i think so. >> absolutely not. >> hannity: what is that laura? >> maybe one from his basement and rally is a very loose term if you have eight people in a room.
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imagine if donald trump tripped even one time going up the steps of air force one. >> hannity: it's very windy outside what would the reaction, what might it be of donald trump has no energy like joe and you said with a straight face i can keep up with them. >> yes that's exactly right because president trump said it's a slight hydroplane that he had which is absolutely the case some of those ramps at rallies. very slippery. while it wasn't raining outside. what wasn't raining that must be alive. no she's the basic fact the ramp is very slippery but they will make every excuse in the world for joe biden. >> hannity: if you had sneakers on you might have the case. laura you have the last word.
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>> work here as well i will say actually ride a bike quite often i do triathlons actually am locked into my bike so i understand that if you are clipped into a bike sometimes it can be a little hairy whenever you stop he wasn't clipped and he had tennis shoes on so look again i just think that this is a really sad representation for america because imagine vladimir putin, kim jong un watching the video of joe biden falling on a spike wow what a bad moment for america. >> hannity: you do triathlons i just try to win by a big margin. i don't know. you are way better shape than i am. [laughs] all right thank you you both straight-ahead tonight sadly finally crime continues to plague mostly democratic front cities one man in illinois jumped out of his car trying to attack a police officer but a hatchet. we are gonna tell you what happened and show you what
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: more shocking violent crime caught earlier this month a police officer in illinois was ambushed by a man with an ax now the officer made a very split decision to shoot and kill the man likely saving his own life take a look. >> high. who are you dude? >> took a breath dude you came at me with a hatchet.
6:28 pm
>> hannity: just the latest example of difficult dater's decision that police officers must make on a daily basis unfortunately anti-police rhetoric defendant the mantle is fielding more and more violent crime all across the country for example five major cities all run by democrats are now on pace to pass last year's high homicide numbers in d.c. there've been over 90 homicide so far this year by the way ask yourself do you know the names of any of them? including a teenager who was killed over the weekend an event called moche ella but sadly the senseless violence is all too common. in harlem shooting on father's day weekend in the city of chicago. they set the record again, 47 shot over this past weekend that included an 11-year-old girl shot in the leg. get this, look at the screen police are now searching for a suspect after new footage shows louisville mayor being sucker
6:29 pm
punched during an event on saturday where the big-city democrats take care of so much gun violence was joe biden get a visit chicago because he paid no attention to eight years as vice president what will he demand accountability this democratic run city in this deep blue democratic state for this have been going on since he first became vice president. why is this happening weekend after weekend after weekend no solutions, no attention we have scrolled the names of our american treasure lost to the lawlessness in major cities. a wise democrats continuing to politicize the issue rather than work to fix the problem? why is it only hear about the names of people with democrats can politicize the issue blame republicans or blame donald trump. i'll ask again. the investigation into the 575 riots during the summer of 2020.
6:30 pm
they had dozens of dead americans, thousands of injured cops, billions of property damage. remember what joe biden said they have become the enemy and the crime were now seeing in major cities is a natural consequence of all of these bad policies that we keep pointing out. here's a reaction fox news contributor. along with the president of the national fallen officer foundation good to see by the way. i would be negligent leo has complained for a long time we have never had the chance to break bread together. this weekend he was in new york we broke bed together. i got a gift to this for the first time in my life a sure design just for me hold on a second. can you see it? i almost have to stand up. it's monogrammed like that. monogrammed and it's even got purple which i've never one of my life. all because of you leo. thank you very much.
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>> by the way you look beautiful. [laughs] [laughs] >> hannity: tell your friends and credible never once have i had a custom-made shirt so thank you. leo why is this happening? >> i'll tell you because the democrats did not prioritize crime in the city. that's their bait and shawn you scroll those names every day and let's not forget the two officers who were murdered in l.a. county. the bottom line is simply this. the democrats are soft on crime. they want to say that their systemic racism and discrimination, those five democratic series cities you people of color being killed by people of color and by different other groups. and if democrats won't do anything about it why? black lives matter. that's antifa what you have? you have soft on crime prosecutors. if amir new york city sean who
6:32 pm
likes to party. the bottom line is simply this, the people who the democrats allegedly care about people of color in these democratic cities they don't care about them. it is not addressed the issue because if they address the issue sean they would have to acknowledge that they do not care and are knocking to stop this. >> hannity: trader also head of the dallas officers association we never hear the names of all the cops that are killed in action doing their job putting their lives on the line you meet these families on a regular basis will talk about it. why is it that all of these kids get shot, all these people get shot every weekend in chicago. all these officers die and we never share their names? why is that? >> sean it goes against their narrative over the last two weeks i'm going to these different inner cities communities and being with community leaders about the crime issue were tied while the
6:33 pm
crime issue were tight about the murder rate and how these kids are being killed in community and there's no way to stop it. when he thing about it over the last 2 years, the democrat socialist have convinced us to defund the police. they went from taking away resources from police and the police officers leading their profession to an hour talk about we need more police officers to do their job. the reality is it's important for us to explain to the public that there's a difference between law enforcement and the administration of justice. what happens once again to the criminal justice system is on the dea, it's on the judge some visible politicians i continue to release these violent offenders back into our society and yet our young victims in our community are being left behind been forgotten because they look at crime in the inner cities just another thing at some of the day at some walk in the park these are real lives is a real people that are being impacted and modify for my move thing i can to help law enforcement people who can make a difference in working with the community so
6:34 pm
they can continue to embrace police. that's what we need to be sean. >> hannity: on my radio show i condemned the january 6 riot i played on the show. where's the committee looking into the 574 riots? what about the committees looking into the violence on a typical weekend in a city like chicago or new york or you live in los angeles? why is it that they ignore it, why do they only pick certain ones that they seem to want to talk about? ignoring all the others. >> i can address this as clear as i can say right now to everyone watching this program. these are people of color who are being tormented by people of color. these are democratic mayors, democratic police chiefs and they are doing nothing because if they attack these individual cities, baltimore, los angeles, washington, chicago, then they have to acknowledge the failure of their policies.
6:35 pm
you cannot have discrimination in these areas are run by people of color. 548 riots since the summer of love and 2020 and shawn it's getting worse because until democrats who believe in law and order i know that there's people out there who do. until they wake up and kick these guys out of office this will continue like it has been continuing in the cities for over 50 years. >> hannity: tray thank you and please always send our best to the families of those fallen officers we appreciate you being with us. leo i love my custom-made shirt i can't thank you enough. it looks good right? >> you look great. you look beautiful. >> hannity: monogram i'm never gonna wash it. >> you look beautiful. it looks great. >> hannity: will have trey jonas. coming up far left activists targeting yet another supreme court justice this weekend protesting outside of the home of justice amy coney
6:36 pm
barrett she has young children. they weigh in as we continue. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: more tactics ahead of the supreme court expected portion ruling i guess come any day now now probe roshan outside of amy coney barrett's home dressed in clothing appearing to be soaked with blood take a look at this. holding baby deltoids holding signs reading things like abortion on demand with no apology remember it was jen psaki who actually encouraged that have a demonstration which in fact violate federal law. you can intimidate or the judge
6:41 pm
especially on the verge of making a decision it also comes as is 20 now pregnancy centers have been targeted by vandalism and property damage since the draft leak of the supreme court opinions demonstrations at justice, barrett's church even went to the school that the children's go. here with reaction fox news contributor's tammy bruce and charlie hurt are with us. it's against the law we know that tammy. we now know the kids are involved in other given out the schools of the justices children this after course we have uncovered an assassination plot against justice cavanaugh. they're not threatening these justices this justice goes that this church every day the week
6:42 pm
is pretty much can one interpret that reasonably to say if you want to intimidate or harass or maybe worse justice this is where they'll be on any given day at any given time. >> it's outrageous and it's a 21st century many of the viewers watching this i say this is someone who is on the left who cares about this issue when it comes to women being able to live the lives of they want to live. but what you're seeing right now has nothing to do with abortion rights is not 1970, 1980 or 1990. it is the 21st century the things that they are chanting about and complaining about our lives, many of these individuals cope in doing this are minors talk about a woman are incubators and we are knocking to be enslaved. this is not a tv show. these individuals have been manipulated and brainwashed for the most part by adults who know
6:43 pm
that none of this is true what this is about it's about dividing americans again. about's especially frightening young women who don't know any better who might know that the supreme court doesn't need laws that if this comes down to roe v. wade and overturned it does not make abortion illegal but what this does do is create a huge distraction for people that the left and the democrats are losing because the economy, because of gas, because of danger, because democrats talk about putting women into the grass. new wars that will involve women and the woman that they love. this is a distraction that will ruin their lives is encouraging a tipping over people who are inclined to violence or believing this kind of rhetoric to do things are horrible. this is again a pretext they want victimhood they wanted to
6:44 pm
be 1985 or 1994 is in fact even then these issues are about giving women more power at the local level set of with a bunch of judges in washington you think that they would want that but in the meantime it's about division and violence and victimhood and none of the people setting up these young women to do this are gonna bail them out of jail did knocking to take their places. there setting them up in the amount of the bus. >> hannity: was fbi director? enforcing the laws of the land because this is clear intimidation and harassment of these justices charlie? >> of course this is the real constitutional problem here is that it is clearly a violation of law they should roll up in a paddy wagon so that every single one of them in the back of their and put them in jail for a couple of days. her longer serious crimes of trying to intimidate members of
6:45 pm
the court whether there are juries or justices or whatever. to be really cynical about it and to really political about it i have to say that these images that we see in this behavior that we've seen in quite frankly even sort of the encouragement that these lost kids have been getting from the highest levels of our government democrats and at legislature and in the executive branch working for president joe biden. it is so appalling and so discussing and the tactics are so reprehensible that just from a very cynical political standpoint i think in a lot of ways they are chasing people away from whatever argument they are trying to make. all of the argument they are making are completely lies. they are lying about everything, but in the short term and real-time what they are managing a do they are not winning over anyone and i suspect that they are intimidating everyone.
6:46 pm
>> hannity: i'll give tema the last word. the typical democratic playbook. meanwhile every american every day when i flipped the car paying record high gas prices everyone has stickers shot in every store they go to because everything they buy is up dramatically. i don't think that this can play out the width of democrats think it'll play out i think most american women will realize if ropey weight is overturned abortion is still legal in america. >> we are adults we understand what is going on here are some instances where we don't understand what's happening in our lives, but ultimately this is also about what the future is to be what offenders are gonna look like i we are insulted by this after all of these decades of working to be taken seriously in the democrats still aren't doing it. >> hannity: they are just lying about the whole thing. >> everything.
6:47 pm
>> hannity: back alley abortions none of it is true and people will hope that that gets overturned. thank you both coming up and embarrassing moment. stephen colbert staffers arrested by capitol police by illegally getting into an office building. where's the january 6 committee? ♪ ♪ life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental.
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6:52 pm
liar adam schiff and other house democrats they can conduct interviews to overstay their welcome they were forced out and then they went back in and it went into a restricted area. 7 were charged with unlawful entry, but where is the outrage from the democrats are they concerned about trespassing? is that only when they can use it to attack donald trump? here is the reaction fox news contributor's. ivan heard a thing from the january 6 committee why is that? >> boy shocking there to look you asked for his people to keep up the law. tone breaks the law than they should be charged. on the one hand i'm glad that the capitol police at the political guts to actually arrest these people. there is i think a question as to how is it that they got back into the capital? were they just kicked out? is there security breach by allowing them back in for a second time?
6:53 pm
i'm glad that they have been caught, but i want to see these guys prosecuted the same degree in the same outrage that the left for ten on january 6 people. >> hannity: considering that we now know that donald trump authorized up to 20,000 troops to be available days before january 6 and just the john solomon reported that the capitol police had advance knowledge two weeks in advance that something might be up. you would think that they would care and learn something from these events you would think that they bring a nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and the sergeant of arms in the capitol police chief it's a what you had 20,000 troops why did you put in writing that you don't want them? >> will never get the answers to those questions because of the so-called bipartisan commission is anything but bipartisan. lives cheney don't exactly count and there's been no
6:54 pm
cross-examination. of any of the witnesses that's what we are but you imagine sean if seven fox news staffers were arrested at the capital and put in jail overnight for lawful entry with the media coverage would look like? of course so far the broadcast news network's and a blackout of the colbert if it was fox it would run out of safety couches. >> hannity: the second step further and was to hannity seven. i sent seven people who work on my staff they did it what happens? [laughs] >> then you need to add another hour and data 24-hour news coverage. in terms of the sentencing here is to be very interesting to see what happens is as chad reported earlier on this network court found khoi griffin of the group cowboys for trump guilty of a misdemeanor of entering the capitol grounds. even though he never entered the capital itself he was sentenced to two weeks in prison but in the end it's not the staffers who were supposed to be the
6:55 pm
comedy business by the way he attempted do this. that show a jimmy kimmel and seth meyers their merely extensions of your average msnbc show at this point. were used to getting at the end of the day is gone. >> hannity: once again jason to be the last word, 30 seconds but none of equal justice and equal occasion of our laws do we? >> no we don't nancy pelosi treats a totally different and the department of justice is unwilling yet again to add us long, long list the think that they're willing to prosecute. lady justices are supposed to have a blindfold but she doesn't. he is not can do anything in this case because the people are favorable to the left. >> hannity: unbelievable i think with the contra brigade under no they get a pass anything is possible. all right appreciate it jason thank you and of course joe thank you stay tuned for more hannity after this. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have. thank you for being with us but we can't think you can. please set your dvr. never miss an episode. you are never going to get this news from the media mob., in the mid tom cotton let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham has a good show. "the ingraham angle" takes over right now. >> laura: what were you shelving? were you shelving fancy monograms? you are fancy. what about all that rep? you got monograms? the construction worker to the monogram. >> sean: leo 2.0. what you mean you discovered leo? >> laura: he went to you and he became a conservative. i love that evolution. don't give me -- gets me