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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  June 20, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> bret: salute minor league basketball player jumps into action after a player collapses. cope palestinian began administering cpr who suffered heart attack. eventually taken to a hospital awake and alert. his family thanked cope palestinian for career firefighter for heroic actions. nice work. face it fair, balanced and unafraid. here is jesse. >> jesse: thanks, bret. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: america is and has been the post powerful country in the world for some time. whoever the president is, therefore, is the most powerful person in the world. the world watches their every move. it's their responsibility to show strength, mentally and physically. of course, no one expects the president to be the smartest or the strongest person in the country. that's me. but, they need to show they are
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capable. ronald reagan was vigorous for his age. he could ride a horse like no one's business. slick wily didn't just play the sax. he liked to throw on a sweat suit and jog all around town. it was a secret service nightmare. but, hey, at least he wasn't fooling around with the intern. who can forget when george w. bush threw the first pitch at yankee stadium or dodged both shoes thrown at him by the iraqi. the man was an athlete. obama played full court basketball while he was at the white house. even ended up with bawsd lip and 12 stitches after one game. and then the guy who did it got thrown in gitmo. don't get me started on trump. not only was he the best presidential golfer in history but you try pulling off those dance moves after a two-hour rally. and we don't have time to go through all the war heroes who were president and that brings us to biden. we have been raising concerns about his health for some time now. joe did most of the 2020 campaign from his basement.
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but his campaign tried to sell him as karl lewis. >> some people are always in a hurry. they run when they could walk. race up steps when others take it slow. when joe biden is president, america is just going to have to keep up. >> jesse: running man and didn't ask any questions about his ticker, his brain or his balance. just like in 2016, when hillary used to have coughing fits and had to be chucked into her scoopy van after collapsing on 9/11. they said you weren't allowed to talk about her health. and that she was just dehydrated. but when trump walked slowly down a ramp, a very wet and very steep and very dangerous ramp, the entire media establishment wanted to invoke the 25th amendment. >> questions about trump's health as he defends his walk down a ramp and his drink from a cup. >> he is dragging his leg. is he struggling to walk on a ramp. is he struggling to take a glass
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of water. >> you see the video of him walking down that ramp at west point, really slowly, really haltingly kind of and also saw the video of him seemed to have difficulty lifting a glass of water. i'm not making light of this. these are issues to be concerned about. >> jesse: no they are not. this is just the media rigging the election for biden. now their puppet is falling apart in front of our very eyes. we seen him trip several times while walking up the stairs. that's just been what's caught on video. right before biden came to the white house, he broke his foot chasing his dog out of the shower. the media ignored it all. they were hoping if they didn't talk about it we wouldn't nets. the president had a cast on his foot for a while and a bunch of reporters probably asked if they could sign his cast. this weekend, it happened again. joe was on, yet, another vacation in delaware when he forgot to do the one thing you
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are not supposed to forget. which is ride a bike. >> oh. >> oh my god. >> are you okay? >> jesse: we're not here to make fun of the president. we don't want to kick a man while he is down on the ground after falling off a stationary bike. we're most concerned, i mean, he is the most powerful man that the world and he just fell over and slammed into the pavement. this should be on the front page of every paper. the lead in every newscast but it's not. brian stelter, who covers the media or at least says he does, is fighting for his life to save his job and he talked about it this way. >> even standard photo op.s seem to be going sideways for biden right now. of course, the news media shapes these narratives, chooses what video to show maybe warps thee narratives. >> brian for the first time ever is right. the network sunday news didn't
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even show the video of the leader of the free world going splat on the pavement. that the networks are still covering up for joe biden wanted frail and failing presidency. don't forget steltzer was one of the guys propping him up during the campaign. >> this is joe biden out there on a vigorous bike ride. not wearing a helmet but definitely wearing a mask by the way. fox's narrative and talk radio narrative for months have been that joe biden is falling apart. you just heard ben shapiro say it, falling apart. there he is riding a bike. >> jesse: this is how this works. the media tells americans biden is healthy to get him elected and then after he is elected they cover up him falling off his bike after joe gets up he tells the media he's fine. here is cnn telling us what the president told them after they watched the president fall off his bike. the president is not fine. this is the second time he has fallen. he is almost 80. why are reporters just writing
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down what politicians tell them and calling it fact? later, biden took questions from reporters who watched him fall and this happened. >> [inaudible] >> we're in the process of making up my mind. >> jesse: we are in the process of making up my mind. what? who is we? is that the concussion dog? has biden been evaluated by a doctor? who cares. biden can hop around like a bunny rabbit. good enough for the media, watch this. >> mr. president, how are you feeling? how are you feeling, sir? >> jesse: and today while strolling on the beach during his three-oday vacation bind said falling off the back was not his fault at all if anything it was the bike's fault. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. let me take a few questions and then let me walk with my family. i'm feeling great. i'm feel great. what happened was -- any of you guys ride bikes?
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something that happens thing you put your toe. in when i was getting off the bike it got stuck on the right side. and i fell, in case you didn't notice. [laughter] >> it's good that you are okay. >> i'm fine. >> jesse: he is not fine. the country isn't fine. the economy isn't fine. none of this is normal. and he plagiarized my collar. that's my look. when ronald reagan was questioned about his age would impact the presidency, he finessed it with this come back. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [laughter] >> jesse: biden hasn't had a physical since november. he has had two aneurysms and even making less sense at interviews these days. >> you turn on the t vrgets, look at the ads, when is the last time you saw biracial couples on tv? when is the last time you saw
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the way -- i mean, people are selling products, they do ads and sell products. they said products when they appeal to people. >> jesse: what is he talking about? no one knows what is he talking about. why is he going to delaware? why isn't he working in the white house? why is he always trying to escape the white house? why is he always so flip and cranky? >> mr. president, [inaudible] >> i will not talk to you on my vacation. yes, not who i'm going to be talking to. >> jesse: when is he working, he has the lightest schedule in modern presidential history. he calls a lid before the sun goes down and takes more three and four day weekends than gutfeld. the american people were sold a faulty product. we knew it during the campaign but we were told to shut up about it. it was just a conspiracy theory we were told. and now that he is president, he can't do the job he was elected to do. and we have $5 gas, no baby formula, and a president who forgot how to ride his bike.
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laura ingraham is the host of the ingraham angle and fox nation hidden gem. when you saw this video this weekend, what was the first that i think that went through your mind? >> i have to confess something to you tonight. >> jesse: yes. >> that has happened to me before. >> it has happened to me. he is j jess it has happened to all of us. >> if it is just that it does happen if you are one of the clips. i don't know if he was clipped in or toe boxes but it does happen sometimes. however, you laid out the narrative, jesse, that this is not the first time. he has multiple stumbles but the fact that the media doesn't cover it, jesse, you are young do you realize the media is biased? are you still learning that? that's what i figured? of course you are not going to cover that. this is not part of their purview, their goal is to make mom and pop out there who are paying $6 a gallon for gas and can't afford their regular staples at the store to make them forget about it because fox is mean or conservatives are mean or if we don't do this the
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planet is going to burn up. that's their sole goal. they are never going to cover that stuff despite does it tell us sadly a lot about his aqueue >> jesse: all the reporter were there from delaware. big tape. it went viral. everybody who has seen it notices it and says wow, this is the president. this is a big story. >> it's been happening since he ran though. in the debates he was a goof ball. remember? he was embarrassed by kamala harris at one point if you can recall. they had to protect him. they had to protect his left flank, his right flank. they had to protect him all the way through because they thought he was the only one who could beat trump. >> jesse: what do you think kamala is thinking when she sees this happening. >> i think she thinks it's pretty good for her. the u gov yahoo poll matchup with 1500 registered voters donald trump beats joe biden 44-42. and that was after the week of, you know, seditious conspiracy
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hearing with imren and liz. it looks like the people are aren't paying attention. we follow the big controversies of the day. people get there is a lot of bad news out there. i think the great thing about america in the end is how many great people are out there and how many positive great stories there are. so we have -- we tell the story about the family behind the mardi gras floats building generations, an autistic artist who just one the pugh scholarship. phenomenal young man from philadelphia. amazing story about a young man who spent $1,120,000,000 your last contract. $120 million to build a military museum in the middle of nowhere in wyoming that is one of the most incredible museums i have ever seen. a military vehicle museum. amazing. these are stories that i have think we need to see. they are the hidden gems of goodness in america.
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>> jesse: this will balance out all the negativity we cover every single night. >> someone will to do it. >> jesse: hidden imems on fox nation. update on colbert insurrection in the capitol. where is triumph the dog mugshot? later, lots of questions but few answers at the coney island mermaid parade. >> what are you hoping to accomplish? >> all right. have a good one. sorry i'm late! dude, dude, dude... oh boy. your cousin.from boston. [whiff] [water splashes] is it on the green? [goose squawks] i was just looking for my ball. 19th hole, sam adams summer ale. [goose squawks] (here you go.) (cheers guys!) >> tech: cracked windshield? schedule with safelite,
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>> jesse: over the weekend you probably didn't hear much about last week's insurrection at the capitol. seven people and a menacing dog were caught stalking the halls of the capitol harassing and intimidating members of congress and backing on doors late at
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night. capitol police arrested them on thursday. held them in jail overnight and charged them with unlawful entry. the same charge many of the january 6th rioters are facing. why haven't we seen their mug shots? what about the video of their arrest? we have got every angle from january 6th but nothing from last week? how is this different? because these seven guys work for the former comedian turned biden super fan stephen colbert. triumph the insult comic dog and his team broke the rules and were messing around during the january 6th hearings. apparently this was a follow-up to this bit from 2020. >> many of us were not given press credentials but this reporter will not be denied. how are you doing? coming through. >> you can't come here. you are not allowed beyond this point. >> all right. here is the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell office it -- mitch?
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come out. the prime time team has done a for row investigation into this horrific and i mean horrific breach of the capitol and here's what we know. they interviewed democrats like adam schiff, stephanie murphy and jake earlier in the day on thursday. schiff helped them get into the place on the first place. he was an accessory to their crime basically. capitol police told them to leave when they were trying to break into the hearing. a democrat aide let them back into the building after they were told to leave. another accessory to the crime. are you following the conspiracy yet? cbs responded to our request to "primetime" for comment confirming the arrests saying, quote: after leaving the members' offices on their last interview of the day, the production team stayed to film stand-ups and other final comedy elements in the halls when they were detained by capitol police. oh, they were more than detained, cbs. they were arrested, they were
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jailed, they were charged and now a federal attorney has opened an active criminal investigation into the events of june 16th, a day that will go down as one of the darkest in american history. when the republicans take the house, we expect hearings. what did schiff know and when did he know it? why are the capitol hill police covering up this crime? when too we get to see the surveillance footage? did schiff commit any unseemly acts on triumph the dog? without the video, our minds are just left to speculate. when will we see stephen colbert testify? he incited a mob of producers who breached the capitol and interfered with the democratic process. will anybody be shackled like peter navarro? we don't know. we are going to find out. we aren't going to let this go. can you help. the head of the capitol police is chief jay thomas manger called him 202-224-1677.
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for some reason he doesn't like "primetime," i don't know everybody likes "primetime." i don't know what's wrong with the chief. congressman jim jordan is the republican judiciary committee ranking member and he joins us now. so, do you expect to see surveillance footage and mug shots? are we going to get any cooperation from capitol hill police? they certainly cooperated with the january 6th committee. >> yeah. we'll see. that's why we sent the letter, jesse. we would like to note same questions you asked. we would like to know who these individuals are. what happened to them. what exactly they were charged with and maybe most importantly what the video shows. the real take away i thought the january 6th committee was supposed to be the most important investigation, the most solemn serious committee in the history of the republic. if that's the case, then why are they working with some comedy crew letting them in to videotape whatever they were going to videotape and letting them in the capitol complex illegally. i think that's a question. this whole double standard and this idea they get to have it
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both ways drives me crazy, you crazy, and i think all the folks who are watching drives them crazy as well. >> jesse: yeah, you invite these guys in. they make a spectacle. and he might have wanted them to get arrested, colbert, right? just like the january 6th protesters? maybe this was a big stunt to get these guys this comic dog arrested so they could put the little skit on late night and then maybe have a better shot at beating gutfeld. >> yeah. but here's the real irony. they accused a colleague of mine very loud conducting reconnaissance tour the capitol hill chief of police was asked to look into this. he sent a letter to the house administration republicans on that committee. in that letter he said there was nothing that was n i way viewed as reconnaissance. complete exoneration. the we still think that
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happened. just a couple days later this happens? they let people in illegally. they get arrested for doing a surveillance. doing some kind of reconnaissance. that to me is the real irony here. you look at what happened to berry loudermilk our colleague, we only get to see a little bit of the evidence this committee sees. we caught them that little bit of evidence we get, we have caught them in major lies. we caught them lying about me in a text message i forwarded to the chief of staff in to the white house. we catch them in a lie about congressman loudermilk. imagine what other things they are telling us that aren't accurate based on all the information we don't get to see. so that's, i think, a big concern that we have is all that information. we never get access to the documents and, yet, we don't know what that is all based on. how many other lies are they telling if we have caught them had in just a couple with the limited amount of information we are privy to. >> jesse: we are not going to let this go. they are not going to call a paul pelosi on us. we are going to get the mug shots if i have to go to the
4:24 pm
capitol police chief myself we will get it thank you very much congressman jim jordan. >> appreciate that. >> jesse: democrats are pushing the great replacement theory and it involved joe biden. ♪
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sorry i'm late! dude, dude, dude... oh boy. your cousin.from boston. [whiff] [water splashes] is it on the green? [goose squawks] i was just looking for my ball. 19th hole, sam adams summer ale. [goose squawks] (here you go.) (cheers guys!) >> jesse: a new poll shows that only 25% of people think that joe biden is not responsible for inflation. so who are these people? let's meet one of them. >> 98 [bleep] dollars. i have to decide between buying gas or buying food! and guess who wins? because i have to get to the job that i need to [bleep] buy anything at all. that doesn't pay me enough. 98 [bleep] damn dollars at costco to fill up my tank. $98. 5.50 are a gallon at costco.
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5.50 a gallon at costco. this is the work of the [bleep] religious right. listen to robert wright who clearly -- who gives us all of the evidence, all of the evidence about how our poverty is a choice that our government made for us. [bleep] you. religious right who are doing this and have been doing this. [bleep] you profiteering companies. [bleep] you billionaires, stealing us, breaking our backs. stealing from us. >> jesse: that is the new white house press secretary? you will be seeing her next week. i told you at the beginning of the show that joe biden's chances are winning re-election are close to zero after bike gate. you can't fall off a bike and be president, period. and that's not just us saying it. look at this new polling by u gov it shows that an overwhelming majority of americans don't think bipsd should run again in 2024.
4:31 pm
a another poll thinks that 69% of the country think that country is heading in the wrong direction. these numbers are shocking. biden has lost the trust of the people. media is slowly catching up with them. cnn ranking presidential contenders for 2024. who played the list? well, people like bernie, mayor pete, kamala, they are all near the top. and cnn did rank biden first but it's obvious they felt like they had to. they said that biden will probably be the party's nominee but it's an open question as to whether that is the best thing for democrats nationally. ouch. the "wall street journal" echoed similar concerns saying democrats expect joe biden to run in 2024. they are less sure if he should. this is really bad. biden loses the media, basically his base. he's done. even people inside the white house are frustrated with joe. his own aides reportedly told
4:32 pm
the journal that the president takes too long to make decisions. and they are annoyed by him. and, get this: congressman jim clyburn whose endorsement won the south carolina primary for joe is coming up with a contingency plan for 2024. >> we know that forecast includes vice president harris. i support her and i'm just saying that if he chooses not to run again, first on my list after him will be kamala harris. >> jesse: this is a huge red flag. and whether biden realizes it or not, a battle for the throne is bubbling just beaten neath the surface. other democrats are getting out there, making stops across the country without the blessing of the king, a fired up bernie sanders held rallies, where?
4:33 pm
to support union workers. >> what you are doing is sending a message to working families all over this country. that is that you are sick and tired of corporate greed and you want to be treated with dignity and respect. [applause] >> and something called a jb pritzker spoke in new hampshire. what is a j.w. pritzker. i don't know. is it a cracker? is it a peanut butter with jalapeño? we haven't figured that out yet. we are kind of hungry. we can't forget about liz warren who for months has positioned herself on various talk shows pretending to be the xavier of the democratic party. some of the names floating around for 2024. we know who the ladies at "the view" would like to see in the white house. >> i do think there are plenty of, you know, democrats that have tons of verb and energy. i like gavin newsom because is he really pretty to look at and he does a great job in
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california. >> jesse: oh, pretty to look at. operation joe has got to go just kicked into high gear. kellyanne form conway former counselor to the white house and author of "here's the deal" rest of the media starting to appealing off. how serious is this now that bernie is going to iowa? >> it's very serious. you have these nondescript undistinguished governors making their moves as well as you pointed out. look, i think joe biden's problem is his age, but we see that his real problem is his agenda. he has left no one happy. the centrists feel like he went too far to the left. the left will never believe that he is meeting them with a socialist agenda. and i think joe biden is every minute of 80. but it's not just a biden problem. it's a democrat problem. republicans now lead the democrats by 19 points on which party do you trust more on border security by 19 points jesse according to the fox news poll. who do you trust more on the economy. and they even trust republicans
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over democrats on, quote: preserving democracy, which is the whole point of the january 6th committee hearings. but he leads a whole flotilla of octogenarians. bernie, biden, schumer, pelosi. this is not the party of -- you know how they say this is not your grandfather's republican party anymore. you have mayra flores and people like that. this is your grandfather's democratic party i mean literally. can i ask you a simple question. if joe biden is tooled right now? how old was he a year and a half old minus 18 months. they act like he ages in dog years. he was old 18 months ago. they are using that as an excuse so we don't see how bad his policies are the mistake he makes also is doing nothing on the weekends that's youthful to the country tray that's in chaos and crisis. there i think he will be outflanked by some in the squad, by bernie, by warren and some of the others. but i expect him to run. i hope he runs. and, look, i think that the polls today that show so many other republicans, including
4:36 pm
donald trump would beat him in a head to head is problematic for him. the biggest problem for him is that he is not able to turn this around in time for the midterms. so they will blame him the way they didn't really blame obama or clinton. they went on and lost the midterms. but they went on to win second terms. i think biden should be blamed for all of that. >> jesse: i think you are right. you mentioned the former president donald trump. here was the former president talking about bike gate. run it. >> i hope he has recovered because, as you know he fell off his bicycle today. [laughter] i make this pledge to you today, i will never ever ride a bicycle. [laughter] >> jesse: i mean, i think he is licking his chops, kellyanne. >> yeah. i didn't hear that, jesse. but i have a funny story in my book about being -- running and getting injured and president trump, mr. trump said to me benjamin netanyahu was there he said did you injureself
4:37 pm
exercising? i said no, sir i'm fine he said why i never bother in a very funny moment. fixing the economy is like riding a bicycle we are in big trouble under joe biden. >> jesse: we sure are you see cam a la basically stalking him. she is looking at the bike video. i can't imagine what she is thinking. she is probably calling donors right after she sees the video. it's got to be an uncomfortable situation. we are not making fun of the president for falling. i have fallen. you just heard laura ingraham say that she has fallen. but you can't keep falling. this is the second fall and you add the verbal gaffes. you add the bad policies. it's just symbolic for this administration falling apart. >> well, it is. but kamala harris isn't that much better in the verbiage talk with no notes, no net department. she does not exactly inspire people when she opens her mouth and speaks. she went over abroad twice, two
4:38 pm
times in a row and insulted americans. she says these weird things. she cackles and laughs at inopportune time. all she has got going for her she is not one of the octogenarians and historic figure. look, jesse, i think a lot of democrats are looking past both of them. that he was the untold secret of the biden-harris white house. they both own this bad agenda. they own these bad polling numbers. and she hasn't done enough to distinguish herself with a policy portfolio. she did like a drive by at the border. >> she is not looking at the root causes. she is not working on any of the issues that are realfully her portfolio that can you say wow, kamala harris has got that i feel confidence in he had competence. i think people are looking past both of them. >> jesse: she is not going to escape this administration without any biden stink all over her. thank you so much, kellyanne, everybody check out the book. i enjoyed it. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: a harrowing hatchet attack caught on camera. wait until you see how this police officer reacted.
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and the freak flag fly high at brooklyn's mermaid parade. ♪
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>> if somebody tells you police officers don't have a tough job they obviously don't know what they are talking about. every day they have to deal with. so craziest stuff you will ever see. especially this one police officer just outside of chicago who is conducting a regular traffic stop one morning when some crazy guy with a hatchet came out of nowhere. watch. >> >> i just been attacked. shots fired. shots fired. >> hatchet man was later pronounced dead. but luckily the officer came out without a scratch. dangerous out there. so those in blue, stay safe. and thank you for your service. what will the end of the world look like? will it be an asteroid?
4:45 pm
or maybe the rise of the machines? [gunfire] >> jesse: what happens if we go out in a way that is a little less dramatic. what if it's not the end of the world but just the end of the world as we know it what happens if food and energy shortages ends up fracturing our it globalized world rolling back outs in places like california. what happens if one days they become permanent. necessities like energy and basic heating could be a luxury if we are lucky. what happens if there is a major disruption with our food or water supply? do you think i'm crazy? you probably do. but it's already happening. in places like peru and sri
4:46 pm
lanka, fertilizer and energy shortages forced both countries into a food crisis this year. and it could be coming to a city maybe near you. one of our most reliable food sources wheat is becoming scarce and prices could easily quadruple. can any did you know tri survive something like this or are we all doomed? there is no one better to talk to about this than peter zion who just wrote a book about his prediction. it's called the end of the world is just beginning. and i have almost finished it, peter, and i absolutely love it i think it's probably your greatest book and i recommend it to every single american. tell us why though, before we could begin the last 75 years has been so good and why that's all about to change. >> we have we have had a really good run. >> the whole idea of globalization isn't that you can
4:47 pm
trade local economies could suddenly interact. if you were not one of the major powers, everything that you needed had to be sourced locally. think of it this way in the modern age. think of your phone. think if you had to make that yourself in your garage using components that your neighbor has made, you know, even the copper that is in the wire would be coming from some place else. and we have these economies of scale. we have all diversified our skill sets and that's created the world we know of plenty. but if the global system breaks down, which it is for reason of populism and trade and demographics, that all goes away. the country that will be successful, the ones that have a broad reach and can access the resources and labor and capitol if they need to make a go of it. that's not most places. >> so, america was in charge of operating this global world order. they did the free trade thing. the navy protected all the
4:48 pm
shipping. we are not going to protect shipping anymore. every country is going to be in charge of having their navies protect their gooz that come in. i feel like their pirates might come back. are you predicting pry race? >> absolutely. even if the united states wanted to continue and i think politically if you look at our last few presidents, it's pretty clear that we don't want. to say we don't have the force anymore. we have got 14 super carriers, a few that are on the way. they are absolutely if you want if you want to knock off a country. if you want to patrol global oceans for maritime trade protection you need about 800 destroyers. we have 70. and we all like to be worried about the chinese fleet but 90% of that can't sail more than a few hub dread miles from shore. so there is no combination of navies that can protect maritime trading. >> jesse: so america's position pretty well. a lot of these country a tough time but we are going to be okay? >> i'm not too concerned here. the united states is the largest
4:49 pm
most diversified economy in the world. we have got partners in mexico and canada that complent all of our weaknesses quite nicely. we are already dependent on nafta total for about 85% of our total. most other countries not so much. >> pete: all right, second best book besides how i saved the world peter zeihan's book the end of the world is just the beginning. you got to get it. this is a hot book if you want to know anything that's going to happen in the next 50 to 100 years. thank you so much, peter. >> until next time. >> pete: what if god was one of us. >> do you feel like you have god in your life? >> nonsense. >> who is that? >> god. >> never heard of it. ♪ [whiff] [water splashes] is it on the green? [goose squawks] i was just looking for my ball. 19th hole, sam adams summer ale. [goose squawks] (here you go.) (cheers guys!)
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>> jesse: celebrating ancient mythology end.
4:55 pm
we sent johnny to find out what is important to these people? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i feel like i've seen you somewhere before. >> i'm sure you have. ♪ ♪ >> what you think about on a daily basis? >> mermaids, flowers. >> you might find this very hard to believe but i am. >> eating and getting ready to work. what am i making for dinner? >> what is for dinner? >> i think about joy. >> joy reid. [laughs] >> what you do for a living? >> this. >> i can keep secrets. >> why would i tell you you got to be silly.
4:56 pm
>> obviously. >> what you do for a living? >> did you just unmask yourself? >> i work for eric adams. >> what the heck is wrong with you? ♪ ♪ >> what are you hoping to accomplish? all right have a good one was it something i said? >> i just want to rock. >> you need me? [laughs] >> so what you doing later? [laughs] >> not that lonely. >> world peace. >> to get married to a gay man. ♪ ♪ >> tim one day to be able to swim with some amazing fish. >> i hope to be able to live in
4:57 pm
a safe place. we have to tell eric adams to get the crime under control. ♪ ♪ >> do you feel like you have god in your life? god? never heard of it. >> i am god how about that? >> i would say more scientific instead of religion. >> do you love dr. fauci? what advice would you give president joe biden? >> why in are we still doing this? >> joe leaves a woman's uterus alone. i prefer not to comment. >> about. >> about. i don't know. >> i'm sorry what was her question again? ♪ ♪
4:58 pm
>> your to be on jesse watters prime time. >> high jesse. come to the 40th annual mermaid parade. make sure you are right here this year and next year. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: a couple of weeks ago in a window i explain how i was strolling leisurely through central park on a tuesday at around 1:00 p.m. i was just surprised about how many grown men working age guys were playing softball in the middle of the day. not a care in the world and not even good high-quality softball, a lot of errors. all i want to make an apology of these people sunday took them for a nice leisurely stroll through central park and we wandered into another one of the softball games and one of the guys came over to jesse jr. any gifted him one of the softballs from the game. jesse jr. loved it and the girls
4:59 pm
had a good time watching the game so i apologize like these guys now. they gave me a softball [laughs] and that's all it takes a very easy to bribe. so you guys are good plays much softball as you want. obviously putin pushed him off that bike it was his pedal that caught his foot it's obvious. help me around up from oklahoma, come on man it was the bike's tires fall. bad inflation. [laughs] i get it. david from fort bill indiana i called the capitol police immediately after learning from a show tonight mailbox is already full. please, please, please don't let this go. i will not rest just like how we have the mug shot i want the seven producers. i want their shots and i want the footage. i want to know. liam from tennessee, jesse did
5:00 pm
you have a good father's day? i did. i am absolutely exhausted from father's day but that's what being a father is all about being exhausted. then pulling it together for monday. [laughs] that's all for us tonight always dvr the show and always watched tucker and his next and i was a member i am jesse watters on this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" happy monday if you can call it that but you can't like most americans are probably still trying to digest what is happening over the last couple of days.


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