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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 14, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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fellow genius. >> come on! cut it out. >> greg: all right thank you. to michelle, jim norton, matt, kat timpf and our studio audience. fox news @ night with evil shannon bream. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america! ♪♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to fox news @ night. i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, we're following multiple congressional races as primary voters decide elections in four states, nevada, maine, south carolina and north dakota along with a crucial special election that may surprise a lot of folks out of texas. we have multiple live reports on the ground tonight, plus, americans continue to struggle to pay for necessities with no end in sight to inflation while
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president biden continues to defend his performance on the economy. why fact checkers say the numbers don't add up. the spike in crime could be worse than we think. we'll look at a new report that finds 40% of the country's law enforcement agencies have failed to report crime stats to the fbi in 2021 leaving us wondering what the real picture is. we begin with team coverage of another primary election night. mark meredith is in south carolina where there's a split decision to the two g.o.p. representatives who face off with two trump challengers. and bret baier joins us live in studio tonight to kick off our coverage on what would be a bellwether special election in the texas border district. very interesting one, brett. >> reporter: shannon, good evening. this is a really big deal. as we go to the big board here, i can tell that you this texas election, a special election in texas 34 which is a district that is
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essentially 84%, 84% hispanic. there's theboard i said would really -- there's the board i said would really act well for me but it's not doing it for me right now. 84% hispanic. this runoff was to take over for a congressman who was -- who left. five terms, democratic congressman, philman avila. the district itself is one i'm going to draw because it's not going in there but it's right along here along the rio grande valley. it's east and south of san antonio, and here is the big thing, the winner -- pull it on up -- is there you see, myra flores, the republican, 51%. she gets over the threshold of 50%. she now is the first mexican-born woman ever elected to congress, a republican, beating the democrat. the dnc put money into this
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race down -- this only goes until january. she takes over as congresswoman and it goes until january. another election is set in a district that's going to reshuffle, but take a listen to this. this is a district that biden won by 13 points. hillary clinton won by 22 points. and now republicans have flipped this, in part because they made the case against president biden. take a listen to this ad. >> she'll never get it down here. 40 years enough is another visit to the border. he's left us behind. that's why mayra flores is running for congress. she's one of us, the wife of a border agent. >> reporter: it goes onto say what she cares about and that is a major bellwether, because if this is the case in texas 34 that has been represented by democrats for a century, that means that the hispanic vote in a lot of places, not just texas,
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but a lot of those border states could really be changing significantly for the midterms. so this could be a canary in the coal mine for democrats and the hispanic vote in a lot of these states. she becomes congresswoman, the first mexican-born, the first-ever latina republican congresswoman for the state of texas. we'll go over the other races after you bounce around but this is a big one, shannon. >> shannon: it is. a number of hispanic voters pulling away from democrats and going over and giving the republicans a try. as you said in that district, that's very interesting. ok, um, it's a big one tonight. we'll come back to you for a couple more biggies that are going on. thank you, bret. in the meantime, we're going to go to nevada where a big test of former president trump's political sway is happening in the political primary senate there tonight. good evening, aisha. >> reporter: hey, good evening to you, shannon.
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polls here closed just about two hours ago here in nevada, but we still don't have any preliminary results and that's because apparently voters were still standing in line just until about a few moments ago still waiting to vote, so we were just told by the secretary of state's office that the polls have now just moments ago closed after about three counties were still waiting for some voters to cast their ballots, so we're still waiting. adam is still waiting no remarks from the g.o.p. front-runner just question but -- just yet but did he walk into election day very confident. he, of course, had a very strong lead in the most recent polling. as we caught up with him as he went to cast his ballot earlier today, he said he was feeling great and feeling strong about this race. he said nevadans are looking for a change, especially when you think about inflation and rising gas prices. we're talking about the state that has the second highest gas prices in the nation. he told me he's looking forward to changing all of that in this general election for the chance to
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unseat katherine cortez. laxalt is endorsed by former president donald trump. he was campaigning with donald trump jr. over the weekend in the las vegas area. he's also got a lot of support from minority leader mitch mcconnell which is big. this is a very important race for the g.o.p. it could really decide the balance of the u.s. senate but so far, two hours after the polls closed, we are still waiting for those results, and we're still waiting to find out if, in fact, he takes this g.o.p. nomination. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. also in reno tonight is sam brown's election night headquarters. hillary vaughn, hello! >> reporter: hello, shannon. good evening. retired army captain sam brown is with his family right now and has to be pretty relieved because as aisha reported, results are expected to start trickling in once the final voters finish voting today at polling places in nevada, but i did get the chance to
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talk to brown a few times today. he talked up his ground game here in nevada that he says helped build a big grassroots movement. he said he didn't need to bring people in from out of state to help his campaign. that's a knock on laxalt's long list of endorsements from the g.o.p.'s v.i.p.'s including former president trump. brown told me his campaign was not just getting a side but taking on democratic senator to win the fall but taking on failed career politicians hinting at his primary opponent adam laxalt whose family has roots in nevada, politics that go back a generation. brown is feeling pretty confident with what his team is seeing and hearing so far tonight, so confident that they cut a celebratory cake before the polls even closed. >> you're obviously feeling confident enough to cut a celebratory cake? >> we're celebrating the duty-first movement. we feel good. exit polls looked like they
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were pretty favorable today. a lot of energy in this campaign as you can tell. we'll just see what happens. we feel good. and we feel very strong. >> reporter: and, shannon, brown said this evening he spent time thanking supporters that -- heading into today's election day. shannon? >> shannon: hillary, thank you for your coverage. in south carolina tonight, a litmus test of former president trump's ongoing influence over the republican party with one trump endorsed candidate taking down incumbent tom rice who you'll remember voted for impeachment while congresswoman nancy mace held off her challenger in the palmetto state. mark has more. >> reporter: good evening to you, shannon. results are taking time to come in. in the myrtle beach area of the state, we saw the donald trump-endorsed candidate
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state rep russell fry had a very good night easily able to defeat the five-term republican incumbent tom rice. trump made it very clear he was eager to see rice out of office. it could be considered an easy win from the former democratic candidate. rice has been an outspoken critic of him and voted to impeach him in 2021. closer to charleston where we're in the low country, incumbent republican congresswoman nancy mace had a good night tonight able to defeat former state rep arrington. this'll be a chance for this to be seen as a defeat for trump because he had wanted to see arrington in this seat. he was a vocal critic of nancy mace ever since she criticized him following the january 6th riots. this is what she had to say to the left. >> i promised when i ran in 2020 that i would be an independent voice. i promised that i would not toe the party line.
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>> reporter: we also have a statement just out from the former president who said arrington i was long shot but ran a great race and way overperformed. gone gratz to nancy mace who should be able to easily defeat her democratic opponent. while mace did win her race, she may be able to thank the former governor of south carolina,nically haley who -- nikki haley, she campaigned hand-in-hand with mace trying to get out the vote. we were on the road with her yesterday. this could be a big win for nikki haley. she has endorsement clout. while politics in this state -- it's midnight here. we just checked. the heat index is 93 degrees! it's got to be the lead story. >> shannon: it's no joke across the south right now. mark, thank you very much for updating us. let's take a deeper dive now into all of today's primary special elections and talk about the impact of the races we've already checked in on. back with us now, fox news
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chief political anchor bret baier. is the board behaving? that's number one. >> we had a talk, and we are -- >> shannon: you're getting along? >> we're not in south carolina where like a giant dog is breathing on mark. 93 at this time of the night. i just want to prove to you that the board and i have made up and that is that i pointed to texas and just to show you this congressional district 34 which i was trying to show you earlier. the board and i have now made up and we're going to go to south carolina where we just talked about and one of the races there that mark mentioned is incumbent nancy mace. now this was one of these two races where the former president really weighed in. he called nancy mace a wino, called her crazy and said there's no way you should vote for her and was deeply involved in this. she wins this and doesn't have to go to a runoff. she gets past 50%.
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she does so and then receives a congratulations from the former president on trump social, truth social saying that she should have no problem in the fall. if we go back to the other race in south carolina -- will you pull that up -- and that's the flip story and that's the trump-backed candidate fry, state senator beating the i couplebant rice -- beating the incumbent rice. rice is one of 10 republicans who voted for impeachment, for impeaching president donald trump. five including rice are now gone. four retired and he will be beaten in this primary so far. and there are obviously others who are up for elections including liz cheney who will face a primary challenge in wyoming but this is a big win. it's not -- it wasn't even close. so it's exact opposite in the same state for president
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trump and the endorsements. put that back in. let's see if we're getting any -- any results realtime in nevada. we were not and we're still not so people are in line. we have the two candidates you just heard about, laxalt and brown that are leading heading into this day. the deal with nevada is they don't put out any numbers until people are finished voting. >> shannon: we're keeping an eye on that as it comes in at this late hour at least on the east coast. bret baier, thank you very much. breaking tonight two southern california police officers are dead, shot and killed in the line of duty tuesday as they responded to a report of a stabbing at a los angeles area motel. they were both rushed to the hospital where they died from their injuries. the suspect in the shooting was also killed. the house voted overwhelmingly tuesday to pass the senate bill providing 24-hour protection
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for supreme court justices and their families. the measure will now head to president biden's desk for final approval. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has the latest tonight on that bill and what we're learning about the man charges with the attempted murder of justice kavanaugh. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, shannon it took more than a month. the house finally passed the bill to increase security for supreme court justices and their immediate families. the bill provides 24-hour protection to the families of the justices, very similar to protections given to the families of presidents and members of congress. the vote was 396-27. all 27 no's were democrats. here is g.o.p. congressman jim jordon on why he thinks it took so long. >> i think the answer is obvious, because they've always wanted to intimidate the court. that's been their goal since the get go. >> let me tell you why it took -- us a few weeks rather than one week to pass
9:15 pm
this legislation is because republicans refuse to protect the families of the supreme court employees who are at risk. >> reporter: yet democrats introduced an alternate bill to protect supreme court staff but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said it'd be unlikely to pass the senate. the white house says the president looks forward to signing the bill and finds any intent to intimidate justices "untenable" yet the d.o.j. has yet to arrest protesters who are clearly breaking the law by picketing the homes of conservative justices. in the meantime, we're learning right before nicolas roske planned to assassinate justice brett kavanaugh, he texted his sister, told her about his intent and she convinced him to abandon his plans and call 911 which he did and when the dispatcher asked if he needed medical help, roske said, "i need psychiatric help." roske was carrying a gun, ammunition, pepper spray, a screw driver and zip ties when he was arrested. shannon? >> shannon: trace
9:16 pm
gallagher, thank you for the update. good to see you. president biden sounding bullish on the economy tuesday despite record gas prices, soaring inflation a stock market freefall, serious supply shortages and an impending major interest rate hike and his own plunging poll numbers. kevin corke, we've given him a lot to look at but he's digging into the president's latest claims tonight. good evening, kevin. >> reporter: good evening to you, shannon in his address to the afl-cio, the president insisted that despite all evidence to the contrary, yes, his economic agenda will drive down inflation. just the latest example, argue critics, of what the white house is selling and what the people are seeing with their own eyes. >> under my plan for the economy we made extraordinary progress. we put america into a position to tackle a worldwide problem that's worse everywhere but here, inflation. >> reporter: worldwide problem that's worse
9:17 pm
everywhere but here? not exactly. the president's statement -- according to fact checkers -- was rated as false because the u.s. has higher inflation than a lot of countries, among them germany, france, japan, china, canada, india, italy, israel, saudi arabia, again, just to name a few. now, politico pundits say there could be a reason for mr. biden lie, because despite his rosy proclamation, his poll numbers, he knows, are plunging, especially as you pointed out with record gas prices, soaring inflation, struggling stock markets, supply chain shortages and, yes, interest rate hikes that could shock the system especially between now and the end of the year. however, after touting some examples of what he called extraordinary progress today, mr. biden finally did admit that inflation was snapping the strength of a lot of families but he didn't admit that he or his policies are to blame for the problem which some have argued, shannon, is, indeed, the problem. >> shannon: we're going to
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dig into this with our political panel coming up. in the meantime, we'll see you again in just a few minutes. >> reporter: see you soon. >> shannon: if you have trouble showing up to work on time, don't miss this story kevin will bring you in a few minutes. lawmakers capital hill are racing to try to -- capitol hill are racing to try to pass gun legislation before the recess, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell has tentative support for at least the basic outline that's been agreed to by a group of bipartisan senators. >> for myself, i'm comfortable with the framework and if the legislation ends up reflecting what the framework indicates, i'll be supportive. >> shannon: senate package focuses on mental health, more extensive background checks for buyers under the age of 21 and incentives for states willing to pass so-called red flag laws. coming up, what the heck is this cat doing as people are minding their business commuting to work and heading out? and a chaotic scene out of portland this weekend.
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>> shannon: in oregon, footage capturing a chaotic scene in portland where people took over the city's burnside bridge to do donuts this their cars backing up -- in their cars backing up traffic with the so-called street takeover. similar parties took place across the city. they takeover the streets doing donuts and street racing. this dramatic footage out of illinois recording the moment a sheriff's deputy and department of transportation worker saved a man who tried to jump off an overpass literally catching him as he left. he struggled for a few curious moments before they were able to haul him back to safety.
9:25 pm
now this lovable feline belonged to commuters in the train station in israel. she's watching each person stripe their ticket. the cat is known as schwarma. this is her regular hangout this video on facebook now has 9 million views, by the way. she should get a paycheck. she's important. check out this young calf in an australian safari park coming to the zumiez. little guy racing around the field apparently unable to contain his energy. completely ignored by the adults munching on their lunch there. puppy energy out. these giraffes in the oregon too are waiting for the lettuce lunch. check out the long, black tongs. yikes. none of us want the camera that close to our faces when we're eating. if you have viral videos to
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share, hit us up @shannonbream or at foxnewsatnight on social media. a new report tonight a large number of law enforce agencies may be hampering -- enforcement agencies may be hampering the fbi's ability to know exactly how bad the crime is because of their complete failure to turn over data from cities. here is tonight's crime beat with eric. >> reporter: good evening, shannon. you know it's long been said the fbi always gets its man. it turns out there are a lot of men and women criminals who local departments never tell the fbi about. the spike in crime could be worse than you think. axios and marshal project investigation found 40% of the country's 18,000 law enforcement agencies failed to report 2021 crime statistics to the fbi. that means, say experts, the full trend of criminal activity in our country are amiss. jennifer harrison of the crime victims group victims
9:27 pm
rights new york says crime, especially under progressive prosecutors, is underreporting. >> systems know all too well and have known all along that so-called progressive criminal justice reforms and the so-called progressive prosecutors that act more as defense attorneys than enforcing the law have led to an increase in crime and, unfortunately, even death. and now, sadly we don't have the data that we needed to combat some of these issues. >> reporter: reporting is voluntary but among those not fully doing it is california, illinois, pennsylvania, florida and cities like new york city, los angeles, philadelphia, des moines, even peoria. some of the jurisdictions claim staffing shortages and say they are working on upgrading to a new revamped reporting system for the fbi. >> we really needed this data to be able to combat complete blood bath we see happening across the country from the progressive reforms like bail reform who advocates are saying we don't have enough data. >> reporter: in one of the
9:28 pm
states, illinois, naperville police released this video showing a hatchet-wielding man shot dead after charging at an officer. and in shaker heights, police say two suspects were caught on camera after entering a home just by opening an unlocked door. but one incident may not make it to the fbi list, the dog that started a house fire. in parkville, missouri, the pet stood on his hind legs. his paws hit the touch controls that turned on the stove which caught a can on fire that spread and caused major damage to the house. thankfully, the dog was not injured but the homeowners say never leave anything on the stove for where a canine could cause a conflagration. shannon? >> shannon: excellent advice. eric, thank you. kevin corke is back with a post that's going viral about office rules and this is a bad one if you have a hard time showing up on time. >> you know, i've never seen anything like this, but i must admit, you know who you are out there if you're late all the time. all right, let's face it
9:29 pm
pretty rough out there, everybody. we all know this in case you're wondering just how rough is it? consider this, social media is abuzz tonight about a boss who is warning his workers to be on time or pay for it with extra time after 6:00 p.m. and we're talking a lot of extra time. a poster explaining the draconian rules going viral after a disgruntled employee posted it on social media. the sign reads, "new office rule:for every minute you are late for work, you'll be required to work for 10 minutes after 6:00 p.m. " for example, if you arrive at 10:02, you'll have to stay an extra 20 minutes until 6:20 p.m. thanks." social media users have reactions ranging from amusement to agreement and indignation and outrage. what say you. >> shannon: i kind of like it but the thing is, we work a ton of hours. we love what we do but we're always working. if i have a true, like, 9 to 5, i might be a little
9:30 pm
irritated by this 9:03 but you have to stay until 5:30 or something. i don't know. what do you think? >> i think it's a little outrageous. i'll tell you why. you get your pound of flesh. the average worker is not leaving at 4:55 or 4:58. they're staying until 5:30 or 6:00 p.m., even though the clock is out. they're working weekend ands have laptops in bed. come on! stop. >> shannon: all of us are attached and accessible all the time. >> dial it back, sparky. that's outrageous. there are other ways to get people to show up on time without docking them 10 minutes for every minute. >> shannon: like free coffee and muffins and donuts. >> i want to hear what you think on social media. >> shannon: let us know. no one will like it. >> no, they're not. >> shannon: maybe the bosses. who knows? thank you, kevin. coming up, have you noticed any shrinkflation lately? companies cutting product sizes and charging you the same, old price? if you do, you're not alone.
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>> shannon: breaking tonight, fox news has learned the department of homeland security is preparing to discipline multiple horseback border patrol agents who were accused of whipping haitian migrants in del rio, texas, last summer, an accusations thoroughly debunked among photographers who took the pictures question -- pictures in question. dhs is sent to alleged administrative violations. we'll wait to find out what those are. we have exclusive new video tonight showing hundreds of migrant apprehensions in the rio grande valley. one group had more than 130 unaccompanied children. children by themselves. bill melugin has more tonight from la jolla, texas. >> reporter: in the dark of night a massive group of more than 250 migrants crosses illegally into roma, texas, this morning surrendering themselves to border patrol. mixed in with this group, a staggering 138 unaccompanied
9:37 pm
children or minors to parents or guardians anywhere to be seen. between october and april, there's been more than 85,000 of these unaccompanied children encountered in the southern border, enough to fill the entire capacity of the dallas cowboys football stadium. the illegal crossings in the rio grande valley are nonstop. fox news scene this morning as runners were present -- this group of 70 migrants surrendered to border patrol after they crossed illegally. a dhs source tells fox news n the last two weeks alone, there's been more than 22,000 crossings here in the rio grande sector. >> when we enforce a consequence for violating our laws, people stop coming. the biden administration has completely and totally gutted all enforcement. when you gut enforcement, people continue to come. >> reporter: elsewhere along the border, texas dps
9:38 pm
arrested this group of 19 illegal immigrants dressed in camouflage in the remote big bend sector in west texas in tucson, arizona, sector, border agents found another 16 men in camouflage smuggled in the back of this you haul truck. -- you haul truck. in the last 24 hours alone in the rio grande sector, there were 1,400 illegal crossings. over the weekender, border patrol arrested a murderer, rapist and six ms13 gang members. shannon? >> shannon: bill melugin, thank you very much. slinkfla it, it ion, out not a new concept but in the current economic climate, americans are seeing a lot less for the same. leslie martial and jason are joining me now. welcome back to both of you. i want to put up major brands dealing with the shrinkflation. you're paying probably the same or more for these same
9:39 pm
products but look at this, fewer ounces in bags of gummy bears, folgers coffee. if you're not paying attention to the packaging, you may not realize you're getting less. here is what the president said in defending his handling of the economy and blaming others. >> i don't want to hear any more of these lies about reckless spending. we're changing people's lives! the problem is, republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down costs to ordinary families. >> shannon: jason, that's your party. >> that's not true! not a square to spare there. you know, you're getting a lot less and you're paying more. the only one that causes inflation is the government. the government is the one that prints the money. it's the federal reserve that sets these policies and it was joe biden that put in
9:40 pm
the federal -- the fed chairman and these massive spending bills and what the democrats had advocated is for more spending. i mean f they hadn't pushed back -- i mean, if they hadn't pushed back and got build back better defeated, it would have been even worse. the democrats, they don't have a plan. what they did do is spend more money. that's examiner certify bating the problem and taking the energy sector and shutting it down and again rising costs. >> shannon: there are those on the left who will say and have publicly said that spending that money has created part of the inflation problem and even people within the president's own party raising these questions. the "new york post" editorial board says this tonight, his policy has changed people's lives for the worse by sticking americans with crushing inflation, tanking stock market and looming recession. his war on the u.s. industry and other policies. bottom line, our president is in complete denial about the perilous state of the u.s. economy and where the blame for it lies.
9:41 pm
leslie? >> then i guess president biden president of the world, because the global economy is in an inflationary situation, and in addition to that, although the legislation in that big-ticket idea they referred to from my party, economists on both sides of the aisle agree it is 2% or less of inflation which means 98% or more are from other areas. joe biden is not responsible for the inflation of ukraine by vladimir putin. he's not responsible for covid and the pandemic. inflation didn't just happen when joe biden took office. last time i checked, the federal reserve chair was the same guy from the last administration. so -- >> shannon: if we've got inflation up over 8.6% in the last year, that has happened on president biden's watch. >> that is correct but so has ukraine and so have other situations and issues when you talk about having -- hey, look, before covid, before joe biden, there were
9:42 pm
less potato chips in the bag when i opened them, shannon. i can tell you. remember they filled up the top and then they were half way down? that's all about greed. that's not about a democrat or a republican. that's about correspondent greed -- corporate greed because the companies make record profits and they're trying to give the consumer less product or sometimes they jack up the prices but notice they're not taking home less money. they're taking home more. that's a problem that transcends either democrat or republican regardless who is president and regardless if we're in an inflationary period. >> shannon: what about that, jason? the president says, too, oil and gas producers are greedy. are grocers greedy, too? he says off of a bad inflation situation? >> the democrats are putting their heads in the sand here. you're saying vladimir putin is causing inflation
9:43 pm
throughout the world and joe biden is left hapless and no sense or ability to address this? the fact of the matter is on day one joe biden advocated and got rid of the ability for us to produce our own energy. why do you think we have doubling of the gas prices? this was not some accident that just happened because vladimir putin went into ukraine. that is a bunch of hogwash. these companies are for-profit companies. in order to employ people, they have to make money, but when transportation and the energy costs go skyrocketing and the government is spending so much money, there's reasons and consequences for all of this, leslie. this is not just happenstance. it's joe biden's policies that put us in this position. >> shannon: leslie, we have 10 seconds. >> when you look at the last 10 presidents, do you know who has the number one amount of oil that has drilled per barrel in the united states per day? joe biden. that's over 11,000.
9:44 pm
go look it up. to say that joe biden's policies and joe biden with energy is, you know, the reason that the prices are what they are at the pump, we know no u.s. president is responsible for the gas prices. it's based on the international monetary value of a barrel of crude oil. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. leslie and jason, you're always good for us. come back soon. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: coming up, an animal rescue in california refusing to let people adopt their pets if they don't support gun control or if they're a member of the nra. may be controversial but is it illegal? we'll debate it next.
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>> shannon: a california animal shelter's requiring potential pet adopttors to support gun restrictions. since shelter hope pet shop is a private nonprofit business, the owner says she's well within her rights to ask potential pet adopters all about their views on gun control, but is it legal? let's explore that question with civil rights attorney robert and criminal defense attorney david bruno. robert, looks like you may have co-council tonight? >> always got to bring in the ringer when you have the chance. >> we're missing the face but we see the paws so it's a start. aw, we love it. ok, so i will ask you, then, let me start with this, shelter hope pet shop says we do not support those who
9:50 pm
believe that the second amendment gives them the right to buy assault weapons. if your beliefs aren't in line with ours, we won't adopt a pet to you. robert, it's a private business. what do you say? >> absolutely not. you can't do that. under the commerce clause, any business organization that has any. [indiscernible] on interstate commerce is under common law. imagine if they had a planned parenthood test before you could donate clothes to goodwill or had a test for whether or not you were a member of a certain political party to get you to charity events? i don't think anywhere in the law will allow to you do so. that polarizes our society instead of bringing us together right now. >> shannon: they'll ask you about being an nra supporttor or member. if you lie about it, it says, make no mistake, we'll sue you for fraud. this is a lot to get a pet. if you believe it's our responsibility to protect ourselves in public places and arm yourselves with a
9:51 pm
gun, do not come to us to adopt a dog. we have a choice of who we work with. shelter hope chooses to work with only like-minded humans. david? >> yeah, i think it's bad business. i don't believe the policy whatsoever. i think their purpose should be putting the animals in good homes where they'll be safe. when we talk about it legally, it's ok, unfortunately legally. it's not a civil rights violation. the civil rights act of 1964 applies to private businesses, but they can't discriminate based on race, color, gender or sexual orientation, in the protected classes. the second amendment, the right to bear arms doesn't fall in that protected class and that is why unfortunately while i disagree, bad business. hopefully the market shakes this company out of the market. it is ok, we believe. >> shannon: i'm going to end up with another dog by the time this segment is over because of all the cute videos of dogs. listen, the owner said that the.
9:52 pm
[indiscernible] is fine wherever this may take her. she said quite a few donors from her shelter republicans. some have threatened to cut off guns if she doesn't remove the where do you stand on gun control question. she says i say fine. keep your money. if i go out of business as a result, i go out of business. robert? >> she's going to go out of business. that's pretty clear, if not because of simply a lack of donations but because of the lawsuits against her. you simply can't discriminate based upon their political affiliation. we can't have a certified two-tiered. [indiscernible] imagine going into cracker barrel and you can't threat because you vote a certain way or believe in a certain political position. i don't think any federal court will uphold this. >> shannon: the nra spokeswoman amy hunter said to nbc news having this asinine political litmus test comes at the expense of needy homeless dogs and cats.
9:53 pm
she may get support to people who flock to her situation good for you for taking this kind stand but at the end of the day, she is trying to help animals. >> i would imagine there'll be some on the left come forward and maybe give donations they wouldn't have otherwise, right? but, look, this is the market, and she's ready to go out of business and like robert said, it could be possible, so sometimes you might get what you ask for. >> shannon: yeah, we have a free market society that, you know, figures these things out when people boycott or have different policies. robert, final -- oh, we're getting a cute look at his face. any final word from your co-council? >> most important thing coming out of this story, go to the local animal shelter and adopt animals. i know you want to get bred ones from the breeder but get yourself a pet from the shelter. they're great pets. they deserve good homes. >> shannon: my dad said, we have to go in and get someone off doggy death row and we had great dogs.
9:54 pm
>> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: seven siblings now reunited after a texas couple adopted all of them together. five sisters and two brothers ages five to 12. they were split in three different foster care homes for more than two years. chris and jessica decided they wanted to adopt them all. took eight months. mom and dad say they want their kids to know from the beginning they would be together and have -- make sure they could be one, big happy family. and by the way, in the bargain, they got two new snakes, a dragon -- hopefully not a full-sized one -- four cats and a dog. they're altogether. i love that. kevin. >> i love that, too. a special good news tonight, more proof that if you're willing to do the work, there's literally nothing in life you can't do tonight, we'd like to meet clyde welch jr. at the age of 16, he dropped out of tenth grade in harlem, georgia. he took up a full-time construction job after that and never looked back. 27 years later, married, three kids still in high
9:55 pm
school. clyde filling the need to set the example, importance of education and he went back and got his g.e.d. diploma, good for him, clyde! >> good for him. we'll leave with you results on the way out from the nevada primary, the big g.o.p. senate primary we're watching there, just starting to get some results in. we'll keep you updated throughout the night. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. stopping for car insurance is the worst. >> not anymore because there's 150 brima to the same car . here's one for you make sure it's apples to apples at the same time. it's not right here . great work experience like having a team comparing your current policy to quotes from top providers. it's a new easy way to shop and save on kaczor. i saved more than 100 bucks spirito we compared you saved on car insurance go to experience .com slash can't get assigned universe is trying to tell you something moving all around us . all around us . not
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