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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 16, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> steve: right out there, tomorrow, gavin degraw will take the fox stage for the concert series. if you want to be in attendance, get your free v.i.p. right now and join us tomorrow for his live performance and free barbecue for our friends. >> brian: do we have to register? we're registered? >> steve: sign us up. see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bill: how the l.a. d.a. george gascon will defend this one. a big question there today. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." gascon will have to talk about this. we're learning more about the man accused of shooting and killing two officers in california. he was no stranger to the
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justice system. >> bill: the rap sheet a mile ago. girlfriend accused him of assault and he served two stints in prison and under the los angeles d.a. policies he was let off the hook, put on probation. a year later and we have two dead police officers and a town that is reeling. >> dana: on the left side of your screen are the two officers. they were both husbands and fathers. >> bill: they are just two of the more than 150 cops shot in the line of duty this year. at least two dozen shootings were fatal. jeff paul begins our reporting live in los angeles with more from there today. jeff. >> bill and dana we're getting a better grasp of what happened leading up to the moment when the two police officers were shot and killed. we've obtained new security camera footage that shows how chaotic the scene was as shots were fired.
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[sirens and gunshots] >> in the timeline of this shooting the portion of the video took place there was a lot of gunfire. the officers were responding to a potentially stabbing call at a hotel in california. after they entered one of the rooms shots were fired. two officers died at the hospital. the suspect justin flores died at the scene. we're learning in 2020 he was charged with possession of meth, g*ufn, ammunition. having served two prison sentences in the past for car left and burglary. last year he pled no contest as a firearm as a felon and prosecutors dropped other charges. under george gascon he was sentenced to two years probation and 20 days in jail.
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deputy district attorney places blame on gascon's policies. >> it was preventable. if he would have allowed his prosecutors to follow the law, the individual, the suspect involved would have been in custody and not on the street with the firearm and would not have killed those officers. >> gascon's office said the sentence he received in the firearm case was consistent with case resolutions for this type of offense given his criminal history and nature of the offense. at the time the court sentenced him mr. flores did not have a documented history of violence. the community is remembering the officers killed. one spent more than two decades on the force leaving behind a wife, daughter and son. officer joseph santana was serving his hometown. he leaves behind a wife, daughter and twin boys. governor newsom here in
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california honoring the two officers ordering flags put up at half staff. bill and dana. >> bill: jeff paul. it does not get better. the campaign to recall gascon says it has enough signatures to trigger a vote this fall. talked to the co-chair about that later this hour. >> dana: fox news alert. soaring inflation prompting the federal reserve to announce its biggest rate hike in 30 years as the central bank tries to avert a recession. edward lawrence has more from the white house and all of the analysis and fallout from this decision. how do you see it today, edward? >> what you will see is the credit card interest rates and adjustable rate mortgages with a big jump. 3/4s of a percentage point to deal with inflation. federal reserve chairman said he had to make the bigger jump because of last minute inflation data and consumer sentiment at the lowest level ever which was eye-popping.
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he has never been more optimistic. >> you see some things -- sales going down but overall spending is strong, consumer is in good shape financially. they're spending. there is no sign of a broader slowdown that i can see in the economy. people with talking about it a lot. consumer confidence is very low related to gas prices probably. >> his rosie opinion differs from the latest fox news poll where just 18% say the economy is good or excellent. it could be joe biden and nancy pelosi's neighbors. on the other side of that 82% of registered voters rated fair or poor. look at where voters feel the pinch. food, gas, utilities as president biden continues to add regulations and restrictions on u.s. energy industry. white house economic advisor brian deese pressed by martha maccallum yesterday on when the president will be able to get this inflation down. >> look, there is a lot of
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people out there in the predicting business. we're in the building business. we're in the business of trying to put policies in place that will actually accelerate that outcome. >> they're pushing patience because of the transition the transition says he is forcing on this economy. the federal reserve is forecasting obama era growth for this economy under 2% with a slowly rising unemployment rate. back to you. >> dana: thank you so much. you follow this closely. did you see the fox news poll last night. personal financial situation, 47% say they're falling behind. 42% staying and -- >> bill: 2/3 of the american people say they're pessimistic. it happened quickly. the market will sell off in a significant way 2 or 3% again today. we'll teter on the dow 30 just a bit above 30,000. if it drops to 29, it is one of
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those mental markers, i think, that people will take note of. >> dana: the fed went further than people anticipated or -- i thought it was all baked in, right? >> bill: whatever the cake is being baked. the forecast would suggest that the economy will slow in a way that we did not think for some time but that's on the horizon. markets open in 25 minutes and we'll see what happens then. the man accused of planning to assassinate justice brett kavanaugh indicted for attempted murder. the safety of the supreme court in focus as activists continue to protest outside the homes of the justices. still happening. hasn't been stopped. hello, lucas. >> good morning. top republicans also sent a letter to the justice department demanding criminal prosecutions for those protesting outside the homes of the court's conservative justices. >> now under existing law section 15.07 of the criminal
6:08 am
code makes it perfectly clear it is flat out illegal to demonstrate at a judge's private family residence to -- that's the fact set we have here. it is not just immoral or civically toxic. it is a federal crime. >> protests have continued outside the home of kavanaugh even after the attempted murder last week. some democrats want to see president biden wants to sign the bill adding more protection for justices. >> we need to be mindful of insuring the security of our federal judiciaries, families and staff. i'm glad the house moved forward. >> vandalism has increased at pregnancy centers across the country. jane's revenge has called for open season to attack more pro-life pregnancy centers. ted cruz blames democrat for
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raising tensions zbloo. they're the party of mob violence. schumer was unleashing the radicals. you look at this lawless, very likely left wing law clerk who leaked the decision. the reason it was leaked was to allow threats and bullying to come at the justices. >> fox news has learned the president is expected to sign the bill to increase security for the supreme court justices soon. >> bill: we wait for that. >> dana: january 6 committee will hold a public hearing this afternoon. today's focus will be on president trump's efforts to pressure vice president mike pence to overturn election results. chad pergram will a preview. >> a constitutional debate whether the vice president has the power to reject slates of electors. retired federal judge is one of the witnesses. he advised mike pence that he lacked the authority to toss
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electoral ballots. committee also hears from former pence counsel greg jacob. attorney john eastman floated a plan for biden but the white house attorney chastised eastman for the scheme. >> the best legal advice you get in your life. get a great criminal defense lawyer. you'll need it. >> there is precedent for the vice president getting involved. then vice president richard nixon presided over the certification of john kennedy's election in 1971. kennedy beat nixon. after a recount, hawaii mailed in electors for nixon. nixon votes are what should have counted in the electoral counting total. hawaii was not a deciding state then. but nixon certified the kennedy
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slate during the session. he probably should have accepted the votes for himself. the committee today will not probe alleged surveillance tours around the capitol complex the day before the riot. dana. >> dana: chad pergram, thank you. >> we've been taken for granted for a long time. unfortunately the democratic party feel entitled to our vote. i don't care what side you're on, you must earn the vote of the people that are in that position. >> bill: that's congresswoman elect may ra flores. why some are calling it a blueprint for republicans this fall. >> dana: border agents apprehending nearly a quarter million migrants last month. all time record. what agents on the ground are saying. >> bill: if are you a member of congress how do you cast a vote from france? wait until you hear about this
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>> dana: disaster at the southern border and breaking its own records. border agents encountering more than 239,000 migrants in may marking the highest number in history for a single month. toppling the previous record set just a month before. bill melugin is following this live at the border in la joya, texas. hi, bill. >> it's a year now since v.p. kamala harris shared there was extreme progress at the southern border. the administration's own numbers do not reflect that reality. if we can pull up this graphic right now we'll get to it. the may numbers are out now and
6:18 am
staggering. cbp reporting there were more than 239,000 encounters here at our southern border in may. that is now the highest number in dhs history. there were 100,699 title 42 expulsions representing only 42% of that number and a staggering 14,699 unaccompanied children here at our border in may. a 21% increase over april. if we can pull up the video compilation we put together of illegal crossings we've seen in the rgb over the last couple of weeks we'll explain the massive enormity of these numbers. fiscal year 2022 began october 1. a 65% increase over the same time period in fiscal year 2021 which set the all-time record. back then it was 930,000. we're already at 1.5 million
6:19 am
now. listen to this, since the year 2000 there had only been one single month where there were more than 200,000 encounters at the border in march of 2000. that has happened now five times under the biden administration and there have been more than 100,000 unaccompanied children since october 1. that's enough to fill the entire stadium at the university of alabama. then lastly take a look at this wild video out of border patrol, tucson, arizona sector near douglas. they're coming from the mexican side and see some of them run towards the border. some trying to climb over the fence. some trying to dig or crawl underneath it. a couple end up popping out. border patrol on the u.s. side trying to respond in a couple of pickup trucks. unclear how many ended up getting through or how many were turned back. it goes to show you what agents have to deal with day in and
6:20 am
day out at our southern border. back out here live all the numbers we mentioned are just the migrants we know about. dhs sources saying there were more than 50,000 known got aways in may. now since 2021800,000 got aways at our southern border as the administration claims they have operational control of the southern border. we'll send it back to you. >> dana: it is eye-popping numbers, bill melugin. thank you. >> i feel like the democrats already have walked away from the hispanic community. they've gone so far left and they don't represent our values. the democrat party has completely abandoned us and taken us for granted. if you -- they feel they're entitled to our votes and feel they don't have to work for it. >> bill: a big win for republicans in southern texas. mayra flores flipped a blue seat to red for the first time
6:21 am
in 150 years. karl rove knows the area. her campaign was fascinating. she ran on border security and crime and inflation and supports legal immigration. she was born in mexico. she is pro-life. she stood up there and said everything under donald trump is better than it is under joe biden and she wins. how do you see it? >> i would add one other thing energy. this district particularly in the central and northern parts of the district has a lot of oil and gas activity. 85% hispanic and you have a good economy based on energy and they see democrats as coming for their jobs. so this is an historic win. the last time that the rio grande valley or the rgb was represented by republican was in 1871, denger. she is the first latina
6:22 am
republican from texas to serve in the united states congress. congratulations to her. >> dana: you wonder what it means if you can extrapolate that win to others. the quinnipiac poll for hispanics was eye opening. you have approve at 24%. disapprove 58%. if you are in the white house and your political operation at the dnc alarm bells go off with this. >> particularly since when he came into office his approval rating among hispanics was twice as high as it is to do. south texas, there is a district just to the west of ms. flores where republicans are expected to take it this fall. a party switch, a long time democrat state representative switched parties. the republicans are running candidates for state legislative seats. i think nine south of san antonio and running candidates in most of those districts
6:23 am
where they've never mounted campaigns before and remember, we have another hispanic who represents the western part of the rio grande region. representative tony gonzalez of san antonio who represents basically del rio and the big bend area runs from san antonio to the suburbs of el paso. bigger than the state of pennsylvania and a hispanic republican. it is happening because they're deciding they will vote republicans because the republicans are more sympathetic to their values and views. >> bill: values. we'll watch that over time. karl. 19 months ago the democrat in the district won by 13 points. so you ask yourself what has changed in 19 months? on the screen here is what we found about what's most important to you as a voter. 41% said inflation. that's gas prices, karl, you know that. border security is only at 7% among all voters right now.
6:24 am
so in that part of the country, what do people see that has changed over the past 19 months? >> well look, remember ms. flores is the wife of a border patrol agent and while that may be a national number that's not the number along the rio grande border because remember, these are the communities mostly adversely affected by illegal immigration. their hospitals being overrun, their social services that are being strained. it is their communities. remember that discussion in the previous segment about the getaways? where do you get they get away to? into these communities where they commit petty crime and desperate for food and water showing up on people's front steps. bill, you know this area. you went hunting with me in it. i've hunted in this area all my adult life in kennedy county, texas. and this is routine. so these communities know that there is a cost to illegal immigration. they are heavily hispanic communities. an affinity from people from
6:25 am
mexico but they want to support legal immigration not what they are seeing causing such problems for her communities. for her to say i know this issue and my husband deals with it every day was a way for her to make a connection with democratic voters who shared her concern. >> dana: thank you so much. love seeing on our show and we'll be in touch. appreciate it. >> great, thank you. >> dana: the fight against terrorism. u.s. forces conducting a successful raid in syria capturing a senior isis leader. military officials describe him as an experienced bomb maker adding no civilians were hurt in the operation or any damage done to quote coalition aircraft or assets. sounds like a very successful mission indeed. >> bill: still ongoing. inflation squeezing american families on every side. manufacturers facing record diesel costs passing it to you at home. dave ramsey knows this better than anyone. he is coming up live in a
6:26 am
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cross the stream! get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. directv stream. now save $30 over 2 months. >> bill: this is what we were waiting on or this is what we were dreading, right? off 600 points at the open for the dow jones. we're treading on the line of dow 30,000 and we have not been at that mark in almost a year and a half. you would have to go back at least i'll say 20 months before we were trading around 28,000 or 29,000. as we were talking at the break it's a psychological markets the day after the fed made its move. 75 basis points. the first time they've done it in decades. >> dana: hopefully not hurt people in the process, right? that's what the fed is trying
6:32 am
to do. so we'll give you more about that soon. >> bill: the pain at the pump. gas prices you saw our polling driving up inflation. the shippers deal with record high fuel costs. national average gallon of diesel now $2.56 higher it was a year ago. all that is passed on to you over time. lydia hu live in new jersey with more on that. give us some good news if you can find it. good morning. >> good morning, bill. i wish i had some good news here. the truth is diesel prices have spiked 80% over a year ago. that means the national average for a gallon of diesel now stands at $5.78. this shipping company has been forced to impose a fuel surcharge on all its deliveries at $250 extra to all its customers. they say the last time they had to impose a fuel surcharge president jimmy carter was in office. >> passed on a fuel surcharge
6:33 am
but the end user is getting murdered. >> they are a major driver of inflation hitting consumers across the country. according to the "wall street journal" higher gasoline prices contributed to roughly 20% of may's 8.6% year-over-year inflation rate because nearly all products are transported on a truck. diesel prices passed to companies that will ultimately going to the consumers. target warning its shareholders it did not anticipate transportation and shipping costs would soar as they can. fuel costs ran 160 million dollars higher than expected in the first quarter. amazon saying shipping costs have doubled for them and monster beverage are raising rising costs on freight and fuel. to give you an example. to fill up this truck last year it would set the company back
6:34 am
$650. now based on today's average price per gallon for diesel, it's about $1150, bill. >> bill: wow. that's no bueno, lydia. that's something else. that all comes out of the consumer's pocket and that's where the concern is. >> dana: dave ramsey is a personal finance expert and great to have you here today. show a couple things from the fox news poll last night. is this a problem for your family, gas prices? >> bill: 90% say yes, sir. groceries 88% and utilities 80s and healthcare at 69%. i hadn't seen that before. those numbers are big. you know gas prices are high and the cost of a car now at $712 per month. i know you talk a lot about this on your show. what are you hearing from your
6:35 am
listeners? >> well, i think they are scared because they are trying to fill up their car and i think most people get what you guys covered in the last segment. the fuel costs that biden by shutting down domestic production has driven these costs through the roof. simple supply and defend. the fed raising the interest rate won't lower gas prices. it won't stem inflation. a lot of our inflation is coming from fuel and all kinds of energy issues. a lot of our inflation is coming from a disrupted labor market. the biden bucks have driven the cost of labor up. those two things both enter into everything you and i buy and people are scared. >> bill: dave, you can stack up the issues one on top of the other. they seem endless. gasoline on screen $5 a gallon. think about where we were two years ago. think about the difference it makes in everybody's pocket. >> the good news is that the
6:36 am
people are rising up and from a political standpoint they will cause a lot of change because they won't tolerate this. then when we open the spigiot back up and big costs down and get the government out of the labor market. quit paying people to not work and be surprised they don't work and driving up the price of labor. all things come in. it turns out some of the left wing ideas of socialism when you plug them into the economy they don't work on a practical level. >> dana: those changes could come a little bit this fall but then the presidency is not until 2024. it feels like a long time for people. we have the other question that the next generation and their feelings on savings. 45% say they do not see a point in saving until things return to normal, whatever that might be for them. what is your advice for somebody who thinks that? >> that's sad. that represents hopelessness. and we are in the business at
6:37 am
ramsey of hope. quite the opposite. what that is, it's a generation who has never experienced financial turbulence. they weren't grown up in 2008. they weren't adults and so this is the first time they've gotten punched in the mouth by the economy and it throws you back. it sets you back. i understand that. but i would urge anyone of any age who is feeling hopeless or overcoming, overwhelmed by all this bad news is pan back, look at a longer distance of history. don't look at the moment in time and you can see that these things have come and gone before and they will come and go again. a good bloodbath politically in the fall will give an indication of the white house they have to change or they will get slaughtered again in another two years and so these political things have to spin out and then they leave their fingers out of the economy and quit jacking around with it. >> bill: i listened to you for years and i think your message is solid. how do you sell people on that?
6:38 am
at a moment of high anxiety? >> well, fear -- you never do good thinking with fear. when you are panicked, scared, hopeless, it never leads to good decisions in any part of our lives. the only way you loose hope is you lose your percent respective. we entered a bear market and probably going into a recession and inflation and negative things right now. but if you pan back and say over the last 20 years what does it really look like? we've come through stuff similar to this or as ugly and depressing as this before and so the stock market will come back. what's that mean? right now it's on sale. >> dana: that's on hemmer's mind. >> bill: although it is painful at the moment. graipt -- great to see you. thanks for coming back. >> thanks, guys. >> dana: shocking defeat for
6:39 am
the tampa bay lightning as the avalanche game one of the stanley cup finals. the winning goal was sudden death overtime. tampa bay the two-time defending champion will try to even the series in game 2 saturday. my brother-in-law was at the game. looked like they were having a good time. >> bill: good game. >> dana: i've heard the avalanche are faster than the lightning. i heard it. >> bill: we can watch. tampa won it two years in a row. really good team. good game last night. >> dana: great game. i'll have to watch saturday. >> bill: wild card in battleground p.a. democrats said to be nervous over the health of their candidate john fetterman. this democratic congressman was in france at a wedding when he cast a vote in the u.s. house. >> dana: my favorite story of the day. you have to see this.
6:40 am
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>> bill: here we go down to washington dr. fauci testifying remotely today testing positive for covid just yesterday. n.i.h. says he has mild systems and not been in contact with any senior officials or the president. he double vaxxed, boosted twice. testimony focuses on the government's handling of the pandemic. the hearing underway now. >> dana: critics are blasting a democratic congressman for reportedly abusing the proxy voting rule. the "new york post" reports mondaire jones used covid as an
6:46 am
excuse to get another lawmaker to vote for him while he was partying with an actress at her wedding in france last year. jimmy failla is on fox radio. his proxy voting record, sending in pieces of legislation between july 19th and july 27, 2021. he lived it up in france and showed up on instagram. this is supposed to be for covid. a lot of abuse going on here. >> total abuse. if we had dignity you resign for this. at a time they're boating on banning carcinogens in water he is in france. i know a lot of guys who wish they stayed at work and sent a proxy to their wedding to get married for them. this isn't what you are supposed to be doing. it is so metaphoric for everything that happened during covid. this is the summer of 2021 when biden was telling us not to
6:47 am
have a fourth of july barbecue but this guy was overseas. we were home and they were doing a conga line. this is an abuse. how is it not? such a brazen lie. if you had any dignity. there is no defense. if you read the letter. i can't be there health emergency. >> i can't attend because of the public health emergency. i'm in the south of france taking great pictures. >> dana: how can you live with yourself? >> an emergency, i'm out of film. who doesn't want to go to the south of france for a wedding? it looks embarrassing in this instance. >> dana: democrats are begging people to get their people back to office because the economy needs it. when they don't live by their own rules. >> bill: nancy pelosi brought this on itself. she extended the proxy voting for a long time until the end of this month. >> dana: it allows democrats in tough races to stay at home and campaign and not have to go to
6:48 am
washington >> that's the hook. people got used to day drinking in their page -- -p.j.s. >> dana: that was pretty good. >> bill: microsoft internet explorer has now gone the way of the blackberry. are you okay? >> i will survive but i don't mean to say it's an outdated piece of technology. if you know anybody who uses it, hit them on their beeper and let them know it's gone away. this thing hasn't been relevant since the 90s. >> dana: i never thought bit. >> when it took over it's when charlie bit my finger. >> dana: we interviewed that guy. i remember when internet first came out i worked on capitol hill it was netscape. >> that was old school. the hamster running.
6:49 am
the letter box thing. it had to go away. >> dana: i know somebody to this day as an earth link email address. >> are they amish? >> bill: i had that in fox business for a long time. >> my wife did. i had an msn a little bit. internet explorer, it was time to go. it's nice to see somebody deleting emails besides hillary clinton. i don't know want to tell you. there it is. >> bill: jimmy failla. >> dana: what's coming up. >> molly hemingway is in the house and we're having a grown-up talk about january 6 and google is ready. she is way too smart for me. she is talking and i'm looking it up. >> bill: you stare at that screen. >> a lot going on. >> bill: the campaign to recall the l.a. d.a. picking up steam. talk to the co-chair of that campaign coming up here.
6:50 am
record inflation, you know this the fed announced an historic rate hike. the white house deflecting the blame. >> they are using this moment, using this moment of war where the american families are feeling -- a feeling the high cost with food and gas. that is not a patriotic thing to do. um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so now we're in the present. and now... we're in the future. the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty? eh. find new answers. find new roads. chevrolet.
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think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. >> dana: the father of a little california boy killed by gun violence is blasting the state's policies on firearms. he says strict laws don't keep guns out of the wrong hands and shared his son's tragic story to help recall san francisco d.a. chesa boudin. >> i blame him for the handling of the case instead of being a district attorney, he was a public defender for the criminals here in san francisco. it tends to trigger situations where you continue to
6:56 am
perpetuate a cycle of violence because there is no actual accountability. >> dana: his 6-year-old son was shot and killed in 2020 while watching fireworks at a friend's birthday. his father said each of the suspects had a gun when they were arrested. >> bill: it doesn't have to happen. the recall of george gascon picking up steam and collected 600,000 signatures which would be enough under law to get on the ballot. the group hoping to collect another 100,000 or more. the co-chair kathy katie. good morning to you. thank you for your time. i think a lot of people are going to assume that it happened in san francisco, it will happen in l.a. maybe not necessarily so. make your case today. >> well, thank you for having me. so i will say that the recall campaign is confident that it will happen but it will only happen if people remain focused and we don't get complacent. we have already gathered over
6:57 am
566,000 signatures, the most that's ever been gathered in los angeles county, i'm told. as you know, when we turn those in some of them will be invalidated and so we need to make sure we have a cushion. our current goal is to continue to collect signatures and we hope to get another at least another 100,000. so that when we turn in our signatures that we'll make sure we get it on the ballot. it is crucial for people who live in los angeles that this happen. what's been going on for the last year and a half has just been really tragic and i've been representing victims in court trying to make sure that their cases are handled appropriately. but of course gascon and his policies have really endangered the residents of los angeles county and have just been really horrific for victims of crime.
6:58 am
>> bill: on the other side of the country it seemed as if the san francisco chesa boudin story was getting a lot of attention in san francisco. is the gascon story getting a lot of attention in los angeles? >> well, i would say that it is getting some attention. we certainly would like some more attention. but i would say that it is increasing and people are hearing about it more and when i'm out gathering signatures people certainly know his name and you have many, many people who will say give me that petition. i've been wanting to find that and sign it. we will continue to be out there diligently working to make sure that we have a cushion so we get it on the ballot so voters can decide and we can get a prosecutor who actually prosecuting crimes. >> you have two dead cops in el
6:59 am
monte, california east of los angeles. this is a significant development here. those who say that man should have been locked up. had other charges against him not been dropped. now, you have a case to sell to the people of los angeles and the question is whether or not they listen to you. give you the last word on that. >> right. thank you. and we certainly hope that people are listening. crime is up, people are afraid, and victims are just being retraumatized and we really hope that people will continue to sign the petition, send it in. we need it to be done immediately so if you have one at home, please make sure you sign it and get it in immediately. we really need this on the ballot for the sake of our county. thank you so much. >> bill: i have some numbers, 566,000 collected. you have a deadline coming up the 6th of july. a few more weeks to go and we'll see if you get there.
7:00 am
kathy cady live in california. >> dana: federal reserve taking drastic measures to fight runaway inflation raising its basis for 3/4 percentage point. that's the biggest increase since 1994. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: my jacket bliengd -- blinding you? >> dana: i like it. i think it's a good summer jacket. >> bill: good morning. i'm bill hemmer. the fed signals it will push rates higher admitting there is a greater chance of recession. stocks are falling in a brutal way today off 700 points in 30 minutes. inflation still rising sharply under president biden. everyone wondering how much higher it will go. good question. >> i believe actually we're in a recession right now. i think the economy slammed into a wall two weeks ago. you are seeing a big decline in employment now and layoffs and
7:01 am
you are seeing major firms now basically saying they have a freeze on hiring. 8 out of 10 americans think the economy is headed in the wrong direction. because they see it every day. >> bill: jacqui heinrich has the reaction now as we begin a new hour. jacqui, good morning. >> good morning. this is all happening amid concern. raising rates enough to cool off inflation but not enough that the economy plunges into recession. the fed has only been able to thread that needle a handful of times. the white house is so far staying mum about it just reiterating the president has faith in the fed. but yesterday chairman jerome powell said hikes aren't going to be enough in and of themselves to bring a recession on. he says we'll land somewhere in the 2s by the end of the summer but events over the last few
7:02 am
months that raised the challenge ahead. >> the answer to the question can we still do it, there is a much bigger chance now that it will depend on factors we don't control, fluctuations and spikes in commodity prices could wind up taking that option out of our hands. >> the national average for a gallon of regular $5 down one sent from yesterday. the president wrote to oil companies telling them to ramp up productions and cut costs at the pump and they need to fulfill their patriotic duty and not take advantage of the war in ukraine. polls are showing voters aren't happy with leadership in government. new fox news poll showing by a whopping 19 points voters trust republicans to handle inflation, which is still the number one issue for voters with more than half of republicans putting at the top of the list and 27% of democrats. that is above guns, abortion, and border security. it's such a concern for
7:03 am
democrats heading into the mid-terms the white house dispatched top advisors to capitol hill today for a closed door meeting with lawmakers to talk about how they should be messaging about the economy and how they should be talking about this given how sensitive it is going into the election time. >> bill: big questions there. more to come later today. thank you, jacqui heinrich. >> thanks. >> i'll never understand why the democratic policy continues with their policies encouraging illegal immigration knowing the abuse they go through. >> dana: republicans picked up a huge victory, flores flipped a blue seat to red and making history becoming the first mexican-born congresswoman. let's bring in ronna mcdaniel. the rnc created hispanic community centers in places around the country. was her district one of those and what did you take away from
7:04 am
the experience of seeing her have that victory on tuesday? >> it has been a big initiative of the rnc to have these community centers open earlier than ever. we had one in mcallen texas, 30 across the country. it neighbors may ra's district. it has been the headquarters of her campaign. we have had staff but really it has been a long term investment in engaging communities that have been habitually democrat and taken for granted by the democratic party and having a sustained dialogue with them introducing them to the republican party. her victory is a pre-cursors so what we think to see. >> it favors democrats in november. she said this historic win will bring back god to the halls of congress. then she went on to talk about
7:05 am
the red wave. you don't hear that a lot. what is the appeal on values to latinos, hispanics in america that you are seeing? >> when we're in these hispanic community centers, i hope you guys come to one. it is so amazing to see school choice seminars, small business seminars. we're part of the community and we have judo classes and we're part of the community. things we resonate with the hispanic community. religious freedom, school choice, economic opportunity, rule of law. these are things that are really bringing new voters into our party. finally the republican party is investing and actually having this long-term investment in these communities but absolutely religion is a big part of it if you see the democrat party continue to demonize and pull away from religion. >> dana: a little bit bigger picture across the country. new polls fox news asking about
7:06 am
personal finance and ask how people feel about things. 47% of people feel they're falling behind. that number is increasing holding steady at 42% and this is one i'm sure you would pick up on. this is a question of issues voters say republicans will handle better. inflation plus 19, border security plus 19, crime plus 13, even foreign policy at plus 8. so when you look at that and you are surveying the situation, we know the house is likely to return to republicans but is there something else going on here even at maybe state and local elections as well? >> across the country. a lot of this is being driven by republican governors. we're seeing a mass exodus from blue states to red states. you look at states like florida and texas and iowa and tennessee where republican governors have really kept their economies open and kept kids in school. you look at glenn youngkin in virginia. nine out of the top 10 state
7:07 am
for job recovery are led by republican governors. and low employment. i think this is reflected in your numbers as to why people are feeling like republicans are better to handle these issues. they are watching it happen in realtime with republican governors versus democrat governors. >> bill: thank you, come back soon and we'll follow it from here. ronna mcdaniel from the rnc. we talk about what could happen in november and parts of the country that flip that you don't see coming. that race in texas, you didn't see it coming. 20 years ago we had a mid-term election, you were in washington, d.c. i was at the other place and you had a party that held on to power during a mid-term, which is rare. the question that year was about national security. you had stories out of kentucky where the state legislature flipped for the first time since reconstruction and that is the kind of anticipation that some in the republican
7:08 am
party have right now potentially coming november >> dana: a sleeper race, the republican senate race an open senate race in vermont. watch the republican candidate christina nolan and former u.s. attorney appointed by trump. very successful in bringing a lawsuit for the justice department and settling that in a record number. it could be won if you are looking for something to look at. >> bill: 4 1/2 months to talk about it. the senate balance of power could come down to pennsylvania. keep an eye on this, too. trump-backed dr. oz taking on john fetterman. high stakes seat here. new poll shows 47% of voters support fetterman. 37% back dr. oz. democrats say they're nervous for a reason. more on the health of fetterman and more from there. >> good morning. the pennsylvania senate race features america's most famous
7:09 am
cardiothoracic surgeon dr. oz facing pennsylvania's most famous heart patient, democratic lieutenant governor john fetterman. fetterman has not been on the campaign trail since may 12 after suffering a stroke from an underlying heart condition called cardiomyopathy. doctors implanted a pacemaker with defibrillator. he said he almost died and some democrats are very nervous about his health condition and question his viability. we asked his wife pennsylvania second's lady about these reports. >> i think a lot of that is -- also, i think that says a lot about if we see other americans who have had strokes as less than. every 40 seconds someone has a stroke. those are teachers, bus drivers, parents, grand parents. every visit doctors are very happy with how things are going and how he is doing. >> the oz campaign insists they won't make his health an issue
7:10 am
concentrating instead on tying fetterman to president joe biden who is polling poorly in pennsylvania. >> as a renowned surgeon, heart surgeon, i think it would be hard for him to talk about fetterman's health and why would he do it anyway because the issues around the economy, the issues around president biden's performance, they just give him an advantage. >> fetterman will be back on the campaign trail in july. if he wins but can't make it through his term for whatever reason it is possible a republican governor could pick his replacement. >> bill: bryan llenas on the pennsylvania race. >> dana: floodwaters outwest devastating an iconic national park. >> bill: twitter employees get a chance to talk to elon musk. the question is what would you ask him? clay travis has a few ideas. he is in studio coming up next.
7:11 am
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>> dana: yellowstone national park shut down indefinitely for the first time in decades. roads and bridges across the area are still under water. fox weather correspondent max is in livingston, montana. the story is huge and you are there on the ground. you can tell us what is it like? >> yes. absolutely. right now we're standing along the banks of the yellowstone river and the water is very high but it is going down. now the task turns to assessing the damage and repairing homes that have been destroyed by
7:17 am
this historic flooding. the montana army national guard says they have had to evacuate 87 people from the floodwaters. the city of billings had to temporary shut down its water treatment plant because of flooding on the yellowstone river and the drinking supply has been limited. the city announced the water treatment plant is back online and residents have full access to water again. in other areas, well water has been tainted by the flooding. torrents also destroyed an important entry road into yellowstone mark. the north entrance to the park. many sections of road are completely gone and take time to rebuild. the roads in the north section of the park will likely not open this season. we spoke to a father and son visiting yellowstone this week and say they left the park along 89 before it washed away. >> it is a blessing. we had no idea it would turn out to be that awful.
7:18 am
it was just again a blessing. >> we're hearing houses got flooded. it is crazy to think about. >> cars and rock slides. we're just fortunate. >> all five entrances to yellowstone national park remain closed. around 10,000 visitors had to be evacuated. now the national park service is assessing the damage figuring out what is broken and what needs to be fixed before things are safe to let visitors back in. >> dana: thanks for the update. >> bill: twitter employees get the first chance today to talk with the new boss who might be the boss. billionaire will take part in a company town hall for the first time since that offer of $44 billion to buy it from elon musk. clay travis is here, outkick founder. there is a rub back and forth here. i think they should televise this, i would watch it. >> that would be incredible. i'm a twitter shareholder and have been for a long time. my hope has been that elon can
7:19 am
come in and just apply content neutral policies and end the far left wing bias the company has had for a very long time. that's the thing i'm most intrigued to see when he has this conversation with the employees. what is the reception and what sort of public comments does he make? they will like as soon as he makes them what he would expect. >> dana: i see why they did pre-submitted questions. a free for all. they were having a free for all on twitter after they bought it. employees were challenging him and giving it right back. i contend the employees at twitter should have an open mind. it might be the best boss you ever had. >> what i love is you know that he is a genius when it comes to tesla and spacex. i feel like he will be able to get the right data engineers to go in there and figure out. what i want to see is the public algorithm. what are the actual rules that are put in place as to what
7:20 am
trends as to why we see the tweets we do on our timeline? and how can he make that more public and more honest and more transparent? and hopefully more content neutral. that's my goal. >> bill: the reason why that's important is because you want to see what the company is pushing forward and what the company may be holding back. >> that's right. 100%. as soon as elon was announced as the new owner, at least that theory if it goes through the $44 billion purchase, i don't know about you guys but i saw a massive increase in my twitter following. almost instantly. my theory is the engineers were trying to burn the evidence of the rig job they put in place because they knew when elon comes in he will have sophisticated data analysts. >> dana: yesterday he talked about voting for may ra flores
7:21 am
in texas. he was called a white supremacist. the first mexican born congresswoman. >> he is an african-american, from south africa and immigrated here. she is an idiot and that is her play she does. he called president trump a white supremacist. she is no longer at espn. her calling card is to put that insult out there. the first ever republican he voted for is a mexican-born woman flipping a district that has not been won by a republican in over 100 years. it seems like the opposite of what a white supremacist would be doing. that insult racist was not efficient or effective enough and so it has been transferred over to white supremacist. >> dana: women who have achieved certain things that you wouldn't want to congratulate a woman who had a major historic achievement. where is the congratulations
7:22 am
from aoc and the squad? >> she did a fantastic job. i watched the interview on "fox & friends" and look, i think what she represents, this is what has everybody on the left wing terrified as you guys well know, the argument has been white supremacist, racism. if we look at what is likely coming in five months i think we'll have not just a republican wave but republican red wave. when it happens i think white, black, asian and hispanic people are moving toward the right side because of the way joe biden has run this administration and because of the way the left wing has captured the democrat party. honestly, that's what elon has talked about a lot, guys. historically he was a barack obama donor. it doesn't seem like a white supremacist. he donated money to barack obama in the past. he shared the great meme he hasn't moved but the left wing has gone so far left and that's
7:23 am
the way i feel in many ways. i went from somebody middle of the road who is considered a right winger and my opinions haven't changed on anything. >> bill: great to see you in person out of the attic. >> dana: congratulations on a year anniversary. you and buck sexton have done an incredible job. >> you have been on the show and we have a lot of fun on the radio show every day. >> dana: we had fun. he likes dana reads sports. >> that needs to happen more frequently. >> bill: i agree. we're trying. >> look, there is a lot of things coming up with the liv tour. i want to know that and it will be season, the bengals will be back if training camp soon. >> dana: wait until i get my hands on college football. it will be amazing. great to see you. turning now we have a grim development in ukraine. reports of russia capturing two americans as the fighting rages. plus the department of homeland security will discipline
7:24 am
horseback border patrol agents even though they were cleared of criminal wrongdoing. what kind of message is it sending to those on the front lines of the southern border. >> these officers did their job. they didn't whip anybody. the president already convicted them.
7:25 am
♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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7:29 am
no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. >> bill: we have some breaking news in ukraine. new american veterans who volunteered to fight for kyiv are missing. concerns growing they may have been captured by putin's army. nate foy is live in lviv, ukraine with more from there. >> good morning. we have a statement from state department about those two men and we'll get to that in a moment. i want to start with the situation on the ground here. the city of is a key battleground now in luhansk region. the final ukrainian hold out in the region there. the russian side has been pounding the ukrainians with heavy artillery.
7:30 am
ukraine begging for new weapons and getting them via the u.s. and germany. president biden promising more military aid and humanitarian aid, $225 million of that. in the military aid package the ukrainians are set to receive more artillery, more ammunition as well as coastal defense systems. for the first time the u.s. is providing mobile harpoon anti-ship missile launchers which could be useful if russia attacks a port city like odessa as they encroach farther west. germany is promising rocket systems joining the u.s. and u.k. in doing that. as you mentioned two former u.s. service members may have been captured by russian forces in kharkiv right outside there. the u.s. state department calls the report unconfirmed and says quote we're closely monitoring the situation and are in contact with ukrainian authorities. the post reports those two men are former marine and army veteran. we're also learning more about
7:31 am
a meeting in kyiv with zelenskyy and the leaders of germany, france, italy and romania. we know that president zelenskyy will participate in the g-7 summit later this month and we'll send it back to you. >> bill: nate foy in western ukraine. >> dana: fox news is learning dhs the preparing to discipline border agents falsely accused of whipping haitian immigrants last fall. a delay with our connection. i will ask a couple of questions. you were a border patrol agent. you were on horse. you love horses. you understand the process that the border patrol goes through to discipline if there is ever any problem. what did you think when you first heard dhs might be trying to do administrative actions against these agents? >> well, thank you for having
7:32 am
me. my original thought was they could not find any criminal charges that they could pin on these agents so they are trying to find retribution in a different way. >> dana: and what sort of process had there been in the border patrol that is now different under the biden administration or in recent past? >> well, in the past what would happen is if there were allegations they would be looked at. if this was indeed a whipping offense it would have been dealt with in that manner. it just seems like what happened here there was a promise that the agents would be punished and they are trying to find a way to do that. >> dana: what have you heard from any other current border patrol agents, mounted horse back agents or otherwise about this situation? >> well morale is low.
7:33 am
it seems like you go out there and do your jobs, bad things can happen to you. these guys did their job in the way they were trained to do it and now they are being punished for that. >> dana: here is brandon judd reacting to this story on our program yesterday. >> they were sent there to do a specific job and they did that job and now they are coming back to be vilified. this is president biden using his political powers to go after what he perceives as political enemies. sends a clear message to every single border patrol agent that you will be punished if you do your job. >> dana: kathy, that's a sentiment a lot of people feel and it is interesting this story leaked to the media before they could actually do it. do you think it might change anything? >> i hope it changes. i hope these guys are able to continue to do their job and i hope they are back in the field on horse back doing their job now. i don't know if that's the case.
7:34 am
i was a supervisor and i know the disciplinary process and this is not the way we would have done it before. >> dana: thank you for being here today and bill, those agents -- thank you so much. those agents are not worked since september. as brandon judd said yesterday we're down 2,000 agents that we need and one of the things she had said in pre-interview with us is that the office of personal responsibility, they have that within the government, right? but the border patrol has its own disciplinary system. it has been usurped by the office of personal responsibility and why you have washington bureaucrats running this process. >> bill: we talked the other day you jumped the gun on conclusions before you have all the facts and it was very much like a case 10 years ago where this harvard professor had the cops called on him and they cried racism. they didn't have all the information. >> dana: they have a beer summit with these guys and apologize as well. >> bill: alleged love triangle
7:35 am
killer on the run for a month. there has been a sighting now. how legitimate is that? we'll check in on that with nancy grace. a new twist in a high-profile murder mystery. why police are looking closely at the victim's ex-wife and what she is doing now to protect herself. >> if anybody has half a brain they see somebody wanted him dead. police would have to start looking at the ex-wife. they had a vicious divorce.
7:36 am
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>> dana: the search for a texas woman accused of killing her rival in a love triangle leading investigators to a campground more than 1,000
7:41 am
miles away. david lee miller with the latest. >> for more than a month now a texas yoga teacher has been on the run for allegedly shooting to death a woman she believed was having an affair with her boyfriend. according to a story published by fox news digital armstrong might have been spotted weeks ago at a campground in upstate new york. armstrong is wanted by the u.s. marshal service and police in texas in connection with the murder of 25-year-old professional cyclist moriah wilson found shot to death last month in austin. only hours before her death, wilson had dinner with armstrong's boyfriend strickland according to court documents armstrong was jealous of wilson. following the murder, armstrong was questioned by police and released. she then flew from austin to houston and caught a flight to laguardia and then traveled to newark airport. it is not clear if she ever took a flight from there. arrest warrant was issued and
7:42 am
she hasn't been seen or heard from sent. a man at a campground has come forward telling fox news digital he saw armstrong at the location about a month ago. he also said armstrong's sister had been staying there for some time. when asked about the reported sighting, a deputy u.s. marshal told fox quote, we don't know if she was at that specific location. there are many possibilities but we have to have facts. u.s. marshals say armstrong should be considered armed and dangerous, $5,000 reward is offered for information leading to her arrest. dana. >> dana: fascinating update. >> bill: want to bring in nancy grace host of crime stories on fox nation. good morning to you. is this a good clue for you or how do you gauge this potential evidence? >> it is a very good clue and in the business we call it evidence. the reason they're saying they're not sure she was there
7:43 am
is they are considering the source. some people have described the source as a long-haired dirty-footed long-term camper but a put up a lot worse on the stand and just because it isn't a personal who is not like us that he can't be believed. i think it's likely she was there about an hour 15 minutes from newark airport. why do i think she was there? her sister, christine, is there. they have a resemblance. may 17th, the day before she is spotted at newark airport. she was spotted in laguardia on the 14th. the 17th her sister tries to get a new driver's license. criminal law there usually is
7:44 am
no coincidence. i think she got her sister's driver's license or state i.d. and is traveling under a fake name. that's what i think. this is very close to canada, the canadian border. if you look at the stats, it is really easy to slip over the border. why fly out of newark? she must have flown out with her sister's i.d. >> bill: you do. when we spoke a week ago there was surveillance video of her getting out of a cab arriving at newark airport. you are saying she traveled with her sister's i.d. >> yes, why else would the sister suddenly want a new driver's license sent to the livingston manner address. two possibilities. since she was in close proximity to the canadian border she either went over the border and flew out of newark under her sister's name. that's what i think she is
7:45 am
going on and take up residency elsewhere. i'm betting on canada. why fly out of newark to get to canada and risk getting caught in the airport? >> bill: some are suggesting it was to throw people off her scent on the trail. there is an ex-wife of a murdered microsoft executive who has hired and attorney. shanna gardner fernandez and she said she retained him to protect her young children. do you think there is more to it than that? >> really? if she wanted to protect her young children i would say taking their pictures off facebook. they're plastered all over the internet. you say shanna gardner fernandez. she was once married to the dead exec. a very ton tensionous divorce. they were fighting over a $500 breathing machine for one of
7:46 am
the sons a few weeks, months before the shooting. now why did she hire henry hank cox iii, the former president of the florida bar and high profile criminal defense attorney now? probably because her ex-husband was embroiled in a bitter dispute with her and leaving her home after dropping off his children from a visit and seemingly ambushed in the road. on one side of the road there was a street sign, on the other sign a tree and the middle a big tire. he had to get out to move the tire and that's when he was shot. a one-way road at night. it was dark at that time around 8:00. and the person shot him point blank. less than 36 inches away multiple shots. that is no coincidence. so she is probably afraid that she will look like a suspect. she has not been named a suspect or even a person of
7:47 am
interest. probably why she hired a criminal defense attorney. >> bill: she had said she wanted to protect her kids from the publicity. your point is take your kids' pictures off social media. call if you have any tips on this case out of -- >> one more thing. when he was gunned down his 2-year-old little girl was in the back seat and she keeps saying boom, boom, boom, daddy on the ground. this child has that in her mind for the rest of her life. and god help whoever killed this father of four. >> bill: thank you for coming back today. nancy grace checking out crime stories as they continue. thank you, nancy. >> dana: you heard about athletes talking back to referees all the time. but this high school volleyball player actually corrected a bad call and it cost her team a
7:48 am
victory. >> knowing that we should have won that game because of a bad call. i would be hurt that the game was taken awith a from us because of one bad call. >> dana: mimi harris joins us live next. think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. do you have a life insurance
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>> bill: this is getting more ugly by the minute. we want to share it with you. wall street stocks are selling off in a significant way. this is the dow jones 30 industrial average after 3%. almost 900 points in less than 90 minutes of trading. we're back below 30,000, psychological mark for the markets. haven't been there in about 12
7:54 am
-- 16 months, i think. we dipped in there early for a day in january of 2021. but you have to go to fall of 2020 before you saw numbers like these. the tech-heavy nasdaq is trading at a level, dana, that we haven't seen in almost two years. and it has had quite a run. it has been all good. after the fed made the move yesterday 3/4 of a point higher, a lot of people are screaming recession dead straight ahead. so this is the effect we're getting right now today. >> dana: there was going to be some pain somewhere after the fed decision. >> bill: we're seeing it right now. just want to let you know what's happening. i don't think it's great news. i don't think you feel good about it. neither does anybody else watching but what we're dealing with now. 840 to the negative side. >> dana: powerful storms ripping through wisconsin. heavy rain, strong winds and one tornado. severe flooding in the
7:55 am
southwest of michigan shutting down abbott's baby formula factory less than two weeks after the company restarted production there. it's expected to take several weeks to get it back up and running again. that's just not good. let's go to this. they say honesty is the best policy. the next guest is taking it to another level. mimi harris is a teenage volleyball star playing in a tournament when a blown call led to her team winning when they should have lost. she pointed out the mistake costing her team a win but setting a great example in the process. thank you for being here today. >> thank you for having me. >> dana: tell us about that moment. what was it like that you felt and saw what was happening? >> i was torn between emotions. it was a game we all wanted to win. every game you want to win but i could know that i still sleep at night knowing i made the
7:56 am
right decision and go to the ref and tell him that wasn't right. i fell asleep knowing my ethics were okay over just wanting to win a game. >> bill: you made the right call. how did your teammates feel about that? >> at first they were a little upset with me. when we talked about it they said it was the right thing to do and understood it after. immediately their reaction was not the most positive. >> dana: i imagine. i know that you got to throw out the first pitch at the diamondbacks game. i don't know sports as well as i should. you have quite an arm here. an impressive pitch right there. i wonder what did your parents teach you growing up to have such strong character? >> my mom always taught me to do what's right and to always follow my gut feeling and that if i think something is right or i think i should do it do it with all my heart and it can
7:57 am
never leave me wrong. >> bill: i read your mom played volleyball, too and saw it and knew the wrong call was made and waiting to see how her daughter reacted. you talked about that, right? >> yes. >> bill: you've talked about that together, right? >> yes, we did. >> bill: what did she say? >> she said i'm really proud of you and she would have done the same thing if she was in my situation and proud of how i handled it and i didn't just take the win and did what was right and gave the other team the win they deserved. >> dana: you also got a scholarship. tell us a little bit about that. >> yes, i have an academic scholarship. >> dana: i have the ethics scholarship here after this event. >> yes. i have an ethics scholarship
7:58 am
from the better business bureau from the game i told the ref they made a wrong call. i got a scholarship for that and a trophy as well. >> bill: well done. during covid you were doing community service projects. for a young woman your age it's so impressive. and i'm reading that you started a website for help and wellness for other people that are growing up like you are. tell us about that. about giving back, about how you came up with these ideas and maybe what they mean to you and mean to other people. >> for the website. in an athlete your mental health is sometimes overlooked. there is a place for you where you can go to look for tips on how to help your mental health and not be so focused on your physical health and also with the covid community service i did i created my own community service project and i titled it
7:59 am
covid new relief. it was basically in the heart of when covid had broke out, my mom and i she would drive and i would go out and ask for donations and people would donate and i would give food, clothes, hygiene items all the things that people needed on the streets and go to pass it out to them and just throughout the day and the week and just make sure in everyone had what they needed. episcopal fly arizona it's really lot. they needed more water. i bought um bellas and got them clothing and socks and shoes. give them what they need. >> alabama state is lucky to have you. >> dana: congratulations. >> i'm blessed to go there. >> dana: good luck. amazing. >> bill: save the best for last. >> dana: she is amazing.
8:00 am
>> bill: well done. good luck to you. health sciences. >> dana: i want to show you this picture. a double decker. can you imagine going on the plane with a double decker where you are stacked one on top of the other? hard pass. >> bill: i would rather drive and pay the gas prices along the way. >> dana: thanks for joining us today. harris faulkner is up next with "the faulkner focus". here she is. >> we begin with a fox news alert. americans are facing the largest interest rate hike in decades. the federal reserve is grasping for any way to tame the record inflation. with the biden administration there is always room for this question. i'm harris "the faulkner focus" and you are in "the faulkner focus". the feds' move highlights how bad and serious the crisis is. critics say it will crush us. new fox polling of voters more than 80% say the economy is only fair or poor in the


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