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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  June 17, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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i think that has caused a lot of the issues. >> dana: people need to follow the car mom. >> bill: plan ahead. thanks. st. louis, missouri knows her stuff, right? >> dana: i agree. >> bill: i had something before we go but ill -- i'll save it until monday. >> dana: gas cards. they can't do them because there aren't enough chips. that is not going to work. >> bill: enjoy your weekend and you enjoy your weekend. lawrence jones is in for harris today. here is lawrence. see you on monday. >> fox news alert. political violence and the fear of it exploding in america. illegal protests continue outside supreme court justice's homes as we wait for an opinion on roe v. wade. pro-life groups and crisis pregnancy centers are under attack. i'm lawrence jones in for harris "the faulkner focus" today. a bill increasing security for justices and their families getting the president's approval passed in the senate weeks ago. the signing comes in 10 days
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after a man showed up near justice brett kavanaugh's home saying he planned to murder him. a new fox news poll show a majority of voters including independents say those protests aren't okay. democrats the majority say they are fine with it. the survey before the kavanaugh threat made news, justices and their homes not the only recent target on the left. chilling images show pro-life groups undersiege. vandalism and graffiti. if abortion isn't safe you aren't either. the family research council tallied 50 of these attacks across the country recently. the pro-abortion group jane's revenge claimed responsibility for many of them. senator tom cotton laying it out for a.g. garland in the quote. what is the department doing to protect americans from these violent attacks? at a minimum you should bring federal charges against the
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perpetrators. if you are unwilling to protect americans from these attacks you should resign. although in my opinion you should resign in any case. the president of the judicial crisis network with this. >> these are people who announce their intentions ahead of time. the day the decision comes out at 8:00 p.m. they want people to go out at night and get physical as they put it. and express your rage in that way. it is a group that should be stopped immediately before someone gets injured or killed. >> lucas tomlinson is live in washington with more. >> a chorus p top republicans are calling on garland to shut down the protests that continue outside the homes of supreme court justices after the attempted murder of justice kavanaugh. no mention of the attack in the bill biden signs. legal experts say the protests violate federal law. >> statutes that are already in place that prevent individuals from picketing or protesting in
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front of a justice's home in order to make them bend to their will and what their beliefs are is not the basis of the constitution or due process. >> not only are attempted attacks and protests against the justices on the rise but attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and churches have spiked in recent weeks since the leaked draft opinion. lawmakers demanded police do more to stop them. 50 attacks across the countries and lawmakers want the biden administration to make stopping those attacks a priority. one letter wrote any violent attack on a nonprofit institution or group of worship is an attack on the fundamental all views enshrined in the constitution. president biden is silent on these attacks on pro-life organizations as well as the threat to justice kavanaugh. moments ago the f.b.i. said in a statement it would take action. the f.b.i. is investigating a
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series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy resource centers and faith based organizations across the country. we'll remain vigilant in protecting our communities. >> what people want in this country is even handed justice. you look at the united states code, very long book full of criminal statutes. it doesn't say something about liberal or conservative causes. so what you've got is really a brazen, blatant violations of federal law and silence that comes out of the attorney general. >> the f.b.i. says the incidents are being investigated as potential acts of domestic violent extremism and calling on the public to report any suspicious activity. >> we report it but what will they do about it? "wall street journal" op-ed says the real story in america now is an explosion of political violence on all sides.
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the january 6 riot with right wing militants. firebombing of pregnancy centers has been dreadful. the left wing militants and dreadful category. the shoot-up at the republican baseball practice in 2017, death at a virginia rally the same year. antifa attacks, assassinations of cops. anti-semitic shootings and a torching of a courthouse by rioters. will cain joins me now. we've been talking about the violence for a long time. the question is what are they going to do about it? they know who the people are. they plan it, plot it, protesting in front of the supreme court justice's homes because they want to influence the decision, which is illegal. why aren't the elected officials putting pressure on law enforcement to do their jobs? >> because as we've come to realize, lawrence, it appears that we have a dual system of
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justice. it is not applied universally. and that is manifesting by the way in the way political decisions are made and in the striking poll you just showed where it shows a good amount of democrats are okay with this level of violence and overt pressure. that's really shocking, lawrence. this is just the beginning as well. the decision hasn't come out of the supreme court. this is the result of a leak. what happens when the actual decision comes out, if it does validate what we've seen in the leak? we're not talking about something small here, not vandalism. we talk about firebombs. multiple instances across this country. talking about an assassination attempt on a security justice. politicians don't step up and pose a singular form of justice, not partisan or one sided form of justice, they are inviting a more extreme radical and potentially violent response. >> the question is what are the leaders going to do? but when they are asked about
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this they dodge the question. here is what house speaker nancy pelosi had to say when pressed on democrats' rhetoric about the leak of the supreme court draft opinion and how it is fueling the violence against churches and pro-life clinics. watch what she had to say. >> there have been a number of attacks on churches, on pregnancy centers. republicans are going against democrats for not saying anything and saying the rhetoric is contributing to the attacks. >> let me just say this. a woman has a right to choose, to live up to her responsibility. this talk of politicizing all of this is something uniquely american and not right. >> her political decision wasn't the question. where she stands from an ideological standpoint was not the question. it is what you are going to do about the violence. she didn't answer that question. >> no.
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let me just say this. you have not disavowed violence. what we were just talking about. there is an opportunity for the speaker of the house to say you know what? we don't want a violent response no matter if we agree. but she didn't. she just said we agree with the ideological end. what an opportunity. look, i think that has to speak volumes, her unwillingness to condemn violence and unwillingness to say we don't want to see political extremisms in the street. why stay silent on that? she chose to endorse their ideological agreement. she went on to say this is unique to america. it is not. we're behind the times when it comes to mexico, for example she said where they are embracing more of the woman's right to choose. the case at the center of this lawrence sentd erd on mississippi that put a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. that's more liberal, that law. than mexico. the vast majority of europe and
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the vast majority of the world. united states is an outlier on its liberal approach to abortion. >> that's exactly right and it is important to note the women and children and grown men are coming to our country right now across the border in droves. i want to switch to this. big admission from president biden on the state of america under his watch. in an interview with the associated press he said people are really down. their need for mental health in america has skyrocketed because people have seen everything upset. everything they've counted on upset. most is the consequence of what happened is a consequence of the covid crisis. the president's remarks coincide with the skyrocketing inflation, record gas prices, mess at the border and baby formula shortage at more. 2 in 10 adults say the u.s. is heading in the right direction down from about 10 in april.
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>> bill: what are you going to do about making life better? you promised to make things better that weren't broken during the presidential race. but all he said he was going to heal the soul of america and mom can't even get baby formula. gas prices are high as i just stated. >> so people have a bleak outlook of the future. let's start chair itably with the premise where the president may be right. maybe a lot of this national -- maybe it started with covid but metastasized from there with lockdowns and placing everybody
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in moems and isolating now come the economic policies. build back better, would be more if not for joe manchin. it causes inflation. the policies then exacerbate the national mall -- why is it happening across the globe? i will tell you why. because the ideas of build back better which foundations sit on climate justice, reorganizing our economy were echoed in the u.k., canada, new zealand. part of what was considered the great reset. let this opportunity not go to waste. so what they did, lawrence, is they shook the foundations of not just economy but the society with this opportunity. and as such, while they shook the foundations talking about reimagining our history,
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policing, climate, they ended up with ripples at the surface. inflation, higher interest rates, stock market that's below 30,000. they took advantage of the opportunity and they metastasized the crisis and this national depression. >> it's unbelievable when you look at it, will. it was so predictable. i don't think we should ever have an election that is just about tone and tenor. i'm not saying it can't be part of the conversation, but when you see that a candidate lays all his policies out there and suddenly everyone in the mainstream media is suddenly shocked by the implications of it. the other side did predict this would happen. it was dismissed as you just want a guy that is so bombastic. i think it is unacceptable. in the same interview the president -- go ahead. >> you put this wonderfully said what you said in less than 140 characters was elon musk.
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he said the president of the united states thinks he was elected to transform america when in fact he was elected because people wanted less drama. >> that's exactly right. in that same interview the president denies the recession is inevitable. it's coming. he also says his policies did not cause inflation and calls republicans criticism of his spending bizarre. we're in a stronger position than any nation in the world to overcome this inflation. if it's my fault, why is it the case in every other major industrial country is what you were talking about. in the country that inflation is higher. someone should ask themselves if it's a consequence of our spending, why have we reduced the deficit. the "washington post" has twice given his claim three
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pinocchios. what is your reaction to this? >> i addressed some in the previous answer about comparing us to the globe. it is simply false that we're the best positioned when it comes to inflation. lawrence, i don't have it in front of me but i think let's put the number of 15 countries, you know, in the advanced economic world with lower rates of inflation than the united states. is that a flat out lie? regarding the deficit as well that's three pinocchios. he hasn't accomplished historical deficit reduction. he reduced it compared to record levels during pandemic spending. i will leave you with this as he talks about all of this and puts it into the characterization of a nation of people who are feeling depressed. our friend pete hegseth has a new book out called battle for the american mind and he talks about sort of the foundation of purpose and meaning in the united states. i'm a big believer in this,
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lawrence. look, we have spent the better part of two years ripping out the foundational meaning of what it is to be american because we believe, or a lot of us or significant percentage of us believe it's foundationally sinful. so we ripped it out. who are we? we no longer ask the question, why are we here, what's that purpose? we have put nothing in its place. nothing in place of who are we, why are we here and what is our meaning? you are left with generations of people who not only had personal wealth destroyed but no idea what they are doing here. why we're americans and what makes us special. no idea. that is a recipe for not just individual but societal decay and depression. >> fascinating thing about it is this is not -- it will impact everyone. go to diners across the country and report on this crisis in major cities as well quite
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liberal. everyone is all saying the same thing. one person they hold accountable for that is joe biden. and democrats will figure out how to message that. will, brother, thank you so much. catch will tomorrow on "fox & friends" weekend and the will cain podcast. thanks, brother. voters in deep blue cities who elected liberal d.a.s saying enough is enough. repeat offenders let loose to commit more crime. police officers paying the ultimate price. what's really important to americans right now? >> this week i look at the gas prices and my wife and i will take two vacations this year and we will just take one. >> gas prices forcing americans to change the way they live. democrat lawmakers insist economy is a top priority. lots of air being sucked out of the room by the january 6th hearing. jason chaffetz is in "focus" next. are you a veteran, own a home, and need money for your family?
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>> our system nearly failed and our democratic foundation destroyed. >> vice president pence understood that his oath of office was more important than his loyalty to donald trump. he did his duty. president trump unequivocally did not. >> the president latched onto a dangerous theory and would not let go because he was convinced it would keep him in office. >> flavor from the third hearing this month on the january 6 riot. topic dominating the headlines as inflation and gas prices continue to climb. house speaker pelosi is brushing off concerns that lawmakers aren't addressing the rising costs. >> we don't just do one thing
8:23 am
around here. we never take our eye off the kitchen table issues. >> that's not convincing voters. 72% of them say they're unhappy with congress. in the latest fox news poll while only 21% approve. chad pergram is live on capitol hill with the latest. >> good morning. the economy and confidence in democrats or lack there of will determine which party wins at the polls this fall. nothing democrats have done on the economy has worked. that's why voters are upset with democrats. gop members are hammering economic issues and targeting democrats for what republicans say is a big government approach. >> they get out of it by pro growth ideas and we do it with tax policy and focus on the small businesses that actually create the jobs instead of this heartache with the administration from the regulations. >> there are talks about reviving a narrow version of build back better. gas prices continue to climb.
8:24 am
democrats blame the price surge on oil companies and the war in ukraine >> when putin invaded ukraine almost immediately the cost of -- the price at the pump went up. about $2, supply is down, cost is up. the war as contributed enormously to that. but there is also price gouging. >> the conference board says its index of leading economic indicators fell for the third month in a row in may. more hearings are planned in the coming weeks for january 6. >> the fact of the actors involved including the president of the united states talking about his own electric trying to hold onto power after he was being told over and over that he had lost. maybe persuasion is not the audience but more for the historical record. >> it may not help democrats in 2022 but perhaps in 2024. lawrence. >> chad, thanks so much,
8:25 am
brother. jason chaffetz fox news contributor and former republican congressman. i think there is some confusion. the american people do care about what happened on january 6th. they don't want it to ever happen again. they want to understand the security measures so people that are enemies to our country don't get to exploit it in the future. but they also care about what is happening to them on the day-to-day basis. they care about what is happening at the pump and when they get groceries. it doesn't seem like the democrats are able to square that point. where am i going wrong here, sir? >> well, focus determines reality. i believe there should be a robust investigation of what happened on january 6th. it was a horrific day. but when you put it in prime time and run a sham of a hearing in that you don't allow the minority to have representation there, i think america figures out quickly it is a made for tv show event that they are not really --
8:26 am
they've already made up their mind. they are presenting things to try to knock on donald trump. and what they don't see is the vibrant prime time discussion and investigation about inflation, immigration. they just -- the core things, crime. we don't see the hearings on that. jerry nadler in judiciary could be having a series of things about shootings in chicago or homelessness or some of these democratic policies. are they working or not working? we know they're not working. so despite what nancy pelosi says at the podium, americans figure this out. they go to the gas pump and spending $100 to fill up their truck and it doesn't get to full. the credit card maxs out. it is a real, real problem and the democrats are just oblivious saying it is all putin's fault. like he runs the world. putin does it -- where is the president? how come he doesn't have a plan? you have know where he is this hour? getting on a plan to go on vacation again to rhode island
8:27 am
and go to a beach. that does not signify confidence or caring. >> why was there such an effort to get rid of regular order in congress? these rules have been implemented for over 100 years where the minority party, whether you disagree or agree with them gets their shot to paint their narrative and ask their questions and call their witnesses. why did the speaker decide to remove that? >> because she didn't want to answer some hard questions herself like how come she didn't secure the capitol. where were the national guard? how come the capitol poils were ill prepared? she doesn't want to answer those questions. they want a narrative in one direction. there is basic fairness in this country even if you've made up your mind i think most people know and understand that both sides get to present their case and get to ask questions and there is a reason why they didn't want congressman banks
8:28 am
and jordan asking tough questions. they just shied away from that and they were afraid of it and the country is worse for it. >> the country is worse for it. crime is on the rise in new york city, all across the country. a career criminal out on bail randomly shrugged a woman on the street. the deal cut by alvin] district attorney. los angeles district attorney gascon's policies a man who later gunned down two police officer who died on the scene. prosecutors were pushing for a three-year sentence for the gunman. gascon's office insisted it was following the law. records show at least 156 police officers have been shot across the country since the beginning of the year. so the question is, jason, what are they going to do about this? this is not just happening in new york city, san francisco, or all the major cities.
8:29 am
it's happening in suburbs. as you know, even if it's a republican suburb, the county pros koouts and it is progressives that are leading the charge on this. >> yeah. look, it was two years ago kamala harris was out there raising money to help bail people out and get them out as fast as possible. you didn't hear and you still don't hear an impassioned plea that says we want criminals to be prosecuted and to do their time. you don't hear any advocacy by the democrats to say you know what? what about the victims in this case? what about the pharmacy that is just going to pack up and leave out of that community that really needs it is most? you don't hear any of that discussion. and i have heard you personally talk about this and the passion that you have. but we love our police officers and if you want a safe community you will need a police officer that has the moral support of not only the
8:30 am
elected officials but the community at large and then a prosecutor once they do arrest somebody that actually pros koouts -prosecutes them. not like the two police officers in california who died by somebody who should have been behind bars. >> police don't want to do the job anymore because of the tone and tenor set in the cities. check this out. "new york post" op-ed. police officers have always risked their lives when they go on badge and go on patrol but they didn't sign up to serve under a system that protects the criminal more than the victim or the peace officers. l.a. county has more residents than many states and they all deserve better. this guy has a track record in l.a., okay? 10 years ago when he was doing the robberies. then in 2020 he has a gun charge with drugs. the girlfriend days before
8:31 am
calls the cops and says this guy is threatening me. they didn't do anything about it. the cops tried to. d.a. didn't want to do anything about it. the wife is at the hotel. girlfriend and wife, two different people. she is trying to flee him and now they want to have an investigation, jason. we know -- >> this is what so wrong in law enforcement today. we need to pay the people more and support them more and when they risk their lives and take people off the streets, they've got to be prosecuted. and too many of these prosecutors have figured out let's put them back on the streets as quickly as possible. you know what? that's up to voters who i think in san francisco took the right action. they got a chance there in los angeles to reverse course. but don't just assume everybody will treat it the same. they don't. when the deputy d.a.s unite to say this person is a problem they need to get out of there.
8:32 am
our police officers we love and care for them but it is a dangerous job and they are not supported the way they should be. for those of us on the silent majority need to let our voices be heard and let them know we back the blue. >> i don't think people are sienlt anymore. they can't afford to. they are losing loved ones. like russian roulette when you walk down the street in a liberal or conservative city. the criminals are everywhere. they only care about the guns when it is a mass shooting. what about this guy with a gun? they did nothing about it. jason chaffetz. thank you so much brother. we'll see the penalty that dhs hands down to the border agents who didn't whip migrants. any penalty is outrageous and it came from the top. >> ukrainians are fighting on behalf of all of us. that's why we have a duty to help them.
8:33 am
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>> president biden announced another 1.2 billion weapons and more humanitarian aid for ukraine. now facing questions over his ukraine policies including sanctions on russia that have led to supply chain issues and spiking gas prices here at home. he told the a.p. he knew how those moves would affect americans. he said it is not about my political viefshal but what's best for the country. what happens if the strongest power nato walked away from russian aggression over 100,000 troops marching across the border to try to and to occupy, wipe out a culture of an entire people.
8:39 am
what happens next? okay. we have a lieutenant colonel with the u.s. army. thank you so much. did the president make the right moves with ukraine? >> this is gets confusing for people. the difference should we support the self-defense of ukraine and the president's leadership. should we support the self-defense of ukraine, a no-brainer. for putin it was never about ukraine but reabsorbing all the states. breaking down nato and marginalizing the united states. the biggest fan boy was china. exactly what china wants. by helping ukraine defend itself we're pushing away the russians and hurting chinese interests in europe and that is our interest. where this guy is totally screwed up is how he has done this. let's parse the things and put the military aid off to the side for a second and look at
8:40 am
the other aid package. i have one of the world's most talented and experienced guys on doing foreign assistance run multi-million dollar programs in places like iraq and afghanistan. he took a look at the $40 billion package he said dude, you can't spend that much money that fast and not create massive fraud, waste and abuse. that is not even good for the ukrainian government. they want to get rid of corruption. if you are throwing money at this country and you know what will happen, some biden yahoo is going to write four checks from the state department and give the money to four of their -- it will go to the u.n. or other national things. i think we have to parse what is important from where the president is working against our own interests. >> it is interesting because the fox news latest polling shows that 52% of voters disapprove of biden's handling
8:41 am
of the russian/ukrainian war. it is not just people analysts covering this for a long time. the american people don't feel like the president did a good job. what do you think they are seeing? >> i think they're seeing -- energy is a good example. for him to come out and say it's putin's energy tax, we all know that's a lie. if you look at the six quarters before the war broke out, which is quarters three months. that's all of the president's term. for every single one of those quarters global demand for oil and gas outstripped global supply. only an idiot would think that having a war that disrupts energy supplies isn't going to create a massive problem. and what do you do? all the things that you've done for two years to make it harder to get energy. shutting down keystone xl. making it harder to drill. all those things. you think they will have an impact? you had a choice in the run-up
8:42 am
to the war which you yourself were saying there would be a war, you could have reversed all those policies. >> why didn't he? >> he could have reversed all those policies and people would have started pumping like crazy and mitigated effects. he doubled down on we have to get rid of gas and oil thing and he just can't let loose of that. that's a political agenda. not an energy agenda. >> i can't help but wonder when a president makes a move like this. when he understands the consequences to the country. he admitted it himself. it makes me feel he is march eefd to an ideology and not what is best for the country. >> exactly. let me give you the perfect contrast. he is a democrat. harry truman. he could have run for president again because his first term was filling out fdrs. the korean war broke out and it was a disaster. everything was going wrong. there were a lot of things he
8:43 am
could have done to increase his chances to make the base happy and get reelected but he did the opposite including things like firing douglas mcarthur which was very controversial but the right thing to do. he made those choices because that was what was best for the country. and he was more interested in setting up the next president for success, which he did for eisenhower and then he didn't run for reelection. that's leadership. the guy is doing the opposite. saying i know the consequences but the american people -- you created all the negative consequences and they're your fault. living with them is blaming other people for it. that's just not partisan. >> he can blame whoever he wants. the american people understand it. thank you for coming in today. president biden's job approval rating continues to sink. new poll numbers are showing an even more dire situation for
8:44 am
the president. >> all these things are compounding and you've got this guy who is totally out of touch with reality giving weird speeches. >> get this. president biden seeking lack of support for those who voted for him in 2020 and who will he need to run with him again? that will be funny. power panel is next.
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>> president biden getting record low favorability ratings. only 42% have a favorable view of him. 457% favorable. it gets worse. even his core voters don't like him much. he is under water with 18% of democrats who have a poor view of him. jana and jason. thank you so much. good to have you today. so what does the president do? he promised to be this change agent. not a lot was broken.
8:50 am
a lot of people disagreed with the tone but now he has a real problem on his hands. >> he has an extreme problem on his hands because voters are now beginning to look at president biden as mr. burns from the simpson. decrepit old man who lacks empathy for their problems and blames everyone else. his numbers are incredible in the sense that democrats who supported him, especially african-americans, have really lost interest in his presidency from the start of his presidency he has lost 20% of young people, hispanics, african-americans and the numbers have gotten worse since then. 77% of the country believes that the country is on the wrong track economically, and we still have major issues at the border for the first time in our country's history, 100,000 americans have died from overdose of a drug within one year's time. the first time in our country's history. we have a lot of issues in this country and joe biden is not
8:51 am
the leader voters believed can lead us out of this. >> jason, i have two barometers what is happening in the country. when i go to the diners in middle america and the barber shop. when they're saying the same thing i think democrats have a problem. what do you say? >> i think there is a big problem for democrats and particularly for joe biden. we all know he is a very poor communicator. he has actually had some major accomplishments. i will disagree with a little bit of what he said. i agree the perception of him is poor but he has cut unemployment in half since entering office. 7 million more jobs, the most in one year in history. child poverty is at its lowest point in history. 5 million more americans have health insurance than they did under the previous administration talking about repeal and replace. the thing is with gas prices rising, people look at that and
8:52 am
look at $5, $7, $10 at the pump and they blame the president of course. when big oil is reaping its biggest profits in history as well. but at the end of the day it all comes down on the president. no one said being president is fair. he has to be able to communicate his accomplishments and speak to the american people and speak to his base who he is forgiving student loans for. >> here is the problem, jason. you don't get to promise the america people that you will fix everything and things get better and 56% of americans even when he went against donald trump said they were better off under donald trump. and so the bar wasn't really that high. he didn't accomplish that and now he is in a pickel. democrats have to admit it is not just a matter of blaming the president. he said he would do some things and didn't deliver. i have to move onto this.
8:53 am
republicans want a briefing from mayorkas on the plan to discipline border patrol agents in the debunk evidence whipping controversy. it would be an insult in the men and women of the border patrol. despite the policies of the administration. the migrant encounter last month reached nearly 240,000, record high. up 33%. i covered the incident. i knew it was a lie. i know who split reins are. he stole a purse and he didn't get whipped and they still want to punish the border agent. >> if there were procedures broken there should be accountability but certainly when you see what joe biden and his administration is willing to do in terms of using police officers or officers of the law as scapegoats to push back on
8:54 am
their own issues, we know there are a lot of issues going on at the border. politely i want to push back on jason's point earlier in terms of talking about what joe biden has accomplished. the jobs you are referring to would come back no matter who the president was. i think that's an intellectually dishonest point on the economy, not to mention for almost 18 straight months we had 11 million job openings catering around that 10 million with no one to fill them. the economy isn't going great and likely to have a recession. as we think of these issues as a collective the administration is in trouble. the mid-terms is the solution and putting republicans back in charge of the mess going on in the country today. >> jason. >> i don't know which point he wants me to respond to. the first thing i will say about the controversy with our border agents, i do think it's rich that republicans and people on the right are
8:55 am
supporting law enforcement when they did not support the 120 law enforcement officers of the capitol police who were injured january 6th. >> what republicans are not supporting the law enforcement? a lot of people find this shameful what happened at the capitol. i have to go. gentlemen, thank you all so much for joining "the faulkner focus". i'm lawrence jones. thank you for joining us today. harris will be back monday. "outnumbered" is next. to cause fewer ulcers than immediate release aspirin. vazalore. the first liquid-filled aspirin capsules...amazing! veteran homeowners, i have 100 great reasons why you should use your va home loan benefit to take cash out of your home. vazalore. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% percent of your home's value. you can take out $60,000 or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. now's the time to refi and take out cash.
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