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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 14, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the plans to break ground is 2023 and the flag pole freedom park 2026 the nation's 250th birthday. find out on flag pole of that's all the time we have left thank you for making this show possible please set your dvr and don't miss an episode. in the meantime don't let your heart be troubled. laura ingraham has a great show. >> laura: so glad you're doing the flag pole of freedom because we need to not only fly the flag but know where it's from. nothing worse than a flag made in china hopefully they're made in the usa but i'm glad you're doing that and any support i can give i'm there for you. >> sean: by the way this is an official fbi pin. >> laura: never asked about your pin before. >> sean: never checked. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is ingraham angle from washington tonight
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>> which do you think is unravelling faster? the biden white house or the january 6th committee? for over a year, democrats suggested that congressional republicans had led groups of visitors on so-called recon missions on the capitol on january 5th, 2021. remember that? the implication was obvious that republicans, elected officials, were in on the plot. they were insurrectionist themselves, the smear all began just one week after january 6th. >> i was really shocked when i got into the house office building and saw these groups inside. there would be no tours allowed, even tours given by members. and so the only reason you'd have a visitor is on official business. so to see these groups around the capitol complication was really striking. >> laura: okay, that mikey cheryl needs to be thrown out of office. new jersey, save yourself. the charge then gained momentum
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around one particular congressman, georgia's barry louder milk. >> what we're lettering about laweder milk is he was part of a direct lie to the public and perhaps to the committee. >> i think loudermilk will probably take the fifth amendment. this guy's pants look like they're on fire. >> amounts to sa dishes conspiracy. is this the kind of thing that might warn of the consideration of expulsion of the house of representatives. >> laura: always count on charlie psycho. these came before what we learned tonight. lawedermilk we found out did nothing wrong. in the letter to the house ranking member rodney davis tom anger wrote officers had reviewed security footage and found no evidence that loudermilk entered the capitol with a group of constituents at all but even after laweder milk was exonerated. oh, wait he wasn't. >> we asked capitol police to
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look into it, this he released a letter from police chief tom manger there was no evidence loudermilk was giving a for of the capitol building himself but didn't necessarily absolve him of any wrongdoings. >> laura: oh, my. here now is the a formentioned congressman barry loudermilk. congressman first of all your reaction to the devils and you're cleared but cnn says not so fast. >> thanks for having me on and for covering this. just three or four weeks ago i find out about these accusations not from a letter that the committee sent to me. no, they sent it to the press as i'm going to the airport and then i'm seeing my picture on the television screens of all these passengers that are seeing that i'm some kind of strange conspiracy -- or evil conspirator here. and it's just ridiculous that the way that they're handling this committee -- and they keep moving the goal posts. you know, the original charge was, we gave tours of the
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capitol. there were no tours of the capitol that day. video evidence is there were no tours of the capitol. oh then they say oh, it was the capitol complex. there were hundreds of people in the capitol complex, the house office buildings. in fact it was the democrat leadership ordered the gift shop opened on the 5th because there were so many visitors there. so mickey cheryl's accusation that there were no tours allowed? well there were no tours allowed of the capitol but there were plenty of people at the house office buildings because it was just another day. and now, when it comes out, and no mistake about it tcapitol police are clear that they are trained in looking for suspicious activity and the group i had in the house office building had -- did nothing suspicious. >> laura: it was a total lie. i'm just going to say, it was it was a lie, it was a smear. they did the same thing to donald trump for years and then when it's shown to be nothing, they say well it's not really -- we're still willing into it. which is what the january 6th
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committee said to cnn. said, oh, no, we have other information, i guess about you, or this, that's going to come to light. did you catch that on the cnn report? we cut it off before they actually said that but that's actually what they referenced. >> i'm sure the committee's going to try to move the goal posts to try to save face. there was nothing nefarious that happened on the fifth to most of us and i guess to all of us we had no idea what was going to transpire on the 6th. it was just another legislative day. but the way the committee has conducted themselves, they never contacted me at all. if they wanted the truth they just had to pick up the phone and call me. many of the members have my cell phone number, they all have a house director they could have called me and asked about this group of constituents. but to make an accusation, i'm getting death threats. my family's getting death threats, my staff getting death threats. and, you know, today is the 5th anniversary of when a deranged
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man that was radicalized by extreme political rhetoric walked on the baseball field and tried to kill me and many of my colleagues. people do stupid things based off of what they hear out of the media, and i hold, i hold the committee responsible if somebody gets hurt through all this. >> laura: and congressman a journalist who irresponsibly reported this and should have known better. if you can find malice, you might have some legal action there so i hope you're pursuing. that. congressman, thank you very much >> all right, what now? that's the focus of tonight's angle. well, the lame duck, he tried to show some strength today. he was desperate to find anything to brag about, so he reached back to touting obamacare. but all i could hear was angry quacking. >> the only reason insurance company has to cover it is because of that law. and i promise you, i'm going to keep fighting for you.
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are you prepared to fight with me? i don't want to hear any more of these lies about reckless spending. we're changing people's lives! >> laura: okay. he's scaring me now. people's lives are changing all right. the average american family is now having to spend an average $460 more every month because of food and gas prices and everything else. that is about 5,000 more a year. nothing for the biden family where they're raking in hundreds for spitting on a piece of paper. but for regular people, that added cost is a killer. it could mean raiding your retirement savings or going into debt. so the ruin that biden's causing on the domestic front is gut wrenching. but tonight we're going to talk about the warnings, the flashing red warnings for our national security as well. china is on the move tonight. democrat leaders young and old
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signalling that biden's one and done, china knows that they have a 2.5 year window to solidify its path to push us out of asia and then, of course, nail down their strategic alliances around the world. in just the past few weeks, we've seen just how determined they are to achieve global domination. now we have new satellite images of their third and most advanced aircraft carrier that gives china critical new naval reach. showing biden who's boss they're also buzzing their plains closer and closer to taiwan every day. and now they're threatening war against anyone who tries to defend taiwan's independence. and then, just a few hours ago, taiwan told reuters that war, in taiwan, would hit the global economy harder than the global economy has been hit with russia and ukraine, and the angle agrees with that assessment. biden is so clueless, he probably thinks, i don't know, computer chips that are made in
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taiwan that are as easy to make, i don't know, potato chips, just pump them out. as biden's party is busy dragging the previous president in the mud while the ccp is the propelling its nuclear arsenal in rapid expansion which they describe to be occurring at a moderate and appropriate level. so how does biden's defense secretary answer that? well, by going out of his way to reassure china. >> we do not seek confrontation or conflict. and we do not seek a new cold war, an asian nato or a recentlying on split into hostile blocks. we're working closely with both our competitors and our friends to strengthen the guardrails against conflict and that includes fully open lines of communication with china's defense leaders. >> laura: oh, my god. biden and his band of bumbleers
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they're not just reassuring china as austin just did they're rewarding china because any minute now president xi that all the rambling and economic sabotage and the covid coverup all paid off. because america's lame duck is about to lift chump's tariff further strengthening china's hand and sucker punching america's manufacturing p biden people are frantic to lower tariffs on china even though they know it won't do any good. this is in the new york times tonight. an influential study predicted a move to lift tariffs could save households 797 a year but administration says the actual effect would most likely be far smaller and then more from the times. any move to tweak the tariffs could encourage companies to keep their supply chains in china undercutting another white house priority to bring jobs back to america.
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well, pro china lobbyists don't care about jobs in the united states. and the chamber of commerce are doing back flips tonight. so is this the product of a compromised biden family vis-a-vis china, do the elites in washington already think that the united states has lost the global race with china? in other words, why not help clear the field for an easier transition? these are all disturbing questions but we should ponder them. think about them. seriously think about them. what we do know, though, is that our lame duck president is sounding more like a bad actor in a film that went straight to video. >> the bottom line is this, i truly believe we've made extraordinary progress by laying a new foundation for our economy. >> trump did not leave a very good situation. you think i'm kidding. i say america's back and they look at me and they say, for how long? >> laura: no one, literally no one thinks that biden will do
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anything except embarrass us on the world stage. the white house announced an upcoming trip to saudi arabia in july, maybe you heard about that, undoubtedly just going to beg for saudi arabia, not u.s. manufacturers but beg for saudi arabia to produce more oil. now, even the friendly press seems pretty embarrassed. >> would he be holding official talks with nbs if gas was not at $5 a gallon. >> the president will, and he said this before, he will meet with leaders across the world if it's in the best interest of the american people, if it's in our national security interests and he believes this trip in its entirety, all the discussions he's going to be having over the course of those three days absolutely fit that bill. >> laura: oh, my god. how does he wake up in the morning. biden hobbles america, he sabotaged us, he zapped us of our energy independence then when he goes hat in hand to the most despotic regimes on earth the man wants a standing ovation from us. sorry, joe.
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you're being booed off the stage and you don't even know it. unfortunately for us we have 2.5 more years of a clown show to endure. it's going to be up to a new republican congress to begin to defund the woke madness at the pentagon, shut down the money spigot and prepare for a new president who prepares for america first once again that's the angle. joining me now is josh hally member of the judiciary committee. senator when republicans get back into power and they must get back into power, they will get back into power. how significant, how important is it for them to begin the process of defunding what is this hideous woke ification of the military. >> good to be with you. it's vital we get the military back to what it's supposed to do protecting and fighting the war, meaning the security of the united states not places like
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ukraine. you said a minute ago this administration is sleep walking toward a crisis in china. part of the reason is they're so busy facial building trying to create a client state in ukraine they're not focused on our biggest foreign policy threat which is china and the communist party in china. and they're trying to use the military as a giant social experiment, use it, as you say, to carry on their wokification agenda. all that has to stop we need to focus on the national security of this country and our economic security and this administration has endangered both. >> laura: i want to play something from biden's national climate advisor. >> the challenges now that we're moving from denial to actually just trying to disengage p public, we have to get tighter. we have to get better at communicating. and, frankly, the tech companies have to stop allowing specific individuals over and over again to spread disinformation.
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>> laura: senator, the administration once again trying to use big tech as their proxy to sensor us views ons shutting down nuclear plants and the coming blackouts we're going to have this summer. >> laura this is the most recent example of the most anti first amendment administration in american history. this is an administration assaulting our basic fundamental constitutional values and principles at every single turn and i can't think of another administration in our history that has assembled an enemy list and read it from the white house podium over and over, we want these people off of social media, we want these people not to communicate a message. we don't want northerns talk about covid vaccines or question wearing masks we don't want them to talk about concerns they have about the radical climate change agenda. it is unbelievable laura what
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they're willing to do and i think we will look back and see that this is the moment, the biden presidency was the moment that the left truly lost its grip on reality. when you're trying to silence your own citizens because they don't agree with you, you've got a big problem. and that's where the left is right now, they want to silence americans. >> laura: senator i want to get to your letter you wrote to the doj in a moment but first i have to ask you given the fact we couldn't defeat the taliban, we totally screwed up the withdraw from afghanistan, do you have any faith that austin and milley are capable of leading us into battle for taiwan against china? and if not, why are not all republican senators calling for their immediate resignation? >> well, i've called for them both to resign and that's a big part of the reason why, laura. after what happened in afghanistan, the total debacle and disgrace there, let's never forget, this president left hundreds of american civilians behind to the enemy, left them behind to the enemy. no president in american history has ever done that and no
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president has ever celebrated it which is what this administration did. all of those people should be gone, beginning with austin and milley, the secretary of state, the national security advisor. all of them should be gone. so, no, i do not have confidence in them. i do not have confidence in the president who clearly is not fit to lead and we have to make a change and the american people will have a chance this november. >> laura: yeah, i mean, against china. we struggled against the taliban. you wrote to the doj the following. please respond this letter with a full account of why your office didn't immediately arrest those who flocked around kavanaugh's home on june 8th hours after the assassination attempt and why you're dragging your feet arresting criminals for fire bombing pregnancy resource centers across the country. any response tonight senator? >> no, no response and of course there won't be laura because merrick garland and biden's doj don't want to enforce the law. you have radical leftists that
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fire bombed or arson burned down pregnancy care centers across the country, 13 at last account. an steamed assassination of a sitting supreme court justice and america merrick garland won't do basic law that you can't picket in front of a justice's home not to mention the carried out fire bombings. this is an administration that turns a blind eye again and again and again to violence even while it intends to shut down the speech that you were talking about just a second ago. they think the biggest threat to the united states are americans asking questions about the covid vaccine. >> laura: yeah. >> that they want to stop. fire bombings, that's okay. >> laura: senator, thank you for that letter and thank you for staying on this issue of the crisis pregnancy centers and kavanaugh >> speaking of which, now despite the warnings of right wing violence from biden's doj, a number of these violent leftist attacks in recent days is no one paying attention, congressman jim banks had breaking news on why that might be, he and steven miller are
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here next.
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♪ >> laura: a new segment tonight, america on edge. now look around, your town, your city. things are bad out there, right? but a lot of americans are now
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asking just how much can it get or will it get. we saw how quickly things spiraled out of control after covid and during the lockdowns and after the death of george floyd in the summer of 2020 and now 2022 the economy going down the tubes, political flash point like the rowe decision on the horizon we fear the summer of 22 could be worse. last week we were the first to document the numerous fire bombings and vandalism wreaking havoc on pregnancy centers from coast to coast. violence didn't draw any condemnation from political leaders or pro abortion forces. in fact the governor of new york responded by signing legislation that would subject pregnancy care centers to investigations despite one just being fire bombed last week. she's a nice gal. suns the report more senators came under attack and the political violence did not stop there. security shows two people breaking a window and tossing a
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lit flair into the office building used by washington state house republican andrew var cas. joining me now is indiana congressman jim bank and steven miller former advisor to president trump and founder america first legal. congressman you have news tonight about the refusal of this administration to punish the leftist criminals terrorizing americans out there. >> that's right. it turns out that a fellow tried to blow up a police car, was arrested by the trump doj. it's a mandatory minimum sentence by the way of five years and the biden doj just dropped charges. >> laura: was this in new york? >> new york. we've seen other cases, too, a couple lawyers tried to fire bomb a police car in new york. sentenced to ten years by the trump doj. the biden doj changes it to two years. so case after case after case proves there's a different set of rules with the biden doj for those on the right versus those on the left. in portland, they've dropped charges on about half of those
7:26 pm
who were arrestedd in the portland blm riots in the summer of 2020 but then you get to january 6th, about 800 people arrested at the capitol on january 6th, they've dropped charges on maybe just a small handful of them. so you see the different set of standards very quickly and how politicized the biden doj has become. >> laura: you took a photo of the capitol dome on january 6th and got your house ransacked by the fbi merrick garland was out early in the administration saying white supremacy and right wing terrorism was the single biggest threat to america that's what the doj said and what's happening to the volunteer organizations helping scared women across the country. >> what you're seeing now is the law for the democrat party, for biden, for garland, is not an instrument of justice but a weapon of partisan vengeance. that's the reason why our supreme court justices are left defenseless. that's the reason why blm
7:27 pm
rioters who staged an insurrection at the federal courthouse in portland night after night are walking free. but peter navarro is facing severe imprisonment who last time i checked hasn't physically hurt, assaulted or attacked anybody. >> laura: now speaking of the attorney general, he's hoping, congressman bankss that the circus on capitol hill will help his investigation. >> i am watching and i will be watching all the hearings, although i may not be able to watch all of it live. but i'll be sure that i'll be watching all of it and i can assure you that the january 6th prosecutors are watching all the hearings as well. >> laura: i find that, i mean, as an officer of the court myself, i find that to be really disturbing, that comment. like, look out kids, i'm coming for you. what? >> he's coming after you if you are on the right. if you voted for donald trump. if you're a conservative.
7:28 pm
if you oppose this administration. they've completely weaponized the department of justice. we can't let them get away with it that's why i wrote a letter to the doj demanding they explain why they dropped charges on this guy who tried to blow up police car. they must explain why they did that and when we get the majority back ar the midterm we have to use the judiciary committee and other committees to demand answers and hold them accountable. >> laura: steven and i talked about this offline i know you won't mind me sharing this. if the republicans or when the republicans take back power, this is when we're worried stuff won't get done congressman. we've seen it time and again, republicans squander their opportunity once in power. defunding these military woke programs, defunding all these efforts to intimidate americans, sensor americans. this has to be done to save our freedom. has to be. >> i hear you and i understand the skepticism, but i can tell you, if there's ever been the right man in in the right place
7:29 pm
at the right time it's jim jordan chairing the house judiciary committee. for example, he's getting ready to look into situations like this. the american people and our voters are demanding it we will not let them down on that front. >> laura: how steven important is it when republicans get back into power to expose what this big government socialism has done to small business across america which is being crushed right now in this inflation? >> well, my proposal is, they need to form a series of select committees, just like the democrats did. we pick who the republicans are and we get to pick who the democrats are, if any at all, issue a flood of subpoenas, due prime time hearings, demand equal time, do them on open borders on the destruction of small businesses on inflation on run away crime, on the formula shortage on the debacle of afghanistan and the corruption, the raw at doj issue after issue week after week expose the scandals toss the american
7:30 pm
people. >> laura: people want the economy turned around which means you have to stop biden from doing my more damage. steven congressman we're watching thank you very much >> despite the rosie from the white house, we're bringing you the most dire warning about the economy you have ever heard in moments. plus newt gingrich is here with the white house's suggestion that the failures are a result of bad messaging. that's what it is. stay there. of women are struggling with a decision of life or death for their unborn baby. imagine feeling hopeless and alone, wanting to make the right decision, yet lacking the means to provide for your unborn child. as christians, we must show compassion and provide a way for these young women to choose life. the sanctuary of hope is a refuge for single mothers who are faced with this critical decision. the sanctuary of hope provides life and loving care for the baby and an education and a bright future for the young mother.
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as i mentioned, more than eight million jobs and now we're transitioning into a steady stable growth. >> laura: the white house's new way of softening that inflation area blow, you just heard it is by rebranding it as our
7:36 pm
transitioning to stable growth. okay. 8.6% inflation. but according to the chief investment strategist at charles schwab the measure of success the average of utility costs, gas, food, electricity, that surged by 25.7% year over year. so that puts the marker just slightly less than the peak it was in 1980. but our next guest fears we're in store for even worse in the days and weeks ago, joining us now is peter schiff chief economists and economists and host of schiff radio. peter thanks so much for being here. i was watching your tweet and tom elliott over the weekend discussing why the inflation number is so misleading. explain it to us in simple terms. >> well, first of all, the government is reporting on prices. inflation is the expansion of the money supply, that's the actual definition and it often results in prices going up.
7:37 pm
but the way the government measures prices today it understates the true impact. if we were still measuring prices using the cpi we were using back in the 1970s, the actual increase would be about double what the government is reporting. so not 8.6, it would be closer to 17%, maybe a little bit more. >> laura: well, peter, when you think about the average cost of housing for individuals who rent, that figure alone was a staggering series of increases over the last, you know, several months and the last, you know, really several years. how significant is that, given the modest increases in salary for individuals who are working? >> well, it's very significant. and, you know, shelter's about a third of the official cpi but the government doesn't use actual home prices, which are up about 20%, or actual rent, that were up over 15%, they use something that they made up called owners equivalent rent and that's something that nobody
7:38 pm
actually pays but that was only up 5.5%. >> laura: and, peter, we also hear now that, to address the oil price issue, the energy price issue, the senate finance committee chair, ron wyden is introducing what you and i remember as the win fall profits tax called something else, a 21% sur tax on oil company profits that they consider, i'm laughing because it's so painful, that they consider excessive. what's that going to do? they caused the price of oil to go up. >> well, look, if we confiscated all the profits and distributed it to the american public you would barely even notice the difference. but if you take the profits out of drilling for oil, guess what? no one's going to drill for oil and we'll have an even bigger supply problem than we have right now. the real problem is demand, you mentioned the american rescue plan, that bass a disaster. we need to be rescued from that plan because what the government
7:39 pm
did was the complete opposite of what they should have done. as they were ordering everybody to stop working and we shut down the economy and we stopped producing we printed more money. so we gave out all this money to people and we paid a lot of people more money not to work than when they actually had a job and they earned money except when they were staying at home they weren't being productive. so we flooded the economy with money as we were starving it of goods and, of course, prices went through the roof. i predicted that this was going to happen back in march of 2020 when we first went down this road. but then biden really kicked it into a whole new gear, and now we're dealing with the consequences of that policy, that reckless monetary and fiscal policy. >> laura:.75 increase in the rest rate, that's not going do much, is it, peter? >> no, the fed is so far behind the curve it can't even see it. we actually have to get interest rates above the rate of inflation. we need positive real interest rates. but thanks to the federal
7:40 pm
reserve everybody has so much debt we can't afford to make it high enough to fight inflation but it is high enough to cause another recession and financial crisis worse than the one in 2008. >> laura: well if that doesn't keep people up at night peter i don't know what will. great to see you peter thank you so much >> tonight fox is confirming three white house officials will be heading to capitol hill on thursday, not to discuss ways to combat what you just heard from peter schiff, run away inflation, but rather to discuss a message strategy on the economy, fighting inflation and reducing costs to the american people. yes, they think it's a comes problem over at the white house, newt gingrich joins us, former speaker of the house house speaker author of defeating government socialism. newt they always think it's a messaging problem when it's a substance problem. that segment with peter schiff was terrifying. things are going to get a lot worse and they don't seem to care. >> well, first of all, on a
7:41 pm
personal level, the more i've watched the last five or six weeks, the more i worried about my own investment strategies, what i'm doing in terms of trying to save money, where to put it, what's happening. i think it's really an enormous, enormous problem. and the average american knows it because they go out and they buy gasoline. or they go to the store to buy food. or they try to find infant formula. you just go down the whole list. and i think for the white house to think that this is not a substantive real-life problem is a sign of how totally out of touch with everyday normal americans they are. and i think it's an enormous problem. >> laura: now, john kerry, probably freshly off a private jet, admits kind of that this was all intentional. watch. >> energy security worry is
7:42 pm
driving a lot of the thoughts now about, oh, we need more drilling, we need more drilling of this, we need to go back. no, we don't. we're the second largest in the world we bear a major responsibility and president biden believes that to the core and he's determined we're going to do our part to make up for the last four years. >> laura: well most of america doesn't have the heinz wealth behind itself, they don't have to worry, john's okay with his background but regular people hear that, their heads are exploding. >> i think that comment tells you everything about why the big government socialist model is failing and why the democrats just don't have a clue. here's a guy who's extraordinarily wealthy, wind surfs off cape cod, goes around the world in a private plane from four star hotel to four star hotel eating gourmet restaurant after gourmet restaurant and then he doesn't
7:43 pm
quite get it that if you're a hard working single mother or single father and you're out here every day and you can barely afford to pay for the gasoline to get to work, that maybe you're not sympathetic with the ultra rich. and i think this is a real challenge for the democrats because they basically are shrinking into two groups, left wing cuckoos like aoc and people who are so wealthy they have no connection to the real world. and those two groups get together and they reassure each other. but out here for the rest of us, we just did a survey where we asked how important is it to restore the america that works? 87% of the country, almost 9 out of every 10 americans said restoring the america that works is really important. >> laura: yeah. >> and that tells you that almost 9 out of 10 americans do not think america's currently working.
7:44 pm
and guess who's in charge of not working? joe biden. >> laura: all right newt, great to see you tonight thank you. a shocking election result tonight out of texas, kellyanne conway here with reaction to that plus we bring you a report of how democrats are attempting to meddle in republican primaries. stay there.
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♪ >> laura: okay, one of the only things the democrats have is to talk about the continued threat to democracy that republicans in november could usher in but a recent seems to contradict that. trace gallagher has all the details from our west coast news room. trace. >> hey laura the democrat strategy is this, during the gop primaries democratic groups and political action committees buy advertising that supports republican candidates that favor former president trump. then, if pro trump candidate wins the primary during the general election, democrats will smear them as extremists who want to continue the assault on democracy. here's a sample of a democrat ad buy in california for a republican running for u.s. congress. watch. >> republican chris mattise, a true conservative, a hundred percent pro trump and proud. pro trump republican chris
7:50 pm
mattise, military veteran, local businessman >> politician david bell voted to impeach trump. republicans time to decide. >> hasn't worked out the way democrats hope considering mattise is running behind david but the race is not yet called. but to hedge their bets democrats now refer to all republican voters as maga republicans. same in colorado where a super pack has spent $1.5 million to tout the conservative pro trump credentials of republican romp hank running for senate and pennsylvania democrats playing the same game promoting doug mastriano who is a trump loyalist. he ran away with the primary and democrats think he'll be an easy mark in november for democratic nominee josh shapiro for governor. but, in a year when democrats are expected to take a beating, many analysts are saying, be
7:51 pm
careful who you promote. in 2016 democrats desperately wanted donald trump to be hillary clinton's opponent, and they got their wish. laura? >> laura: trace, great report. thank you >> and we're monitoring a number of primary contests tonight taking place in four states including a number where trump's endorsements will come into play. but this one special election that could provide perhaps the most evidence of a red wave, a big red wave this fall. according to dave wasserman, republican mayra flores has just defeated democrat dan sanchez to fill the seat vacated in march. now, not dom biden win by 5 in 2020, the seat has never gone red and is 84% hispanic. joining me now is kellyanne conway former senior counselor to prurjts author of the huge new best seller here's the deal. kellyanne, she would be the first mexican-born woman ever
7:52 pm
elected to congress, and she's a republican. reaction tonight? >> she's a republican. she's a conservative, and, laura, they tried to tie her as an ultra maga right wing extremist and of course they're going to call her a sexist and racist her name is mayra flores. those two words alone laura tell you everything you need to know about 2022 and the big red wave coming. why? because they've done a great job recruiting great candidates and pretty much are running all 0 the american first agenda, energy independence, tax cuts, deregulation, constitutionalist judges, no to ukraine, $2 gas again, you name it. and what i think is fascinating about the midterms so far is the outsized role that president trump is playing in the primaries and the tiny, tiny role that president biden is playing in the primaries. in fact, his endorsed candidates, few as they are, and even fewer want him to campaign with them, they're not doing well at all.
7:53 pm
even gina titus in november, long term congresswoman, is another one who's got a primary tonight from the left. and joe biden's going to face primaries and challenges from the left as well. so look at mayra flores today. it bears repeating, this is the rio grande valley. joe biden won the district handily last time, open seat. and remember laura, this is a democratic parties that thinks they own the hispanic vote. if they can just take a semi out of english and translate it into spanish they think they got hispanics and hispanics are realigning on education, on the economy and yes on immigration. >> laura: remember how many times kellyanne i think we were laughing about it years ago, we're going to flip texas. texas is going to go blue. >> blue. >> laura: and it's going to be a blue wave and it's going to be led by beto and abbott's going to be gone and dan patrick is going to be gone and everybody's going to be gone. you know what's gone now?
7:54 pm
a lot of companies are leaving places like illinois and moving to texas like caterpillar did today. so companies and people are leaving and going to conservative run states where things generally work better. period. >> and, remember, beto o'rourke what was he doing recently yelling about guns being a bully at the press conference. here is a guy in congress ran for senate, ran for president embarrassed himself got zero electional votes the same as cory booker and kamala harris for those keeping score. >> laura: they're going down. >> very quickly in 2016, we noticed hillary was doing texas blue, arizona blue georgia blue, she wasn't in wisconsin and michigan. the democrats don't get snit kelly and great to see you congrats on the book. up next a flag day freedom matter. next.
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