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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  June 19, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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. >> wait there is more. >> didn't you get the memo, we're still hunting for treasure. >> duck family treasure. ♪ ♪ trey: thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, welcome to "sunday night in america," many of us watch television, hardly news worthy when someone says they are watching tv. unless that someone is the attorney general of the united states merit garland, once a judge, nominated to be a justice took great pains to assure all of us, not only was he watching the congressional hearings on january 6 but his prosecutors were too.
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he said, i am watching, and i will be watching all of the hearings, i can assure you that january 6 prosecutors are watching all of the hearings as well. nothing wrong with watching television, there is a lot of good stuff on lately, college baseball, nba finals, u.s. open golf, men's and women's, curtis company. i have been watching a lot of tv, but difference is, you and i don't have much of a choice when it comes to getting information, we get to have an army of investigators and prosecutors at our disposal, garland does with federal law enforcement as his beck and call. and prosecutors and search warrants and he can access financial record thes and phone records and seize computers and e-mail accounts, if done lawfully and compel witnesses to testify, and offer immunity. to anyone he wants, why is he watching television?
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why does the chief prosecutor, the managing partner of most powerful law firm in the world need to watch television to gather facts? he can interview any of the witnesses he wants to gather whatever evidence he thinks is relevant. if you want to know what bill barr knows, why don't you ask him yourself. if you want to know what capitol police officer caroline edwards experienced, why don't you ask her yourself, if you want to access all of the video footage of the attack on the capitol, why not get the raw unedited film for yourself, congress has next to no investigative power, no real power, remember event congress when it tries to hold a witness in contempt it has to rely on guess who? the department of justice to enforce or prosecute that
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contempt. there is no comparison between the power of the department of justice versus the power of congress, yet the attorney general is not only watching tv, the department is miffed that congress will not share what it has with the department. why? why is the attorney general gathering evidence from television? and how reliable would that evidence be given the absence of confrontation of cross-examination? then judge garland wrote opinions about the power of cross-examination how essential it is in a courtroom, quoting a scene from the movie, my cousin vinny. a tool for findings the facts. he will not see much of it watches these hearings. garland and his prosecutors can watch whatever they want
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on television, i wonder where the attorney general is watching a hearing when he las far better investigative tools at his disposal? maybe he is looking for inconsistent statements, how a went might hold up in court, it makes you wonder what the department has been doing for the past 18 months. if you want to know what happened, find and examine witnesses and evidence, the remote control is not going to help you. >> joining us now, former chief assistance u.s. attorney, andy mccarthy, thank you for joining us. i want you to take us to law school, a master class. from cross exam nation so important. >> you could teach that mast master class
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yourself. it has two functions that are important, one is the vehicle by which we test evidence, so we know we're advancing the search for the truth, it prevents you from having a one sided version of events, 6 soakly secondly, protest important thing about your justice system, if your judicial proceedings or fact finding proceedings any kind of proceeding where ideas we have a clash of perspectives we believe that is how the truth comes how the. you have to convince people that set of rules is in place, that everyone gets their whether their day in congress or day in court, what gives proceeding integrity is that the other side has an opportunity to be heard, and make the
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points it believes need to be made in order to have a fullness proceeding that has integrity. if you don't have those things, i don't think that you -- i don't like to use the kangaroo court. trey: i want to prove, i sit up in pay attention when you offer commentary, you are a highly skilled trial lawyer, most serious allegation they heard, former president was indifferent or agnostic to well being of mike pence, that is a serious allegation. so what are some of the questions that you would ask as you test and probe the reliability of that unline
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accusation. >> what would you want to know? >> you know, trey, we would have access to before we went into court, all of the information and all of the discovery about whatever communication there had been between the president and the vice president. we would know and there has been a lot of chatter about this but not a lot of proof about it in context of the hearing, what steps president trump took and what directions he gave to assure the safety of people at the capital. and how much was that undermined by people who were worried optics of a strong defense presence, i think you have to have this context there to understand what the security outlook was, what trump's concern about it was in connection with january 6. and then, you could make a better decision about you know if trump said
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-- provocative things that this trump blowing off steam, saying something that was inpolitic in the moment or creating a dangerous situation for pence. my own theory, for what its world, president trump was trying to ratchet up pressure on vice president pence to do something that vice president pence shouldn't do and fortunately didn't do, because the constitution didn't permit it i don't think really he wanted to see anything get harm. trey: i want to switch gears, fbi has a lot of jobs that include assembling crime statistics, they are good as underlying data, there have been glitches with the new reports system have you heard that?
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>> i have, you know i'm very suspicious about this because. i have written a lot in last 3 years about progressive prosecutor project, i think that is overlay you can't ignore, their theory, they can show crime can -- crime is reduced by showing statistics of crime have depressed, saying i'm not doing truth cases, boudin in san francisco, did 3 drug cases in 2021, we're such supposed to believe that drug trafficking is down, every time i see them cooking the words this way, i think they are trying to sell us a narrative rather than have us trust your eyes. trey: one quick story, when i was a straight prosecutor, a jurisdiction said they had zero d
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uis the previous year. that does not mean there is no crime, it may mean you didn't catch them, you have a great perspective, and a great background, happy father's day. >> thank you, trey, you too. trey: up next. another week of primary elections, including in my home state of south carolina. who won and who lost, reince priebus breaks is down next on "sunday night in america."
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," the g.o.p. flipped a heavily
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hispanic congressional state. this district will be represented by a republican for first time since 1971, elect of flores is more evidence that republicans are making inroads with hispanic voters in texas and other parts of country. >> congressman tom rice lost his bid for reelection after voting to impeach president trump over the january 6 insurrection, down the beach in charleston, nancy may held on to g.o.p. nomination against a trump-backed candidate, 6 states holding primary elections in june, and 20 more later in the year. joining us now former rnc chairman, former white house chief of staff, reince priebus, what do you make of the primaries so far. >> happy father's day.
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the number one prize in any republican primary still today is that trump endorsement. certainly you layout a mixed result. there is no candidate did does not want trump endorsement. i think you see here between nancy mace and tom rice is that tom rice ran flat out anti-trump. and the base is not going to vote in a republican primary for the anti-trump vocal candidate. even governor deal, trey, in georgia, he kept saying, i like the president, the president doesn't like me. so, he -- being the anti. trey: governor -- >> >> yes, kemp. those candidates that are
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anti, are not making it. the trump endorsement is till very important. trey: it strikes me whether georgia or south carolina, you are right. it say highly coveted endorsement but, it is not always a guarantee of success. mo brooks had it and lost it, and maybe trying to get it back began in alabama. no doubt it is coveted but this is possible to win. not with fighting with former president but more nuanced? >> that is right. you are not making it 100% ain't-trump, but you can survive if you are a really good candidate. number one, that matters more than anything. number two, you are not anti-trump but you may have had some crosswinds with the former president. but on the campaign trail you are positive about the
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president. too bad you didn't get the endorsement but you are every bit as america first as the person that did get the endorsement. you play those cards right you have a chance to survive. we see -- occasionally the candidates doing that. trey: i need you to tell me, which senate races can a watch now to give me the best sense of whether the g.o.p. is likely to flip the senate in november. >> well, there is two i would tell you right now, you got to look at wisconsin, which is our you know republican incumbent northbound one number one race, and. too hard to make up. thin you have pick up in nevada.
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and that is a race that i think we could win. it will be a dog fight, but i would watch those two races. trey: all right, for all candidates out there that want free advice from you, what are the issues? it seems that election integrity people are happy to talk about that. openly relitigating the 2020 election, not so much. what are the issues that candidates should be talking about? >> if -- i want to look at mirra flores, when you look at what she did there in south texas. as her opponent said, they are taking latinos for granted. that is number one. but you ask about message, look at her message, it is really it is trump's, but really about putting america first. i wrote it down, she said democrats and liberals in washington are killing the american dream, number one.
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she is running to protect the american worker. and their wallets. and you know democrats have not been paying attention to what is going on in country politically, republicans have captured cultural war. they are right of center on issues, you know started with covid then to transgender issues, to the insanity of teaching kid pronounces and what they mean what they're 5 years old, republicans are right on cultural issues, they have shifted to the american worker party, if you work hard, and if you go and you pursue the american dream, like mya flores did that republicans will reward you, it is a different message, a party for the working family. that message combined with the cultural message, is deadly, in a democrats are not pay attention, i would
4:22 pm
go look at her ads that american dream ad, that she put out, that is really the blueprint for the republican party moving forward. trey: all right, have a fantastic fa father's day, here is the deal, i will keep you up-to-date on all college sports between now and november, that is what i follow, i need you to come back keep my up-to-date what is happening with pole ticks. politics. >> a deal, happy father's day. >> you too, thank you. trey: coming up russia and china reaffirm their support for one another as u.s. lawmakers reach a deal to cut off american investment in beijing, fox news is national security correspondent jennifer griffin and texas condition congressman mike mccaul are next on "sunday night in america."
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try kerasal. unlike others, it's formulated with clinically-proven ingredients that penetrate fungus-damaged nails to start improving nail appearance in just two days. try kerasal. trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," chinese president xi jinping reaffirming china's support for russia in a telephone call with vladimir putin this week. telling putin that china will continue to work with russia on issues of perceived mutual concern, before russia invaded ukraine, you recall, putin
4:28 pm
and xi announced a now limits partnership between the two, china has not condemned russia's war on ukraine and accuses west of provoking russia, as russia opposition leader. has transferred to a high security prison, known as torture conveyer belt. it unclear how he is being treated, joining us now, jennifer griffin. the attack on ukraine still on going with -- but slips from from paints. >> i think you should be worried. what is significant the known call between president xi jinping on his 69 birthday, putin called xi on
4:29 pm
his birthday. after 115 days of war. the president of china did not condemn or try to distance himself from putin, despite the atrocities that have been documented. because of the journalists risking their lives, still being inside of ukraine. while americans might be moving on from ukraine conflict, the ukraine conflict is at a crucial -- turning point. and all americans should be concerned. very significant phone call. in which basically. he suggested that what is happening in ukraine was a provocation. provocationmuch -- of the west and nato, as we know and discussed before, is really a twisting of history. what the russian military
4:30 pm
has been doing inside ukraine is nothing short of genocide. trey: when i hear how the chinese president treats putin is one thing, what concerns me is the way he streets the press and political opponents and u.s. athletes like britney griner, i continue to be amazed some people in myself old line of -- in my old line of work and new line of work, make excuses for putin, i don't remember that a few years ago. >> it is mind-blowing, we've talked about it, i lived in moscow for 3 years at the end of the 90s with putin inwas coming into power. and launch of the second chechen war and destruction and rebellization of chechnya, should have indicated what kind of leader putin is. any justification of putin's
4:31 pm
actions and russia's actions inside of ukraine, as state department said president xi jinping and president putin are on the wrong side of history, eliciting a strong response in the chinese foreign ministry, the state department spokesman ned price said that the president xi saying they are neutral in conflict is a hallow point. trey: what you can tell us about the new shift. >> this is -- friday. the chinese launched third aircraft carrier. this aircraft carrier has a hydraulic catapult system in past two first aircraft carriers did not have this technology it will allow china to launch faster, aircraft with heavier
4:32 pm
payloads and more fuel, this is something they have not been able to -- technology they have not been able to put on first two aircraft carriers, the first aircraft carrier that kind did build was an old soviet aircraft carrier they refurbished that was given -- them by ukraine, they learned from that technology, from old soviet carrier, they are making progress, what we saw this week, is that this new third aircraft carrier is more advanced than first two. and significant move and an example. right now many people may not realize that china has largest naval force in the world. it is not as each aircraft carrier not as powerful and doesn't have as many aircraft onboard, and are not nuclear powered yet. but this is very significant
4:33 pm
as china is expanding its military at a galloping pace. trey: we do not have time for me to get you to analyze this next issue, i need you to come back as some point talked about the resurgences of nato, you have watched this from the sleepy boring meetings of old to kind of a historic resurgences, i would love to you have come back, at some point and tell us about that. >> absolutely, trey, i would love to. happy father's day. trey: thank you, jennifer griffin. thank you. >> u.s. lawmakers are negotiating now pest to review billions of american investment in china, senators from both sides of aisle attempts to ensure that u.s. is not exceeding the manufacturing power. to foreign adversaries as president biden occurs ending trump-era tariffs on chinese imports, joining me
4:34 pm
now, house foreign affairs committee, texas congressman mike mccaul, welcome. does government play a role in decides whether u.s. companies with invest in foreign countrys? >> yes. the current rule they call entities list. department of defense has one, department of commerce, commerce is more industry driven. you cannot invest in no companies, to give you some perspective, there are about 125 billion dollars visited from the united states in to china every year. and only 500 million much that is screened to protect the united states from exporting technologies, they could go straight into the prc, military apparatus. the hypersonic weapon that we saw them launch, went
4:35 pm
around the world landing with precision. that could carry a nuclear warhead was build on the backbone of american technology. that needs to stop. trey: congressman, during the pandemic there was much discussion about reducing our reliance on good imported from china, is there still talk about decreasing our reliance on what is becoming an adversary of ours. >> i think that covid woke everyone. the united states, we're too reliant on medical supplies out of china, and two other critical supplies, one is rare earth minerals, that is important that goes into so many things that we manufacture. they corner 85 percent, the most important are advances
4:36 pm
semiconductor chips to get that investment. that manufacturing of the chips which go into everything. from your phone to your vehicles to most advance weapon system, taiwan corners about 90% of the advance semiconductor chip manufacturing capability in the world, we know that president xi jinping has threatens to takeover taiwan, if our semiconductor chip manufacturing is done in vulnerable nations like taiwan and china that puts us very much at risk. trey: congressman, you mentioned xi and putin, there seems to be a partnership emerging between china and russia? perhaps it has always been there. we're just hearing about it.
4:37 pm
what do you make of that recent partnership why, they are aligned? it seems against the interest of the west. >> it is very dangerous, i call it an unholy alliance, happens at beijing olympics, putin told him he was invading ukraine, by the way, and president xi supports, that at the same time, putin supports president xi a afford to invade taiwan. and takeover the south china sea. the parallels to my father's war, are striking. when i was in the poland, they talked about 1939. when hitler invaded poland, and president xi jinping threat to taiwan, and south pacific. and interesting the salomon islands of taken over by taiwan, they bought them off. and signed a security agreement. those islands are now in
4:38 pm
hands of prcand president xi jinping this is a wake-up call like i have never seen. trey: congressman. i know a particularly if you are in the majority of -- you will do it regard less, you will continue to monitor our reliance on china. and also this flow of information from our technology base over to them. thank you for joining us on a sunday night. we look forward to having you again. >> happy father's day too.. trey: too, thank you. >> today we commemorate emancipation, ben carson discusses significant of juneteenth, next on sunday night in america.
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," june 19, 1865, troops arrived in galveston, texas to offer freedom, 2 1/2 years since emancipation proclamation, almost 90
4:44 pm
years. juneteenth is a celebration of freedom, a remind of the pain of the past, our next guest lived all 3. pain, progress and promise, dr. ben carson. retired neurosurgeon, we had a chance to visit. on my podcast, i was struck by your desire, your affirmative desire to aaccentuate the positive. >> thank you, happy father's day to all of the fathers. an important part of over family. >> juneteenth is so important it actually efficiently recognizes the emancipation of the slaves, slavery was a horrible thing, no question. i think we need to recognize that slavery has been a part
4:45 pm
of virtually every civilization. since there has been written history. we in america have actually done something that no one else really did. that is we had so many people who are opposed to it. that we thought a civil war, a bloody civil war. to get rid of this evil that says something about this nation. as a people. we're not all the same, we have a lot of different opinions. but, overall tendency was to move toward freedom. and justice for people. this is what we need to be teaching our children. we need to enhance that. we need to learn from that we need to build on that. rather than back and dredging up every negative thing we could find and saying that is what we are. that we can't get away from it. trey: you know dr. carson,
4:46 pm
you put your finger on it something that has vexed my, history and pain are great teachers. but what is the right way to look at the pain of yesterday for many americans. and kind of balance that with where we are today? you don't want to emphasis one. buts that to be a plan how do you strike that balance? >> i think you have to be truthful about your history, your history is what gives you your identity, that is what your beliefs are built. if you disrupt that chain. then you become like a leaf buying in the wind -- blowing in the wind, you can learn from good and bad, wise people don't try to cover the bad up or rewrite the bad, they learn from th bad and build on the
4:47 pm
good, that is why knee have have the sophisticated brains. we have the ability to plan in advance because of our brains, we don't just have to sit around and react like an animal. trey: you know more about the complexity of human brain. there is a hunger among people of good conscience to give out dr. king's challenge to judge one another by the content of our character, nothing else. how can we do a better job of that? doing what we encouraged us to do? >> i think we have to look at what is going on, we have to be proactive and teaching particularly our young people about it. that is why american
4:48 pm
cornerstone we have patriot -- the little patriot program, we have a new book called, red, white and blue, our flag is important to me and you. we want young charged to -- chance to . >> children is to start understanding from an early age. we'll fought so hard to give us the freedoms we have. people who down appreciate our freedoms, that would be nice if make live in some other parts of the world for a while they would have a tremendous appreciation for or freedom it is important to understand and protect it for those coming behind us,
4:49 pm
in particularly our young people, i encourage people to go to our web site, little patriots beautiful illustrated cartoons, lessons, about our history. and how we should look at it. the good, bad and ugly in a positive light. it is free of change because of people who donated and proceeds the things like the book go to create more programs. trey: dr. ben carson thank you for joining us, happy father's day, i would be remiss, without making mention no role your mother paid in your life and education, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, trey. trey: up next, fox and friends co-host, will reflects on major lesson she learned from her dad this
4:50 pm
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," it is father's day, happy father's day to my dad, for my, father's day is a golf tournament i have blade with in my dad since i was a kid then home to watch u.s. open, what does it mean to you? what lessons did you learn, even if they may have been a little bit more painful than the ones our moms taught us, joining us fox and friends co-host, thank you for joining us. you were born here, tell us more. >> i was born in spartanburg, my dad was
4:56 pm
basketball coach for 10 years, my mom was a schoolteacher, my pediatrician shared an office with your father, i would go through swings doors, you go to the right if you were sick, and left if you were well, my family knows your dad, and loved him so much, great place to raise a family, i have wonderful memories, i went to pine street elementary school. trey: i can't get in there. i didn't to jesse boyd. my wife taught there. >> a public school, you could have gotten in. you lived in a different area. happy father's day, trey. trey: thank you. thank you, your father was a budget coach, he may have coached a doorman, i read he had an active school -- role in getting you ready for school. >> yes, my dad has so many personalities here, is fun
4:57 pm
and a serious side, he taught us so much, every morning since my mom had to be at work at 7:30, he would get us ready for school, we would walk outside and watch -- catch the bus, when we were really little we would carpool on school and walk home, but sometimes he would dreyfus, when the van was loaded, he would take you to school. my dad, he was a lot of fun. he is a lot of fun, he loves to dance, and sing, and beach music and south carolina. he loves south carolina baseball. and football. anything carolina. he graduated from usc put himself through college, his goal to put us through college. as a coach, he was not making that much money, and he gave that up, he sacrificed that up for us.
4:58 pm
trey: all right, before i let you go, what is special to you, our faith, how did your parents build that foundation of faith? >> faith made sure we were in church every sunday. we went -- we went to the advent, we moved to charlotte for a year, then to columbia, my dad wanted us to go to ebbnese -- lutheran church that was very important for him. it was a great group. we always had to be in church on sunday. even if we spent saturday
4:59 pm
night as a friend's house. and then in college, i have gone to different doe -- denominations, i love all of the churches, and jesus, i am grateful my parents set that foundation for me, and now i'm doing it with my children. trey: i'll tell you something, i played golf with a ton of guys when your father was a coach, he has an incredible representation. the greatest legacy -- reputation. >> very proud of you, as you are him. >> i know your dad is prod proud of you, you make south carolina proud. trey: my mom is proud, let's not press my dad on that. >> dads are not allowed to tell us, god bless you,
5:00 pm
happy father's day. trey: thank you very much. >> thank you for spinning part of your sunday with us, have a great week ahead, until next week you can find us on-line at gowdy america e"life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin this is "life, liberty and levin." this is a pocket copy of the constitution and declaration of independence, i spent 40 years in my life studding this. why is that?


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