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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 16, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ citi is committed to helping build black businesses through banking. >> harris: this is outnumbered. hello, everyone. i'm emily here with kayleigh and harris faulkner. all joining us tommy and brian. now, today we begin with growing outrage over soft on crime policies and the refusal to enforce law and order which are being blamed for the murder of two police officers. c the two were responding to a
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woman being stabbed at an l.a. hotel when they were shot by this man, justin flores. he had a long rap sheet. his girlfriend accused him of assault just one day before the shooting. he served two stints in prison and he was facing a third for possessing a firearm as a felon. that weapons charge could have sent him back to prison for three years. but under the liberal policies of los angeles da george gascon he was instead sentenced to two years probation and 20 days of time served one year later. after that, he slaughters two police officers. up until this week, corporal morales served 22 years. he now leaves behind a wife, daughter and a son. officer santana had only been on the police force for seven months. he leaves behind a wife, a daughter and twin boys who were
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reportedly born just this year. those are just two of the more than 150 officers shot in the line of duty this year. at least two dozen of those shootings have been deadly. tommy, i come to you first. not just because you're such a supporter of law enforcement, but because you've lived in los angeles. what are your thoughts? >> there's some tragedies that are just tragedies that happen and there's nothing that really can be done. after the fact we try to think of slewings but there aren't really. this is not that case. this could have been prevented. living in los angeles, i know you spend a lot of time in california. you know the felon lawless policies, culture of lawlessness is leading to not only average citizens being gunned down and killed, smash and grabbed, but all our officers being put in harms way. cgascon says he wants to focus on rehabilitation. there are some people who don't want to be rehabilitated. there are some people who should
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be behind bars and there's no excuse for them to be wandering the streets. these people are not committing crimes. not in newsom's back yard or pelosi' back yard. these are happening in inner city under served communities that are the most dangerous. that's why you are going to see a big shift in not only recalling these da's. gascon, they hopefully have enough signatures to force a recall on him. you're going to see other da's being in danger. but democrats advocating for these lawless policies, in new york, same thing. they will be under fire. not just from republicans. democrats are saying we want to be safe and it doesn't matter our political affiliation. >> that's what the residents in san francisco stated when they voted out a district attorney recently. that's probably an indicator of the writing on the wall for the l.a. da. my question, with everyone from the progressive left clamoring for tighter gun laws, what does it matter if they're not enforced? if gascon had followed the law,
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that guy would have been in prison and those officers would not have been killed. >> what's interesting, he comes out and defends himself about the fact that he was out. one of the things he says, sentence he received was consistent with the case resolution for this type of offense given his criminal history and the nature of the offense at the time he was sentenced. he had no history of violence, except for the domestic violence, gang member, with a huge rap sheet. at the last minute we understand his parole officer said maybe we should pull him back. maybe we should bring him back in. too late. he attacked. he's done. he's a documented gang member. there is no nonviolent gang that's ever been assembled yet. you're right about what's happening on the west coast. they're about to pull this da back. democrats are afraid to bring up defunding the police, afraid not to be tough on crime, going out
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of their way to distance themselves from it. >> that's right. harris, you and i have talked about the disconnect between what voters and residents want and what these liberal da's and city councils do. voters say we want criminal justice reform. not that extent. brian brings up the gang membership. that's something the lada did away with to the surprise of voters. that's what started the uproar. >> it's the way that it's sold, too, right? you got a lot of money in there that's got a narrative that's being woven across the country, not just in l.a. and new york, but other places, too, which is why americans have to wake up to this now. george soros and his $40 million behind this movement of liberal da's, he needs that. that money is still available. that's a problem. so what comes along with the rhetoric and narrative, with the promises that are then broken to the voters, we want reform, as
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you said. we want, maybe not coddled but we want to make sure everybody gets their fair shot. when someone commits a violent crime, how much fairness do they deserve? where's the fairness for the victim? right? and that's what people i think are kind of waking up to now. you mentioned a nonviolent gang. there are no choirs running the streets. >> exactly. >> there are no church choirs running around, join this gang for the betterment of america, right? they're not getting george soros' money through these liberal da's. 600,000 signatures are needed to recall gascon. that sounds like a lot. they're at 436,000 today. they've got until next week. i think they're going to get there. that's two. but there's so many more. there's alvin bragg in new york who got a tip of the hat when the president came, right? president biden after the two cop funerals. do you remember that earlier this year? he didn't bother to call that da out. that was basically an atta boy.
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>> that's right. >> a silent atta boy. >> kayleigh, harris mentions the sky rocketing percentages of anti-police incidents. we know police ambushes have increased over 300% over these last two years. where's the president on this? we hear nothing but silence. there's no condemnation of this violence. we know he has hosted advocates for defunding the police multiple times at the white house. when he does arrive, it's a little bit too little too late. >> markedly different approach from president trump who repeatedly brought officers into the white house, speaking at memorials for these officers over and over because he deeply cared about it. i hear about that when i go across the country. two officers saying he pulled aside his vehicle and shook our hands. you don't see that from the biden administration. this gascon character, if biden wants to do something, call this guy out. i get he's in your own party,
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but there are cops being killed. this individual should have been in jail for a minimum of three years. instead he got 20 days and two years probation which is reprehensible. now gascon's office said they would pay for the funerals of anyone killed by an officer. the language he has there, regardless of the state of the investigation or the charging decision. so a reporter, would that include paying for this monster's funeral? >> the answer is yes. >> i hope not. >> i think it's yes. yes. >> oh my god. >> this foundation, they are for defunding the police. stacey abrams is a member of the board there. that should be a disqualifier. >> should be. >> i see the rhetoric targeting police. we've seen already what that leads to. not just their ambushes and killings, but also a heightened
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level of suicides among our law enforcement or just them saying you guys do the job. we can't live in a society without law and order. that might make some people wake up at the border because they're leaving countries where there's no law and order trying to get into this one illegally. >> right. >> i want to point out the uneven handedness of women in this equation. you mentioned the domestic violence. and how recent that was. >> one day before. right? >> and so if that's the case, what does this liberal da care about? does he not care about crimes against women? say it out loud to everybody can hear it. >> that's a great point. it's obvious that his advocacy, his support, is not with the victims of any crime. >> certainly not with the kreupl. >> that's right. that's all appalling. our prayers and support are with the families of the officers and all of law enforcement every day. coming up, a pro choice group threatened open season on pro
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>> a pro choice group issued a disturbing new warning to pro life organizations and crisis pregnancy centers. as of monday, at least 13 pro life centers across the united states have been targets of arson, vandalism or both. now the group called jane's revenge, has a history of vandalizing property during protests. they are doubling down on their threat, writing, quote, we are versatile, we are mercurial and we answer to nobody but ourselves. we promise to take drastic measures against oppressive infrastructures. rest assured that we will.
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from here forward any anti-choice group who closes their doors and stops operating will no longer be a target, but until you do, it's open season. they say it's open season, brian. i have got to read a little bit more of what they write. they write everyone with the urge to paint, to burn, to cut, to cut, to jam, now is the time, go forth and manifest the things you wish to see. we have demonstrated in the past how easy and fun it is to tact. we are versatile. we answer to no one but ourselves. how about the doj? >> right. if the doj had been strong initially when they started protesting outside supreme court justices homes, we might not be in this place. we'll keep pushing the envelope until people push back. nobody is pushing back from law enforcement except people who are pro life and on the right saying, is anyone going to stop this? one of the columnists commenting
9:16 am
on jane's revenge said this reminds them of 1850s when john brown and company used to protest against slavery and try to kill slave owners and free the slaves, literally the wild west. next thing all out civil war. so if you are pro choice, you now have cart blanc to attack. the only thing that stopped the kavanaugh attempt was the sister talking her brother off the ledge. it wasn't even the marshals who spotted the guy. they didn't stop him until his sister texted. this gets me extremely worried. even for self-preservation, the biden administration has to say, is someone going to stop this? we're not gonna be able to bounce back from this if they hurt somebody. >> we already know how biden feels about this. >> from the '70s or '80s? the new biden is on jane's revenge side. >> i'm going to go circa 2021 on
9:17 am
this. >> okay. >> when senator cinema was chased into the ladies room 1507 and 1503. listen, use your bully pulpit to fight. >> how do we get here where liberals feel they have such a moral high ground.
9:18 am
they feel they have been anointed and appointed to do this. to take the word out of kamala harris' mouth, i think it starts with academia. these professors and popular culture are telling liberals that you are in the right and anything you do is a means to an end and you can do whatever you want. conservatives are so afraid of their own shadows, they don't say anything. they won't challenge it. you've got children being brought up in this liberal system from kindergarten all the way up. by the time they get to college they know they have the moral high ground. they can get away with anything. you want to arrest them? >> why don't they use their words? why don't they use their words? why are they canceling? why are they getting violent? where is the debate from the left? if they think they have the moral ground, it must not mean very much because they are running out of vocabulary. >> it gets worse. this is amy barrett whether talked about it. we've not put up the tweet until
9:19 am
now. if you're in the dc metro area, join us, falls church is a people praise strong hold. she sends her 7 kids to a people of praise school that she sat on the board of directors for. she attends church daily. clearly targeting her kids. here's where you come in, emily. the law. will the doj, civil rights person in charge of prosecuting this, kristen clark. kristen clark has quite a storied history when it comes to these pro life centers. she called them harmful and predatory, anti-choice movement will stofp at nothing. this is the person who is supposed to prosecute, emily. what's she doing? >> part of my role as a federal attorney at the end was a detail exploring judicial bias. there is nothing that exists that's bias if it's not that. for an administration that says if you see something say something but all of us as civilians are supposed to appreciate that concept so the sisters, the regular average
9:20 am
americans are the ones that can blow the whistle on things. what more do you need? what more evidence do you need than direct threats and call to arms, call to action for violence. we are watching this train that has left the station. it ends in violence. i do not know at what point it will be stopped before the end when it crashes and we say those people who were killed, those deaths, were preventible. >> we don't even have a decision yet. >> nsda sent a letter to the white house saying the parents were a problem. doj said we're going to have the fbi look into it. five days. you have to be a liberal special interest group to get any action from the doj. >> why aren't these being called hate crimes? if they are equating pro life with religious institutions and churches, you think if that was a mosque there wouldn't be an absolute uproar and that would be prosecuted immediately as a hate crime? here it's part and parcel, but
9:21 am
we will see absolute silence. >> this is the same government that when it came to lockdowns, they locked down the churches. they locked down anything like this. >> we have no decision yet. can you imagine when the supreme court justices hand down the decision. if it's like what we heard that was leaked out, is this going to be the good old days when you talk about the violence? this is the pregame show. >> yep. sad and scary. since vice president harris has been so successful as border czar, biden has given her yet another. that's next. bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies,
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>> we need to reair that. we have a slow spot coming up. we have a list.
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president biden has given kamala harris a new job, online harassment task force. this is a very important job. so are her others. it's the newest responsibility, adding to her portfolio, which already includes the border, voting rights, the national space council an more. the list goes on. tommy, we need for her to do her job. america succeeds when our leaders succeed. where is she? >> we talked about this before. i think she's perfectly doing nothing. if you do nothing, you can't do it wrong. she keeps getting away with doing nothing. she doesn't feel the need to try a little bit. not saying online harassment isn't a big topic. it is. but the biden administration must not think it's a big topic because they're giving it to kamala harris. they must not want anything to be done on it. when you look at the topics of
9:27 am
the border. we've got maybe 15,000 to 20,000 people coming in a day. then you've got online harassment, which you can tackle when you talk about talking points but how is kamala going to tackle online harassment. you can't tackle anything. they have given her something she can talk about. like going to the yarn shop for her. she can talk about how bad bullying is. they have given her a job maybe she can't fail at but maybe she'll find ways to surprise us. >> we got numbers on the border. 239,000 illegal immigrants in those engagements at the border, those encounter with border agents, law enforcement opinion that is 33% above last may. we're in trouble. we're a sovereign nation, brian. but if you go anywhere near that border, it doesn't feel that way. this is her job. she has another job. why does she get more to do when she fails?
9:28 am
>> i have no idea. who else are they gonna give it to? they're not trying. with the trump administration, they didn't seal the border right away. the president was going through border czars. >> that's what biden said he was going to do. >> that's not happening because he doesn't care. there's no civil war that's forcing this. there's no weather condition that's making everybody leave central and south america. this is the crazeiest thing. he's absolutely ignoring it. he's allowed to ignore it. then if you want to know how ambivalent and unworried central and south america is over us, what about what happened in los angeles? nobody showed up. all the players that were supposed to be dealt with did not show up. >> he goes to the dictators then turned around and put on his schedule dictators. he's going to saudi arabia to beg for oil. >> that's unbelievable. >> i don't really get it. i do want to get to this.
9:29 am
it is a flash back, because that's really all we have of kamala harris. there's not much of her out today. >> i didn't mean that as a dig. i'm just stating a fact. >> all right. flash back of kamala harris who said extreme progress was made on the border. here it is. let's watch together. >> i commend all of them for the success they have seen thus far. i call it progress. we're not exactly where we want to be yet, but we have made extreme progress over these last few months because of his dedication an his efforts. >> kayleigh? >> extreme progress. let's talk about that. right before we came to air, we got some new numbers. 330,000 known got away so far this year. that's on top of 1.5 illegal border crossings. you don't even count. all of last year, there were 490,000. we're halfway through and we are almost at last year's numbers. she doesn't need more jobs.
9:30 am
when i think back to vice president mike pence, what's a deliverability? coronavirus task force. he led that each and every day. he was a great helper to president trump. what has she delivered, other than political posturing on student loans, which she wouldn't take a video for biden. she's assembling experts to talk about roe v. wade because she wants to be the leftist so she can, what, be the next president? good luck. >> there's so many things that she can do in terms of finishing what she started. she did get the messaging, don't come. that back fired. her first few days, remember that? she was the border czar. she told people, don't come to the border. then she had to flip that switch. i don't know if that was instinct, if someone had given her that script, but she had a script that was consistent with where we needed to be until we can figure this whole thing out. right? then she had to flip it again. come on in. then she got quiet.
9:31 am
>> i think there's a measure of self-preservation we are seeing from this life long politician who has set her sights, the occupation of those positions rather than actually benefitting the people. there is no worse qualified person, in my opinion torque head up the online bullying component of this government given that when she was district attorney and attorney general, victims groups of cyber bullying, of revenge porn, a whole host of cyber crimes said she was failing at her job. they said everything you said during your campaign was lip service because in case after case she actually refused to punish those who deserved those sentences for putting a lot of people in a lot of hurt. and she also, as you recall, kurrid the first donations from silicon valley. to have this person representing the average american who wants to be protected against the policies of the overbearing internet and these social media firms and also to truly represent victims, believe me it's not her.
9:32 am
so i wonder if this white house is deliberately setting her up to fail. last time i checked those polls show her as being ahead of biden. >> if they're doing that -- what does that tell you about the bench on the left? >> there is absolutely no bench. talking about gavin newsom, perhaps. i use a sports analogy. kamala harris prefers not to take the shot than to miss the last shot. if she wants to be president, she's got to take the shot and score on one of these jobs and say, sorry about the president, but i did what i was supposed to do. instead, she's saying, i hope nobody notices i'm here until 2024. >> that's what she should have been doing when she said don't come, let's figure this out, title 42. she started the sentence, but that's not what happened. >> get yourself a green shirt, go to the border and stay there
9:33 am
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when pain says, “it's time to go home” “i say, “not yet”. ♪ ♪ aleve. who do you take it for? >> hollywood's hypocrisy on guns has been called out before. bill maher called them out for not addressing the romanticizing of gun violence. >> now that we live in an age of uber corporate responsibility where every large company in america bends over backwards to get on the politically correct side of every issue, hollywood has to tell us that does not include gun violence. why rrpb we dealing with the fact that the average american kid sees 200,000 acts of
9:38 am
violence on screens before the age of 18? and that according to the fbi, one of the warning signs of potential school shooter is a fascination with violence filled entertainment. >> now a group of producers, directors and actors including amy schumer and mark ruffalo are writing a letter vowing to curb violence on screen. the letter stresses it is not asking anyone to stop showing guns on screen, but rather creators be mindful of on screen violence and model gun safety and practices. >> was this a memo to alec baldwin? gun safety, everyone. how tone deaf are they? i see what bill maher was trying to do. he's pointing out the double standard which i appreciate. but are they that tone deaf? are we not in the midst of top gun, highest performing movie? it's not the problem of
9:39 am
depicking the military or depicting guns or violence on screen. we've had that since we've had movies. we have that in culture, music. >> westerns. >> what is the difference? clint eastwood. those were times when we didn't have the gun violence or violence or lawlessness we see today. what is the difference? the difference is we don't have a culture that supports religion and family values and american values. that is the difference. we have people being parented by devices. parents are absentee. they're on their phone, not paying attention. we have kids who don't have the structure to grow up well. it's guns they are seeing on tv. it's not guns in their video games. that could be a problem that could push somebody to romanticize it in their mind. that's not the difference maker here. nothing that hollywood does to give us more woke movies or more musicals is gonna change that. >> emily, it is an eye opening statistic. i saw you kind of go like this. i did as well when bill maher said the average child by the age of 18 sees 200,000 violent
9:40 am
images. that is a lot. >> it is. i love your point so much. it is not necessarily what we are seeing. it's what we aren't seeing. it's what is not being celebrated. frankly, what is being shunned. if you are an actor in hollywood and you dare go to church, remember we saw a massive attempt at cancellation of that person. >> i remember that. >> yep, i think that in that absence of honoring family values, of honoring religion. we said that with i phones. there is no gun. water gun emoji. we saw that going back to charlie's angels -- >> giant flop. >> when drew barrymore didn't want to have guns depicted. that's one of the microexamples of the larger picture that's being ignored, shunned, cancelled that would have a greater impact. >> that wasn't a voice from god that came to emily. that was a producer that said chris pratt.
9:41 am
they have sensitivity. folks who read scripts of hollywood. they have intimacy coordinators who watch sex scenes. they're so careful with everything. >> intimacy coordinators. are they hiring? i'm not sure. >> family show. >> how do you prepare for that? >> it's not that show. >> they bring cigarette smoking on camera, right? you watch some movies, they constantly smoke. to your point, tommy, we always had guns on tv. my favorite show, if i can open up personally, was the rifleman. he shot somebody every day. single parent. he was going into middle of the town and shooting somebody. then i did my homework. i wasn't tempted to shoot anybody because there's something missing. guns are only part of it. i do think we have reached an age where bill maher is the voice of reason, and he actually is. i never thought we would be leaning on bill maher so much so often on this couch.
9:42 am
>> this started with alec baldwin. while we laughed about it being a memo for him, you are right. hollywood is so disingenuous when it says stuff about this. on thing they care about is the green of the cash. when we were covering alec baldwin and emily had dug up what happens on set for that environment, we know what gun safety looks like. i grew up with guns in the house. my dad was in the military. when you look at all of that, hollywood didn't collectively have the same kind of inverted look at itself in terms of how it was handling gun violence. it didn't talk about alec baldwin, in terms of a guy who maybe had made some mistakes. what did he do with the weapon to make sure it was safe? what did he learn about gun safety in all the years in hollywood? >> it's the conversations we need. we need to teach people how to operate firearms safely instead of being scared of firearms.
9:43 am
>> hollywood didn't look at that. they're not looking at that. they're looking at how to protect their cash cow. will smith, no gun involved, slapped a guy and they're still trying to figure out, how do we normalize will smith. we'll send him to meditation. if he quits first, can he resolve it with a mea culpa? you don't think they're trying to figure out how to get him back on screen? absolutely. >> it's simple. don't point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. >> there you go. coming up, since when is the word colonial offensive? why university named after one of the nation's most prominent founding fathers is dropping its nickname. that's next. (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13. (dad allen) we've been customers for years. (dad brown) i thought new phones were for new customers? we got iphone 13s, too. switched to verizon two minutes ago.
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>> cancel culture apparently has struck again. george washington university will no longer be known as the colonials. the school is dropping that nickname, saying it does not equate with university values in an effort to be more unifying. hmm. is it the hat? what is it, brian? >> i think it's washington in
9:48 am
particular. going at him through the colonials. evidently colonials are something they didn't hold themselves in the 1600, 1700s prior to the american revolution. but it was indicative of that time when washington came up in the area in which the school was located. political correctness gone amuck again. this is really insulting. i wouldn't be surprised if in five years should george washington come off george washington university. i think the school is $82,000 a year. they have bigger issues. bring the tuition down and leave the guy in the colonel outfit alone. >> i want to go back to basic vocabulary here. it's not the george washington colonialists. is that what they're getting at? >> that's a great point. >> no, seriously. do they not know the history of that? okay. just so we're clear. those are two different words. >> if i was a student there, i would be looking at what is the
9:49 am
attrition rate? what is the acceptance rate? what is the caliber of those who are accepted? what are the pass rates of testing? what are the job placement rates? why don't you answer all of those questions and make sure they are all 90% and higher and then talk to me about changing the mascot. that is what i would want my 86 grand a year to provide for me, which is an education, not reformative activism. >> colonialism, colonialists committing colonialism. seems so basic that they have missed that. >> we're teaching young people to be afraid of words and to be so fragile that they couldn't possibly exist in the real world. the real world is bending to the mob, unfortunately. we're teaching young people if you don't like a word or it's offensive, you can mob together and change it. not solve a problem for anybody suffering in life. you can change a word and it won't trigger you or flare up your microaggression and go out into the real world with their degree or painting degree or
9:50 am
whatever it may be and go, words offend me and wonder why they're not making $100,000 a year and still drowning in that student loan debt. maybe because you were so fragile in college, you couldn't withstand real life. >> yeah. challenging people on the job, that competition in the work place. even if the word is close to the word. colonial. colonialist. at least get it right. >> washington has a long history of this con founding behavior. washington redskins became the commanders. >> what does it have to do with -- >> they change the name. it has nothing to do with it. what is crazy to me is the people who are supposed to be offended don't even care. the students don't care. they were polling 43 to 43. with the redskins, the washington post, i'll never forget this article. washington post, how liberal they are. public poll showed nine out of ten native americans did not care about the redskins using the term redskins. that was the washington post. the irony of all of this is the
9:51 am
people who are supposed to be offended they don't care. >> the progressive left know what history is. they will tell the liberal community that minorities -- honey, i know what's better for you. you're gonna be called this. this is how you should vote. this is what you need. this is exactly what they do, shove it down the threat. instead of listening to them, they tell them how to vote, feel and think. >> what is the act of this? how do you stop the taking down of statues, the cancel of history? my goodness, know your words, know your history before you start to cancel it. >> couple things. we are seeing some natural push back. i think san francisco, that school board voted to take all those presidential names including lincoln off schools. they ended up pushing back and getting rid of the two board members who did it. you saw what's happening now. people rallied around to make sure president douglas' statue didn't come down in washington. they're now protecting andrew jackson outside the white house. as opposed to, let's just let them take it down. there was push back in a vote in
9:52 am
jacksonville for an officer to stay on the statue, too. people are saying, perfect people aren't necessarily on statues. if you want to qualify it, we're trying to solve this problem. this is almost a 50/50 vote. this has been percolating since about 2015. so i think this is somewhat of a step backwards, but for the most part i think there's a push back and preservation movement in american history. i'm hopeful this will continue. >> i knew you would be a solution finder. that's who you really are. >> thank you. >> intimacy coordinator. not yet, he's not. >> no. >> i just was inquiring about the qualifications needed. >> i'm going to a happy place. it's classy. it's beautiful. >> right. good job. >> just a little bit of news. a brand new show, tommy is fearless.
9:53 am
look at her in that. premiering monday 7:00 p.m. eastern. tell us about it. >> so outtick is part of the fox family. i'm so happy to be the first fox news personality to cross over. my show is going to be sports, politics, entertainment, cross section of all of those things. so what you're used to from me, of course, the passion and politics, but mixing in a little bit of sports. on outtick we put to bed woke sports and woke politics and woke entertainment and we just tell it like it is. we have some fun. it will be based in nashville, tennessee, which is my home town. i am so happy to be one of the first fox personality to get my show into outtick. i hope you come see our set. >> i'm coming. i'm so there. i can't wait. >> starting on monday. first day. we'll be streaming across socials as well. >> talk to me about outkick.
9:54 am
it's not kick out but that's what you're doing. you're kicking everybody out that doesn't make sense. >> we're outkicking our coverage. we're waking up the woke. we're going to have some fun, some humor, some sarcasm. >> go for it, tomi. a surprise is coming up, and i mean surprise.
9:55 am
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9:59 am
>> one day we were on the couch and said the five of us, no, the six of us, there is another one right here, we will reveal the gender in the coming weeks, so do a little gender reveal. >> like a bonfire on the beach and all that kind of stuff? >> no, nothing like that. but what a blessing, we prayed a lot about this and god blessed us with a child, a second child to join baby blake, my daughter. >> the child has great parents. >> thank you, thank you. >> we love you, we love baby blake, we love sean and can't wait to love this new baby too. >> i can't wait for them to be here, i do know the gender, i'm not one of the people that can plate wait. i have a friend that's waiting but i know right now, and we are going to reveal here, so, stay tuned on "outnumbered," a surprise. >> will sean come in? >> maybe i should have him come in. >> absolutely. >> yes, he's really excited. kept sending me songs for the top of the show. and you can't reveal the gender,
10:00 am
you can't do that one. >> right on the cusp of father's day. >> oh. >> there you go. >> thank you all for your support and fox. month more supportive place to be a working mom than fox news channel. >> congratulations, we love you so much. >> thank you all for watching, thank you for watching the special moment. blessings and love for you, kayleigh, and the whole family, and baby to be. here is "america reports." >> john: congratulations from all of us, special coverage of the january 6th committee hearings on this thursday. moments away now, the start of the third public hearing. focused on the events of nearly a year and a half ago. testimony today expected to focus on former vice president mike pence and the pressure he reportedly faced from his former boss to overturn the results of the 2020 election. i'm john roberts in washington. sandra, good to see you again. >> sandra: sandra


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