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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 14, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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and so here we are today with drag queen story hour and we should not be surprised. that's the most interesting thing i've heard a while. congrats on the book. thank you for that . ththank you , tucker .he here's a question. are the in the idf battalion vaccinated? if not, how canhe the bush blion administration continue to support them in good faith? look intol that .lo we'll be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. sean hannity right now. all right then, tucker , thanks always and welcome to hannity. tonight we are tracking multiple major stories including president biden'sbi upcoming trip to saudi arabia in 2019 and candidate in the basement bunker. joe biden vowed to20 make saudi arabia pay the price forll killing the journalist jamal khashoggi and he referred to saudi crown prince as aa pariah proclaimed quote there's very little social redeeming value in the present government of saudi arabiaa. all right, joe , when you go to saudi arabia, are you going to stand up and say it right tohe his face, right to c the crown prince's face?
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are you going to make him pay the price you promised orwi will joe biden get on his kneesl to beg and plead and hem and haw for oil that he's unwilling to drill here for in america? the answer. is likely obvious. t we'll have a lot more on this with former secretaryth state mike pompeo along with a look into saudi arabia'si attempt to cleanse their toxic image. a multibillion dollarclea golf, tournament featuring record setting payouts to major americanmult golfers. and also tonight , newly unearthed audio that has been extracted from the laptop from shows unabiding bragging in his own voice about the influence he has over his father. we got that tape straight ahead. also, we are monitoring primary results in four states south carolina, north dakota, nevada, maine, along with a runoff in texas. we'll keep you posted on the numbers as they come in tonight. and thankfully the midterms arey only five months away and we have a chancey to stop
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the devastating policies of sjoe biden. now with democrats running the entire show in the washington swamp this country isto now barreling into what wil be a prolonged period of the economic pain, economic suffering, the national average for a gallon s of gas is up yet again for the 18th straight day. now well over five bucks a gallon nationally. that's the average diesel much higher at nearlyy six dollars. m we'll have a lotor more on this tonight. and naturally inflation is alsoa still on the rise. stockmannls market, meanwhile, s plunging dramatically. guess what ? back to where joe started on day one , the dow jones. well, average down another one hundred and fifty points today. what does that five days in a nrow significant declines for out of the five and tomorrow could likely be much worse. the fed expected to once again raise interest rates either a half point or a massive three quarters of a point interest rate hike and will continue to hike ratesesin forn
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the foreseeable future. goldman sachs predicts as manysa as 11 in the next two years combined and that means, well, new home sales a mea will go do new homeco construction, yeah,ut that's about to t come to a stance. still, sales of existing homes will plummet. home valuesst sorry. i know many of you got recently gotten valuations. they will head south fast too as well. remember, the higher the rate that means fewer loans. that means fewer americans that will be out there buying houses now. that withth the spiking inflation spiking gas prices this country we are all headed into a very scaryry place alreay two thirds ofy' the country is living paycheck to paycheck a former obama economic adviser i don't always agree o with him, but he's been right on everyhi item ups to this point as it relates to biden's economy. e lawrence summers predicted that a recession is imminent in the next year or two. and remember, summers was the one that accuratelymi corrected the administration predicting that the current inflation crisisredi was in fact
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real when they were saying w it was only transitory. so now with everything imploding around him, well, joe biden, your president is outraged not about the economy. he seems to think that his economic policies are a historic success. no, today joey was mad at you. we the american people for, complaining about the inflation, his economic and energy policies cause he's mad at us .ci why y are you mad at me, joe ? take a look. >> d i don't want to hear any more of these lies about reckless spending or changing people's lives. >> joe man he's all animated today, joe . he must have taken it must that his wheaties this morning . whe in fairness, it wasn't just biden's out of control spending to cause inflation. it was joe's war on the oil and gas industry on behalf of of course, the climate alarmists call that is the new green deal socialist party that pahe is beholden to., and by i the way, i keep coming back to oil and gas. wh why?y?be because energy independence is
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the single number one best thing that we can do to bring down the costs at the pump and lower diesel prices.ow you lowerer diesel prices. that lowers the price of every item you buy at every store you shop at and that's not going too happen. this administration, they put n,their priority on the climatec alarmists calls not on you. we the american people just listen to what biden's climate czar john kerry had to say on friday. >> take a look at energyan security is driving a lot ofor the thoughts now about oh ,ry we need more drilling. we need more drilling in this.l. we need to go back to coal. no, we don't. we absolutely don't.ut and weel have to prevent a false narrative from entering into this or again, pun intendedis we are all right, kerry. >> like kerry, like everyonear else in the climate cult wants gas prices to be high and all as a means to an end. they want you to consume less energy.
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they want you to travel less. f they want youor they want to force you to buy an electric car . and just last week, biden's energy secretary jennifer granholms e said that americans could save money on gas by purchasing a sixty thousandri dollar electric car . everybody got anc extra 60 grand in and around. i think we need to hire deprogrammers for these climate obsessed called maniac's. this climate socialist cult is so indoctrinated all of them, they have lost every bit of h common sense that they everad hd if they ever had the simple answer we have a solution. go back to the trump policies of energy independence. that would mean they would needt to greenlight the keystone xl one pipeline. we can get nine hundred b thousand barrels of canadian oil a day. that'll help lower the price at the pump. that's p an easy one . d the alberta premier said it would be done by now. joe didn't put a restriction on it. now we can lift the exploration anban he put in place in anwr. we can end joe biden's paw's
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new oil and gas drilling permits on federal land and we can get out of the paris climate accords which oh , that's right, china and india are called developing nations have paid little to no money and we've paid the bulk of the of the moneys. and meanwhile we reduce carbon emissions more than any other country in the industrialized world. and by the way, he can also, joe , can lift restriction that he put on fracking. we can create enough natural gasea that we can start providid our nato allies and western european friends with all the natural gas that they need and they won't be making vladimir putin rich again. r guess what ? that will help endat the war with ukraine. joe biden with rather flat outbi delie, though, about our economc woes that he caused. take a look. >> since i took office, your help families are carrying less debt nationwide to have more savings that's not true at all. take a look at your screen.
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this is from cnbc. h quote, americans nowav have an average nine thousand dollarsn less in savings than they didth last year according to newsio nation, quote, as inflation goes up so does america's credit card joe biden, his entires administration and they are living in a fantasy world. just listen to what white house press secretary, you know, out there touting get this, hi america's historically good steconomy. think about that . is this historically good to you? ghow do you feel when you fille up your tank? how do you feel when you w go tr the grocery store? how do youocho feel when you goo lowe's and home depot? how do you feel when you go to the drugstore? even mcdonalds is chargingth a lot more . they have no choice.ic take a look. economists dodo cite the war in ukraine and supply chain issues. we did have that before the war supply chain issues. they also say that last year's stimulus package which you've mentioned contributed to sinflation mean there's a byat the administration bear
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some responsibility for this .o sofi first of all, the american rescue plan met the moment and it has put us in a place where we can actually put us in a place where the american people feel we can actually we can take on inflation. by the way, karine jean-pierre was not expecting tough >>questions from fake news cnn this is administration is such a disaster now even don lemon, hard core liberal is actually following our lead and questioning joe biden's mental and physical abilities. wow. a little late, but welcome to the party . take a look. does the president have the stamina physicallyan and mentally, do you think, to continue on even after 2020 c four? >> you're asking mere this question. oh my gosh. skhe's a president of the uniteh states. you know, he i can't even keep up with it. we just got back fromac new mexico. we just got back fromk california. that is that is not a question
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that we should be even askingki a lot ofng questions we should be asking the guy that can barely put two coherent sentences together and can i call the bluffal on us? she can keep up with joe biden . i'm not buying that the guy gets blown over by the wind walking up the stairway to airho force one , the guy g who gets p late goes to bed early, a guyd that called the lid at 2:00 a p.m. today, don might as well say it.ou joe biden m is weak, frail and a cognitive wreck. and you can add a if you want to be fair, we were way ahead of the curve. you can say and sean hannity on fox news was right the whole time. now sadly, the democratict party is not in good hands. joe biden is asleep at the wheel while radical extreme socialists are driving the car today some of them tried to block a bill providing more security for us supreme court justices. this , of course, after s laster week's assassination l attempt against justice kavanaugh,
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which by the way, was not mentioned on any sunday show except fox newsay sunday s. the bill eventually did pass. three hundred and ninety six to twenty seven , by the way. look at the twenty seven names right there. all twenty seven no votes came from democrats, including a loto of squad members. n aoc t was in there congresswoman to leave was t in there anyway. they even went as far as to doxing the children's school ofy amy coni barrett. this afterre the assassination. well attempt was discoveredre by law enforcement. it was reaction the host of the monica crowley podcast, monica crowley herself alongpo with the author, his new book is out soon. you want to get an early copy book storesyw everywhere. it's called suppression deception snobberyd bias why the press get so much wrong and just doesn't care. ari fleischer with us. and last but certainly not least, he deserves his own media show. our own joe concha is with us. monica, let's start with you.
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okay, you look at the state of the economy. how dooi you make the case point to one thing that i must be missing because every indicator i see tells me that this is an economic disaster record high gas prices. forty two year high of p inflation. we nowrir atio have the poor, the middle class and people fixed incomes, they are they are suffering badly. wewe can get out of the mess, bt that's not on the table. ig well, that's right, sean. you know the old saying don't on my leg and tell me it's raining. i think most of the american people now when they hear joe biden and the democrats try to say and try to spin this ,. put a gloss on this historic cadastre of a presidency, particularly with regard to the economy. they're saying don't on my leg and tell me it's raining their lived experience is an economic horror show. they have to decide between
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groceries or gas to get to workb to try to try to pay for basic necessities that they can no longer afford and that that'sat also assuming that they's can feed their childrenne. with the baby formula shortage. so in every direction this is an epic disaster and you know, there's spin and then there is blatant lying and this administration is just lying through its teeth. but you know what , sean, the democrats, including joe biden have gotten away for so long with lying to the public and having the press and the public just lap it up unquestioningly that he thought that he could get away with it. but things have so dramaticallyh changed for the worse underan this man that people are just flat out rejecting the truth and the truth is staring them in the face every day that theyr get up and try to make their way through this economy. i think that's the key point, ari, because you know, i know democrats think of roosevelt return. they'll run on that. they want to run on guns. they'll call republicans racist. they'll use the every election
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yearanan uns. playbook and january six . but every american every day isa reminded when they fill up their tank and every store they go too, they pay a premium that this is a reality in spite of the lies, as monica callede them, that they're telling every day. >> it just shows how out ofs touch and out to lunchch the administration is when it comes to what's on the minds of the american peoplera. joe biden is not the first president, sean, who's been running an ad economy or in a country where the overwhelming majority of the people think the country is on the wrongn track. things are bad. h but he's the first president to run by saying that the american people are wrong. he can be challenged when you s say is this perception that things are good, they really that's what he's trying to do is go ahead. they really are out of touch, meaning the biden administration or do they really believe deep down in their hearts that somehow if they force americans and get them off fossil fuelsfu that they're saving the world
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while they're making iran and opec nations and saudi arabia and maybe even venezuela rich? ey do they believe it? they really think they're saving mother earth? i thinkk what they really believe is that the economy is because unemployment is low and historically people responded to unemployment numbers. but joe biden is kind of like a world war one general in france. ny the problem was. germany. so build the marginal line and prevent germany from attacking. well, germany went right around the maginot line and invaded through belgium into france and started world war two issues inflation. it's not unemployment and that's what joe biden doesn't understand. s so when he talks about all these other issues, the american people are sensibleer. they get it. they know what's going on in their lives. it's economics and that's inflationt' and it's killingeo the american people. did you ever think, joe concha, that you'd hear sea don lemon liberal that he is and i don't know if he calls himself a journalist if he does, jit's a joke. he's a talk show host. he's just not honest about itho if he doesn't tell everybody.
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but he saidg he's asking the question karine jean-pierre does the president have the stamina one j physically and mentally? do you think, to continue on even after 2020 four?20 don lemon is asking that question now. he could have said i think seanty hannity on fox is right. o f he forgotor that part, but he's asking the question even the left as i've been saying, they all see it but they don't say it. >> we'll show and answer your question. don lemon is called himself c a serious journalist before. soal there's that look. >> there is never been and i understand she's new but therea has never been a more unsteadyun ,unconfident, unprepared press secretary quite like kareem dompierre. she couldn't be the spokesperson for mayor quimbyy or mayor goodway. all right. she continues to read most ofre our answers from a binder during the press briefings. right. i mean, not just like looking
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down at notes, but we're talking about like a wholele paragraph. john kirby should be in that position. he's probablyn the most competent, articulate person within the administration. but karine jean-pierre whichchhe for other reasons in the end joe biden is officially polling at the lowest numbers of any first term president in polling history. we're talking about from truman to trump and the guy who got v more votes than anyone else in history is now polling lower than anyone else. and his position at this time of his presidency. and look, , when you when you're seen by the american people as too old and not mentally sharp foror a job, that is a perception that is impossible . i don't know you maybe there's a side, though, just to play devil's advocate here , when karine jean-pierre says that she can't keep up with joe biden, maybe we're just not seeing that energetic part. ge maybe we're missing it. maybe there's a side to himhe they've been hidingre the entire timeme.
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there's s a schedule that's out every day of what the president does on a daily basis and as you said, call it at twoai o'clock atd, i just don't see the work ethic at least ifoo he looked likek he was putting in the effort as he is approaching age 80 , then you could say, well, at least he's trying but he shouldn't look at this pointshou even whoi it? david axelrod right on cnnt, alo said that the prospect of a second term joe bidenon who mt be closer to 90 than 80 beingha8 president of this country given the energy level and given his mental capacity is the prospect that even democratsha are saying we don'tp want any part of the bottom line is toar quote the president . i've doneday everything in my power to blunt putin's price hike. this person or at least his handlers think the american people are several flavors of stupid. all right. let mee get to this topic already. it's been going on for nearly 17 months.
11:19 pm
>> inflation going up and gas prices going up. john monica, even the left, even the new york times is raising the question of this can't run in twentyty twenty four . we all know the truth now. things are really we'reg going to get shellacked in november. we don't want to get killed on twenty twenty four . also i think that i think this is a united democratic party effort. do you agree and when you lookat the ben, she got what people to judge kamala harris, amy klobuchar, elizabeth warren, ucrnie sanders counted himself out who do they have? yeah. losers of sean.ea so none of them are going to be the nominee. look, a yourt don't get articles like what we just saw this weekend in the new york times questioning joe biden's fitness and quoting democrats on the record, including david axelrod saying that absolutely he cannot run again. he cannotd tely be a nominee uns the democrat powerbrokers want . y gone
11:20 pm
so it's clear . all right. that will be and the h question is how are they going to maneuver this and who are they going to install? is it going to mrs. obama? there going to be hillary clinton? it's got to be a heavy weightot because they cannot afford to lose that next election t. ou what are you what are your thoughts, ari fleischer? it's going to be up to the democratic primary voters. nobody can install any of what i wrote . all names of words come to i think this is that there are some governor there, some governors out there who have not run before they'res younger. that's going to be a t new generation of democrats. but then you can't rule out the democrats socialists. well, see run. you're going to have you had twenty eight democrats running in 2016. we might have enough support to start in twenty nineteen to try . i mean it's just like that now and it's healthy. it is a healthy part of democracy but the bottom line remains in twenty twenty three joe biden will be a lame duckil and the democrats are going to breathe a sigh of relief. all right.
11:21 pm
last question, joe concha, you got 30 seconds. who with the most promisingop the top three most promising democrats assuming joe doesn't run in twenty twenty four ? >> well, you have the governor of kentucky right now that certainly is polling pretty high t in red states, right, basher? so that'ss one i would think. but then again, we've seenef before in twenty twenty and i know i only have 15 secondsorn atow this point when more moderate governors fromrt the democratic party run the left wing, the aoc wing make sure that they don't get anywhere near the nomination. so it's hard to tell at this point. maybe hillary clinton, as crazyi as that sounds givent the competition s, could be your next nominee. okay, that's a bad choice anyway. thank you all. good to see. ou we're looking forward to your book when we come back to bite. the administration continues l t
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fail you, the american people pretty much every front midterm elections cannot come soon enough. our good old friend john kennedy fromio louisiana, he weighs in . i'm sure he's got a phrase or two that he'll turn that'll probably knock your socks off. i'm sure that the five backyard's attack you one want dog with to return the favor with fresh and fresh meat and veggies over the long
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performance roughly tax money for factor. but as we've been pointing out, the biden agenda failing on every front now tonight stocks continue to sink. that means your retirement money for one , etc. prices continue to rise. inflation at a fortyty one twohi year biden's approval crashing mortgage application are now at a twenty two year low. now. why would that be important to you? well,, that would mean that new home construction will now soon come to a screeching halt that's going to hurt
11:27 pm
the contracting business. big time sales off b existing homes. b they're going to plummet because of the increase interest ratesat and they will rise again tomorrow. home values as a result, there's not going to have any customers. they're going to drop dramatically, maybe a few exceptions. i don't know. florida probably won't f be hit as hard because demand is so high. texas, the carolinas, tennessee, ,they have so many people moving into those states soin they might be able toto do a lot better politically. biden's approval rating crashing as it should, s his economic and energy policies destroying our economy and any chance for a large portion of the population tope have prosperity, inflation, gas prices, border pretty much p everything in between. the biden white house keeps finding new ways to somehow s make awful situations a lotom worse. i and here with reaction in his ways, r ue style of our friend senator john kennedy from the great state ofjo louisianaat s. ow you know, senator , i have a question for you because b you're a common sense guy.
11:28 pm
like to i'd like to put aside republican democrat. i just want americans to havech a chance to be successful. i'm a conservative. s. i think conservatism works. in all these years, 35 years from radio twenty six and a half years of fox over thosese years i have seen a lot of'v researche on myself and sometimes there's criticismi of one or twot people. i'll look at p it. i'll pay attention to it. well, when is a trend of 15 , 20 , 30 people maybe making the same criticism about meri in some way i usually pay attention and i try to change to be better at what i do. i now if you have a record high gas prices, you know, but we've never seen before now over five bucks a gallon and record high the obvious answer would be to change go back to the policies that you inherited that weren't whynh won't joe biden and hiser party even consider. the policy
11:29 pm
change shift that would be neededd? sean, i don't know some of my democratic colleagues have raised age as an issue for the president. in my judgment, age is the least of the president's problems. run for,sn't reelection, in my opinion, it will be because of his unpopularity. i don't think i'm gonna like most americans, i think about 90% of aw about my personal and political philosophy is is don't hate don't hurt someone less. you have to defend yourself. don't take other people's stuff and leave me alone s. and president biden obviously disagrees. he and his administration are constantlydi screwing with the american people, telling thempl how to livee, their lives i
11:30 pm
and they do so in a way that does not improve the lives of most americans. i'll give you a few examples. president biden and the administration sit the department of justice on parents who care enough about their kids to go to a school board meeting and ask questions. the obama administration called the people of florida a bunch of bigots because they don't want government talking to their five year old children about sexuality. the bad administration callgo the good people of georgiaod racists because they believe that you ought to have to provee you are who you say you are in order to vote. just today, president biden gave a speech and here's what he told the american people . he told t the american people that their 401k have crashed and the gas has gone from two
11:31 pm
dollars to five dollars because the economy is so good. o no one believes that . no one believes that . and that's why i say that president biden's biggest challenge in my judgment is notm his age. it's his policies that he hasn't changed now i want to take it to the next step. you gave me the answer about biden, but you're prettyre cordial, personable individual p . i'm sure you talk to people on the other side of the aisle . you may even have a good relationship with many of them. i would assume you probablyssum. what about them? what are they saying about the high gas prices? what are they saying about joe ? what areey they saying about inflation? what are they saying about the state of the economy, the border, all of these issuess ? are they not seeing what is so plainly obvious to everyone else? well, whe it when it comes
11:32 pm
time to talk about president biden's policies, you couldn't p find well, let me putol it another dog, the bounty hunter couldn't find most ofr my democratic colleagues. when you want to talk about president biden's administration and in spite of it but joe manchin christensen ,they seem to be people youch can work with . they seem reasonableinsi. been they've bucked their party and they said no, we're not h going along with soe of these policies. i give them credit forie doing so. they take it a lot of heat for doing it. yes, but but but they don't criticize the president now.t. maybe they do privately. but what my biggest surprisepr in the past six monthsis, y particularly after the virginia governor's race ise that this administration, instead of instead of course correcting is double down. and ats this juncture i can tell you that most c americans look t
11:33 pm
this administrationn how kind of put this they think they think and has left town and barney isd in charge or maybe otis otis the drug. no, some people have no idea that you're talking about mayberry usaom. >> they don't know. well, they should watchd the series. they might they might learn something. ke they might your: know, it's'v interesting and i've said this before it's worth repeating in my view after the midterm shellacking and hillary care care failedth and they didn't have a goodey first midterm bill clinton in nineteen ninety four when newt when the republicansnsmi ce to power on the contract with america, newt gingrich's visionith, you know, bill clintn then adjusted the era off big government is over and it'ss the end of welfare as we know it. he also had what we describe as a a sister souljah moment. i don't see that capacity
11:34 pm
in any democrat. but b forut the two i mentionedo you know, but here's the difference betweenin the clinton and the biden administration. presidentto clinton appointed what one commentator call this week a bunch of accu stupid people, no words, no well-educated, no common sense. president biden has appointed whack jobs. a i mean, it's like these people dropped acid in an outback parking lot. you can't reason with them. they they are just so woke. so woke and that's the difference in my opinion and why they have of courseen corrected. all right, senator , we't need you back in the senate. si the good people of louisiana will gladly pull the lever for you and vote for you. we appreciate you being with us. thank you . all right. straight biden's massive flip flop. he's on to saudi arabia.
11:35 pm
he's going to beg for oil after he called the kingdom a pariah during the trump years while former secretary of state mike pompeo weighs in .om and later on today, biden caught on tape bragging about his power over his father. we'll play it coming. didn't you get the memo? we're still hunting for treasure. the great james. >> you know, he already got the filthy part out.
11:36 pm
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a month. why pay more ? give your family the security they need at a price you can afford text quote to 32 thirty to thirty two or go to selectquote .com now and get the insurance your family needs at a price you can afford selectquote we shop you say when you can watch. listen to the latest news business news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere on fox news on his own to fix america. he's listening right now despite labeling saudi arabia a pariah state by next month it's going tota make visit the kingdom and meet with the crown prince amid surging prices at the gas pump. now my bet is, is that joey, w your president will be begging the saudi prince for oilileg ano increase production and not mention the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi, which biden tried to somehow blame donald trump for at one point. now meanwhile, controversy continuesied to swirl around
11:40 pm
professional golf as high profilena players like phil mickelson, dustin johnson are leaving the pga tour to play for the new live tour which is backed by the sovereign wealth fund of saudi arabia. live tours reportedly offering these players over one hundred million dollars in guaranteed drdrmoney along with a sequel ag with huge tournament prizes for the winner bringing an era of free agency and player mobility to that sport. you may remember back in 2019 biden said this about the saudi kingdom. >> take h a look.ed the cia has concluded that the leader of saudi arabia directed the murder of a us based journalist jamal shoghi. the state department also says d the saudi government is responsible for executing nonviolent offenders and for torture. um president trumpp is not punished. senior saudi leaders would yeses . saidd at the time because shogi was in fact murdered and dismembered and i believer
11:41 pm
the order of crown prince and i would make it very clear we were not going to in fact sell more weapons to them. we t were going to in fact make them pay the price and makeee them in fact the pariahah that they are here with t reaction. former secretary of state fox news contributor mike pompeo is with us. all right. so you w he was murdered and hed believes ordered to be murderedi because that is by the crown prince. i believe that's probably true too. ru i wouldn't doe business with saudi arabia. you're a former cia director of the cia concluded he made that order . is joe going to bring this upas as he's on his hands and kneesin begging saudi arabia tog producp romore oil because he won't do t domestically? >> i don't know if he's going to bring it up, bute' i have to say the remarks he made were foolish and i think absolutely annaive. they have been an important security partner for the united states of america i. they have delivered good outcomes for us .
11:42 pm
the murder of jamal khashoggi, something that the trump administration dealt with . we sanctioned a dozen plus officials wnc from the kingdom. they have been someone who supported our efforts to build that the abraham accords, the historic peace arrangements between the united statesd and israel. st the president's going to goo there. i hope he will g use this as an opportunity to continue to build up peace, continue to build out stability, reducing the risk that we ever have to send americans to fight in that place as we've done. john , you know the history so many times, too many times weug ought to get thisht right. we got to get this relationship right. it's importantit that we work on human rights every place in the world. but this is an important the unitedrtner foror states as well. context is important here . if you would have told me before>> the trump administratin that an alliance would emergean between the u.s., israel, the saudis, the jordanians, egyptians and the emirates,li i wouldn't have believed it.ev i wouldn't have thought possible. butt they did happen in large part to stop iranian hegemony in the region and stop iranthm from getting a nuclear weapon.
11:43 pm
that did happen. but do you believe that the crown prince orderedng the killing of shogi? ha >> well, i'll leave that to the intelligence professionals. i've actually readea what's thee you should know read it carefullyy. q thereue are still lots ofan questions about what transpired there other than the fact that we knowsp f there was a mud and we were highlyen confident during my time in service that a dozen people i think it was 13 maybe shonen that we sanctioned were connected towa that in a serious way and we did what america always does. we hold those responsible for this kind of heinous activity accountable. but it's also important to put in context the middle east shone and america's interest in there and we america first,ke which is what wed worked on the iranians were holding american hostage. they killed 500 plus americans by a man named qassem soleimani held him accountable too. we were serious about making sure that every nation respected us . frankly, i think president biden has come closer to makingn america a pariah stateh with middle eastern partners dland friends than we have off making saudi arabia what we
11:44 pm
have to get these relationships right. they matter. they matter for american trait. they matter for american security. and don't forgetn the chinese communist party is active in the middle east. we can't allowin parar us to be a place that walks away from the united states because we reject them out ofksuse here . i agree with you, but it would matter less if we were m energy independent like we were under president trump and that raises, the question why is joe biden really going there? and i think we know the reason he's going to beg for more oil. he's been begging opec. they finally agreed, but they agreed because that's what over one hundred and twenty dollars for a barrel of oil. they're making a ton of money to make it a fortune. or maybetu you could explain it to me. what difference does it make if you import oil and you make it in russia rich again or the iran? believe it or not, last year joe took in a million barrels a of oil m from iran, you know, sending emissaries to venezuela to talk to that murdering dictator begging opec and now begging saudi arabia. doesn't it have the same impact
11:45 pm
,if you will , on mother earth if you drill for oil there or if we do domestically? john , you nailed it as america's secretary of state, america's energy dominance was really important to me. it enhanced our securityce. we didn't have to beg maduro. we didn't have to beg the ayatollah. we didn't have to rely vladimir putin. we couldld distribute to our friends and partners around the world so they had to rely on them less as well. it is it is crazy. i frankly rather see the president rather than go to riyadh or rather have to go to midland, get the energy from there. but itt is going to take's a global supply increase to ghe actually help the american family in the way that they are feeling so much pain today. do you think they'll change their life without electricity at home as well? will gioachinowill i don't i see no evidence of administration to change course in their capacity to realize what america wantsr has proven pretty darn limited shot. all right, mr. secretary,ve always love this woman. thank you . up next , hunter biden in his own words bragging about all the power he has over your president. hey, miranda devine weighs
11:46 pm
in straight ahead. oh , it doesn't care that i have to work in 10% i'm testing. i'm not ready. it's not like they're going to move in . i need a school. they can work around all this might be able to for stuff . okay, a lot is that to me to tony fauci which is on you graduate from your time so you can get a non profit university of you. >> hey everyone on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, part time musician but longtime customer of relaxium. and i'm here with my good friend country music legend larry gatlin. now, larry, a few months ago you asked me does that relaxium really work? i remember that night because i was tired of not sleeping. i took it you were to try to guess what relaxium sleep
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t for total beats 1% the number one brand in america. yes, even more developments tonight in the chronicles of zero experiencehe hunter biden as twenty eighteen audio obtained by the washington examiner from hunter's laptop from revealss him boasting about his influence over his father. >> listen. in his own words, he'll talkal about anything that i wanted to that he believes in . if i say is important to me, then he will walk away and wish to make a part of his life, his platform. my dad respects me more thanwa he respects anyone in the worldl and i know that to be certain. so it isat m not going to be abt whether my dad thinks it's going to affect g his politics. and that's not all because hunter's ex-wife kathleen b
11:51 pm
bill is breaking her silence about her marriage to hunterfi and his shady finances. >> take a look. we've seen images of hunter, the ones that were on his laptop looking disheveled. was i that the husband you knew in moments at time? not at all. he was struggling under a massive drug addiction. youu say you weren't really involved in the finances at all. this was one of the harder parts for me to o write and tole acknowledge. it's embarrassing todg say thati ceded all financial control to my husband. you know whymy you did that ?w i liked the nice things. if you were called to testify, would you have anything to say? no, i have buried my headea in the sand.d it was reaction. new york post columnist, of course, author of the bestseller laptop from foxp news contributor miranda devine. >> so hunter apparently fanciesl
11:52 pm
himself as joe's best advisery. whatever he says apparently joe does. do you do you believe that , number one ?mp and what implications does that have especially with a grand jury investigating hudner ? >> look, we know sean, that joe biden has said that hunter biden is the smartest man he knows and we know that they're very close and that joe biden has sort of created a kennedyesquee dynasty with his family where he takes advice from particularly hunter on all sorts of things p on whether to run on his political career and hunter spends quite a lot off time has spent since joe becamee president either in the white house at the beginning or just visiting with joe and jill back in delaware. know, joe goes back there every weekend so we know also from various of
11:53 pm
his friends that they have discussed around the dinner table the finer points of whatever state issues are around, including ukraine. so whether or not joe biden takes his son's advice and implements that or is allowed to buy, well, he's going to be shooting m his mouth on and bragging. but you know, he also talks about the laptop. is that taking half his income? he complains about paying dad's bills. he puts asidede money for the bg guy. we know who the big guy is. so i don't know. it's almost like a love hatehi relationship as far as his exp wife is concerned. -wshe seems shut out of pretty much everything. they woulde only have blood family photos and she wouldn't be included. this isav the wife of hunter biden. wow. yes, very strange. >>er i mean, her memoir is very gracious and kind. she doesn't really criticize
11:54 pm
the bidens, but it's really i w what she doesn't say. it's the fact that she decided to remove her surname, the biden name, which hadht brought her so much privilege in which she hadad for twenty four years of her marriage longer than she h24had her maiden name. she went to court to get back n her maiden nameam and get rid of the biden name. that says a lot. also, l as you say, i mean she was treated as if because she wasn't a blood bidenasn' that se was somehow a second class citizen. also interestingng how surprised she was to see the opulence in which joe biden and his family lived the mansionis in delaware that she was blown away by . hunter kept on telling them when i first met that he was a middle class boy and she said to him onto middle class boyst don't have ballroom's h in their houses. so it's a very different picture. and the fact is she was getting paid thirty seven thousand dollars a month alimony after their divorce so she knew thathe there was money coming from
11:55 pm
somewhere. it was very convenient to turn a blind eye, buttu i thinke. what she says is true . hunter really ran everything in that marriage and she wass sort of shut out of the lotll and pretty much everything about her we all know i iss fa fraud and she had no experience and got paid a fortune. he probably hid that from everybody, especially her anyway. miranda, thank you . morgan royan to be retired then had to face of volatile market . they contacted their personal capital advisor and checked our free retirement plan. now they feel confident and no longer worried about what the market may bring. start today at personal capital .com kasprowicz five six even seven dollars a gallon of baby formula prices hurting young families, illegal immigrants flooding inflation war . our country is in trouble. fighting is failing and yet the democratic congress ignores
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thirty two thirty two thirty two or go to selectquote .com now and get the insurance your family needs at a price you can afford. select quotes we shop you say the miseducation of america indoctrinates structural questions about gender sexuality are foster children as young as five uncover what the left agenda is really a new episode of the miseducation of america. and pete hegseth, new book are both available now we go. you may not know it's flag day k today. fox digital obtained exclusive renderings of a proposed one billion dollar patriotic park in maine that'll feature a one thousand seven hundred seventy six foot tall flagpole, by the way, i think it's bigger than the empire state building, somebody told me. twenty four million americansui are vets over the years served this country and that flagg they fought under, we honor them anyway. the plans to break u ground
12:00 am
in twenty twenty three and open the first phase of the flag, he the flagpole of freedom park july 4th. 2020 sixth nations two hundred 2 and fifty birthday. find out at02 flagpole on freedm flag pole of freedom .com. all right. that's all the time we have left. thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvr. never never in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura's got a great show i heard today. i'm so glad you're doing the flagpole for freedom because we need to not only fly the flag but understand what it represents. and there's nothing worse than a flag made in china. a us flag made in china. so i hope all those flags are made in the usa, usana but i'm o glad you're doing that and i need support. i can i'm there forrt sean. >> thanks s for the words. it's official epipen so i never heard of it was before i gotpi a gift. i never checked. all right. all great seeing you tonight as always. great show. is >> i'm l