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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  June 16, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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what a great way to wind down after a long work day. looks kind of like me here in the swamp in d.c. when it gets really hot outside. well, tomorrow on "special report," we speak with the daughter of british prime minister winston churchill about her new book concerning world war ii. thank you for watching "special report," i'm mike emanuel in washington. "jesse watters primetime" is next. hey, jesse. have great show. >> jesse: sound like you sung that line, mike. thank you. >> mike: see you, buddy. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: sometimes we all find ourselves losing focus. maybe it's because you have too many balls in the air. or maybe it's because you keep getting distracted by idiots. ♪ ♪ >> excuse me. stop humming, okay? this isn't accounting or whatever the hell you and your little pocket calculator were transferred from. >> sometimes you are disoriented
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that you miss what's really important. that's what's happening right now in america. our president and the rest of the democratic party have their priorities all wrong. in a new fox poll, 41% of the potential voters said inflation is their most important concern. with no other issue even coming close. and if you ask joe biden and the democrats, they will tell you inflation is their top priority. >> and i have said many times tackling inflation is my number one priority. >> jesse: but actions speak louder than words. instead of lowering prices and pumping more oil, democrats are just ignoring you. just look at what they are focusing on today as the to you jones falls below 30,000 for the first time in a year and a half. after not solving the border crisis and failing to pass voting rights, the white house is now giving kamala yet another task. drum roll, please: kamala harris is going to tackle
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cyberbullying. >> it is with that spirit that we are doing the work we are doing today to convene and to innag rate this task force. understand this effect all of us. if it effects any one of us. that's the spirit with which we convene today. and the spirit we are doing this work? >> jesse: well, whatever kamala was just trying to stay, that won't lower inflation melania trump already tackled and has a passage. >> what be best. >> jesse: stop plagiarizing the first lady. while kamala is wanting to deal with 13-year-olds never deal with ms-13. that's never going to happen. the rest of the party is focused on favorite topic, january 6th. >> we don't just do one thing around here. we take an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the
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united states. we do that every day. and then station of it now is the january 6th committee and i'm very proud of how they have conducted themselves. but we never take our eye off the ball or the kitchen table issues for america's working families. what unifies democrats the most is our concern for america's working families. we're here for the kitchen table, not the board room table. board room table gouge. board room table exploit. >> jesse: the only thing nancy pelosi is proud of for is the january 6th committee. shouldn't she be putting her husband paul in rehab by now? that would save more lives than her little committee? by the way she sounds like she is talking to a child. kitchen table good. board room table bad. that's what these snobs think of you. don't believe a word out of nancy's mouth. nancy spend more time with the guys in the board room than she does with the guys at the
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kitchen table. i believe it was the board room at visa that gave her and her husband that $1.5 million ipo cut, right? the truth is, there is nothing else for nancy to talk about besides january 6th because every other day of the year is a reminder of how bad the democrats have governed. do any americans care about january 6th? well, johnny hit the streets to find out. >> ♪ ♪ >> what issue facing america is most important to you right now? >> all the crime going on. >> gas prices. >> inflation is going crazy. >> the monkeypox. >> i don't think you have anything to worry about with the monkeypox. >> it doesn't work like that. >> me china lover man and the man don't love me back. >> i got to put me first. i got to put me first. i got to put me first. >> how specifically are these issues affecting your daily life? >> i have been taking more public transportation than driving my car. >> now i definitely would rather just walk anywhere i need to get
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to. >> i have to find another job, unfortunately. >> we don't feel safe. you really can't do nothing. you feel me. >> i feel you. >> i feel you, dog. ♪ ♪ >> how about all these hearings? >> what are you speaking about? hearings? what do you mean hearings? >> like hearings in -- like everybody thoughts? >> i can read your mind. >> my hearing is all right. it's good. it's all right. yeah. >> can you hear me now? good. >> what hearings? >> the january 6th hearings? >> i have no idea. >> you have never heard of the importance of january 6th? >> huh-uh. i swear. ♪ i swear. >> what happened on january 6th? >> am i supposed to know what happened on january 6th? >> you know you are not alone. >> i probably ate grilled chicken and vegetables. >> the capitol riot. >> there was a snow storm? >> it's snowing! it's snowing! >> how has the event of january 6th impacting your daily
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life? >> um, -- >> it's not impacting me personally at all. >> i don't think that's what the majority of america is focused on right now. they are trying to put food on the table. >> hearings aren't interrupting the show. it shouldn't be interrupting anything at all. >> this is boring! ♪ ♪ >> what do you think the government should focus on more? january 6th hearings or inflation and the rising price of gas. >> the rising prices of gas. >> i think they should focus more on inflation. >> they need to be worried about [inaudible] rather than foolishness. >> you have the ear of president joe biden. what do you want to tell him? >> go [bleep] yourself. >> resign. >> i'm grateful that he beat trump. >> are you better off now than you were three years ago? >> definitely not. >> you are willing to take the
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financial hit as long as a man you don't like in the white house anymore. >> no, not at all. >> that's what you are telling me. >> in a sense, right? in a sense that's what i'm saying. >> i'm confused. >> what do you want to tell the government? >> i love me some obama. >> who was obama's vice president. >> oh, jesus, i don't know. i won't even lie, i don't know. i'm not going to even lie. >> my name is joe biden. i'm barack obama's vice president. >> what do you want to tell jesse watters? >> yea! [laughter] >> jesse: inflation and gas prices number one. so why do we keep hearing about identity politics from the democrats? >> house democrats this week are tackling something that effects maybe a half dozen people in america. they are going to refurbish the bathrooms on capitol hill to be gender neutral. i guarantee you this will cost a fortune and will be used by a maximum of 10 people. let me explain this to you at the capitol they have bathrooms
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that say men, and bathrooms that say women. this apparently is a big problem for congress. so they will be building a third bathroom on every floor. and they will be used by people who have transitioned from male to female or from female to male or by people who don't identify as either male or female. in other words, barely anybody will use them. so they will be the cleanest. therefore, i will be using them the next time i visit the capitol. or maybe nancy pelosi will use them. >> give a warm drag race welcome to the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. >> oh my god. [applause] >> my honor to be here to say to all of you how proud we all are of you. thank you for the joy of and beauty you bring to the world. >> awe. >> your freedom of expression, of yourselves in drag is what america is all about. >> jesse: we don't have a problem with transgender people
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or transgender bathrooms. but, is this really what we are focused on right now in the united states of america? apparently it is. here is the michigan attorney general. >> do you know what is not a problem. drag queens? okay? drag queens not only are they hurting our kids, drag queens make everything better. drag queens are good. drag queens are entertainment. and do you know what i will say [inaudible] i say this. [inaudible] >> a drag queen for every school. is that what nancy means by kitchen table issues? bringing drag queens into the classroom? over the past five years, new york city spent 200,000 in taxpayer money to have drag queens come into classes and spend time with kids as young as
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three. it's happening all over the country. democrats are so focused on identity politics, they are making it a part of elementary school curriculum. and where is joe biden in all of this? well, he eased his way into the week with an aa nice low stress monday. commission to study the potential creation of a national museum of asian pacific american history and culture act. got that? while america is in crisis, our president is considering maybe, possibly creating a commission to study the creation of an asian pacific museum. but joe didn't stop there when it came to identity politics. he had to make sure the gay and lesbian community had his focus. this is pride month, which is fine. there is a month for everything. but if you are going to celebrate pride month, at least get the name right. >> i'm also to have pride to sign an executive order in my first day in office to combat discrimination against lbgtql --
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i, excuse me, plus. >> joe says he is defending lgptq rights. next month is he setting to saudi arabia to go hat in hand begging for oil. this is a did you know tri where they stone feel death for having same sex relationships. joe will sell out to the saudi's for oil rather than play nice with oil people here in america. doesn't sound like he cares too much about lgbtq right, does he? joe says she have lots and lots of pride. >> pride is back at the white house. [cheers] >> and they this has been the most pro-quality administration in history. we have more lgbtq plus people than any administration or every administration combined. vets jess joe biden is saying that his administration has the most gay and lesbian members in american history. his administration is also the worst administration in american
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history. is gay america proud of being associated with that? and why is this the only thing joe biden is proud of? maybe because there's nothing else for him to be proud of. many people on the left aren't proud of america at all. >> let me tell you something for the first time in my adult life, i am proud of my country. because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback. >> we're not going to make america great again. it was never that great. [laughter] we have not reached greatness. >> so are you arguing for throwing out the constitution? sacred document. >> it's certainly not sacred. the constitution is kind of trash. >> constitution great. country wasn't that great. country is racist. unfair. destroying the environment. that's all you hear from these people. they are not proud of america as a whole. we have shown you the statistics.
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1 percent of the country is trans. 3% of the country is gay. that's all they are proud of? just forget about the rest of the nation? is that the message they are delivering? don't you dare say you are proud of men in this country because that's toxic masculinity. that's divisive. no one should be left behind in america. everyone is included. why are the democrats keep picking winners and losers? why do the democrats keep denigrating people based on race or celebrating people based on sex? stop chopping us up into special interest groups divide us. we are one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. now, can you go get to work and start dealing with the one thing that affects all of us? no matter who we want to sleep with? no matter what we look like? inflation. mike pompeo is the former secretary of state and a fox news contributor. all right, your reaction
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tonight? >> jesse, thanks for having me on. boy, that was a trail of foolishness. foolishness from the administration. it was absolutely ungrounded in the reality of the american people are living. you described it the folks that you interviewed laid it out pretty clearly. the things that the american people are, being safe, taught the right things in school. the fact that they can afford school for their children, those are the things that the american people care about. the good news is jesse i have to tell you, when you see the polling data and talk to folks around this country they get it, too. they are looking for a big change. i'm confident they are going to bring one in november. they are not buying what the biden administration is selling. >> jesse: why are they selling that? joe and the democrats have to know this identity politics thing is not working for them. why do they keep doubling down on it? it doesn't make any sense. >> well, i think the president doesn't really understand the magnitude of what's taking place here in the united states of america. i think the entire team around him is so left, so woke, so
4:15 pm
disconnected from the things that matter to the american people that all he hears in his little circle whether that's up at his house in delaware or sitting in the oval office for a few hours today i think what he is hearing is exactly the opposite of what you and i have been talking about tonight. he doesn't get it he is not about to be nimble and pivot and go back to what matters to the american people. he is going to keep pressing the agenda of the leftist that elected him and hope that he can hang on for the last two and a half years and tell the american people yes, this was the greatest four years in america when in fact the american people can see this one of the most dangerous four years that we have experienced. >> jesse: i agree. i'm wondering if it's because they are so disconnected because of covid. they all isolated they didn't go out and talk to anybody. they stared at twitter and thought twitter was rural america that's why they don't understand the country. do you think that's what it is? >> they do live in that little bubble, jesse, although i guess not enough of the bubble given that dr. fauci got covid this week as well. maybe a little more of a bubble
4:16 pm
would have served them well. they literally it's a feedback loop. internal circle. can you see it with the remarks of speaker pelosi drag queen event and says this is what the greatest thing about america. america people get that's being gaslit. they know what's great about america. essential institution. those are the things american people are focused on, take care of the families, drive their kids to soccer games all of this good stuff. folks are disconnected and i think they sit in that little bubble inside of washington, inside twitter sphere of the left progressive and think boy, we are just doing great. >> jesse: they're pandering to about that much. pander to everybody. how about that? how about you pander to america? that would be much better. my favorite thing of the night when the woman says january 6th hearings? i can't watch my shows. all right. mike pompeo, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. thanks for having me on tonight,
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>> jesse: here at "primetime" we are still prying to process trys what's happening. they are all about objectivity. first don lemon asking tough questions and then last night we told you that the networks three favorite words have been banned. >> even those who say the big lie is, in fact the big lie. >> keep pushing the big lie. >> primary driving issue in some cases is the big lie. >> supporters of the former president and the big lie. >> the big lie. >> the big lie and the big lier.
4:23 pm
>> jesse: the new president of cnn chris licht has banned the phrase "the big lie" from the air. the as much as the talking heads at cnn love to say it, they didn't come up with it on their own. they heard it first from joe biden. because up until recently, cnn worshiped joe. couldn't get enough of him. and all his catchy little phrases like putin price hike. but then cnn looked at the ratings and to their dismay realized biden is bad for business. in fact, on tuesday, cnn suffered its smallest weekday audience since 2015. now, according to my math, that's seven years ago but you should check it. they are averaging under 400,000 viewers. and now they don't want to be associated with biden anymore or his big little lie. but if you thought that was a big deal, listen to this. there are whispers that cnn sweetheart brian stelter will be getting the boot very soon.
4:24 pm
he was jeff zucker's yes, sir man and the new boss at cnn doesn't trust him. his days at the network are numbered according to reports. this is a lot to take in. i'm sure the people over at cnn are feeling pretty overwhelmed. starting over isn't easy. it takes a lot of will power to break old habits. to teach an old dog new tricks. but we believe in cnn. you guys can do this. and here at "primetime" we want to help. so we came up with a couple of stories you may have missed over the last few years. and don't worry. it's not too late. they are still worth looking into. you can start in wuhan. i hear there is a lab there up to some shenanigans. you might want to check it out. and the black lives matter protests in 2020, were they really mostly peaceful? and where did all that money go that they raised? and last, but certainly not least, hunter biden's laptop. there are a lot of goodies in there. have you guys seen it?
4:25 pm
people are calling it the laptop from hell. now, this is just a starting point. there's a lot more work to do and i am happy to help. cnn, if you need any more story ideas or advice you can text me any time. my number is on the screen. according to joe biden, the biggest threat to our nation is domestic terrorism. he talks about it wherever he goes. so you would think that when a group of anonymous terrorists start fire bombing buildings, he would take notice. but you would be wrong. biden hasn't said a word about the new extremist group targeting pro-life charities. they call themselves james revenge and like a terrorist cell they have been activated by the supreme court leak. a leak that for some reason law enforcement hasn't gotten to the bottom of yet. i wonder why? i think we know. last month james revenge wrote a letter demanding that all pro-life groups close their doors. if they don't do that within 30
4:26 pm
days, james revenge said they would come after them. and guess what? those 30 days are up. on tuesday the group wrote another threatening letter saying, quote: your 30 days expired yesterday. we offered an honorable way out. you could have walked away. now that the leash is off it's open season and we know where your operations are these lunatics are sticking to their word. so far there have reportedly been over fitter attacks on pro-life groups across the country. it's happening in states like wisconsin, colorado, florida, new york. even washington, d.c. look at this. this is just some of the damage they have caused. they are torching and vandalizing buildings. smashing windows. writing threatening messages like if abortions aren't safe, then you aren't either. this is domestic terrorism. something joe biden said was our biggest threat. but because these beasts aren't parents at school board meetings, seems like merrick
4:27 pm
garland doesn't care. as i said there have been over 50 violent attacks pro-life groups since the supreme court leak and there have been zero arrests. not only that, law enforcement has zero suspects. well, i have a few suspects, jane's revenge. the group actually claimed credit for some of the attacks. so what the heck is the biden administration doing about this? it's only going to get worse when the court releases the opinion by the end of the month. if jane's revenge was a right wing group the fbi would probably have a dozen under cover agents infiltrating them and entrapping them before they could commit a single crime. like antifa, violent pro-choice terrorists are just an idea. carrie severino is the president of judicial crisis network. all right, carrie, what's been going on with this group jane's revenge? >> yeah. you know, they are associated with anarchist groups. they are very shady, it's hard to trace where their money comes from.
4:28 pm
but they clearly have an objective of violence and they aren't afraid to call for really extreme things. what they have done so far is absolutely against federal law. not only obviously, you know, the idea that committing arson and things like this. this is clearly against the law. but the faith act which precketsd famously abortion clinics also protects churches and it protects anyone giving reproductive counseling which, of course, is what these centers do. many offer ultrasound services this violates federal laws. something attorney general merrick garland ought to be looking into. they have shown even in recent days they are able to address and stop before they start certain types of riots and attacks but they seem atlantic uninterested. and these are people who have announced their intentions ahead of time. they said the decision that comes out 8:00 p.m. theyment people to go out at night and get physical as they put it. this, and express your rage in that way. it's absolutely a group that
4:29 pm
should be stopped immediately before someone gets injured or killed. >> jesse: we can find a terrorist in afghanistan halfway around the world and put a missile through a window. and then you have jane's revenge? a bunch of cooks in america claiming credit, putting out press releases, torching things? putting blood on these buildings and you are saying the federal government can't seem to crack them? i don't even believe it. i don't believe they can't solve this crime. carrie, thank you so much. and we will have you back when things get -- we assume a little uglier later in the month. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: don't go anywhere. because it's bath-time on prime time. there are new rules in america apparently. and we will tell you what they are. bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it.
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>> jesse: not that long ago blerns expected to act a certain way. carry themselves with decency when you would take a flight across the country. you have would dress nicely and show respect to the people around you. today things are different. if the flight attendant runs out of your favorite snack, all hell breaks loose. [shouting] >> jesse: on the ground things are worse. the days of professionals quietly commuting to work are over. in new york city, an unhinged man jumped onto the subway tracks and just stayed there for a hour delaying trains and making everybody late. passengers threw dollars on the platform to try to lure them out so they -- you know, could get to work. but a dollar is worth less in joe biden's america so didn't bite. the cops eventually got him out
4:36 pm
of there. all those people missed meetings and connections and this guy will probably be set free to characterize commuters tomorrow. if you think that's bad. it's nothing compared to what's going on in the trains. look at this. some man somehow got inflatable pool in the subway, just bathing himself. you know, subadub dub. splashing filthy water on the other passengers. nobody even look was up from their phones. it's just another day in new york. at least they didn't get shot. there have always been mentally deranged people but it seems like they now have free license to do whatever they want. they used to be shunned. separated from the rest of functioning society. now you can wash your body on a train and nobody bats an eye. our society has become numb to the perverts and freaks running through the streets. some of our once beautiful cities are littered with open air drug markets, where vagrants can sell heroin like ice cream and addicts can shoot up in
4:37 pm
broad daylight. when they're tuckered out they can retire to their beachfront property. you know, tents with an ocean view. why pay for a house when you can just claim land for yourself? people feel like they can do whatever they want because there aren't any consequences. in chicago, a naked woman stole a cop car. ran over an officer and took off on foot. the suspect matched the identity of lori lightfoot but she has an al guy. in d.c., a full on brawl broke out at a restaurant. for some reason none of the fighters had any pans on. [shouting] get the [bleep] >> jesse: i don't know if the pant came off during the fight or they had no pants before? what do i know? i also don't know this. is this what joe biden meant when he promised to get back to normal? i don't think so. used to be widely accepted that children shouldn't be exposed to
4:38 pm
things like, i don't know, nudity and erotic dancing? but today many parents bring their kids to s and m parades and drag shows and force them to watch exhibitionists just dance up and down the street ♪ ♪ this is not okay. this is dissension by the left. they are destroying normal society. this didn't happen overnight. our country's values were slowly ground down. everything we were taught growing up is all of a sudden wrong. the age of consent kind of wishy washy now. gender isn't real. police are bad. criminals are oppressed. public drug use is now compassionate and america is down right racist. these are the new rules. the question is are you going to play by them? michael shellenberger is the
4:39 pm
author of san fransicko and he joins me now. michael are there more crazy people now or there are the same amount of crazy people but the normal people aren't telling them to knock it off? >> hey, good to be with you, jesse. it's definitely the latter. you are right, we used to require that mentally ill people be in hospitals. we shut most of those hospitals down over the last 75 years. we then went to having sympathy for folks but aclu sued and prevented us from being able to hospitalize people who are mentally ill. now we are down right celebrating dysfunction and mental illness and diva genesee in ways that undermine social norms. that's been the objective. this is what the radical left has sought ever since the 1960s is really a breakdown of public morality, of basic norms including for protecting children. >> jesse: why would you celebrate diva genesee? why would you celebrate having nude people parade around in
4:40 pm
front of children? why would you celebrate, i don't know, people naked in the subway? why would you celebrate that? >> yeah, i mean, it really comes from the radical left it comes from an anti capitollist, anti-civilization idea. but it has become very nihilistic. there is not really a utopian vision for the future anymore. it's basically the radical left is seeking to undermine these social values. these social norms. just as a thing in and of itself because they really are motivated by a kind of hatred of modern liberal capitalist democratic societies. >> jesse: you are right. it's a path of destruction. you know, you destroy the federal bench, you destroy businesses during riots. you know, you destroy the penal code. i mean, everything is up to are torched, right? and that's the goal. and you crush everything. but is it the action of destruction that they get off on because what do you do once everything is gone? >> well, they don't really answer that question.
4:41 pm
but you are right. you can see the pattern is very clear. they shut down the psychiatric hospitals. they shut down -- they are trying to shut down the police stations. they have intimidated the police from enforcing laws. they have been shutting down prisons and they have been shutting down power plants. they are really out to dismantle the institutions of civilization. >> jesse: why don't we live out in the woods and we can all make fires by rubbing two sticks together because that's where we are going if they get everything they want. michael shellenberger, thanks as always for joining "jesse watters primetime." >> good to be with you. >> jesse: we all know what's inside ashley biden's diary. ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: we now know what's inside the biden family diary at the center of a federal investigation. and while the government is trying so hard to keep it a secret. according to the daily mail ashley biden wrote in her diary had been hyper sexualized as a child. quote: i remember having sex with friends at a young age and showers with my dad adding quote: probably not proponent.
4:47 pm
no wonder the feds have been knocking down the doors of journalists, literally. they are desperately trying to get their hands on this thing. the mail also reports that ashley biden abandoned her diary at a halfway house. so it was not stolen. it was found. by the way, what is with the bidens? everywhere they go they leave behind a trail of incriminating evidence? ashley abandons her diary at a half way house, hunter leaves his crack pipe in a rental car, dumps a gun in a dumpster, leaves his laptop at a repair shop. whenever somebody finds any of these things they try to pass the buck blaming journalists who plush it calling them putin's puppets but none of this is russian disinformation. it's all real. there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the biden family and that is an understatement. josh boswell is a daily mail senior reporter who has been looking into this and he is here to tell us more. what more can you add to this story? >> good to be here with you,
4:48 pm
jesse. yeah. so this diary we have managed to verify it the "new york times" has reported that this is real. this diary. and it is really quite worrying the kind of things that are in there. not only do you have these musings by ashley that maybe her dad was sexually inappropriate with her when she was a child but also she says that she is completely broke and that she is going to her father for money. that she was in and out of rehab, sex and drug addictions, and that she was making her dad cry even before the democratic primary debate. this kind of thing, if it fell into the hands of, say, the chinese intelligence services before it was made public could be a serious counterintelligence problem for the united states. i think it's really important that this had been revealed now. i think that what's really interesting is that there's been reporting over the fbi investigating the how the diary
4:49 pm
came out. but not into the actual facts inside the diary or the musings of the president's daughter. the president was possibly, she thinks maybe, sexually inappropriate with her when she was a child. i think this is something that we all need to be looking at very carefully. >> jesse: some people could say, you know, this is a girl's diary. you don't read someone else's diary. you are comfortable though as a reporter with the daily mail putting this out there? you think it has news value? >> yeah. so i think this was a really important consideration for us. we did not just put the whole thing out there. we were very careful in what we chose to report. and what we chose to report was the things that were of public interest. national interest. so the things pertaining to the president. the things pertaining to potential crimes. and, you know, there's a lot of other stuff in the diary, but we are not going to go into that. i think what we have reported here, those things i just listed
4:50 pm
are really important for the american people to know. actually, this is the president's daughter. secrecy jess there is something very corrupt about the biden family but something extremely tragic about this family. it makes you sad. it really does. it makes you sad when you hear some of these things. thank you so much for your reporting. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> jesse: well, it looks like dr. fauci is feeling better. >> that's the question. have you ever seen -- ever received a royalty payment from a company that you later oversaw money going to that company? >> jesse: wow, beat covid pretty quickly. also, i'm reading your texts ♪ you and i ♪ we look for love it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene.
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4:56 pm
avoid a special someone. the first thing that came to our mind, did dr. fauci expose himself in purpose to coronavirus? why would he do that? well, tomorrow he was supposed to get into the ring with senator rand paul to testify under oath about the pandemic. maybe he decided to prove us wrong and show up to take on rand over resume. but he there waiting. >> can you tell me that you have not received a royalty from any entity that you ever oversaw the distribution of money in research grants? >> first of all, let's talk about royalty. >> that's the question very heavy ever overseen a payment from a company that you later oversaw money going to that company? >> you know, i don't know as a fact, but i doubt it. >> here's the thing is, why don't you let us know. >> people who receive loyalties
4:57 pm
are not required to disclose them. >> jesse: surprise, surprise, another nonanswer from the doctor. but fauci did tell us one thing, that despite letting the sketchy virus leak out of their lab, fauci is still going to spend our taxpayer money to chinese labs. he is still going to do it. guy is out of control. all right, waters window. my little issue yesterday, just want to make some things clear. i have been mispronouncing the state of nevada for quite some time. probably at least a year, maybe two. i was finally corrected, it is nevada, not nevada. i blame my mother, she says nevada. i was pretty proud of myself until we got to the end of the show. and one of my cocky producers decided to put in a text message that challenged my ability to name capitals, and i am just as
4:58 pm
cocky as this producer and said i can name all 50, and he said all right, the text was what is the capital of nevada. first thing that came to my mind was vegas. wasn't right. and in pete hegseth, who was on sat, and another producer, not as bright as i am said reno in my ear. and i went with reno. and it was also wrong. it is not reno. the capital of nevada is carson city. i got it wrong, but you know what, i think everybody in america would get that wrong. that is the least known capital of all the 50 capitals. no one knows carson city. no one -- montpelier is the capital of vermont. the producer and my air. i'm supposed it was other people, i'm not supposed to be quizzed myself. let's get that straight. let's do some texts now.
4:59 pm
from florida, i just want to say i am a republican and cringe every time democrats try to associate me with identity politics. trust me, there are a lot of people who feel the same way i do. watch out for that red wave. wayne says great show as always, jessie, however, with pride month, you said everyone has a month. when will veterans get a month? you guys get november. there you go, i just gave you november. that's an interesting name. jesse, tell the truth, joe probably had hunter over in saudi arabia right now negotiating a huge commission for purchasing oil the biden family of course. that's right. holding ten for the big guy. jan says how soon can we expect to see your son say "on watters of this is my world?" we are working on that. if he's not sentences yet. one word at a time, but when he does it we will show it. jim from california.
5:00 pm
jesse, introduce us to the lady who does the finger countdown at the end of your show. we need to know. her name is allie, and i don't even know her last name. [laughs] what's your last name? allie, probably should not say her last name, she might not want name out there. that's probably best. dvr the show, tucker's next comment i was a member, i'm watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ home >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." tony fauci back in the news, one thing if you people know about him, when he says he knows medicine, he's definitely right, he's been around it for a long time, tony fauci graduated from medical school almost 60 years ago. he's 81. that means he's three years older than the average life expectancy of an american man, that means he's 16 years past the age at which the average position country


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