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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 15, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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in twenty twenty three and open the first phase of the flag, he the flagpole of freedom park july 4th. 2020 sixth nations two hundred 2 and fifty birthday. find out at02 flagpole on freedm flag pole of freedom .com. all right. that's all the time we have left. thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvr. never never in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura's got a great show i heard today. i'm so glad you're doing the flagpole for freedom because we need to not only fly the flag but understand what it represents. and there's nothing worse than a flag made in china. a us flag made in china. so i hope all those flags are made in the usa, usana but i'm o glad you're doing that and i need support. i can i'm there forrt sean. >> thanks s for the words. it's official epipen so i never heard of it was before i gotpi a gift. i never checked. all right. all great seeing you tonight as always. great show. is >> i'm laura ingram .
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this is ingraham angle from w washington tonight . ouwhich do you think is unraveling faster? >> the biden white house or the january 6th committee now for over a year, democrats suggested that congressional republicans had led groups of visitors gvi on so-called recon missions on the capitol on january 5th. 2020 one remember that the implication was obviousmp that republicans elected officials were in on the plot. they were insurrectionist themselves. yes, well, the smears all began just one week after january 6th .h. i was reallyy shocked when i got into the house office building. and saw these groups inside there would be no tours allowed, even tours given by members. and so the only reason you'd have a visitor is on official business to see these groups around the capitol complex is really striking, okay, that mikey shirrel needs tomi be thrown out of office. jersey, save yourself the charge then gain momentum
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around one particular congressman, georgia's barry loudermilk. >> what we're learning aboutut loudermilk is that he was part of a direct lie to the public and perhaps to the committee. i think loudermilk will probably take w the fifthpa amendment. i mean, this guy's pants look like they're on fires this amount to seditious conspiracy. is this the kind of thingde that might warn of the consideration of expulsion from the house ofou representatives can always count on charlie siko? well, thesef comments were c disgusting even before what we learned tonight . loudermilk, we find out did nothing wrong. and a letter toon house administration committee ranking member rodney davis, capitol police chief tom angeric wrote that officers had reviewed security footage y fand found no evidencelo that loudermilk entered the capitol with the group of udconstituents at all. but even after loudermilk was exonerated. exonerated. the capitol police to look into
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it. they did releasee a letter, by from the police chief tom manger that said that there was no evidence that loudermilk is giving a tour of the capitolb building itself. but it didn't necessarily't absolve him of any wrongdoing. >> my is there now the aforementioned congressman barry loudermilk. congressman, first of all, your reaction to the developments tonight and you're cleared, but cnn says, oh , , not so fast. oh , , not so fast. me on and thanks for actually covering this . you know, just a three or four weeks ago i find out about these accusations not from a letter that the committee sent to me. po no,rt they sent it to the pressn as i'm going to the airport and then i'm seeing o my picture on the television screens of all these passengers o o that are seeing that i'm some kind of strange conspiracy or evilco conspirator here and it'sns just ridiculous that the way t that they're handling this committee and they keephe c moving the goalpost, youha knowv the original charge was we gave
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tours of the capitol. there were no tours of the capitol that day. video evidence is there were noth tours of the capitol. then they say, oh , it was the capitol complex. there were hundreds of people in the capitol complex. the house officeco buildings. in fact, it was the democrat leadership ordered the gift shop open on the fifth because h there were so many visitors there. soicke mickey cheryl's accusatin that there were no tours allowed well, there are no tours allowed at the capitol, but there were plenty of people at the houseplee office buildins because it was just another day. and now when it comes out and no mistake about it,t the capitol police were clear that they are trained in looking for suspicious d inactivity. and the group i had in the house office buildings had dido nothing suspicious. it was a total ban on it. congressman. it was a lie. it was a smear. th they did the same thing to donald trump for years. and then whenears when it's shon to be nothing, they said, well, it's not really exonerate. it's not really that we're still looking into it, which isy
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what the january six committee said to cnnno said, oh, no, we have other information i guess about you or this that's going to come to light. did o you catch that on a cnn report? we cut it s off before they actually said that . but that's actually what they referenced. ferenc >> well,ed. i'm sure a committee is going to move the goalpost to try to save face. look, there wasas nothing nefarious that happened on the fifth to most of us and i guess to all of us .ha we had nod idea what was going to transpire on the 6th. it was justo another legislativo day. but the biggest problem i have is the way that the committeela has conducted itself. they never contacted me at all if they wanted to know the truth, all they had too do is pick up the phone and call me. many of the members have my cell phone number. they all have a house phone directory. they could have called me. now what about this group of now what about this group of accusation? yeah, that is deathth threats. i mean, i'm getting deathti threats. my family is getting deathng threats, my staff getting death threats. and you know, today is
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the fifth anniversary of when a deranged man that was radicalized by extreme political rhetoric walked on the baseball field and tried to kill me. and many of my colleaguesan people do stupid things basedy off of what cornelia and i holdo . i holdme the committeehu responsible. if somebody gets hurt li through and congressmen and journalists who irresponsibly reported irr this and should have known better, they can if you can find malice, youve might hae some legal action there. so i hope you're pursuing that . congressman, thank you very much. all right. what now? that'she the focus of tonight's angle for the lame duck. he tried to show some strengthsh today. , he was s desperate to find anything to brag about, soac he reached back to touting obamacare. but all hea i could hear was anc and the only reason insurance company has to cover it isbe because of that lawca. ht
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i promise you i'm going to keep fighting for you. are youre prepared to fight with me? i don't want toth hear any more of his lies about reckless spending or changing people's lives. okay, he's scaring me now. people's lives are changing. ha allvi right. the average american family is now having to spend an average of four hundred and sixty dollars more every month because of the skyrocketing costs for gas, food and housing everything else. that's about five thousand dollars a year. now i realize that 500 k a year is nothing for the biden family where they're raking in hundreds of thousandsds of dollars for hunter spitting on a piece of paper. >> butn the regular people, working people that added cost is a killer. >> it could mean raiding your retirement savings are going into debtt. so c the ruin that biden's causing on the domestic front, w it's gut wrenching. butk tonight we're going to talu about the warnings, s the flashing red warnings for our national security as well. china is on the move tonight to
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a democrat leaders, young and old, signaling that biden's one and done china knows that they have a two and a halfl year window to solidify its path to push us out of asia. and then of course, nail downes their strategic alliances around the world in justd the past few weeks, we've seend just how determined they are ton achieve global domination. achieve global domination. images of their third and most advanced aircraft carrier that gives china criticaler t new naval reach a showing by who's boss. they're alsooss buzzing their planes closer and closer to taiwan every day and now they're threatening war against anyone who tries to defend taiwan's independence and justd a few hours ago, taiwan toldr, reuters that war in taiwan would hit the global economyec t harder than the globalhe economy has been hit with russia and ukraine. and the angle agrees with thatcl assessment. >> bidene is so cluelesson he probably't thinks i don't knw
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computer chips that are madet in taiwan or is easy to a make.e i don't, know potato chips.. just pump them outo chips.. then top it all off as biden's party is busy dragging its previous president through the mud. well, the ccp is propelling its nuclear arsenal into rapid w expansion which they described to be occurringsc at a moderate and appropriate level. biden's defense secretary answer that well by going out of his way to reassure china, we do not seek confrontation or conflict and we do not seekew a new cold war in asia, nato or a region split into hostile blocs. we're working closely with both our competitors and our friends to strengthen the guard rails against conflict and that includes fully open lines of communication with china'sad defense leaders. >>: oh my god. mmoment his band of bumblers. they're not just reassuring
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china as often just said they're rewarding china because anyust minute now president xi s going to learn that all the saber saber rattling, all the saber saber rattling, all course the covid lies the cover up that all paid off becausese up that all paid off becausese lift trump's tariffs further strengthening china's's hand and sucker punching us manufacturing for the biden people are just frantic to l lower tariffsow on china evenno though they know it won't do any good. this is the neww york times tonight . an influential studytial this yr predicted that a move to lift tariffs could save households seven hundred ninety seven a year. but administration officialshe say the actual effect wouldct most likely be far smaller. and then there's more fromhe the times any move to tweak the tariffs could carry significant trade offs that could encourage companieses to keep their supply chains in china, undercutting another white house priority to bring jobs back to america.
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well, sleezy pro china lobbyists, they care about jobs in the united states and the chamber of commerce. gh they'ret. doing backflips tonight . so is this a product of a compromise biden family vis a vis china to the elites e in washingtonli already think that the united states has lost the global race with chinal . soeaield in other words, why nop clear the field for an easier transition? these are all disturbing questions, butut we should pondr them, think about them seriously. think about them. what we do know though is that our lame duck president is sounding more like a bad actoro in a film that went straight toe video. the bottom line i is this i truy believe we've made extraordinary progress by laying a new foundation for our economy. noound, trump did not leave a vo good situation. you think i'm kidding? i say america's back and they look at me and they say for how long? >> no one literally noe one thinks t that biden will do
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anything except embarrass us onw the world stageor. the white house announced an upcoming trip to saudi arabia in july. maybenly, e you've heard about that undoubtedly is just going to beg for saudi arabia, not us manufacture but beg for oi saudi arabia tol. produce more oil. s now even the friendly press seems pretty embarrassed. would he be holding official talks with members of gas was not at five dollars a gallon. the president will ande he saie this before he will meet with leaders across the world if it's in the i best interests of the american people and ourer national security interests. and he believes this trip in its entirety, all the discussions he's going to be having over the course of those three days absolutely fit that bill. oh ,y i wake up in the morning now. biden hobbled america. he sabotaged us . he slapped us of our energy independence. then he when he goes hat in hanh to the most despotic regimes on earth for help,ti the man wants a standing o ovation from
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us . sorry, joe , you've been booed off the stage and you don't even know it. unfortunately for us , we have two and half more years of a clown show too endure. it'so going to be up to a new republican congress to begin to defund the woke madness that the pentagon shut down the money spigot and prepare for a new president who believes in america first once again. and that's the angle. joining me now is missouri senator josh holley, member of the senate judiciary committee. senator , one , republicans get back into power b and they must get back into power. they will get back into power.ic how significant how important is itanan for them to begin the process of defunding what is this hideous local fixation of the u.s. military? laura , it's great to be with o you. it's absolutely vital that wef d get the military t back focused on what it's supposed to do, w which is protecting this country and fighting our wars. and by the way, , that means actually protecting the security of the united states, not off nation building
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in places like ukraine. you know, you said justuk a secondra ago this administration is sleepwalking toward a crisis in china. partso of the reason for that it they're so busy building nation building, trying to create a client state in ukraine that they're not focused on ourf biggest foreign policy threat, u which is china and theni communist party in china. and they're trying to use the military as a giant social experimentl , use it, as you sa, to carry on their work vacation agenda all that needs to stop. we need to get focused againfo on the national security of o this country and also our economic security and this administrationc has endangered l them both. i want to play something from biden's national climate adviser. >> the challenge is now that we're moving from denial to actually just tryingro to to disengage the publicc, we have to get tighter. we a have to get better at communicating and frankly, the tech companies have to stop allowing specific individuals over and over again to spread
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misinformation. senator , the administration once againra is big tech as ther proxies to censor us citizens views on i don't know, decommissioning power plants, shutting down nuclear plants and the coming blackouts we're going to have this summer. i this iss the most recent exampln of the most anti 1st amendmentt administration in american history. i mean, this is an administrationdmisory. that is assaulting our basic fundamental constitutional values and principlesasasic at y single turn. and i can't think of another administration in our history an that has said has assembled an enemies list, if you will ,t and has read it over and over from the white house podium and says we want theseteh people off of social media. we want these people not to be able to communicate a message. we want americans not to talk about covid vaccines. we don'tag wanttwe them to raise questions about wearing masks. we don't want them to talk about any concerns they have over the radical left climate climate change agenda.
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i mean,, it is unbelievable, laura , what they're willing to do and i think that we will look back and see that this was the moment the biden presidency wasru a moment that the left truly lost its grip on reality. when you're trying to silence your own citizens because they don'tyo agree with you, you've got a big problem and that's where the left is right now. they want to y silence american. now, senator , i want to get to your letter that you wrote to jim , but i first have to ask y you, given the factou that we couldn't defeat the taliban, we totally screwed up the withdrawal from afghanistann . do you have any faith that austin and mellie are o of leading us intostare battle for taiwan against china? and ifch not, why not alls the republican senators calling for their immediate resignation? >> well, i've t called for them boths to resign and that's a big part of the reason why, laura .t i mean,ot after what happened in afghanistan, a total debacle and disgrace, there were let's never forget this presidentrg a left hundreds of american civilians behind the enemy, left them behind the enemy. no president in american
12:17 am
history has ever done that and no president has ever celebrated it, which ist thi what this administration did. all of those people shouldd be gone beginning with austin and mellie, the secretary of state, the national security adviser, all of them should be gone. so no,fide i do not have confide in them. i do noti have confidence in tht president who clearly is not fit to lead and we have got toe make a change in the american people are going to have a chance this november. yeah,ye i mean, again, china ready for struggling, struggled against the taliban. ll now you're up to the doj the following please respond to this letterer with a full accout of why our office didn't immediately arrest those who illegally flocked aroundlo cavanaugh's home on june eight hours after the assassination attempthe and also why you're dragging your feet on arresting criminals for firebombing the pregnancy resource centers across the country. any responsere tonight ,ns senator ? >> no, nond response. and of course there won't be laura because merrick garland and biden's doj, they don't want to do anything when it comes torr actually enforcing the law. you've got radical left us out there. that's firebombed or arson to
12:18 am
burn down over a dozen pregnancy care centers allte across the country, 13 i think it was at last count. you've got an attempted assassination of a sitting supreme court justicen and what are they doing? merrick garland will enforce the most basic federal laws that say that you can't pick a justice is home. you can't parade in front of a justice's to say nothing of the attempted arsons and the actually carried out arsons in firebombings. sogs this is an administration that turns a blind again and again and again to violence even while it attempts to shutki down the speech that you were talking about just a second agoo . i mean, they think that thee u biggest threat too the united states are americans asking thee questions about the covid vaccine. yeah. that they want to stop firebombor . that's okay. senator , thank you for that letter and thank you for staying on this issue of the crisis pregnancy centers and cavanough. and speaking of which, now despite the warnings of right wing violence from biden's dojle ,a number offt these violent leftist attacks in recent days is just no paying attention. congressman jim banks has some breaking news on why
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depriving home understanding
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inflammation. get back to doing what the important russell war the better treatment from for specter i know segments like america on edge now look around your town, your city. things are bad out there.
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right? but a lot of americans are now asking just how much worse can it get or will it get ? remember we saw how quickly things spiraled out of control after covid and during the lockdown's after the death of george floyd in the summer of 2020 and now the summer 2020 two. the economy going down the tubes. political flashpoints like the roe decision on the horizon. we fear the summer of 2020 two could be worse. now last week we were the first to document the numerous fire bombings and vandalism that's just wreaking havoc on pregnancy centers from coast to coast. the violence didn't really draw any condemnation from political leaders or pro-abortion forces. in fact, the governor of new york responded by signing legislation that would subject pregnancy care centers to investigation despite one in her state just being firebombed last week. she's a nice girl since our report, more centers have come under attack and the political violence did not stop there. security video posted to twitter shows two people
12:25 am
breaking the window and tossing a lit flare into the office building used by washington state house republican andrew barkus joining me now is indiana congressman jim banks, chairman of the republican study committee, and steven miller, former senior adviser to president trump and founder of america first legal. congressman, you have news tonight about the refusal of this administration to punish the leftist criminals terrorizing americans out there. >> yeah, that's right. i mean, it turns out that a fellow tried to blow up a police car , was arrested by the trump doj. it's a mandatory minimum sentence, by the way, of five years and the biden doj doj just dropped charges. this in new york . in new york we've seen other cases to a couple of lawyers tried to firebomb a police car in new york sentenced to 10 years by the trump doj. the biden doj changes it to two years. so case after case after case proves there's a different set of rules and with a biden doj for those on the right versus those on the left and portland,
12:26 am
they've dropped about charges on about half of those who were arrested in the portland blm riots in the summer of 2020. but then you get to january six , about 800 people arrested at the capitol on january six . they've dropped charges or maybe just a small handful of them. so you see the different set of standards very quickly and how politicized the biden doj is because he took a photo of the capitol dome on january 6th and you got your house ransacked by the fbi. steven, i mean, merrick garland is out there early on this administration saying that white supremacy and right wing terrorism was the single biggest threat to america. that's what our doj said. and now what's happening to volunteer organizations by the way, that help scared women across the country. what you're seeing now is that the law for the democrat party , for biden, for garland is not an instrument of justice, but a weapon of partisan vengeance. that's the reason why our supreme court justices are left defenseless. that's the reason why blm
12:27 am
rioters who staged an insurrection at the federal courthouse in portland night after night are walking free . but peter navarro is facing severe imprisonment who last time i checked hasn't physically hurt, assaulted or attacked anybody. now speaking of the attorney general, he's hoping congress and banks that the circus on capitol hill will help his investigation am watching and i will be watching all the hearings, although i may not be able to watch all of it live. but i'll be sure that i'll be watching all of it. and i can assure you that the january six prosecutors are watching all the hearings as well. >> i find that i mean, as an officer of the court myself, i find that to be really disturbing. that comment like look out, kids, i'm coming for you. >> what he's coming after you if you are on the right if you
12:28 am
voted for donald trump, if you're a conservative, if you oppose this administration that completely weaponizes of the department of justice we can't get let them get away that that's why i wrote a letter to the doj demanding that they explain why they dropped charges on this guy who tried to blow up a police car . they must explain why they did that . and then when we get the majority back after the midterm election, we have to use the judiciary committee, other committees in the house to demand answers and hold them accountable. steven, i have talked about this offline. i know you won't mind me sharing this , but if the republican when the republicans take back power, this is when they were worried that this stuff won't get done, congressman, because we've seen it time and again. republicans squander their opportunity once in power defunding these military woke programs, defunding all these efforts to intimidate americans, sencer americans. this has to be done to save our freedom has to be i hear you and i understand the skepticism. but i can tell you if there's ever been the right man in the
12:29 am
right place at the right time to be jim jordan chairing the house judiciary committee for example. and he's he's getting ready to look into situations like this . the american people and our voters are demanding it. we will not let him down on that front. and how, stephen , important is it when republicans get back into power to expose what this big government socialism has done to small business across america which is being crushed right now and this inflation? well, my proposal is they need to form a series of select committees just like the democrats did. >> we pick who the republicans are and we get to pick who the democrats are if any at all issue a flood of subpoenas. do primetime hearings demand equal time, do them on open borders, do them on the destruction of small businesses, on inflation and runaway crime, on the formula shortage, on the debacle in afghani's van and the corruption the rot at doj issue after issue week after week exposed the scandals
12:30 am
. the american people people are going to want this economy turned around. that means you have to stop biden from doing any more damage to stephen . congressman, we're going to be watching. thank you so much. thank you . and despite the rosy language from the white house, we're going to bring you the most dire warning about the economy you have ever heard. and i mean ever heard in a moments. plus, newt gingrich is here on the white house to suggest that its failures are the result of bad messaging. >> that's what it is. stay there . backyards yellow with green pressure treated by this yellow tag. you don't want an over 45.
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12:36 am
transitioning to stable growth. okay,e eight point six percent inflation. but according to the chief investment strategist at bucharles robb, the measure of consumer stress, which is m the average of utility costs gas, food, electricity that surged by twenty five point seven percent year over year 2 o . so that puts the marker justha slightly less than a peak it was in 1980. but our next guest fears we're in store for even worse in the days and weeks to come. joining now is peter schiff, chief economist and global strategist for euro pacific co. capital and host of siff radio. peter , thanks so much for being here . i was i was watching w your tweetsat and tom elliott over the weekend discussing why the inflation number i is so misleading. explain it to us in simple terms. well, first of all,ep the government is reportingor prices. inflation is the expansion of the money supply. that's the actual definition and it often resultsts in prices going up.
12:37 am
but the way the government measures prices today, it really understates the true impact. if we were still measuring prices using the cpipi that we were using back in the 1970s, the actual increase would be about double what the government is reporting. so not eight pointtld b six , id be closer to 17%, maybe a little bit more . well, peter , when you think about the average cost of housing for individuals who housing for individuals who rents that figure alone e was a staggering series of increases over the last several, months in the last several years, how significant isal that given the modest increases in salaryarin for individuals who are working? well, it's veryer significant shelters about a third of the official cpi. but the government doesn't usech actual home prices which are up about 20% or actual rents that were up over 15%. they useca something that they made up called owners equivalent rent and that'sut
12:38 am
something that nobody actually pays. but that was only up five and5. a half percent. and peterra:, we also hear now that to address the oil pricesu issue, the energy price issue, the senate senate finance committee chair ron wyden is introducing you. windfalllleyou. profits tax called something else as a 21% surtax on oil company profits that they considersur some laughing becaue considersur some laughing becaue consider excess. what do they cause the price of oil to go up?ed well, look, if we confiscated p allro of profits and distributed it to the american public, you would barely even noticey a difference. but if you take the profits out of drilling for oil, guess o what ? noo one is going to drill for oil. so we're going to have an even bigger supply problem than we have right now. but the real problem is demand. you know, youriea just mentioner that american rescue plan that was a disaster. we need toas be rescued from that plan because
12:39 am
what the government did was the completeecttdi opposite of what they should have doneas as they were ordering everybody to stop working and we shut down the economy. we a stoppednd producing. hi we printed more money. soso we gave out all this money to people we paid a lot of people more money not to work than where they actually hadon a job. they earn money except when they were staying at home . ey were staying at home and so we flooded the economy with money as we were starving with money as we were starving prices went through the roof. i predicted that this was goingr to happen back in march of 2020 when we first went down this road. in butto then biden really kicked a into a whole new gear and now we're dealing with the consequences of that policy that reckless monetary and fiscal policy now two pointa seventy five increasemu the interest rate. that's notit going to do much as it peter . no, i mean, if the fed is so far behind the curve, it can't even see it. you know, we actually have to get interest rates above the rate of inflation. we need positive real interest rates. but thanks to the federal reserve, everybody has so much
12:40 am
debt that we can't afford to pay the interest rate high t enough to fight inflation. but it is going to be high enough to cause a massive recession and another financial crisis that's worse than the one we hadad in 2008. well, that doesn't keep peoplee up at night, peter . i don't know what . well, it'sso great to see you, peter . thank you so much. thank you so much. that three white house officials will be headed to tcapitol hill on thursday to discuss ways to combat what you just heard from peter schiff d runaway inflation but rather to runaway inflation but rather to on the economy, fighting inflation and reducing costs for the american a a people. yes, they think it's a common problem over at the white house . newt gingrich joins us , former speaker of the house fox news contributor, author of defeating big government socialism. newt, we said this a year ago. they thought that they thought always think this is p a messaging problem when it's the substance problem. that segment with peter schiff was a terrifying. was a terrifying. worse and they don't seem to care.
12:41 am
well, first of all, on ahe personal level, the more i've watched the last five or six weeks, the more i worriednv about my own investment esesstrategies, what i'm doing t in terms of trying to save money, where to putut it, what's happening. i think it's really i an enormos ,enormous problem and the average american knows it because they go out and they buy gasoline or they go to the store to buy food or they try to find infant formulae . you just go down the whole list. and i think for the white house to think that this is not to think that this is not is a sign of how totally out of touch with everyday normal aramericans they are and i think it's an enormous problem. now john kerry probably offer fresh fresh offke a private jet admits kind of that this was all intentional energy security
12:42 am
where he was driving a lot ofe the thoughts about, oh , weis need more drilling. we need more drilling in this. we needo to go back to coal. n' no, we don't hear the secondhe largest emitter in the world. we bear a major responsibility and president biden believesajot the core and he's determined that we're going to do our part to make up for the last four years while most of america doesn't have the hind's wealth behind ourselves to so they don't have to worry aboutto john's okay, they're on his background, but regular people hear that probably has exploding. okay, well, look, i think that comment tells you everything about why the big government socialist model is failing and why the democrats just don't have a clue. here's a guy who's extraordinarily wealthy windsurfersal off cape cod goes around the world in a privatete plane from four star hotel to four star hotel to the gourmetst restaurant after a gourmet restaurant. and then he doesn't get it
12:43 am
that if you're a hard working s single mother or single father and you're out here every day and you can barely affordba to pay for the gasoline to get towo work, that maybe you're not sympathetic with the ultra rich . . challenge for the democrats because they basically are shrinking into two groups left wing cuckoos like eeoc and people who were so wealthy r they have no connection to the real world and those two groups get together and they reassure each other. , but out here for the rest of us , we just did a survey where we ask how important is it to restore the america that works? 87% of the country, almost nine out of every 10 americans said restoring the america that works is really important and tells you that almost nine out of ten americans dooal
12:44 am
not think americag. is currently working. and guess who's in charge of not workingarf? joe biden. all right. great to see you tonight . thank you . and a shocking election result tonight out of texas. kellyanne conway is here next r the reaction to that .ow plus, we're going to bring you a report about how democrats are attemptingptin to meddle in republican primaries. >> stay there when america is tested, we find strength from within and through the challenges that it takes reliable, affordable energy and we've got a choice on how we get it import energy from unstable regions or produce producing natural gas and oil right here in america depend on foreign governments for our natural gas and oil or producer energy independence, keep american jobs and maintain global competitiveness. solutions are made in america with americans natural gas and oil royan to be retired then had to face a volatile market. they contacted their personal capital adviser and checked
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that's our birthday .com. okay, well the only things that the democrats have is to talk the continued threat to democracy that republican victories in november d could usher in . but a recent effort seems tot contradict that message. fox fauci breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has all the details frome. our west coast newsroom trace. hey, oc the democrats strategy s this during the gop primaries, democratic groups and political action committees by advertising that supports republik b candidates that favot former president trump then if pro trump candidate wins the primary during the general election, democrats will smear them as extremists who wantwa to continue the assault on democracy. here's a sample of a a democrat here's a sample of a a democrat a republican running forub us congress. >> watch republican chris mateys, a true conservative 100% prodr trump and proud trump.
12:50 am
republican charismatic military veteran, local businessmanma or politician david valadao who voted to impeach trump. >> republicans, it's time toch decide hasn't quite worked out the way democrats hope considering motif is running well behind david valadao, though the race hasd not yet been called but t to hedge their bets, democrats now refer to all republican voters as magga republicans. , magga republicans. where a democrat superpac is now spending one point five million dollars to toute the conservative pro trump credentials of republicans. state lawmaker ron heynckes, who's running for u.s. senate and pennsylvania democrats playing the same game promoting doug mastrianni , who was endorsed by trump and is a trump loyalist. who ran awayist. with the primary and democrats think he'll be an easy mark in november for democratic nominee joshh shapird for governor . but in a year when democrats are expected to take a beating
12:51 am
,many analysts are saying be careful who you promote in 2016. democrats desperately wanted democrats desperately wanted clinton's opponent and they got. their wish for trey grayson forg a thank you. >> and we're monitoring >> and we're monitoring tonight taking place in four states including number where trump's endorsements will come into play. butt this one special election that could provide perhaps the most evidence of a redac wave, a big red wave this fall. now according to dave wasserman ,republican mira flores has j just defeated democrat dan sanchez to fill the seat vacated in march by filimonov. now not only did biden win by five to 2020, the seat has never done and gone red and is 84% hispanic. joining me now is kellyanne kellyanne conway, former senior counsel to president trump, of the huge new besttrump, seller here's the deal. seller here's the deal. first mexican born woman ever
12:52 am
elected to congress and she'spu a republican relaxium tonight she's a republican. she's a conservative and laura ,they tried to tie her as an ultra magon right wing extremist and of course they're going to call her a sexist and racist. her name iss flores. those two words alone, laura , tell you everything you need toe know about 2020 two and the big red replumbing white because republicans have done a really good job recruiting great candidates this timeatat and pra much all of them are running on the america first agenda agenda energy independence, tax cuts, deregulation, constitutionalist judges putin out of ukraine to outlaw gas again you name it. and what i think is really fascinating about the midterms so far iss the outsized role so far iss the outsized role in the primaries and the tiny, tiny role that president biden is playing in thend in fact,nd he's endorsed candidates few as they are and even fewer want him to campaign with them.
12:53 am
they are not doing well at all. even dina titus in nevada, o congress so long term congresswoman. she's another one who's got a primary tonight from the left. and joe biden is going tobi t fe primaries and challenges from the left as well. so look at look at my today it's fair. it bears repeating. this is the rio grande rally. joe biden won that district handily last time open seat. and remember, this is a democratic party that thinksy they own the hispanic vote. if they can just take a of an english and translate it into spanish, you they think they'ves got hispanics. hispanics are realigning republican on education, national security, on the economy and yes, on immigration. remember how many a timese kellyanne, i think youwe and iea were even laughing about it years ago likers we're going tot flip texas. texas is going to go blue and it's going to be a blue wave and it's going to be led by bato and it's going to be gone and dan patrick is going to be gone and everyone's going to be gone. and you know what's gone now is
12:54 am
and you know what's gone now is places like illinois and movingg to texas like caterpillar, which we learned today. so companies are leaving, the people are leaving and and going to conservative run states where things generally work better period. and remember, it's better or worse. what was he doing there recently? yelling about guns really just being a bully at that press conference. here's a guy who was in congress and he ran for senate, relost he ran foras president, embarrassed himself, got zerose electoral votes, the same number as cory booker and kamala harris for those keeping scorere. and now he's running going down. but look, you know, you're going very quickly in 2016 we noticed hillary was doing texas blue , arizona blue , georgia blue . she was in wisconsin and michigan. the democrats still don't w get it. all right, kellyanne, great to see you tonight . congrats on the book. >> up next , a flag day freedom matters so musty in here.
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>> okay. it's flag day today, so freedom matters. go to the website for charity, all freedom matters gear.
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you guys asked for this. it's so cool. this is an american-made polo for dad, okay, for father's day. spend $75 to get a t-shirt. everyone wants one. where is it? i don't know how to hold it up. go to [ ♪♪♪ ] >> a major break through for the republican party in texas. look at that on your screen right now. republican mayra flores flipping the seat held by democrats for nearly a decade from blue to red. a special election win given the gop one less house seat to flip on november 8th. that's the race everyone is talking about this morning, including you. you're watching with "fox & friends first." i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus.


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