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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  June 19, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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and twitter. "unfiltered" with dan bongino ♪♪ [playing of "the star-spangled banner"] ♪.
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♪. pete: good morning. it is sunday on "fox & friends" weaken and it is father's day.
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all the fathers we saw in that shot if you're on set including will cain, rachel campos duffy has a father too. rachel: i do i guess. happy father's day to both of you. so great to be here with it on father's day. you are some of my favorite dads. will: thank you very much. rachel: i'm probably getting a father's day text. i will turn my phone off people don't know how well we get to know each other. one of the joys that i get to know you not just as friends but dads. what you talk about during the day. anyway for father's day, for mother's day we had a lot of surprises for you. i got nine exists i got nine kids. we got nine kids between the two
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of you. we'll have four 1/2 surprises for each of you. the first one i played right there for you. there you go. will: wow. pete: whoa. will: this is no small gift, man wow. look at this. pete: you got jordans for us. rachel: yeah. listen i had to say aways a little bit nervous getting nike. i know you wear jordans. pete: jordan rule, when he played michael, jordan rule of nike i never buy nike, i buy jordans because i wanted them as a gift. will: very nice. pete: rachel, did you pay for this? rachel: no. [laughter]. there was a lot of credit. it is from the show. it is from the show.
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we all love you guys. will: thank you, thank you. rachel: you deserve it. pete: thank you, rachel. thank you to all the people. will: very nice gift, thoughtful. pete: fur waking up, try to do something similar for your dad. put it on the corporate account. rachel: [laughter]. send it to -- will: other rachel. >> and gavin, of course. will: if you're making up this morning. it is father's day, we hope you enjoy that with your father and your children. we have news as well. other children are up to it this morning. protests continue at the homes of supreme court justices. two nights ago at home of supreme court justice clarence thomas. last night at justice amy coney barrett's home. there are high schoolers, part of a group rise up for
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abortions. they went to amy coney barrett's home, rise up for abortion rights. they went to amy coney barrett's home and they put on this performance. they tweeted just arrived at amy coney barrett's house. dropping off babies. reenacting nightmare. forcing them headed to the supreme court. >> baby dolls. blood on their pants. this will cause women to bleed out. very interesting because, first of all, you see that will, that, if you don't think that our schools are training them to be activists they are. these are really young girls. this is very graphic. they're bringing baby dolls, not the best props, that brings to mind something else. again, problems with having young kids put together these protests, sometimes a little off the mark. i think they make a
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pro-lifepoint right there. this is the point, activating young kids to increase the intimidation process of our supreme court justices. this is something we ought to be concerned about. the decision mass not come out yet,. pete: pete no. there is word it may come out on tuesday. speculation. still don't know, hence -- that is disgusting, crude, inappropriate for kids of that age. parents escorting them alongside of them. reports they came from new york city to participate in that. women hating facists for women pro-life. rachel: pro-life. pete: that is extremist view. when the first draft came out, one of the things i think this would be most extreme aspects of the left come out in front of us. this is the centerpiece of the core of the left-wing base from the beginning. the right to abortion.
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here is the most crass example of it. 15, 16-year-olds escorted by their parents, covered in blood. rachel: if you look at the signs, we are not human incubators. this is the message of the left. that you know our reproductive gifts as women are actually a curse. you can see why this whole movement, feminist movement has lost really control of the whole narrative in terms of with trans rights and so forth, erasing women. if you erase what we can, we can do nobody else can do, only we can do, you start calling us, you know, you know, chest feeding people or birthing people or whatever, you start erasing what it means to be a woman. you can see these kids are highly confused in that regard. will: my suspicion. this backfires. to the extent this is acknowledged and owned and seen, much of this backfires, it is grotesque. on top of that, rachel, you're holding a doll that represents a
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baby, represents life. it will not influence anyone. you know what else i will guess, more people you see in those clips will end up pro-life than you realize. more of those children growing up will grow up to be more pro-life than you expect this is embarrassing display, acknowledges actually a life is literally in your hands. i think it is time for this opinion to come out. time to put it behind us. the leakers job, intent has been fulfilled. they created influence scheme. pressure on the supreme court. supreme court, i don't know how much control they have when they tend to publish opinion or not. it is time to publish the opinion. we're looking at ramping up very threats and efforts. firebombing, vandalism. rachel: over 50 attempts. national director of the capitol hill crisis center, which is a
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pro-life center. she hails the center counselors and here is what she had to say. >> we offering everything at no cost. it helps them. many people want to keep their baby and in a socioeconomic situation that it seems impossible, when they go through one of our pregnancy centers throughout the nation, they will receive help and support in practical ways. there is parenting skills classes we offer, free childbirth classes taught by professionals. most of all one of the most important things they start, when you go to church may sit in the same pew, they come on the same day every month. we allow our clients to come back every 30 days. if they meet with one of the two same lines relationships are built. that is a great help to them. they start opening up about their fears about mothering. rachel: she is a counselor at one of these centers.
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this is movement to be about choice. a lot of people don't choose to have abortion. they are firebombing organizations helping them. a lot of them are volunteers. the vast majority of them are volunteers. they're the most compassionate people, giving their help in time of need. here they are, they're being threatened if they go to work, go to volunteer to help women in crises they could be firebombed. this is terrible. pete: fbi, kind of just now sort of getting to investigate. rachel: they call school board domestic terrorists but not someone who fires a school board, pregnancy center. will: texas dps trooper is shot overnight. alexandria hoff with the latest development. reporter: we understand that the texas department of public safety is in stable condition this morning.
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according to authorities the trooper was pursuing a suspect last night when they came under fire. the driver reportedly shooting at troopers. the trooper returned fire killing the suspect. thankfully this trooper is expected to okay at this point, all of this comes as 23 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty so far this year. again in this past, in this case from overnight texas rangers are on see. if those who had died, deputy neil adams who died in february and harris county deputy sheriff, darren almandare-z who died in march. we have questions from the overnight shooting. we don't know the suspect. we want to find out why the pursuit was underway. we'll get information to you as soon as we get it. will, rachel, pete. rachel: thank you so much. turning now to your headlines.
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the 27 year veteran who died fighting a fear in philadelphia yesterday morning is identify. 51 lieutenant, sean wilson leaves behind a mother and a son. five other people were pulled from the rubble when a building collapsed following an hours long fire rescue. the inspector, four other firefighters are in stable condition. today americans are observing our nation's youngest federal holiday, juneteenth. president biden officially recognizing it. day people in galveston, texas, learned about their freedom, two years after republican president abraham lincoln signed the proclamation. president biden literally hopping out of church, like a bunny to prove he was not hurt after taking a hard fall from his bike.
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ow. ow. but the fall catching, but the fall -- there he is. already. but the fall catching attention of former president trump. >> i hope he has recovered because as you know fell off his bicycle today. i make this pledge to you today, i will never ever ride a bicycle. >> that is probably the best presidential pledge i heard in a long time. trump did send biden well-wishes after his hard fall. i think this is a trait pledge. i actually sent our produces of barack obama riding a bike in mom jeans. i don't think any president should ride a bike. it does not look presidential. i don't know if you guys agree. pete: it doesn't look strong.
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rachel: it doesn't. this was bad planning of his staff trying to interfere with him with easter bunnies. he is falling going up the stairs to air force one. why would you put him on a bike. pete: he bikes all the time. every weekend he is biking. but he falls also a lot. not a good thing. >> should go for a walk. walking is healthier. you told me that, will. will: what? rachel: we talked talked about w healthy walking was last weekend. will: we did talk about that i agree with you, i'm sorry, cycles, bike something not presidential. rachel: but i'm not president. i can get on my peloton. will: doesn't add up. it is not intimidating. it is not intimidating. pete: opposite of intimidating. will: i will say this, he fell. it is embarrassing for him. it is embarrassing for anyone. i saw him fall.
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he couldn't get his toe out of the clamps. what is he 79, almost 80? good for him. he is biking. he is 80. pete: gave us the hop, hop, it is embarrassing. cycling is not the coolest looking thing in the world. good for him he is active. rachel: nice father's day. so charitable of you. rest of america is laughing. will: i think you're allowed to do both. rachel: okay. will: manhunt is on for four inmates who escaped from a federal prison. what we know about the jailbreak in virginia. pete: just just nine months after serbian royals asked for hunter biden help for restoring, their palaces, literally their palaces, then vice president biden visited the country. emails concerning the oil request. ♪
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federal prison in central virginia. the inmates serving sentences of at least 10 years on a number of drug and weapons charges. rachel: ashley strohmier is here to tell us about the inmates. reporter: manhunt is on for four men who broke out of federal prison. they were last scene at a correctional complex in hopewell. will: again i can't. all four men serving 10 years in prison on a number of drug and weapons related charges. cory branch was sentenced to 13 years in prison, potential of fenn at that till with intent to distribute. also busted for a possession of a firearm. tavares graham guilty of possessing 500 grams of cocaine. he was serving a 10-year prison term when he escaped. lashawn will list 18 year possession, had a firearm at the time of escape. kareem allen shaw heroin
3:21 am
potential with intent to distribute. he was in for 16 years on that charge. the men in minimum facility in central virginia. u.s. marshals, fbi, other law enforcement agencies are as sissing in the manhunt as an internal investigation is underway at the prison. will, rachel, pete. back to you. will: thank you, ashley. rachel: thank you, ashley. here is an interesting story. we've known hunter biden has had dirty deals with the chinese, with the ukraine, with the russians but now we have a new one to add to the list. that's serbia, the new country that we are now learning that hunter biden was working or trying to work for and trying to use his father to help them out. so apparently they had a, a palace in serbia, the serbian prince had a palace t was difficult, expensive to up keep. they were complaining about how many you know, gardeners it
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takes, how much repairs had to be made. when you don't think you can handle the expenses of your palace, who do you call? who do you call? will: you call according to the "new york post," you see here on the side of their cover, you call the court jester. you call hunter biden. rachel: the court jesser on crack. [laughter] will: the background this is the kingdom of yugoslavia which was abandoned. the kingdom in essence was ban daned in world war ii as the nazis invaded yugoslavia. what's left is, what these royals have become, i think it is the prince of serbia. this is in serbia. as you laid out, rachel, the royal palace. 2 1/2 million dollars over sell years to maintain. that's difficult. the crown prince calls hunter biden. here is the issue. we are having problems with the state budget for the royal compound, on two palaces of my
3:23 am
grandfather, king the first of yugoslavia. we hope hunter will be able to solve the problems. from there, pete a series of meetings. pete: this is flashback to 2010, little earlier, this was would be the obama presidency. emails to the u.s. to hunter ahead of trip. we look forward to your conference -- rachel: at your convenience. pete: you're right. at your convenience. i had conversations with business people in serbia i would think you will have -- if i can provide additional trip to belgrade. connections are forming. will: a few weeks ago we went off the wall, laid all the connections to hunter biden and hedge fund groups connected to vice president joe biden at the time and then foreign dignitaries. you're seeing same thing.
3:24 am
loose connections, meeting. for example, mark doyle was advisor to vice president joe biden. what you saw, they had business meetings we can help set you up with there in serbia. this is in 2010. you mentioned petro very much, former ambassador to serbia. put together a full day for you. talking to mark doyle, with the serbian president and potential investors he wrote. my intent they are willing to help you with their fund. connection with joe biden, looking for business deals in serbia, willingness to put together something that could be profitable. rachel: the "new york post" weren't and called the prince alexander. prince alexander he told the post, he believed nothing happened after the biden conversation, added finally the serbian government did provide budget for palace maintenance. prince alexander he said he did not pay hunter biden and his business associates. he was not asked to. that is what he said. that could be true.
3:25 am
but again, when people are in trouble in these places around the world they know they can call hunter biden and hunter biden can potentially get -- will: you see explicit tit-for-tat. rachel: totally. will: set you up with some business meetings. not for moving. there was connections to the way hunter knew people in serbia through the board of burisma, the ukrainian oil and gas company. he was also on via connections to his father. pete: worth noting at that time in 2015, vice president biden's part of his portfolio was. rachel: ukraine. pete: serbia. rachel: and ukraine. pete: that entire area of the world was joe biden's behalf. if that conversation is had in 2015, help us fix our palace. how lowly is that kind of international request? totally self-interested. nothing to do with our country but yet nine months later, we don't know if it was discussed, joe biden goes to serbia and then the quote from the prince
3:26 am
is, our budget did fund the palace eventually. let's hope there wasn't a side conversation from the vice president. we don't know that. we don't know that, oh, take care of the royals please. no, no. it all -- rachel: i'm sure we give foreign aid to that country so who knows. how much is it, how much is the palace, how much are the palace repairs? that could just be added on to the big bill for all the foreign aid we give them. then it looks like, oh, they paid for the, serbian government paid for the repairs, who knows. this whole thing, we don't know, but again shows the said did iness, willingness of hunter to be an intermediary here. more important the willingness of his dad to do his bidding. hunter was bragging in some of the emails the other day, my dad thinks i'm the smartest person ever, he loves me and does what i want. there you go.
3:27 am
will: complicated pictures have the same theme, have the same strain through everyone of these, china, ukraine, serbia. summer travel season is taking off. thousands of flights are left grounded, delays, cancellations, problems, and i hope it doesn't happen today. hear from a pilot on the growing produce stations in the skies. ♪ -- frustrations. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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some people have minor joint pain, plus high blood pressure. and since pain relievers may affect blood pressure, they can't just take anything for their pain. tylenol® is the #1 dr. recommended pain relief brand for those with high blood pressure. if you have questions on whether tylenol is right for you, talk to your doctor. ♪. pete: happy father's day to all the todays across the country inning dads of our "fox & friends" staff. this is weekday technical director matt, with roy, jr. all three generations. "fox & friends" writer brendan
3:32 am
is remembering his stepfather jeff. happy father's day, jeff, who passed away earlier this year. he is pictured here with [inaudible]. and this is production assistant brian with his dad doug at move-in day at temple university in philadelphia. finally here is fox and friend's writer father lewis on easter. rachel: don't forget about the grandfather's on father's day. love that. david is going, yes. the director. will: summer travel season is taking off. labor shortages, cancellations, unpredictable work shifts have frustrations growing in the skies. seven thousand flights why delayed alone. our next guest in his airline the inefficient use of pilots is the problem. president of southwest pilots
3:33 am
association. casey murray. captain, thanks for being here with us. yesterday, i sat out the gate, sat on the plane for an hour. by the time we got ready to take off, i was told, it wasn't southwest airlines by the way which i was told, we're waiting on a copilot. took him some time to get there. don't know delay. coming from another flight. what is going on. we don't seem to have enough pilots to get the things off the ground. >> thank you, will, happy father as day. it will be a challenging summer. it will be a challenging summer across the industry. at southwest we're doing everything we can to make sure we get everyone to where they want to be. will: what is the behind the delays and cancellations? why is it happening? >> at southwest, you said it in the lead-in we're having problems connecting pilots to airplanes, southwest. so we are hiring. that is it going to alleviate the issue to some degree. a lot of it is internal
3:34 am
inefficiencies and internal processes. will: i hear you say both. there is not enough pilots. you mentioned you're in the process of hiring. i don't know it is unique to southwest. i saw it on american yesterday. what is the inefficiency, what does that mean, inefficiencies connecting pilots to flights? >> well, you know, we are seeing shortages on manpower, across the macro environment for the u.s. and southwest is definitely feeling but for us pilots we've always been the most productive in the world at southwest. we still are but the problem is, is that inefficiently using the pilots, spending our time dead heading around the country. going to where we're not planning on going. it is causing fatigue. it is causing many other issues. it is causing those delays. it is causing those cancellations. will: captain, why is that unique right now? why did it happen? that sounds like if there is inefficiency in the system of assigning pilots that could have shown up a year ago.
3:35 am
why particularly right now? >> well i was on with you nine months ago during columbus day, i said the same thing. southwest has to address this we've been seeing this going on for years. we've always been the most productive pilots in the world and we have seen that sort of decline. that speaks directly to that inefficiency. so it is how pilots being used. will: really quickly, pete buttigieg, secretary of transportation, apparently called airline ceos to get it together. does that do anything to solve the problem? >> i think it is part of it. for us, we have a contract that is 2 1/2 years, you know, post the amenable date. that is causing issues recruiting pilots. it is kind of a system iic probm with us and going across the industry. will: it is already happening today. pete said he experienced it today. we're seeing similar cancellations and delays.
3:36 am
captain, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you so much. will: exclusive video shows hundreds of illegal immigrants and families crossing the border in texas. we roll the tape next. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. when hurting feet make you want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time. our custom fit orthotics use foot mapping technology to give you personalized support, for all-day pain relief. find your relief in store or online. why choose proven quality sleep from the sleep number 360 smart bed? because it can gently raise your partner's head to help relieve snoring. find your relief
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." yesterday and all week we've been reports of hearing an uptick in number of illegals
3:40 am
coming over the border. bill melugin is showing us interesting, actually very shocking footage of massive amounts of people coming through yesterday. here are some stats on that. 239,416 border encounters in may. since october it has been 1.5 million or more. so, i mean you see these numbers but in addition yesterday lieutenant oliveras i met in the del rio sector, i was down in the uvalde area, by the border, by the rio grand, i met him, sent me pictures every now and then. look at this, number of people. also number of people coming across. sent me one, boy looked like he was 3 years old. some are coming with parents. some are coming unaccompanied as you know. as you also know, terrible things happen to people along these journeys, a massive amount of them, especially women and
3:41 am
children are sexually assaulted along this journey. but the flow, look at this they are coming right through. this is just a processing exercise for our border patrol. pete: another day. yet another night. rachel: another night. pete: first it was groups of 50 and 100. we're getting reports in places like roma, texas, elsewhere, there are groups of 200, 300, 400. >> sometimes 400, 500. pete: groups coming from the dominican republic, el salvador, venezuela. as we reported over 100 countries. 160 plus could be contained in the groups now. overwhelmingly texas dps and on our border. will: jason is a rio sector chief. the del rio sector accounts for 50% of all large groups apprehended by the border patrol.
3:42 am
groups of 100 are bad, you guys, mentioned groups of 200, 300, they totaled 1780 migrants. rachel: what is precip sating this uptick, these larger groups, what is happening? pete: my senses title 42 wasn't revoked. it was but increased demand. the word is out there, come as family group, coming as an adult male the bark is not the same as bite. there are threats you might be deported under title 42, in large groups, they are given a notice to appear, notice to report, released into the united states of america. not to mention the fact, i can't remember who our guest was yesterday, said 70% of border patrol is tied up in processing groups like this, which means if you're a runner, you're trying to be a gotaway your chances have increased. will: i think the analogy would be a little bit like, what is it
3:43 am
happening, why are groups getting bicker, why are numbers being increased. not to be flippant if you have a crack in a pipe, starts out with a small flow. rachel: great analogy. will: longer crack remains flow of water coming through would increase, pressure release, the crack would get bigger. we're essentially 18 months, border crack, no one patched it, no one has done anything to alleviate it, so over time we'll see the bulge grow and grow, that is the where pressure release is. i can go and word spreads. rachel: what is interesting on our side of the border, the american side, there is demand, you feel it from left and right even. only very small minority on the very far left want this open pipe as you call it, will. but i see a lot of real citizens who say, this is a big issue for
3:44 am
me, because even if you don't live on the border and you're not feeling the sort of influx into your town on that scale, they are moving them to your to inand our kids classrooms. i talked to moms in new jersey who said the classroom sizes keep getting bigwer people who, many of these kids don't even speak english. it is impacting people, people want it to end. it doesn't. people want american energy independence and yet they won't give it to us. there is just this lack of, this callousness, this i don't care what the american people want, we'll do what we want. pete: that small minority has a lot of power right now. they're controlling the dhs, the white house, not changing anything. somebody call a plumber. will: we turn now to your headlines. three people are hurt after someone fired shots an an upscale d.c. area mall. two groups got into a fight.
3:45 am
someone pull ad gun. no one was hit. it caused panic for people shopping at tysons corner mall. three people were hurt trying to escape. they are looking for suspects. tesla founder and ceo elon musk calling out workers unions for the power over democrat. >> they have so much power over the white house they can exclude tesla from a ev summit. >> insane. >> insane. will: musks leaves the united auto workers convinced not to invite tesla to the ev vehicle summit despite tesla making 2/3 of all electric vehicles in the united states. we want to wish all dads a happy father's day this morning including the dads within our "fox & friends" staff. this is director mark pictured here and his family. here is associate producer baylor with his dad frank.
3:46 am
and production assistant cory with her family, wishing a happy father's day to her dad chris. and check out this throwback photo from senior producer kelly and her dad, john in 1994. look how young kelly is in 1994. john is going to be a grandfather for the first time because kelly is going to give birth this fall. rachel: congratulations, kelly. will: 1994 just graduated high school. let's check in, you know the man about town, he is like a, he is like a, if you follow him on social media he is like a renaissance man, pete, have you seen this? he climbs mountains. pete: rides bikes unfortunately. >> we just did a whole thing that it is not manly. will: you wear a helmet too. adam klotz for that.
3:47 am
adam: we're doing a father's day shoutout to couple dads out there, one being my dad. then my brother, who is also a father. there is my dad and my brother. and then also, we've got another photo here, my brother and his daughter elsie. elsie, you will be watching this. good morning to you. i love all of you, all of my family. help all fathers get a good father's day. those guys are in indiana where it is incredibly hot this morning. going to be a really hot one today. we're seeing warm temperatures pooling in the middle of the country. 5degrees, relatively mild here in new york city. some real warm air pooling in the middle of the country. probably spots in the 90s and triple digits. i leave you with temperatures across the country. it is a hot one on this sunday on father's day. get out there, do it early. it will be warm. rachel: thanks, adam.
3:48 am
pete: see awe of saudi backed live governor is calling out the pga hypocrisy, saying they are selling their souls for blood money. he says if you call out this atrocity, better call out for all of them. i will work out my reading in the break. ♪. what's guy fieri doing at the neighbor's house? it's sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! we've got cheeseburger sliders on king's hawaiian pretzel slider buns. sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! [crash] everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. especially now with king's hawaiian pretzel buns! i didn't realize my dna could tell me if i had a higher chance for type two diabetes. so when my son gave me a 23andme kit, it was a wake-up call. this father's day, start a new health journey together with dad with $50 off every kit.
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i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou ♪. >> why does the pga tour have 23 sponsors within the pga tour doing 40 plus billion dollars worth of business with saudi arabia? why is it okay for the sponsors? why is it okay, brian, that there's a saudi sponsor, aramco, the largest sponsor of women's golf in the world? why is it okay for them? why is it not okay for these players? the hypocrisy in all this is so loud it's deafening. pete: raising legitimate questions. liv golf ceo greg norman blasting critics of saudi-funded tour, like broadcasters, bob costas lashed into phil
3:53 am
mickelson, quote, no two-ways around it, it is blood money. $200 million for phil mickelson, even if he never win as tournament, what is the price for your soul? i liked when we used to call games. what is the price for integrity? this is a clear-cut matter of morality. outkicked host, tomi lahren. great to see you, we'll get to your new show in a moment. what do you make of this back and forth accusation. >> i agree we need to call out hypocrisy in all of its forms. we need to call out atrocity in all of its forms f we're talking about blood money, nba players like king james, lebron, they're playing for blood money because of their continuing cozying up to china? mlb cozying up to cuba and china. if you're going to start call out atrocities call out numerous players, leagues, owners, cozy up to the black lives matter organization committed to
3:54 am
funding demonizing police. we'll call out organizations for atrocities. we'll call out organizations for their wrongdoings we have to be consistent with all of this. the uproar about this liv golf tour. i don't seem to understand it. the sports communities sure has a conflict of interest when it comes to what they want to call out and what they don't. pete: you're exactly right. don't preach to me the moral failings of one place where people are making money where you cover up the moral failings of another, for example, the communist chinese, you can make a lot of money, suppress other people's criticism of that, for the process. that is the two sides of this, when the pga tour clearly has run afoul of many of its biggest stars. it doesn't represent them well. they're looking for an alternative? >> well they certainly are. there is a lot of discussion to be had about this. i can see the perspective on both sides but i think it is about the consistency, calling
3:55 am
things out consistently, calling out one people with the nba makes billions of dollars on their contract with china, you have to call all of it out. people who would have interesting perspective i would will talk with on my new show, john daly will talk about this. he knows far more about all of it than i do. i can't wait to bring that to you guys. pete: quickly what will folks will see on "tomi lahren is fearless" on outkicked? >> we'll talk about woke sports, woken entertainment, woke media. this is opportunity for me to dive into culture and sports. the same politics you know and love for me. this is the opportunity at outkick, it will be fearless, and uncensored. i can't wait to bring it to you guys.
3:56 am
pete: congratulations. tomi, have a great sunday. >> thank you, guys. pete: you got it. big show still ahead. we have lieutenant governor winsome sears, congressman burgess owens, jack brewer, kt mcfarland, jace and jess robertson as well. ♪ sy and schedule with safelite, because you can track us and see exactly when we'll be there. >> woman: i have a few more minutes. let's go! >> tech vo: that's service that fits your schedule. go to >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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♪. rachel: good morning, everybody. i could not see that distance to see where we're looking at. will, help me out here. will: it's new jersey. rachel: that's beautiful. will: neptune. rachel: that is neptune, neptune township, new jersey. will: sun coming up.
4:01 am
rachel: it is. good morning. most importantly, happy father's day to both of you. pete: on behalf of all fathers of all humanity. rachel: i want to say happy father's day to my husband and my own father. i will have pictures a little later, i want to get up to make sure i do that for him. pete: it's a neat, a neat opportunity to express gratitude for people that have done so much for you. rachel: not just that, even in general, the importance of fathers. i don't think we talk enough how important fatherhood is. we'll have a conversation later in the day with jack brewer and burgess owens. but it is important and kids are better when they have their dads in their lives. will: not to turn this into a pessimistic or negative tone, we do have a crisis of fatherhood in this country. we will be talking about that. i agree. if you peel back everything under a lot of the layers of the problems in our country you will find this at the roots.
4:02 am
foundation of the nuclear family at the root. i can say this, i know you agree. best job i ever had. increasingly understand the importance of the job. not that you don't feel it is important at the beginning as you talk about it, but as the little souls grow up, you realize, it is only legacy i leave behind. rachel: that is the only thing that matters in the end, you, your family, your kids. you guys are great dads. it is an honor to share a couch with you guys that fake fatherhood seriously. pete: that is the seven "ghostbusters." >> one of my favorite hegseth family photos. your wife looks pretty bad, i can't say that word on tv you know what i'm saying. will with his boys there. where are you there, bill? will: me, charlie, west, fishing on the yellowstone river in
4:03 am
montana. rachel: enjoy that area. not doing so well right now. pete: my youngest boy calls rex superman because he thinks he looks like superman. rachel: we does look like superman. you just got a haircut. i think you have taken this in. every time i see you get a haircut, there is little more superman, clark kent. i like it. i'm not saying it as a diss. i think you should embrace the whole superman thing. will: can i tell you -- rachel: no. i will tell a superman story. this is what will is like. pete's son does call will superman because he thinks he is superman. we were at an event. with all of these guys and pete's son, rex and rex couldn't open a bottle, one of those coke bottles. and will said, i can, he said, did he ask you to do it with your teeth? will: yeah. rachel: because he didn't want
4:04 am
to disappoint rex, rex's image of him as super boy, he almost lost a tooth and i thought that was awesome. will: 100% why i did it. i could not let the image deteriorate. i want to say really quickly, also possible rex confused me with dean cain as everyone else in the fox audience has when i originally joined. dean as the market cornered on super man within this universe. i'm simply superboy whatever it may be. rachel: you're superman. my mom thinks you're superman, yesterday i asked her after the show about the thought you did that to your degree, you what you your mom say, that was epico. that is so epico. will: take that, sounds good.
4:05 am
i believe we have -- rachel: we do. will: father's day gift for one pete hegseth. rachel: father's day gift number two. pete: you know it. look at this, this is keurig -- rachel: personal. will: nice. rachel: your second gift is coming later. pete: share it with you guys. rachel: my office is next to yours. i have an expresso. you have a keurig. pete: put a label, print, "fox & friends weekend" only. will: i'm down there. i just made this. is it ainsley's keurig. you have to find it. it is hidden. but we know where it is. the only coffee pots are the sim cinnamon buns. pete: they are 45 coffee machines in this building. they are wonderful for free coffee. accept in the green room, a italian machine in our room that
4:06 am
is only in italian, makes little cup of coffee. that is not enough. rachel: you put this in the green room. i thought it was for your office. pete: the green room. man of the people. will: en fuego epico. rachel: you will say that all day. will: get to this, disappointing potential news of the day, if you look again, epico number of cancellations, delays across the country when it comes to flight. yesterday, 6122 delays, 850 cancellations, following up on friday, slightly down from friday where you had 1300 cancellations. we're looking at a rough weaken of travel. worry not pete buttigieg son the case. rachel: he is on it. this is what the associated press said that pete, this is a summary of what he said to the associated press. said buttigieg said he is pushing the airlines to stress test their summer schedules to
4:07 am
insure they can operate all planned flights with employees they have and to add customer service workers to put pressure on airlines to make additional cuts to their summer schedules. that is what pete buttigieg said. probably he should have not acted earlier to put in mandates that cause pilots and air traffic controllers and flight attendants to want to leave this profession. pete: i'm baffled by this, but i'm not. talking about shortages, covid, disruptions. i've had multiple flights already canceled for this weekend. so did my wife. it is chaos. i have a flight on delta. that gets canceled. i try to cancel but i can't because the app doesn't work. you go to united the book there. trying to find flights that work. is part of it you can real time cancel, you can book, cancel at the same time? that is new thing. you used not be able to cancel
4:08 am
in real time. within 48 hours, if not you're stuck with the ticket. i find myself hopping between flights finding one that isn't canceled. seats are dropping. seats are coming. then that flight cancels. it's a mess. the airlines are trying to determine which pilots need to be where. there are restrictions how long they fly versus how long they can rest. when you talked to captain casey murphy, a pilot himself, president of southwest airlines, you did a great talk but unclear in his description how the airlines are falling short. here is what he said. >> it is going to be a challenging summer across the industry. we're having problems connecting pilots to airplanes, southwest. so we are hiring and that is going to go alleviate the issue to some degree but a lot is internal inefficiencies and internal processes. we're seeing shortages on manpower across the macro environment of the u.s. and
4:09 am
southwest is definitely feeling it but for us pilots we've always been the most productive in the world at southwest, we still are, but the problem is inefficiently using pilots, spending our time dead heading around the country. going to where we're not planning on going. it is causing fatigue. it is causing many other issues. it is causing those delays. it is causing those cancellations. >> i think there is definitely is a shortage. i tried to go to chicago a few weeks ago. i couldn't get a flight to chicago out of newark or new york. to chicago. there were no weather issues. i had to flight to philadelphia to get a flight to chicago. i can tell you anecdotally pilots didn't like the mandates, mask or vaccine, they retired early. that is happening across the board in all kinds of professions. the problem with pilots, we all depend on this for this economy to run. and so this is a huge problem,
4:10 am
one that should have been foreseen. like so many problems whether it's the ukraine war, the baby formula, pete buttigieg, and this administration does not seem to be able to look around any corners and foresee problems. pete: like everything else, price is up, service down across the board. will: i think you're right. it's indicative of something happening across the economy this is the most obvious, immediately impactful for us in the moment. rachel: can i say one thing? i spoke to a doctor friend, everyone is new in my hospital. so many doctors retiring and not fluff sticking around. you have a lot of new people. you don't want a lot of new doctors in the hospital. same with pilots. will: speaking of medicine, so this, throw up the fox news alert. the w.h.o. is finally recognizing the truth which we have known for quite sometime, but only doing so privately.
4:11 am
apparently according to "the daily mail," a senior official at the w.h.o., in fact the head, knows wuhan virus came from the wuhan lab. the quote, the head of the world health organization privately believes the started from a leak from chinese laboratory. publicly the group remain all hypothesis about the origins of the population, tedros, not going to do it, director general of the world health organization recently confided to a senior european politician the most likely explanation was a catastrophic accident at a laboratory in wuhan where infections first spread during late 2019. >> how sick are you hearing these kinds of statements two years after the fact? will: still only privately. rachel: we've all known this since it happened. it was so obvious there's a virology lab right next to the
4:12 am
market. is it going to come from the market or leak from the lab that is actually handling covid and -- it is just -- pete: we've known this from the beginning. w.h.o. knew this from the beginning. rachel: yep. pete: w.h.o. kowtowed to china, ignored the science because of the power china has in the w.h.o. donald trump pulled us out of the w.h.o. rightfully so because it wasn't doing its job, biden administration of all the wonderful decisions let's get back in. we were all told we're disinformants, misinform ants suggesting the leak came from the wuhan lab. rachel: i'm not a scientist but when china disappears the scientists who were the whistle-blowers does that tell you something? i'm not the sharpest tool but is that just a little bit after clue, right? pete: decent piece of evidence, yes. you spoke out. night night. rachel: good-bye. it is so sad. it was so obvious and then
4:13 am
remember when they did that, the chinese said, yeah you can come inspect the lab after we clean it up. by the way we will only allow people who have deals with china's lab to come inspect our lab. by the way you also can't speak to the scientists. pete: our social media suppressed all of that. videos taken down, never existed. how much money and power -- that is ultimately what it call comes down to. but we don't. we have a few additional headlines this morning as well. police officers responding to last month's shooting, get this one at uvalde, texas, elementary school, never even tried to open the door to the classroom where young children were trapped with the gunman a law enforcement source cited by the san antonio express news says surveillance footage revealed no attempts by officers to open the door during
4:14 am
the entire 77 minute siege. they assumed it was locked but never checked. police claim part of reason they took so long to confront the shooter because the officers could not access the classroom, needed to wait for a key during that time 19 children and two teachers were killed. horrible. police in virginia beginning a manhunt for these four men who escaped from a federal prison in virginia. the prisoners were discovered missing from a minimum security federal prison at 1:45 a.m. yesterday. all four prisoners serving sentences on at least 10 years with three of them sentenced to drug charges including intent to distribute fentanyl and heroin. an avalanche much gold in denver. colorado beating the tampa lay lightning 7-0 to take a two game lead in the stanley cub final. they scored three times in the first period. never looked back.
4:15 am
both head back to tampa for game 3 which will be played tomorrow night. fox news contributor sean duffy was in the crowd for last night's game. sean, a handful of other family members in the crowd to cheer on his nephew, rachel's nephew eric johnson who got nearly 20 minutes of ice time in the big win. will: nice. rachel: so amazing. sean went to the game with our son. he got those tickets obviously from eric. his family. we're really grateful to the johnson family for that. when he got there, i made sure that he had a jersey because it was really hard to get any kind of avalanche gear. we'll put that on after. my son has one that says johnson. i couldn't in time get one. it was so hard. i tried to get you guys some gear. there was nothing available. but i called eric myself. i got two hats. fedexed from eric johnson's
4:16 am
house for both of you. will: really. rachel: for father's day and there you go. pete: nice. rachel: they are not easy to find these days. as you know they're going to inwith the stanley cup as you can tell from those scores. will: spent a lot of years rooting against the avalanche. i'm a dallas stars fan. pete: i had no reason to care about the avalanche. will: i have to do this with pride i think. rachel: go, eric. we're so proud of you, whoo! will: appreciate it. rachel: happy father's day, guys. will:nhl legends. >> calling me aunt rachel. you both look epicos. [laughter] will: still ahead, leaked audio from ticktock meetings revealing china is accessing americans data. we investigate the communist country's threat to our privacy. rachel: a group of moms is mobilizing voters ahead of the midterms. the one stop for parents fed up with the direction of our
4:17 am
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♪. will: happy father's day to all the dads across the country including the dads of our own "fox & friends" staff. this is our fearless weekend executive producer. what? pete: fearless. will: fearless. rachel, our ep here, the boss with her dad jim and grand dog flapjack. i never said that phrase in my life, grand dog flap yak. check out this flash back photo of writer nick, his dad rob. retired nypd narcotics detective who served more than 10 years on the force. rachel: that is a great photo for sure. will: lighting director sean pictured with his five-year-old daughter on her birthday. line producer nicky with her dad eric, celebrating his birthday with vip martinis across the
4:22 am
street. rachel: nicky's dad is the most buffed ever. you would be scared. if you picked her up on a date. will: he is like my age. [laughter]. rachel: he is looking good. all right, thank you. for those photos all of you. what is that here. will: who is this for, adam. adam: superman, super dad. your kryptonite. hegseth, the nectar of gods. the best tequila there is. thank you, my man. >> that is a beautiful packaging i have to say. will: this is, to say the least. and i'm going to share this with the three of you, seriously. this is too good not to share. i've tried them all. it is really, really good. pete: never seen that before. rachel: it is gorgeous. will: gavin is behind this. adam: everyone of those is
4:23 am
handcrafted. will: they said gavin is not behind it. they listened to me behind the scenes. adam: i heard you talk about it. rachel: gavin signed off on it. will: thank you, boss. pete: it is heavy. it is real. will: pull it out of the box. whoa, like a trophy. rachel: it is gorgeous, really beautiful. let's make this the new fox "fox & friends" -- will: i'm not snotty about anything i drink. i like cold beer. rachel: why don't you enjoy this, over some ice while i, while i interview a group of moms, [laughter]. well a group of moms is mobilizing voters as we march closer to the midterms. the mom vote initiative by moms for america makes sure mothers have the tools and resources they need to cast their ballots in november. here to tell us more, are moms
4:24 am
for america senior director keisha king, tamara taylor, debbie -- >> cralitis. rachel: sorry about that. i want to make sure i got it right. this is what moms are saying about joe biden's handling on being president? there is a 60% disapproval. tamara, i will start with you, the best indication of the power of the mom vote what happened in virginia with governor youngkin. talk to me about that. >> absolutely. thanks for having us, rachel. rachel: of course. >> first and foremost, go to moms for america.u.s., connect with mom vote. all hell broke loose when parents found out what happened in schools in 2020. the most accurate polls we have, you mentioned, rachel, the mom vote going into the midterms, related to turning our schools around is look at the virginia
4:25 am
governors race which reflected moms very great concern about what their kids are being exposed to in school. mcaulifee completely dismissed moms input what is taught in school. youngkin supported mom, parent input. moms for america we're non-partisan but the facts are only 38% of women in virginia voted conservative in 2020 during the presidential, while 46% turned out for youngkin. moms for america launched mom vote in response to this new war on women with inflation, shortages of necessities like baby food and tampons. i mean, come on. >> i saw that at the store the other day, tamara. it is really shocking what is going on and it is hitting moms, women in particular. keisha, we talked a lot about racism. there is so much focus on the big races, congressional races, senate races, you say it is
4:26 am
about local races that affect your quality of life, d.a., sheriff, correct? >> absolutely, rachel. thanks for having us. happy father as day to all the dads out there. it is about local. like our sheriff races, keeping our children safe, school board races, making sure our children are not exposed to dangerous curriculums and city council races where your taxes can be going up or down, if you have a good city council. yeah, i think we need to be very concerned as mothers we're getting others in office who are going to have our best interests at the for front of our mind. the people there not doing that we need to vote them out. moms for america.u.s., hashtag mom vote challenge. how many moms we can get out there to get good elected officials that protect our values. rachel: debbie, what do you think moms are really the most concerned about?
4:27 am
give me the top three things you're hearing on the ground when you talk to other moms? >> their children, their children, their children. moms are concerned about their families everywhere we go and that is really why we are trying to make sure that our moms get to vote their values and have their voices be heard, right, rachel? we're creating this one-stop shop. you can go to the website. do mom vote there. we have pledge to vote. we have digital voter registration. we have text voting reminders. we have voter guides. we have an interactive map that includes state specific information. moms are concerned about their children, their family. truly they're concerned about children in america. rachel: anyone that dismisses the mom vote in this upcoming election is going to be in trouble. there is definitely a force out there, tamara. we saw it in the youngkin race. we're seeing it in groups like yours, organizing things like
4:28 am
that. thanks for joining us, moms for america. >> thank you, rachel. >> thank you. rachel: still ahead russia propaganda calling american fighters captured in ukraine mercenaries. kt mcfarland tells us how the white house should respond next. . with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet.
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4:33 am
secondly, what can be done about the two americans being held. >> they're private american citizens. they are not members of the armed forces. but they are no longer. if they want to go fight for a cause they believe in, that is fine. the good news, for all this russians are calling them mercenaryies there are not calling them american military. they're not feeding russian narrative that america is behind the ukraine war and america is going to invade russia. i think there is glimmer of hope we get these guys back. pete: i hope so. what is your take 30,000 feet of the war today? it is ripped from the headlines but ukraine losing by some reports 100, 200 soldiers a day. >> ukraine is losing the war slowing, grindingly, the quicker
4:34 am
the fighting ends. time is not on ukraine's side. russia canfied forever because of high energy prices. they are richer than they have been in decades. they have plenty of money to fight an expensive war. on the other hand, ukraine, it is out of the headlines of the western governments are not as sort of passionate about the issue of ukraine as they were. putin is counting on that. so the longer this goes on, the more likely ukraine just gets ground into the dust and putin has every intention of doing it. far better to get the thing over soon. then reinvest in ukraine, build ukraine up. tie ukraine into the west. meanwhile putin in the postwar situation he is an international pariah. nobody is investing in ukraine. nobody is investing in russia. will: comes to the united states now, tiktok, there is new leaked audio revealing the extent to which china is able to access u.s. user data. i remember under the trump administration, 2020, former president trump threatened to
4:35 am
ban tiktok because it's a real national security threat. here is a quote from the buzzfeed report, quote, everything is seen in china said a member of tiktok's trust and safety department in the september 2021 meeting. in another september meeting, a director referred to one beijing-based engineer a master admin who has access to everything. kt, is this just access to everything u.s. users and everybody else posts on tiktok? might they have more access to what is on the phone? >> they have access to everything. if you think you're singing away on tiktok, dancing away, you're performing for the chinese intelligence services. in 2017 china passed a law, national security law, every individual, every company must cooperate with the chinese intelligence services or else face charges of treason, life imprisonment, potential execution. chinese citizens are cooperating
4:36 am
at china-owned tiktok. of course they're listening in. they're not just entertained by your dancing, they're harvesting all the data and information. why? because china is the biggest surveillance state in the world. pete: you're saying potentially beyond the app into the entirety of the phone? >> yeah. i mean look at, they also, 5g network, for example, this is one thing that the trump administration was very concerned about, not just getting 5g, having faster downloads on netflix, what 5g is the russians control the infrastructure of the 5g internet, that means they listen into everything. not just tiktok, phones, conversations, emails, your files. so again, china is headed for total surveillance. pete: and total leverage is the way they would see it. kt, thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> thanks, pete. pete: still ahead from putin to oil companies, joe biden has shifted the blame for rising
4:37 am
inflation. will and i are going to go off the wall to fact check those claims coming up next. ♪. migraine hits hard, so u hit back with ubrelvy u level up u won't take a time-out one dose of ubrelvy works fast it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours without worrying if it's too late or where you are unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u learn how abbvie could help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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4:41 am
break down those claims versus reality. let's start with this. joe biden says that the united states is the most well-positioned country on the globe to deal with inflation. watch. president biden: my plan for the economy made extraordinary progress and put america in a position to tackle a worldwide problem that is worse everywhere but here, inflation. will: worldwide problem that is worse than everyone, everywhere but here. pete: worse everywhere else but here, except, we look at the stats. 8.6%, staggeringly high number. south korea, these are developed economies by the way, 5.4, 5.1, canada, 6.8. there are numerous other countries we could point out. a lot of hyperbole tied not tied
4:42 am
to reality. will: in civilized economies in the world. that is reality check number one. inflation is whose fault? pete: putin's price hike. will: vladmir putin's fault. president biden: today's inflation report, confirmed what america already knows, putin's price hike is hitting american hard. will: inflation is the putin price hike. pete: this is a stagger chart. zoom in on this chart. will: wait, this is, i don't understand? pete: i don't either. it was looking pretty stead. you like the little curve, little ridgeline, this is joe biden takes office. this is the american rescue plan path. i don't know what that angle is -- will: ski slope. pete: 80%. i can't even tell. past, this is putin invading ukraine when it comes to inflation. they want to blame all of this on that. will: let's keep going. pete: makes a lot of sense to
4:43 am
me. will: how about this oil companies are reducing production and racking uproared prices. that is why you're paying over five dollars at the pump. president biden: oil company, instead everybody, says, biden won't let them drill. they make more money drilling buying back their own stock. will: why has production gone done? it could be when biden administration came into office they suggest they want to put oil and gas out of business. tin point policy plan to leadership, said specifically, pete, we want to put them out of business. pete: we'll put you out of business, then what happens? pete: they're not increasing refining capacity for obvious reasons, makes a lot of sense. refining renewables because all the administration signaled they care about is renewable energy. when you try to destroy an industry -- will: they stop investing. pete: blame an industry, they stop investing simply as a business decision. claim versus reality, a gap.
4:44 am
will: joe biden is tired of you and us talking about reckless spending. saving lives, changing lives here. president biden: i don't want to hear anymore of these lies about reckless spending. we're chinging peoples lives. will: that is actually true, they are changing people's lives. pete: changing everybody's life in real time. will: remember inflation chart, he pointed out when the stimulus plan came into play, what did that do? pete: fed had to increase the largest rate hike since 1994. by the way reporting today, recently is, they're going to do it again. they have to do it again. money has been so cheap, so much money has been printed. will: they're doing that according to the federal reserve bank of san francisco that spending plan increased inflation by three percentage points. pete: we have to get to the last one. go for it. it's a doozy. will: on plus side we're cutting the deficit. president biden: this year by the end of the fiscal year we will have cut the federal
4:45 am
deficit by another $1.6 trillion, in one year! will: okay. whether or not we're talking about job creation or deficit reduction, can we put it into a little bit of context? pete: please do. say i weigh 200 pounds and in two years i gain 200 pounds, i weigh 400 pounds. will: okay. pete: i dropped 75 pounds, i would say man i dropped 75 pounds, i feel great. will: you are still 130 up. pete: i still weigh 325 pounds when i used to weigh 200. will: during the biggest shedding of jobs we've had, in i don't know, a century. and from that baseline, joe biden is bragging about reducing the deficit and increasing jobs. pete: that exactly right. we spent more than we ever
4:46 am
conceivably have, because he got rid of emergency spending he is deficit cutter and he would like to spend trillions and trillions more if he gets green new deal passed. will: off the wall fiction versus reality. pete: i think i know what this might be, doggone fun. >> 3 1/2-year-old sky terrier. >> my goodness, where are her eyes? pete: look who is here. janice dean with inside look at the rarest breeds. will: rarest breed. i can't wait. ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:47 am
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." happy father's day to all dads including the dads of our "fox & friends" staff. here is "fox & friends" head writer ellie and her brother adam, wishing a happy father's day to their dad dave. this is "fox & friends" associate producer and booker, kate, with her parents liz and leo. check out "fox & friends" writer michael with his dad perry, both
4:51 am
huge hockey fans. good for them. look at this flashback photo of production assistant kate and her sisters jacqueline and claire and her dad john. today is also his birthday. he has a great facebook show. you should check that out. yeah he does. will: by the way, another birthday today, as well, i will get to that a little later in the show. for now the 140 westminster kennel club dog show just kicked off in the new york area. rachel: our very own janice dean got behind-the-scenes look at new and rare breeds competing for best in show. hey. >> love coming on the couch on the weekend, you guys. will: everybody loves getting up early on the weekend. >> happy father's day, sean, no problem, see your friends on "fox & friends." it is the 146th westminster
4:52 am
kennel club dog show. it is happening in tarrytown at the beautiful lyndhurst estate. i got a peek. take a look. [dogs barking] we're at hudson yards in manhattan. we're kicking off the 146 westminster dog show with mop and bb. we're taking a sneak-peek at some new breeds and rare gem breeds. take a look. >> tonight's best in show, to the pekingese. wow. >> dale, i can't believe a year. >> we're back. here we are at the 146th westminster dog show. we have two new breeds we're excited to introduce them to. the russian toy, joining the toy group. this was favorite companion dog of the russian aristocracy. the moody, joining herding group.
4:53 am
a hungarian dog and fast and alert and very trainable. these are four of our hidden gem breeds. these old breeds have been around in a long time. but small in number. >> is this a new feature for the westminster showing dough? >> close to my heart. breeders and owners want to talk to them. >> american fox hound. old breed developed by george washington. was overrun in mount vernon with lots of fox. developed a breed that can hunt. three all breed best in shows. she is number one over the last year. >> bean is sussex span el. we're very fortunate that we had bean win the sporting group in 2018, 2019. >> the sheepdog, tending herding breed. >> tell me about the beautiful coat. >> the coat is natural. when they're eight, nine months, start with a puppy coat, then it starts matting.
4:54 am
you have to open it up with your hands to separate into sections. >> this is bb. this is sky terrier. >> where are her eyes? >> the sky is one of the oldest of the terrier breeds. recognized by the akk in 18977. only 30 or 50 born annually in the u.s. they're on the brink of distinction. >> why? >> because at one time they were one of the most popular terriers. >> this is the second oldest sporting event continuously running. this is fantastic sport. pick your breed. >> my kids are at the age we're thinking about getting a dog. i'm particularly watching the dogs, see what dogs belong to my family. >> fantastic, janice. >> show up. we have three days of great showing. we'll walk a way with a dog for you. >> kids we're coming home with a dog. will: did you.
4:55 am
>> not yet. i will tell you we are thinking about getting a dog. we never had a dog. we had a fish. sadly he passed away couple years ago. devastating for the kids. rachel: good name though. >> we miss you guapo. i will be doing behind the scenes watching, looking at these dogs, scouting at these dogs. rachel: any suggestions for janice. will: i have adober man. i love dobermans. but i did this a while back. we got a dog a few years ago, i kid a vin diagram everything you need to fit your family. of course i did. rachel: will you pass out the secret information. will: i posted it. i did it on my show at the time, intelligence. size, and i like big. you want big or small. >> medium. pete: just twist the ven diagram. will: you want it smart, tell you what to do? >> trainable. not to go on the carpet.
4:56 am
will: got one. rachel: name it guapo. will: foster. >> foster. what do you think, pete? pete: i have no input. i'm a cat guy. >> people don't realize you love cats. rachel: oh, yes they do. pete: we love you. will: janice, covered, 12:30 eastern fox sports. pete: winsome sears next. oh, hey. buying a car from vroom is so easy, all you need is a phone and a finger. just go to, scroll through thousands of cars. then, tap to buy.
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5:01 am
central role of fatherhood in this great country and in this world. will: absolutely. rachel: yeah. you mentioned it earlier, there's a crisis in our country of fatherhood, and there is a need for all of us to are re-examine and and revalue the importance of fathers in the lives of their children, but especially their sons. is so i'm glad that we're making a big deal out of father's day. will: we're going to talk about that crisis a little later in the show. i think you said it earlier, which i think is the best way to put it, every man has a little bit of an ego, an empire-builder in his heart, and there's no greater legacy. there's no feeling you can build that is taller and stronger -- pete: and you can lie to yourself for a long time, i'm going to change this, do that, and then you look at the little guys and girls, and no, no, no, i'm gone at some point. and they're going to be here, hopefully, and i want hem to carry forward. rachel: that's right. and you guys are great dads. i'm going to salute my own tad.
5:02 am
here's mid dad, miguel -- my dad. and here's a allowback of my father at his graduation. a throwback. pete: what a suave dude. rachel: i know! and here's another picture of my dad, he's a military guy. and i had a picture of his first communion, but that one didn't make it. anyway, my father taught me so much. he taught me how to love america. as you can see from his service, loves america. he loves elvis, and he taught me how to work hard. my father's work ethic is incredible. he was a shoe shine boy as a kid, started his own little piñata company when he was only 12 years old. my father is somebody who never shied away from work and still works to this day, and i love you, papi. will: well, happy birthday to miguel. i don't do this often, i don't talk that often especially about my wife because she has no
5:03 am
desire whatsoever to be on television. [laughter] none. but june 19th is also my wife's birthday, so i just want to take a minute and say happy birthday to kathleen, the absolute rock and foundation behind any semblance -- pete: true love. will: that's my doberman. there is kathleen and violet. rachel: that is the awesomest photo. does that dog really hug like that? will: oh, she's the most loving, annoyingly love offing thing you've seen this many your life. get out of the bed, violet. rachel: i love that photo. speaking of your wife, your wonderful wife, she kind of has something to do with our next guest, will. because as you know, you sometimes have a hard time keeping your pants from ripping on the show. [laughter] will: what is this? rachel: yeah. will: a brand new pair of pants. thank you, andrew -- oh, and some shorts! thank you. pete: a pair in your office. les some video footage right
5:04 am
there -- rachel: yeah, look at that. pete: maximum effort and very tight pants. [laughter] will: i've got a pair of pants. my wife was instrumental, why? because she toll them the size? rachel: she doesn't want you showing your underthings -- will: with america on that. rachel: every time we do an event, will's like, did i rip something? [laughter] will: well, thank you, everyone. including my wife, kathleen. pete: welch done, kathleen, well done. maybe he could tailor his pants a little bit looser. [laughter] t the strength in his legs that's the problem. now, on a totally different note, let's bring in virginia gop lieutenant governor winsome sears. lieutenant the governor, thank you so much for being here and for listening to our nonsense as we led into far more important,
5:05 am
significant segment here considering the news of the day. so there's a decision expected at the supreme court maybe this week on tuesday on roe v wade, and groups have been descending on washington, d.c. not just outside the court, but at the homes of individual justices. one abortion group made up of high schoolers, many younger than that, are now getting in front of amy coney barrett's house. here's a tweet with a video from that group saying just arrived at amy coney barrett's house dropping off babies reenacting the american nightmare of forcing girls to give birth against their will. heading to the supreme court, meet us there. there's images we may show. it's grotesque, it's over the top, it's young girls, it's babies, it's blood and it's intimidation of a supreme court justice.
5:06 am
what do you make of all this? >> this is our future? i just -- first of all, before i go any further, want to say happy father's day to my father who brought me to this great country so many, many years ago, when i was 6 years old, and helped me to achieve the american dream. and then happy father's day to my husband who's given me our children and who had to put up with so much. and happy father's day to all of you. but imagine that. like, i have no words. i have no words when i see these girl -- these grow testing images that these -- grotesque images that these young girls are carrying, and i wonder what country am i living in? and what is the mindset that would cause this to happen? and where are their parents? and then i think to myself, e it must be that their parents feel
5:07 am
the same as they do. and don't they realize the irony of this? the reason why you are here is because at some point your mother was pro-choice. and that's why you, my dears, are here. otherwise you would not be with. they don't see that. i'm telling you, our country is confused, and it's grotesque. rachel: yeah, governor, i look at this, these images, and i see confusion, just as you do, in them. first of all, they're carrying these babies which is a reminder of what exactly we're talking about here. but also we talked about valuing fatherhood but also valuing what we are as women. i mean, a lot of these girls were carrying signs that said, you know, basically i will not be forced to be an incubator. that's what they say about their gift, their life-giving gift as women and what they think of themselves.
5:08 am
thoughts on that. >> well, here we go. let's do the rundown. they say that men can have abortions, and that was until i saw one of hair signs says that -- their signs says if you don't have a uterus, you don't get to speak about anything. and so it's like, well, which one is it, you know? what are we talking about? and then we have where the schools have been part of this indoctrination, and that's why i say school choice now. the money must follow the child. children belong to us. i gave a speech last night where i talk about one of my favorite programs. and it says you will assimilate. your existence as you know it is over, and resistance is futile. they're talking about our children. and we're not having it. you can't make our children, our
5:09 am
children belong to us. we are their first teachers, and we need the tax money that you give us -- that we give you to give back to us so that we can decide what schools our children should attend. so they don't have to listen to this kind of nonsense so they don't appear on the streets doing this kind of ridiculous are stuff, where they can get an education so that they can have a hope and a future. that's what this is about. will: lieutenant governor, we talk so much about policy and politics, and underneath it all is this foundation of our culture. and we're talking about morality. that's what we're all four of us talking about here at some point. and there's some pretty concerning signs about that foundation for america. look at this poll. americans' views of the state of moral values in this country, 50% say our moral values are poomplet i think you need to pair that that up with a gallup poll that shows americans in decreasing numbers believe in god, believe in the existence of god. we've gone from, let's take it over a broader horizon.
5:10 am
in 1967, 98% of americans believed in god, today 81%. something's happening to the foundation of our culture. >> it is father's day, and i want to give you a message from george washington, the father of our country. he wrote this prayer in 1783, and he wrote it to the governors of our new states, our new country. and he said i now make it my earnest prayer that god would have the states in his holy protection, that he would incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of sub order mission and obedience to governors and to entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another, for their fellow citizens of the states at large. and that we should be an example of the characteristics of god, the divine author of our blessed religion, or we can never hope to be a happy nation.
5:11 am
we've left god behind, plain and simple. and i don't know what we're going to do because we keep calling on him only when there is a crisis, and he's probably saying don't you know me at any other time? so fathers are important. we know that. but we have emasculated our men. we have said fathers are not important, and we have government programs that remove fathers from the home, and this is one of the reasons why our black community has been destroyed. so there are must have of us now who have -- enough of us now who have said, no more, we are done with this. because everybody knows that the family is the bedrock of any society because it is in the family that the child learns how to be, how to be cultivated, how to be mannerly, how to have values. and if we don't have that, then things go awry. and you see our society, our children are looking for meaning. rachel: yeah, it's such a great
5:12 am
point, you know? you see the values, the belief in god dropping. obviously, that's going to happen as we see our families disintegrate as well. governor winsome sears, first of all, when you popped on, i thought it was a teenager, you looked so darn young. [laughter] so want to thank you for being on with us, also want to remind everyone to watch the faith and freedom coalition's road to majority policy conference which is available on demand on fox nation. and i guess that's where she was speaking last night? will: lieutenant governor, thank you for your time. rachel: fantastic. will: on that note of morality, i just want to take a moment to say this, i'm very hesitant -- we talk about it, we should, i'm very hesitant to be prosthelytizing. can i just say this, she brought up meaning and the lack of purpose. so every society basically in the history of man has been organize around answering the
5:13 am
question why are we here, what are we doing. i learned, and i want to say this not gras i duetously, i learn -- gratuitously, reading the new book by pete hegseth, we can't pretend that god was not part of the original conception. it's in the founding documents. st it's in the words of all of the founding fathers. it's there. and it's really the baseline of answering that question of i why are we here. and you lay it out so wonderfully. you do it in the context of education, but to me, it's more than a religious story, it's more than an educational story. it truly is the story of the united states of america. and i really think that i learned that in reading battle for the american mind, and i hope you can pick it up and check it out. rachel: i think that's why people are so shaken by what's happening right now, because we're losing this sense, this mooring of who we are. you can like socialism, you can like marxism, but what they're
5:14 am
trying to do, what they have to do in order to get their ideology is basically erase our history. will: right. rachel: and people need that grounding, that foundation to moor themselves to. and then everything else goes from there. and what we're seeing is the disintegration of that, because they've taken over so many institutions, and their objective is to remove god because it is a godless ideology. pete: yeah. and, to your point, will, without an internal moral compass, it's very easy for the leviathan of big government to replace that or determine where to point that. when you see 81% on the number of do you believe in god, that doesn't mean they don't believe in anything, it just means they believe in something else. so, will, thanks for that -- rachel: one last point since it's father's day. the government will always be a poor substitute for a father. will: doesn't have an answer to why are we here. rachel: exactly. full circle.
5:15 am
pete: yep. that is, indeed, correct. 14 minutes after the top of the hour. turning now to a few additional headlineses, a texas dps trooper is shot in the line of duty responding to a high-speed pursuit when the suspect opened fire. this happened just south of san antonio near the mexico border. that trooper firing back, killing the driver. paramedics taking that trooper to a nearby hospital where doctors say, thankfully, he is in stable condition. doing his job, a dangerous one. democrats are raking in donations fearing a red wave this november. the democrat national committee announcing $15 million in contributions just last month. currently has $66 million in its war chest, the most ever at this point in any midterm year. the rnc has not released its may fundraising numbers, but it did outpace the dnc in april. a lot of enthusiasm on both sides. governor ron desantis giving children a second shot at
5:16 am
competing in the special olympics. florida's leader inviting them to the sunshine state for a round on the links. these people were banned from playing in other states due to their vaccination status -- [laughter] desantis sharing what he heard from more than a hundred other athletes who simply wanted to play. good for him. rachel: good for him, for sure. pete: and now to the usfl. the new jersey generals coming through with a 26-23 win over the philadelphia stars yesterday. they play each other in the playoffs next week. and the birmingham stallions stopped a comeback attempt by tampa bay bandits winning 21-18. plenty more action today on fs1, the new orleans breakers take on the houston gamblers at 8:30 p.m. tonight, and those are your headlines. playoffs, usfl, coming. will on this father's day, we're highlighting the importance of
5:17 am
fatherhood. congressman burgess owens and jack brewer join us next with their message for dads across the country. ♪ gonna get my payback if he's anything like me ♪♪ ♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2. with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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♪ ♪ pete: happy father's day to all the dads across the country, including our "fox & friends" staff. this is first anchor todd piro with his dad pete. a tradition for them. here's "fox & friends" writer natalie pictured with herred dad, steve. and this is writer allie with her father, darren, on vacation this many austria. in austria. and chris with his son matthew and dad peter, a korean war vet. awesome. wishing all three generations a happy father's day. rhode island. rachel: all right. pete, are you ready for your next power's day gift? pete: they've been really good so far. i didn't know i was getting one,
5:22 am
met alone many. rachel: take a look at this. >> pete, with we know you are a true sock officionado, so john picked out some great socks for you. after all, we're on a mission to spread happiness. >> i love my dad, and i hope you have a wonderful power's day. >> have a great father's day, pete. rachel: oh, i love that! [laughter] pete: you love john's crazy soc- will: and you are a sock officionado. rachel: and we do love john. pete: got some sour patch kids in here. love that. happy father's day, i hope you love the socks i picked out. love, john. rachel: he always brings a song to my face -- smile to my face. pete: cheeseburgers, can't beat that. barbecue time. always barbecue time on this show, you know that. cats. don't shop, adopt.
5:23 am
i did adopt our two little cats the other day during covid. [laughter] favorite emojis. will: kids are going to like that the most. pete: bacon and eggs. rachel: john knows you. pete: pretty much nailing you and for the win at the end, america. going into the repertory. the next six shows, i'll be wearing -- rachel: by the way, that's a great father's day gift. it makes a great gift anytime if you want to support john's socks, john's crazy pete: they have the widest election of -- selection of socks. rachel: and they employ all special needs people, and they are amazing. will: data from the census bureau shows that more than 18 million kids are growing up without their fathers. our next guests are teaming up to promote fatherhood and the vital role it plays for children.
5:24 am
joining us now are republican u.s. congressman burgess owens and founder of the jack brewer foundation, jack brewer. gentlemen, i read your op-ed yesterday. it's excellent, it's timely, it's important. congressman, let us start with you. over 18 million if kids in this country growing up without a father, it's hard not to call that a fatherhood crisis. >> yeah, no question about it. and, you know, it's interesting, yesterday i was with my son-in-law, and a goal i had many, many years ago when i had my kids all small and just sitting around the table, all sick of them, and five girls -- six of them, five girls, one boy. the most important thing i could do in my life -- i have one boy and five girls -- teach my son how to be a man and how to teach my five daughters how to recognize one. and i recognize with working with my son-in-laws, that goal's been accomplished.
5:25 am
if any father can accomplish that, their life has been a fulfilled life, for sure. will: no doubt. jack, there's so many stats we could throw out, i think 80% of people who have committed crime or are surgeon hi paying the price for -- certainly paying the price for a crime grew up without a father. this is something tata creates, that puts a child so far behind the 8-ball success wise. >> it really does, and it's an unfortunate thing because it's something that can be avoided. and it could be avoided by men just like myself, burgess and you, will, going out there and breaking out of our own bubble and helping those kids that are fatherless. with over 18 million kids fatherless in america, that's just a call to action, that's all it is. go out there into the inner cities, go out there into your own neighborhoods and communities where there are tons of fatherless kids that just need that mentor and that support.
5:26 am
i spent week with three juveniles this week. and spending time with kids that are fatherless, spending their father's day in jail. and so we have in this going on all across our country, and i think right now on this father's day it is a true call to action. and i also say this, it's also a time to respect and honor our father many heaven and -- in heaven and remember that spirituality is the backbone of this nation and that our bible teaches us in the last chapter of the old testament he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. and that's a message for everyone, and that is the true spirit of father's day. will: and you know, congressman, i think it'd be important to to point out it's not just the absence of fathers, but, you know, in my personal estimation -- and i want to know what you have to say about this -- it's also we have denigrated masculinity, we've denigrated the role of fatherhood in so many ways that even when the father is present, he's not really playing the role
5:27 am
of father more and more in society. i don't want to be cliche whether or not that's discipline or, you know, tough love, whatever it may be. we've been told all those things are toxic. >> yes. and by the way, will, the isn't by accident. i need to make sure everybody understands this is not the way the black community was when i was growing up. as jack was mentioning, 90% of americans believed in god. so you had men who truly understood that they were a servant to their family. at the same time, keep this in mind, the black community led the country in the middle class, into college, in 1970s more black women were married than white women. this was the community that i grew up in because we had men who understood their role was to provide, protect and partner with their spouse and to leave a good name. and what we have right now is an ideology that destroys family. understand, this is not by accident.
5:28 am
we have an ideology of the hard left that that hate, hate the family unit. they hate god, they hate education, and they hate leadership. men need to man up. let's go out and serve. get your eyes off yourself. serve your community, serve your family, serve your wife, and i promise you we'll get our country back. will: welfare statements played no small role in that destruction. all right, jack, it's father's day, but it's also juneteenth. it's our newest national holiday. you and i both hail from from texas. it was a local holiday, now it's a national holiday. what's your message on juneteenth? >> you know, as a great grandson of sharecroppers in texas, this is a joyous day. it always has been all my life, it's a day that i knew i could smell the barbecue out on the pit -- [laughter] and i just have a message for america to remember what we've overcome and that we all should be celebrating this. this is not a holiday that you should politicize, please. so if you politicize it, stop
5:29 am
it. this is a joyous day for so many people and a time for us to celebrate being the the great nation on earth that put an e end to the evils of slavery and have overcome ill -- it. and now we have some of the most prosperous african-american families in the world, and i just i say amen today all day. it's just so cool to have father's day and juneteenth fall on the same day. will: congressman, last word to you. >> just know that we're the greatest country in the history of mankind. my great grandfather escaped slavery and started the first elementary in his community, and he was known as a fierce dependent. that's the legacy we all have. we'll find a man who stood up, fought for freedom. find who they are and record keep them. fathers will make this, will get our country coming back, and i want to wish everybody out there happy father's day. we need to fight to make sure that the men, that young boys
5:30 am
understand the responsibility. provide, protect, that's what good fathers do. will: jack brewier, congressman burgess owens, happy father a's day to you both. >> god bless you with, or will. will: mayra flores becomes the first mexican-born woman in congress. coming up, meet two hispanic women that hope to follow in her footsteps. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises.
5:31 am
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breztri gives you better breathing, symptom improvement, and helps prevent flare-ups. breztri won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. it is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition... ...or high blood pressure before taking it. don't take breztri more than prescribed. breztri may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling,... ...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. if you have copd, ask your doctor about breztri. ♪ ♪ rachel: newly-elected gop congresswoman myra or flores made history this week to become the first mexican-born woman in congress. our next guests are hispanic, republican congressional candidates looking to follow in her footsteps. joining us now are kathy garcia and candidate for virginia's congressional district 7 --
5:35 am
vega. so great to have you here. kathy, i'm going to start with you because your in texas also. what does this mean, this win for mayra mean to you and to your race? >> good morning, rachel. thanks for having me on. let me be clear, red wave is here. the enthusiasm, the desire to embraces the republican party is spreading in the rio grande valley, and we are going to flip two more seats from democrat-controlled for over 110 years. so we are part of rewave, and we are going to send nancy pelosi packing this november. if. rachel: approval for joe biden, i mean, it's cratering with hispanics. i think it's only 0 some percen. some people say the democrat party has walked away from hispanics. i know i've heard cassie say that before.
5:36 am
what's happening here? what are they missing in. >> look, this is a direct result of failed democrat leadership. hispanics, like all americans across the country, are feeling the pinch at the gas pump, at the checkout line at the grocery store and, again, it's a direct result of failed democrat policies. so his -- hispanics, like all americans, want to be able to succeed in this country. and you have a democrat party that is now -- not allowing that because they're focused more on ideology and power than delivering for the people. rachel: yeah, absolutely. and i look at mayra,'s web site, first of all, her win is so historic, but so exciting for hispanics across the country who tend to be conservative. she says she's pro-god, pro-family, pro-life, pro-america. she's married to a border patrol agent. the face of the hispanic -- the hispanic face of the democratic party is alexandria
5:37 am
ocasio-cortez, cassy with. she's a socialist. she doesn't stand for any of those things. what's the disconnect? >> i'll tell you this, the reason why i am running for congress is because of faith, family and freedom. you're a latina, how can you be republican and every single day i shake my head and say how can you not be republican in for so many years, hispanics have voted democrat. they now don't identify with the party or the direction that it's going with. we are not a socialist community. we are conservatives. we are conservative on education, social issues, we are pro-gun and pro-life. hispanics want lower taxes, religious freedom and school choice. rachel: yeah. i mean, those are all the values i grew up with. [laughter] >> look, we delivered 54% of the hispanic vote this last november when governor youngkin was elected, and the democrats have nobody to blame but themselves.
5:38 am
we're excited about all of the work we've done, and folks can learn more by visiting our web site. we're excited to secure this nomination this coming tuesday and to bring it home for virginia this fall. thank you so much to everybody that's been supportive, and we're excited. rachel: cassy, yesli, a lot of people are excited, you guys are bellwether races for the presidential race as well. the hispanic vote, as you both know, is so important. it's so greating having you on, and good luck in your races. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. rachel: all right. still a ahead, dr. fauci faces f with a familiar face on capitol hill. dr. marty makary reacts to tor rand paul's questions on royalty payments for the nih director. interesting. stay with us.
5:39 am
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5:43 am
even on their financial statement. will: that's usually a yes, is it not? it's not a no. pete: i don't know. will: here to react, finance news medical contributor dr. marty makary. obfuscation, that's fair to say. he is avoiding rand paul's question directly. >> well, good morning and happy father's day. look, disclosures are standard in science. every single journal, every single talk, every single academic institution requires it. there's actually a law for anybody who does not work at the nih that if a pharma company pays a doctor, it goes on a federally set up web site called the sunshine act. disclosures are standard in the industry except for this small carveout at the nih, and it looks like they're having a tough time honest about whether or not they received money. rah. rachel: it's so outrageous to me. i want, especially when it comes to public health, i want dr. fauci working for me, not big pharma, and i need to know if there is a conflict of
5:44 am
interest. i think it's one of the most outrageous government policies and carveouts, as you call it, that i've ever seen. and i think it explains a lot of the lack of transparency we've seen if him throughout this entire pandemic. i've never been able to trust him, and i think this might be why. am i crazy? >> look, a lot of people is have said pharma has controlled so much of the narrative of the entire covid epidemic including ignoring natural immunity because that means there's less people to get vaccinated, press doses. -- can less doses. the disclosures are in there, and most people are conflicted. and if not them, their institutions are getting money from big pharma, almost every single one. pete: doctor, recently the cdc just recommended covid-19 vaccines for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. your take. >> well, look, they based it on 6,000 people, and so they're making a recommend for --
5:45 am
recommendation for 18 million kids based on data from 6,000 kids. there's very little clinical benefit. 38% efficacious in one of those subgroups. now remember, the standard was 50%, remember that? the first year of the pandemic they were working on a vaccine, and they said we need one that that's at least 50% effective, and that was kind of the bar set by the fda. we've come a long way from that bar. by the way, they undercount the number of infections in data, so it makes the fatality rate look more dangerous than it really is, and they undercount vaccine-adverse events which makes it look safer than it really is. pete: would you advise that that parents give the shot to a toddler? rachel: or infant? >> if they've not had covid in the past and they have a risk factor, those are the kids that end up in the hospital. but, look, for healthy kids, we don't have the information that we need, and i would say there's no need if there's a case that's
5:46 am
not compelling right now. rachel: i don't like to give my kids anything for which there the has not been a long-term study especially for a virus that is, as you said, not fatal if they have -- will: cost benefit analysis. >> we were told it was safe and then look what happened, they basically made a recommendation against the j&j vaccine after they proclaimed it was safe. will: thank you, dr. ma carry. rachel: he always gives it to us straight. will: let's check in with meteorologist adam klotz. hey, adam. >> reporter: good morning, guys. cooler if you live along the east coast. that is not the case across the country as we are dealing with some real heat. these are your current temperatures, and in the dakotas, temperatures in the 70s early this morning. that is part of a big heat wave where we're going to see widespread 90s, up to triple digits, really warm air that's going to be sticking with us for a couple of days. a lot of spots there in the
5:47 am
90s, getting. to 100 degrees, 85 in chicago, and it only stays warmer in the days that follow that. mostly dry, a little bit of rain in the western half of the country. those are your weather headlines, tossing it back merchandise to all of you. will: thank you, adam. pete: not a lot of weather there affecting flights. we're still having flights canceled. rachel: which is what happened when my flight to chicago a was canceled. the weather was fine. pete: smash and grab robberies popping i up all over the country as voters send a message to soft on crime district attorneys. congressman lee zeldin is here with us next. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:48 am
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♪ will: happy father's day to all the dads across the country including the dads of our own "fox & friends" staff. this is senior booking producer bridget pictures with her dad dave in the garden. here is "fox & friends" writer
5:52 am
kunal and his dad. and this is field producer shannon with her dad james. 20 # 19 he said she was thrilled to get his picture on the show. that's great. pete, over to you. pete: thank you, will. police in california searching for three hooded suspects responsible for a smash and grab at a macy's in the same mall where nordstrom was robbed in a similar smash and grab in november. this comes as backlash grows for soft on crime district attorneys across the country including manhattan d.a. alvin bragg who's accused of cutting a deal to free a career felon who later punched a woman in a random attack. our next guest says enough is enough. new york gubernatorial candidate, gop congressman lee e zeldin joins us now. congressman, thanks for being here, hopes to be governor of the state of new york come november. what can be done at that level,
5:53 am
at governor's level, to deal with the kind of d.a.s that are creating the chaos we're seeing? >> so in the constitution of the state of new york, the above has the authority to fire a district attorney who refuses to enforce the law. what a great reason to -- and when you look at manhattan district attorney alvin bragg, i think that on the first day that i get sworn into office, the first thing i should do is turn to him and say, you're fired. pete: and you can and you would. >> i and i will. pete: and what changes when you have a d.a. that actually prosecutes crimes? >> you turn the streets back over to law-abiding citizens. you start backing the blue again. you have people not taking justice into their own hands. people want to travel to new york city again as opposed to taking their trips elsewhere. people who have rap sheets and then they go in front of a judge, this should have those prior offenses on there because now, as the example that you're showing petty larceny as opposed to the grand larceny charge.
5:54 am
and you don't have people who are leaving the force. they put together the case, they turn over a great case and in answer to all that great work, you have a prosecutor who says, you know what? i'm going to charge a petty a larceny anyway because they're pro-criminal. pete: their taking the discretion -- they're taking the discretion to ignore the level of charges that could be applied and, therefore, people are back on the street. a second topic now, you're running in the are republican primary coming up in a couple of weeks. early voting has started here in new york, and there's one endorsement that's pretty coveted, and that's the new york post. i want to show the cover of "the new york post" from friday. first it says no justice, soft on crime outrage leaves woman assaulted in new york and two cops dead in california. which is why the post endorses lee zeldin, republican candidate for governor, to fix new york. big endorsement. did you see it coming? >> i'm excited to have it, honored to have it, and i believe the new york post cares about cleaning up our streets. for me, i've been talking about
5:55 am
how we need to repeal cashless bail. we shouldn't be releasing people early from prison. it's not just that, we should allow the safe extraction of natural gas, take care of parental rights, restore freedom and not have 'em emperor governors in charge of our lives. i believe that -- and i know you're a military man -- pete: likewise, you are. >> -- public service is about serving the public, it's not about being served by the public. kathy hochul is over her head, and she has called as new yorkers to serve as her apostles in her calls to action. i'm about restoring accountability and government back to the people. this is a great opportunity for new yorkers to take control of our destiny. this is a rescue mission for saving our state for me. losing is not an option. pete: i feel a lot of citizens of new york feel the same way. good luck in the primary. we appreciate it. great to see you. all right. we are celebrating dads all morning long, dads like lee zeldin who has a daughter.
5:56 am
find out along with me and will what other surprises are in store for us this father's day. ♪ ♪ . . .
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find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet. ♪ >> happy father's day across the land. it's a beautiful shot of charlottesville, virginia as we welcome you to the fourth hour of "fox & friends" on this father's day. pete hegseth, will cain. >> good morning. >> good morning. it is the fourth hour of fox and friends. rachel: fourth hour.
6:01 am
it's going so fast. >> really fast. we hope you're enjoying it with us. it's june 19th, year of our lord, 2022. we always enjoy hosting together and we enjoy you sharing it with us. we also enjoy will cain and my 6-year-old boy calls will cain superman. he has it in his mind that will cane is superman and so we teed it up, who wears it better. will: not fair. [laughter] rachel: that is not the best picture of will to look like superman. will: once again setting me up for failure with the other cain here. [laughter] rachel: okay, america, decide. who is -- we want to know. i'm sore ily, will. i love you, will. >> if we put this on an instagram poll, i want you to know, you did this. this is your chance to give us your best dean cain look.
6:02 am
>> it's all about the eyes. rachel: come on. do it. >> i have to pull the hair down. rachel: now put dean cain back on. >> look at me, i'm surprised looking. >> the pecs are so big. >> i can't compete with that. rachel: nobody can compete with dean cain. the thing about dean cain is, he's not just superman. he's a super dad. he's a great father. also, he's so damn nice. >> he gets the world. i get -- rachel: that's okay. you should take rex. rex is a great fan. he really believes in you. >> he does. rachel: i told you i was going to give you four and-a-half gifts because between you there's nine and i got nine on mother's day so here's -- >> we get four and-a-half, that makes sense. rachel: here's your half gift. here's yours. >> what do we have here.
6:03 am
>> here's yours. >> oh, man. rachel: let's seem you've got -- let's see. you've got to open them together. this is an american made company, by the way. >> oh, cuff links. oh, awesome. best friends. [laughter] >> there they are, right there. >> these are beautiful. thank you, rachel. >> will, let's coordinate and we'll wear them on the next show, next saturday. >> we just became best friends. rachel: forever. >> as we say later, we're going to do karate. rachel: i want to thank the company that's been in exist tense since 1904. if you want the to order -- those are really nice cuff links. you can go to their website. pull that back up. >> there is a duffy wedding coming up. rachel: you can wear them to the wedding, guys.
6:04 am
all right. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. rachel: this father's day as you guys know we've been celebrating not just our dads and you guys but we've also been just celebrating the idea of fatherhood and you had such a great interview with jack, i want to show a clip of that. we got the father's day idea off to a good start. here we go. >> we have an ideology of the far left, they hate the family unit, they hate god, they hate education and entrepreneurship. this is what we're a men need to man up, he let's go out and serve. get your eyes off yourself, serve your community, your family, your wife and we'll get our country back. we'll get our culture moving forward the way it should be. over 18 million kids follow us in america. it's a call to actough. -- call to action. go to your inner cities, go to
6:05 am
your neighborhoods, suburbs and communities where there's tons of fatherless kids that need that mentor and that support. it's a time to respect and honor our fathers and remember that spirituality is the backbone of this nation. rachel: i mean, those were two of the most powerful guests that we've had in a long time and you saw that when the blm movement came out, part of the mission statement was disintegrating the nuclear family, replacing it with government, replacing that. and jack brewer, this is a man who doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walks. he was just with juvenile -- many of them fatherless boys. he does this regularly. he didn't do it for a father's day thing. he does this regularly. he is a spiritual father to so many people in prison and it is an amazing ministry he does. he's an you a macing -- he's an amazing dad.
6:06 am
i had him on the podcast a month or so ago. i encourage people to go back. we had a great discussion, sean and i, with jack brewer who is an amazing person about the importance of fatherhood and he thinks it's the most important thing we need to get right in order to heal the nation. >> no doubt. it lays at the base, the foundation of our culture and therefore any problems that we see happening in society, you can trace back to an absence or crisis of fatherhood. 18 million kids are born in the country who grow up in fatherless homes, seven in ten african-american boys or children are raised in fatherless homes. it's not just a crisis of absence. we believe there's also a denigration of the role of men and fathers in particular where we have taught that mass you cue masculinityis toxic. had in idea, the idea of fatherhood has been diminished over time. >> it sure has.
6:07 am
in popular culture as well where you're just the detached, aloof, funny, dad who doesn't pay attention, goes along with whatever. what jack brewer said is we may not all have a father, but we have a father in heaven. the best thing you can do as a father is teach your kids about that father. i love what burgess owens said about men, we need to man up. i say that to myself as someone who has often chased other shinier, easier cultural objects of value and held them up as what might identify me and it catches up with you and there's a moment where it hits you, maybe it's a look from your kid or missing them a little bit where you realize the most important thing is what i can do for them and it's people like jack brewer that do that for multiple people. not just their own kids. so great words from both of them. >> we talked about pop culture, gone from ward cleaver to homer simpson. speaking of pod casts, the producers flagged this.
6:08 am
this was some time back, you and i were together, pete and i on the will cain podcast. we ended up talking about fatherhood, each other, and our view of what it is like to raise children. here's what we had to say. >> i know conceptually at least what i think it is to be a man and i want to help these two boyss in my house become a man and that's one hell of a legacy. i don't do gratuitous compliments. it's one of my favorite things about you. there's a lot of things i love about our friendship. i see how dedicated you are. when we play football on the beach in daytona between shows, i'm sewer just, you've got your kids out there -- i'm curious, you've got your kids out there. you don't wear your shirt. you have to make sure everybody sees what you be toy the table. >> next time i'll go shirtless for you. >> it's one of my favorite things. you can talk to me about your priorities and your hire arcky and what you -- hierarchy and what you put at the top.
6:09 am
i believe faith should be number one, honestly above wife and above children but i can see how high being a father is on your hierarchy of priorities. >> likewise for you to make this a love fest. i mean, the amount -- the way you examine the character development and the molding you want for your boys has led me to be more self-examining of it, other than the default of, okay, we're going to play basketball, we're going to do this, like how am i morally and eticly and -- ethically and courageously challenging them on tasks that i never did or would never consider. >> i mean that, what will does on a weekly basis is phenomenal. you should check it out and download it and listen to it. it's true, will analyzes the -- not the most efficient is the wrong way, the most effective way to mold the character of his
6:10 am
own boys in a way that's incredibly admirable, what lesson can i insert there. you can't do that too much and that kind of intentionality pays off. rachel: exactly. intentionality. one of blessings of this show -- i have the best job in the world. i get to hang out with both of you in the morning. the real fun of the job for he me is what happens in the commercial break and there's so many times all of us have said i wish everyone could hear the conversation but one of the main things i hear so often is both of these guys talking about their kids and not in like my kid did this or my kid did that but as pete just alluded, talking through issues like this is what i'm dealing with or this is how i'm thinking about, this is why i do this with my kids. there is absolutely intngs naility with -- intentionality with both off and honestly if i had to say there's one thing i love the most about both of you is that, it's the kind of fathers you are. people ask me what's pete like, what's will like, the first
6:11 am
thing i say is they're great dads. it's a huge compliment. your kids are lucky to have you. >> so many of you are at home as well. all we're trying to do is work out some things in front of you that we know you're working out on your own as well. >> that's a great point and to keep the love fest going, and sean duffy as well, an awesome dad. >> no doubt. >> let's turn to a fox news alert. a texas trooper is shot during a pursuit overnight. want to bring in lieutenant chris olivares, the texas department of public safety, who will bring us the latest on this story. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me on. good morning. >> what can you tell us about this story. >> it's justs been a very chaotic situation, especially overnight. one of our troopers was involved in a high speed chase with this individual that we do know is from the houston, texas area. as to why he was in the rio grande valley we don't know yet. we know during the high speed chase the driver drove through a border patrol checkpoint without
6:12 am
stopping and the chase continued and once the chase came to a stop the troopers approached the vehicle and were shot by the driver. multiple agencies were involved, troopers as border patrol and local law enforcement and they fired and killed the suspect. the trooper is stable. he was wearing a bulletproof vest which saved his life. it could have been much worse. he did take a round to the upper chest area. rachel: these officers are facing chain jeer all the time in -- danger all the time and the situation with the border policy is making things worse. i got to meet you when i was at texas reporting at the border for "fox & friends." we share stories with each other. you shared footage and a video that is just remarkable from your own cell phone of what you're seeing right there this weekend on the border. little kids just massive amounts of people. i don't think people realize how much the amount of people that are just coming over. is it more than usual at this
6:13 am
particular moment? why are the groups so big two, three, 400 people. >> well, rachel, you're right, this was actually last night, early morning hours, just groups after groups. massive groups that were coming across, majority are families, children as you see in the videos there. this is only one small area along the border in stark county, the furthest southern part of texas. and just massive groups coming across and this is during the lat night hours. that particular group when i was there ended up being close to 100 plus. prior to that border patrol encountered another group of 100. the important thing to understand when we talk about how federal resources are so tied up and overwhelmed, that particular group it took six agents to process those individuals so they were pulled off the lines and were stuck there processing immigrants. while that's taking place, runners are trying to get by, also criminal activity, human
6:14 am
smuggling and you can hear gunfire within miles in mexico. what that area is guarded by cartel presence. there's constant battles. the cartels have sophisticated technology, they have drones, armored vehicles and military we pons. this is taking -- weapons. this is taking place within a number of hours. if we weren't there, the situation would be much worse and we would have more individuals coming into the country that we don't know about. >> lieutenant, thank you for everything you do in light of what you're up against. please keep sending video information. there's not a lot we can do but we can tell the story and your story deserves to be told. lieutenant, god bless you. and appreciate you. >> thank you, lieutenant. rachel: thank you, lieutenant and well put, pete. we are the only ones telling the story. our guys are alone on this beat. no one wants to tell us. thank god we're getting these images. >> let's turn to your
6:15 am
headlines. we start with a quest for the stanley cup. the avalanche of goals in denver last night, colorado beat the tampa bay lightning 7-0 to take a two game lead as the avalanche take control of the series. both teams head back to tampa bay for tomorrow night's game three. sean duffy with the gift of rachel campos duffy took their son to see their nephew eric johnson who got 20 minutes of ice time for the avalanche as they took down the lightning. earlier this morning we got our very own hat for father's day. rachel: the tickets provided by eric johnson, the jersey and hats provided by me. >> filming is underway for the next season of yellow stone.
6:16 am
you can listen to the artists that lend their voices to the show. ♪ doing all right, mama. ♪ i'm okay. ♪ i know your late night talks with jesus have helped me on the way. >> that's one of my favorite songs right there by one of my favorite arrest activities and in that interview i was showing his t-shirt. that's cody jenks and people are hoping to hear more. for my final father's day gift this morning, cody has a special message for me. >> really? >>let's see this. >> happy father's day, cody jenks here. i'm on the road. thank you to will cain and everybody from "fox & friends" for having us on. happy father's day. what father's day means to me is getting back home to see my kids as soon as i can and that's what we're going to be doing on this sunday. so happy father's day to all of you. will cain, thank you so much.
6:17 am
man, we appreciate you listening to us. heard you heard us on yellowstone and just want to say thank you to all you guys. happy father's day. >> thank you, cody. i knew him before yellowstone by the way. huge fan. awesome gift. >> you know him? have you ever met him. >> no. >> he said your name twice. >> i noticed. can i get that clip. rachel: we'll send that to you. >> that is all. rachel: i love yellowstone. great searly. his voice is -- great series. his voice is perfect. >> yesterday, joe biden fell off his bike. rachel: he did. he did. a metaphor for america right now. >> a metaphor for a lot of things. joe hits a new low like the economy and his approval ratings. not a good look. we don't want anybody want to fall off their bike. we don't want to encourage that.
6:18 am
rachel: donald trump made a promise to never ride a bike. we all know the cost of food is of out of control including the former president. >> you can't make bacon anymore. darling, i'd like to have eggs and bacon, i'm sorry, we can't afford eggs, we can't afford bacon. how about bread? no, we can't afford that either. rachel: after that he said you just have to lose weight. now americans are holding back on travel and a eat aing at restaurants. how is that hurting small businesses? >> and duck dynasty is back on fox nation. we preview the new season coming up.
6:19 am
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6:22 am
>> grocery prices are skyrocketing. also setting records. grocery prices, they say you can't make bacon anymore. darling, i'd like to have eggs and bacon. i'm sorry, we can't afford eggs, we can't afford bacon. how about some bread? no, we can't afford that either. what are you going to eat? you're not going to eat any more. you're going to lose about 50 powns. you basically -- pounds. you basically can't order anything. >> former president trump railing against the state of the
6:23 am
u.s. and inflation. he is not alone. small businesses are feeling the brutal impact. the washington post warning, quote, morn americans are -- more americans are beginning to hold off on booking flights, booking hair cuts, replacing roofs. some of the new sign that's the consumer engine of the u.s. economic growth could be losing steam. joining us live from a virginia small business, republican congressional candidate derek anderson. derek, thanks for being here. you have a big primary coming up next week. as you hit the trail and visit local businesses and local consumers, what are you hearing? >> hey, good morning, pete and happy father's day to all the fathers out there. so pete, after two years of covid where the biden administration, the democrats have forced people into their homes, we have small businesses shutting donation wide because they just can't afford to stay up and running, now we're seeing record high inflation at over 40 years, we're seeing gas prices going over $5 a gallon and
6:24 am
people just can't afford to go eat out. it's costing the average american over $460 a month just to live. that's not to go out. that's not to go on vacation. that's just to live. we're seeing small businesses specifically here in the seventh congressional district that are feeling it too. we're at gormel's where maria and matt, two good friends of mine, had to deal with two years of covid and the democratic governor in virginia tried to implement all of the mask mandates. and they had a simple concept. they say you know what, why don't we let our customers pick and choose whether or not they want to wear a mask or not and the government here in virginia came down and tried to push them down. they took their licenses and so after two years of that, they ended up winning thank goodness. after would years of that now they're dealing with record high inflation and supply chain issues, chicken, plasticwear, so it's hitting all of our small businesses throughout the country and especially in the
6:25 am
seventh congressional district and it lies at the feet of the buy accident administration and the democrats. >> i can't help but see the crowd behind you supporting derek anderson for congress in virginia's seventh district. if you were to say one or two things you want to accomplish as a future congressman, what would they be? >> pete, we right now have a huge inflation problem. the republicans when we take over the house here in november and go on in january to take this thing back, we've got to get prices down. we were just knocking on doors for eight to 10 hours yesterday and i'll tell you, that is the number one issue on people's minds because they can't afford to live. and so we've got to do that. we've got to decrease the gas prices. it's gotten out of control. people can't travel as we've been mentioning. and here in virginia, we are ready for change. we are ready for change in 2021 when we saw glenn youngkin take over and they're ready for it this year as well. >> derek anderson served six tours of duty. former green beret, candidate in
6:26 am
virginia's seventh district. we wish you luck. keep us posted what happens. >> i encourage people to vote on june 21st in the seventh congressal district. >> thank you. >> thanks, guys. >> you got it. thank you. if you're a fan of duck dynasty, fox nation's got you covered. chase and jeff robertson will he preview their new show. plus, time for my final father's day surprise. my favorite barbecue on fox square. we'll find out which one it is. i don't even know. i think i know. rachel: i know. >> i think i know. don't go anywhere. ♪ bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place.
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6:30 am
rachel: all right. all morning long we've been celebrating pete and will for father's day.
6:31 am
now it's time for pete's final gift. >> yeah. rachel: adam. >> we brought in pete's favorite barbecue to fox square. rachel: today. [laughter] >> all right. perfect. here from morgan's bash you cue, pete's favorite spot. >> they've come to "fox & friends" several times. the briskett is amazing. >> it's so great. as you can see, all the juice is like running. >> oh, my gosh. >> tell us where is the restaurant. rachel: i've got a gift for you, pete, by the way. i have a gift in honor -- >> what is this? the godfather. rachel: it's the grill father. >> oh, the grill father. rachel: the man, the myth, the legend. >> i have a gift for you. >> i'm telling you, if you come to the new york area, go to
6:32 am
check out morgan's barbecue. rachel: is this what you order normally. >> i like everything. but this is amazing. >> right now we have tacos. it's like two blocks in barclay's center. we have a combination with the smoked meats and i having for pete over here. which is this. this is a new item, it's coming from our morgan barbecue. i want you to try it. >> ribs. >> these are ribs. it's ribs basically, the new item which is coming to the menu very soon. rachel: pete, you have great taste the in barbecue. >> you enjoy that. i'm going to do a segment, chef. thank you for this father's day gift for pete. thank you. >> morgan's barbecue, brooklyn, check it out. >> the stars of everyone's
6:33 am
favorite dynasty have gone from hunting duck to hunting treasure. >> are you serious right now? babe, babe. >> dinner, tonight, like 20 something people are coming. we agreed, no more big holes in the yard. >> it's not that big of a hole. >> robertson family is back with their new show, duck family treasure, available now on fox nation. brothers jase and jeff robertson join us live from monroe, louisiana. gentlemen, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> and happy father's day. >> we're standing pretty close. >> happy father's day. we're standing pretty close to where that happened with my wife. >> is that right? so tell me about this. tell me about going from hunting duck to hunting treasure. what specifically are you hunting on the new series on fox
6:34 am
nation. >> i got introduced to metal detecting and i introduced jeff who is a rookie in our outfit and we have found an incredible amount of stuff and along the way i learned that it was kind of more about the people you were with than actually what we were finding and so the next thing you know, we're doing a tv show about it. so -- >> and jeff, i read, you're looking for cannons, i think a world war ii training camp in texas. giving us the behind the scenes of where you're headed and what you're hunting for. >> just kind of cool, historic places. i mean, we found stuff thousands of years old. we found -- >> kind of a spoiler. >> we look for all kind of stuff. just whatever we think is cool. >> i think we have a clip from the new show, duck family treasure. let's take a look if we can of the show, appearing on fox nation.
6:35 am
>> they showed up, he had no gear. he had sandals on. i let him borrow my boots because that's the only other pair of shoes that we had. and i said hold the metal he detector away from you when you're looking. because they were steel toed boots and he spent the first two hours of the hunt digging up his own feet. [laughter] >> so i assume you get some tips, fellows, on where you're headed. you get a treasure map? how do you get pointed in the right direction before you start digging? >> a buddy of hours who our dad had brought to the lord, he's the historical expert of the show and legitimizes what we're doing. when we hear a tale and check with murray, he sends up to the historical evidence of it. we come up with a map and come up with a plan and take off and
6:36 am
whatever a happens, happens. it's kind of how it works. >> hopefully you can avoid the steel toed boots and find real treasure out there which i think you do and people can check out, duck family treasures starts tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern. you can binge the first episodes on happy hunting and happy father's day. >> thank you. see you tonight. >> coming up, a military couple getting surprised by their favorite country singer at their wedding. those newlyweds join us coming up.
6:37 am
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6:40 am
rachel: not only is today's father's day but it's also juneteenth. alexandria hoff is live with how people across the country are mark aing the day. alexandria. >> hi rachel. this is the second year that juneteenth is celebrated as a federal holiday. personal celebrations extended back over 150 years. it's a day that's born in texas, born out of galveston, in fact, commemorates the day in 1865 when federal troops arrived to
6:41 am
tell enslaved people they were entitled to compensation for their labor and slavery was no more. it took nearly two years to for them to receive the message. the holiday was signed into law last year. burgues owens paid tribute to his great, great grant father, who escaped slavery. >> you look at a man who stood up and fought for his freedom. >> reporter: 18 states also honor juneteenth as a state holiday. georgia where we are is one of them. rachel: thank you so much. everything big and great starts out of texas. all right. well, the richest man in the world is calling out america's labor unions and the power it holds over the democrat party. >> the public is not aware the degree to which unions control
6:42 am
the democratic party. they have so much you power that they can exclude tesla. rachel: here to react, sunday morning futures anchor maria bartiromo. maria, welcome. good morning. i'm confused here. we were seeing these skyrocketing gas prices because this administration wants us to move over to electric vehicles and green energy and here they exclude the biggest by far, by a long shot, producers of electric vehicles from their summit just because they're not unionized. maria: exactly. well, that is exactly the point. good morning to you, rachel. happy father's day to everybody. cherish every second with your dad. all i can say is elon musk once again nails it. he has been exposing corruption and exposing these kinds of things since he started out with this twitter acquisition bid and he did it again with the unions. one has to ask the question,
6:43 am
where did all that money go that a was sent to the teachers' unions after the covid relief package, why wasn't any of that money used for security, for schools, and why is it that they were making so many of the rules in terms of closing schools, keeping kids at home. so i think elon musk once again nails it and you have to also ask your question. why is it that this administration when they're pushing electric vehicles, pushing this climate change agenda so aggressively throughout government, do they never, ever mention tesla. i mean, tesla is the number one electric vehicle producer and it never comes up. they only talk about the unionized shops. why not? obviously, elon musk doesn't go along with their narrative and so they leave him out of the conversation. we're going to talk about that this morning and how this agenda has just worsened and is permeating throughout government this morning when we speak with former secretary of state mike
6:44 am
pompeo. i have breaking news this morning with representative mike turner. the advanced standoff weapons has made it onto the battlefield. they were used last week in ukraine for the first time and at the same time vladimir putin's rhetoric is getting higher and higher, taunting the world with nuclear weapons. so mike turner wants to know what is the president's plan, if in fact his nuclear taunts actually become realistic. we'll talk about that and of course the issue of the day is inflation. the federal reserve last week raised rates by 75 basis points. what does that mean? we have a plan to protect your family in the face of run-away inflation. we're going to talk about that with the former president of the kansas city federal reserve, tom hoe anything and dan niles has been making money in these tough markets. $7 trillion in lost market value year-to-date. we're going to ask him what he wants to say and do about it and of course then there is this surprise of the day, myra flores
6:45 am
turns a seat thats was held by the democrats for 100 years in south texas, married to a border agent. we'll get into it with myra flores. she is going to be getting sworn in next week and so we'll talk to her before that. big show and we've got breaking news in about 15 minutes. rachel: maria, a huge show and that's a district that joe biden won by 16 points. so great guest there, got to stay tuned for that interview and the whole show with a great lineup. maria, have a great, great show. maria: thanks so much. rachel: you got it. a wedding surprise for a military couple, the new led we'ds -- newlyweds join us live along with country singer jade ingleson, next. ♪
6:46 am
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6:49 am
♪ >> we've been celebrating fathers all morning long including the dads of our own "fox & friends" staff. and this is "fox & friends" associate producer andrea pictured with her dad, carmen, at her graduation. rachel: this is senior field producer sam with her mom, sue and sister aj wishing their dad, ken, a happy father's day. >> here's production assistant lauren with her dad steve.
6:50 am
rachel: and line producer griffin with her dad, brother and mother. that's at his wedding back in michigan. >> happy father's day to all. now, a wedding surprise for a military couple, mike and chanel smith who met during the pandemic and finally got the chance to say their vows last week and they got a surprise. rachel: before they got married they entered a contest creating a tiktok video to one of jade eagleson's songs. jade saw that video and he actually showed up to the couple's special day. take a look. ♪ she don't know. ♪ she don't know. ♪ rachel: jade eagleson joins us
6:51 am
now along with newlyweds chanel and mike. i'm going to start with you, chanel and mike. what did it mean to you to have him show up at your wedding in person. it had to have been mind-blowing. >> it definitely was. for him to come out there and sing for our first dance was something that just really made the day just as perfect as it could be. >> chanel, was this the wedding that you envisioned, was it the reception and the wedding song and the serenade you envisioned? >> it was perfect. everything was absolutely perfect. the day was just great. and then jade coming out and singing to us, just made it even that much better. we'll never, never forget it. rachel: jade, there were so many people that entered this contest. what was it about their video that made you go i really want chanel and mike to have this moment? >> i mean, seeing mike's
6:52 am
military service was a huge one for me and seeing that chanel was from saskatchewan in canada. i grew up in canada as well so this one just really spoke to me and was really important to do it. >> i hear children in the background of somebody's shot there. [laughter] >> i don't know if it's jade or mike and chanel. jade, how about the song? was this a mike and chanel request? was it part of the tiktok contest? how did you know what you were going to play when you showed up that day? >> it's all part of the contest. you know, i was really lucky to get this song sent to he me. we cut it and put it out and immediately turned into this big love song for everybody. so we attached a contest to it and sure enough it all happened. which is pretty amazing. rachel: weddings are the happiest days for so many families and i'm going to be celebrating my own daughter's wedding next week so, jade eagleson -- >> you have an open invitation. [laughter] rachel: that wasn't a hint. but you know, if you want to.
6:53 am
jade eagleson, chanel and mike smith. we're happy that you shared your beautiful day and amaze aing contest and the great luck you had to have jade show up at your wedding with us. it brought a smile to our face on this father's day. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you. rachel: okay. >> so for some reason rachel always says and thinks that i grew up playing lacrosse which i didn't. but why don't we try it anyway like we do on "fox & friends" right here on fox square. rachel: it's water polo. >> they're going to bring in horses and a pool. [laughter] ♪ it■s hard eating healthy. unless you happen to be a dog. after trying lots of things to manage her
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♪. rachel: you grew up. will: i didn't play lacrosse. i'm tired ever fake news. that is the height of --
6:58 am
rachel: water polo. will: i don't know why rachel thinks i played lacrosse. rachel: is water polo like marco polo. will: pete apropos of father's day is gone. we have friendly competition on fox square. we have sticks. rachel: are they called sticks. will: we have a few balls. adam: shooting a the goal. it is not official size. i did a crash course. rachel: adam is the guest here. will: very manly. rachel: it went in. i was so close. will: i don't throw it like he did. tamm damn give me a break. that that is exactly what you would say. just like pete would have won. will: adam, there we go.
6:59 am
adam: this is what is better at. i scored on will. will: here we go. put it right here. rachel: this is a hard sport. will: way better than he was. ready, rachel? rachel: will, i have one last gift for you. come over here. we have another gift. take a look at this. >> pete, rachel, will. from bucky and texas. >> we want to say happy father's will: crew goes to bucky's, best gas station on the planet.
7:00 am
my boys reporting live. thank you, boys. happy father's day to everyone. sean duffy, pete hegseth, everyone at home. thank you. rachel: bye, everybody. i will go long here. go, go. adam: just gave you one. i will throw you one. ♪. maria: good sunday morning everyone. happy father's day to wall, welcome to "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. out of excuses and digging in. president biden refuses to change course on his expensive climate change agenda, instead take no responsibility for 40-year high inflation, $7 trillion of loss of market value and economy likely in recession right now. president biden: when they come to you


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