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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 15, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have this evening. thank you for making this show possible to set your dvr. never miss an episode of "hannity." good news at, in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. "the ingraham angle," laura ingraham, standing by. you have some clever trick up there. i can tell by looking at you. hit me with it. >> laura: i have a question. what is it about men who can put the toilet seat down? what is it about that? >> sean: why are you asking me that? >> laura: i will reveal why i'm saying this in the show. we had a situation in the studio that is funny. molly and i are sitting here. what is it about men who can't put the toilet seat down? it is a mystery for all of mankind to uncover.
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>> sean: we have the entire hr department involved. we need to set new rules and we will hold a seminar. >> laura: we will, but this is like a "seinfeld" episode. this is "the ingraham angle." we were joined by kroger's been very letter mailed, a republican who was accused of leading recon missions before january 6th. he was cleared by the capital police. but that has not stop the january 6th committee from coming after him. he is back tonight with his exclusive response to the ongoing smear campaign. but first, twisted priorities. that is the focus of tonight's angle. you can tell a lot about a person by what he or she privatized in life. do cancel that golf outing or not? same with politicians and
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activists when that you know what is hitting the fan, you jump into solve the problem? that is what is happening right now, here in the united states. we just learned that retail sales are following. as inflation robs americans of their spending any if they had any. today's rate hike was the highest since 1994. that is going to smash the housing market. leadership said last night. and sure enough we knew this was going to happen. the sentiment dropped to the lowest levels in two years. mark and then the producer price index which measures wholesale prices rose in may by nine -- which is double the april increased democrats answered all this just meaningless. in order to appear as though they are doing something the biden administration is badmouthing the very industry his administration decided to go to work with.
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>> in a time of global crisis, doing everything they can to expand capacity and lower costs at the pump instead they are charging record profits as the expense at the expense of american families. president biden is putting a spotlight on this and calling on oil refiners to increase capacity. >> laura: reading with kg p. those darn capitalists. biden's letter ordered the oil producers to produce more oil. basically less money. that is realistic. he put the brakes on oil production. then he railed against the oil and gas history for not producing more oil? when the democrats are not throwing send defendant in the actual policymaking side of things, they end up with supporters keep busy pursuing a totally idiotic woke agenda. when you sent 120 bucks as i did
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to filled my tank, are you going to be relieved to know that there will be more general -- gender-neutral bathrooms on capitol hill? yeah. and laser focused on supply chain problems that the president will also expand access to sex change procedures and puberty blockers nationwide. they had to a pause everything to celebrate the democrats' holiest month of the year. >> president biden: god is back and the white house. [cheers and applause] from day one. this has been the most -- led by guys like pete. i think we have more lgbtq+ people than any admission combined. >> laura: that will lower the price at the public if you're worried about china and you think a foreign policy is in
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tatters, this will certainly scare you sleeping. -- xi jinping. >> i'm the first chief diversity and inclusion officer. i will come into the state department office newest twitter account, @statedepartmentdeia. >> laura: they are trying to scare you away from voting republicans because all of the minorities running and winning are actually closet racist who have the i worked on department. >> it was impeach president biden as quickly as possible. was also emboldened republicans and that far right and what nationalist across the country to begin to believe that it is their time. this is a group that has been radicalized by the great replacement myths and many other things.
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it does and have been pushing for violence and pushing for even civil war. >> laura: thank god he is representing the people in these troubled economic times. congressman bowman is just taking a lesson. the intellectual force behind the democrats' embrace of the systemic racism myth. a man whose sole goal is to cash in on poorly written books for adults and kids. it is always the same. america is a rotten hateful place with an awful history. and everything and everyone is racist. >> three years old, our kids have an adult like concept of race. three years old, our kids are attaching quality of smartness and honesty and cleanliness to skin color and they are thinking
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that kids are not seeing skin color and we need to counteract those messages. >> laura: democrats and media actually think that americans who are freaking out know about their monthly budgets being overrun actually, they want to marinate that stuff. >> people can raised racist ideas and not even know that they are doing it. i think that is very important to make that a point to make. >> the unfortunate truth is we live in a society with ideas attaching goodness or badness to the particular skin colors. we have to be teaching our children a different way of thinking, a way of being in the world. >> at a time when the country badly needs optimism and sound ideas, liberals keep returning to the same poisoned well. it is all the distraction. and it is always negative. >> what about children that have been raised over the past years?
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charlottesville, january the sixth, proud boys. are you wonder what sort of negative impact that is going to have on so many young kids. >> laura: really, joe? i think the better question is, and it is the one that you should be discussing. what sort of negative impact will an economic crash and increased drug abuse after two years of covid restrictions have on our young kids? but that of course, asking that question, confronting it, that will put democrats under the microscope. but they don't have the guts take the democrats have been out of steam for 8 years. they are not interest in raising your standard of living or keeping the streets safer or making sure the public schools are competitive with their global counterparts. all they are capable of his decline, division, and hate. just looked at the freaks still showing up at the homes of supreme court justices. look at the attacks on crisis pregnancy centers and that
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relative silence from elected officials. criminals have the tacit approval of the party of democrat party. that is currently on life support. these are people with twisted priorities and no real plans to help the country. they are going to pretend they are hard at work on things like fighting climate change or fighting institutional racism or corporate greed. but in the end, it is all just a pathetic power grab. but unless -- in less than five months, the voters will be doing a power grab of their own. and that is the angle. joining me now is monica delacruz, republican candidate for the texas' 15 conventional congressional district. now, hard-working americans are really concerned and worried and democrats have decided to target a lot of these hard-working people. recall that controversy still, by the media about border agents were supposedly whipping
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migrants on horseback. they were cleared of criminal conduct but now that dhs we understand still wants to punish them. to lead what can you say about hispanic voters in your district and what they are think about this issue of border security and these media lies? >> monica: look at hispanic voters are seen through the garbage that the democrats are putting out. hispanic voters with their votes are showing that they stand with border patrol take a stand with custom agents. we believe as hispanics in law and order. and let the biden administration is doing to our law enforcement officers and our brave men and women on the border is just disgusting. and they will show that feeling of disgust with that democrat party in november. >> laura: i was talking to my kids tonight and i said that
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hispanic americans are going to save the country. i really believe that the new immigrant base in this country. they do not come here because they wanted a lower standard of living and to be demonized. they came here for a better life and send their being -- instead they are handed this. you are a former democrat. >> monica: that is exactly right. i am a former democrat who walked away from the democrat party. because the democratic party is far removed from the values that are important to hispanics. those values include their faith. it includes their family. and it includes love of country. my great-grandparents and my grandparents had the american dream. and that is why they came here. and for democrats to say that dream no longer exists is ridiculous. and hispanics are here because they believe the dream exists and they want to be part of it. >> laura: what do. >> laura: what do you say to the establishment republicans was the belief that the only way to
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really solidified hispanic support is to push kind of a massive amnesty for people who are coming across the border? do you buy that? >> monica: look at hispanics very simply want the opportunity to work. their part -- they are hard workers who love their family, who love the american dream and who want law and order in their communities. your fear is to read can find out more about myself and my district at and learn more about the movement and we are leading this effort nationwide. it is starting right here in my district. >> laura: monica, the poll numbers for democrats on issues like border enforcement and the economy, they are, i mean, i don't think i have ever seen numbers this bad. but we're going to be watching their district very closely and
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all of south texas which looks like it is going to be a massive greg mcquade. thank you so much. >> no one in this country should have to wait -- live in fear that they will go to work workshop at a grocery store and will be attacked by someone who hates them because of the color of their skin. >> laura: okay but why doesn't that same rule applied to victims of any violence? like those who are subjected to attacks because of their beliefs about the issue of abortion? well, merrick garland for doj has not said a word about the attacks on pregnancy centers in recent weeks and his personal silence on this is only encouraging more threats. the group jane's revenge which organized the protest outside the homes of conservative justices have reportedly issued a new -- about that centers. it is open season and we know where global operations are but we promise to take increase lead to drastic measures.
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we will end those measures will not come in the form of something so easily cleaned up. as fire and graffiti. join me now is mollie hemingway. fox news contributor. this is a terrorist organization. >> mollie: it is amazing what we have seen since the supreme court decision list -- leak. we have seen dozens of attacks on maternal care centers. violence at the homes of supreme court justices. we have seen dozens of attacks on christian churches. that you have as you know, as you just noted here, explicit claims that they will be upping the ante and doing more violence. here we have the department of justice that one after parents of -- when they expect mild disagreement with how dimple school boards were operating, treated parents as terrorists. and we have people who are doing this with a coordinated
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widespread effort against these pro-life centers, maternal care centers, christian churches and the homes of supreme court justice, the department of justice is nowhere to be fun but it is not just that they have not condemned it. that was the statement that came out where the department of justice reminded everyone that protest is totally fine that is something that you should have been condemned from the department of justice. >> laura: why are they allowed to be at the justices' homes at all? they are setting the stage for something really horrible to happen to one of these supreme court justices by not clearing these people out as the law allowed for. >> mollie: it is horrifying. it is a miracle that nothing worse has happened up there i don't think people realize how bad that attempted assassination of justice kavanaugh's house was. up man who had detailed plans of how he was going to kill supreme court justice brett kavanaugh was wandering around for a half hour before that is a lot of time to make bad things happen
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picnic garland absolutely needs to take control of the situation. it is a dereliction of duty and it is after a series of problems and how he has run the organization. raimonds he is coming across as brett levis and you will have a lot of republicans who want to impeach him. want to read 2018 tweet from kristin clark. she is a member of merrick garland's doj and she was commenting on that supreme court at the time overruling a california requirement that nonprofit disclosed their donor. now, she said make no mistake today's decision is part of the correlated strategy to tier down roe versus wade. that movement will stop at nothing hashtag exposed fake and expect. she is a radical inside that doj. >> mollie: and she is the person who should be in charge of stopping the terrorism and if she has shown such as against them -- these are the groups that help women so they do not have to end the lives of their
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unborn children and it is actually on the animosity she has towards these groups. but she is not going to do anything because she is on record as being so politically opposed to them plug the department of justice is not supposed to be this politicized and it is not operating as it should be and it is not protecting americans. >> laura: let's just say data trump the object was political. no comment. there are infants in these centers but newborns are in these centers. right. they don't care. they are not anti-baby but they will basically threaten to firebomb these centers. one of msnbc's analysts made these disturbing comments today. >> you think you are losing about right now? what you think is going to happen if we don't have democracy? we have to let these people understand that they got skin in this team and we got to scare the hell out of them.
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>> it is like getting -- they are getting more extreme. >> laura: especially with their concern about january 6th. you should be afraid. >> mollie: they are doing this at the time -- and the same time there's a coordinated attack on christian churches and supreme court justices. >> laura: the double standard. >> mollie: when you are actually supporting these violent attacks is incredible. >> laura: mollie thank you. of january 6th committee is still coming after congressman barry loudermilk for his actions on january 5th 20. the congressman is here next with the latest. after vilifying them, demonstration once the oil and gas industries to become patriotic. senator tom cotton is going to blow the lid off that. stayed there.
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♪ ♪ >> we are calling on them to do the right thing, to be patriots here and not to use that work as an excuse or as a reason to not put out a production, to not do the capacity that is needed out there. so that the price is can come down. >> laura: supply and demand that
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whole concept seems to be lost on the white house. it is odd because this was printed by the back in march. >> president biden: we are approaching record levels in the nested and we are on track to set the record next year. >> laura: i know what you are saying. this is a talking park of the test. ron klain tweeted -- containing the same just days ago. what is the talking points? what is the white house saying here? they crunch the numbers and it turns out the claim is based on the comparison of four year averages that includes the tremendous drop in economic activity at the start of covid. he could not is arkansas senator tom cotton. the playing games in numbers is so obvious and excellent responded to by the prophets idiotic number and confirmed what we already knew that the administration is making the oil production issue much respect. -- worse.
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>> senator cotton: yes, i guess we should not be surprised that he is bad at math. it is very coincidental that the oil executive companies got so three greedy. the reason we have this is because of joe biden's policies and it is the exact design of joe biden's policies. on the campaign trail, he and all those other democrats said they are going to save on fossil fuels. they were going to declare war on oil and gas and that is exactly what they have done and the casualties of that war are american's families and businesses who cannot afford to pay this much for gas or diesel. inflation at grocery stores or all the other purchases our families need to make the claimant the secretary of energy offered a solution to high gas . >> the solution to make as energy secure to make the ball. states to make the entire world
7:26 pm
energy secure is to move to clean energy. no country has ever been held hostage to access to send or to access to the wind. >> senator cotton: has there been. >> laura: has there been a more moral nick person? come on. sticker? >> senator cotton: i guess you could save you are held hostage on access to the sun on cloudy days but that is why we need affordable baseload of energy whether it is oil or gas or coal or what have you and to see that americans who are right about the price of gas just don't like -- buy an electric vehicle, if you can afford an electric vehicle, you're probably not that great about it. people in arkansas producing pickup trucks to get on the farm. we are using suvs and vans to drive kids to practice. they can't afford to spend $60,000 on electric vehicles and
7:27 pm
it won't get them where they need to go into first place. >> laura: there's some debate apparently in the white house over lifting the tariffs on china. the trump tariff. it was john kirby today. >> the president wants to make sure that they are serving our interest and pique interest of the american people and he wants to make sure that as he reviews the tariff regime that it is meeting those needs and i think he is going to keep his mind open. >> laura: senator, i have a very serious question because i understand that there are some gop senators. they tend to be all of the establishment types. they are said to be considering supporting lifting some of these tariffs and that that would be part of their plan going forward if they take back that senate. rewarding china is part of our economic resurgence if the republicans take charge in november? would you support that? and who is supporting that on
7:28 pm
capitol hill? >> senator cotton: it sounds like that is exactly what joe biden is about to do in his desperate attempt to solve the inflation he created. he wants to blame everyone but himself. he wants to blame oil companies or he wants to blame putin's price hikes. and we had these tariffs in place years ago well before inflation started. >> laura: but senator, i get what he is going to do. but we have to republicans. we have establishment republicans. mcconnell, cornyn, roy blunt. we can go the list who are running up to support removing tariffs on key goods coming into the united states. republicans go down that road. there's -- you guys are going to guaranteed that trump wins in 2024. i can tell you that if republicans that go down that road that looked out. donald trump is coming. >> senator cotton: we should not remove these tariffs to address inflation. joe biden's economists say that
7:29 pm
it won't reduce inflation at it will remove the leverage you have. he has already done that in the solar industry. he is willing to import solar panels made with slave labor. >> laura: all right, senator we got to roll. but they will walk the plank on that one. not you, but you know. we spoke with congressman barry loudermilk of georgia. he had been cleared by the capitol police after months of being smeared as part of some recon group giving insurrectionists tours. the head of that was capitol police was unequivocal. he said there's no evidence that loudermilk entered the capitol. we trained officers on being electric and we don't consider any of the activities we observed as suspicious. even after that statement, the january 6th committee is so
7:30 pm
desperate for what relevance that they released the very same videos, the capitol police reviewed. msnbc took these new development to the extreme. >> representative gabbard milk needs to tell the public what he knows and what he did and i believe at a minimum should be referred to the ethics committee right away for an investigation into it was not he should remain in congress. >> laura: congressman barry loudermilk joins me now. congressman, why don't they believe the capital -- kapler police? >> congressman loudermilk: they have done an exceptional job. my head off to them. but the capitol police said does not fit that narrative that that january 6th committee wants to come up with. why they have targeted me, i don't know. but the opev police look not only and the same video but more vigilant what do select committee selected to release.
7:31 pm
and they thought nothing suspicious. >> there's that one guy in the stairwell and he is taking a photo. i think they spent hours on msnbc discussing this. it must have been a slow news day because this is all they talked about. the guy taking a picture. loudermilk has to come and testified to clear this up. you know anything about the guy taking the photo? is he some nefarious character? >> congressman loudermilk: not that i know of but i did not know everybody who was in the group, as most members of congress don't know. they have not asked me to testify. they keep asking you guys to have me come. they keep releasing this stuff to the media. but they don't send me the letter. >> here that this is a year and a half ago. they could have picked up the phone and called me. you could call my five digit extension. we know that you had a group in the capitol office building. i would have talked to them about it.
7:32 pm
there's nothing there. but they want to act -- they want to do personal destruction. >> laura: they want their make you that ringleader. >> congressman loudermilk: and what was the guy taking a picture of? there is a golden eagle holding two candles. people take pictures of that all the time. >> laura: this is the former dc police officer who has made quite a name for himself lately. >> i had written a letter that was signed by jeep major and i found it incredibly irresponsible. me later of outside pressure. an individual who is being guided by a representative of congress who is photographing infrastructure things like stairwells, hallways, and security checkpoints, i mean, that absolutely is suspicious activity.
7:33 pm
>> laura: suspicious activity. >> congressman loudermilk: yeah. i mean, people come to washington, dc, they are taking pictures of everything. >> laura: is it against the rules to take photos into lower level where they work? >> congressman loudermilk: no, not anywhere except for right around the house chambers. >> laura: so there's no restrictions on doing this? >> congressman loudermilk: no, absolutely not. when the guy is near the tunnels. that is where they hang the artwork that schoolchildren give and at the other end, there is the trolleys, the trains and the kids wanted to see the trains that take the congressman to the house chambers. and the capitol police notice. but to the january 6 committee, it does not fit the narrative that they want to present to the american people. >> laura: so they can't decide on their narrative. they are brave patriots and now they are part of an outside
7:34 pm
effort to prop up the instruction. i don't -- i can't even follow their narrative anymore. >> congressman loudermilk: and michael is the pressure coming from? nancy pelosi is that speaker. it is not coming from republicans. >> laura: has anyone pressured you to change your story about this? >> congressman loudermilk: abzal he not, and i want because there is a war on the truth in this country right now. and we have to stand for the truth. the easiest thing for me to do was just to lie down and go dark. i'm not going to do that. if we're going to save this country, we have to stand up for a truth. >> laura: thank you for coming back tonight. weeks really appreciate it. up next, new york city has seen a spike in crime and now the mayor is encouraging drug use. remy or a.i., to the streets and manhattan. he has the full report. "seen and unseen" is next.
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." ♪ ♪ >> laura: it is time for albert "seen and unseen" segment
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quickly we revealed that the stories behind that headline. we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. >> raymond: laura, you have been covering the connection between even recreational drug use between marijuana and crime. here in newark city, mayor eric adams has long been a proponent of marijuana. >> would have my best gifts as you know, marijuana is legal but. >> i did not know. i am not aware. i'm not into that scene. >> mayor adams: and i can't give you this gift. i will give it to you later, you know? >> raymond: no matter where you go into cd, even in the morning as we did the other day, drugs are everywhere. people are brazenly using all matter of substances right out in the open and drug use is not the only thing rising. >> since it was a crime has
7:41 pm
exploded. robberies are up 33% and now that mayor has any idea to teach people how to use drugs safely. kind of editorial. he has instituted the plan but given the connection between violence and drug use, is this a good idea? we ask new yorkers what they thought. >> are we now crm lysing marijuana? >> raymond: they are legalizing it. is that a good idea? >> yes it is. i am of the opinion you should have all drugs be legal. >> raymond: tell me your expense with crime in the city. >> i hate it. the entire city is a jungle. and we are at risk. i don't even take subways. i'm afraid to go under. >> the general sort of stay of the city is -- has slipped. it is dirtier. >> definitely an uptick of crime think i just got spent on --
7:42 pm
spat on by a homeless dude. >> raymond: are you concerned by the rise of marijuana use you see? >> no. i'm not right about marijuana use. i don't think the people that are doing these crazy things are using marijuana. they are using either at risk drugs or they are in psychosis. >> i was here under giuliani and i saw the absence of public drug use seems to be the norm than and now it is everywhere. i'm not just talking about we. strung out hair went looking people all over manhattan's. >> raymond: when you learn as i did recently d aurora shooter, gabby giffords shooter, the shooter in texas, department shooter, all young men on marijuana. there's a psychotic next year.
7:43 pm
>> come on. come on. i'm not buying that. i don't think marijuana is that big of a deal but i think we have more a problem with mental health that people can't get prescription drugs because society we have built is unlivable for most people. >> raymond: can you use drugs safely? >> no, at least not. >> it is the democrats approached which is the destruction of the quantity of life -- quality of life for conservatives and for law-abiding citizens. >> raymond: laura, so many of these new yorkers do not see the connection between the criminality they are experiencing and drug is. they dismiss it. but according to the national institute of drug abuse, the high th.d., four times as potent as 1995's version and then by's study chose a fourfold increase
7:44 pm
in psychosis and schizophrenia among pot users. >> laura: it is more than not a stretch. this has been documented in study after study and blowing off the connection between increase chances to -- against schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, developed psychosis. we have many, many examples of this. we have had doctors on who have documented it and who have treated it in emergency rooms. the new yorkers you have interviewed got some of them seem like they are great people. but they got to read more, understand more. psychosis does not come out of nowhere, okay? >> raymond: the mayor of new york sees this as a cash grab. he sees billions of dollars in tax revenue. they tried this in oregon. this almost, no coverage. 2020, they passed a measure decriminalizing most drugs but all you have to do was called a one hate -- $1,800 and you got a fine if you were possessing it.
7:45 pm
91 of them called the hard lead to get off the drugs. oregon is the most addicted state in the union. almost 10% of people. >> laura: it is all going downhill. raymond, thank you. five months ago, we brought you the disturbing details of the school that tried to convince an 11-year-old she was transgender and they hit the whole thing from her mom. jessica conant and her attorney are back with us for a significant update. stayed there.
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♪ ♪ >> you took away my ability to parent my child even before i had any knowledge. i didn't even get to show support. you asked for support. your job was to educate my child in math, science, english, et cetera. do your job and let me do mine. >> laura: that was jessica konen, a mom who we profiled on this show five months ago. why was she so angry? this is -- entrusted her daughter to the school district and the district then turned around and conspired to change the girl's gender. her name, her pronouns, all behind her parents' back. just got was considering legal
7:51 pm
action. she and her attorney, harmeet dillon, are back with us tonight with an update. jessica, what can you announced tonight? >> jessica: so i want to say thank you so much for having us. exciting news x leak that we are moving forward and we have filed lawsuits against the school district. the two teachers and the principal that caused serious damage to my child. >> laura: harmeet that this is from the lawsuit. they instructed students that they should not tell their parents about their new gender identities purposely failed to keep the quality club the rosters record so that parents could not discover their children's participation and healthy quality club meetings during lunch as opposed to after school so that students were too young to drive did not have to ask their parents to pick them up. harmeet if that is all true, the lengths to which they went to
7:52 pm
cover this up, that is extending. >> harmeet: it is extending and when i first heard about these facts, it was hard to believe. but these teachers have actually confessed on video at the california teachers association to doing a lot of these things and not only doing it but tried to other california teachers how to secretly run these clubs away from that knowledge of the parents and laura, birthday told this young lady that she was bisexual. this is a prepubescent girl. and a few weeks later, they tell her that we think you are trans. some of the text include these teachers to conduct search engine searches of these children who were studying remotely to identify more children that include these types of clubs. and so no parent should have to go to this. they have rights under the united's country -- constitution. and we intend to hold these
7:53 pm
teachers, the principal at the school district liable for the damage they caused the family, other families potentially and for violating the civil rights of these families and to -- >> laura: everyone watching this tonight has to be blown away because there's more in this lawsuit. i can't even believe it. the teachers encouraged a.g. to change her name to a boy name for the new identity they were encouraging her to take on. jessica this is a full frontal assault on the traditional american family on your family and on your belief system. is it not? i don't even know how you hold it together after that. >> jessica: 100%, it is complete violation. it is disrespectful. to be honest, some of the most emotionally damaging thing that you could do to a family unit,
7:54 pm
to a child. the things that i have found out that i, you know, going this process and who my daughter is becoming now, it is just so disgusting. but i'm actually really sad that i was not able to be there for her the way that a mom should have been, you know? there should have never been any hiding from a mom and there should never have been any type of -- they should have never had that type of control over any type of child, anybody. >> laura: harmeet, is this a good mood -- recruitment tool, yes or no? >> harmeet: 100%, laura. these are not the only children affected. i have learned about hundreds and thousands of families across the country. but if people want to find at marquette they should go to our website and support this family, >> laura: thank you. a favorite segment of angle is next.
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♪♪ our dear friend, anthony fauci, came down with his first case of covid, this despite being boosted not once but twice! we wish him well. sure he's going to be totally fine. um, but maybe this will act as a catalyst to officially declare the covid endemic. [applause] >> greg: clap like your life depended on it, because it does. oh, all right. i hope this works. happy wednesday, everyone. we have a great show tonight! judge janine is joining us! [applause] and why not? i have picturesf


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