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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 14, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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your name and you won't even know it happened until it's too without home title you are unprotected from the sale of your home and equity training loans against protect yourself from this nightmare now with home title go to full time logoff or call for four to end the thirty days free today evening and welcome tucker carlson said we do not d want to deliver another depressing show and we won't. but if you're looking at the country and thinking how do we measure the health of the united states, there are pretty obvious ways to do it. the average life expectancy ishe one a marriage rate. the effectiveness of u.s. military housing costs, the value of the u.s. dollar h health, the financial markets, the safety of our streets, etc. by every single one of those very basic measures. the administration has failed
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and done so dramatically by isn't simplyy competent that obviously he is. biden is t the single most i destructive force in the history of the united states in just a year and a half, biden and ron klain, his strange shadowy chief of staff, have done more damage to this country than anybody could possibly have a mass we read the numbers every night but they don't capture it. you know, it captures it. this story this story comes to the reliably liberal financialew news outlets cnbc. here's the second sentence of the piece. a rising number of former californians are migratingor oua of the country altogether and are instead heading south of the border. many are seeking a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle in mexico, yes, in mexico, not switzerland. mexico. so things are so bad in joe biden's america that thousands of americans areic voluntarily moving to a third world country in the middle of a brutal drug war . yes, there are human heads littering the side of the road in acapulco, but at least it's not los angeles.
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darryl graham works in real estate in mexico. he says of the people he sells to quote, at least half are coming down from california. something a cost of taxes, the crime rates, the politics, all the things that people all e unhappy with in california make them want to come down to mexico. another analyst who studies the trend at the migration policy institute says so manyre americans are relocating to mexico right now that locals are being priced out of their own neighborhoods. so it's mass migration in reverse. it's pretty amazing. no i matter how bad you thought this administration was going to be , you probably could not have imagined ever caravans of biden refugees fleeing our country across the southern border looking for a better life in mexico at this rate, the next stop will be port auau prince. see what you will about-pe. haii is better than baltimore one upside of moving to latin america is like minded neighbors. hispanics despise joe biden tobi biden's approval rating among hispanic voters in this country has fallen to 24%. that's his lowest among any
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demographic group. meanwhile, as of tonight , guess who's the preferred candidate for 2020 four among self-described latinos? that's right. the taco bell guy, donald j. trump let that sink in for a second. donald trumpdo supposedly the most anti hispanic racist this country has ever produced. that man is far more popular among actual hispanics than any cringing white liberal like joe biden. so the guy who tried to build a border wall is loved. the guy who uses the wordo latinos not ironically is it remarkable? it's also and this is not an overstatement politically a disaster of generational magnitude for the democratic party . latinos dislike joe biden intensely and they dislike him for the same reason that everybody else does. biden has made things worsebi wr a lot worse. the median income in this country is forty four thousand dollars a year a year. imagine trying to live on that right now. do the math. you couldn't do it. not in any recognizable
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american way. inflation iss too high. it's making you poorer. well, today in philadelphia, joe biden unveiled his plan to fixhi inflation. now watch this tape and keepwe in mind as you do that it is real. we've not e editedd in any way.. >> here it is. we can do almost i'm asking all i'm asking for the largest corporations to the wealthiest americans to begin to pay their fair share in taxes. i'm very earnest. anybody out there thinks the tax system is fair? >> raise your hand. this guy, the afl-cio, how many private sector labor union members support joe biden 20% 15% not 50% and yet they host a guy so corrupt. but listen to the message higher taxes will make
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the things that you buyat cheaper. that's what biden just saidou ld b inflate his up because taxes aren't high enough now it's hardly a defense of corporate america which we would never defense to point out to that as an economic analysis is completely insane. it's not true .av we've lost control of inflation because people like joe bidene pushed a species of lunacy called modern monetary theory. they printed an endless torrentt of fake money to enrich and empower themselves. and by doing that they crashed the u.s. dollar and made you much poorer. that's what happened. there's not much debate about that . so they're not goingng to acknowledge that . of course they can't even be bothered to pretend to care about baby formula shortages. here's joe biden's publicist just yesterday. so i should mention i baby formula. so first, what is the white house put update. us the white house is on the formula situation across the country. yeah, let me see if i have anything new for you on that. i think it's been a couple ofou days since we have been asked
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that question nrcc. i don't have anything new . i know we made some announcements last week. >> i don't i just don't have them in front of me. oh , mothers can't feed their baby. let me see what i have here . some other white house h communications team forgot to load the baby formula m talkinge points into the binder leaving our historic lgbtq pluss immigrant ceiling shattering press secretary speechless. >> i just want to have you t in front of me. in other words, what does that question have to a trans rights? nothing. next , the one thing karine jean-pierre can say with certainty is that joe biden is great. joe biden is g energetic. he's fully in charges of his faculties. in fact, he's planning on running again in twenty twenty four by which time all of suburban chicago will have moved to haiti in search of a higher standard of living. it's actually said that quote to be clear, as the president himself has said repeatedly s he plansai to run in twenty
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twenty four and we can just guess how you feel about that . but how do leaders in thety democratic party feel about that ? he's their guy. if f they are horrified by it. even sandy cortez who can defend anything if she has to up to and including other pointless neocon war in ukraine ,even she can't get behind another joe biden run watch. >> we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. but but i think if ifnk the president has a vision and that's something certainly i we're all willing to entertain and examine when the time comesn ,that'sot not a yes. i believe that the presidentnt has been doing a very good job so far and should he run again? i think that i you know, i think it's we'll take a lookt. at it. y >> you're imprisonment. >> we'll take a look at it. so they're really saying this is their latest talking point is we don't like joe biden and we never w have that kind of attitude. joe biden, david axelrod and joe scarborough, the otherrs professional liars who foisted this senile manakin on america
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are not trying to run away from him. the new york times, which is a a frontwsletter, ran page story two days one sunday about joe biden's mentalde decline. really the topic was completely off limitss to year ago. you couldn't say it. the new york times quotedof one dnc official who's advising biden to announce now right after the midterms he's not running again. it's david axelrod, mastermind of the obama victories. put it himself quote the presidency is a monstrous taxing job and thetr stark reality is the president will be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of the second term a and that would be a major issue . in other words, he's too freakin' old . biden haseaki got dementia. >> oh , no. well, actually they all knew and they all knew all along and they should not k be allowed at this late date toh evade their culpability. for knowing and lying about it.mi they committed this crime, thesett people are cynical,al the ruthless. they're morally disfigured. and if youmo need more proof of that , consider how they're treating poor kamala harris. they've abandonedoo kamala harrs
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completely. it's shocking really givenel that just 18 months of these very same people were yelling at you about how lucky you were to have the historically indian black female vice president p the very first in history. it was thrilling that got emotional just thinking about it. kamala harris, wasma that wonderful. here's a riquet kamala harris just being sworn in the first woman vice president and our first woman vice president. we'll see our first woman vice president. it will be a historic day. kamala harris will be the first woman vice president of the united states. we markrere his swearing in as the first woman in american history elected to national office vice president kamala harris. don't tell me things can't change. don't tell me things can't change. oh , they can change and they have those justt the other. we're getting goosebumps listening to it, but now they're ghosting. kamalabu harris like a bad tindh date. they're pretending she doesn't existre p in fact, in doing thar the democratic party is embracing white supremacy. how well democratic party
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leaders plan to deny harris the job that she has earned as democratic nominee and replace her in the next cycle with yet another wayit for it now f white man, let's try bato. how about mayor pete notice a theme here and male is there forever telling us because it turns out diversity isn't actually our strength, equity, inclusion or fine if you're hiring middle managers at a big company, you would never hire a middle aged white citibank. it's probably legal cpac the airlines and hospitals got way too many white male pilots and heart surgeons and supreme court justices. bi the bush administration tells us that constantly they seem to mean they use doj to enforce their rules. yet somehow the most anti white political party in englishan speaking world is suddenly pushing another white man for president. >> how does that workt.? joe biden and friends ron klain? well, itde turns out the presidency is a differentaf thing. affirmative action is essential for vice presidents. obviously . so we got commentariat in the first place, but not forid presidents. presidents have too much power
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so the usual diversity standards don't apply. we've had a forty six male whit6 presidents, white male presidents in a row. the democratic party wants you to have another not so fast racist. hold on a second. now the rest of official washington may be completely on board with this coup against kamala harris who again earned the job. they may be willing to stand back and allow america's highest ranking woman of color to be degraded and humiliated in the pages of the new times. a but we're not we believe kamala harris is a human beingngrr with hopes and dreams and aspirations. nhshe's a first in so many ways. she celebrated kwanzaa before it was even inventedaa. er and ofa course, now that oprah is retired, kamala harris is america's mainic source of lifel affirming aphorisms that don't actually mean anything. watch this montage which we have lovingly collected. ask yourself how anyone stand in the way of this woman becoming president. . this gates you know, when we talk about our children, i know for this group we all believe that when we talk about
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the children of the community, they are the children of the community. and so what we allll experience is on an electric school bus, on an electric bus, no exhaust, no diesel smell, . it is time for us to do what we have been doing in that time as every day, every day it is time for us to agree this whole thing about the border. h we've been to the border. we've been to the border. you haven't the border and i haven't been to europe and i thought i had at my pronouns are she her first look down? i mean, come on , what do you want? what do you want? and i look back up i said sweet . you're going to the literally the cleaners on the floor with your own kind of like it with your own eyes. i'm telling you we must together work together to see where we are, where we aree
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headed but also see it as a moment yes to together it is the perspective of of a woman who grew up a black child in america who was also a prosecutor, who also has a mother who arrivedecut at thee of 19 from india who also you know, likes hip hop. what dogh you want to know? >> i know she's uncool. yoush wouldn't deny that person a chance to serve. that is the person the democratic insiders are tonight , ladies and gentlemen, trying to remove from the public stage. and if no one else to said we will , it's wrong. despite appearances, kamala harris is not a disposable consumer product. she's a pioneerer. she went through trying to get a fair shake and a systemically racist country is the daughter of college professors. it wasn't easy, you know, hard. shee worked at one point she even dated montel williams. fewld would go that far. but kamala harris no wonder
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she's sick and tired of being sick and tired. we ate it. watchhwe. she did the work and unpacksed her generational trauma live on television l for you. you know, there was a little girl in california who was part of a second class to integratete her public schooa and she was bussed to school every day and that little girl was me. yeah, that little girl is me now that little girl actually grew up in french speaking canada, not in the jim crow south, but whatever . look what she's become now simply because she's a and no one likes or even the greens know how to pronounce her firsto name. the democratic party is trying to throw harris away, toss her out the window. i used big mac wrapper. now kamalaa harris may be stained by a secret sauce,ce but she b deserves more than that . yes, she does. media pretty is no excuse for firing someone a low iq, bi a terrible personality, total inability to do the prescribedli job. those are not reasons to deny someone a job. the administration j has told
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us that repeatedly. by the way,, democracy playsin a role in this to you just saw the woman who liz cheney tells us a lot but eighty one million votes in the last election. that's the most votes of any vice president in history. that'sy. more votes than liz cheney. dan got. d so denine kamala harris, the democratic nomination in twenty twenty four is nothing less than a form of insurrection. it's an attackes on democracy and on our sacred grounds. it's disinformation, probably russian in origin. no whatever it is, we cannot allow it. and as long as this show is on the air, we won't. tonight we are endorsing kamala harris for the twentyy twenty four democratic primaries she deserves. and so the democrats, they created her . they should be forced to live with her and anyone who disagrees with that is by definition a racist. candace owens is the founder of a charity blacks that she joins us tonight. it's a little weird, candace owens, to see the democratic party like david axelrod and joe scarborough and the whole brain trust with around and attack with great venom,d the highest
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ranking woman of color in the united states. b i don't have to answer your questions. i'm black. i'm a woman. i like hip hop. i have to answer and you're good. but you're saying go here late. but i feel like i have to actually defend these people. i have to defend the left in this one come out here and she did kind of slip through the cracks even for me . i wass soo de focusedka on the presidential election on joe biden's mental facultiess ,i didn't realize that , you know, she was just, you know,te completely daft. it actually startled me after the election to keep hearing her speak, to have nothing, make sense. so i think that they're all standing around going well, we had no idea. we were all worried about biden. we had no idea that komala was such a fool. and i have i to agree with you.n i'm going to have to endorse her as a democratic nominee in twenty four. we need more . kamala harris one hundred eighty one million votes. yeah, obviously she's the most popular vice president ever. and i do have to speak to what you were saying earlier,
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tucker . people always say that biden is failing america, that biden has been a failure. and actually i asked them by what metric? by our metric, yes. right. we go to the grocery store, we see the we see the prices. s weee go to fill up our tanks. we see the prices. then we have people are looking at us in the face like their press secretary, which by the way, did i mention she's black and a woman? we should just say that because it's very importantnt that weha also acknowledge that .t but and it looks that we're in the midst of an economic boom. well, they put biden there for a reason and i honestly believee that he is by their metric, by the metrics, the great success. i think he was installed just like kamala harris in an effort to deplete the middle class, to make people suffer, to make sure that people are relying more on the government. and by those metrics actually they've been a tremendous success to keep looking at us like we're stupid and keep gaslighting the american people and saying what are you talking about? i everything's great. we're in thes midst of the most historic economic boom. > yeah. by those metrics they've been a great success. i think that's real.e i think a you're absolutely right. none of us i certainly i was i not wise enough tot' see
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their intent, but it's very obvious now. e it's greatyo to see. thank you very much. thank you . so one of the most important systems built up over theen generations in the united states is our system of domestic air travel. you can fly from one place to another pretty cheaply, pretty reliably. in the last year and a half it has collapsed by administration did this and itmi didni it on purpose. we have exclusive new detailsex on how they did how they're still doing it. plus, hundreds ofin drivers in california managed to get gas for less than a dollar a gallon. e that happened exactlyxa on . i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas and i'm here with my wonderful wife of almost 50 years. janet, over the years we've learned to make a marriage work and love, respect and most importantly good night's sleep. mike had real difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep until he started taking relaxium sleep for years now we
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oh you may be mad at the airlines right now. you probably are but thank god for them this country could not work without reliable domestic air travel. everything depends on a country this big. our economy depends on a completely families dependent because they live far apart from one another. but that system isen collapsingy and as with our economy and our energy sector, it's being destroyedec on purpose.s the bush r administration is wrecking domestic air travel. there's been no media coverage of this whatsoever. if you travel recently, you've noticed here's why it's happening. so last week the faa informed all air traffic employees that people who haven't had the vaccine covid vaccine doesn't work have to wear masks
10:24 pm
on the job once again. now the estimates are the supply to about 4000 out of fifteen thousand total air traffic control employees. it's a huge percentage and the effect ofer this command which a would save not a single life if implemented was to wreck domestic air travel. air traffic controllers stop going to work in large numbers. there appears to have been a sickout at the jacksonville center that's one ofut the biggest in the country. jacksonville air traffic controllers so understaffed last week the commercial flights had to be rerouted along the eastern seaboard t. this caused chaos to airline schedules for days on sunday, more than 9000 flights were delayed and eight hundred were canceled. but the manpower shortage which was caused by the biden administration for no reason i wear a mask if you haven't had the vaccine seriously doing that dramatically increase the physical risk to airir travelers, though likely none were aware of with too few air traffic controllers at work, a single controller was forced to work multiple frequencies at once. that's not safe.
10:25 pm
planes were rerouted. some began to run low on fuel. now a the faa lied as it often does and blamed connective weather. but w this is not a weather problem. this is a systemic problem since vaccine mandates took effect for airlines and air traffic controllers a were federally regulated, air travel in this country has been a mess . it's been a disaster. they did it on purpose from the start of the year through june 13 , commercial airlines canceled more than one hundred and twenty thousand commercial flights. they delayed another eight hundred thousand flights. that means 20% of all domesticts air flights in this country were delayed or canceled with passengers waiting an average of forty minutes. many routes are becoming soin unpredictable that airlines are canceling them outright. jetblue is killing twenty seven regular routes this summertb permanently peak travel season, delta eliminating one hundred . now what is the administration doing about this deliberately makingng it worse? whyy are they doing that ?t well, your guess is as good as ours, but they are they fly
10:26 pm
. does it matter to them but for everybody else for the other three hundred and fifty millionr people in this country, it's more pain, more suffering closer to third world than ever before. someone should say something about us . well, gasoline is nearly ten dollars a gallon in some parts of our biggest state, california. but several key drivers in california managed to get a much better deal . tax rates trace gallagher has. that story for us tonight. it's after nineteen seventy eight was the last gasp the sixty nine cents a gallon in california. one moviethe number in the country. butt now at a shell station in rancho cordova near sacramento where gas was supposed to be six dollars ninety nine cents, the stationl manager misplaced a decimal and suddenly you could almost g hear the gees singing stayin alive because gas wasin sixty nine cents and the guy you're about to hear from filled up for fourteen bucks. >> yeah, i looked at the numbers and i see no 69 cents a gallon.i so you know what i did? i hit that button and it started pumping. the dollar sign just stayed low. i started looking aroundmi
10:27 pm
and everybody had a smilele like everybody had a big smile y and they kind of were like not looking at you and your eyes. so that man, like a lot of others, started calling his friends and familyy, even posted on instagram and soon the shell station was a mob m scene. the odd thing is it took the manager three hours to catch the mistake and by thenn the station had lost sixteen thousand dollars. the manager hadhi lost his job. but instead of blaming putin, the manager admitted the mistake and he and his family eveny started a go fund me page to help pay back the16 sixteen thousand,0. by the way, for the record, back in nineteen seventy eight shell tv commercials featured the answer man. now the slogan is together anything is possible. probably should have kept the answer man sucker unbelievable. i remember it well first gallagher. greatt thank so nothing affects the life of the average person in this country more and more immediately and profoundly then the price of gasoline unless you're living on inherited money in brooklyndo
10:28 pm
,which accounts for about 80% of all working journalists. but everybody else is affected the same day when gas goes up, the average price of a gallon of gas in this country is a new record five oh two a gallon. that's more than two dollarsas per gallon higher thant the price this time last. well, inflation is also permalink consumers average gas prices are topping five dollars a gallon nationwide according to triple j. sorry that he just called me thirty to fill up and now they was that . now that fifty mobile is a gas station. . amherst, massachusetts reneau gladue is run that station for nearly 50 years but because of higher costs he's had to close . joe biden joins us now to send jeff who is the station's manager. thank you both for coming on tonight. so thanks for soccer team. you've run it for almost five decades now. how can you be specific and tell us why you're closing now? set the reason why i'm ready to
10:29 pm
close because of the high price gas that i refuse to pass on to my consumers. yeah. which are more than half our senior citizens that haveha been with me forve 48 or some years. what a horrible story jeff. you've obviously grown up around this business and now you're in you talk to peopleuy who buy gas for five dollars a gallon. there are a lot of people on fixed incomes and your point about what it means to them it's gut wrenching honestly it is. and like my dad said, started d working for my dad when i was ten years old , just taggingay along on saturdays and on holidays and weekends. and that was the highlight of my life, you know, being sidee by side of him and being out here and most of those customers back in the late 70s, early 80s, we're in theirth forties, fifties and now a
10:30 pm
as we've as we've all movedll on in our liveses now we're getting them in their twilight of their lives and we had a lady come in here the other day absolutely crying becausese. her husband died years agoev and she's never put gas in hers car . so she's like, how do i put gasp in my car ?ut my dad and i, along with my son ty, have offered to take any senior citizen in our area that's one of our customers tour an additional station, one of f our competitors no doubt to fill up their tanks because we love our customers so much. lo but you're closingsi so youge get three generations working air. your families revolved around this business for 48 years and you're closingng . how do you i mean how do you>> feel about that ? it's heartbreaking but i mean we're closing the gas the gas portion of it repair wise and use car business. we'll try to keep aboard as long as we can but the bread and butter for us is gas ande we've been in a bad b contract
10:31 pm
with a supplier for the last five years. we've asked them to to to t get out of the contract and they're holding it above us to not let us out. now mobil is leaning on them because of allll the negative publicity that's come from this . sos they sent up their their territory manager as well as the vice president of operations the other day to ask us how they could how they could fix this . how can we make this stop? my dad said let us out of our contract. they said we can't do that . let us give you gase a little bit cheaper than what you're paying for it now b maybe extend the terms of your of your payment for the gas and give you some no gas pumps. how would youat feel about that? my dad said we're done. we're done. that's it. we're we're no longer going to we're no longer going to supply you gas gas. so another family business goes under. gentlemen, good good luck to you. thank you for sharing your story tonight . just the saddest thing. t thank you .
10:32 pm
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the leader after the restoration, how do you make i never even happened apple no. by whatever comes your way. servpro like never even happens. >> we can spend five hours a week just replaying video of people committing awful crimes against strangers on the streetsts a w of american cities. we don't dowe that because it's depressing and it serves no real purpose. you get the pointau. but we did tell you the story a while back about a homeless an accused of throwing a woman downstairs out west. we wondered whatever happened with that story with jason. rantes isn here with an update for us tonight. jason , hey, tucker , why get a minimum wage job as a barista when you can assault random women and actually get double the salary every single day that alexander jay is in jail, he's making two hundred and fifty dollars. thanks to a ruling by a judge.
10:38 pm
your name iss joanna. she claims is due rights process are being violated. jay is a homeless prolific offender accused of throwing a 62 year old nurse down a flight of concrete stairs at a light rail station near downtown seattle. this was back in of march. co and what's terrifying aboutmp i, it was completely random. and as you can see from this footage, he doesn't simply throw her down the stairsw h. l he goes to where she lands,, picks up and then throws her down again. she ends up breaking three ribs as well as her clavicle. now detectivesibs end up makingn arrest in spite of a lack ofrr interest from the media. then jay gets charged in king county court, but the judge deemed him in competent forr trial, ordering him into a three month session of inpatient psychiatric treatment. however, democrats in washington state repeatedly n chose not toot prioritize fundih for the state department of social and healthe services over the last several years. as a result of that , they don't actually have a bed for him. so now because he is
10:39 pm
accused of being so violent, he's being basically put on a waiting period for western state hospital. they're better equipped for b a case like this , butut they don't have any beds and they don't anticipate having them ant until mid-augus, meaning alexander jay stands to earn around seventeen thousand taxpayer dollars during all of this . now what's terrifying about this , about 30 minutes after he allegedly assaulted is nthis nurse, he nearly stabbd a woman to ten timesn he victim ,three times in the neck, three in the arm, three inhr the back. and onceee in the shoulder. f the surveillance footage, frankly, is some of the most disturbing i've ever seen. er we're not going to show most ofr it, but the alternative tona p paying him and keeping in jail b would be to drope these charges. and in a somewhat rare instance, i think taking homeless criminals seriously, the prosecutor's office decided no, we're goingl to continue to fight this . we're going to keep him in jail. but that of course means with at least twenty two convictions to his name, this degenerate is going to endco making aboutju seventeen thousand dollars just so we can keep him in jail. so many stories you bring a case where it's hard toe
10:40 pm
that's real but it is. appreciate your coming on . thank you for that . thanks. dr.. so r one of the reasons we're having a legit energy crisis right nowa le is because wall street has stopped funding domestic energy explorationas and we have the biggest energy w reserves in the world. why do they stop funding in profit making as well? because something called esg is ge is now driving major investment decisions on wall for center environmental, social and governance works . at have no actual meaningngntt but the idea is to push corporate america leftpa and punish companies that disagree with the orthodoxy. marlo oaks knows more about the subject than anybody in thet country. he's now the treasurer of the state of utahre is a long time investment manager. he says we have inflation in large part because of he laid it out in an amazing conversation we have for tucker carlson today. >> here's part of it and so if you think about value based investment strategies historically there'sestm
10:41 pm
and socially responsible investing. yes. and impact investingen more recently. so socially responsible investing is really the idea that you avoidenns certainti companies that you don't want to participate in . so it might be tobacco, ea firearms, gambling because they don't want your social value correctrm.ecau. okay, and then on the other side of impact investing whereco you're looking for innovation to solve a problem. so it mighton be cancer, for example, if you're worried about cancer, are interested in that. you mightan look for companies o invest in that have innovation that can help solve that problem. esg is an outgrowth of socially responsible investing and instead of just avoidingvo companies, esg actively engageid with companies and engages with the market towies drive a political outcome. that's why it's so problematic. interesting. nt soer and just to be clear, we're talking about money in calipers or retirement.
10:42 pm
big state retirement fundsun across the country, investment funds that retirees on fixed income have their moneyin. and so we're really talking about something that implicates or involves every american they know it or not. >> oh , absolutely. and in fact,t, today's inflation really starts with the fauci because if you think about where why gasoline prices are so high, a lot of it is a a supply issuend and the reasonc that we don't haveou enough w supply in this country, one reason why is that we don'tp have enough capital going in to oil and gas projects. so in 2015 there were fifty nine funds raised globallye 59 among institutional investors, forty six point six billionut was raised six years later in twenty twenty one eleven the funds were raised four point six dollars billion, a drop of onover 90 percent in the face of improving economics in oil and gas a, the only explanation that has that sense is esg
10:43 pm
people have decided that they do not want to participate in the fossil fuel industry and so are cutting offiv capital . there is an active drive and we've heard from this administration to cut offni capital to the fossil fuelst industry. it's veryin troubling. so whenn you say that peoplee have decided you're reallymb talking about this a very small number of people who make this investment decision. so it's not the people who are a participating in the fund at the retail level, ordinary p people. it's like larry fink ofeoeo blackrock who decides i don't want to do lar this right. bl >> marlo oaks hard to believe that man is the treasurer off the state of utah. they are fortunate to have him . that conversations and tucker carlson take tomorrow, 7:00 a.m. on fox station. absolutely worth it. soon democrats are desperate ahead of the upcoming midtermste . we're going to get a and they know it's another blaming the inflation they created i insurrectionist on january six , not make it up, larry.tiey summers said that he reportedly is smart, unbelievable quote. we got it long before bass pro
10:44 pm
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fifty one 25% when you can watch the latest news and news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere. fox news on sirius xm america is listening tomorrow our minds on the fed no decision on whether to raisei have this e
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a signed up and find out how you can help more families like mine. this is a fox news alert. i'm marianne graffitti in los angeles with a primary election update. adam laxalt has won
10:49 pm
the republican nomination for a pivotal nevada senate seat. his victory sets up a fierce november contest to topple incumbent democrat catherine cortez masto in a race that could swing power in the u.s. senate. laxalt is a former nevada attorney general who had the backing of former president trump and the gop establishment . he's considered one of his party's best candidates to flip a seat in the 15% senate this fall. cortez masto, successor of the late senator harry reid, is making her first real reelection campaign in the swing states and as we reported earlier, a major development in south carolina where voters have chosen to oust congressman tom price from office. this is a significant outcome because rice voted to impeach trump over the january six capital riot. rice is the first of the 10 house republicans who voted to impeach trump to lose a reelection. the five term congressman was defeated by state representative russell frye. frye was endorsed by trump. rice was a strong supporter of
10:50 pm
trump's policies in washington but said he was left no choice but to impeach him. and congresswoman nancy maes, another south carolina republican who angered trump currently hovering just above the 50 percent threshold needed to avert a runoff in her gop primary. stay tuned to fox news will be bringing you full primary election results on fox and friends. first, i'm marianne rafferty. >> we now return to tucker carlson . this isn't a serious person, by contrast. so thanks for coming on . so you thinknk of summers as smart but like what was that ? >> you know, i thought when you i thought that was initially the onion. right. but it's notot o it actually cae out of his mouth. so it's probably one of the most patently dumb things i've ever heard about it. yes. about economics. forget about coming from an esteemed economist, but you know why he's doing this . i mean, larryry summers is nowod being quoted by republicans and it's you know, it's a campaign message too that joe n biden's screwed up
10:51 pm
the inflation business, that we have inflation now that isn'tha transitory. it's because larry summers said early on that the spending not even necessarily the fed he mentioned the spending that the biden administration was jamming s through aoc democratically controlled congress would lead to massive inflationra and he was right and now he's playing catchup in his own party . and that's essentially what this is for everybody on wall street saying, well, i'm sort of sympathetic to that in the sense that it wasn't just the democratic party that did this .l i mean, mitch mcconnell did it. everyone who signed off o on these budgets, everyone thought quantitative easingor could go on forever. i mean, this is a bipartisan problem. why doesn'ta he just say that ? because that's true . why blame it on january 6th, e.a. you know, i you know, everything is january 6th. that's e a that's a talking poit right now for the democratic party . if you know if two guys ts getn a car accident on the fdr, , its it's blame it o on january six . i mean, that's essentially what's going on here. it's a diversionary move. it's not going to it's not going to work. americans are really feeling
10:52 pm
this is inflationary business. and you know, here's the thing, tucker . tomorrow the fed is going to be talking about not just a 50 basis point increase in the fed pointrate but a 75 basis because jerome powell also along with joe biden totallye missed the boat. and you know, here's the thing, tucker . we're going to go through some rough times and nothings they can do about it because they set us up for this . it's it's horrible. it's a bad situation. souc in one sense we're about to see a crash in asset prices, correct? we are seeing it. we're likely to get it's likely to get worse. the real question is do we bite the bullet and raise interest rates dramatically and get this over with ? flush it, let the markets puke fast. allah something like a volcker did in the early 1980s. youu remember that ?we i remember that . or do we believe this ? s slow like the nasdaq crash and you know, recession that lasts for a long time. w i don'thi know which way they're going to go. i have a feeling they're going to go the slow way just because that's jerome powell way and its
10:53 pm
horrible for the american people. it is really horrible. yeah, it's waterble pe torture. charlie gasparino, thanks so much for coming in . good to see you again.ha dr.rl well, the friendzone makes a triumphant return to the show. who fromfrie fox will join us ? oh , you're going to have to wait and find out the pesos we've got. it's about your food. it has spray on labor and powdered meat. it's time for fresh fruit that belongs in the fridge next hour. now who's hungry? fresh fat. hello, i'm mike lindell and as you know, my passion is to help each and every one of you get the best sleep of your life . that's why i created my new keys and dreams bedsheets. i started by using the world's best cotton called giza. it's only grown in a region between the sahara desert, the mediterranean sea and the nile river. it's ultra soft and breathable but extreme durable.
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call our lawyer warning of report the miseducation of american indoctrination instruction lessons about gender , sexual abuse of children uncover what the next gender is really about. a new episode of the miseducation of america and pete hegseth new book are both available now. friend the friendzone is tonight . we're celebrating his new bookle battle for the american mind. it's out right now. pete hegseth joins us . hey, pete, congrats on the book . what's it about soccer? thank you very much. you know, before we start looking at gender pronouns for eight year oldss oppressed and oppressed of critical racee theory, the key to understanding the depth of our educational problem in k through 12 schools, the key to understanding the solution is understanding the depth of the problem and it doesn'tti jut go back to critical theorists that gave us critical gender theoryy in critical race theory, although that's part of it. marxists from germany it goess
10:59 pm
back to progressives who were the preeminent political movement of the early 20th century. they look reasonable compared toto the anarchistas and communt of their time who had political control on the mind. and they knew thatf the affections of our youngest the lunacy of higher education but k through 12 was critical toco that social control. and you know what ? they paid attention to francis wheeler, the prohibition movement of the eighteen seventies which through third grade curriculum in classrooms across america was able to bring itn bring about the 18th amendment in 1919 which prohibited alcohol across kidsca, teach young alcohol, bad get political outcome in the future. it. studied aboutut they didn't hide they wrote aboutw it in the new republic and then they putop that philosophy in our classrooms and proliferated it anit wasn't a conspiracy, tucker . they didn't know where it would end, what they knew is that we did not end at our founding values or biblical values.
11:00 pm
and so here we are today with drag queen story hour and we should not be surprised. that's the most interesting thing i've heard a while. congrats on the book. thank you for that . ththank you , tucker .he here's a question. are the in the idf battalion vaccinated? if not, how canhe the bush blion administration continue to support them in good faith? look intol that .lo we'll be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. sean hannity right now. all right then, tucker , thanks always and welcome to hannity. tonight we are tracking multiple major stories including president biden'sbi upcoming trip to saudi arabia in 2019 and candidate in the basement bunker. joe biden vowed to20 make saudi arabia pay the price forll killing the journalist jamal khashoggi and he referred to saudi crown prince as aa pariah proclaimed quote there's very little social redeeming value in the present government of saudi arabiaa. all right, joe , when you go to saudi arabia, are you going to stand up and say it right tohe his face, right to c the crown pr


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