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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 16, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ >> a live look at charlotte, north carolina, where it is going to be 78 degrees and sunny today. back here in the studio in new york city, a bit of a change. todd piro out, ashley strohmier in. todd is on baby watch. his wife is very close to giving birth. he had to high-tail it out of
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the studio. thank you for jumping into the chair like the true professional that you are. we have a lot of serious news to get to. start with this. we know the gang member accused of murdering two california cops this week should have been behind bars. that deceased suspect was a freeman thankeds to george gascon's soft on crime policy. he had a previous strike conviction and was only sentenced to probation for felon in possession of firearm charge. >> ashley: if flores would have been prosecuted in february of 2021, he may have been sentenced for up to three years in prison. george gascon's office is standing by the light sentencing, his office saying the sentence he received in the firearm case was consistent for this type of offense. given his criminal history at the time the court sentenced
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him, mr. flores did not have a documented history of violence. george gascon office lost a top aid and the group working to recall him said they reached 650,000 signature to trigger a recall vote against him. we spoke with father of jace young killed in 20twenty, he said progressive policies are not keeping people safe. >> i blame him for the handling of the case and when we have the situation like we had in san francisco, we had a district attorney who in my opinion came to work with a lot of his own personal issues and instead of being a district attorney, he was a public defender for the criminals, it tends to trigger situation where you continue to perpetuate violence because there is no actual
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accountability. >> ashley: homicide necessary san francisco were up 150% in april. total number of shootings increased by 138%. >> carley: look at this, eight masked gunmen in a new jersey jewelry store stealing $1 million worth of gems in a one-minute smash-and-grab. they forced employees to the floor at gun point and traumatized employees lay there motionless, telling the "new york post" they came in like they own the store, they are like, all right, everybody down and walking away like no worries in the world. police are searching for the suspects and asking anyone with information to contact the department tochlt fox news
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alert. activists gathering outside brett kavanaugh's home a week after a man attempted to murder him. the group jane's revenge, we have demonstrated how easy and fun it is to attack from here forward any anti-choice group who closes their doors and stops operating will no longer be targeted. until you do, it is open season and we know where your operations are. >> another round of violence targeting groups. a pregnancy center was attacked, causing damages, the group claiming responsibility say they were inspired by jane's revenge. senator cruz says the white house's silence on supreme court threats speaks volumes. >> we saw justice kavanaugh threatened and a man arrested for attempted murder.
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why? the left-wing radicals knew where his home was and the white house was encouraging radicals to go to his home, where they were threatening his children. it's been a week supreme courts justice. merrick garland has become perhaps the most political attorney general, weaponize the department of justice and fbi to target parents as domestic terrorists but refuses to back the law against people flagrantly violating the law. >> carley: 27 democrats including congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez voted against a measure to protect the justices. president biden blamed putin and the war in ukraine for the energy crisis and threatening an entire industry over it instead
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struggling to afford gas. >> carley: president biden is shifting blame yet again, pinning it on oil companies. griff jenkins is live in washington. good morning. >> griff: good morning. who are the other 10%? ground hog day today, $5 gas. the president has a solution, blame the oil companies. he's threatening them with emergency power writing in a letter amida war that raised gasoline prices $1.70 per gallon, your companies and others have an opportunity to take immediate action to increase supply of gasoline, diesel and other refined product you are producing. white house press secretary karine jean-pierre defending the move, taking aim at those ceos. >> it is a patriotic duty. as we've talked about, there is war. they have been taking advantage of the war. we are calling on them to do the
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right thing and be patriots here. dprieks they stopped issuing oil and gas leases, cancelled pipelines and cancelled three oil leases in alaska and gulf of mexico. senator tom cotton had this criticism. >> it is coincidental oil company executives became greedy just when joe biden took office. they were going to declare war on oil and gas in america. >> griff: the fox news national survey showing inflate iant was dominant number one issue for americans in both parties and voters said they trust republicans over democrats to handle the issue by's 19-point margin as the president's approval margin continues to tank. only 42% approve and 57%
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disapprove. >> carley: thank you. let's bring in kathleen scott of western energy alliance president. it is great to see you today to break down this letter the president said energy companies where he scolded them. one thing he said is that refineries, the companies that turn crude oil into gasoline, are not doing that at high enough rate because they are charging more to turn a profit. is that true? >> no, that is not true. refiners and producers do not have control over the price of oil on the world market. right now refining capacity is down a million barrels because of several years. it is because of pressure on climate change pressure, pressure to get away from fossil
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fuels. many refiners shifted from oil to renewables. we have lost capacity in this country. >> the other thing the president said yesterday that i thought was amazing, i am prepared to use all tools as appropriate to address barriers providing affordable secure energy supply. the president is saying he's all in and willing to decrease gas prices. what are things the president can do today to make that happen? >> well, we keep hearing he's working like the devil to bring down energy prices and that is anything, but the truth. continue to put in place roadblocks to american energy production, they will not back down on climate change and regulation meant to suppress oil development. when the president is prat
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because he's concerned, they are blaming him for the things he's done since shutting down keystone to stopping leases and all kind of things he's done to make it more difficult to produce american energy and now he's feeling the heat from voters and trying to blame us. >> carley: when the president says this, fact-checking segment, providing the facts here to what the president is saying, when the president says there are 9000 unused leases and permits and oil companies are not drilling because they want to keep the oil in the ground so they can charge higher prices, is that true? >> well, you know, then he should talk to the environmental groups they keep settling with because we have about 5900 leases that we can't develop on,
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now we have 3000 permits the groups are sued on because they don't want permits to move forward and drilling to take place. he says these things, but the actions are meant to stop production on federal land and waters. >> carley: how long do you think gas prices will stay at record highs we're seeing right now? >> i can cannot predict prices, too many factors globally and rehave refining capacity constraind and prices are high particularly for diesel. there is a shortage because refining capacity is down. there are supply chain issues that are affecting producers and refiners, we do not set the price of oil globally. we're trying to increase production and bring it down and the american producer has increased production, still there are roadblocks and in the
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past under the trump administration, we were able to produce and had a political environment where we could, this time too many obstacles and layer and top the supply chain issues that we're facing and it is causing a pinch for consumers and we're trying to bring prices down. it is difficult in this political environment. >> carley: the president yelled at oil and gas companies yesterday in a strongly worded letter. kathleen, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. they were cleared of any misconduct after the media and the white house falsely accused them of whipping migrants. biden's dhs is not stopping there. >> this administration has proven you are innocent until proven guilty until you wear a badge. they didn't whip anything. the hatian migrants entered the
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country illegally. >> carley: if you are desperately searching to find baby formula, you may need to wait longer. shipments from michigan are expected to be halted for a few more weeks.
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>> carley: the governor of montana urging the white house to claim disaster at yellowstone national. officials warn yellowstone park could be closed indefinitely. janice dean, this is a complete mess. >> janice: it is. this is historic, i think this is 150th anniversary of yellowstone. take a look at the road closures in and around the area. all entrances are shut down.
2:22 am
they are worried, the rain has subicided, there is still possibility of rock slides and mud slides and the river cresting at over 16 feet. that is historic and we are expecting the rivers to come down. it will take a lot of time and patience. the other big story today is the heat. it is today and this area of high pressure looking ahead for the next week. we'll see potential for record highs for all cities and states over 100 million people affected by heat advisories. this is a big deal, it is not lasting a day, it is lasting for a matter of days and weeks for some areas. the great lakes issue the midwest, chicago area going to get a break, but portions of the midsouth, gulf coast states, will see potential of heat.
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we have stronger storms moving into the northeast today, that could bring hail, damaging winds and tornados, watch this region. fox weather.comfor details. >> carley: thank you. bring in austin, attorney general, good morning, it is great to see you. this is being described as 1000-year weather even and sounds like the flash flooding came on so suddenly and unexpectedly, people didn't have enough time to get out. is everybody rescued that needs to be? >> to my knowledge, yes. governor has declared a disaster, we mobilized the guard, i mobilized to acyst with evacuations. to my knowledge, we've gotten everybody out, that is the information i have. we are monitoring that and continuing to keep an eye and
2:24 am
look around. right now, i think i can report yet. >> ashley: attorney general, how worried are you for impact of tourism and impact this will have on that and the economy of your state? >> very worried. we've had a rough couple years in montana, people moving here because of tv shows. but look we've been in record drought for the last several years, had fires in significant portions of western montana people come to take part in tourism and that has cut our season short, especially so last year. now we're in a situation where we're not on fire thankfully, these historic amounts of precipitation and snowfall and rain and flooding have cut off one of the real jewels in our tourism crown in yellowstone national park. this is going to hurt, it will take a shot at the local economy
2:25 am
and the state tourism economy for sure. >> carley: images of this flood are unbelievable. looking at one where a large home is uprooted and there it goes floating down the river. our hearts are with everybody in montana that this storm has affected. i want to switch gears and talk about oil and gas. a few weeks ago, the biden administration cancelled one of the largest oil and gas leases in the country to allow for drilling on a million acres in alaska and cancelled two in the gulf of mexico. you and 12 or 13 other state attorney generals are suing to get that decision reversed. tell us about effort. >> absolutely. we filed a brief in the appellate procedure in that case, a lawsuit brought by a number of environmental groups
2:26 am
to stop leases from going forward. that has been appealed up. i'm leading coalition of 13 other states and we filed this brief in federal appeals court. look, this is either just stunning hypocrisy on the biden administration's part or blatant incompetence and i'm not sure which one. you have administration now, one side of their mouth saying they hate fossil fuels, they hate anything having to do with traditional energy develop nment this country and they doll everything they can to shut it down. the other side, you have president demanding meeting with oil companies and demanding them justify to him why they are not producing more oil. this is stunning. this president created regulatory and litigation framework in this country and less than two years that has
2:27 am
brought our energy production to a grinding halt and has audacity to point his finger at the industry. they don't set prices, this is stunning to me. >> carley: attorney general austin knudsen, prayers to you and your state. >> carley: huge win in south carolina for trump-backed russell fry who defeated the five-term republican who voted to impeach the former president. >> ashley: russell fry is up early with us this morning to map out the republican strategy for november. ♪♪ you inspired the lexus es to be, well... more you. so thank you. we hope you like your work. ♪♪
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>> carley: 240,000 migrants were encountered last month at the southern border. over one and a half million migrants have been encountered since last october. 100,000 were expelled last month under title 42. not just migrants, over 1100 pounds of fentanyl were seized at the border last month alone.
2:32 am
and agents accused of whipping migrants, even though they were cleared. the agents were not the ones breaking the law. >> you are innocent until proven guilty unless you wear a badge, they have been anti-law enforcement since the beginning. somebody not nice, they didn't whip anybody, the only people that did anything wrong that day were hatian migrants who entered the country illegally, which is a crime. >> carley: an announcement on the matter is expected in the coming days. congressmayra flores sending a message. >> i feel like the democratic party has walked washgs way from the hispanic communities, they
2:33 am
have gone so far left, they don't represent our views. they feel they don't have to work for it. >> carley: flores won texas' 34th district on tuesday. been a democratic stronghold in congress. south carolina russell fry defeating five-term incumbent tom rice making him first trump-backed republican to win a gop primary against a challenger who supported impeachment. russell fry joins us to discuss his win. you got twice as many votes as tom rice, tell us, why did you win? >> i think people are frustrated. thank you for having me. people are frustrated at leaders in washington. they look at immigration and
2:34 am
fentanyl at the border, they look at gas prices and look at washington as a source of the problem. impeachment was the big issue of the election, there was general frustration about all the leaders in washington not doing what they were sent there to do. >> ashley: your opponent supported the impeachment of former president trump, you got endorsement of him for this election, how important do you think trump endorsement is for a potential red wave? >> i continuing is huge. it sets you apart. we had up to 14 different candidates in the race. endorsement sets you apart. moving forward, his engagement to grassroots activists will be critical to reclaiming the house
2:35 am
and senate in november. >> ashley: voters largely prefer republicans to handle inflation, border security, crime and foreign policy compared to democrats. if elected to congress, what will you focus on as far as legislation is concerned? >> that is the big issue, those issues you named, that is what the american people are clamoring for, moving forward we need a cohesive strategy on what conservatives stand for. regardless of party lines, border security is big, tackling inflation, debt is out of control. conservatives can focus head intoing november, rallying cries for the american people. dichotomy of where we were two years ago to compare to where we are today is astounding and people want to return to america first policies that ushered in
2:36 am
golden era for the american people. >> ashley: the numbers, 51% of the vote, over 51% of the vote, showing it there. russell fry, thanks for getting up early with us. good luck to you. >> good to be here, appreciate it. >> carley: 80% of voters rate the economy negatively including 57% who describe it as poor. that is the highest in a decade. review of the biden economy prompt thanksgiving msnbc analyst to offer some advice to democrats. listen sdmrchlt we've got to these people to understand they have skin in the game, they should be afraid we're going to lose our democracy. >> cheryl casone and joe concha break it all down for us coming up. fishing helps ease my mind. it's kinda like having liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance,
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>> ashley: abbott laboratory flant michigan halting baby formula production due to severe storms in the region. fda saying abbott is working quickly to will report progress in the days ahead. once the company establishes a
2:41 am
plan, the fda will be back in the facility working to ensure they can produce safe, quality products quickly. the situation is expected to delay formula by a few weeks. fox business alert. federal reserve hiking interest rates .75, the biggest increase since 1994 and we could see another big hike in the future. >> carley: cheryl casone is here. good morning. >> cheryl: good morning. it was the largest increase we've seen since 1994, significant for the markets. 75 basis point hike. during the press conference after the decision powell said there could be more coming. from the perspective of today, 50 or 75 basis point increase
2:42 am
seems likely. things are better, we don't need to do that much. >> cheryl: these are aggressive moves. the fed meets next month, it could be another half a points, we'll see. ester george was the only dissenter. this was a hail marry to fight soaring inflation. powell mentioned it was out of their control, food and energy prices and issued forecast for gdp inflation for the year, they believe inflation will stand at 5.2% for the year and lowered their gdp forecast for the country economy. inflation 8.6%, that cpi report pushed them yesterday, all of
2:43 am
this is rare for the fed. i've been doing this for 20 years, rare to see them act on a pivot so quickly, they reacted almost instantly to the inflation data last week. >> ashley: new fok news poll shows people are struggle withing this economy. >> cheryl: this new fox news poll finds half of respondents say their family is struggling to afford gas and groceries, 57% call the economy poor, the largest number in a decade, 25% say it is only fair. 13% say it is good, what is good there? biggest problem is gas prices, it's become a problem followed by grocery prices, utility and healthcare costs. voters trust republicans to handle inflation. >> carley: thank you. >> ashley: president biden job performance with key minority
2:44 am
groups who supported him last election prompting this msnbc to offer advice to democrats. >> we've got to let people understand they have skin in this game and they, we got to scare the hell out of them, they should be afraid we're going to lose our democracy. >> carley: joe concha joins us now. one big headline is this, only 24% of hispanics, 39% of women and 50% of black voters approve of the president's job. the advice is scare the heck out of people, make them think our democracy is in jeopardy if they vote for republicans, will it work? >> joe: no. because of the numbers you just showed. let's put it this way, minority voters in texas and the district there don't seem too scared after they elected mayra flores,
2:45 am
a republican, mexican-born woman in the district. a district that hillary clinton won by 33 point necessary 2016, now it is red. the hyperbole, that the republican party is racist and anti-black and anti-hispanic and wants to take down democracy is getting old fast. we saw record turnout, something like jump of 212% in voting when compared to two years ago. so much for jim crow dot 2.0. there is no strategy on inflation, gas prices, crime and the border, those are issues that matter and the democratic party is in deep you know what in 145 days when the red tsunami
2:46 am
comes. >> ashley: speaking of you know what. >> how does president biden's performance rate? >> awful. >> i knew that was the answer. >> i compare to carter. when you are doing worse than jimmy carter on inflation, they are holding you responsible. >> ashley: how bad is this for president biden that now his own are pretty much eating him alive? they can't ignore the numbers and issues any longer. >> joe: you can't ignore the similarity when you bring up carter. there was crippling inflation under carter and under biden. that poll shows 5% of voters see the economy as excellent, the way the white house describes the economy, they are out of touch. long lines under carter, record
2:47 am
high under biden. america appears to be weak under carter, appears to be weak under biden. we saw what happened in afghanistan and ukraine. in the end carter lost 44 states when running for re-election against ronald reagan, who was supposed to be a joke because he was an actor, if mr. biden doesn't change course quick, his party is in deep you know what and joe biden is in deep you know what when his parties we don't want you running, we don't have confidence in you, it is a mess. >> carley: what is the you know what? i got a wrap. saved by the bell on that one. joe, thank you for joining us, see you tomorrow. >> joe: doo-doo, go with doo-doo
2:48 am
and not be fired, carley. see you tomorrow. >> ashley: golfers who play in the new saudi backed liv golf series could be banned from the u.s. open in the future. the chief executive of the u.s. open said that account happen but didn't commit to an out right ban. u.s. open champ mickelson competing at the u.s. open, which tees off today. this is the first public appearance since joining the series. >> carley: and novak djokovic will miss the tournament because he is unvaccinated. former brexit party leader nigeshg l farrage weighed in last hour. >> there is no medical reason for this whatsoever. no risk to american health policy. it is about control.
2:49 am
it is about government deciding how you should live your life, what you should and should not do. >> carley: the u.s. tennis association says it will allow russian players to compete despite the war in ukraine. instead of focusing on inflation or the border, president biden is focus og mickey mouse and maga republicans. >> president biden: i don't have to tell you about the ultra-maga agenda. in florida, going after mickey mouse for god's sake. >> carley: michael waltz responds to that next. >> ashley: check in with steve doocy to see what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> steve: how are you on this thursday? >> thank you. how are you, steve? >> steve: i'm great. tomorrow is friday. on this episode of "fox and friends" 11 and a half minutes from now, texas congresswoman elect mayra flores will join us live after
2:50 am
flipping her district house seat red. it had been blue, held by a democrat. she will react at the southern border, she has great perspective. her plan to stop illegal migration coming up. more than a month after a professional cyclist was murdered, the killer remains on the run. investigators believe it stems from a love triangle, we will try to put together the pieces. plus, lara trump, rachel campos-duffy, pete hegseth, eric eric schmidt, chad wolf and jason. and it is electric, ups showing off brand-new set of wheels. how the company hopes to deliver packages faster than ever, the guys in the brown outfits will jump out of electric vehicles, one can come to your place and one will be at our place later this morning.
2:51 am
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. >> i'll tell you about the ultra maga attacking families and our freedoms. 300 discriminatory bills in. in texas, investigating parents for raising transgender children. in florida, going after mickey mouse, for god's sake. >> there are a lot of things the american people want president biden to talk about, but he's opting to focus on culture wars and go after what he calls, ultra ma ga. congressman, i just want your reaction to the biden's words there. >> you know, look, i just want to say of course our heart goes
2:56 am
out, my heart goes out to any young person who is struggling to deal with their identity, with their sexual orientation. but, you know, especially 5 to 8-year-olds which is what the florida legislation actually dealt with, not some emancipated teenager or 17-year-old. but shame on joe biden for distorting that to score political points against ron desantis. you know, at the end of the day this really goes to the heart of how progressive thinks, how they approach -- social progressives approach government, where they believe government and the state and state employees know that not mom and dad at home and not families. and that's really at the heart of what this disagreement is. and i think you're going to see people side with families all day long. >> yeah. you bring up state versus
2:57 am
federal government which is a key point of what happened yesterday. the rhetoric is one thing, but this executive order that the president signed is something else entirely, directing hhs to make sure that minors, children can't have gender transition surgery. and that's something that some states has banned. so does the president have the authority to overrule the state laws? >> well, that's what's going to end up in the courts. that's not cheer at all. andi don't believe he does and let's be clear about what he's promoting here. these are young people. 12, 13, 15-year-olds that they go through these surges. we're castrating young boys. girls getting -- research have shown they work through these issues, like many teenager dos and can move on healthy and happy and productive life. but the age of consent is 18.
2:58 am
but that age, parents absolutely have a role and that's why you're going to see -- when we do take the congress back, you're going to see a parental bill of right. and parents taking their child's future back away from these school administrators or in this case federal employees that are going to be forcing some of these issues on our kids. we got to protect our kids and we got to protect our parents' ability to control their kids lives and futures. >> congressman, i want to switch gears. biden's energy secretary is insisting that high gas price are enough a reason to buy an electric car. let's listen to this. >> do you feel up your ev by charging and you fill up your gas tank with gasoline and you have the same size tank, you would save $60 per up by going electric rather than using gasoline. so it's very compelling case. but again, to your point, we
2:59 am
want to bring down the price at the point of purchase. >> is this a compelling case like she says, or is it out of touch? >> well, look, i think there's some honesty on her part. i think she's speaking for a lot of progressives within the biden administration that deep down in their hearts, when they see these gas prices going up, they believe when you're going to have to go pay $150 to fill up your gas car, eventually it will get painful enough that you'll trade that in for a prius where you'll go get that electric vehicle. ignoring two key things. one, the cost of the electric vehicle is more than the median cost of household income. and, two, it completely ignores the fact that the cost of transportation is the biggest driver of inflation. everything has to be transported. and we're going to continue to see these just policies fail and
3:00 am
we're not going to see pollution. because they're cheering this on deep down in their hearts. >> and you got president biden sending a letter to energy companies yesterday when he yelled at them saying you need to work with my administration when he ran on a platform of ending fossil fuels. surely, i believe we got to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. fox news starts right now. >> the white house is now shifting some of the blame to us oil companies. >> and the president has the right to call them out. >> the reason we have $5 gas is because of joe biden's policy. >> the federal reserve raising interest rates with the biggest hike in decades. >> our overarching folks is inflation. >> it's a deft recession. this time around will be no different. >> 240,000 migrants were encountered last month. >> we never seen those numbers h


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